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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  December 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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or not, this is offensive to anybody, right? >> i would think so. it's just not respectful. >> reporter: despite the mangled metal, the candle lit the first night of hanukkah still glows, a symbol of light damaged but not put out. >> we have to think a little more and appreciate what the light means in a world like this where this could happen. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, it has been repaired and is standing tall. later tonight, there will be a relighting ceremony. organizers were quick to emphasize, all are welcome. gus rosendale, "news4 new york." >> thank you for that report. new information tonight in a deadly hit and run in the bronx. 47-year-old thomas kirby was killed when he was struck this morning right in front of his own house. news 4 spoke with some stunned friends of the victim.
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>> reporter: natalie, police are searching for a white van. they've been posting up signs around the neighborhood as friends gather around this memorial to remember kirby, a case manager who friends say was always helping people in the community. >> my heart broke. that was my best friend. my heart broke for the whole family. >> reporter: at this busy intersection intersection, a tribute to thomas kirby, killed just feet from his apartment building. this family friend has been trying to console his wife and children. >> she's heart broken, and his youngest son, kyle, is devastated. he just wants his father and she wants her husband. >> reporter: kirby was crossing the road just after 6:30 this morning. police say a driver, in a white van, hit him and never stopped. >> somebody just took his future
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>> reporter: today, police posted these wanted flyers around the neighborhood. many residents telling us the intersection is too dark and dangerous. david ortiz says he was hit by a car here just last week. >> it's very dangerous, especially for kids. they just keep going. when you try to cross the street, they don't stop. >> reporter: meantime, the memorial is growing. messages of love for a devoted husband and father, who friends say was looking forward to celebrating the holidays and his 48th birthday. >> he's always back and forth with his kids, playing sports. >> reporter: detectives have been canvassing the neighborhood all day long. they're asking anyone who may have witnessed this hit and run to come forward. lori bordonaro, "news4 new york." we just got new information in the terror attack in san bernardino. federal agents revealed that the husband and wife team of terrorists had been radicalized for some time.
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practicing at a shooting range just days before the killing spree and a vigil is being held in san bernardino tonight. we have two reports tonight, starting with nbc's jay gray in san bernardino. >> we will leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: an update from agents as they continue the terror investigation in san bernardino. >> we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> reporter: earlier today, the sister of syed farook was silent as she left a custody hearing for his 6-month-old daughter. but the father of the alleged terrorist spoke out, telling an italian magazine his son became obsessed with israel and shared the isis leader's ideology to create an islamic state before farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, killed 14 and wounded 21 during the massacre at the inland regional center. >> all of us were crying, oh, my god, what's happening? >> reporter: we are also hearing more now from survivors, trapped
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>> i'm just holding their hands a and i'm just praying out loud, because right then and there, i thought this is it. this is it. we're gone. we're definitely gone. >> reporter: their prayers answered, as tactical officers guided them to safety. still, the fear and loss lingers. >> we will get through this, day by day, minute by minute, if we need to. but we will heal. >> reporter: those minutes and days so difficult right now for survivors and this grieving community. the community that will come together later this evening, thousands are expected to gather for a candle light vigil here. in san bernardino, jay gray, news 4 new york. >> and we learned so much more late this afternoon. chief investigative reporter jonathan dietz is joining us now.
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neighbor who bought the two rifles? >> investigator sas s say a few years ago he bought two of the assault rifles. he had initially checked himself into a mental hospital he was so distraught after learning about the attacks. they do not believe he had any advanced knowledge that this blot was underway, but they are looking to see whether there was anything illegal or inappropriate about his transfer after he bought those rifles. >> but he's not a suspect? >> not in the actual plot, no. >> so a lot of people wondering what kind of help did they have, did anyone radicalize or support them in this whole process? >> that is something the fbi is actively looking at. as of now, it appears the two acted alone and were self-radicalized. but it's still very early. neighbors report seeing numerous people going in and out of that garage in recent weeks, so
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else these suspects were in contact with, as well as any phone, internet data, any connections. it is still very early on. >> and they found a lot of other weapons in the garage, too. what have you heard about the possibility of other targets being planned for? >> two developments today. in addition to the guns that were used in the assault, investigators revealed there were more pipes and pipe bombs than initially thought. the original number was 12. now it's as many as 19 pipes that could have been fitted to become bombs. some of them operational if they were planted out in the field. so that part of the investigation ongoing. and a private security firm reported a couple of years ago that a man fitting the description of the suspect, farook, may have been scouted his office in downtown los
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so the fbi looking into whether it was the same man who was perhaps taking a look checking out this office tower in los angeles. >> jonathan, thank you. the supreme court handed a legal victory to advocates of banning assault weapons. today, the country's highest court refused to hear an appeal. similar bans are in effect in several states, including new york, new jersey, connecticut. in mid october, the federal appeals court in new york upheld the laws. new tonight, a $10,000 reward from crime stoppers for information about the death of a jersey woman. the body of the 35-year-old was found around 4:00 this morning. there's no word on exactly how she died, but authorities are calling this a homicide. new at 5:00 tonight,
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accused of running down a woman on a brooklyn sidewalk. news 4 was there as 39-year-old marian sewell was led out of the police department. he was driving down the road when he swerved to avoid a bus and jumped the curve hitting three people. it included 30-year-old victoria nicodamus, who was killed. rutgers university has a new head football coach, just one week after the firing of the former head coach. bruce? >> chuck, get ready, rutgers, fans. there's a new sheriff in fan. he was introduced as the new head coach this afternoon at a press conference. ash joined the university
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for the formal announcement. he's currently the co-defensive coordinator at ohio state under coach urban meyer. but this is his first shot at leading a team after almost two decades as an assistant. he inherits a troubled program, plagued by numerous off the field incidenting and finished with a disappointing 4-8 record. >> we need to create some positive energy around this program. it's going to take an extreme amount of work. it's going to take a lot of the right people. going in the same direction. i want to build a first class program here. a program that the university, the state of new jersey, high school coaches and players can be proud to say that if this program is theirs, and they want to come here and be a part of it. >> sounds like a coach to me. there's no doubt he has the fire and desire to lead the rutgers program.
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will he be able to compete with the elite programs in big ten conference? he'll be shuffling back and forth in the next few weeks to ohio state. that's because he will continue to serve as an assistant coach for the buckeyes in the fiesta bowl on new year's day. still an exciting day for rutgers. chuck, natalie? >> a lot of people there excited. thanks so much. still ahead, a plane lands on a busy highway. we'll show you the scene that caught drivers by surprise. the chicago police department is under federal investigation as this new video is released. why that officer won't face charges. plus -- >> new jersey's bear hunt is off to a record start, but with it come plenty of protests. authorities say the bear hunt is important. another winning sunset in the tristate area. and there's a meteorological explanation for that, as well as
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great. details are next. plus, he used to be one of the giants' top receivers. now plaxico burress faces time
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new tonight, republican front-runner donald trump is calling on the united states to ban all muslims from entering the united states. on twitter, trump says he believes there is an extraordinary influx of hatred and danger coming into our country. trump says the ban should remain in place until we are able to determine and understand the problem and the threat it poses. the consulate of american islamic relations denounced the call saying he sounds like the leader of a mob, not the leader of a great nation. he's doing the work of isis." >> the chicago police department is the subject of an investigation tonight.
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both victims, black men, shot by white police officers. this video just came out today, showing one of the deadly encounters. david ushery is follow thing investigation. >> reporter: within the last hour, the mayor of chicago was grilled by reporters, but more questions will come. the video released today, along with the local prosecutor's decision, adds to an already politically and emotionally charged climate in chicago. and the u.s. justice department has already decided it's time to take a closer look at the
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that's coming up from the low
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in parts of coastal virginia and the outer banks of north carolina. that's going to stay to the south, except long island may get clipped with that. back to the west, it's very dry. so our temperatures this evening will stay in the 40s across the area. tracking the rain and the clouds, this is 9:00 this evening. notice the rain showers start to bubble up towards the east end of the county. so in the morning, you'll see showers out there. but the rest of the tristate area will stay dry once again. here's the seven-day forecast. 50 degrees tomorrow. so not quite as warm. up to 50. notice what happens this weekend, we come close to 60 and go above that sunday into monday. so that is when we might see record high temperatures. dave price will be up with the latest forecast, as well. >> thank you. we have some sad news
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a boy blessed by pope francis in september has lost his battle with cancer. francis reached out to landon and kissed him. the vargas family says they're glad the poi boy is now, in their words, happy sitting next to the lord. a small plane ran into some trouble after takeoff. the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing sunday. a driver shared this video of the plane on route 41 south of naples. no one was hurt. the faa says the pilot was a flight student and the only person on board. up next, new jersey's bear hunt is back in business. but is this hunt really necessary? plus, the new york state trooper who shot and captured one of the convicted killers who escaped an upstate prison reveals how this impacted him.
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this be a deadly stretch of road? parents say it's responsible for their teen's death. but is anything done to make it
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bears have caused a lot of concern in new jersey in recent months. >> this week bear hunters are fanned out for a state mandated hunt. and this week they're covering new territory. >> reporter: a record number of bear permits have been sold this year, more than 8200 people want the chance to hunt for bear this week. the bear hunt itself has also expanded, with more than 600 square miles of land south of
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person. >> reporter: a couple dozen protesters screamed at hunters on the first day of the bear hunt. joseph shot a 260 pound bear, his first after years of trying. >> that's a beautiful bear. >> reporter: they say they're helping the public by controlling the black bear population. people who live in northwest new jersey have taken video of the bears wandering their neighborhoods, even swimming in their pools. >> i'm here to pay respect to the bears. they've been murdered today for no reason at all. >> reporter: wildlife officials say in the course of the hunt, they would like to see about 700 bears killed or harvested. if that doesn't happen, the state can extend the hunt by another four days. >> this is not a management
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>> reporter: protesters say if people would just properly dispose of their garbage, there would be less encounters. how do you prepare bear? >> marinate it, stews, steak, whatever. >> reporter: biologists say this mild december weather makes it easier to find bear, because they are not sheltering. protesters say as long as the hunters are here, they will, too. david's here now with a look at what's new at 5:30. a young woman is attacked inside her own apartment building and tells police a man followed her home and raped her. we have a closer look on the man you need to look out for. new rules for breast cancer survivors. what doctors are now recommending in the years after treatment. those stories and so much more
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