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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in queens when officers attempt to buy a car on craig's list ends with a man dead. and bricks rain down hundreds of feet from a building on the upper east side. this morning there are several streets that are closed. and a deadly head-on collision involving an mta bus on the union turnpike. this morning who police say was driving the wrong way. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it is 4:30 a.m. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino with the forecast. i felt warm already. >> temperatures in the low 40s. below average temperatures. >> breezy. >> it was breezy. 41 murray hill. a little chillier, yes, in the upper 30s. not seeing any 20s this morning because of the cloud cover that's out there. cloud cover from a storm system that is going to remain off shore. so we'll start out with a lot of
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partly sunny. chroillier day for sure with a high of 48. first check on tuesday morning commute. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, chris. we have road work on the closs bronx expressway. mine or delays through here. water main break on route 1-9. out by mcclellan street. something to take note of. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4ed. >> lauren, thank you. to breaking news in queens where an off duty officer shot and killed a man. >> the officer was meeting a couple of people on 145th avenue to buy a car and that's when he says one of those men pulled out a gun. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is live in queens where police are still on the scene looking into the shooting. tracie? >> reporter: michael and darlene, as you just said, officers from the 105th precinct remain at the scene. we've even see detectives knocking on doors around here.
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happened at the corner of 145th avenue that you see right beyond the police tape. it all started when that off duty officer came here to answer a craig's list ad. officers swarmed the scene around 10:36 last night after that off duty officer called for help. police are telling me over the phone that he came to see a white bmw that he had viewed on craig's list and arranged to meet with two men here. suddenly both of those men tried to rob the officer. one of them pulled out the pistol, the officer displayed his own gun and opened fire. >> a total of five to six gunshots, loud gunshots and i wasn't sure but about maybe five minutes later i heard sirens and helicopters and then i knew it was something serious. >> reporter: one suspect struck by the officer was transported to jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. the search is on for the other suspect.
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back into that white bmw and fled in an unknown direction. michael and darlene, it remains unclear if he was injured. we do know that that off duty officer was treated at a local hospital. send it back to you in the studio. >> tracie strahan in springfield garden. thank you. this morning bricks are littering several streets in one upper east side neighborhood. the area is closed so crews can clean the mess and make sure no other bricks will fall. what streets are closed, kat? >> reporter: so many, east 63rd street, east 61 is closed and through first avenue up to east 64th street. it's one of those new york city nightmares. as you might imagine, you're passing by a high rise, all of a sudden bricks start falling from it. we want to show you what exactly this building that we're talking about, 340 east 64th street is the building that we're showing you there. the entrance is on 64th street. it's towards the back of the
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bricks came from. there is a rooftop swimming pool there, penthouse apartments there as well. all of this happening about 10:00 at night. bricks and debris rained down on 61st street and first avenue. there is facade work being done. also, the windows have been getting replaced at this building. incredibly enough, no one was hurt on the ground. passer's by described some frightening moments. >> the first brick hit the ground. all of a sudden there was some dust and smoke. it sounded like fireworks. >> scary. we're all so fragile and vulnerable new york city. >> reporter: we want to show you a live picture here of the police officers. they're on east 62nd street. again, east 62 is closed, first avenue between east 62 and east 64th closed right now because of all of that debris that fell, darlene. also, coming up in the next half
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buildings' records and we'll show you what kind of violations it's been experiencing when it comes to facade work. other violations that it experienced inside as well. back to you, darlene. >> katherine creag on the upper east side. thank you. a local look on traffic. chris, i'm walking back my statement about warmer temperatures. >> yes. i play along with whatever you want to say. >> i want to withdraw tnchts he was hoping it would be warmer temperatures. actually, there are warmer temperatures in the suburbs. in the city it's a little bit chillier. north and west where we were down in the 20s, most folks are in the mid 30s. califan, 38. poughkeepsie, upper 30s. city at 42 is a little bit chillier. we have a north to northwest breeze. a lot of clouds giving way to sunshine. a bit chillier feel. a high of 38. tonight partly cloudy. a seasonable chill.
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i see a little checklist action. >> we'll talk about mass transit. we have a couple of bus detours. b 1. m 11, m 15 and if you're getting on the rails you have delays on uptown 6 trains. and then a bunch of overnight track work, 2, 3, 6, a, f, n are delayed. alternate side of the parking rules are suspended. meter rules still apply. lauren, thank you very much. 4:36. a driver is dead after crashing into an mta bus in queens. this happened at the campus of saint johns university. the drierch was going west on union turnpike and then turned into the wrong side of the divided lane hitting the bus head on. the crash happened just as university visitors were leaving the university's holiday celebrations and fireworks show. >> st. john's was doing fireworks.
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the fireworks. that's the only reason we walked down the block. >> the bus driver and passenger on the bus were treated for minor injuries. happening today, residents in a close knit queens community were meeting to address a string of arsons. they're hoping police will track down the person suspected of setting seven fires since october. the religious leaders in forest hills are concerned. all of the fires have targeted construction sites owned by jews. gop presidential candidate donald trump sparking a firestorm of criticism for his latest response to the terror threat here in america. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> well, the response for trump's call for a ban is coming fast and furious. some of his republican
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muslims and others say it is misguided. >> and this is exactly what the extremists want, they want more extremism, whether it's through words or actions. >> that is not my policy. i believe the focus should focus on radical islamic terrorism. >> saying we're not going to let a single muslim into this country is a dangerous overreaction. >> ted cruz and carly fiorina. many people sabaning muslims from entering the united states would be unconstitutional. within days we expect to learn of changes in the terror alert system. right now it can only be triggered if there is a specific and vulnerable threat. americans need warnings that fall short of the criteria according to jeh johnson especially in light of the san bernardino massacre. in california the san bernardino community came together to mourn the lives lost in last week's mass shooting. they gathered at a government building for a candlelight vigil where 14 people were killed.
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had been radicalized for, quote, some time. it's unclear though just how that happened. >> that's the question for us is how and by whom and where were they radicalized. maybe there's not a by whom. remember, oftentimes it's on the internet. we don't know. i don't want to speculate. >> the fbi also said the couple did practice at local gun ranges. one of the sessions happening just days before the attack. the eagle of death metal were back on stage in paris for the first time since the paris attacks in that city. the metal band did join u2 last night. they were playing at the bataclan when terrorists opened fire. the house will vote on legislation that about will put new limits on the visa waiver program. that program allows visitors from 38 countries to stay in the united states without a visa for
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typically countries in europe. the new bill under consideration will ban anyone who has been to iraq and syria in the past five years from taking part in that visa waiver program. comedian jon stewart returned to his old show. this time it was for a serious cause. he appeared on the daley show with trevan. he quickly asked for the ze adroga act. he hopes shaming lawmakers into that bill. the zadroga act ended last month. irving fryar is ordered to pay 615,000 restitution. they were found guilty of an illegal scheme to get $1 million from lenders. they will have to pay back $615,000 each. looks like something out of
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it is the u.s. navy's latest destroyer. it's the "u.s.s.zumwalt." it sailed out yesterday. it looks futuristic. it's america's largest and most advanced and possibly most powerful destroyer which are typically smaller ships of its type. the sleek futuristic design allows ships to have a stealth profile so that you can't see it on ray tar as much. all the warships have gun ships on the outside. all of the weapons are on the inside. it's almost like the stealth bomber only in the water. >> very cool. 4:41. another deadly shooting involving chicago police. this morning what the mayor is saying about a federal investigation into the police department. then we'll tell you how a former mafia mansion in new jersey was saved from the auction block. and your weather and traffic
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it is 4:43. 4 things you need to know. free wi-fi service at the east 86th street station. there will be a big event announcing the available service at 10:00 a.m. the station has a stop on the 4, 5, 6 lines. oscar pistorius has arrived in a south african church where he's expected to ask for bail. last week an appeals court throughout a manslaughter conviction. instead, pistorius was found guilty of murder. today marks 35 years since rock and roll icon john lennon was killed. the killer is serving 20 years to life in prison. chapman was denied parole in august 20614.
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anthony fox making a major announcement on new car safety ratings. enhancements for consumers who have been with them for nearly four years. good morning on this tuesday morning. we're dodging a storm system that's off shore right now. just some clouds out there overnight. kept the temperatures up in the suburbs. in the city the northeasterly breeze we have wrapping around that storm. all of the rain basically staying off shore. maybe extreme eastern long island gets clipped by showers. sun for the afternoon hours. temperatures unlike the last few days climbing through the 50s. i don't think we make it there. we remain in the 50s. 42 in hoboken, 41 in chelsea. even out across long island, same thing. drops off to the 30s to the north and west. the coldest number is monticello at 30. skies a little bit clearer. where the cloud cover is thicker, it kept the
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the past 24 hours, places like morristown, 14 degrees warmer. bridgewater, 13 degrees warmer. notice a different spot, new york city 3 degrees chillier than yesterday morning. most folks a little bit milder. fairly close to normal. normal high is 45. it will still be another above-average day with a high temperature as 48. the trend as we get deeper into this week is to be well above average with those temperatures. there's that storm system as we said would stay just off shore. that's exactly what it did. maybe clipping extreme eastern sussex county. getting a couple of light showers. that would be about it. then the system continues to move off to the north and east. the clouds out here should start to thin out a little bit later on this afternoon. you can see on future tracker, that's what happens. the rain moves east of us. the clouds break up during the course of the afternoon hours. tuesday night we'll call it partly cloudy. there will be clouds overnight. not a big deal. not rain producing clouds. tomorrow another dry day, a mix
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more clouds to the east and we should see a fair amount of sunshine in and around the city. 48 the expected high. that's it with the north northeast winds. up towards the north and west, mid to upper 40s out across long island. generally the mid and upper 40s. a couple of folks touching upon 50 degrees. that's it. tonight, chilly. 38, the overnight low. up towards the north and west as the skies clear out a little bit more, upper 20s showing up. as we head towards the weekend, that's where the significant warming trend shapes up. 56 on thursday. a spotty shower possible. sun and clouds on friday. 58. closing in on 60 saturday. i think we get to 61 on sunday before finally some much-needed rain moves in. and a high of 56 degrees. 4:47 commute time. let's see how it looks, lauren. >> things look pretty good with the exception of some spots. we had katherine creag out here in manhattan with the street closures on the east side. she sent in an update. 63rd street from second avenue
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first avenue from 62nd to 64th. earlier it was from 61st street. a little bit of an improvement there. of course she'll continue to keep us updated. heading over to the bronx we have delays on the cross bronx expressway. better news, we'll take a live look outside at the george washington bridge. much better than picture than yesterday. things are free and clear. moving to the long island expressway in queens. grand central parkway smooth sailing. a little bit of road work. alternate side of the street parking are suspended. more weather and traffic heading your way on the 4s. 4:48 now. chicago's mayor welcoming a federal investigation of his police department. the move came on the same day new police video was released. this shows suspect ronald johnson apparently holding a gun when he was shot and killed by officers last year. prosecutors deciding not to charge any of those officers. the justice department says it will now look into the chicago department's use of force. crime stoppers is offering a
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about the death of a new jersey woman. the body of 35-year-old yolanda vega was found early yesterday morning on beacon street. police have not released any specific details about how she died but the case is being investigated as a homicide. police are looking for the man who raped a woman at gun point on coney island. this is video of the suspect in the victim's apartment building. police say he followed her into an elevator, grabbed her as she was getting out, pulled out a weapon and sexually assaulted her in a stairwell. he's accused of robbing a second woman at gun point at the luna park co-op. right now the fdny hate crimes unit is investigating the desecration of a public menorah on the upper east side. someone vandalized the menorah at carl shirts park hours after hanukkah started saturday night. however, it was repaired in time for last night's lighting. organizers say they want to combat what they call the
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more light. police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian in the bronx. 47-year-old thomas kirby was struck and killed by a white van as he was trying to cross the street. it happened near willis avenue and bruckner boulevard. the white van was last seen heading towards manhattan. 4:50 now. the people at entergy say an indian point reactor could be back in operation today despite this weekend's shutdown. unit 2 at the west chester atomic plant was taken off line. there was a ceiling fan issue. governor cuomo vows to shut down the aging indian generators for good. a new jersey mansion with a storied past will not be going on the auction block. it was build by albert anastasia. it was owned by comedian bucky hackett and now ferry operator
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they report that the home was cleaned up. auctioneers believed it's worth much more than the $5 million opening bid. . it is day two of new jersey's annual bear hunt. state officials say hunters have killed 216 bear so far. wildlife officials say the hunt is needed to control the state's bear population, but yesterday hunters were greeted by pro testers accusing them of murder. the hunt is expected to last six days but officials could extend the hunt for four days depending how many bears are jield a man from ocean county new jersey is under arrest for trying to get on a plane at newark's liberty airport with a loaded gun. port authority police say the weapon was inside the man's backpack, spotted when the bag was x-rayed at a security checkpoint saturday night. we're told the man ras planning to fly to hong kong. if you live in a west chester village affected by a water main break, you have to boil your water until thursday.
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yesterday and water is flowing again. there's another problem. marble avenue remains closed. officials say it will take' few days to fix that road. water main breaks never an easy thing, never an easy fix. it is 4:52 now. coming up, snail mail. e-mail. coming up, there's a new system that the post office is testing that can save you a trip to the mailbox. thousands of santas coming to town this weekend. they won't be giving milk and eating cookies. the complaints already made
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had some of those with the snow and cold and wind. today is a relatively warmer day. it comes by the end of the week and the weekend. if you want the snow and cold, it's not anywhere in sight. low to mid 40s. some 30s in the hudson valley. plan on the day starting out with clouds. clouds will start to break up as we go to noontime. 45. look for a high this afternoon of 48 degrees. no 50s today but we'll be right
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for tomorrow, maybe even 60s by the weekend. >> chris, you're the bruno mars of the sing along. >> they won't let me dance. >> michael is our dancer. >> that's right. everybody knows that. >> yes, totally. right now no major problems on the roads but we do have some issues on the rails. uptown 6 train there are some delays due to a rail condition. major commuter lines, everything looks good. running without delays or service changes. about one train has pulled out from each of those. nothing yet. it is 4:56. meanwhile, a new transportation bill pledges $20 billion towards new rail tunnels. >> but will those new tunnels be done before the old ones have to be shut down? the 105-year-old tunnels under the hudson and east rivers are crumbling. 4 investigates found these after a recent inspection. they found a recent crack. amtrak spends up to 55 hours
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>> the danger is that the next time the inspectors go down they might see a crack that has gotten a lot larger than they expected and that they hadn't seen before. they'll say, you know what, we won't run anymore trains through this before we fix the crack. >> before the work begins on the new tunnels the environmental impact studies have to be done. the studies alone can take as long as three years. police are searching for the robbers that ripped off gwyneth paltrow's pop-up. >> officials say the suspects pried open a display cabinet while the worker was distracted. they walked off with $173,000 in jewelry and watches. you better watch out because santa con is coming to new york city in a few days. that's why a dozen city officials sent letters to the organizers and to the new york liquor authority.
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hand this saturday. no word on which neighborhood they'll take over. it draws numerous complaints every year. we've been talking about chipotle a lot recently. a lot of people are getting sick after eating chipotle. two dozen boston college students fell ill. that includes some members of the men's basketball team. they say they all ate at the same restaurant near campus. so far there's no proof that this is related to the chipotle e. coli outbreak now reported in nine states. new yorkers can get an e-mail about your snail mail. the u.s. postal service testing a service called informed delivery. postal service will send customers an e-mail with photos of your mail. it will help people see what's in their mailbox when they're traveling and out of town. informed delivery is already active in northern virginia. expanding to new york city. sign up online at,
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new website for online shoppers who like amazon's prices. it's called get price so here's how it works. you find something you want to buy on amazon. then you use the get price local tab to find a store in your area willing to match the amazon plies price. the website rolled out last month. the fta is making city sidewalks safer. it will be high heel friendly, thank you. the mta says the grates are made with slip resistant material and the openings are only half an inch wide. they're between park and madison. similar grates are being used in the second avenue subway project. i've learned to walk on my tippy subway grates.
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have to walk on the grates and
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