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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shell of a structure. a would-be home for a prominent jewish rabbi, the latest target of an arsonist. jonathan and his family live next door in a community on edge. >> it was traumatizing, of course. devastating to the house, to the homes, to the people. my mom was definitely scared out of her mind. >> reporter: a total of six houses have been targeted at this point. investigate this makes the seventh fire. all under construction. all owned by jews. the nypd is trying to figure out who is doing this. police need figuring out the who and the why. investigators don't believe this is a hate crime, but one of the many possibilities being considered, the explosion of new
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some have complained the newer, bigger structures are not in line with the character of the neighborhood. but it's that distaste for large homes enough to inspire someone to commit arson in >> the controversy was dying down. but clearly this is someone who is going around the community, the same m.o., and the reasoning for it, there's never a reason to destroy someone's property. >> reporter: we learned recent legislation attempted to appease people. in the meantime, police are deploying officers around the neighborhood and they are imploring residents to keep their eyes open. >> it's crazy how many times this could happen, and this guy could just keep on doing it without being caught. it's just crazy to me. >> reporter: police say their most valuable tool here will be people in the neighborhood, looking around for anything that might look suspicious. they are going to reiterate that
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morning. ida siegal, "news4 new york." grieving parts in islip say it is a dangerous road that cost their son's life. >> here's more. >> reporter: like any parents in their shoes, their emotions crumble when talk turns to the 17-year-old son who died last month. >> i lost my best friend, as well as my son. >> reporter: a memorial marks the spot where anthony lost control of his car and was killed. but his parents want more here. specifically traffic lights to slow down drivers on this winding roadway. >> a lot of people are getting hurt, just coming around these bends. they're very dangerous.
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anthony himself was speeding. the state dmv says the teen only had a learner's permit, meaning he should not have been driving alone. >> he missed the school bus, so he took his brother's car. >> reporter: a mistake that left the dad and two boys injured. according to a legislator contacted by the family, police are now compiling an accident history of this area and what police find could determine whether safety improvements are made here. >> you're talking about a 2 1/2 mile stretch, and people just fly. >> reporter: resident andrew geel says complaints have fallen on deaf ears, but the town says no one has raised safety issues until now. >> i don't want to see this happen to somebody else, because the hurt i feel is not something i would wish on anybody. tonight, mayor de blasio is blasting republican presidential front runner donald trump for
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coming to the u.s. >> how could the front-runner for a major party nomination be suggesting a religious test on who gets to come into the country? that is a dangerous, dangerous statement. that's why he must be confronted. >> trump said all muslims should be banned because of the extraordinary influx of hatred and danger coming into our country. he said the ban should remain until we understand the problem. who tried to carry a loaded gun through security. officers seized the gun and arrested the man. he was flying to hong kong.
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firearms retailers to sell so-called smart guns in the same manner as other hand guns. they're guns that can only be fired by authorized users. this bill now goes to the assembly. tonight, a swastika painted on a free in a milford neighborhood. police were called by upset residents. the vandalism is not uncommon in that area. time is beginning to run out to build a tunnel under the hudson river, as the old tunnels may not even last a decade older. >> that's the alarms being raised today. news 4 is live with the reason for this urgent call to action tonight. andrew? >> reporter: so much at stake here. this is a $20 billion tunnel
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replace the aging ones that are crumbling now. the feds today say they've got their half of the money. all of this as riders remain frustrated. >> oh, my goodness. bad news. >> reporter: it's been abysmal, inexcusable. >> reporter: the chairman of am amtrak says he gets it. here's what they are doing. spending $20 billion to replace a pair of tunnels that are 105 years old and crumbling. >> it was crumbling before. sandy accelerated that deterioration. and within 7 to 10 years, there might be no tunnel under the hudson. >> reporter: if that sounds extreme, take a look at this. we obtained these photos from a recent inspection of the tunnel. they revealed severe cracks in the wall. amtrak spends up to 55 hours
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>> hopefully we'll get it fixed, because that's atrocious. >> you have to upkeep everything, your house, the roads, the tunnels. >> reporter: the fear now is the new tunnels won't be done before the old ones have to be shut down. >> which would create a traffic armageddon that is unimaginable to most. >> reporter: tom wright of the regional plan association, which studies getting around the tristate area, said the new sense of urgency behind the new gateway project is critical. >> the danger is, the next time the inspectors go down, they might see a crack that's gotten larger than they expected and they hadn't seen before and will say, we're not going to run anymore trains through this until we have a chance to fix that crack. >> reporter: can you get it done within that time frame and should there have been more urgency? >> there should have been more urgency, there wasn't. >> reporter: but senator schumer
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the projection is that the tunnels would open in 2030. he says they can shave five years off of that time frame, but will it be soon enough to avoid a traffic armageddon? andrew siff, "news4 new york." >> thanks so much. long before the shootings in san bernardino and sandy hook, there was the long island railroad massacre. today marks 22 years since a man opened fire on a train leaving new york city, killing six people. 19 others were wounded. the gunman was finally stopped by three passengers. ferguson, now 57 years old, is serving a life prison sentence. today marks the 74th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. survivors remembered those who lost their lives that day in the early morning of december 7,
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japanese warplanes bombed in a surprise attack. >> i had the weekend off. i started going towards the gangway and i hear a big explosion. >> more than 2,000 americans lost their lives in that attack. coming up as we continue, the mayor announces a new plan to help fight heroin and other drug joef overdoses. and a sink hole in westchester. and we have the forecast. >> we started out the week with poor air quality and very mild temperatures. we may end the week with even
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes
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in westchester county, crews are working to repair this water main. you see all the water rushing beneath the street there in pleasantville. it happened around 11:00 last night. that sinkhole is about 10 feet deep. the utilities company says it expects to finish repairs today. they tell us that they still don't know the exact cause of the power outage. a malfunction left up to 50,000 customers blacked out in seven counties in new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania. power was restored sunday morning.
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reactors will remain shut down. a spokesman said several control rods lost power in the unit two reactor on saturday. inspectors with the nuclear regulatory commission arrived to monitor the situation, look for the cause and recommend repairs. coming up when we return -- >> saving people with overdoses. the details of a new plan to
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mr. holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead. >> we have a lot tonight. we'll have if the latest on the san bernardino terror investigation. we also learned the same room they used last year for an active shooting training for employees there.
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coming out as the investigation continues. a lot of people want to know about the attackers, too. >> they had gone to a shooting range apparently practicing in plain sight. other threads we're following. bill neely reports from pakistan. officials are looking at the family of tashfeen malik. so a lot going on here tonight. >> lester, thanks. i want to go now to one of our worst local drug problems, the overdose deaths from her wane and opioid addictions. >> the mayor made the announcement from the borough with the highest overdose death rate. >> i don't want to be that person that's on the front page because i died. >> reporter: james blanker hopes he is finally breaking his addiction to heroin.
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his painful story to the mayor today on staten island. >> i started by opioid use at 16. i started with oxycodone and found my way to heroin. they told me if we didn't have this shot, you probably wouldn't have made it. >> reporter: that shot was an antidote that stops opioid overdoses in their tracks. one the mayor just announced there now be available in some pharmacies without a prescription. >> that life-saving tool is someone we want and need in this city to have access to. >> reporter: the mayor announced the new plan amid new health department data showing a 56% increase in death rates last year from opioid related overdoses. deaths from pain pills and heroin made up 79% of all new york city drug overdose deaths. >> i think anything that can possibly save a life is a good
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>> reporter: while pharmacists tell us the mayor's plan is a positive and potentially life-saving step, they also say they have some concerns. >> i think there should be proper screening and proper questioning and also referrals to substance abuse treatment. >> reporter: another question, will addicts avoid treatment because they know they have the antidote in their back pocket? starting today, rite aid will carry a supply with other pharmacies in the city planning to follow. bill bratton is urging clergies of all faiths to unite against terrorism. >> he talked about the growing and evolving threat of terrorists and asked clerics to keep everyone engaged. >> we have a shared
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to be seamless in our relationships, as we attempt to, in this city, protect the 8.5 million people who are the responsibility of the nypd. >> this meeting comes on the heels of president obama's address on terrorism. the president said it's the responsibility of every american of every faith to reject discrimination. >> not feeling like winter out there. >> we're in this pattern mainly because of el nino that's been happening in the pacific and brings warmer than average temperatures for the east coast, especially the northeast. so we're still this that pattern and it's going to get warmer before the end of the week. put on top of that, the climate change, we have warm weather galore. temperatures today were in the 50s. right now it's 50 degrees. we've had some issues with the air quality around the area today. and that continues until
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top of the rock camera. it looks fantastic out there. the air quality alert remains in effect until midnight. with this type of high pressure system overhead, it puts a cap on the at moss fore mosphere and the pollution levels build. very little wind, so there's nothing to disburse it. these are the highs today. look at all the 50s. about ten degrees above average. it meals like march versus december. by the end of the week into the weekend, it's just going to get warmer. temperature right now hi in tribeca, 51. jersey city at 53. on the wider view, some 40s around. and even some 30s, but all above freezing. poughkeepsie, newberg, danbury. high clouds streaming through this evening. sunset was beautiful thanks to
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pollution in the air. that's the only good thing there. and that area of rain is going to be suppressed to the south. long island you say see that in the morning as that clips you. for the rest of us, partly cloudy skies, dry, temperatures in the 40s. as we track the clouds and the rain, tomorrow morgue, just on the east end of suffolk county, a few light showers. but that doesn't last long at all. and then the system moves offshore. then the skies start to clear again and sunny skies. a little cooler tomorrow because of a change in wind direction. tonight, it chills down, we're still sees 30s on the map. 20s to the north and west. outlying area also be near freezing. jersey shore, you start out in the 30s in the morning. it's a cool day for you. mix of sun and clouds. a high temperature of 50 tomorrow afternoon in midtown. so a few degrees lower than today, but still above average.
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here comes the climb. 52 wednesday. 56 thursday. maybe some showers. by the end of the week, we are talking 60s and record highs. we'll see what happens on christmas. you never know. >> bruce? >> one team's climbs, the other team is going the other way. the battle of new york is over. but there's still a lot to digest from yesterday's giants-jets game. and only one fan base is happy right now. coming up in sports, the jets stun the giants at me have life stadium and right now they look like two teams heading in opposite directions. and chris ash ushers in a new era for rutgers football. we'll hear from the new head
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giants-jets. >> aftermath time. it's the day after a dramatic jets-giants battle at metlife stadium. jets' fans are still smiling and giants' fans are reeling after another late-game collapse. should big blue have gone for a touchdown in the fourth quarter is the big question. clinging to a ten-point lead, tom coughlin went for the nail in the coffin, but eli manning was picked off and we all know what happened after that. ryan fitzpatrick and the jets rallied back and forced overtime and won it 23-20 in the extra session. at 7-5, the jets own the six seed in the afc playoff race. while the 5-7 giants just keep finding ways to lose the lead and lose ball games.
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let's face it. going through that, we've had too many very, very close games that went the other way at the end of the game for whatever reason. >> the guys kept fighting, they believed. we now we were going to fight to the end and we always talked about finishing and we did. >> these are the games we've been in all year and it's the reason we're 5-7. it's the difference between being 10-2, 9-3, it's games like this. >> it shows that this team has a lot of fight, a lot of pride and is willing to get the job done by any means. >> the dodgers made the first big move, trading for red' closer aroldis chapman. the mets are waiting to hear back from wen zobrist, and what a big move today as rutgers introduced chris ash as the team's new head football coach. the 41-year-old ash was the
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state the past two seasons. and now he tries to revive a troubled program that missed the bowl game for the first time since 2010. >> chris, why rutgers, why now? >> i look at tremendous potential here at rutgers. the opportunity i felt was right for rutgers and it was a right fit for me. they need some energy. they need some enthusiasm and i feel it's the right place to be right now for me. >> reporter: is he the right guy at the right time to lead this program considering the problems you've had? >> he's the right guy at the right time but he would be the right guy any time. >> i have to worry about making us better every day and build a connection with these players. that's not going to happen overnight. >> chris wants a program with relentless effort and kids playing for each other. that sounds good to me.
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up next, inside that san
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