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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  December 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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all went down, kat. >> reporter: and so many people who live and work around here are saying this seems like such a bizarre thing to happen. the shooting victim and the two friends ended up here by the high line, this is their gold vehicle that is being guarded right now by an nypd officer. the victim, even though wounded, they called for help right here at this spot and police are looking at this as a road rage incident or was it more? nypd detectives went from building to building in manhattan's trendy meat packing district, looking for surveillance video they hoped would show the shooting that happened here. the street near hudson street. >> there was a cop along here blocking off the street and all yellow tape every where. >> reporter: she lives nearby and saw police around 6:45 this morning. investigators say earlier, about 4:15 in the morning, three friends left the griffin, a nightclub further down the street on in the area. they got into their car, gold
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a driver in a gray-colored minivan kept blocking into them, police say bumping the front of the bmw. investigators say the three men in the car and the van driver got out of their vehicles and began arguing. all of the sudden, the van driver shot one of the men. >> i think it's crazy. this is a very safe neighborhood. >> reporter: the victim and friends took off in the bmw, driving far couple of minutes, they ended up on 14th street near the highline and tenth avenue. there, they called for help. people who work in the area where the shooting happened are stunned. this man works next to the nightclub where the victim and his friends had been. >> it's a little scary. that's for sure. i mean working there, you don't see that stuff over here. so it's kind of strange. >> just because it's in a fancier part of town doesn't mean it's not going to happen. >> reporter: and as you take a live look at the victim's vehicle, investigators thinking about every possibility, even considering that this could have been an attempt to rob the victims according to
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perhaps the van driver could have been hitting that car, and later on gotten the attention of the people inside in order to rob them, but the exact motive remains unclear, investigators still looking for that van driver while that shooting victim remains in the hospital in serious condition. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> can't wait to hear a motive on this one, thank you. now, how could this happen? investigators working to determine what caused a huge slab of bricks to fall from the facade of of a high-rise, slamming on to an intersection below. it has businesses in the area shut down, traffic tied up, but somehow, miraculously, nobody was injured or killed. news 4's ray is there this afternoon. are we seeing any progress? >> reporter: we're not seeing much progress as far as this investigation, so it might be being done inside this building. more than 12 hours after this miracle on 63rd street and department of building
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behind me, the street is blocked off. all that this after police call a repointing accident. bricks came tumbling down from the top of the 35th floor building down to a busy intersection below. >> i thought it was hail. but like, and i saw it, and the pieces of bricks looked white. >> reporter: it wasn't a hailstorm, but a shower of bricks that came tumbling down from a building. a miraculous accident last night as no one was seriously hurt. in which is normally a busy intersection. it happened around 10:00 last night. >> my family and i went on the terrace, and we saw, you know, building crumble. the facade falling to the ground and there were people, no one knew what was going on, we called the police. >> reporter: police appears it was a repointing accident. you can see the large gap in the facade where they fell from.
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there?nno one got hurt? >> i think a taxi was hit with a brick or something. >> reporter: and that's what we've been hearing all morning long. people talking about saying wow, i can't believe no one was hurt. 4 investigates uncovered there were work permits on the building for scaffolding, i've called and e-mailed to find out more about what the work that was being done here exactly was. and exactly where things stand in this investigation. i can tell you, building inspectors have been walking around this area again trying to figure out how all of this happened. live on the upper east side this afternoon, news 4 new york. >> i can't imagine if it happened at a busier intersection, thank you so much. in new jersey, a fire on rutgers campus forced an early morning evacuation. chopper 4 over this scene. the flames started on the roof of the behavioral health care facility. more than 30 people were inside this building at the time. luckily everybody got out safe. the fire was quickly contained, and that building has already reopened. off-duty cop says he was forced to shoot and kill a man
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this happened late last night in queens. lori bordonaro is in springfield gardens now with more on this developing story this afternoon. >> reporter: and rob, that the hour, police are still searching for a second man who was inside the home here with that craigslist seller before he allegedly threatened the police officer and the deal turned deadly. >> i hear the shots. like, about seven or eight shots. i was in my house over there. >> reporter: gunshots echoed through this queens neighborhood. frightening residents after a craigslist deal went bad. >> i heard sirens and held lo continuers and then i knew it was something serious. >> reporter: and off-duty officer responded to the ad for a white used bmw late last night on 145th avenue. the two men who answered the door haggled with the officer over price. one man pulled out what police say appeared to be a gun and tried to rob him. the officer fired, killing the man.
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on the floor, and the police standing over him. and he tell know back up because he got a gun. >> reporter: it was an air pistol police recovered at assent, but they are still searching for the second man who took off in that white bmw. and residents are on the lookout. >> they have to be cautious. >> reporter: and the officer was not hurt, but he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. you can see the road and area here still closed off. and police still searching for that white bmw. that's the latest from here in queens, lori bordonaro, news 4, new york. lori, thank you. the mysterious death of a new jersey woman has warranted a $10,000 reward from crime stoppers. the body of 35-year-old yolanda vega was found early inside her home on beacon street. police have not released any specific details about how she died, the case though is being investigated as a homicide. seven arsons in two months.
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firefighters are fed up, and today, they came together to do something about it. news 4's mark santia is in forest hills and just spoke with community leaders, marc. >> reporter: rob, for nearly two hours, this frightened community met with city leaders. their target, their mission is to stop that arsonist whose been terrorizing this community. the fire bog struck several times in the last few weeks. robert boyce was here along with queens borough president melinda kaths and other leaders here. the goal here this morning to protect a very worried community. i asked the chief if he believes the arsonist is part of a domestic terror organization that focuses on environmental causes, chief boyce does not believe that's the case, but he says at that point, police are not aware of a motive. the nypd does have their hate crimes task force investigating since many of the seven arsons took place in heavily jewish neighborhoods across forest hills.
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they have just upped the reward to $12,500, they want to find this guy. if you have any information, you're asked to call police immediately. the community also coming up with some strategies on their own, working hand in hand with the police, they're going to get patrols out in the neighborhoods as think this guy stays on the loose. we're live in forest hills, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new here at noon, what happened in the days leading up to that deadly terror attack in san bernardino, california. nbc news learned that in the weeks before that shooting, syed farook and tashfeen malik received an unusual deposit of $28,500 in their bank account. we've also learned that just two days before the shooting, farook spent hours at a california gun range. federal agents are carefully going through evidence found in the couple's home. they now believe the pair had been radicalized for some time and carefully plotted this attack. an emotional return to paris for members of the american band
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they visited the bataclan music hall for the first time since terrorists opened fire during their concert. the lead singer seen right there in the red suspenders emotional, his fellow band mates placing flowers at memorial outside the hall for the 89 victims that died that night. and last night the band joined u2 on stage in paris for their first performance since the attack. donald trump is defending his position that the u.s. should ban all muslims from entering the country. in a phone interview today on msnbc's morning joe, the presidential candidate explained how that would work. >> we have to get hands around the center -- >> donald, ask the person his or her religion? >> they would say, are you muslim? >> the interview turned into a testy exchange with trump repeatedly interrupting the anchors, and here's what happened. >> donald, donald -- >> i'm not just talking.
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>> we will go to break if you keep talking. >> go to break then, joe, all i'm doing is -- >> go to break, everybody, go to break. >> well despite tempers flairing there, trump did stay on the phone, and they did finish that interview. all right, coming up next here at noon, a wild chase on the streets of seattle. and what happened at the end of this sparked a massive investigation. and jon stewart returns to the daily show, but not to tell jokes. the local cause that he took to the national stage. it's coming up next. and rob, we have a little bit of a cooldown out there today, temperatures in the 40s on this tuesday, but 60s are right around the corner.
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breaking news here this afternoon, in yonkers, there is a heavy police presence on the sawmill parkway near mcclain avenue. our news 4 photographer is there, chop 4er also on the way. we are checking on reports that nypd officers were chasing a suspect whose vehicle then crashed. details still sketchy. we'll give you an update as soon as we know more. oscar pistorius will be allowed to stay out of prison while he awaits sentencing on new murder charges. this morning the south african judge set bail at 700 u.s. dollars. while out on bail, the star will most likely, or will mostly remain under house arrest. sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp is set for april 18th next year. the attorneys will appeal this new conviction. jon stewart is using comedy, sthaming, and social media to get, to get the act renewed. he was back to talk about the
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five years ago, he used the show and a panel of 9/11 first responders to help him out. well this year, just one was back, the rest have all died. in the end, stewart pushed a hashtag to let lawmakers know how you feel. >> how about this, this, #worstresponders. everybody get online and you tell mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and congress, do the right thing. >> the act expired in september. it helps 9/11 first responders get medical help caused by the toxic air and the bad conditions at ground zero. many subway ride lers be able to make a call or send an e-mail while waiting for a train. the east 86th street station became the late toast offer free cellular and wi-fi service. being connected makes for a more convenient and safer ride. the mta along with the company transit wireless is aiming to wire every underground station
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in today's money report, more bad news for the people behind two huge office supply chains. bill griffith joins us now from the cnbc's global headquarters and a check of the markets. >> hey bill. >> hey rob. >> down day on wall street again today like yesterday, and like yesterday, it is attributable mainly to lower oil prices, energy stocks are moving lower, oil close to a seven-year low today. dow was down more than 200 points. the lows were down 164 points right now. here's the deal on oil prices, they are going lower because there's just a huge supply of oil right now around the world. and demand has skom down somewhat. opec when it met on friday decided not to cut production to try and prop those prices up. so, we're getting lower oil prices and that can bonl good news for drivers, of course. the national savage 2.02 $2.02 and below at stations in 41 different states right now. and with the latest decline in oil prices, it is almost certain
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gasoline is going to fall below $2. we haven't seen that in seven or eight years. office depot and staples have been sharply lower after the federal trade commission set the move to block their $6 billion merger. the federal trade commission says combining the number one and number two office supply retailers would be anti-competitive. now these two companies tried to merge way back in 1997 and regulators blocked it for the same reason at that time. but the retailers argue that companies like amazon and walmart now pose a greater threat of competition than they did almost 20 years ago. so unless either side blinks, ftc or one of these two retailers, if nobody's willing to blink or give any room, it looks like we may have a court battle on our hands. we will see. key you posted on that. >> everybody's merging. >> they are, because money is cheap, and they need the mass appeal to make some money these days.
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>> see you later. >> all right. now with a check now of the weather. feels about average out there 50 degrees or so -- >> cooler today, rob. its been so warm the past few days, no sign of anywhere, except if you're looking down there. you can see the skaters enjoying cooler weather, temperatures in the 40s, even though we're closer to average today, it's still above average. 47 outside already. we have partly sunny skies, now we are tracking some rain off to the east of town, but it gets milder day by day. you can see in your weather headlines, it is a bit cooler today. clouds and showers off to the east of town, eastern long island, and then a major warm-up coming as we head towards the end of the week and especially into the weekend. right now we're tracking clouds and sunshine around new york city, storm tracker is nice and quiet. you can see the rain that we had lingering across the hamptons, that is pulling away as low pressure moves offshore and sunshine building in from the west, as the day goes on, it gets brighter. again, these temperatures about five degrees cooler than they
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mid-40s in westchester county, not too shabby. temperatures in the 40s in white plains and central park. 46 in long branch, and we have 48 degrees with you for clouds right now in bridgeport. high temperatures today, it's still above average, the average high's 45. we're going to get to around 48 in central park. even though it's cooler, still above average. and that trend continues over the next six to 14 days we think. on future tracker, the dry tend continues as well around 2:00 p.m. clouds and sunshine, even to the east of town, you start to get sunny along island. 6:00 tonight, mostly clear, nice and quiet and dry. tomorrow morning, back to work, commute here. clouds and sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. dry. overnight wednesday into thursday morning. and it's not a lot of rain. not a lot of green here. lots of clouds thursday morning, a few spotty sprinkles with a warm front mving through on thursday by the afternoon, no big deal, bring the umbrella to
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rain should be very light if it happens at all. 48 for the high for today, clouds breaking for sun as the day goes on. chilly, down to 38 for the low. partly cloudy skies, low 30s in town. temperatures coming our way. 51 tomorrow, 56 on thursday with the spotty showers, and then we're just absolutely well above average by almost 20 degrees as we head into the weekend. 59 for your high on saturday. 61 on sunday. so yeah, this weekend as you're making those plans, maybe plan something outside, next chance of rain after that, not until monday, but it stays much warmer than it would be for snow. 56 and some showers on monday. rob. over to you. >> remember the last two winters, this is it. >> okay, i'll take it. >> we love it. "new york live' next here, here are the ladies with what's ahead. >> we love it too. coming up, blake shelton breaks
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episode of "the voice." yo u can bet who it was written for. >> unique twists on the classic new york hot dog. where you can try these amazing creations. looks like a perfect bite. >> it does. >> that and more right here at 12:30. >> oh the hot dog, i try to stay away -- >> but you can't. >> i know. still ahead here at noon, simple parking job that ended with a van plowing right through
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seattle man led police on a wild chase that ended with a violent crash and a shootout with officers. this is edited video just released by the seattle police department. it shows several squad cars chasing that carjacking suspect. at one point, crashing into the back of the vehicle. the suspect keeps going and then look at that, eventually
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out and opens fire. that's what officers fired back, killing the suspect. 12 officers are now on paid leave as this incident is being investigated. side of danger. coming with dinner, people eating at a south florida restaurant, look at that. watch this suv blasting through a wall and busy dining room. it takes out a number of tables, knocks several customers out of their seats. five people were hurt. two seriously. police say the driver, a man in his 40s, hit the gas instead of the break while parking his car. everyone is expected to be okay.
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back now to breaking news out of the yonkers. heavy police presence on the parkway near mcclain avenue. reggie harrison is over the scene in chopper 4. >> that's right, rob, we're looking at that large scene over here on the river parkway. this is northbound near exit four. you can see here, police are on the scene, heavy car chase ends in this crash. you can see here we understand that at least twoer. >>s have been captured over here, but looking for one more one. unknown injuries, but as long as we get more information, we'll bring it to you live. here in yonkers, saw mill river parkway, exit four. massive crash, back to you. >> looks like a number of cars involved. >> can you see any of the back-ups there on the saw mill?
12:24 pm
here coming northbound, very large back-up, goes back for several miles. southbound's not too bad. properly pulling them off further north, but this is going to be out here for some time until they can get this wrapped up. many cars involved with this chase and crash. >> thank you so much.
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