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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  December 5, 2015 8:30am-9:30am EST

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latest in a string of armed robberies. this time the brazen bandit tied up two employees before making off with cash from the register. >> investigators say the m.o. is an awful lot like several recent business robberies in the area. >> reporter: well, gus, pat, 13 robberies by the same guy. last night he hit this tanning salon, tying up two women and robbing them at gunpoint. he's gotten away with this so far, but now we know new details about how he works and who he's targeting. this is the only photo police have. that's because he robs businesses that don't have security cameras. now he's hit 13 businesses across long island in the last four months. police have noticed pattern. most of them are women's clothing stores.
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robbing stores that women shop at. in one case there was a surveillance camera, but he actually stole the recording equipment. there are a lot of people worried about this. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. the good news here, fortunately no one's been injured in any of these robbery ies robberies. new this morning, another correction officer at rikers island has been attacked by an inmate. this morning he is recovering. we're told that officer was just doing his job when without morning a member of a gang attacked and beat him savagely. last month another guard was brutally slashed several times on his face and head. now to the latest on the mass shooting in san bernardino. a bomb squad called to its
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overnight as a ckage addressed to the suspected shooters was discovered by the driver. the package was already on the truck headed to the couple's home when the driver recognized the address and returned to the facility. it just turned out to be clothing from a, quote, reputable vender as they put it. this morning a look at the woman behind the shooting. her name is tashfeen malik, a housewife and mother who investigators say may have radicalized her husband. >> reporter: on the campus of uc riverside, a candle light vigil for two alumni lost in the cavern karn carnage in san bernardino. victims of now what is
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this is our first look attach fine ma tashfeen malik. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: nbc learned malik swore allegiance to isis on a now deleted facebook post that went up just as the attack started. >> i had absolutely no idea they were involved in anything like that or that they were even capable of doing something like this. >> reporter: today nbc news was allowed into the suspects' town home with the permission of the landlord and police with a glimpse of their private lives
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now just a crib, monitor and prayer beads. their neighbor is shocked. >> they could have been making a pipe bomb and blown us all up and we didn't even know it. >> reporter: sadly the victims' families are going to have to wait a little bit long tore say their good-byes. all autopsies are ongoing and it will be next week before they begin releasing the bodies back to the families. and this morning we're learning more about the 14 lives lost in the shooting rampage. we now know several of the victims were parents. robert adams just planned his daughter's first trip to disneyland. michael wetzel is a father of
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harry bowman and juanjuan. also killed yvette velakc sco. nicholas moved to california from new jersey 13 years ago. daniel kaufman trained the disabled. the youngest victim was 26 years old. the oldest celebrated his 60th birthday this year. in the aftermath of the shootings in san bernardino and in paris, concerns are growing about misdirected retaliation against muslims living here and across the u.s. now mayor de blasio and other city leaders are trying to ease these fears. >> islamophobia has not gone away. >> reporter: a message of
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york city. >> we are here to say that with every tool we have as a city and with all of the capacity of the greatest police department on earth, we will protect this community. >> as a social worker, she's concerned about how fellow muslims are being treated. >> i feel more concern for the dwrung younger people, for the women who dress more traditionally. >> reporter: we know both killers behind the plot are of muslim faith. the feds are now investigating it as a possible act of terror. >> every muslim community around the world has been in a state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it, just as i think no christian or catholic would say oh yeah that's a good catholic that shot up that planned parenthood.
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>> in jamaica queens they're not just condemning the attacks but asking their faith not be linked to terrorism. >> i don't think we should have to apologize for everything that someone else does in the name of islam. in my eyes, they're not even muslim. >> reporter: the mayor didn't announce any plans to increase security here in this area, but did tell folks to be on alert and if a hate crime takes place, to report it as soon as possible. and our coverage of the california shooting continues online. you can also look for updates on nbc new we're getting a closer look at a man suspected of torching dozens of religious flags outside a home in queens. this is in the woodhaven section. and now another look at the man police are hoping to track down. >> reporter: police say they are
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crime or just a disturbed person who decided to light a fire in someone's front yard. but in this current climate you can imagine the people in this community are concerned about what happened. last night police released new video, a second video showing the person of interest they say walking in the area where this happened at 80th street and 89th avenue. it was around the same time those flags were burned early thanksgiving morning. the man is shown what looks like a roller bag down the street. earlier police released a video of someone actually committing the crime just after 1:00 a.m. last thursday. in all 40 hundred indu flags were destroyed. community leaders and neighbors held a rally to show solidarity with the victims and to denounce the act being investigated as a possible hate crime.
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to them or worry them. they were all chanting we are one, which is true. there's a lot of people here from different backgrounds. >> we are the greatest country here. so everybody have his way. so i have nothing to do with your religion. i have to respect any religion. >> reporter: this morning there is a note on that front door asking visitors to lock the gate when they leave. police asking anyone with information to come forward. on long island police discovered an arsenal of weapons inside a home in one gated community. this morning neighbors are stunned. >> i definitely don't feel safe. >> it's shocking. >> nassau police had a bizarre encounter with 49-year-old mark vickers. he allegedly turned on emergency lights in his truck and flashed a fake air marshal badge.
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even more guns and am know. now being held on $300,000 bail. still to come on "today in new york" on this saturday morning, surveillance video raising some eyebrows. chicago police reviewing restaurant security camera video after a police involved shooting. but the restaurant owner says that's not all he did. we'll explain. plus, a controversy in connecticut over school bus safety. the big problem with putting seat belts on board. and how about this cameo here? a preview of this week's trivia. >> thanks.
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it's officially the holiday season here in rockefeller center. in honor of this week's tree lighting, we're asking tree inspired questions. log on now. start studying.
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welcome back. early on a saturday morning. we're back at you a little bit early. glad you could join us. dave price is joining us with a forecast that's unbelievable. spinning the dreidel out in the yard tomorrow. >> we are. we've got golden luck in the sky tomorrow as well with some warm temperatures. let's check things out. it is a gorgeous start to the day and it is going to remain so during the day. hello to everyone in rockland county and everyone in white plains alike traveling here or there on the tappan zee bridge
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42 degrees. mostly sunny skies out there. 17 minutes before 9:00. let's hit the headlines and see what's happening. absolutely gorgeous. that's the beginning, the middle and the end of our story through the weekend. sunshine, temperatures warmer than normal. we could see some rain into next week but we're not going to worry about that right now. we talked about the temperature in central park. cooler as you head to west chester chester. monticello at 34. morristown, bridgewater, 47 in montauk. radar picture, we are good no matter where you look, not a sign of precipitation. mild weather in play for us as we head through the weekend. temperatures in the 50s, climbing into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow.
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weather pattern as we head into next week. we'll see breezes pick up, could watch a coastal system develop. where it goes bends on of course -- i should say where it goes will be influencing how much rain we wind up getting in the tristate area. let's look ahead to that pat temperature. as we head into the monday, tuesday point in the week, we'll see that storm track develop. if it goes out into the atlantic, we're fine. if it hugs the coast, we get some rain, plain and simple. 52 should be the high temperature today. it is going to be beautiful as we head into tonight. 37 degrees where we bottom out. mostly clear and chilly. near 30 degrees in the suburbs. as far as that seven day forecast, listen, no matter if we get precipitation or not, we are going to see above average
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56 degrees on sunday. 54 on monday. that possibility of rain on tuesday. we'll keep a possibly shower in for wednesday morning. thursday and friday, another dose of rain possible. not bad at all. you can stay up to date with the news 4 new york app any time anywhere. tap on the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, the interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video. the app for iphone available right this second in the app store. a major safety measure is being debated in connecticut. this affects every student who takes the school bus in that state. >> newly manufactured buses are now required to have modernized seat belts. they've believed to be safer. but there's one big problem. >> reporter: most school buses in connecticut are like this one.
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>> overall it's proven to be one of the safest vehicles. >> reporter: cost, about 15 grand per bus was always the biggest point against the belts. but now leslie sheldon with the connecticut school transportation association says the group is open to a conversation about seat belts. she says the best option is new buses. >> you compromise the safety of the bus and the seat if you retro fit a school bus. if it's not seat belt ready from the manufacturer every time you take that seat out of the floor, you know you compromise the integrity. >> reporter: just two weeks ago the federal authority on highway safety recommended seat belts on all school buses, saying if they're needed in cars, they're needed on buses. there are 450,000 school buses on the roads in this country. parents say the seat belts are a necessity.
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they had seat belts in my opinion. they're going to raise my taxes anyway, so it might as well be something worthwhile. reporter: only six states have laws requiring seat belts on school buses. still ahead on this saturday morning, produce pete is taking us to new jersey with helpful tips on how to pick out your christmas tree and how to take care of it once you get it home.
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even when he's not in the building, you've got to play the music, right? pete's not here because he went outlooking for the perfect christmas tree. looking for the perfect christmas tree. >> hey, good morning. i'm in wayne, new jersey. the family for years was in the christmas tree business. now i remember pop getting up from the thanksgiving day table, going and changing his clothes, getting into the truck and driving up to new york state, way up, then up into vermont to buy what we called charlie brown trees. 10,000 trees was our slogan, $1.99, not higher. this went on for most of any youth.
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cultivate the trees to make the trees more full. of course the prices rose. the one part that i still remember that i really loved was the fire cans. we used to have these fire cans there with the grating on there and we would put yams on there, some potatoes and even corn on there. what happened was, we would sell the trees and the customers would come by and eat the yams and go out and by the trees. our customers always loved that. they loved to come and buy the tree and have that nice potato in their hand to keep them warm or eat that yam. i still have nice memories of those days even though the work was hard. i still drive any wife betty my wife betty nuts. i love to stop at the stands and look at people buying their christmas trees. i just get a warm feeling inside. let's go out in the field and take a look at how to pick the
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>> now let's pick out the perfect tree the produce pete way, okay? so we're in the great outdoors. the sky is your ceiling. so what happens with trees is that you look at a tree here that looks small. but when you get it home, what happens? it's too big. a quick little story. my friend paulie went out and got a nice tree. he calls me up and said i can't get it in the house. it looked so small but it won't fit. i said that's what happens. always measure first to find out what kind of room you have. here's a quick tip. say you buy a balsam or a frazier fir. i want you to grab your hand like this and just nice and easy pull like this. now, if you come out with a
8:51 am
brittle, you know that the tree -- there's a probe with lem with a tree. the tree is dried out. most trees that are out right now are douglas fir, frazier or the ball sam tree. betty likes the douglas because they don't prick her fingers when she's decorating them. you want to make sure the tree is nice and full. you remember a nice full tree. now i'm going to tell you about what you have to do, the most important thing is to cut the bottom of the tree. let me go over and we'll talk think about now. people are always afraid about trees catching fire, about them dying in the house and everything. if you hydrate, if you make sure the tree has plenty of water you
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two months. most important thing, once you buy the tree, you want to get what we call a fresh cut. that's right here. you want to make sure that you make that fresh cut. that's the most important thing. now, if you're not going to put this tree up today and he makes the fresh cut, when you get home stick it in the bucket of water. we don't want this to sap over. within an hour and a half to two hours of making the fresh cut, this will start to sap over. then t won't take in water. check the water every single day. once you get that tree home, it will make a beautiful beautiful thing. so that's about it on how to pick the perfect christmas tree. now we're going to go back inside and i'm going to tell you what to put in the water to help the tree along. now what we have to do is get it into the stand.
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this is the new stand with the pin in it where you drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk and it sits in there. no matter what stand you have you want it nice and deep to put plenty of water in it. when you put water in it, the first time put plenty of hot water, a little karo syrup, maybe a few tablespoons of bleach in it. after that all you want to do is keep putting water in the tree. remember, never let the tree go dry. keep the tree away from any kind of heat source. always check the wires on the tree, the electrical wires and all, make sure there's no breaks in them. and another thing is for you who have fireplaces at home, never burn the branches from the tree because it gives off sparks. just be careful. my family has always thought christmas was something very special. so from my family to your family, a very merry christmas, happy holidays and a healthy and
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>> right back at you, pete. you can send your questions to pete at produce you can also find him on facebook and twitter as well. >> a lot to absorb there. there's a lot more ahead on "today in new york," including our top story, another long island business held up overnight. the question this morning, is it connect to a series of armed robberies in the area. >> reporter: police say the same guys robbed 13 places so far. the question is why hasn't he been caught.
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a beautiful look at our christmas tree there. just had some friends visiting us here. steve and judy took them up to the sixth floor. they were shocked the tree reaches six stories tall here. it's a beautiful morning. welcome back to saturday "today in new york." as we said, looking like christmas in a big way. feeling, as you said earlier, a bit like easter. >> yeah. >> dave price is here with that. >> i don't want to hear any complaints, because it is perfect weather to come to the plaza and take a look at the tree, go out skating and do so comfortable. 42 degrees in central park. 30s in monticello and sussex and down through morristown. we begin in the low 40s. noontime.
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tonight at 6:00 p.m. comfortable conditions still in the 50s. today's high, 52 degrees, folks. weal have we'll have the full forecast for you in just moments. new this morning a serial robber strikes again on long island. >> a tanning salon the latest target of that brazen bandit. investigates say investigators say the m.o. is a lot like other robberies. >> reporter: this marks the 13th armed robbery linked to the same guy. the question is, why hasn't he been caught? police say it's because they think he's targeting businesses that don't have surveillance cameras. this is the only photo of the suspect police have. police say last night the armed robber came to the beach bum tanning salon with a gun, tied up two female employees with zip ties and took off with some money. he's hit 13 businesses across
8:57 am
months. employees who work nearby are worried they'll be next. >> it's very scary. good thing we weren't open because it could have happened to any one of us. >> reporter: police have noticed a pattern in the robberies. most of the businesses he's hit are women's clothing stores and other businesses with primarily female customers. police are worried it's just a matter of time with the nature of these robberies and the fact that he keeps getting away with it. there's now a $5,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. and now to the latest on the mass shooting in san bernardino. a southern california ups facility was evacuated overnight after a suspicious package addressed to the suspected shooter shoot shooters was discovered inside.
8:58 am
a, quote, reputable vendor. >> all of this as we get our first look at the woman behind the shooting. >> reporter: this is the first time we are seeing tashfeen malik, mother, wife, suspected terrorist. after spending the past two days focusing mostly on her husband, syed rizwan farook, she posted an oath of allegiance to isis on facebook. >> she's like the girl next door, the sweet innocent kind, the kind that's always smiling, nice to you. you would never ever guess that girl would have ties to isis. >> reporter: the fbi officially declared this a terror investigation, but said it does not believe the couple had direct ties to isis or any other terrorist network. >> so far we have no indication
8:59 am
organized larger group or formed part of a cell. >> reporter: the media was allowed inside the couple's rented home by the landlord after it was cleared by the dpib. dpib fbi. media had no access to the garage which had been converted into a bomb making lab. the community continues to mourn the 14 daughters, mothers and sons who lost their lives in this senseless tragedy. and there is more security than ever before at hudson river crunossings in new jersey in light of recent terror activity around the world. news 4 investigators has found the one place that state troopers can't go. it's on ferries or trains crossing the river. we have the exclusive details on this unfolding story. >> reporter: a show of force. more than 100 heavily armed new jersey state troopers patrolling ferry terminals swelt as well as train stations at least into the new year.
9:00 am
>> i did make me feel safe, yes. >> reporter: but when passengers board these ferries, they do it alone. troopers can only go onto the dock. you won't find them on the ride over to new york because governor cuomo has yet to sign an executive order giving them jurisdiction there. high command won't let these guys ride until they get that authority. >> it's important they be protected in terms of liability and have the power to take action if they do see something is wrong. >> reporter: ask these passengers and we could find no one against putting troopers on board. >> i think it makes you feel safer. >> reporter: you would like to see them riding the ferries? >> yes. >> it's disappointing. >> reporter: does it disappoint you to hear there's a jurisdictional issue? >> it does. i'm a little disappointed politics are getting in the way
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>> the hudson river as a bo thaundary gebs against the threat of terrorism occurring in new jersey is ludicrous and totally lost on groups like isis and al qap eda. and this morning, belgium and french police are hunt twog neofw -- hunting two new suspects in the paris attacks. the two are believed to be islamic militants with fake ids. authorities say the two men traveled with abdeslam to hungary in september. chicago officials have released new surveillance footage from the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. the video is from inside a burger king near the scene and taken the night jason van dyke shot laquan mcdonald. you see a chicago police officer viewing the restaurant's footage
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the restaurant manager has accused police of erasing 86 minutes of that recording, including the actual video of the shooting as it occurred. chicago officials are denying this allegation. happening today, you will not be able to keep track of when trains arrive in subway stations. the clocks will be down most of the day. the outage will last until 6:00 tonight due to maintenance. it's so important to take stock of the good, simple act of of kindness. >> our next story involves a lost envelope full of cash intended for a newly-married couple and the stranger who found it. >> reporter: it all started six weeks ago with a drive to avoid traffic near the tappan zee bridge. >> i got stuck at a light and i just happened to look out my window and see an envelope on the floor with the name addressed to mr. and mrs. goldstein.
9:03 am
i said there has to be something in there. >> reporter: turned out there was $200 cash in there. according to the card it belonged to newlyweds dave and theresa goldstein. he was determined to get their wedding gift back to them. >> i like to think what's not mine is not mine. >> reporter: peter did some detect work and found the couple through their online registry and on facebook. he reached out to theresa and after sending a bunch of messages he got through. this week he got the money back to her. >> there was eight messages from this guy who i didn't know who he was trying to get in touch with me. >> reporter: turns out wedding guest brian mead is the one who lost the card. >> i was sad. i was wracking my brain trying to figure out what i did with it, where i lost it. >> reporter: theresa offered a reward but peter said no. he said he wanted to set an example for his children.
9:04 am
and you'll always get good. i'm trying to pass that onto my kids as well. >> far more good people out there than bad. they just don't always get the attention or end up on the news. >> and we should spotlight them more often. >> very good point. still ahead on "today in new york," sparks flyn palm springs. the dramatic emergency landing that could have been a whole lot worse. and storm team 4's dave price will be back with a check of today's forecast when we come
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that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. a private jet had to make an emergency landing in palm springs california. it was forced to touch down with no landing gear. it made a belly landing instead, sparks flying, skidding down the runway runway. everybody walked away. no injuries at all. and in germany officials are dealing with a major transportation headache.
9:07 am
the country's longest railway bridges. it's damaged beyond repair. that bridge is going to have to be dismantled and a new one is going to have to go up. that will take years. passengers will have to take a detour by bus. we have gorgeous weather, simply beautiful weather. it doesn't matter where you are. if you open your windows right now in the tristate area, you're going to put a smile on your face. so beautiful outside. look at that bright sunshine, 42 degrees right now. 9:13. traffic hustling and bustling. is that the entrance to the brooklyn bridge we're looking at? yep. let's go to the headlines, folks. you don't need to read it. it's absolutely beautiful and it's going to stay that way. sunshine and warmer testify er er temps in combination. we could see some rain next week but that's okay.
9:08 am
cooler temperatures in places like poughkeepsie. bridgeport at 32. 34 in morristown. 26 degrees in bridgewater but inching towards 40 in trenton. we have three sweeps around the area checking for any sign of precipitation. and there is nothing. looking ahead, we've got mild air right now, really over taking much of the northeastern corridor, that 95 corridor. looking good all the way from massachusetts, stretching down to d.c. and beyond. temperatures in the 50s. the sunshine stays with us, but we are going to see potentially a coastal system develop that could bring us some showers as we head into tuesday night. coastal systems are tricky. so if it swings one way by a few miles we do get the rain. if it swings out by a couple of miles, eastern end of long island and sections of connecticut you get the rain. or it can go and stay to the
9:09 am
we'll include it as a possibility on tuesday and then another dose potentially on thursday. looking ahead, the pattern changes just a little bit into the beginning of the week. that's where we see that system sliding on up in our direction. for today it is all smooth sailing. today's temperature 49 at noontime. sunny. come into the overnight, down to 37 degrees. mostly clear. near 30 around the freezing degree mark as you head to the suburbs. and that seven day forecast, oh hanukkah, oh hanukkah,come light the menorah. warm temperatures, look at that. 56 degrees. there's a first night of hanukkah gift in itself. 54 on monday. tuesday, some rain possible. wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures staying, again, above the norm. but we could see some more showers pop up.
9:10 am
the news 4 new york app. all you need to do, tap on the news 4 logo in the corner, select the weather tab, see the latest forecast, interactive radar and how to submit your own video online. the news 4 new york app pr for iphone available in the app store right now. while you're online, log onto play our interactive trivia game. >> i'm excited to be here. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas around here at rockefeller center. we flip the switch on our iconic christmas tree. today we want to test your knowledge on this holiday tradition. log on now. trivia is coming up after the break.
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price,
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we are back now to play this morning's interactive trivia game. >> last week's winner is ellen mccann of staten island.
9:13 am
but this is the first win for the couple. congratulations you, the mccanns. >> it is trivia time. today's trivia is all about the rockefeller center christmas tree. now, for those joining us for the first time here is how you play. log onto nbc new now is the time to refresh your browser because it must be up to date to play. when we begin, the questions will pop up on your tv screen. you will have 12 long seconds to choose an answer by selecting from the options on your browser. while online, chat with your fellow trivia players right there on the site. let's get the countdown clock started. today's trivia all about the rockefeller center christmas tree. now we'll test your knowledge of the history behind the storied tradition. over the years there have been small trees, multiple trees,
9:14 am
and bl and trees nearly as tall as a ten story building. one tree was flown in from ohio using the world's largest transport plane. the tree is a must-see tradition for thousands who visit the city this time of year. the only way to play is by logging onto nbc new what kind of tree is this year's rockefeller christmas tree. this year's tree traveled 80 miles from gardener, new york, to get to rockefeller center. it is a norway spruce. the tree outside in rockefeller plaza stand 87 feet high and weighs ten tons. the star on top of the tree is made of what kind of crystal? since 2004 a star made by this company has crowned the tree in the plaza.
9:15 am
one million i don't know facets. it's number three, swar -- question number three, how tall was the tallest rockefeller center christmas tree. this found was found in connecticut in 1999. 100 feet tall. in 1998 the tree was flown in from ohio on the world's largest transport plane. question number four, how does rockefeller center find its tree? is it by boat, on foot or by helicopter? here's a hint. rockefeller center's chief gardener needs a birds eye view. the answer is number three, helicopter. while most trees come from the northeast, at least one tree has
9:16 am
question number five, whats to the tree when the christmas season is over? it's replanted, petrified or recycled. when christmas is over the rockefeller center tree lives onto shelter more than ornaments and birds. the tree is milled into lumber for habitat for humanity. and trunks are used as obstacles for the u.s. equestrian team. the first tree was put up when? 1999, 1931 or 1950? the first one was an unofficial one, bought and decorated by workers excavate ing the site of rockefeller plaza in 1931. the workers decorated the tree with garland and cranberry question number seven, five years later two trees were put up to celebrate what event? number one, the rockefeller
9:17 am
income two, george the sixth as king. in 1986 two trees were used for the opening of the skating rink. here's a fun fact. three trees graced the plaza in 1942 during world war ii. the gold statue at the rockefeller kating rink is which mythological being? it is number two prometheus. question number nine -- we're almost at the end here -- how many christmas lights light up the rockefeller center christmas tree? is it 45,000, 10,000 or 200? the christmas tree is green and it's not just for the color but for the energy efficient bulbed
9:18 am
there are 45,000. the tree gets some of its power from solar panels on top of rockefeller center. last question, how many people visit rockefeller center during the holidays? is we actually have more people visit rockefeller center during the hoiltd lidays live in seattle. the answer is number two. of course there are tons of people outside in the plaza. now great game, everybody. we're going to see who the winner st. the winner is player 4480. don't forget to fill out the form attend the end of the game.
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just can't believe these temperatures. >> it's hard to believe, but i am truly enjoying. >> absolutely terrific. i don't know if we have an outside shot we can take, but it is beautiful out there. >> absolutely. we have a window behind us. what am i thinking? let's put your day together for you. you could see what it's going to be like. through the day we climb up to a high of 52 degrees, mostly sunny, 49 at noontime. tonight down ot to 51 at dinner.
9:20 am
tomorrow a carbon copy. temperatures going to be even warmer. we celebrate the first night of hanukkah tomorrow night and we have a gift of beautiful weather to start it all off. the festival of lights. 54 on monday. temperatures remain at or above the norm all week long. chance of a coastal system beginning to work its way in our direction on tuesday. it still remains a bit of a question mark. we'll know much more for you by tomorrow. and wednesday, that shower could still be sticking around if it works through our area and slows a bit. showers likely thursday into friday. no major rains out of this. no major storms. enough that it's worthwhile rain. at this point anything is because we still have drought conditions. >> point well taken. >> enjoy the weekend. >> we will see you tomorrow or will we? >> tomorrow night. >> have a happy hanukkah. eight days of that beautiful weather would be great if you could put in an order. thank you, dave. and thank you for joining us
9:21 am
morning. and tomorrow we see here in new york the world famous rockettes will be in the house. >> and the details on a larger than life celebration you will not want to his. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here.
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