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tv   Today  NBC  December 4, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EST

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next several days, above-normal temperatures. let's enjoy it while we have it. >> good time to put out the christmas lights. the "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening today in new york. have a great weekend. >> good morning. signs of terrorism, growing evidence the couple behind the rampage in san bernardino had become radicalized. the attackers n communi tion with jihadist sympathizers leading up to the shooting. this morning the brother-in-law ofs, the shooter speaking out. >> you left that behind. what did you achieve? >> as the community comes together to remember the victims. fear and lotting on wall street, the dow dropped sharply amid concerns the fed is about raise interest ratts for the first time in nearly a decade.
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>> dead at 48. rock star scott weiland the former lead singer of stone temple pilots found dead on his tour bus overnight. motown miracle green bay packers stun the detroit lions with a hail mary on the game's final play. the epic ending earning a place in history on "today," friday, december 4th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt laueah and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. > and good morning, welcome to "today" on a friday morning. they are calling that football play the motown miracle, people in the motor city not waking up feeling that way. >> there's a reason they do those hail mary passes because
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>> every once in a while. if you were sleeping we'll show you. da we'll begin with our top story. the shooting rampage in san bernardino, california and officials trying to answer the question why was this terrorism? this morning investigators are following the trail of clues left behind by the at'lckers. but there's no clear motive. we have complete coverage with beginning with craig melvin. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. law enforcement officials here on the ground tell me that they are looking very closely at this couple's digital footprint, communications. thursday night law enforcement officials revealed that the couple had amassed nothing short of an arsenal, 6,000 rounds of ammunition, 12 pipe bombs in the bombs. there are two central questions in thiske investigation right now. had this couple become ragodicalized, and were they planning more attacks?
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>> reporter: one of the first officers to arrive, san bernardino police lieutenant horror of t'the mas shooting for the first time. >> it was extremely loud. the fire alarms were going off. there were people who were obviously injured and obviously in great amount of pain and that was evident in the moments and the wails we heard. >> reporter: a speed for which he said no amount of training could prepare him. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and, unfortunately, already dead. and the sheer panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> reporter: shortly after the assault police say colleagues of syed rizwan farook identified him to authorities. >> a male left out of the blue and then 20 minutes later shooting occurred.
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brother-in-law said he never saw anely hints of violence. >> he was a good religious person, yes just like normal anybody would be. but nothing, nothing that i can see that he could do that. >> nothing that would fit the term radicalized as we've heard? >> no, not that i can take. not the person i know. he not radical. >> reporter: farhan khan saw farook a week ago. drank tea and talked about every day things like work and trying to lose weight. >> it's always going to be a question why he did something like that. a normal person living with my family, why would he do something like that? did somebody brainwash him? something snap him? did he have a fight at work? i'm waiting to hear like what
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>> reporter: khan described rook as private and didn't know his wife very well but the couple seemed to be happy and loved their baby girl. >> you left your 6-month-old daughter, you know, in this fe. some people cannot have ds. god give you a gift of a daughter. and you left that kid behind. what did you achieve? i don't know what message. >> are you angry at your brother-in-law? >>y, absolutely. very angry. very upsent a angry. >> and for leaving his daughter? >> yeah. every few hours that makes me gry. oh >>, eporter: and this morning we are learning new details about possible terrorist ties, including fact that farook had bel.en in contact with people of interest the u.s. authorities here in the los angeles area and
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we can also tell you some of the evidence from here in san bernardino has already been flown back to washington, d.c. for expert experiod indicted analysis we're told. >> craig melvin at the scene. >> let's talk m e about those possible ties to terrorism and bring in nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, investigators hit something of a bump in the road as t y try to figure out what motivate these couple. phone and computer left b ind were intentionally damaged. inside this house used by syed rizwan farook and his wife in redland near san bernardino investigators say they found some electronic footprints indicating that farook was in touch by phone and social media with people in the u.s. and overseas who showed an interest in radical jihad. but officials say farook and his wife tried to cover their electronic tracks just before the shooting, erasing emails and destroying computer hard drives and cell phones.
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at farook's overseas travel, twice to saudi arabia, where he met his wife, and to pakistan where she comes from. but fro the president on down officials insist they have yet to know what toledo the shooting. >> it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. >> reporter: investigators say the couple clearly prepared well in advance stockpiling a dozen pipe bombs in that house and ammunition in addition to 1600 rounds of ammunition that the couple had in their suv car. ammunition. guns cost $1500. an explosive device left behind by farook and his wife at the shooting scene, three pipe bombs tied together with a remote control detonator. inside the couple shot up suv say was the remote alcohol
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-- control. that same design was used by the tsarnaev brothers in the boston marathon bombing. investigators are looking whether that same design was available some place else. >> at this point we do not have information, i do want to stress, we do not have information about what individuals. >> reporter: investigators are also looking at whether farook and his wife had help getting those guns and explosives but so far officials say there's no sign that anyone else knew what they were up to. >> pete, it's understandable people want to label this. when it comes to the word terrorism you hear a lot of people using it yet a lot of luchlt officials and government officials are reluctant to use it. why? >> reporter: well, first of all, they have to know what the couple was up to. in other words, what did they want to do here before they can label it? .
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want but for the fbi there's a strict definition an act dangerous to human life intended to intimidate or coerce the civilian population or influence government policy. it may seem odd but under federal law for this requirement just going out and shooting a bunch of people doesn't make it an act of terrorism no matter what the person's own views may be. >> important distinction. pete, thank you as always. the director of the national counterterrorism center. michael, good morning to you. we just learned that the word terrorism is a term of art legally. but let's just talk about facts of the case as we understand them right now. everyone is being very careful. but if you were to line up on a scale all the facts that were indicative of a terrorist motivated attack and those that looked like a workplace grievance wouldn't you have more
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your typical disgruntled workplace violence? >> you do. you have contacts of people of concern. you have one of the ieds which links back to a terrorist organization potentially. so you have a lot of indicators there. as pete said ultimately it's about what was in the individual's minds and what their motive was. but at least for now it's leading in that direction. the president was right that often these things, these motives mix together and deadly combination. you can be motivated by radical thoughts but target individuals because you felt alienated, you felt disenfranchised. >> some of the circumstantial evidence, this idea that you are committed enough to creating carnage that you drove off your 6-month-old daughter with a relative under false pretense. it seems hard for anybody to get their arms around. >> you're exactly right. that's what makes this case so
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officials. because it doesn't make sense. the profile of these two individuals is so different from so many that have been radicalized so you start to eathink there's some other motivation there. at the same time you have conflicting indicatr.s like the explosives devices. that mix is not only hard to unncder after the fact kts it also makes i that much harder for pe eople to detect these sorts of terrorist or workplace violence events before the event. >> isn't the woman the key here, michael? if you're analyzing these facts what woman leaves a 6-month-old baby to go help you rectify your workplace grievance? >> i can't begin to understand what is going on in her mind but it's extrmely rare in terrorist circles and radicalization to see two individuals who are married go out and do this together. we've seen examples of black widows, women becoming
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are killed. bu t to go out there and do this together is an outliar. i think that's what left many in the counterterrorism community very, very concerned but still scratching their head. >> and that something happened at this holiday party -- isn't it more likely he went to that party to case the room, find out wht ere the entrances were and the exits were, see if there as visible security, find out where that room was in proximity to the parking lot so they could get out of there? >>'s think there's absolut y no doubt that there was significant planning before he fact. there's no way that you gather these weapons, that you have this coordinated plan with de wife, that you have this improviced explosive device you bring in with a remote control all of that indicates a degree of planning and destruction of the social media i icates a degree of plan. thrlat point, again, towards long term thought about this. it was very well hidden and the real potential for
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>> michael as always thanks very much. >> to hear the investigators say they have a whole section of their hse dedicated to bomb making. >> why do you wipe your computer, what are you trying to erase emails and contacts. >> those are questions that investigators are looking at. front and center this whole story on the campaign trail. it's intensifying an already heated debate among candidates and voters over terrorism and gun control. hallie jackson is following that piece of the story for us. >> reporter: as this conversation happens particularly about national security, many of the presidential candidates are not sitating to call this shooting terrorism. rt of the political fallout after san bernardino. >> it's becoming clearer that we are dealing with an act of tetarrorism. >> reporter: for hick a rare consensus with some republican rivals with more and more information coming out about the san bernardino shooter.
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>> it seems every time there's a tragedy my poll numbers go up. they want strength. wel have weak thpeople. we have ineffective people. >> radical islamic terrorism and i'll tell you what. we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about. >> rep ter: donald trum far from the only republican making an early link to islam and terror. >> all of us are deeply concerned that this is another kmanifestation of terrorism. radical islamic terrorism here at home. >> we n beeed to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. >> reporter: as gop candidates talk terrorism. >> i'm convinced it was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: democrats demand more gun control. >> we can't go on with losing
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violence. ro reporter: republicans pouncing. >> you think shooting in california is about gun control? then you don't understand what's going on in the world. >> reporter: graham's comments coming at a forum of jewish constituents. trump the front-runner booed for his response to whether jerusalem should be the capital ofs israel. >> i want to wait until i immediate with b.b. m leaving for israel in a very short time. >> reporter: ben carson again seemed to struggle on foreign policy raising eyebrows with his mispronunciation of the extremist group hamas. >> the slit is fatah and hamas. they operate in a constant state of conflict. >> reporter: carson eventually corrected himself. foreign policy and national security increasingly important topics now in this presidential race. while the shooting h0s pushed gun control into the spotlight
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campaign trail. ted cruz, for example will go forward with second amendment event at a gun range today in lliowa. an >e have a story that was breaking overnight. 16 people were killed, several others injured during a fire bomb attack on a nightclub in cairo. police are still looking for two young men who carried this out. >> this happened during a dispute between the nice club staff and the men after denied entrance. they threw molotov cocktails into the club. sad news from the music world. scott weiland from stone temple lot died at age 48. >> a lot of people remember that voice. he died in his sleep in minnesota. he was on.tour with his new band. the cause of death has not been determined.
7:17 am
a pair of hit albums with the stone temple pielts. he long suffered feom stauns abuse issues. he's survived by his wife and two children from a previous marriage. >> a major shift when it comes to women in combat announced by the pentagon on thursday. defense seceltary ash carter has ordered the military to open all combat jobs to women. >> this new policy will go into effect next month. carerter said the military can't afford to exclude half of the military from jobs. and then this one if you didn't stay up late last night you missed an unbelievable finish for the packers-lions game. let's start what should have been the last play of the game, the packers were down by two. quarterback aaron rodgers was tackled, but the lions were flagged for facemask. that gave green bay one final play. here's what happened. >> rodgers, in trouble.
7:18 am
he turned 32 yesterday. does he have a moment? in the end zone. for the win! >> 61 yards. caught by richard rodgers, yes rodgers to rodgers and they were celebrating on the field but not in the stands. that was in detroit, folks. crazy finish to that game. 27-23. >> i don't have a dog in that fight but i love a great hail mary pass. >> i was watching "the wiz." >> what's happening in the weather? >> a lot of wet weather. we're looking at heavy rain down in florida, already in the last two days they picked up more rain than they will get for the month of december and january and just continues today. more heavy rain, normal rainfall
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since midnight this morning 2.5 inches and more is coming. we got this stationary front. it is slowly sagging to the south. another five to eight inches of rain possible. through the weekend. for miami. that would bring them a total that equals or betters what they would get for the entire winter. we're looking at flood watches into saturday morning and locally three inches or more in some areas. we'll get t so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently...
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clouds breaking up for sunshine. colder to the north and northeast. 20s danbury, poughkeepsie. low 40s in northwest new jersey. a decent day. turns mostly sunny with a high of 52. pretty light in the wind department as well. tonight, clear skies, 37. 30 in the suburbs. 20s well north and west. tomorrow, 53 with sunshine. sunday, beautiful, sunny, 56. sun and clouds, 54 monday. a storm stays offshore tuesday, wednesday with clouds. upper 40s. that's your latest weather. coming up, with interest rate hikes looming what you should be doing right now to maximize your money. jim cramer will be here. he has five things we n d to know. >> also a father of six, a mother who fled violence in the middle east what we're learning about the victims of the san bernardino rampage.
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good morning everyone. 44 degrees out on a friday morning. hamilton bridge looking okay. traffic moving this on this friday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. right now, police wants you to see a newly released video of a person in a possible hate crime. lori bordonaro has more. >> reporter: police say the suspect may be a teenager or in his early 20s. take a look here at this newly released video. you can see that man there inside west side judea club. this is a bookstore. he was accused of threatening to kill jews outside the store claiming he is muslim and punching the store manager in the head. he took off on a razor scooter and police need your help in tracking hhe down. they're asking anyone with information toicome forward. >> lori bordonaro, thank you. let's look at the commute with emily west. >> darlene, this accident in queens is still there. eastbound on the ramp to the clearview. that takes up a lane. that earlier crash on the throgs
7:26 am
still heavy delays. queensbridge heavy. also slowing in long island. great neck road and an accident in connecticut on the connecticut turnpike northbound near exit 23. it's off to the side. darlene. >> emily, thank you. we'll take a quick break and come back with chris' forecast. great stretch of weather. turning mostly sunny this afternoon. your high temperature 52. 30s.
7:27 am
56 with sunshine on sunday. monday a few more clouds. the storm will miss us tuesday and wednesday in the upper 40s with clouds. >> thank you, chris. the latest in a mass shooting in california and how to talk to your children about terror and gun violence.
7:28 am
7:30 on this friday morning, sits th of december, 2015. look at that pretty tree. folks are gathered out in rockefeller plaza. good morning. >> look at the people skating. i always say we should take co advantage of the rink and we never do it. maybe i say it privately. i'm not sure. i think it looks good.
7:29 am
>> we should go caroling. >> let's go to the moon. >> anyway, let's turn the corner here and take a look at some of the stories making e.adlines. a new national poll by cnn puts do nald trump increasing his lead among likely republican voters. up to 36%. ted cruz is in second, a full 20 points behind at 16% followed by ben carso and marco rubio. >> new york city requiring chain restaurants to put warning labels next to high skalt alt food items. it's heading to court saying the rua ling can be misleading. >> thousands of people attend a candlelight vigil in san bernardino to remember the 14 victims who died in wednesday's shoong there. it ended with the reading of the names of those victims. and the singing of "god bless america." >> police are trying to learn as much as they can about the
7:30 am
this attack on a holiday part stephanie gosk is outside their home in redlands, california. >> reporter: good morning. well they re-opened the street, boarded up the house but we still don't know mhah what was happening behind closed door. we don't even have a picture of tashfeen the malik, the wife and there's questions about their relationship,enow they met online and how she made to it the united states. syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen mamik died in a blet riddled suv in a blaze of gunfire. but this morning authorities are interested in how they lived. >> he was just a colleague. >> reporter: to many a quiet unassuming couple with a month-old baby living on a tree-lined street driving a four door sedan. born in chicago and a graduate
7:31 am
$70,000 a year as a county health expert. lleagues say he stayed pretty much to himself. >> i have never seen him disagree with anybody. >> reporter: five years ago farook was a young man looking for love through online dating sites describing himself from being a sunni family ifg in the u.s. under acceptable nationality. on the arab l nge site he said he was looking for a girl who has the same outlook. malik. returningnhome they h sod a reception center at the islamic senator of riverside. >> he was quiet, calm and decent and very peaceful person. >> reporter: with a child on the way like many couples they signed up on target's baby diapers. but even at the mosque where he most recently worshipped,
7:32 am
>> did he describe her at all what she was like? >> no. i only saw her twice in my life she was always covered with a vail. >> reporter: overnight farook's brother-in-law described them as a happy couple to lester holt. >> did they seem good for each other? >> yeah. yeah. they were close to each other. i mean they were always gether. >> reporter: leaving the question why on wednesday mo uprning they would drop-off their daughter at his mother's house and according to thorities go on a murder s >pree killing 14 people and murder 21. >> what would make somebody what seems to be a happy life, happy marriage, good job, what would make that person snap. >> reporter: state department says that tashfeen malik was given a fiancee visa. they are calling to re-evaluate. she would have h
7:33 am
an extensive counterterrorism screening. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. >> all 14 victims have been identified. 12 of the 14 worked with the county along with syed rizwan farook. >> good morning. as the community of san bernardino begins the slow process of starting to heal the pain felt by the victims' families is accentuated by the fact that many of them knew and worked with one of the shooters. late thursday candlelights of hope for the community of san bernardino. at arlan is the husband of benita who was killed. she was a christian and escaped islamic extremism. >> she came to have a better life. unfortunately, it was taken way from her. >> reporter: her death wednesday
7:34 am
she leaves behind children ages 10, 12 and 15. daniel kaufman ran the coffee shop in building three at inland regional. this was the moment his partner of three years, ryan reyes found out. this woman was an intelligent woman and loved by all. the family of robert adams, he was a loving son, brother, husband a nd daddy to savannah. so many names, michael, age 37. health inspector and father of six. damien, a recent empyee at san bernardino count thy who coached pe lfrmt and played santa in his spare time.
7:35 am
jennifer said her husband worked with sayed. >> i fee l he was march tird tyred and he's in a better place and my faith is keeping me strong. >> reporter: 21 others were wounded. for those families the trauma is twinged with a sense of relief. >> i didn't get the phone call that the other families got. >>us reporter: lisa stevens 22-year-old daughter jennin,fer was shot in the stomach but her recovery will be more than just ysical. >> she said of i've never seen a gun before. >> reporter: carlos ortiz' son was shot five times. >> initial phone call you get your son calls you and tells you he you. >> reporter: 14 daddy, 21 wo iunded, and countless victims trying to make sense of what's next. >> san bernardino, we may be
7:36 am
god bless san bernardino. >> so sad, and we're just seeing and hearing these names week after week it seems and yet another senseless tragedy. >> that's the piece we wanted to do for the past two days but obviously they waited until the name of the victim. but we spent so much time talking about the killers and not eno h time remembering the lives. >> let's get a check of the weather by al. >> today's weather is brought to you by jared, the gallery of jewelry. come in today for the one piece of jewelry that will take her breath away. >> we're taking a look at the pacific northwest. this was yesterday's storm. a weak system bringing in showers now. we got another potent storm offshore that's going to come in this weekend and going to cause some big problems. what we're looking at for today basically scattered showers, some mountain snows, but we could be seeing four to eight inches of snow in cascades and mountains of idaho. then late saturday this next
7:37 am
wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. and we're talking, i mean tons of rain. especially in western washington state. five to seven inches of rain in the olympics. 2001 three along the coastal areas. river flooding expected. so we'll be watching a real mess in the pacific northwest all weekend al, thanks very much. low 40s in and around the city. 43 is a popular number. in the cit y at 44. 30s through the hudson valley. a few upper 20s. headlines today, back into unshine and patchy morning clouds. it rolls into the weekend and next week. close call middle of the week. that probably stays offshore. sunshine through the weekend as we climb through the 50s. a lot of clouds tuesday, wednesday. looks like the rain stays away. upper 40s. >> check your weather any time you need it go to weather
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it's how i deliver all tho presents bs myself! [team member] santa, you gotuaanything else going to albany? t [santa] by myself! [santa](muffled noises) [vo] ship with fedex ground at fedex office. it's how the holidays arrive. . we're bac at 7:44. th federal reserve is signalling later this month for the first time in nearly a decade it is likely to raise interest rates. worry among investors contributed to a down day on thursday. dow closed down 250 points. wh sr.uld we be dsing right now ahead of a hike? jim cramer is host of cnbc's "mad money." first we heard this before. the fed has been threatening to raise interest ratesnd do you think it's real >> this time we have decent job growth and worried about
7:43 am
>> a few thing you can do right now? number one you say lock in the mortgage if you got one of those floating rates. >> i've been taking advantage o it. is this most prudent thing to do. >> so it's more expensive to have a 30 year fixed but you think in this case worth doing. >> more expensive but think about down the road. >> next one you say this is probably the first thing we see affected car loan. if you're in the market to buy a car, do it now. >> as soon as they raise the rates this goes up. >> the next one credit card rates. again, you say refinance. how do you that if i'm holding a store credit card or bank credit card >> you got pay it down. this is under the reckless category. this can go high. not significantly like car loans. but don't take a chance. >> pay it off if you can. if you can't -- >> try and get a home equity loan. they won't want to give it to you.
7:44 am
you're making me depressed.dothe savings can grow. the one plus side of an interest te going higher. >> people have been taking risks to get more interest. you'll get a chance. don't move immediately. you need a couple of hikes before you get a good bargain on a certificate deposit. >> finally, fire sales. everyone freaks out. stocks plummet. a buying opportunity. >> a fire sale. don't just go in and say it's down a little bit let's buy. you'll get your chance if they move up rates quickly. they say they won't do that. >> give us your pitch. if you see a day like yesterday where the dow drops and the market is freaking out over interest rates, you shouldn't get out of the market. >> no. this is a standard course of situation. a lot of people commit their money at year end. continue to do that. remember when they do raise rates that they are not giving you a statement that says it's
7:45 am
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7:49 am
photo gifts. >> last night it was the wiz live. when are we going skating, carson? >> let got it. let's do that. leect's bring a camera. mi'sllions of americans eased on down the road with last night's awesome nbc live production of "the wiz." it was an absolute huge, huge success. going crazy over the costumes, the set, people were trending and talking about it. the cast is getti rav' reviews. let's start with tamron hall. "the wiz" cast is phenomenal. music, production, choreography, everything. i don't want this to end. a lot of people h t that feeling.
7:50 am
shocked everybody playing the good witch. dorothy was introduced right here on the "today" show when they announced it. wow did she steal the show. she was incredible. last night also on tw ter, you got pa tina miller writing bravo and right like that a star is born. we'll see more from this young lady. >> david alan grier as the lion, amazing. >> mary j. blige blew it away. >> so good. a lot of new songs. >> the sets were amazing. >> what is wrong wit mr. lauer today? >> ice skating, sets, we're talking about a live production. >> it was a family show. there's no one i'd rather... share with.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
good morning everyone. 7:56. looking at the brooklyn bridge. it's 44 degrees out on a friday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. right now, police are searching
7:54 am
they say the victim flagged down officers in jackson heights this morning. 83rd street and 30th avenue. the suspect pulled a knife on the woman collecting cans and batth bols. he took her behind a house and raped her and took off on a bicycle. >> a suspect attacked a tony ard winning playwright. it happened in ft. gsen section of brooklyn. he was stabbed in the neck for no apparent reason. he wrote the highly acclaimed butterfly. for a look at the commute here's ily west. >> we have new subway delays, darlene. the first on the b uptown tyoins delays. then downtown 4 trains running with delays as well. sunrise highway, suffolk county westbound closed between wellwood avenue and straight path. we'll see problems there. >> emily, thank you. the weather today, nice day. some clouds and sun. high of 52 degrees. tonight, we get down to 37. morrow, another gret weekend day. sunny, 53.
7:55 am
for the first dayo f chanukah, sunny and 56. monday, more clouds but nice at 54. coming up on the "today" show,or tips and tricks too avoid packing on the pounds this holiday season.
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up,000 avoid that holiday weight gain. the secrets to indulge in your favorite treats and drinks wie thout packing on the pounds. plus texting and walking, the modern phenomenon that has safety experts worried. so do you do it? halftime headliners. we got the details as coldplay makes the cut for 2016 super bowl. "today," friday, december 4th,
7:57 am
>> we got married yesterday. we love "today". ." >> 8:00 now on a friday morning, 4th day of december, 2015. if there's a prettier view of rockefeller center than this one i'm not sure where it is. we're here -- i don't mean because we're here, we're here in the channel gardens witn the beau ful tree behind an us lit t other night. a quick moment to say al you and natalie and willie did a great job. what a beautiful tree. >> gorgeous.keiviot to tell you it was lit just at the right moment. no question about it.
7:58 am
>> walking by that tree was difficult. >> actual puppy. he's surrounded by laees. >> right in front of the tree is the skating rink. let's head inside to natalie morales. >> reporter: the couple behind the mass shooting in california was i luenced by jihadist sympathy izer sympathizers. >> reporter: good morning. families are waking up with broken hearts, mourning the loss of their loved ones. others are lucky their relatives escaped the bloodshed. this as police work around the lock looking for a motive trying to figure out the answer o one question, why? for the first time police releasing pictures of the arse l used in wednesday's shooting.
7:59 am
and guns, the ammunition, at killed 14 and wounded 21. 1600 rounds of bullets discovered inside the vehicle. 28-year-old syed zwan farook and his 27-year-old wife tashfeen malik were shot and killed. >> when we entered there was fresh gun powder and smell of gun powder in the air. >> reporter: lieutenant mike madden was the first officer on scene. he waited for a team of four before entering the buildinga >> there were people obviously injured and obviously in great amount of pain and that was evident. the moments and wails we were hearing in the room. >> reporter: he described the scene as pure chaos. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. >> reporter: overnight a community prayed for the survivors and mourned for the victims. this morning, the 14 who died now identify, the names and
8:00 am
sadness to the numbers. the attack, investigators say, was ca ulated. the married couple dropped off their 6-month-old girl before the rampage, rented their suv days before the attack. 12 explosive devices, tools to bui'ild ieds, all discovered be a bomb squad inside the family home. >> the evidence will lead us to the facts. we will go where the evidence takes us. >> reporter: officials say they found indications that farook of communicating with people who sh fowed interest in radical jihad. lester holt sat down with farook's brother-in-law. >> and he was good religious person, yes. just like a normal anybody would . but nothing, nothing that i can see that he could do that. >> nothing that would fit the term radicalized as we've heard? >> no, not tha i can take -- not the person i ow. he was not radical. >> reporter: the fbi says their
8:01 am
they may not have a motive for quite some time. >> thanks. i spoke this morning with ryan yes whose part he in of three years was killed. ryan was first toledo believe he was wounded by alive and didn't learn the truth until thursday morning nearly a null day late per >> it was very difficult having all that hope just to have it taken away within a few short hours. >> daniel kaufman worked at the ffee shop in the regional center training, dev opmentally disabled clients forngobs in the outside world. >> just one day after t wednesday's tragedy the senate voted on thursday against expanding background checks for private gun sales. the measure would have required checks for gun purchases made online and at gun shows. it was attached to a larger spending bill.
8:02 am
in the aftermath of the 2012 shooting. new cnn poll shows donald trump with a massive lead over his republican rivals in the race for the white house. among republicans and gop leading independents trump now holds a 20-point edge over senator ted cruz, ben carson is third with 14% there followed by marco rubio and jeb bush. some dramatic video has emerged showing the rescue of an iraqi baby and two other refugees from a boat that was sinking off the coast of greece. it was the first joint sea venture between green peace and doctors without borders. everybody else on board the boat was able to make it to land safely to be reunited with family and friends. america's first family switched thire light thursday night to light the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one!
8:03 am
esident's park across the street from the white house. and miss piggy joined michele obama to read "it was 'twas the night before christmas." pretty tree. >> for the sond straight ay unfortunately we're spending a lot of time this morning talking about a mass shooting. and as i said unfortunately this week is not unique. >> we talked a lot about this amongst ourselves as parents how do you talk to kids about what's going on. today chenelle jones has been thinking about that. >> it's nearly impossible to shield our children. many schools havelock down drills. we went to the experts to find out the right way to discuss it all with your family. >> breaking news right now in san bernardino where police are sponsoreding t a possi e act
8:04 am
police officers have been ot. their condition we do not know. >> over 1,000 people gathered last night to remember the victims of thursday's school shooting. >> another shooting in america, another community shattered. >> if the bad guys try to come in we go in specificiclassroom, my teacher closes the door and locks it >> now kids are learning about lock downs in case somebody comes in with a gun and that's scary to me. >> these unthinkable acts relayed to the world through terrifying image, creating a ripple of fear. >> makes you think when you are some place is the person next to yod safe or are they going to hurt you. kids bring weapons to school and they have metal detectors. if you're in a shopping mall they don't have metal detectors when you walk in. de finitely safe. >> when the stuff of childhood nightmares becomes all too real
8:05 am
>> makes me think about how op can be mean and hurt people around the world. >> why are they doing it? it's not right. they just shouldn't do it. >> we have to really think about thste age, the timing, and what the questions the kids are asking before we just put it all out there. >> if your kids are younger than 5 experts say they are probably too young to discuss it. >> my brother tells me about it. he talks about shootings, killings, hurting. he tells me all that stuff all the time. >> but when kids are old enough to ask, they are ready for a conversation. keep your a swers simple. >> the key here is to b mindful not to over talk because you might give too much information which actually scares your kids. follow their lead. >> with teenagers make sure they have all the facts. go online with the home discuss what they see on social media.
8:06 am
>> how do i ake sure my kids el safe every day. that's my biggest concern. i don't want my kids now to live in fear. i don't want my kids to go school and wonder if somebody is going to come within guantanamo. you're the person to say you'll hear this stuff is happening. we're doing our best to keep you safe. >> as hard as it may seem experts say be honest d w't be afraid to admit you'r nedscared too. >> i don't think that you should keep your children isolated because eventually they will find out about these things and it will make them more sad about hearing them. if they are already exposed to these things happening then they can kind of cope with it more. >> it's clear an important takeaway this morning. if your kids have questions you can't just blow it off. you have to address their concerns. it's interesting, i have 3-year-old twins and a 6-u year-old. my son's school sent out a memo after the paris attacks but how
8:07 am
they talk to kids and parents and then here we go again. >> i think you made a good point. if you think your kids don't know abouteit, yours may be a little yo g. our kids are a little bit older. if one of their friends hear about it they all hear about it. it's important to address and talk about it. >> thank you so much. coming up next, getting in the christmas spirit. we have a better and brighter tree. some nutrition they say will revolutionize the way you string your lights. >> the year's most popular songs in an incredible match up. >> and how to enjoy your holiday
8:08 am
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8:12 am
every day. walmart. we're back now 8:15, time for what's trending today. we have an empty chair at the table because savannah will start us off over with a debate over holiday decorations. >> we string our lights on the christmas tree the same way. we coil it around. listen to what one design expert said. take a look. he suggests what you should actually do is hang them vertically not horizontally. so you start at the top. obviously not with the end that has the plug.
8:13 am
di way the lights -- take a look. that's the end with the plug. >> i know. >> what about the eggnog? >> you just go like this, i guess. does this look right to you? >> stick it into the branches. >> what's the difference? >> the like gets stuffed in there oo much. >> what's the purpose. >> you do that starting at the top and work my way down. >> i like when you push the lights in a little bit because it gives depth to the tree. >> take it up with francesca. he says you see the lights more brightly when they are more to the surface. usually you're like -- >> exactly. >> when i let the rockefeller tree the other night i just went around and around.
8:14 am
>> yeah. what do you think? >> i like that idea. >> it looks nice. >> i like it you are bigger than the tree. >> it's no tinsel. >> it works. >> all right. >> there's one. i think we can all agree on this next one. texting and walk cigarette a bad idea. in a recent poll an orwhweming majority said they call it both annoying and a serious issue. check this out. 74% said actually other people enyogaging distracted walking, 29% owned up to it themselves saying they yes do it, savann,h. and something doesn't add up. the numbers don't work. >> it's funny. i guess people are saying everyone does it. >> i don't do it. >> 100%. >> k i do yeah. >> you walk in a public place and text. >> i don't make a habit of it. >> i almost walked into the columns in rockefeller center.
8:15 am
almost a disaster. >> i'm eating mimi crow phone a lot more rently. it's very good. got that technology down pretty good. i'll meet you for a drink in about two hours from now. >> text to anybody. >> here's a question, do you think guys you were thinner when you were sing signal >> yes. >> okay. well, all right you might be the out liar al because new research suggests people who live atloend to be thinner. people who were married or live together, male or female had a higher body mass index. th eory was couples who live gether are heavier because they are more likely to share meals, cook together, drink together. it's a new science fresh out of the science box. >> i got one while i was texting. >> actually, i said mike when we get married can we let it all go and get fat.
8:16 am
>> all right. finally. winner in battle of sexes who is better at assembling ikea furniture? men or women? >> women. we read directions all those the directions are hard. >> few years ago ikea president said women because they take time to read the instruction. one scientist back-checked the claim. their conclusion women do read the instructions more. but men are better at actually assembli] ng the furniture. in a sowll s dy of about two people a guy and girl, guys were faster and more accurate and ded up with fewer left over parts. >> what about brute force? >> ikea instructions starts all together, half together.
8:17 am
>>mi who she enjoys building. >> she's a chef. >> iglove figures things out lim ke that too. >> lego >> now the big time headline super bowl halftime show and sofia vegar a's beef with ellen. coldplay marks the lease of their seventh album," hea iul of dreams" and guys will be het adlining halftime super bowl show. the show spo or released this video showing coldplay already pr youaring for theen big gig. they have some critics out there but chris martin says the band is excited, honored and thrilled. >> i' i'm a huge fan. i'm excited. >> next, sofia vegara back from her honeymoon. one friend that couldn't make the wedding was ellen.
8:18 am
>> y 're not reall sorry. >> i am. why didn't you make a little more effort to go. it's not like they are holding up the production for you one day. >> i have to do a show every single day. if you had it in town but you did it in florida. >> we would have gone if you would have had it here. i would like to bring you your gift bag. >> why didn't you? people had gift bags? >> people that went. >> she went on to say she gave ellen her gift bag to someone in her house. >> finally it is the match up of the year. he took 50 of the biggest songs from adele's "hello" and blended
8:19 am
>> they are all layered in there. >> i love it. >> great transition. >> very cool. >> called united states of pop and it's viral and kids are going to like it. >> the kids will like it. >> yeah. >> we did that all year. now can you do it in four minutes. that's your pop stars. >> now mr. roker with a check of
8:20 am
>> ready to warm up? okay. let's do it. el nino, one of the benefits, if you will, is that we are not looking at anything all that chilly out there. take a look. increasing heat, this big area of high pressure dominating. friday 15 degrees above-normal in fargo. here in new york city two degrees above-normal. saturday it still stays warm boston at 51, 52 in cleveland. minneapolis getting up to 42. nashville 60 degrees and on sunday the heat continues this goes right into monday. let's enjoy it while we have it. a few clouds. mostly sunny this afternoon. high 52. a cold night today. softbally so. 37 in town. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. we are into the low 50s. sunday the warmest of the bunch, 56. bright and approximate sunday.
8:21 am
54. maybe a stray shower thursday. and high temperature near 50 degrees. and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: meals and deals on "today" is brought to you by walmart. stop by a store or visit us at to share wonder every day. well, guys, the holidays are a great time to gather with friends and family. and definitely eat, share some good food. it's even better when you can make your meals on a budget. we asked you for some of your holiday favorites. let's go through a couple of them. sharon writing in prime rib roast for christmas day. mark tweeting my wife makes an insanely good seven layer salad. family favorite. to find occupant how to save money on delicious dishes check
8:22 am
deals, head to for more. >> coming up, amanda peet is here with a brand new children's book.
8:23 am
good morning, everyone. it is 8:26. 44 degrees. two people dead and another in the hospital. the gunman gets out of a car on eaatst flat bus and fired into another car. a 44-year-old man was killed. 33-year-old woman was wounded and is now stable in condition. the man then turned the weapon on himself. here's he emily west. >> we have delays on downtown 4 trains this morning. we had trouble on the b and the d but everything has resumed. cleared is 80. moving eastbound, exit 58. you can still see the delays at madison avenue. and crash at exit 136. let's check the weather today. nice y. some clouds and sun.
8:24 am
saturday, 53. sunny and 56 for the first day of hanukkah. monday, nie, 54. tuesday getting a little cooler. 49.
8:25 am
8:30 on a friday morning, december 4th, 2015. check it out. our toy drive rolls on and we have a band of merry makers collecting donations. getting in the holiday spirit. by the way they will be back in our next hour to perform some
8:26 am
group. all kind of musicians getting toregether to make some beautiful holiday music. >> making a lot of people happy on the plaza. you known what else is happy on the plaza this morning? hail mary. >>d big morning for packers. >> keys to getting happy and staying healthy in the holiday season. 000 indulge without packing on too many pounds. >> plus actress, mom and author, amanda peet is here. we'll chat about her new children's book for the holiday sehaon. >> can we do a little house keeping? congratulations to our senior vice president and executive in charge of "today," and his lovely wife alison welcome in a new baby boy to t
8:27 am
seven pounds, two ounces, . >> our congratulations. adorable. >> why don't you call imel him el nino. >> put it in the suggestion box. let's get a check rizwan. ere we are. the weekend outlook here we go. two third of the country going to be spectacular. wet weather down in florida. rip currents there. heavy rain and snow in the pacific northwest. sunday, sundayt sunday, we are looking for more wet weather making its ay into the pacific no,rthwest down to the central california. more rain in florida. rest of the country looking pretty spectacular. that's what's going al, touhanks very much. low to mid 40s in and around the city. chilly spots. 30s. even a few 20s out there. things warm up this afternoon.
8:28 am
ould get into the low 50s in the city. upper 40s for the suburbs. 37 in the city. low to mid-30s for most of the suburbs nearby. upper 20s nor and west. beautiful weekend. sunshine bothdays. 53 saturday. 56 sunday. 54 monday. "a we're getting ready for the weekend. got a big crowd. you know what that mea hi for the we ekend. it's time for the best night of the weekend, sunday night, sunday "football night in america." that's right. we got a good one coming up, oh, yeah. we'll be at heinz field. that's right we got the colts taking on the steelers. it's going to be clear. it's going to be cold. and a temperature of 44 as you geust ready for sunday night "football night in america"! now let's go back in to savannah.
8:29 am
now to our ongoing series "today's" hassle free holiday se ason. eating season is upon us. it's food and drinks galore. we have some exciting tips to help us get through without putting on massive poundage. good morning. >> good morning. that's what it's all about. not putting on a lot of weight this season. >> you're going to give us some tiedps in a minute. a lot of us think about holidays i'll gain five pounds, ten pounds. >> most people actually only gain about one pound. however, we can brion out our new year's noise makers just yet because the problem is that people end up losing that. if you don't gain any other weight b you gain that one und every holiday season that's ten pounds in a decade and that's a big problem. it adds up. >> we see all this wine out here. you're going to tell me we shouldn't drink this much.
8:30 am
drinker which for a woman is seven drinks a week. that's a lot for a lot of people. if during the holiday season each week those four weeks of the hol ays you up that by abs out four drinks that's going to be 1600 extra calories. that's going to add to that extra pound. >> so yftip here is plan the night. you're leaving the party in ten minutes. don't go for thantt extra drink. start the night with a glass of water or selzer. >> selzer i find helps. >> in a stem blas makes it fee festive. >> this looks like a vegetable. >> so the side appetizers what i want people to do this holiday season is boycott. because four of these spinach cheese things will be 260 calories. you go for some crudet.
8:31 am
better than celery. >> i'll give you some shrimp. if you just do this one thing throughout the holiday season, just one thing, you'll have some indulgences. avoid that one pounding weight gain the veggies will fill you up. >> make a bee line for the pigs in the blanket. >> 290 calories for those. leaner choice of protein is 124 calories. if you are truly hungry during that appetizer time, lean protein will satisfy you. again these fit right into that frehied appetizer category we're going boycott. >> and have a little bite of something at home before you go to the party. >> i recommend that. home. with turkey or hard boiled gg. >> all vegetables are not
8:32 am
>> again go for the cleanest opening. when you sit down for that big meal people feel i'm filling my plate with vegetables but they are loaded with sugar and fat. >> this spinach is 260 calories versus the sauted spinach at 90 calories. >> cream is not your friend. >> i'm about indulge. you want dessert. choose them wisely. the pumpkin pie will be better at 270 calories versus the nut. i like nuts in general. not in p iie about 490 calories. >> this is about setting yourself up for succets. >> have you safe comfort foods. when it's 3:00 a.m. and stressed out wrapping gifts. have a safe comfort food
8:33 am
an appe. you know that's your safe comfort food or something more savory portioned out pieces of cheese. >> leftoversb >> you want to gift them to your guest. get rid of them or use them in a fun way. make something like a healthy pizza the next day with kids. load up whatever extra veggies you have. >> okay. you say work out. that's good. morning work outs are better. because actually research even shows you're less tempted by decadent foods. you feel good. you're more motivated to stay on the straight and narrow. >> why do yo have this dress. >> hen you wear something form fitting and feel fabulous you're less ikely again to dive head first into any decadent treats.
8:34 am
if you want more tips head
8:35 am
h 8:40. we're back with one of our favorite people, amanda peet. ju bst in time for the holidays she's written a new children's book, called "dear santa, love rachel rosenstein." >> it's so beautiful i can't believe it. >> took them forever to put up the tree. >> oh, tree. don't worry about it. when i wrote it i didn't think it would tork. >> yeah. the tree didn't occur to me. >> you're jewish, you gw up celebrating which holiday >> i did hanuk whh and christmas. >> why both?
8:36 am
upbringing and my parents thought why not. but when i got married and had children we decided to dispense with christmas and my kids started asking me questions about why can't we have a tree, why can't we have sant so my co-author and i decided to write a book to deal with our feelings and their feelings about it. >> the reason i like it is it's a children's book so it's good it resonates with kids. but also parents. we do have to make these additions all the time and there's pressure when your kids come home. if you want to celebrate one or the other they say well why can't we do that. tell me with rachel. >> i was truly flummoxed. i didn't know what to say when they asked me. we tried to write a book how wonderful hanukkah is over christmas. >> which is better >> we wanted to beef up hanukkah. a competitive children's book.
8:37 am
so rachel, we decided to talk about the feeling of being left out and the holidays are sorrow man tick and so pretty and all the lights every where. soho she just feels lef at out. >> she not only wants anta to come visit her she wants the whole h iday to come visit her. >> she does. she doesn't get that. that was for us. it's a good time it's an age for kids to realize there are other cultures, other people celebrating other things and we definitely wanted to bring that in. the great thing about our book is part of our p roceeds are ing to feed the peace ohich is a nonprofit organization, it's a camp in maine where they incorporate israeli and palestinian teachers together at camp. >> since it's a children's book and not a thriller, we can kind of give the ending a little bit. how does rachel figure it out at the end >> her mom says sometimes we thoof accept what is and she
8:38 am
a lot of us do, that's where we are on christmas. she runs into a lot of her classmates from school who she runs into -- >> of different faiths. >> and a bunch of other children who are also not celebrating christmas. >> you got a great resume. is this now the writing bug. has it bitten you? >> i don't know. i wanted to write the story. my co-author wanted to. i hope we'll do more. we'll see. >> i want to mention you're married to david and david is the, call him show runner? "game of thrones." >> yes. >> which is hugely popular. next year you two combine for and other children's book, a very "game of thrones" christmas. >> there will be a lot of beheadings. >> we don't want that. >> i don't think it would be a good holiday fare. >> you still travel a lot for that show. >> we liv in belfast for part
8:39 am
and it's been, a very great thing obviously. >> always good to have you here. the book is called "o dear santa, love rachel rosenstein. >> coming up a set of twins with a special bond on and off the football field and try to figure amanda out.
8:40 am
we're back at 8:47. our ongoing series with the nfl together we make football. >> good morning. over the course of the season we ashad for stories from you our viewers and y u delivered. this week first of our five finalists vying for a trip to super bowl 50. they are twins fsam the suburbs of washington, d.c. whose close
8:41 am
field and out into their community. >> we have twins. >> they can't believe it. >> there's a bond that i don't think you can understand unless you're a twin. >> the twins have been there for each other since day one when they were born three months early. sharif weighed one pound. >> he's bean miracle for a child who was never supposed to walk, talk and didn't know how long he's going to live, he had tourette syndrome and autism. >> i get nervous, anxious. >> it's okay. >> seeing his brother play the game he loves, sharif asked to join him on the field.
8:42 am
>> you got nobody to play with, i can make it easier for you. >> he felt sad when i was out on the field. >> our objective as a coaching aff not to make him feel like he was an austerity tistic kid playing football. wel? wanted him to feel like a panther. >> this is special. makes everybody happy. wasn't supposed to be here but he's here. t>> at each game the first play after halftime is dyoigned just foser sharif. >> go, sharif. >> malakai would step on the quarterback. the opposing team would let thei
8:43 am
number 6. >> all right. all right. >> they said he wouldn't be able to do that. they said he wouldn't be able to do it. >> every team all throughout the year everyone said okay we'll give a special not an entire family but extends out to the entire league. >> there was one more special moment for the williams family. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> good, how's it going. >> congratulations you guys are finalists to go to super bowl 50. >> oh, my god are you serious?
8:44 am
>> let's see what you got guys. good job, pal. >> to actually see the boys. >> you're big. >> this is something that you'll never forget. >> oh, my gosh. i'm in tears. >> malakai's parents said he had to grow up field. but on field he feels like any other kid. at's our first finalist. the bar has been set pretty high. we have four more weeks of incredible stories all again to win the trip of a hive time super bowl 50 in cal ifornia bay area. >> so great. what a great team and great coach. >> all the other teams in the aleague. sore spectacular. >> thank you. by the way watch the pittsburgh steelers host the first place
8:45 am
night football right here on nbc.
8:46 am
>> the scene of the future of matt lauer's skating. back with today's birthday
8:47 am
>> we got our birthdays standing by. esther sloan, 100 years old today. her secret, live forever. florine watkins from youngstown, ohio home of the warner brothers. bugs bunny came from there too. she's 100 years old today. loves to go camping. loves camping. dick downing. 100 years old. phil balyear. he's 100 years old. a photographer. he'll take your picture. that's all for right now but more to come so please don't go away. we have some winners. >> thank you, willard. what do you guys have coming up. >> we hear you're joining us ice skating. >> are you going?
8:48 am
>> we can. >> you'll get in the blades of glory. >> you guys wear skates all the time. >> you never know.
8:49 am
performance from the meet the new, 3rd generahaon nest ltarning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and if you're a conedison customer,
8:50 am
learn more at good morning. 8:57. looking at the george washington bridge. it is 44 degrees'en this friday morn g. i'm darlene rodriguez. police are searching for a suspect in ad yssible hate crime in manhattan. police released this video of the man they are searching for. th e manager of a jewish bookstore says the man punched him and told him he would kill him. thuye s uspect took off on a ra r scoo r. police just released this surveillance. anyone with information is urged to call police. it will be a nice day. clouds, sun, high of 52. tonight down to 37.
8:51 am
first day of hanukkah, sunny, 56. monday, 54. tuesday it gets a little cooler th a high of 49. the "today" show is coming back. al takes you into the kitchen
8:52 am
this morning on "today's" take one on one with joe jonas. find out how the pop star the giving back for thoilsd. a revealing new memoir by the queen of all media, oprah. the big super bowl announcement that has a lot of people talk underground today. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc today this is today's take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on a friday morning in new york city. a nice big crowd getting ready for the weekend.
8:53 am
inside studio 1a i'm willie along with willie, al and tamron. our focus is on san bernardino. we're getting new information, new details and new accounts. let's begin with the brother-in-law of yed rizwan nfarook. has now spoken out. lehster holt sat down with farhan khan and he says he has no idea what led to the massacre. he doesn't understand how the couple could leave behind a 6-month-old daughter. >> you left your 6-month-old daughter, you know, in this life. some people cannot have kids. god give you a gift of daughter. and you left that kid behind. what did you achieve? i don't know what message they would learn. >> are you angry at your brother-in-law for doing this? >> yeah. absolutely. very angry. very upset and angry. >> and for leaving his daughter?
8:54 am
it hurts me every few hours that makes me angry that what de. >> we talked about that yesterday, anyone who could leave behind a 6-month-old daughter knowing that was the end that they were probably going to die that day or go jail for the rest of their lives that's something terrible in mind had they leave that child behind. one of the first responders to arrive on the scene was san bernardino police lieutenant mike madden on his way to lunch when he was alerted by disppeatch of the situation at inland regional center. he describes what unfolded as unspeakable. >> we entered, there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air. there were people who were obviously injured and obviously in great amounts o pain and that was evident in the moments and wails we were hearing in the room. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were eing. e number of peoplehaho were injured and, unfortunately, already dead.
8:55 am
fivt encounter sprinkler system haesd gone off. the room was filling with water. alarms going off. smell of gun powder. he had to make the agonizing cision to walk past the wounded who we knew needed help because he had to find the shooter and stop the carnage. >> j t so horrific and he was very emotional during that news co13nference as well. >> obviously, when we talk about ese tragedies all too often you start to hear about the shooter and you tart hearing about what could have possibly bean motive. but so ch of the time we want to focus on the victims and that's really where the focus should be and we are now learning more about the 14 victims of this tragic shooting. friends and colleagues gathering at what was a holiday party a reason to celebrate and their ages range from 26 ears old to 60 years old. one had just had a ild, just 20 months old. one was a father of six. another was planning her wedding.
8:56 am
married to her high school sweetheart. so many stories of lives lost. >> late thursday candlelight of hope for the community of san bernardino. arlan is the husband of benita one of 14 people killed in wednesday's shooting rampage. she was a christian born in muslim iran fled to america at the age of 18 to escape islamic extremism. >> she came to have a better life and everything else. unfortunately it was taken away from her. >> her death wednesday a bitter irony. >> from day one i met her until the last day -- >> she leaves behind children ages 10, 12 and 15. daniel kaufman ran the coffee shop in building three at inland regional. this was the moment his partner of three years ryan reyez found out. so many families doing their best to cope. beth was an intelligent, motivated and beautiful young
8:57 am
loved by all who knew her. the family of robert adams our be aved robert will not be coming the home us. and he was loving son, broher, husband and daddy to savannah. so many names, michael, age 37. a health inspector and father of six. damien, 58 a recent employee at san bernardino county who coached p.e. and played santa in his spare time. shannon johnson, aurora, tin nguyen. >> i feel he was martyred and i just knol he's in a better place and my faith is keeping me strong. >> 21 others were wounded. >> i didn't get tt phone call that those other families got.
8:58 am
>>ro lisa stevens 22-yea old daughter jennifer was shot in the stomach but her recovery will be more than just physical. >> she just keeps saying i never seen a gun before, i didn't hear a gun. >> carlos ortiz's son was shot five times. >> initial phone call you get your son calls you and tells you he loves you and not knowing he will make it. >> 14 dead, 21 wounded and countless victims trying to make sense of what's next. >> san bernardino, we may be down but we're not outl god bless san bernardino. >> so painful because we are hearing these stories all too roften these days. and stories of, you know, young people, older people, lives cut at such a, you know, such a agic way. >> of course, it's horrible at any time of year but at a liday party.
8:59 am
we're supposed to be celebrating joy and we're not. so i want to make a little transition here and i think this will hopefully give you a little mo acre spirit. there was a santa visiting kids at a malu in charlotte, north carolina. he comes across one little boy, braden who has autism. great program, they shut down the mall and allow kids with autism and special needs who might be overwhelmed otherwise to come in. so his parents couldn't get him to sit on santa's lap. so santa as santa does takes matters in his own hands. it was taken during the caring auti speaks. at picture says it all. >> that's a great santa too. >> that's whyaie love santa. well done. if that didn't consistent off the happy waterworks. it, 's about to come down over here. a shout out reo the good people of tulsa, oklahoma.
9:00 am
everybody is putting up tree at would mppake an entire community turn the c istmas tree being into a halloween throw back? well one special little girl, a 3-ndyear-old girl in tulsa, her neinighborhoodureally showed up for her. her name is molly turbin and not able to celebrate halloween she c was in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. spent 28 days. once home and heahy her only worry was, which is very th important, what happened to halloween did i miss it? her mom posted on facebook she wanted to recreate the holiday for her daughter. 60 families came out to help molly trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. like any good little girl she dressed as rapunzel. kitty. >> so they put a pause on yoim fohor a second and celebrated
9:01 am
>> that's a good neighbor. >> is that so sweet. >> answered the ll there's a lot more light than darkness in the world. >> well said. >> how is the weather? >> let's show you what's going on. in got to tell you, you want something about holiday spirit check out these guys. they will b performing for us in a little bit. very nice. that's the look. willie you and i need to rock this. i'm telling you. that's all right. i want that. meantime oh, man, florida you are getting pounded. i mean so much rain. last 48 hours, we're talking so much ra. normal december rainfal two inches. since midnight 3.48, over the st 48 hours so far miami has gotten two months worth of rain both december and january, and it ain't over yet. weak stationary front just slowly moving to the south, saw a front bringing rain and storms and five to eight more inches of rain possible through the weinekend.
9:02 am
you look at the rainfall totals between now and sunday, we're talking flash flood watches in effect for saturday, locally three inches a heavier thunder showers eut as we said could be up to eight inches locally for nice looking day heading our way. patchy clouds turns mostly sunny. high this afternoon at 52. wind conscaderably lighter than yesterday. 37 in the city. closer to the 30-degree mark in the suburbs north and west. lots of sunshine. 53 saturday. 56 for sunday. a few more clouds monday at 54. a storm looks like it will stay fshore tuesday and wednesday. stray shower thursday and hi of 50. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up next, joe johnas gets into this holiday spirit for some deserving kids and
9:03 am
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9:06 am
>> it's the season of kindness and that's no exception for joe and that's no exception for joe johnas the singer has been giving back to some deserving families and i caught up with him. he answered that burning question what does kate by the ocean really mean? joe jonas burst on the seen as a member of the jonas brothers. now he's dancing his way up the
9:07 am
their hit single "kate by the ocean." but despite his busy schedule this season still has given joe a chance to give back. >> we partnered up with j.c. penney and hosted an amazing event with the boys and girls club where we invited kids from 11 cities to have a shopping spree. wh"tat shocked me they were getting gifts for each other. th ay, you get $100 will you sneak in a gift for yourself. to the dime they had their mom's purse, brother's jacket. it was really beautiful thing to see them wanting to give back. >> it's hard when you're a kid. >> absolutely. i remember when i was a kid and you want to spoil yourself but you see such kindness and joy and happiness and excited to give back themselves i think that was the most beautiful experience of it all. >> it certainly is a wonderful time of the year for joe who is
9:08 am
>> tell me about denc. >> it's a band i started about a year ago. we have been playing. we had a new cd come out a couple of weeks ago. >> what's the deal with "kate by the ocean." >> they kept ordering a drink "kate by the ocean." we were having fun in the studio. >> we couldn't let him go without addressing the blue elephant in the room. >> tell me a little bit about the hair. i noticed you match my dress. >> y know how some people go gray after years. i go blue. >> this is not hide your gray. did you do it yourself. >> a little george clooney. >> the minute i saw you wow you resemble clooney. >> do you get at all the time? >> no but i'll take it.
9:09 am
>> i've done a little acting. >> we had to ask him about the qusestion -- h do you balance your personal life and music and yoldu're super busy. career first and it's hard to be in a relationship. >> it takes time and luckily i have music where i can just put it all back into what i'm wrsaiting or performing. mu isic always inspires me. >> does your music reflect where you are right now? >> yeah, i definitely think so. music has been a good diary for me. when you don't want to talk about certain things and you can put to it music and put it out there. easier way to handle it. we should mention that joe is on facebook for j.c. penney. you can catch joe and denc on tour playing the jingle ball and up next the band you'l mol be seeing at the super bowl
9:10 am
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cheers to you. let's celebrate together, wes ekend top six. super bowl will have a sky full of stars. coldplay will be playing at the super bowl 50 halftime show when it airs next february their new album "head full of dreams" was released and halftime show is expected to include new songs as well as some of their old hits. they sent out a promotional video. they are honored and thrilled to beg play the halftime show and announced there wld be special guests but wouldn't reveal who it is. let's see, beyonce? yes. jay-z one of their best friends. i think i got your answer. 'll see if we're right. moving on. playboy is set to publish it's final nude edition early next year and guess who is gracing the cover. inmela anderson received a call from hef's attorney who said we
9:15 am
there's nobody else who can do the last cover. the mom at 48 said she was opposed but her boys encouraged theory do the shoot. now that they are older they are no longer embarrassed. it's onderson's 15th time of giving her the record of appearing in playboy than any other woman in playboy history. here's a book to be included in oprah's book olub. winfrey announced she wil be publish agnew me moire the life you want. the book will weave her oen experiences ogether as well as other advice and inspiration. while the former talk show host has published several boobs in the past this is anticipated to be her definitive memoir. ite's put this off for some time so you better believe we'll be first in line. the book is set to be released in january 2017.
9:16 am
was on that.road. nbc's live production of "the wiz" and it was huge. viewers were going crazy for the costumes and set and the bogeying. the cast is getting raef reviews. 19-year-old newcomer williams was on the "today" show. stole the show as dorothy. patina miller tweeted a star is born. al roker come and vogue with me. >> rather than vogue i let this do the talking. chicken wings and sweet potato pie coming up. mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one.
9:17 am
just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. fact you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah.
9:18 am
bush's baked beans.
9:19 am
good morning. it's 45 degrees at 27 minutes after 9:00. a very busy look at the tap an zee bridge. people trying to find affordable housing will have apartments to consider. 1,800 apartments have been returned the rent stabalization. 128ilandlords who would benefit from the new york real property tax law are registering market rate apartments as rent stabilized. a quick look at your weather forecast. nice today.
9:20 am
tonight down to 37. tomorrow, great start to the weekend. sunday, even warmer for the first day of hanukkah, 56 degrues. clouds start to roll in on monday, but it's still a nice day. >> coming up on theed show, the
9:21 am
>> taking a look at the headlines. cafe in paris re-opened for business today three weeks after gunmen kiled five people there d injured three others. the cafe was one of several venues in the french capital tar get by gunmen in a series of extremist attacks that claimed the lives of 130 people. the manager says the cafe as been repainted and redecorate to erase the signs of this nightmare. new research out of scandinavia suggests people who take risks might have more highly developed brains than those who are on the cautious side. young men used the driving simulator to complete a course
9:22 am
who went faster were found to have more white matter in their brains. th hat's the brain network for alyzing and transmitting info ation. drivers who took more chances at intersection showed more brain activity. >> th> the report cards are in a d consumer report ranks t-mobile number one among national wireless carriers based on annual survey of reeders. first time severe stone hasn't held the top spot. it's based on value, quality, texting, data speed and customer service. >>e> america's fir family flipped the switch thursday night to light the national ristmas tree. >> three, two, ont >> ceremony held in president's park right across the street from the white house. and miss piggy joined michele obama to read "'twas the night before christmas." the national tradition was started by president coolidge back in 1923. they are calling at any time
9:23 am
an unbelievable finish in last night's packers-lions game. packers down by two with a few seconds to go in the game. the gtme should of ended on that play when aaron rodgers got tackled. but they were penalized. rodgers made the most it throwing this amazing hail mary pass 61 yards into the end zone, right there tight end richard rodgers makes that clean catch for the touchdown. green bay won it 27-23. good for them. let's get a check on the weather from al in the kitchen. >> let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. saturday we got some rain and rip currents down there in florida, pacific northwest rain, wind and snow. rest of the country looking spectacular. temperatures above averag sunday, sunday we are looking at more wet weather down in florida just keeps coming.
9:24 am
looking spectacular plains will see snow. rain extends down into central california with windy conditions and snow showers, heavier snow i should say in the cascades and today will feature sunshine, morning clouds. plenty on of sunshine over the weekend. mid to upper 50s by sunday. next week, the storm be system, most of it if not all of it will stay offshore. low 50s today. 30s overnight. low to mid-50s over the weekend with sunshine. >> and that is your latest weather today on today's food we're wampping up no rain recipes. a couple that will come in handy perfect for football weekend any time you want. your holiday party.
9:25 am
>> they are my favorite. >> i'm not a big fan of fried. i bake them and add just a little kick. >> what do you marinate with. >> can i get to it? >> i'll take a bite of this. >> you put that food in your talk. it's pretty simple stuff. basically chicken wings or substitute bone in chick end thighs. your favorite barbecue sauce, oil, salt and pepper. everything is together. add a little salt in here. put in some pepper. and then you're going to put in olive oil. and basically going to just massage that all together and put it on the foil lined pan. just line those up pretty si 24mply. great. put dhem in the oven. again, i know people are going to say make sure you wash your hand. i'll do that.
9:26 am
25 minutes. then you'll turn it up to about 400 to crisp it up a little bit. and bring them out and you'll see that you got a nice crisp golden brown. now to add a little extra flavor you got a little dripping in the pan, don't worry about that. you'll basically take these out, put them in right in here to your bowl. you'll do all of that. then you'll take some of your barbecue sauce whatever you like. this is not a commercial enbarbecue sauce. this is my favorite barbecue place in the co siuntry. franklin's barbecue. it's awesome. this is a barbecue sauce that has some espresso in it. >> really? what does that do >> it gives it a little kick. put it back in the pan back in there for 15 minutes. wow.
9:27 am
i like to make these sweet potato fries. you don't peel them. cut them into slices and then you -- >> these are the best sweet potato fries. >> you throw some salt in there. little cayenne and cinnamon. then put them on to your pan. put itton oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, 30 minutes. they come out like that and everything is happy. >> brilliant. >> we are happy. >> and they are fairly healthy. all right. moreno brainer ideas head to today's food club members stand out.
9:28 am
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that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. who's who of hollywood talent. michael cain and jane fonda starring typing new movie called "you." >> we were lucky to sit down with the cast on growing older under the bright lights of hollywood. >> these actors have earned 15 oscar nomination and won five. the movie by an italian director explores the idea of finding youth at any age.
9:32 am
veteran actors. >> you know who composed that piece your practicing? >> no. who? >> me. >> michael cain leads a stunning symphony filled with hollywood royalty in his latest movie. he plays retired conductor fred ballinger. rachel plays his daughter. harvey plays his life long best friend. >> i haven't been so happy in a long time. >> one of the lines that nick says to you when you're laying by the pool he says in a good friendship -- >> in good friendship you only tell each other the good things. >> y do you think he says that >> it's beautiful version of a friendship where you love somebody so much that you wouldn't want to burden them with your pain. and i think that's a really
9:33 am
>> i have seven very close friends and only the best you tell them, and you tell them the negative you have a problem keep it to yourself. >> my friend are my friends because we share -- i go to them with help me and they come to me. we help each other. they help me understand why things are so bleak or whatever. that to me is what a friend is. >> and friendship like youth is all about perspective. >> this is what you see when you're young. everything seems really close. that's the future. and now that's what you see when you're old. everything seems really far away. that's the past. >> what is the best part about getting older? >> changing your awareness,
9:34 am
>> been there, don that, it didn't kill me. i'm okay. yo imon't worry what you need to know, what tools you have to have in your tool box. most of it is behind you and you're still around. >> also you can't be afraid. you're older and brighter than anybody else. >> jane fonda who at 77 is proof that age is just a number. makes a show cameo with only seven minutes of screen time. >> up look fabulous. ve biry picture of radiance. >> getting mixed up with the laetino last millenium. >> i never allowed myself to get cynical and i refused to give up. >> all four of those actors look and seem much younger than their years.
9:35 am
here's what she said and it's a direct quote. good genes and a lot of money. >> "you dth" is at theaters today. >> not everybody can have that. i couldn't stop looking at her. she's absolutely beautiful. >> they all look great. thank you. looks like a great film. coming up next what happens when you get five famous musicians together in one band? yo u get a whole lot of weird pajamas and great merry we are in the age of ageless. age neutral. age defiant. age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients make it into our products. for transformed skin without expensive brands or procedures. it's the ultimate beauty victory. nor:body has any idea how old you are. with olay, you age less. so you can be ag ess.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> all right a friday. we're all ready for big time fun and we got it right here. we have the holiday super group band of merry makers. let's welcome in the lead singer, the song writer and kevin griffin, tyler glenn and michael fitzpatrick and all the merry makers. >> wow. >> welcome. >> we love you guys. you were so great at the tree lighting the other night. put on such a good show. we called you a sue per group. do you guys live in a lair some place? >> we live at the north pole and come out in december.
9:40 am
christmas record i'm in. here we are on the "today" show wi the band of merry makers. >> you guys do this for charity >> yes. program called music cares which is the charitable arm of the grammys and support musicians in need with funding people post-katrina that lost their instruments to helping musicians with addiction problems. >> we want you guys to have some time to have some fun. so take it away. snow we want snow snoqualme snow snoentd welcome to our christmas party grab your coats we're going to have some fun
9:41 am
cup of cheer for everyone we've been waiting so long for the holiday we've been waiting so long got to celebrate wishing laughing and clapping this time of yeas snow we want s >>now snow we want snow
9:42 am
jingle bells we've been waiting so long for the holiday we've been waiting so long going to celebrate clapping this time of year snow. we want snow up snow we want snoqualme will we wake up it's marshmallow hawaii.
9:43 am
we want snow f rom new york to california here we go we want snow from london bridges to tokyo up up we want snow snow here we go we want snow ue up up up tonight snow we want snow we want snor snow
9:44 am
when we wake up it's marshmallow wide time for a snowball fight [ applause ] >> that's the ban of merry makers. the album is called "welcome to our christmas party."
9:45 am
>> sitting with our giant cookies on national cookie day. >> i love it. >> soft buttery chewy ones. >> you pay too much for mortgage, rents, how would you like live sn an old shipping container. some people swear by it. eap, sturdy, easy to put together. one guy has 3,500 foot place
9:46 am
good morning. it is 9: h on this friday, the 4th of december. is 45 degrees. i'm pat battle. we now kno want caused a deadly explosion at a building in brooklyn.
9:47 am
fire at 13th avenue. 48-year-old francisca figueroa spread gasoline inside her own apartment and set it afire a second person has died in a house explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. kamiyah henderson was a special education teacher in newark. investigators blaming a gas leak for that explosion. some clouds, sun, high of 52 tomorrow. great start to the weekend at 53. sunday, first day of hanukkah, 56 beautiful degrees. coming up, tips on getting your kids to look best for the holiday. see you in a half an hour. >> prepare to be amazed.
9:48 am
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