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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we're live with new details. $170,000 in jewelry swiped from a celebrity's pop-up shop. new this morning, video of the man police would like to find. and a woman's body found burned in a bathtub in queens. police say the search for the killer took them 1200 miles away. "today in new yoak" starts now. good morning, everaune. thursday morning,sdecember 10th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with th forecast. i'd like to add my own input here. it is one of the warmest mornings i remember tn a while. >> the deeper into december we go, the warmer it's getting. temperatures this morning are in the 50s. wewi have a couple showers. we've had a few come on through. there's one last batch here working its way into central portions of new jersey. through the early morning hours, there will be a few hit-or-miss showers. we're starting out in the mid-50s.
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50s this afternoon. we have 60-degree days in our forecast. we'll get to that in a bit. here's emily west with the commute. >> good morning, everyone. ride not too bad at all. there is some construction still wrapping up at the george washington bridge. let's take live look. the upper level. lower level is e-z pass only until bout 6:00. also, shuttle bus air train. con ed still digging around >> sing for the source of a gas leak in borough park in brooklyn. >> four buildings still evacuated. they've been evacuated since last night, leaving families wondering whs they can go home. >> jensfaf maxfield is on 64th lvstreet with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, and the utility crews are still working here at 64th street.
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they're inside trying to find the source of this gas leak. four homes havt been edacuatom on 64th street in the borough park section of brooklyn. residents noticed the odor of natural gas. firefighters found an elevated level of carbon monoxide and acuated the families living on this block. the utility crews are working to find the source of that gas leak. no word yet on when the families will be allowed back home. that's the latest. back to you. >> je thank you. and new this morning, we're getting a look t video of a heist involving oscar winner gwyneth paltrow. the thief got away with $170,000 in jewelry from paltrow's nupop-up store goop. katherine creag has a look at that video. >> reporter: nypd detectives have released surveillance images of at least one of the
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jewelry heist here at columbus ci orcle. we want to show you some of those images right now. this is oneaof the men police believe sle nearly $200,000 in jewelry saturday afternoon from the pop-up store known as goop. the stolen items included a $106,000 bulgari bracelet. also, an 18 carat bracelet worth more than $43,000 and three men's rolex watches. the surveillance footage shows a maren in a light-colored jacket, hat, and blue shirt runn g away from police. darlene and michael, as you might imagine, police still looking for any more surveillance video showing the three men who stole from that store. back to you.e>> all right, katherine creag. that's expensive jewelry. >> absolutely. all right. coming up on 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we're getting the southern hemisphere weather. we're getting warmer into december.
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season, but i don't know the way things are going now. earlier in the week we were in the 40s. we thought that was mild. we're in the 50s right now. spotty showers around early this morning. most of those are gone by about 8:00. clouds should break for some sun in the afternoon. temperatures back to the ch mid and upper 50s. even warmer weather by the weekend. right now, warm enough at 54 degrees. a mostly cloudy sky. watch for a brief sho r early. by noontime and thereafter, breaks of sunshine as temperatures climb back into the upper 50s. let's get over to emily west. >> trouble with the j train. service is suspended between broad street and chambers street due to track maintenance. also, we have the overnight track work. if you are traveling out, planning on taking these lines, keep in mind still working on that. commuter checklist, everything looks great. no delays for you this morning. your buses, the m-103 dealing with detours as well as 168, 178, 182 for new jersey transit
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and alternate side, meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up. >> tha s so much, emily. police are now identifyi the elderly couple found s t to death on staten island police say they found the bodies of the 71-year-old and 68-year-old inside a home on spruce lane in charleston yesterday morning. we're told they were boyfriend and girlfriend. police believe it may have been a murder-suicide. the boyfriend of a woman found dead and badly burned in queens now faces murder charges. police say 27-year-old carlos leon panetta was not extradited to new york until thid week. her body was found in the bathtub of their apartment in jamaica with burns all over her body. deliberations expected to begin today at the federal corruption trial of dean skelos and his son. the former senate leader is accused of using his position to
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no-show job, but skelos claims he did nothing illegal. both men are charged with bribery, conspiracy, and extortion. from connecticut, we have an update on a report that a yale university fraternity held a white girls only party. yesterday the school's dean finished his investigation into the sae halloween party, deciding against discipline. his statement says everyone was let into the yale frat house until it became overcrowded. then he says things turned, quote, chaotic but not discri >>minytory. police have arrested the driver in a nasty crash. you can look at the damage done to the vehicles involved. police say the driver was drunk when he came off the manhattan bridge and slammed into a van then a police vehicle. two people were injured. they're expected to recover. no word yet as to what charges that driver is facing. on long island, the former head of suffolk county's police force has a bail hearing set for tomorrow on his corruption charges. james burke was arrested by federal agents yesterday.
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enaormer chief is charged with roughing up a man accused of breaking into his official vehicle then conspireing to cover it up. news day reports prosecutors asked the judge to keepliurke behind bars. they sa he poses a danger to wih,tnesses. >> no one is above the law. not an ordinary citizen and certainly not the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the suffolk county police department. >> we vigorously deny that there was, is, or ever has been a cover-up. >> burke pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say their probe into the suffolk police force is not er. 4:37 right now. mourners gathered at a vigil for a fateenager struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in queens. pechople were kneeling and saying prayers at the corner of junction and northern boulevard. that's where police say ovidio jaramillo was hit by a speeding driver as he was walking home
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police still trying to find that driver. >> i didn't even get td o hug him to say good-bye. it was like, bye, see you tomorrow. those were the last words. didn't know i wasn't going to see my best friend. >> police believe the suspect's car is a black toyota camry. prosecutors now say the san bernardino killers had a long history of radicalization. investigators say one of the shooters, syed, farook, plotted with his neighbo three years ago to curry out an assault, but they got cold feet. that neighbor is accused of supplying the husband and wife shootersith guns. also, the couple appeared to show signs of terrorist leanings for some time. >> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. and online, as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. >> sourcesasell nbc news the
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they were looking at other targets in southern california. happening today in queens, elected officia are going to condemn the possible hate crime attack on a muslim store owner in astoria. on saturday, mr. haque was attacked by a man who said he, quote, wanted kill muslims. police say haque was punched, thrown to the ground. the store's owner says he's shocked. he says he's always felt welcome in this community. >> we should be all together. we are in america. everybody came to america from somewhere else. we have togetherress. that's who we were. >> a good samaritan helped hold do the suspect, who was later arrested in this attack. now to the latest on the donald trump controversy. many members of the new y k city council call him unfit to be president. >> there's nothing left to say about donald trump, except that he's a disgusting, racist
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running for president, period. >> the rally at city hall denounced trump for his call to stop muslims from enteringhe united states. a trump supporter heckled the group. they chant and a bloomberg one-day poll shows trump has some support. nearly two-thirds of likely republican primary voters agreed with his call for a ban. president obama weigued in yesterday on the controversy. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others. regardless of what they look like or where they come from or what their last name is or what faith they practice. >> trump is sticking by his words. he insists he's not anti-muslim, but now the british parg liament is debating hether to ban trump from the country after hundreds of thousands of people petitioned british lawmakers to act. it is 4:40 right now. coming up, is's a tag team ripoff. a local hospital worker and his wi
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to go out on shopping sprees. and a big rig bursts into flames. in just minutes, what that truck was carrying that forced families from les around to run for safety. and weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the hamilton bridge. don't forget, follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. twit michaelg4ny, darlene4nyo you're watching "today in new
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here are four things to know this morning. princeton yniversity's board of trustees says it's formed a subcommittee to examine former president woodrow wilson's cist past. students want his name erased from the campus because of support for segregation. this morning p
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called a fix for the no child left behind act. the act gives states more control over student accountability and how testing is used to evaluate students, teacherse and school progress. today governor cuomo is going to award money to communities to improve the economy upstate. the golden globe nominations are being announced this morning on the "today" show. the awards will take place sunday, january 10th, here on nbc. all right. weather headlines this morning. we have a couple showers out there early on. nothing really heavy, but you may need the umbrella if you're adinout any time before 8:00. the clouds should break for a little bit of sunshine, es cially late morning and afternoon near rec >>ord warmth this weekend. we're talking temperatures getting into the 60s both saturday and sunday. next real rain chance comes later monday with a cold front heading our way. 52 right now in chelsea. 53 in city island. these would be nice high temperatures for the day. so far that's the low this
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look at poughkeepsie, 52. earlier this week, you were in the 20s at this hour. so a big change in temperature over the last 24 hours. a warm front pushed to the north of us. cit stays mild again today. look for a high of 58. your normal high is 45. we'll probably get close to 20 degrees above normal by the latter half of the week nd. there you see a line of showers. the last little batch trying to slide on through central portions of new jersey. again, this area, moving towards morris county, northeast new jersey, passaic, probably clip the city with a couple light showers. nothing really heavy. that's in the next, say, one to two hours. notice the showers move off, the clouds thin out. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. we anticipate some sunshine. tonight, just patchy clouds overnight. they'll fill in towards tomorrow morning. again, no rain expected overnight. clouds break up for a little bit of sunshine once again tomorrow afternoon. tempbiatures tomorrow still quiet and mild. heading into saturday, more in the way of sunshine throughout the day. that will allow temperatures to get into the low 60s and warmer weather perhaps by the time we
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looking at a higt of 58 for today. that's in town. 56, larchmont. upper 50s along the jersey shore. again, clouds giving way to a little bit of sunshine at times. 48 your low tonight. that's still way above normal. out east, emperatures close to 50. a few upper 30s and low 40s towards the north and west. again,na real warm stuff comes our way this weekend. 62 on saturday. 64 on sunday. here comes the shower threat. even ahead of the showers on monday, i think we're in the 60s. we could easily have a three-day streh in december of 60-degrel days. that would be saturday, sunday, and monday. once the showers exit monday, we're back to sunshine. even behind the cold front, not too cold. ymiou50s tuesday and wednesday. let's find out about any trouble spots on the commute so far. emily has it for us. >> s tll delays on the upper east side. that's due to monday's partial building collapse. 1st avenue still closed 57th to 65th. let's head to new jersey. still dealing w h delays from
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route 1-9 southbound at mclellan street. th at left lane is blocked in wark. road work on the turnpike. you're going to find just a stretch of delays here and there on the turnpike. that's the car lanes southbound from 15e on to exit 8a. on and off this morning dealing with those construction delays. t's take a liv look at the turnpike. this is right near newark airport, where both directions are moving along very nice this morning. and a check of the brooklyn bridge, where the bqe and camden plaza dealing with a little bit of road work. also, you're finding construction on the brookly, bridge. looks like traffic can get by okay. that left lane taken up. also, taking the air train this morning. jfk, shuttle bus is provided until 8:00. that's due to maintenance. alternat>>ehside, meter rules in effect. >> thanks so much, emily. 4:47 right now. a hospital worker and his wife are accused in identity theft scheme to make high-end purchases. police say kyle steed worked at lenox hill hospital and stole
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his wife, krystle, allegedly used that info to call up their banks to get control of their credit cards. investigators say the couple racked up more than $300,000 in purchases at saks and tried to steal $1 million more. >> i was told that there was a search warrant executed at their home and that there was a significant number -- amount of merchandise found. >> prosecutors say they found 50 chanel purses at the couple's apartment. each worth about $6,000. chicago's mayor faces a growing crisis over reported police abuses. now some people want him out of office. they took to the streets yesterday, calling on rahm emanuel to resign. one video shows a teenage suspect being shot 16 times. the officer in that case is charged with murder. the mayor, though, trying to calm the outcry. >> if we're going to fix it, i
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responsibility with you, but if we're also going to begin the healing process, the first step in that journey is my step. and i'm sorry. >> mayor emanuel promising whaz he says will be a complete and total reform of the chicago police department. the man accesed of killing three people buat a colorado planned parenthood had several outbursts at his latest court appearance. >> planned parenthood and my lawyerkere in can hoots to shut me up. they don't want the truth out. >> robert dear interrupted the proceedings at least 16 times. declared himself a, quote, warrior for the babies. he faces numerous charges, including first-degree murder. 4:49 now. an investigation is now under way after a bomb squad detonated an explosive device at a school in mississippi. police say it was found inside a student's backpack in the library at warren central junior high in vicksburg, mississippi. the school immediately evacuated.
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questioned, one of them just 13 years old. police are looking for a group of teenagers believed to be responsible for several armed robberies in central park. two men and t, ee women were all robbed at gunpoint within two hours of each other late monday night. e victims say they were held up by a group of four to six teenagers. no one was hurt, but the robbers t away with wallet, phon, and credit cards. a chen's toy is now being blamed for a scare that led to the evacuation of a federal building in new jersey. chopper 4 rushing to the scene after an object was found on the roof of a building at federal plaza in paterson. first responders got everybody out of the building. the mayor says the object turned out to be a remote control toy drone. a brooklyn man faces charges in connection to a rape and robbery in coney island. police arrested 31-year-old raji wilson. investigators say he is the man in t s surveillance video who raped a woman at gunpoint. the incident allegedly happened in the stairwell of her building sunday night.
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another nearby robbery. and a tractor trailer carrying chemicals caught fire and exploded on an interstate north of birmingham, alabama. zmat teams worded through the night to clean the scene. all homes within a half mile were evacuated as a precaution. authorities say the driver had stopped the truck just before the blast and called 911 to report an unusual odor. fortunately, no one was hurt. 4:51 now. in new jersey, the bear hunt totals after three days is already more than last year'so week-long combined numbers. division of fish and wildlife say hunters have now killed 366 bears since the hunt kicked off monday compared to just 272 bears through the entire week last year. th tis year's hunt is scheduled to last six days. officials say, though, they may extend it. bu:51 right now. coming up, a studyhat could make grumpy people happy. we'll tell you about it. >>ha> this is one of the season' hottest toys, but why is one
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e welcome back. looking at the alexander hamilton bridge. it's 54 degrees on thursday. thursday, december 10th. we're 54 degrees. that's pretty good. >> i think last year on this date, we had about an inch of snow. >> did we really? little bit of a difference. that was the only snow we had for the entire month of december last year. way above normal. this is just the beginning. we have few showers to get rough early this morning, especially northern half of new jersey. could brush the city in next
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once we get to about 8:00 or so, the sh er threat will diminish. the clouds will take their time in parting, but wupshould get a few breaks in the afternoon. easily the temperatures should get into the upper 50s. tonight, partly cloudy, still mild. 47 the low in the city. again, some suburbs will be a little chillie we're looking at 60 or better for both saturday and sunday. wow. >> sunday's record is . i think we may just get there. >> wow. because emily said she wasn't comi a in for lauren unless it was at least 50 degrees. >> it's in her contract. >> we delivered. we need traffic today. >> txlnk you for making it happen. all right. th oe's some overnight track work still in effect. so a few more moments if you are traveling. keep that in mind. could be some delays with that. also, the tappan zee bridge is moving along okay. in rockland county, the throughway around exit 13 and from 12 to 11, there is construction there.he>> all right, emily. thank you. 4:56 right now. a westchester county woman accused of shoplifting is
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police say she tried to steal underwear from a tjmaxx. when she was confronted by and employee, police say she kicked him, slapped the glasses off his face, and bit his thumb. she's charged with theft and assault. a neo safety concern involving those hoverboards after another one burst into flames inside a mall in seattle. a witness captured that small fire on this cell phone video. an employee quickly put the flames out with an extinguisher. the mall had to be temporari evacuated. no word as to what sparked the flames. fire marshals say rese chers should research the scooter. meantime, many hoverboard owners are now posting pictures and video of the gadget catching fire. we want to show you what's left of a hoverboard that ignited while charging. this is in a westchester county me. there have been at least six serious fires reported ross the u.s. onee case, a home burned down. the fires are being traced to the lithium in the batteries.
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hoverboards are made in china. they are not regulated. >>ymnu really don't know how well they're designed, how well they're going to function, and what safety defects they can be introducing. >> we're told one online retailer,, is now removing hoverboards from its website. at walmart, shoppers can now use their cell phones to pay for their purchases. instead of swiping a credit or debit card at the register, walmart pay users can scan a special code on their mobile device. the payment system will be available at select stores today and nationwide by early next year. you know the common wisdom. don't worry, be happy, live longer, right? curmudgeons rejoice. a new study finds you have a long life ahead of you to complain about. >> it's good news for the grumpy or for the worried that actually being unhappy, being stressed
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>> british researchers interviewed more than 700,000 older women. turns out whether you're a sour puss or have a rosy disposition had no impact on how long you lived. so you and i are going to live the same amount of time. >> you're the happy one. >> yeah, right. santa con coming to town this weekend. we now know where it will be held. it will start in brooklyn this saturday. according to "the new york times," the merry makers in those santa costumes will head to several nearby clubs. then they're going to go to the east village. thousands of people take part in santa con each year. some residents and business owners say drunken santas are often more naughty than nice. >> we hope they behave. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. we have breaking news.
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