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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  December 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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raising new fears about how the u.s. screens female refugees and reigniting the fight over the term radical islamic terror in the presidential race. >> specifically why some politicians refuse to use it. thlye fbi kons firms it's investigating the mass murder. that phone malik pledged her allegiance to isis on facebook just before the attack steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: the fbi is saying they've found no solid evidence of a real connection between that couple and isis, president obama and hillary clinton are absolved a bit of the charge that they ought to be talking more about islamic terror that republicans here in washington, on the campaign trail nd lskaw enforcement are discussing. it's federal investigators
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terror and reveadrng that 27-year-old tashfomn malik pledged allegiance to the head of isis. but there's in indication that the california couple worked for isis, said the fbi director. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organiz larger group or formed part of a cell. >> and president obama spokesman still won't blame the adtack on radical islamic terror. josh ear nest did confirm that malik faced a less rigorous background check. and ear woremen refugees might get the same tough backg und ecks that male refugees get. hill clint today. >> we're going to have to be really focused on going after anybody who poses a threat to
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>> but republicans are slamming clinton and president obama for bernardino. >> 48 hours after this is over they're still out there talking about gun control measures, as if somehow terrorists care about our gun law ps. >> the scramble is to find potential terrorists before the next san bernardino. and despite the campaign rhetoric, the partisan disagreement over whether the killers ought to be called agree preventing a victim attack news4 new york. >> and count for news4 for every development in this investigation. tonight, the growing number of sheriffs in new york state asking citizens to carry guns if they have a permit. in boston, a bomb squad detonated a suspicious package and arrested a suspect.
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patrol found the unattended suitcase near a security truck. police used a robot to blow it up. an interstate ramp was shut down for a short time. later this afternoon police arrested a 50-year-old from lawrence, massachusetts. he's charged with planting a hoax device. tonight police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at knife point in queens. the attacker approached the woman as he was collecting cans and bottles for money. he told her he had more cans behind a house and after she followed him there, he threatened and raped her. rattled. >> we worry about anybody's safety. not just my daughter's. >> police say the attacker took off on a bike after the assault. the victim of the attack was taken to a hospital where she is recovering tonight. tonight we're getting a good look at the suspect wanted in an alleged rate crime on the upper
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police say the man in this video claimed to be a muslim and made anti-semantic remarks inside a bookstore. he then went outside and started to rant about killing jews. the suspect punched the store manager in the head an took off on a scooter. a final salute for the colorado police officer gunned down in the attack at a planned parenthood facility. thousands of family and friends packed the service for the funeral this weekend. swasey is remember a hero. the man convicted in the fatal colorado shooting in 2012 has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million in restitution to his victims. ja mes holmes must pay $851,000 to a state victim ompensation
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directly to his victims. holmes murdered 12 people and injured 70 during a m night movie screen g. he was sentenced to 12 hief sentences without the possibility of parole. a former death row inmate whose appeal eliminated -- the state legislature eliminated the death penalty in 2012 except for those already facing croital punishment. that now is not the case. still to come, a big develop nmt the fight against cancer. why a life saving drug could soon be a lot more affordable. and a disturbing video going viral. a toddler apparently smoking pot while a grown eggs him on. next what police are say ng about this. > we have dave price now down on the plaza. hey, dave. >> reporter: what a gorgeous night to be outs
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the rockefeller center christmas tree. the weather is perfect. can we make it last through the weekend?
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we are going to show you some disturbing video that's gone viral tonight. it show as toddler apparently smoking pot while a grownup encouraged him to do it. >> really? >> are you looking at that video? and that alarming video posted to facebook. you see the child in a seat wearing a diaper. the young boy puffs on the marijuana while a man can be saying in the background quote, inhale it. a woman alerted a local community activist in chicago who then turned the video over to police. they're now investigatings. >> these people have lost their damn mind. if anyone could recognize that child or know who that child is, don't be afraid to call the
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>> really is unbelievable. detectives in the special victim's unit are working to find out if the video is real and whether it was recorded locally. an effective and expensive cancer drug is about to become more affordable. the drug has been effective in treating leukemia and other cancers but it costs $10,000 a month. today the fda approved for it to be sold as a generic planned. this story is important especially now. police say organized thieves are targeting distracted shoppers. the one thing you can do to protect yourself. a local liquor store owner turns the tables on the robber wait until you hear what the
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coming up on news4 new york at 6:00. what was h trying to do. a long island man accused of predending to a federal air marshaitl, driving around with a car stocked a weapons. local reaction to the shoot eggs in san bernardino. those stories and much more all new tonight when chuck and i see you at 6:00. in the meantime, a would be robber pulled a gun an a liquor store owner in connecticut. surveillance video show as man wearing a ski mask coming into the store and pointing a gun at the cashier. the cashier is the owner's wife. as soon as her husband saw what
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gun of his own and pointed it at the robber. >> my wife, she panic and i pulled a gun on him and i said no we're not. you're not going to get [ bleep ] from me. >> as soon as the robber saw the gun pointed at him, he took off. police are still looking for him. the justice department has now opened an investigation into the arrest of a muslim student over a homemade clock. you'll remember the 14-year-old brought the clock to school to show his geacher. but school officials in irving, texas were suspicious and thought it might be a bomb. he was never charged with a crime. loretta lynch talked about the incident at a muslim advocacy event last night in washington. >> we have, as you know, opened an investigation into the young man in irving, texas. we'll see where this investigation goes. >> the teen's family has threatened a lawsuit and demanded $15 million in damages. they also want an apology from
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to new jersey now where thieves are apparently taking advantage of the busy holiday shopping seasonoworking together to steal shopper's valuables in the blink of an eye. new tonight, ted greenberg shows us how they do it and how to protect yourself. >> authorities say they pick their targets and deploy a pla to steal from shoppers. stly senior citizens. >> they want t go to the path of least resistance. that's why they target the old people. >> police say this surveillance video from jr's fresh market clearly shows a man giving direction to a female accomplice to distract a couple so he can swipe the victim's purse sitting in her shopping cart. >> they're n the store shopping for victims. >> detectives are trying to track d n the woman who they say was working with the 48-year-old of pleasantville. he was arrested at this shop right, aday after allegedly
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video stealing a woman's purse at the same store. police say in the last month saxen created similar crimes. >> i take a credit card which is always in my pocket. that's all i take. >> reporter: police are urging shoppers to remain aware of their surroundings and to not put pocketbooks or purses in shopping carts. >> a low level of vigilance will prevent threats. >> if i see anytime the basket, i tell the person, don't turn your back on your handbag. >> saxen has been previously convicted of theft and just got out of prison in september. >> it's sad. there's always people that are more desperate than we are. >> saxen is now behind bars but police say that's no reason to let your guard down this holiday shopping season as other crooks are no doubt also trying to distract and steal.
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we want to go to storm team4's dave price there in rockefeller center. flags behind you, pretty windy. >> reporter: what a gorgeous night to be out here. you can put me out here straight through the holidays. this tree is going to be illuminated straight through january 6:00, 5:30 in the morning to midnight. you can come see it and half a million people pass by the tree evovery single day. and the great thing about it, by the way, continuing a 70-year tradition, the tree is going to be mild when the holidaysoare done and in partnership with habitat for humanity, this tree is going to be used to build mes. no reason not to celebrate and be joyful when you're radio right here at rockefeller plaza. buffalo night outside. e temperature now 50 egrees at 5:48.
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weather. not only from a thermometer standpoint but rom the fact . plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures but the rain comes our way next week and it's much needed. we do need the precipitation. right now around the area, cool spots in monticello, north and west chillier, 47 in west hampton, 50 in montauk -- i should say 37 in west hampton and 45 in long branch. verage temperature on a day like today. 51 is where we wound up. that's all great news. and again, throughout much of the area there were consistent temperatures, a little cooler by 8 or 9 degrees as you head to the north and west. so the chilly weather sticks with us tonight. we're going to clear out and see beautiful star lit skies. tonight.
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but tomorrow, mild weather, bright sunshine, gorgeous conditions and yes we're going to be inhe 50s in december. as we head through the week we're watching for a coastal storm. question is whether it makes it here or go out into the atlantic. 45 to 50 degrees temperature stteays mild. tonight we'll kip down into the 30s, 29 in monticello and poughkeepsie. 34 in montauk and 32 in trenton. the next seven days we begin hanukkah, the first night under golden sun shine during the day and the golden light of the minora in the evening. wednesday and thursday showers are again likely. but we'll keep watching the storm system tuesday and wednesday to see what develops. a gorgeous night here at rockefeller plaza. >> shaping it to be a fantastic weekend. thanks so much, day.
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christma list this year. e consumer product safety commission is now investigating four incidents where hoverboards caught fire. the most recent scare became in be boca raton florida. exploded in their kitchen. >> she wanted this so bad, loving it, nine days old, zooming lew the house. my two younger kids loved it. >> the cpsc is investigating hover board fires we told you parents should make sure that the hovered boards are certified despite the concerns you might see more of the hoverboards here in new york. councilman andy king is proposing a bill that would allow them to be used in specific locations all across the city but not in the street or in bike lanes. you.
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listening, but i happened to buy one for him for christmas. >> i hope he's not listening. >> sitting at home under the tree right now. >> we'll have to check the label. >> a little concerned. up next on news4 new york, how one credit card company hopes to use facial scans to approve purhases. first we have our social pic to have day for you. what a nice shot. we see the leaves changing colors, a shot from washington square park right here in manhattan. . >> if you have an interesting pic you w tod like to share use #nbc4ny on twitter.
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okay with the holiday shopping season in full swing now, how far are you willing to go to safeguard your credit card information online? >> while one credit card company thinks a selfie might be the
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better get baquero for the latest step in financial security. here's linda baquero. >> every time we scan a credit card, someone could be out there trying to steal or financial information. there's a constant battle for online security but pin numbers can be stolen, passwords forgotten. now welcome to age of biometrics. >> biometrics are ub nique to you. >> it's possible to protect your security using our thumb print, palm, eyes and heart beat. mastercard wants to use your face. it's using facial scans to verify online sales. >> i feel like people, especially young people, our generation are already havbng thdir faces on their screens so much, we go on snapchat, post picture on instagram all the time and you have facebook. >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> we're constantly changing, like our methods and ways of
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i feel like this would be the next step. >> the make it work you'll be asked to download a phone app. before mastercard will approve the online sale, you'll hold the phone up to your face and then blink. the blinking confirms that it's you making the sale and not someone using your picture. mastercard won't be keeping an actual picture. instead the camera collects data points from your face, your digital portrait. >> i you were to walk down the aisles of a department store and they had cameras that captured an image of your face, they could know your race, your age, know your mood, and they could pitch things to you. it could be very manipulative. we do not want to go there. >> if it's stolen once, they have it forever. you're not going to get another ythumbprint and another face. >> even if i was able to hack e database, i wouldn't be able to reconstruct your face from those ones and zeros.
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next step to stop hackers and thieves? >> if n the age of selfies and regular s yping, we're used to our face on camera. we're not so shy about it. >> linda baquero, news4 new york. >> and you can get in touch with our consumer investigative team. send an e-mail to better get bao quero at stay with us as news4 at 6:00 continues. now at 6:00, police s a long island man was pretending to be a federal air marshal when they busted him with an assault weapon, am many mo and body armor. why the fbi is now investigating the mass shooting in san bernardino as an act of terrorism. and a local sheriff's reaction to the mass shooting is causing a stir. he's encouraging gun owners with
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always carry their guns with them. a traffic stop on long island resulted in a scary find for officers on the joint terrorism task force. the transportation security addamini ration and the nassau county police department. >> they say they arrested a man posing as a fade rale marshal whoed that 9,000 rounds of ammunition. greg cergol has the details. >> reporter: investigators found most of the weapons and ammo right here in this gated community where prosecutors say mark bickers lived with his wife anayd stepson. if he had any plans for all of that fire power is a question police are still trying to answer. this gated community's heir of security evaporated today after an arsenal of weapons had been discovered in a condo. >> i definitely don't feel safe. >> this stems from the arrest of
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