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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  December 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and learning more about the suspects, sayed farook and his wife, tash sheen malik, a young people who appeared to be living a normal life in suburban california. they had a 6-month-old daughter who they dropped off at their mother's home saying need do tor's appointment they had to get to. >> they left behind three explosive devices, described today as pipe bombs. federal authorities say the two assault rifles and the two handguns used were all purchased legally in the united states, two of them by someone now under investigation. >> and president obama spoke just a short time ago. he said the fbi is now taking over this investigation. he sent his condolences to the families of the dead and says the time for change is now. >> gonna have to search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic orsteps that would make it harder,
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individuals to get access to weapons. we are waiting on a news conference, begin at 12:30, looking at live pictures right now. police and federal officials expected to speak. we will carry that live, of course, as soon as it happens. the shooting happened in san bernadino at a state-run center called the inland regional center. and news 4's michael gar jewel slow i san bernadino where he brings us the very latest. michael? >> kelly and pat, we have been here since this morning, show what you is going on now the inland resource center is down the road from where we are, this is as far as we can go. police have the rest blocked off. there is a crowd of reporters here waiting for that update. as you said that update's going to take place in about a half ur. we will have the latest information, information learned overnight about these two suspects, but we do know more about them already. sayyid for a rook, 28 years old, born in illinois, u.s. citizen, worked for san bernadino county
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currently. now, his work, tash vein malik, a naturalized pakistani-american citizen. she became a citiz by virtue of h marriage to sayyid farouk, married two years, a young daughter in may, cared for by the grandmother. they believe that sayyid farouk did make the hajj, pilgrimage to metrcca, and on that trip, heed me tash vein, bringing her back to the united states. the question here and the question we are trying to get answers is how did that bring i em to this? this morning, s bernadino, california, remains wary after the shooting that killed 14 and wounded 17 others. >> constituent overnight has been on a high alert. we will continue until we hear from the police department and we are following their lead. >> reporter: it is just over 24 hours since police say
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sayyid farook attended an office liday celebration, left after some sort of dispute, then returned with his wife, 27-year-old tashfeen malik, storming the municipal complex where the party was held, dressed in black and armed with assault rifles and explosives. in what followed, 14 people killed, 17 wounded as police rushed to the scene. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this new video shows police chasing the suspect's suv. [ gunfire ] and the intensity of the gun battle that follows. others, emotional over what they are experiencing. >> it's just a moment that makes u not want to ake life for granted. it's just -- it was horrific. pe oople in a panic and frantic, all over the place, screaming and yelling and just like a bloody warpath. it was just crazy. >> reporter: and four hours later, both farook and malik
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intense shootout in an suv surrounded by s.w.a.t. teams. >> they are shooting at us. they are shooting at us from the suv. >> reporter: but what motivated the couple, some said were living the american dream, a five-year county employee, the u.s.-born farook han recently visited saudi arabia and returned with a bride, malik. yesterday, they left their 6-month-old daughter in the care of her grandmother. police say this appears to be more than a rage-inspired rampage. >> there had to have been some degree of planning that went into this, so, i don't think they just ran home, put on these types of tactical clothes, grabbed guns and came back on a spur-of-the-moment ahing. >> reporter: short time ago here in california, we gotten a update from a local hospital, as they talked about the speed at which they were able to get patients, people who were wounded in this attack, carrie, from being triaged and being assessed to the hospital.
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in is 15 minutes, it was battlefield speed, you hate to say that but necessary to save lives. sadly, one life that was lost, learning more about the 14 who did die, our sister station knbc in los angeles identifying that person as the husband of the principal at a local catholic scpehool. and carrie, i can tell through are vigils that are starting to come up now that people are finding out just who lost their lives a in that attack that took place down this road just about 24 hours ago. carrie, back to ou. >> another piece of the puzzle beginning to come together at this point, but certainly, it was a battlefield in essence out there. thank you. as we talk about the pieces of this puzzle coming together, the brother-in-law of the suspect, sayed farook was speaking out, saying he has no idea why farook would have done this. >> i'm very sad to hear that people lost their life-- i have no idea. i have no idea why would he do that, why would he do something
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i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> he is married to farook's sister. the says that he last spoke to farook j t about a week ago. as any of us might do, friends and family members who worked in that building rushed to the scene as they learned about the shootings. a friend of one woman's son called him saying he saw his mother being treated by paramedic on television. she had been shot throw times in both arms and in the stomach. her husband spoke to matt lauer this morning. >> she could not see who t shooter because everybody did duck down, s d bullets was flying all over the place. she was -- she realized her hands were bleeding. >> his wife is doing remarkably well and she is expected to mak a full recovery. the latest shooting has president obama reiterating his calls for mor gun control reforms an
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top republican agreed. speaker of the house paul ryan appearing on msnbc's "morning joe." he said while it is a little bit too early to determine an exact motive in yesterday's shooting, it is apparent that mental illness is a common thread. >> we have not updated our mental illness laws in decades. this is a problem because mentally ill people are getting gunsnd committing mass atrocities. and so this is whate have been working on. we have legislation that we are moving through the process now, the murphy legislation, we think that's a very important overhaul of mentalsillness, because that is one of the common themes here. >> presi nt o ma has said that the failure to enact what he calls common sense gun laws is the biggest frustration of his presidency. and all the talk of prayer prompting an angry tabloid headline in today's daily news. it read, "god isn't fix ng this." it was surrounded by tweets from republican presidential candidates ted cruz, lindsey graham and wrapped paul, all victims.
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news for the latest on the shedooting and the investigation and be sure to look for michael's reports tonight beginning at 5:00. and tur ning to other news now, back here at home, five new jersey elementary school students are accused in a disturbing plot. police say the fifth graders fr clifton's school number 11 hatched a plan to bomb nearby clifton high school. news 4's lori bordanaro is outside the school where she is talking to parents, of course, very concerned. lori? >> reporter: parents have been coming to this school today with a lot of questions for the principal. they want to know why they were never told about this bomb threat, some even opting to keep their kids at home. >> i don't feel they are safe. >> reporter: her four kids attend school 11 in clifton but today, maria is keeping them home, frightened after her daughter's classmates were accused of plotting to bomb clifton high school. >> i feel like if anything else would have happened, i wouldn't be called for it until it would have been too late.
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administrators uncovered the students' written details of the plan wednesday morning. the five fifth graders allegedly con spared to set off an explosive device during a field trip to the high school later this day, a trip maria's daughter says went on as planned. >> if i was there and if the building blew up, there would have been a really big cast seaser. >> reporter: police recovered a non-explosive device made of cinnamon and vinegar but say this was not a prank. classmates tell us the students were crying as they were taken into custody. they have good grades. they are good kids. they listen. and they -- and they haven't really got in trouble. >> reporter: leading many concerned parents to understand why elementary students would possibly concoct such a plan and why school administrators never informed them of the incident. >> there was absolutely no police presence, no mention of school. >> they said it was too many kids, too many parents to call and would have made a chaos. >> reporter: we reached to out
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comment but so far, not heard back. all five students have been suspended from school but so fa r, no charges have been filed. we are live in clifton, lori bordanaro, news 4, new york. >> lori, thank you. new at noon, a for r new jersey police officer accused of abducting his 3-year-old daughter, stabbing her mother and leading police on a two-state chase is going to be coming back to new york to face charges. the man waived extradition during an appearance at a new jersey court this morning. news 4's katherine craig is there with more. kat? >> reporter: carrie, that extradition hearing finished just minutes ago here at this court house. the suspect, once a police officer in irvington, new jersey, who worked recently as a driver for the mta, walked into that courtroom wearing a green inmate jumpsuit, his hands cuffed, s legs shackled. his arrest happened tuesday night and he has been behind bars ever since. the state police, in fact,
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47-year-old diametes valenzuela, happened in a highway off new jersey. he is accused of stabbing his wife in the bronx, critically injuring her and abducting their 3-year-old daughter, it sparked an amber alert. investigators say he fled to new jersey in a minivan but was captured and arrested in clifton off the garden state park watch the child was unhurt. the suspect's attorney just talked with reporters and said his client loves his wife and daughter very much. the attorney didn't talk about what sparked the altercation between the suspect and victim, this -- >> he will p lead not guilty to these charges, without a do t. the issue's going to be bail, you know, he is, you know, not a person of extravagant means by anything but he's a hard-working man, he's man who loves his family very much and his daughter and he looks forward to getting back to the state of new york to address these charges. >> reporter: and it is expected over the next several days -- in
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valenzuela, the suspect, wil be transported back to new york city to face charges and did check with the nypd. police say the wife was stabbed nummerous times and she remains in critical but stable condition at st. barn nah bus hospital in the bronx. live in patterson, katherine craig, news 4, new york. >> all right, kat, thank you. still to come at noon, a change in the verdict in the oscar pistorius case. how the decision could put him behind bars for years to come. and dave will be here with your forecast. >> you bet. the rain is gone. the winds are here. what's the weekend hold in store for us? we will tell you, all coming up
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>> bill griffeth joins us from cnbc's global headquarters with that and a look at the markets. good afternoon, bill. >> hi, guys. it's been kind of a quiet day. had a big selloff yesterday on wall street. the feelict is that we are going to get a rate increase middle of the month here by the federal reserve, but not from the european central bank. earlier this morning, they cut rates. they are in negative territory, in some cases. the dow is down 91 points right now. we will wait for tomorrow's jobs report to know what our federal reserve is going to do the meantime, fed chair janet yellen did speak to the joint economic committee this morning and broke up 15, 20 minutes ago and she reiterated the claim that the fed is keeping an eye on the economy and whether they raise rates on the 15th and 16th when they meet this month, it will be dependent on data and what the economy is doing at that moment and tomorrow's jobs report obably will be the final decider in that case, if it's a strong report, look for a higher rate from the fed. first time they would raise
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finally, an interesting story in retail. radioshack, yes, radioshack, has named nick cannon as its new chief creative officer. the retailer recently emerged from bankruptcy and now wants to find a way to be relevant and appear to younger consumers. they hired nick cannon. they have develop exclusive products to radioshack and make personal appearances on behalf of the company, which has just under 1700 stores around the coisuntry, only about a third of what it used to own before it wentnto bankruptcy. they sold off a lot of them and back again trying to become relevant in a world of retail ain. and if anybody can do it, nick can do it, right? very creative guy. >> of course. >> this is true. >> "america's got talent." >> he's got talent. sure. >> thank you very much, bill griffeth. >> see you tomorrow. >> see ya. >>. man, it's gorgeous. spring like. >> getting there, making progress. rain is gone. now we have those winds beginning to really kick up
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story we've got for you. talk about beautiful. look at that sight. i know we were all enjoying that la night as we lit up the tree and today, and for the next, oh, month or so, it's going to be thought for everyone to enjoy. 48 degrees outside right now. mostly cloudy skies. but the sun is coming. we have to sit tight and wait for t bundle up still, even though the temperature's mild, it is feeling a little bit cooler. rain is gone with the wind, at's rolled in. have this through this evening and then the winds diminish and y. we are looking the showers next week, but most likely, there is a question mark attached to that because it could go offshore. 48 degrees right now in the city. we metioned 50s on the island. still below the half-century e ughkeepsie poughkeepsie, cool in monticello. sorry about the hoarse voice, i should have watched it yesterday, i was out in the elements, too this is the season, take good care of yourself. wind gusts the last hour, 20,
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up to 31 in islip. 24, morristown, 30, long branch, a little bit bumpy on the ascent and decent at the airports no major delays. the future tracker, the clouds push out, clear out very nicely, tomorrow looks like an absolutely gorgeous day. look at that. it is going to be terrific from start to finish. so, tonight, down to 39 degrees, clear, chilly, the winds will ease overnight and any residual clouds push on out of here. 50 tomorrow, sunny and beautiful. just a light northwest wind up to 10 miles per hour. and over the next seven days, wow, 52 degrees on saturday, i think the normal high is 48. 55 on sunday, for the first night of hanukkah. 55 degrees, monday and tuesday, we are in the 50s but sliding down to the upper 40s by tuesday, when we could see that possible rain slide its way up the coast with a little gulf moisture but we will keep an eye
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temperatures remaining in the 40s and even close to the mid-50s. very, very mild for this time of the year. so, get out and enjoy the stretch, the weekend looks terrific. that's a quick look at your forecast, folks. send it back to you at the deck. >> i have a lozenge for you. >> i have one there, right to the side. >> gargle with salt water, my mother said. old school. well, i have been waiting for this and with a lot of other people for months and months and months, sought original on broadway, of course, i was only 2 years old, i do remember it, wink wink, back in the '70s, get ready to ease on down the road. and a new jersey native is taking us there >> so cool, a live production of the broadway musical "the wiz" airs tonight. ease on down, ease on down the road >> so, that's 19-year-old shenice williams. she is from rahway, new jersey, she stars as dorothy. her voice is spectacular. she is going to be joined by
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with david allen grier, mary j. blige, the wicked witch of the west. going to be fantastic. >> i cannot wait for this. even though i'm going to be back here tomorrow morning with darlene -- >> stay up, right? >> if i'm bleary eyed, you will know why i have got to stay up and watch this. do not miss the special event, nbc continues to bring live theater to your living room, a front row seat, folks, you can watch that right here on nbc four beginning at 8:00 tonight. >> it has become a thing, you know, last year they had peter pan and the year before that was the sound of music. and it's quite a thing. it's doing very, very well. >> very proud of our parent company and you should take full advantage of it. >> from the comfort of your own home. up next, the very latest on the oscar pistorius case. we will tell you why he actually
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olympic athlete, oscar pistorius, will be headed back to prison, this time for murder a south african appeals court overturned his manslaughter conviction and imposed the stricter verdict. the judges found that pistorius sh ould have known that he would kill someone when he fired his gun. the victim was his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius is serving house arrest currently and that is where he will wait for a new sentencing date. pistorius could get at least 15 years in prison. the british say that they are carrying out bombing missions against isis over the next couple of days and weeks. royal air force fighter jets seen taking off from cyprus this morning. that is where they staged their first air strikes against that terror group inside of syria. four british typhoon jets bombed oil fields, this is right after the british parliament gave the okay for that air campaign. and we are coming right back with the latest on the shooting
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we want to update you now on that mass shooting in san bernadino, california. police say that a married couple, sayd farouk and tash sheen malik opened fire at a holiday party, killing 14 people. they were later killed in a shootout with police. their motive unknown. and today, federal investigators are searching that couple's home for clues. >> president obama says the terrorism, at this point, hasn't been ruled out there may be mixed motives is how he described it. he ordered all u.s. flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims.
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the top of the hour, we are waiting on another muse news conference. we believe that will begin any minute, around 12:30. of course, we will bring it to you live a lot more tonight at 5:00 as well. michael garjulo leading our team coverage from san bernadino. we will be back with that live
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