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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 3, 2015 10:45pm-11:34pm EST

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>> te> the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need. >> a harrowing account tonight
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arrive on the scene as two killers unleashed mayhem in california. then the face of evil, alarming new details emerge about the suspected mastermind behind the deadly attack. and remembering the lives lost. hundreds gather to pay tribute to mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers killed in the attack. good evening, i'm chuck star borough. >> i'm natalie pass k pasquarella. what else they may have been planning before police took them out. >> right now the fbi is treating this case as a possible terror attack. investigators say the primary suspect, syed farook, appeared to have been radicalized. the death toll stands at 14, but the number of injured has risen to 21. >> new information has been emerging by the minute. we have a team of reporters covering every angle. we begin with michael gargiulo live in san bernardino right now where a vigil for those victims
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>> reporter: natalie and chuck, when we were coming to you, the most somber moment herenst that vigil in the stadium. they've turned the lights out and they're now asking people to remember those who lost their lives in this tragic shooting. and we were at the shooting scene a few miles away from here. for the first time we heard from a first responder about the horror he encountered there. >> one day >> reporter: a community filled a stadium to show support and sy bmpathy in san bernardino as the county coroner released the names of the 14 people killed in the shooting spree. >>ss just want to mourn with the rest of the family. >> we felt that the community really needs to come together, and we need to offer our support. >> reporter: just a short while earlier, police opened the road that leads to the inland regional center, scene of the attack. with investigators still going through the sprawling complex. and we heard for the first time from one of the first police officers on the scene. lieutenant mike madden who entered the conference room where 14 people lay dead. >> the carnage that we were
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were injured and unfortunately already dead. >> reporter: governor jerry brown came here as well to express his concern for the people in this community. >> when it comes to people who engage in these kind of vicious, brutal acts will spare nothing in bringing them to justice. >> reporter: and we learned about the devastating firepower police say the suspect, syed farook and his wife unleashed on their victims who were attending a holiday party. >> we believe the suspects, when they entered, fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles at the scene. >> reporter: but investigators say it could have been worse, and there could have been more attacks. they found 12 pipe bombs at the couple's home. thousands of rounds of ammunition there and in the suv they were killed in after a shootout with police. now the search for a motive, looking to the pilgrimage farook made to saudi arabia two years ago where he met his wife and communication he's had on the internet. >> the digital media is
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are trying to determine the motive. >> reporter: chuck and natalie, this vigil now is just ending just at this moment. the people starting to file out of the stadium. but i should tell you at one point they asked for a round of applause for the first responders, and they got it. a huge round of applause because i think these people understood office complex just yesterday. back to you. >> all right, michael, thank you. so many courageous first responders and law enforcement. now, most of the 14 people killed in the shooting worked in the same county public health department. they were attending a holiday party when the man who they worked alongside showed up with his wife and sprayed the room with bullets. news 4's checky beckford is live with what we're learning about those lives lost. >> and the stories, natalie, are slowly beginning to emerge so suddenly rip add way. among the dead, a father of six and an immigrant who fled religious persecution. and just because of the sheer
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of those family members and friends only found out today that their loved one had been killed. >> reporter: these are the faces of some of the 14 people murdered in san bernardino wednesday. and this is the face of grief. ryan reyes, the moment he found out his partner, 42-year-old larry kaufman, didn't survive the massacre. >> the last i had heard from him was this morning when he sent me a picture when he was on his lunch break. >> reporter: this was reyes wednesday night, still awaiting word of kaufman's fate. it wasn't until thursday afternoon that the san bernardino coroner would finish the unimaginable task of notifying all 14 families that their loved ones had been killed. 37-year-old michael wetzel leaves behind six children. dae mian meins played santa for kids and claiborne was a beloved sister. gina ortiz counts herself as o of the lucky ones. her son survived.
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to have yout son shot five times to say it's a blessing because it is a blessing becau ofse he's still here. and there's other families that don't have their children with them. >> reporter: some of the 21 victims who are being treated at area hospitals still don't even know the extent of of the nightmare they survived. >> he is talking. and one of the biggest things he's saying, he's asking for his coworkers. he ho wantsdeo know what has happened. t we are trying to keep that away from him at this moment in time. >> reporter: their families now focused on the long road of healing ahead. >>ist it's going to take a while because, you know, his legs, he's got the bullet wounds in his legs, but he's going to be fine. with theisord, he's going to be just fine. >> reporter: and friends and family have started fund-raising pages in some of the cases for the children of the victims. back to you. >> all right, checkey, thank you. one of the victims killed in the attack, one called wew jersey home. another is the cousin of a giants football player.
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of the sons of one of the victims lives. brian? >> reporter: yeah, and that former resident, nicholas thalasinos. san behaardino is hitting home in both north and south jersey. some want ta talk about it. some simply cannot. at the home here in jackson, one of his sons, we were told he was too upset to talk, that he found out on social media about his father's death. nichol weas thalasinos. gerald thornton knew him well. >> he really worked hard. i can tell you. he made sure that the county of cape may was protected. >> reporter: thalasinos, a self-described messianic jew with the belief that christ is the messiah was described by his widow, gisele, this way. >> it was obvious he believed in the jewish tradition, and feel
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martyred. >> reporter: one of 1 kill 4 killed in this attack, he worked alongside farook according to his widow who suspects they may have been gotten into an argument because thalasinos is so passionate. >> very outspoken about islamic rrorism. >> reporter: ironically, this were anti-gun control postings on his facebook page. back in cape may, the connection to california was overwhelming. >> here we are, little cape may county, 98,000 people, and suddenly we have one of our own out there in california now that is murdered by these terrorists. >> reporter: and not just a sout thh jersey connection. giants safety nat berhe, "just got word that one of my cousins was ung among the 14 killed yesterday. so sick right now."
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amanios, he said he couldn't believe this, that this is the sort of thing that shouldn't be happening and this violence is unacceptable live in jacks township, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> brian, thank ngu. it's become predictable. after every mass shooting, democrats and republicans spar over the issue of gun control. an dd today was no different. >> we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder for indivi als to get access to weapons. >> fellow democrats echoed the president today. republicans fired back saying more gun laws are not the answer. >> the last thing we want to do is rush to judgment to quote, unquote, do something and then not actually solve anything. >> the worst thing we can do is do nothing. >> just today, the senate defeated a democratic proposal that would have blocked people on the u.s. terror watch list from buying guns. senate republicans also voted
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proposed. on long island, police are responding to the threat of terrorism by buying 150 new high-powered s.w.a.t. rifles. the guns will be distributed to ordinary patrol officers who are already equipped with heavy body armor and tactical helmets. the police commissioner says these weapons will give the officers a better fighting chance. >> this is a tremendous advantage in a gunfight of the type we're seeing now. >> police officials say there will be specific protocols in place about when these guns should be used. in other words, they're not meant for routine law enforcement. state with nbc news for continuing coverage of the california shootings. you'll find updates on and you can also get the very latest on nbc 4 new york app. back here at home, police are investigating a shooting in brooklyn. three people shot on a busy sidewalk. our ray etta is live with flatbush with video captured by a surveillance camera. it's investigators are still
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mobile scene. we've learned two men are dead, a woman is in the hospital. police calling this a murder suicide. tonight we watched as relatives showed up to the scene with questions, leaving in tears. >> i got a call that he was in a shooting, my brother. >> reporter: on the corner of east 91st and clarkson, the search for answers for police and family. this man, a brother of one of the men dead after this shooting, didn't want to give us his name. >> it's crazy. i can't believe it. that's why i'm here. this thing that i'm seeing right now is the van. that's it. i don't know anything else. >> reporter: police tell us a coup ne pulled up to the f nt of the building when a 39-year-old suspect got out of a car and startedhooting multiple times, shooting a man and woman. the man latertdied. lice say the suspect then turned the gun, killing himself. we've learned it was some sort of domestic incident. video obtained by 4 investigates shows a man walking towards the car shooting into it and then appearing to chase a woman. police arrived minutes later, stopping right at the bloody scene.
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>> reporter: this witness in spanish tells me the woman killed is a mother of two. he remembers hearing the gunshots and then hearing the children crying. at the scene, there was more crying. folks leaving after learning the sad news. and at this hour, police are still gathering evidence. we know they'll look through the surveillance cameras here to piece together exactly how all of this happened. again, we know two men are dead, and the woman that was shot in this incident is at the hospital. at last check, she is in stable condition. live in east flatbush section of brooklyn, ray villeda. turns out that bomb was harmless, but their alleged intentions were not. the students were arrested yesterday in new jersey after teachers discovered a plan to set off an explosive during a field trip to clifton high school. the fifth graders attend clifton school 11. authorities say the children wrote down their plans for the attack. but the device they created was
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>> really, really scary.tithey shouldn't be thinking about this or doing something like this. it's just not good. >> bomb squad was there in the cars. the kids were outside. they were crying. >> the superintendent says nobody was ever in danger. all the kids were released to their parents, and they've been spended om school. authorities say while this device was inoperable, the in..tent was there. in an historic move for the u.s. military, women can soon serve the front line in combat. secretary of defense ash carter announced that women in all branches of the military can take on any job for which they are qualified. he said the move will make the military stronger. some commanders in the marines disagreed, asking for some positions to be for men only. but carter said there will be no exceptions. >> as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before. >> the secretary of defense says
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30 days from now. want to take a moment if yo sou'rey uning in, you're watching an extendem version of our news at 11:00. and our top story obviously that shooting rampage in califo ia. >> we want to go back out to michael gargiulo live in san bernardino where sadress grips that entire community there, michael. >> reporter: it really does, natalie and chuck. we're coming to you from san manuel stadium and a vigil just gbroke up here. it lasted for about an hour. people held candles, and they prayed, and they wanted to say that evil doe not define this co bymmunity. but it comes even as investigators are still trying to find the reason for this attack. >> i could see the bullet holes higher on the wall. so iirold everybody, we're being attacked. get on the floor. >> reporter: from holiday party to horror. today we're hearing from the survivors of thi massacre that left 14 dead, 21 others wounded. and a nation once again left numb from gun violence. th first reports of shot fired came in at 10:59 a.m. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> reporter: police arrived
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28-year-old syed farook, his 27-year-old wife, tashfeen malik, attacked a crowded conference room. >> we have several down in a conference room. several down. >> reporter: farook returning to the party he h mad just left, now with his wife, fully armed with guns legally purchased. fear, terror, gripping the entire complex. >> there was something that although we train for it it's something that you're never achetually prepared for. >> reporter: officers on the scene making sure to keep everyone out of harm's way. >> i'll take a bullet before you, that's for damn sure. >> reporter: nearly four hours later and two miles away a chase begins. four minutes later a gun battle one the street. the s oters kill two police officers, wounded. investigators say the couple had tactical gear, two assault rifles, two handguns, 2,000 rounds of ammunition found inside their rene car. at the complex they left behind a three pip bombs tied together
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>> clearly they were equipped and they could have cone nued to do another attack. >> reporter: today investigators analyzed a trove of evidence found inside farook's home including cell phones and computers. he was apparently radi socalized, communicating with terrorists overseas. the feds are looking into whether the couple had help planning their rampage. >> this took days, weeks, if not months to plan out. there's nothing impulsive about this shooting at all. >> reporter: we also know farook traveled twice to saudi arabia where he met his wife and pakistan. officials say he was not on the fbi's radar before the shooting, but nbc has learned records show in the last year he made calls to radicals in southern california, well known to the fbi. the suspect's family is in disbelief. >> it's unbelievable what happened. ise am very sad, like deeply sad an d shocked. >> reporter: chuck and natalie, here tonight in california, a
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y ior the investigation. once again, we can't stress how important that electronic investigation is, the computers, the cell phones, internet communications, possibly finding the one thing that's eluding investigators so far even though it's early and is the motive for this attack. back to you. >> michael, so much to be discovered still. we thank you there from san beern dean bernardino. mbers of the local muslim community who knew the gunmen are now speaking out. farook first came to a mosque two years ago looking to heat up his lunch. he would go there to pray three to g four times a week. e assistant ipamamays he had no idea who was behind the shooting until police showed up at his home. mosque members say they are shellshocked over the news that farook carried out this horrific crime. >> he was an american citizen. he had a good-paying job. he had a family. he was living the american dream. i mean, he had everything he could have. >> the assistant imam denied famerook was radicalized during his time at the mosque.
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highlights the big challenge facing u.s. intelliaence and law enforcement agencies, and that's tracking american citizens. who may become radicalized through the internet and carry out these attacks. the fbi is now tracking 900 potential suspects, 50 considered a top concern. over the last year, the fbi has arrested 70 suspects in isis-inspired plots. 54 were u.s. citizens, most of them american born. >> the ability of isis to leverage social media to ra dicalize more people, to reach more people is there and it's very difficult for law enforcement to challenge it. >> now, to illustrate the challenge of tracking homegrown teourrorists, last week homeland security said it was not aware of any specific thterror threat. just days be.ore the attack in san bernardino. new tonight, police say more than 20 people were arrested this evening at a protest outside of the gracie mansion. a protest marking the on e-year anniversary of the grand jury decision in the eric garner case.
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the firing of officer daniel pantaleo. the grand jury's decision not to indict him sparked days of protests last december. organizers say tonight's protest was meant to escalate pressure on the mayor to ake action. a house explosion in new jersey has claimed the life of a second person. a special education teacher in newark. she was among the 15 injured when a gas leak last month caused a home to explode in elrizabeth. e first person killed, tammy brown, died moments after that duplex was leveled by the blast. the hunt is on for a pairnof robbers who stole more than $100,000 of jewelry at a store and left behind an eerie reminder of what took place. let's get a good look at this surveillance video here. the'shieves entered madison jewelers in midtown yesterday and demanded for workers to fill up, a store clerk who didn't want to be identify ied says they got away with watches, diamonds
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>> i was in shock because, like, this never happened to me before. it was like my first time someone putting a gun to my face. >> the robbers left a sine bullet on the counter before they ran out. if you recognize those men, police ant to hear from you. in washington, the senate has rejected an attempt by democrats to prevent the defunding of planned parenthood by the federal government. however, today's vote will have very little practical effect. that's because the amendment is part of a bill that would gut obamacare and the presiden s already vowed to veto that. senate republicans have enough antes to send the bill to the president's desk, but they dopt have enough votes to override thiee veto. when a doctor tells you or a ved one treatment is needed to feel better you, of course want that treatment. >> tonight we take you inside a young girl's dilemma. >> she's someone who moved us when we met her during the pope's new york visit.
11:06 pm
exclusive. >> reporter: when 12-year-old julia met pbeope francis at kennedy airport, she was whee hair bound and had little hope of getting better. the holy father's blessing was her only consolation. watch as she fought tears during news 4's live coverage. >> it means that he's going to give me a miracle. to walk again. i know because of this. >> reporter: and a miracle of sorts did happen, at least in her mind. >> broke my heart. >> reporter: back in june when julia lost the use of her legs, a few specialists believed she had lyme disease, but her blood tests didn't support that, and no treatment was prescribed. >> how are you, miss julia? >> reporter: dr. ronald who saw julia on nbc's coverage offered to help her. >> i knew she had a suspicious disease that was gone unnoticed or undiagnosed, and i think that lyme is a very complicated disease, and it was one to at least explore. >> reporter: julia has been treated for a month and a half
11:07 pm
home to albany where the doctor's office is located. three days a week she leaves antibiotics and nutrients through an i.v. she says she's getting better. >> i'm starting to feel the bottom of my feet, which is great and wiggle my toes more. so a miracle is coming, and the pope brought that to me. >> reporter: but her treatment might be cut short, caught in the middle of an ongoing controversy. the cdc estimates 300,000 people get lyme disease a year in america. but there is great disagreement on its diagnosis and treatment. one study shows that in early disease lyme disease patients, on one in three tests will show positive, even if all the patients have been infected. >> numerous doctors. we were if four different hospitals, seven different er visits, and none of the doctors i saw ever had matching opinions. >> reporter: her insurance company, emblem health, has denied them coverage because her tests have come up negative for lyme disease. emblem
11:08 pm
insurance companies, refer to guidelines established by medical associations like the infectious disease society of america to determine when treatment is appropriate. dr. gary wormser is a lead author of guideli s for treating lyme. >> patients who have been sick foalr mo hs invariably will have a positive lyme test. >> reporter: wormser has not studied her case but stands by the theory that she should have at least a minimum presence of lyme. the doctor showed us julia's bloodwork which shows some evidence of lyme but not enough to be covered. in 2008, connecticut's attorney general uncovered serious flaws with the infectious diseases society of america's process for writing lyme dpid line guidelines saying the panel improperly ignored or minimized codnideration of alternative medical opinion and evidence regarding chronic lyme disease. the society was ordered to review their guidelines. lyme disease is often called the great imitator because it can look like so many other
11:09 pm
>> we tested for everything else else. >>say.eporter: when tests didn't point to any specific ailment, doctors suggested psychiatric testing. >> it was an emotional time for mey. and my family, but i stayed strong. >> and this is compassionate care. this is about if you can -- if someone else can offer treatment that can show benefit, we're open. i think anyone would be open. this is a 12-year-old, you know, beautiful young girl that needs be walking and playing and living a normal life. so you do whatever y anou can do to make someone better. >> emblem health did send us a statement telling us "after our internal review, a subsequent independent third- rty review determined that this treatment is medically inappropriate for this member." they did offer to pay for a pick lineu a medical device that will make it easier for julia to receive iv antibiotics, but the cost of the a tibuotics won "i't b covered which are more than $500
11:10 pm
>> what a difficult situation with that family. goodness. th k you, pei-sze. if you have something that the nen?ws 4 i-team should look into, ll us at 866-news-244. coming up here on news 4 new york, a suspected thief films himself stealing a high-priced spor'sts car. yep, fil d himself. he didn't get far, though. peel we'll tell you exactly what went wrong. an important recall. what officials fouea in a nut butter spread that can make you sick. plus this -- >> she's a pillar of ope that is, you know, little girls' dreams do come true. >> there's no place like home. shanice williams before she starred in "the wiz." news 4 is live in her new jersey home with her friends and
11:11 pm
a sheriff in upstate new york is urging licensed gun owners in his county to carry their weapons withlyhem after the mass shootings in paris and here in the united states. the county sheriff posted a message on his department's
11:12 pm
massacre in san bernardino. the post drew hundreds of comments both in support of and against the i a. he says that he is not trying to drum up a militia but that he considers the police partners with the public in crime prevention. the man who came to be known as the cannibal cop notched a legal victory today. the federal appeals court in manhattan upheld the lower court decision that threw o gilberto's convictions. in a 2-1 ruling, the appellate court said valet was merely fantasizing when he talked in chat rooms about killing and eating women and that fantasizing about violence is not a crime. valet says he never actually planned to kidnap, kill or eat anyone. a gas leak in new jersey forced two dozen people out of their ho s. authorities responded to highland circle in clinton township this afternoon. they say a construction crew ripped a service line to a building in the area, and that caused the leak. thyee utility company has turned off gas to that entire street and is repairing the problem.
11:13 pm
the gas will be restored ed d the cdc says a nut butter brand has been linked to salmonella in nine states including new jersey. they're recommending anybody who's purchased spreads from jem raw chocolate should throw them out. one of the victims was a 19-month-old toddler from bergen county last october. neither that child nor any of the victims got suck enough, though, to need hospitalization. and chipotle is making changes after that massive e. coli outbreak. yoe mexican food chain says it will soon have stricter guidelines for dr its roduce supplier t the restaurant will also liky e less local produce. it sickened dozens of customers in six states including new york. investigators could not pinpoint a specific ingredient linked to that illness. an exciting night full of singing, dancing and fun as many of you tuned in to watch nbc's
11:14 pm
in new jersey, friends and family came together to root on shanice williams who played dorothy. >> and at her husband in raway and spoke with her family about this big night. >> reporter: that's right. i'lem here at rahway high school with a huge crowd of kids that have stayed up way past their be cldtime. >> go, shanice! we love you! >> reporter: her cheering for shanice williams who graduated from here just last year. we just saw her play dorothy. as you can see, an entire community came out to celebrate their local girl as she became america's shiniest new star. over 500 people gathered tonight at rahway high school to watch their own shanice williams. >> she's lifting up the whole town, the school, everyone. it's so exciting. i wish i was >> reporter: and before shanice would sing a note, the community
11:15 pm
praises. >> i couldn't be more proud if she was my own child. i'm overwhelmed with emotion about it. >> she's great. she's silly. she's sweet. she's talented. and she is ready. >> i think she's a pillar of hope that, you know, little girls' dreams do come true. >> it definitely gives me hope and makes me want to go out and try to fulfill my dreams just like she's living her dream now. she's amazing. i don't even have any more words. she's awesome. >> reporter: and part of that proud crowd tonight, her mom, andrea holmes. >> i'm trying not to be nervous. she's not nervous, so i'm not nervous. i guess once i see her on stage, it will probably all hit me. but right now i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: who got this call not so long ago. >> i got the part. >> reporter: and the last call tonight before the big show. >> hello? >> yes, can you hear me, ma? >> yes. >> how are you feeling?
11:16 pm
>> oh, wonderful, baby. we're all praying for you. we're ready for you, okay? >> reporter: that's right, you just saw that phone call between shanice and her mom right before they went on. that phone got passed around the room. there is just so much love and pride surrounding williams here in rahway, new jersey, just proving there really is no place like home. back to you, chuck and natalie. >> thanks. we were hearing a lot of cheering for shanice here in the studio. >> yeah, janice was dancing. her voice was phenomenal.
11:17 pm
well, janice, we're on the move for a quick weather forecast. >> let's get to it. the temperatures right now have cooled into the 30s in a few spots.
11:18 pm
the 30s. right now it's 44 in new york city, but 36 out towards he hamptons. still seeing a brisk westerly breeze. not as gusty as it was earlier but the breeze out there right now still brings the feels-like temperatures down to the 30s. and in s e cases like monticello in the 20s is what it feels like right now. when you're up and about in the morning, make sure you've got maybe an extra layer as you make your way about. a few clouds streaming through now, but everything's dry pretty much. back to the west, we see a huge area of high pressure. all this clear space here rom minneapolis down to houston. that high-pressure system shifts to the east. an sd we start to see some of the same, dry conditions through the weekend into the beginning of next weekc temperatures warming back to the mibed-50s and w l above average. that's where we'll be by sunday. weekend. for tonight, though, it's cool. 38 degrees in montclair. the city will drop down to 39. and nort and west, you'll be down around freezing in rock hill. for tomorrow, it's chilly in the morning.
11:19 pm
a beautiful day. and that is the trend through the weekend as it continues to warm up. 50 is our high tomorrow, which is slightly above average. 52 on sunday. and then mid-50s sunday and monday. there will be some rain next week. could see quite a bit of it. still too early to tell, but we'll keep tracking it in the weather center. >> thank you, ja ce. >> looking fabulous as we head into toe weekend.
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to his friends when he stole a t sports car, but the joyride and his freedom didn't last long. keys, honestly, i'm the driver. look. >> yes, indeed. uk police released this cell phone video of 25-year-old jamie lee sharp that he mad shortly after he stole the keys last january. >> but fortunately for him and the car's owner, he managed to drive the car only a short distance before he crashed it, trapping himself. that's what he gets there, i guess. certainly a lot brighter outside our studios with the rockefeller center christmas tree now illuminated. now washington, d.c., is a little brighter, too. >> three, two, one. >> the first family led the countdown as they flipped the switch to light the national christmas tree in president's park. hundreds attended the ceremony. the national parks service says president coolidge started the tradition of lighting the tree back in 1923.
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who coined the term "side bread?" be use there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of tdahe show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this:
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that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekende unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. >> a letdown was coming. the rangers poured into everything what felt like a playoff grudge match with the
11:25 pm
tonight against the avs at the garden. colorado plays it out of its own end. thanks to a rangers misplay along the boards, chris wagner rifles one past for the game's first goal. later in the period. kevin hayes turns it over in the neutral zone and colorado headed the other way on an odd-man rush and it's the red-shot matt duchene for his 14th of the year. 2-1. the rangers have dropped 5 of 6. >> it was a frustrating game for us tonight. i thought we -- we tried. you know, we c peted hard. but at the end of the day, we couldn't make any plays or anything to really -- they played a really good defensive game. meanwhile, the devils were in carolina. scoreless late in the first. the devs light the lamp first, and this was so pretty. cross-ice to tyler kennedy. for the first of two on the night for him. devils had a power play midway through the second.
11:26 pm
the old i got him, you take him ole defense. four defenders caught napping. jersey wasn't done. gionta scoring on the wraparound for his first goal of the season. oh, this is a glovely effort here. snags it and sco s it. devils erupt for five goals in regulation for the first time this season they get the win. bad news for the jets. revis didn't practice again. the corner still suffering from a concussion and that means we likely won't see revis try to shut down odell beckham jr. when the jets meet the giants sunday. advantage giants, right? privately beckham may be thrilled he won't have to face the star defensive back, but the competitor in this wide receiver really was relishing the matchup. >>ab it would have been fun to be able to go against our guy like that. ob'tviously, i h e high praise for him. unfortunately, he's not playing. you know, down the road, you know, you never know.
11:27 pm
>> he can run routes. he's quick off the ball. he's ex-ploes plosive. he can catch himself open which rare. most receivers can't do that. >> got to respect beckham wanting to face darrelle revis.
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