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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  December 6, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," an act of arson. a home under construction goes up in flames, and investigators believe that this is connected to a series of arson attacks in that area. >> out of the dark, tens of thousands now seeing the light again this morning after a major power outage overnight. and the president in primetime. a rare oval office address to the nation on the heels of the san bernardino shooting massacre.
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"today in new york" at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosen dale dale. a couple developments on that story this morning. first, we'll check in with erica grow in the weather center. beautiful weather continuing. >> absolutely. check out our different our temperatures are just from the last time you saw me. 36 in newburgh. 32 in sussex. keep in mind, just an hour or two ago, these temperatures were still in the 20s. right now it's 46 degrees in downtown new york. we're looking at temperatures rising very rapidly. but we still have fog up in poughkeepsie. zero visibility. everyone else is clearing out just fine. we're going to start to dissipate that fog pretty quickly. it's because of that strong sunshine. even this time of year, a good amount of sun will really warm you up quickly. 51 degrees at noon. we'll reach a high temperature of 56 degrees, which is about 10 degrees above our seasonal average. even at 6:00, still nice at 52 with clear skies. we're going to try to hold on to this weather for as long as we can. i'll tell you about some chances for showers, though, coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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>> all right. thank you, erica. well, new this morning, flames tear through a queens home overnight. police say this is another act of arson. the fifth such attack in the same area of forest hills. and they've all been on construction sites. now we're getting a new look at the man police want to nab before he strikes again. "today in new york's" brian thompson joins us. he's in the forest hills section at the scene. brian? >> reporter: yeah, pat. and we are now getting indications at least from residents around here that this should be considered or could be considered a hate crime. certainly the nypd is confident it knows that this was arson and is confident that they have a prime suspect. they just haven't found him yet. now, we have new video of the blaze at its worst last night, totally consuming this home under construction. the second time this has struck at this very block. left behind, charred timbers,
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nothing else except for a neighborhood on edge. >> with all the other houses that have gone up, couldn't believe it. this one had caught fire before already. now it seems like someone had set this one on fire before. >> it was an extremely heavy, large body of fire on arrival. it was extending to the buildings on either side of the building under construction. >> reporter: from the nypd, we do have surveillance video and photos of their prime suspect. though, as we say, he has not been identified yet. that's why this is being released. this morning there was even a police chase after him, though it was called off because of dangerous conditions on the roads during that chase. now, we did go to a community meeting that was called for 9:00 this morning a few blocks away from here, but no one really showed up other than a couple of people who said, well, there may have been confusion because when the word went out t wasn't clear which community center around here it was at.
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woman here who lives in the middle of this neighborhood who's seen some of these fires, and she says the word in that community is that it could be a hate crime, specifically that many of these new homes being built are being done by the bacarian jewish community, and for some reason, somebody might have a grudge against them. live in forest hills, i'm brian thompson for "today in new york." >> brian thompson live with those new developments. also happening now, another fire to tell you about. the fdny getting a three-alarm fire in brooklyn under control. that fire still burning in a vacant building. that fire is near elevated subway tracks. that means train delays. on the d line, southbound trains are bypassing the 18th avenue strags. northbound trains are running on the n line tracks from coney avenue to 36th street in brooklyn. new this morning, the red
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families after a fire there tore their homes last night. it's not clear if anybody was injured in this fire. we know it was sparked less than a mile away from another fire that destroyed an elderly woman's home just last week. and all but about five customers are without power after an equipment mall nungs function near middletown. last night, 52,000 people were without power. according to orange and rockland utilities last night, there was some sort of accident, an equipment malfunction at the tation in the middletown area. the outage left drivers trying to figure out what was going on. >> i guess they kind of just stopped for a second. everybody kind of like braked, and we all looked around at each other. it was just like, is this really happening? >> well, it really did happen. the remaining outages, though, are near orange county. all the power should be restored by 11:00 this morning. so within the hour. in an unrelated power issue, there's an investigation going
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point nuclear power plant. the owner says the unit two reactor was shut down because of reported power loss to several control rods. no radioactivity was released. the plant supplies one-quarter of the electricity used to power new york city and westchester county. turning now to the massacre in san bernardino. here is the latest. tonight at 8:00, president obama will address the nation to talk about what the government's doing to keep our country safe. meanwhile, police are digging deeper into the lives of the husband and wife killers and their associates. they raided a home of one of their neighbors yesterday. and in an online radio broadcast, isis praised the couple, calling them martyrs. news 4's natalie pasquarella has more. >> reporter: from the outside of their redlands home, neighbors of syed farook and tashfeen malik said the couple appeared to live an ordinary life. inside, signs they were planning a terrorist attack.
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a 6-month-old baby girl was a bomb-making factory, packed with explosives, ammunitions, and tools to build ieds. today isis praised the attack that left 17 people dead, 21 wounded, calling the couple martyrs and followers. but u.s. government sources say there is no evidence that the attack was directed by the militant group. tashfeen malik, who was born in pakistan, pledged allegiance to isis on facebook shortly before the massacre. she spent time in saudi arabia, where she met syed farook. her family says there were no signs that she was involved with radical islamic groups. some experts say some u.s. officials are asking if she radicalized her husband. >> i think tashfeen malik selected a vulnerable yet clean candidate to be her cohort in terrorism. oftentimes with duos, we have a primary actor who manipulates a more vulnerable subservient person. >> reporter: farook was born in chicago, a college grad, who had
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restaurant inspector. friends say there's no way he was the mastermind. >> this is something political because this brother, he couldn't have done that. >> reporter: another focus for investigators tonight, the guns. overnight, law enforcement searched a home belonging to a friend of farook who they believe originally purchased the two assault rifles used in the rampage. authorities say they do not consider him a suspect, but they want to know when the guns were transferred to the couple that would later use them to carry out the massacre that stole the lives of 17 people. natalie pasquarella, weekend today in new york. >> as pat just mentioned, president obama will discuss the massacre in a rare primetime address from the oval office tonight. he'll have the latest on the investigation, outline the steps the government is trying to keep our country safe in the wake of shootings. in his regular weekly address, the president called the shootings another tragic reminder that here in america, it is too easy for people to get their hands on guns. >> we may not be able to prevent every tragedy, but at a bare
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it so easy for potential terrorists or criminals to get their hands on a gun that they could use against americans. >> president obama will speak to the nation tonight at 8:00. you can see his address live right here on nbc 4. and chuck todd will have morning's "meet the press." he joins us live in washington with a preview. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. >> i know you're going to interview the country's top cop, lor loretta lynch. still need answered? >> what do we know about the wife? is she the one who radicalized syed farook? she had the time in saudi arabia. we're learning more about her time. even her own family in pakistan noticed a change as she became more devout in her religion. that started back in 2009. look, you'll hear from some presidential candidates who introduce an even scarier thought. is she somehow a terrorist plan? did she seek him out to marry in
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that seems a little elaborate, but those are the types of questions that the fbi is trying to figure out. what more can they learn about her? that's the bigger mystery here almost than it is with syed farook, the husband. >> a lot to get to, chuck. thank you very much. see you in a bit. >> you got it. >> stick around for "meet the press" at chuck todd at 10:30. counterterrorism police have been called in to investigate a stabbing at a london subway station. cell phone video shows panicked riders running for safety after a man started threatening people with a knife. he did stab three bystanders. we're told one was seriously wounded. witnesses say he made references to the middle east. >> he said, this is for syria, and then while he's walking up the ramp, as soon as he got to the top, he said again, this is for syria. >> last week the british parliament voted overwhelmingly to authorize air strikes against isis targets in syria.
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being chased down and shot in the street in east harlem. police say the gunman stormed into a chinese restaurant last night. he tried to shoot the victim, but his gun jammed. the man tried to run, but the gunman followed him into the street and fired the gun again, this time the gun worked. the man was shot. the victim taken to harlem hospital. this afternoon, hundreds of people will rally to pressure congress to extend funding to the zadroga 9/11 health and compensation act. new york lawmakers will unite with advocates, first responders, and survivors at 2:00 p.m. at ground zero. the zadroga act provides health care for first responders who got sick after september 11th. the bill expired on the 1st of october and only has enough funding to last until next year. and here we go again. get ready to shell out a little more cash at port authority crossings. as of 3:00 a.m. today, tolls at the george washington, bayonne and goethals bridges increased.
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the e-zpass will rise from $12 to $12.50. the cash toll jumps up to $15. a close call for actor morgan freeman. his private plane had to make an emergency landing in mississippi. the plane blew a tire while it was taking off on a trip to houston. it slid off the runway, but everybody was okay. the plane was damaged, the actor wasn't hurt. he issued a statement saying in part, i appreciate the concerns and prayers for our safety. still to come on "today in new york," an i-team exclusive. a prisoner says he was left with a broken jaw, unable to eat at a long island jail. the i-team investigates this latest claim of neglect. and later, a battle over the word christmas. why one city councilwoman nearly stepped down over a holiday controversy. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. we're getting another great day to spend outdoors for sunday. we really could use the rain. we're running a heavy deficit. i'll tell you if we have any chance for rain coming up in
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oh, look at that. even the birds love that tree. but you know, they don't sit in it. i noticed that. maybe it's because the lights are warm. no, but they do like to get a fly by. i was just outside a few minutes ago. a lot of folks already out there enjoying the tree, taking pictures. please join them. come on down. it's going to be a beautiful day. >> and good vibes when you have weather like this. just feels good to be in the city. >> yeah, you know, i guess to get in the holiday spirit, you want a little bit of a nip in the air. we got that in the morning. now it's time to shed the winter jacket and enjoy the pleasant temperatures we have in the afternoon. lots of sunshine. the breeze isn't an issue either. that always helps. here's a live look outside. it's still misty over the water. it's really in those locations that are close to the water that we're still dealing with fog. most of us just have a good amount of sunshine. it's sunny and 46 right now at
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in our weather headlines, sunny and mild for december standards throughout the day today. it's nice again on monday. then we're going to be tracking some showers for the workweek. but those shower chances don't look very significant. it's certainly not going to be close to a drought buster. right now it is 29 in legrange and hopewell junction. it's 46 right now in midtown. 43 in long branch. trenton has a temperature of 40 degrees right now. so we are warming up gradually. it's even starting to get warmer on long island, where you had some areas of frost early this morning. that's all by the wayside now. storm tracker completely clear. we have a big sprawling area of high pressure to the south and west keeping us dry. here's our next weather maker. it's not going to gain any steam. it's not going to get any stronger. this is what we can expect for the next couple days. pretty much what you see is what you get. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. a little milder than it was yesterday with highs in the mid-50s. then on tuesday, we have that small storm, you saw it in the midwest.
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bring a couple chances for showers. mostly on long island, places south and east of the city have a better chance of getting some rain. even if we do get the rain on the island or in new jersey, doesn't look very significant unfortunately on tuesday. we really do need that rain. today, get out and enjoy. lots of sunshine, beautiful temperatures. 56 degrees in midtown. 50 in monticello. 53 in poughkeepsie after that fog breaks. overnight tonight, we'll stay warm in the city. 42 degrees. that's well above our average low temperature. down to 34 in eastchester. linden dropping down to 35 degrees overnight. we'll drop down to 32 in cold spring. 30 in bethel. not quite down below freezing for most of us. it's just going to be a chilly but not cold night. here's your seven-day outlook. we're going to see plenty of sunshine through tuesday. then a chance for a sprinkle or shower on tuesday. the most significant chance for rain that we have in the forecast is on thursday.
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you can stay up to date with the news 4 new york app any time. just tap that news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab for the latest forecasts, interactive radar, and submit your own weather video. that news 4 new york app is for iphone and available in the app store right now. pat and gus, back over to you. >> thank you so much, erica. now to an i-team exclusive. another prisoner claiming medical neglect was under way at nassau county jail. >> he says his jaw was broken, but instead of being sent to the hospital, he was taken to a cell where he couldn't eat for two weeks. >> i passed out when it happened. passed out. >> reporter: a beating at the hands of jail guards, a broken jaw, and weeks of pain. that's what matthew mateo says he experienced behind the walls of the nassau county correctional facility after he was arrested for robbery. but it's how jail medical staff
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>> they were feeding me regular food. they took an x-ray the same day saying i have a broken jaw. they didn't take me to the hospital until two weeks later. i couldn't chew no food, nothing. >> reporter: though he says his jaw needed surgery and a metal plate, this complaint says armor correctional health, the company responsible for treating injured prisoners, waited 14 days to sent him to the hospital or even give him painkillers. instead, mateo says guards kept him isolated and hungry in his cell 23 hours a day. >> i didn't eat nothing, just couldn't chew nothing. >> he got his jaw broken by a guard. once that happened, they then hid him basically from the rest of the world in pain for more than two weeks and didn't get him the proper medical treatment. >> reporter: in a statement to the i-team, an armor spokeswoman challenged any claim of neglect, saying, our review of mr. mateo's treatment reveals he was
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medical and psychiatric attention. the company has long boasted no jury has ever found them guilty of medical malpractice. citing medical privacy, armor declined to answer questions about the matteo case. but his is just the latests in a string of accusations against the medical provider. and county officials have considered cutting ties with the medical provider but said it was too costly. the county cannot cancel the armor contract without subjecting taxpayers to significant liability. >> unfortunately, i think it's too little toorks late. we should have cut ties with armor some time ago. >> reporter: six months ago, the sheriffs office urged county lawmakers to renew the armor contract. as recently as three months ago, a sheriff spokesman publicly praised armor for, quote, enhanced inmate health services. rather than looking to support
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executiv should have been looking to drop the medical firm, especially given two state investigations that concluded armor has a pattern of inadequate and neglectful medical care. >> sounds like the county executive and the correctional center just started to do their homework. now they're realizing everything that we were told was rumor has some fact to it. >> it was terrible. >> reporter: as for matthew matteo's broken jaw, his father says his son might never have got into that altercation with jail guards had he been given medication to control his bipolar disorder. he says it was a chaplain, a sign to the jail, who intervened and got matteo to the hospital, where he finally had surgery. >> he would have died if the priest didn't help him. >> reporter: chris glorioso, "today in new york." >> we asked the sheriffs office to respond to the claim he was beaten by correction officers. the sheriff has not yet responded. if you have something you think the i-team should look into,
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and coming up next on this sunday morning, a gruesome discovery. human skeletons found inside a man's apartment. where they came from and why police believe he had them.
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tomorrow, a man accused of having stolen bodies in his hartford apartment is going to face a judge. he was arrested yesterday. police say they found the remains of five bodies in his apartment. the bodies were taken from a mausoleum at hope cemetery in worcester, massachusetts. police say medina used the remains for medicinal purposes relating to the religion santoria. >> one of those people that do voodoo-type stuff. but i never seen nothing, you know, out of the ordinary.
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and two children had been taken from that mausoleum and were apparently found in his apartment. a councilmember in rosell park, new jersey, has decided not to resign following a christmas tree controversy. charlene story said the city council's decision to change the annual tree lighting to a christmas tree lighting discriminated against non-christians. after the mayor agreed to let story head up a new committee on diversity, she rescinded her resignation. >> she still has her belief that it's a holiday, and she will say happy holidays. it is my belief, and i will be saying merry christmas. >> as long as everyone is peaceful and wishes everyone else well, terms shouldn't matter and be so definitive. >> after the agreement was reached, councilwoman story issued a statement saying, the new committee will help the borough identify and better deal with diversity and all of its issues and hopefully head off such disagreements. we're coming right back with a final check of the forecast.
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all right. before we leave you on this sunday morning, it's going to be a glorious afternoon. we'll let erica tell you about that. >> that's right. yeah, for december it doesn't get much better. high of 56 degrees today. tons of sunshine. we also won't be dealing with a strong breeze. it's going to be really comfortable outside. just a few clouds tomorrow. a chance for showers on tuesday, but even that's minimal. the better chance is going to be further south and east of town. we still could see a few sprinkles then. our best chance for showers this week is thursday. >> and you said we need the rain, so all right. thank you, erica. and thank you for spending this part of your sunday morning with us. we'll see you back here next saturday beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> "meet the press" is next. a lot of developments on the shooting out west. also an interview with attorney general loretta lynch. thanks for having us in for news.
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