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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it's thursday, december 10th. coming up on "early today." donald trump support grows as the controversy over his muslim ban proposal draws comment from theae greatest of all time. new fbi details on the couple's online courtship, discussing jihad. >> online, as late as -- as earl ea as the it end y as the end of the 2013, they were talking about martyouom before they were married. and a tanker explosion in
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> and court room outbursts from the shooter of the planned parenthood. andnt check it out, the world's first official test tube puppies. "early today" starts right now. good morning. today, members of congress are re iving high level classified briefings on the san bernardino shootings. as for the couple who killed 14,14 we're learning about warning signs. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. what are wesh expecting to learn today? >> reporter: we may not learn a lot because it is classified. law makers may certainly get a lot more detail about what the investigation is revealing at this point and they'll give us somes sense afterwards as to whether or not they're satisfied
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and what we've already learned about this investigation is surprising. fbi directorrp comy was here on the heels yesterday telling law makers some of what they did not know so far about the investigation. that these two were radicalized before they started -- as he put it -- dating each other online, asnl early as the end of 2013, they were13 talking about jihad and martyrdom and that was before the rise of isis and beershe travel beer before tashfeen travelled here on a edvisa. and before that, syed farook was talking to his neighbor about a possible attack. that neighbor is now being questioned. heti provided two of the four weapons -- that relative, he's
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ovided two of the four weapons used in the attack. >> > donald trump is again threatening a third party bid. he's been under aby the so-called establishment for his muslim ban. >> if i'm treated fairly, i would never do it. if i'm not treated fairly, i might very well do it. deal is i have to be treated >> fairly. >> trump's political rivals have already condemned his proposal and now we're hearing from other big names. and trump tweeted obama said in his speech that muslims are our sports heroes. what sport is he talking about and who is obama profiling? many were quick to point out one if not the greatest of alltime, ali, trump who he met in 2007. and yesterday, the champ
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and a not so veiled jab at trump. "speaking as someone who has never been accused of political correctness, i believe our political leaders should bring understanding to clairify that these misguided murderers have perverted people's views on what is ym really is." basketball legend, kareem abdul-jabbar, his l est piece, what d cald trump and isis have in common.. and trump way out in front in south carolina. atro 35%. his support actually jumped eightum points after his statement. from 30%uring the first two nights to 38% durin both second two. for more on that we go to nbc's katy tur. >> >> reporter: donald trump isn't quieting down. >> these are people outside the
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talk about the constitution and this isn't about religion, this is about safety. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others. regardless of what they look like or where they come from or their last name is or what faith they practice. >> reporter: the country remain divided and according to a poll, bloomberg find nearly 2/3 agree with the ban. >> who's chopping off people's heads? >> reporter: parliament will consider a 300,000 plus petition to ban the candidate. >> will they consider making donald trump another -- >> reporter: and now trump planning an end of the month
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he wants an international simp ymbol of real estate.. >> i'm he least racist person yoonu have ever met. fo >> areinou bigoted in any way?y? >> no, i don't think so. >> islam foeb? >> o. pp . a minnesota man i accused of aconspiring to help isis. e somali man was arrested yesterday andre charge would conspira to offer help. they say he tried to help other young men from o the somali bmmunity travel to syria to help fight for isis. dramatic footage overnight from birmingham, alabama, where a tanker exploded. firepl officials say one of the cylinders ruptured and ignited
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nearby residents were evacuated. the fire is under control and crews are now olconducting a hazmat clean up. protesters took to the streets in it's the latest fall out from the f recently released video from last year that shows an officer >> wlrks an >> reporter: an emotional meeting that chicago police board. >> they brought a birch of unch of liars and thieves and destroyed a community i a put my life in a >> reporter: this just hours afterou protesters shut down streets calling onmmayor rahm emmanuel to shut down. he accepted responsibi cty for
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shooting andapologized. >> if we're going to begin the aling process, the firstnutep in that journey is my step and i'm >> reporter: the anger was ignited last month with the release of dash cam video shat showed a chicago police officer shooting a 17-year-old 16 times.e the officer is now charge would murder and entered a plea of not guilty. last week chicago's police chief was fired. the mayor admitted police and city leaders need to earn the public's trust. >> it is a painful process nd a long journey because of the issues we need to confront. >> reporter: earlier this week, the justice department launched a civil rights investigation into the chicago police department. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> both sides digging indiana in chicago. little doubt re ins of the
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planned parenthood in colorado and the spect appeare in court yesterday. among his nearly 16 outbursts, railed against planned mparenthood. >> kill thnte babies. that's what planned parenthood does. >> deer is charge would d with 179 felony accounts. a comp taens hearing is skaejled for december 23rd. the pacific northwest continues to take a pounding. sopo i fryer is in the flood zone. >> reporter: a parade of storms marching to the pacific northwest isac flooding roads and neighborhoods so quickly those caught off guard nide eed to be rescued. and rivers of mud under r ds d homes.
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inside his house and in oregon a massive sink hole took out two lanes of road. and some with more than 12 inches of rain. >> when the water reaches the road, we have about two hours to blowou the second whistle. >> reporter: no one is taking chancesak as the storm parade marchs s marches on. >> bill karins is here. >> northwest known for gloomy weat r and light rain. this is a parade of storms. and this ss one of the storm fatalities in the poctland, oregon area. is tree split the house in half and unfortunately, a 60-year-old woman did die in that tree crash. look at this storm as it goes across the pacific andlams
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shot of rain coming up i-5 from eugene to portland and that will be right along the coast of washington state into areas near seattle and what's different about this stormnt is we're going to focus g a lot ofain and snow in northern california. we like it. now we're starting to get this further to the south and eventually we'll get good snow out of this d too. so, late tonight and into tomorrow the travel will be most difficult and from mammoth lakes to interstate 80, 1 to 2 feet of snow and winds could gust up to 80 miles per hour. and now a closer look at your day ahead. the other side of the country is still feeling like maybe midfall stead of the end of fall. s in texas. we're going to be near 60 in chicago. buffalo at 55.
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we could see record highs in eas of the east. flprowers are going to start to get confused. >> i'm confuse would all d with all the crazy weather. another hoverboard goes up in flames. whe isn't the government
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the number of boston college students who've gotten sick from eating at a nearby chipotle has sky rocketed to 12e. later on "today," the exclusive interview with the foupd nder and ceo of chipotle. >>re> and the first baltimore police officer tried in the death of freddy gray testified in his own defense yesterday. he said he did not call for
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no signs of injury and did not request medical attention. he also said he did not secure gray's seatbelt because it's typically the driver's responsibility. they have argued that he contributed by not calling for medical help and not buckling him in. this holiday season it seems the hoverboard is one of the most hottest items, literally. the lithium batteries have a history of over heating and catching fire and because they're not toys or vehicles, they're not regulated. the consumer product safety commission is investigating ar those fires. now check out the world's first puppies to be born through in vitro furtalization. this technology maytallow doctors to p ient genetic diseases like cancer.
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let's get down to business. futures are higher and the dow swung 360 points but closed 75 points down and crude oil near a six year low. americans are willing to spend about $203 for a gourmet amiller. the hardos poll survey poled over 2,000 u.s. adults and they found millennials are willing to spendothe most. those irresponsible kids. and we're not talking about mayweather packio. plus, one of the best finishes
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this morning on "today," the new holiday display fad that's creating danger in the sky. find out why the faa is weighing in on those las light christmas decorations. the head of the ufc announced a rematch between holly holm and ronda rousy will take place july 9th in las vegas. rousy i still recovering from, the second round knock out. deandre jordan and los angeles easily picks up their third
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and memphis down two as the clock ticked down. thr e grizzlies let it fly from high court, hitting the desperation three-pointer with 1 seconds on the clock. just ahead, the president and first lady reveal what's on their list of favorite things.
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now for the fun stuff, some entertainment news. luke skywalker himself, mark hammal hosting a special on light sabers. carry fisher's dog, gary now on instagram, the pooch gained a following after recent interviews by fisher to promote ""star wars: the force awakens."" youtube releasing its annual rewind video looking at the year's best videos and it celebrates the web sites 10th year and includes performances of current and previous youtube pu stars.
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wu tang's copy of the single album, the person known for rising the price of the prescription to $750. and very overtly "game of rones." it includes the house of stark motto, winter is coming. >> creative. i like it. and amy poehler revealing her biggest year on "the tonight show" last night. >> what's your biggest fear? >> easy. being istake for j-lo. and then being asked to dance. and dancing better than j-lo. and j-lo being angry. i don't want j-lo to be angry at me. that's my biggest fear. >> who knew amy poehler and i have so much in common.
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leading the news in the washington post, saudy ae saudi women are voting and running for office for the first time ever. and they're on the ballo30for municipal counsel seats. elections will take place this saturday. historic. and for mashable, toron cab driver bangs on an uber car and is dragged 70 feet at an antiuber protest.
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for allegedly having no insurance. toronto taxi drivers are protesting what they see as unsafe business practices by the car app that threatens the city's taxi services. the board voted to hire a new town marshal and this heated argument over the firing of it the old town marshal quickly escalated between the fist figh out between the new and old town rshal. >> who gets to arrest who? >> that's a very important question. state police investigate ing the incident. the interview covered everything from most cherished moments to most favorite books. and his favorite song, wait for it, kendrick lamar's "how much a llar costs."
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enough of "up town funk" by bruno mars. and the animau'd film "inside out." that's sweet. in oregon, one lucky player won the $6.4 million lottery jackpot from iraq. this is the first time in the state 'sweistory someone overseas bought a mega bucks ticket online and won. you can imagine your money fwoe goes a lot farther there. >> yv i didn't even know they were eligible. i want a bigger pot next time. good point. presidnt obama expected to sign into law an over haul of the no-child left behind law. it also encouraged states to
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testing. keep it right her for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early day." have a good one. right now, dozens of families in brooklyn left waiting to go back into their homes as con ed workers search
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