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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 3, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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next time, folks. understand, people are scared and we understand there is concern that there may be more folks out there. rest assured we are doing everything we can. we have brought every single asset to the table that we have available in this city, in this county and this state. >> i'm very sad that people lost lives. i wish a speedy recovery to them and i am in shock that something like this could happen.
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richard lui. live in san bernardino, california with the latest on the mass shooting that happened here yesterday on a wednesday. this is what we know right now. 14 confirmed dead, as well as 17 injured after a man and woman armed with assault rifles and semiautomatic rifles stormed during a christmas party type event. about an hour east of los angeles. three explosive devices were later recovered that center which authorities rendered safe and destroyed just hours ago. police making contact with the suspects about four 1/2 hours after the initial report and a car chase then ensued ending
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and they identify the suspects as 28-year-old siedfu and they say the couple was married. the couple has a 6 month old daughter who they dropped off at a grandmother's house in the morning saying they had a doctor's appointment. farook was a u.s. citizen. he was employed as an environmental specialist and a county employee for five years and was at the party right before leaving under quote angry circumstances. the lice chief says there was some degree of planning although a motive has not been identified as of yet. they have not ruled out terrorism at this time. and the police chief addressed
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>> in this county with , we have 14 people confirmed dead and one of the tips took us to a house in redland where we made contact with the suspect vehicle we were looking for and that ended in a pursuit that took us to san bernardino avenue. there was an officer-involved shooting. i was told we ehad had 20 or 21 officers involved. and we initially put out that there was information of upwards of three shooters. and now it really looks like we have two shooters. we have not ruled out terrorism. the officers are for the most part doing okay. if anybody heard that on the radio, that was flat out heroic when they tracked down the suspects and ingang
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and people were waiting to hear from one individual, the brother of the suspect. he spoke at a press conference with the greater los angeles chapter of care, the counsel on muslim-american relations. >> i cannot expressow sad that people lost their life and there's victims out there. i wish a speedy recovery to them and again, i am in shock that something like this could happen. i have no idea why he would do that, why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i'm in shock myself. the reason i'm here is to talk to the victims and from my family. >> reporter: our nbc news team has been spreading out to cover
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and nbc news jay gray is in san bernardino and covering a story for us here. jay. >> reporter: initially police thought there may be three suspects involved in the attack here and now overnight, they have determined that there were just two possibly, a wife and husband that carried out the murders. >> we are over the apartment in redlands. >> reporter: as the investigation continued overnight overnight, police and federal agents shared new information. >> there had to be ome degree of planning that went into this. i don't think they did this on a spur of the moment thing. >> reporter: there are still three active sceofnes right now. the regional center. the roadway where suspects were killed during a shootout with
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and farook's home where r investigators continue to search for anything that may help them happened. >> we don't have the motive at this point. so, until we know the motive or have something clear evidentiary based on that motive -- we have not ruled out terrorism. >> reporter: he was an environmental specialist with san bernardino county for five years was at a holiday party with co workers when he left suddenly and then returned with his wife and they opened fire. and family members of the suspects are searching for answers in the tragedy. >> i have no idea. i have no idea why would he do that. why would he do something like this? i'm i shon myself. >> shocked and grief. that continues this morning to
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and three explosive devices described as pipe bombs were detonated by police robots. that's the latest live here. richard, back to you. >> reporter: thank you so much for the very latest on that and we're going to continue to follow the latest developments out of san bernardino, california. 106:00 local time. i'll throw it back to sheba. law enforcement continues to work at thia hour. >> richard, thank you. the uk is joining the fight against isis in syria. eyes round the world were fixed on the british parliament. prime minister david cameron's plea to fellow law makers lasted more than an hour. >> if we won't act now when our friend and ally, france has been struck in this way, then our
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forgiven for asking if not now, when? >> and so they did, passing the measure, 197 to 223 right before 6:00 p.m. eastern and five hours later, britain carried out air strikes in syria. four royal war planes took off shortly after the vote and ash carter released statement a short time ago, applauding the united kingdom. here's meteorologist bill karins. >> in south florida, we're going to watch heavy down pours possible for the next three days s s. miami, your entire winter you normally get six inches of rain and the red is three inches of rain, possibly four inches north
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. so, maybe.two months worth of rain. and one little piece eney producing snow on i 80 across western pennsylvania and in northern portions of new england snow is possible. and so, your forecast for today, now storm in the pacific northwest, we're getting mild in the middle of the country. from oklahoma city to shaug o chicago and minneapolis. and this afternoon should be very nice from d.c. to new york to atlanta. now a closer look at the day ahead. snow ear in places like new england and skranten. giting finally a little bit more like typical december weather
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so, much quieter forecast, travel should be a little easier for the airport. >> we like quiet. coming up, heated language following the mass shooting in
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deadly ram page in san bernardino, california, sparked out rage. and a britishsbroadcaster said just another day in the united states of america. and house speaker held a moment of silence, asking those in attendance to keep the victims in their prayers. and many politicians tweeted out their thoughts andprayers. and that's the y b
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poignnt cover in the daily news "god isn't fixing this." and they continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes. today? >> reporter: frustration on the part of a laut of people and that moment of silence happened here and the moment that a lot of people have been waiting for, congress coming together with gun legislation, that hasn't happened. california democrats are frustrated. >> i feel like you know, it's groundhog day every day. jujust keeps going on and on. >> reporter:npresident obama speaking publicly said there's more concern over terror than violence at home. >> they could go into a store in yo rearm and there's nothing we
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>> the fear of the gun lobby in this place is unbelievable. >> reporter: congress has tried and failed to pass gun legislation, despite the fact that some people should not have weapons. >> i thing the american public is finally coming together to say enough. >> rcporter: several presidential candidates are in washington, some tweeting s condolences and others shocked by this latest massacre. >> there's just hatred and evil and we need to be able to combat these things. >> reporter: questioning what happened. >> one, a mentally unstable person, two, a gun free zone and those seem to be the common denominators. >> reporter: but still no new laws to prevent it and with this year-in deadlines, there's little if any chance that will actually happen. >> thank you. just ahead, today's other
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shocking developments in the
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this morning on "today," matt lauer reports live from san bernardino, with the most extensive coverage on the mass shooting in california where 14 people are dead and police are learning more about the married
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that's coming up on "early today" rr -- "thday." and the highest court has found oscar pistorius guilt ea of murder. over turning his conviction. he served a year of his original five-year prison sentence fr fatally shooting steam camp in 2013. the story and he mistaken shot her thinking she was an intruder. and they have to decide what sentence he'll receive, including the possibility of up to 15 years in prison. here at hoim, hillary clinton is calling for a investigation into the shooting of a teenager shot.
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times in october of last year. and rob emmanuel says he will not resign, despite calls from protesters. he fired the chicago's police superne superintendent and announced a task force for police accountability. and two fort campbell pilots have died after their chopper died during a training exercise last night. the names of the two pilots that were killed have not yet been released. and the state of texas is suing the federal government trying to block six syrian refugees from resettling in dallas. the state's governor ordered a halt in texas but the international group has defied those ordered. the obama administration says states do not have the authority
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we'll be back ind moment
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the mass shooting in san bernardino, california was actually the second one of the day. another shooting on wednesday morning in georgia killed one and wounded three others. and tom costello reports, this year alone, the number of mass shootings has grown dramatically. over 350 so far.
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list of shootings. june 17th, a church in charleston, south carolina. nine killed during a prayer meeting and just last week at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, three more lost their lives including a police officer. >> we ehave a chance to over turn a process of gun homicides. >> reporter: according to mass shooting tracker so far, 350 in 2015 and nearly 400 americans have lost their lives this year in a mass shooting. this map shows the stark reality. it's a problem across the country. at the same time gun sales in the country continue to spike.
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black friday alone rose. the fbi running a record of 185 background checks on friday and since they're through unlicensed dealers, -- >> there are an estimated 300 million guns in the hands of citizens in the united states. thats essentially one gun for every man, woman and child in the united states.
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>> reporter: good morning, i'm richard lui live in san bernardino bernardino, california with the latest on the mass shooting that happened on wednesday. 14 people are dead, 17 injured. we can tell you the two suspected shooters are dead after a late shootout with police. there were reports throughout the day of a third shooter but police believe it was just two. jay gray is here with me still live in san bernardino.
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discussing how law enforcement was working at this very hour. >> reporter: and that's going to continue. this is a marathon, not a sprint, that's their words, they think this is going to take some time. they hope to spend more time with those who were inside the facility at the time of the they and they'll continue to interview family members of the suspects in this case. an to pour over computers and cell phones and other things they hope to retrieve from the home they're searching in redwood. they'll look for as long as necessary, richard. >> reporter: jay, folks would not necessarily call this a sleepy community but it is one of those communities in southern
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and this has hit them hard. >> reporter: when you see overnight, they continue to say it doesn't happen in a place like this. of course, that's what you hear a lot of times following these mass shootings and people feel something needs to be done as as result of this and that's something we've heard time and time again. there seems to be frustrationt mixed with concern and the possibility of the third suspect which police have all but ruled out but still people in the community are very concerned about that, richard. >> nbc's jay gray. thank you for your report and no doubt we'll be talking to you throughout the day on nbc news. and shi eeba. >> a lot to piece together. reporting live for us from san bernardino, california.
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of course, look for the latest on the "today" show and much more on our website. face of a killer.
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first look at the man who police
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