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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bricks come down, it could jeopardize the integrity. people who live in there are asked to temporarily leave. the red cross is here, on hand, to help those people out. again, back out here live, construction crews are here, working. netting does need to go down. crews need to shore up the building, both buiodings before the streets cup open.e good news is, i have seen the workers stringing out that nej-tting. sopefully that means thet are making progress. that means there are still road closur es to be awareof. that means they are going to be closed, again, on 1st avenue from 60th street through 64th street. no time line of when the roads are going to be open. a lot of people asking that question. really no idea as of yet. a lot of frustration for people who live around here and certainly trying to get home through the oea. i'm live here on the east side, brynn gingras, "news 4 new york." >> very understandable. ank you. breaking news in new jersey. two construct
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critical condition after a scaffolding co lapse it happened around 3:30eve s afternoon on tracy place. seimven men fell 45 feet. >> they wero taken to hackensack univer ty medical center. there is no word on what caused the collapse. a sentencing hearing. almost everybody, including the judge wlt sorry they hhd to send a man to jail for murder. >> the man was sentenced for killing his one-time boy scout leader who he accused of repeatedly sexually abusing him when he was a child. brian thompson was in the courtroom to see it all. brian? >> reporter: he says he already spent three and a half years in jail, chuck, accused of the murder and even after pleading shilty last summer, awaiting sentencing of the former sheriff's officer. he will be in prison for life because of the sexual abuse he suffered. >> he not only stole my
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lived my whole life. >> reporter: his family in tears behind him. he learned he will spend at least one more y r in prison for killing a former sheriff officer, boy scout leader and rapist to young boys. the past led him to hisihome. he stabb him 30 times, slit his throat in a drunken cocaine enraged theory after seeing cjerry sandusky smile on tv. that set him off. it had been four decades since peg raped him. >> a secret like molestation, kept inside of you continues to n. n't keep silent and think it will be better. >> reporter: the prosecution and a guilty plea, ignoring reports of the officer's alleged
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now, promising times have changed. >> it doeln't matter if the target is lice officer, a detective, a prosecutor, a judge, the governor. it doesn't matter. there is a zero tolerance approach to that. >> reporter: judge thomas struggled with his decision. he noted fredericks was not justified in taking a life into his own hands and then something you rarely see from a judge, an ap ology for keeping him in pr on longer >> i am sorry about that. >> reporter: he kept the secret from his parents. amid hugs, his family picked up the appeal to other victims of sexual abuse. >> do not have your secrets. pedestrian feel ya in this one triismorampant. reporter: i asked his mother about when he finally comes home. >> the first thing i will say is lcome home and what would you like to eat?
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year in prison, if he gets parole, a year and a half if he doesn't. as hard as the decision was for everybody, the judge made it crystal clear, the determining ctor for him was the fact fredericks took the law into his own ha ds, otherwise, he would have gotten a lighter sentence. live in newton, brian thompson, news 4 new s 4 "news 4 new york" ." >> thank you. a decision for a gun debate. malloy plans to ban the sale of guns for people on federal govern >>ment watch lists. ida siegal has more. ida? >> reporter: chuck, this is a significant move for multiple reasons, but primarily because no other state attempted this before. as you mentioned, day, governor malloy made the announcement he plans g to sign the executive order banning
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fly list banned from buying a gun. he plans to sign it. here is how it would work. when someone applies for a gun permit in connecticut, the state police would be required to cross reference that name on a federal watch list. if they get a pop, the permit will be denied. gun owners who currently have a permit in the state of connecticut will lose their permit if their name pops up on the list. last week, congress failed to pass a similar law. governor malloy has been vocal about his support of gun cont l. connecticut has the strictist gun laws in the country. he hopes other states will follow his lead. take a listen. >> i am frustrated that our tnation is having the wrong debate. i would like to see us focus on the right one. we believe we have the power under executive order. we are denying a permit. it's a permit process. >> reporter: now, gun rights advocates at connecticut's
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tonight, we are all concerned about terrorism. this approach is very un-american and shameful. i hope they realize tras pattern abuse is how totalism government works. it would not have stopped the attacks in san bernardino. he plans to go ahead with it and sign the order, pending approval from the federal government. ida siegal, "news 4 new york." >> keep us posted, thank you. newly released video shows a suspect in a spree of arson reachingasor a gun. this captured near forest hills shows the suspect kneeling down and pulling the uns,ut of his pants. he set fire to seven properties, all of them either under construction or republican novation. the most recent happening this past sunday.
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ftthat is are already built are beginning to be afraid. before it w just construction sites. >> people are scared, you know. thtey don't know what to thin >> i hope they cate him and give him his punishment. >> the motive remains a mystery. no one has been hurt. > a sexl assault in nhattan on thanksgiving. the 31-year-old, dominic frazier rced a woman into a stairwell and forced her to perform a sex act and tried to rape her. she fought back and got away. they are the place that is new yorkers go for peace, quiet. our city parks. violent crimes are on the rise in our green spaces. news 4s michael george has a breakdown of the crime stats. chael? reporter: kerry, just in the last week, three armed robberies in or near central park. the latest just this morning.
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happens in city parks and which parks see the most crime. surveillance video shows a large group of armed teens walking past central park after committing a robbery. this is back in may. an unusual crime for central park. a new report suggests violent crime happens more often than we realize. using data, watchdog group ad vocates found there were 541 violent to cdemes reported i."the last year at parks across the city. >> i had no idea about it. i have never btn worry ied. >> i nevtr expected this. >> reporter: ctral park with 79. flushing meadows in queens with 48 and riverside in manhattan with 42. we spoke with park goers and most were surprised by the de numbers. they always thought of parks as hea safe space. >> it would surpr se me. i come here every day and never
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>> i don't like t walk down there during the day, to tell you the truth. down? it's tough to say. this is the first time crimes have been collected. park. a spokesperson for the mayor low. fewer than 1% of crimes take place in new york city parks. advocates say this is a sign more needs to be done to protect the places we assume are safe. >> it is stretched thin. we need more resources, dee dicated revesourceu s for parks. >> reporter: a lot of people we spoke with found those numbers alarming. the verwhelming majority sai they would still go to city parks just as often in the future. chael george, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. breaking news, an overturned truck on the turnpike in se
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dennis protsko is overhead. dennis? >> reporter: north of 18 e, you can see it here taking out the two left lanes. box truck accident happening here in the last half hour. we have a heavy duty recker here to get the truck upright and out of here. the right lanes get by. already a mile's worth of bumper-to-bumper traffic. went through the area and slow traffic. 495 outbound asell moving up tu'oward the area. eastern spur excuse me, western spur is much better for you. reporting live, dennis protsko, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming up, looking for a place to rent in manhattan? why you may have a better chance now than you have had in nearly a decade. plus this -- >> reporter: i'm melissa russo on top of city hall with an i-team exclusive. after the legionnaire's
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on cooling towers. these silver contraptions. we found thousands of cleaner towers and a good bit of confusion.
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> a jury deliberation is under way for the federal corruption trial of new york state teder and his son. after foureand a half hours, no verdict. jurors will reconvene in the morning. he used his senate position to get his son a high paying, no show job. they pleaded not guilty to bribery, eteortion and conspiracy charges. shopping for an apartment in
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tos are the highest they have been in nine years. nearly 2.9% in november. some landlords are offering one month free rent or paying oker's fee. coming up, record breaking temperatures. storm team 4 examines the especially warm december. after the legionnai outbreak, the city cracked down on cooling towers. did the clean up lead to confusion? cleaner systems and angry owners facing false fines. >> more investigations, more
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welcome back. it's the time of night lester holt joins us. >> events in san bernardino, divers in a lake there. we'll update you on that and the latest on chipotle, the darling of healthier fast food, but becoming known for the wrong reasons. first an e. coli outbreak and
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students at a boston chipotle have been sickened by the virus. >> quite the one-two punch. what are they doing about that? >> matt lauer spoke with the ceo. he apologized and vows the new food handling procedures will be wa.y a ve industry standards. what they plan to do at 6:30 on "nightly news." >> thank you. last summer's legionnaires outbreak. rooftop cooling towers were determined to be the source. >> they vowed to have them cleaned and registered, without knowing how many existed. how did they do it? the i-team followed the paper ail the case of the contaminated cooling towers. >> we are going fo have every cooling tower in new york cirty ead through this pr ess. >> reporter: high above the city, it's hard to miss, the
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contraptions on rooftops. where there's steam, there's usually a cooling tower. >> you can see the fog on the skyline of the ctwy. that mist carries over the bacteria. that's the danger of the cooling tower. >> reporter: the average person may note able to tell the difference between a water tower and cooling tower, experts say it shouldn't be that hard to tell if one of these is on a particular rooftop. william's business maintains cooling towers. the city resorted to unusual measures. >> for one thing, they sent a subpoena to all the water treatment companies requiring us to give all of our clients and the location of the towers. >> this is overaggressive. people got sick and died. i don't think we had a choice. >> reporter: city officials do not deny the efforts were dogged.
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that might ht e a tower. >> reporter: using helicopters, knocking on doors. the city admits some building owners registered cooling towers they didn't have, resulting in fines for failing to disinfect cooling towers they didn't have. that's one of several whacky scenarios facing building owners. city officials tell the i-team 3600 building owners with cooling towers, more than 90% complied, making for safer steam city wide. they issued more than 1200 violations for failing to register, disinfect or file proper paperwork leaving some steaming propertya, owners, many who the i-team found during
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cooling tower o no building to ace a c ling tower like this construction site. among the high profile xents, the health and hospitals corporation. at the forefront of the coong tower crew said. lincoln center. the riverside church, which has one cooling tower, but got four tickets, one for each enance. and the roosevelt house on the upper east side. >> t ryy said we have freedom frhiom fear. >> reporter: why did this happen? the city used google maps to see who owned which towers, an --imperfect science. >> samuel filed his paperwork in time. >> they got on my case. i had to deal with it. >> reporter: over 260 violations dismissed.mfnes for private properties
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>> if i can make a trade off between hassel asos uated and dismissing the disease. i'll take that. >> reporter: so the rest of the city can breathe easier. "news 4 new york." >> if you have a tip or story you think the i-team should investigate give us a call. 866-news-244. time to check in with janice huff with a look of the weather, the warm weather that is not itting for a little while. >> not for a while. the temperatures are going to stay above average for the rest of this week and even into next ek. yok, t9 degrees a record. so far, since the first of december, we are already beating the warmest december on record at 44.1 degrees in 2001. we are already over 6.5 degrees above average. we have the rest of the month to
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rainfall, we are getting lot of that, but we are below average on that. nothing significant coming our , ay until tuesday. record high temperatures for the city are possible on sunday. we are talking mid-60s in the area thanks to the jet stream that is dipping south over our area this time of year. it's well to the north, thanks to the el nino pattern over the pacific. there's no end to it at least not through next week across the area. we may see a change comingp ia ace couple weeks. in the meantime, we are going to be above average. right now, it's 57 in tribeca. 60 in jersey city and 52 in shupeep's head bay. up to the north, over the hson valley, the temperatures are mid to upper 40s. poughkeepsie, newburgh, sussex and white plains. no rain in sight. clouds are around, but that's about it for now. the storm system that's back over the great lakes has all the energy over the lakes and nothing to the south of it.
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and bring cloud cover and a drop in temperatures won't happen until next week. we are still in the 50s then. for this evening, it is nice out there. if you have plans to do holiday shopping, get out there. temperatures will stay in the 50s this evening. overnight, down around 50 or the upper 40s in the city. then tomorrow, back up to 60. the same on saturday, then sunday is the day we might set a record in the park at 64 degrees. >> oh, my gosh. okay.
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despite being 5-7, giants are in a three-way tie with philadelphia and washington for firstk place in the nfc east.edallas beat washington monday night. what was tom'
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saw the result on tv? >> it's exciting. face it, it is exciting. i have said it many times before. we have to take care of our own business. but, to be in a circumstance is a good and exciting thing. >> a spiritedractice at ast rutherford. they visit the dolphins monday night. despite losing three games, the giants are fortunate to be in the hunt and must capitalize now. >> we have to finish. we have to finish the season strong, the game strong and practice strong. right now, the min set of finishing better. >> y yeah, man, i'm excited. it's late.scwe have the opportunity to get mething. >> have you lost confidence? >> not at all.
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one game at aftime. play one game at a time and start with miami. >> the 7-5 jets are prepping at metlife stadium. durrell is closer to a return after missing two games with a concussion. the quarterback was a limited participant in practice. he needs to be cleared by doctors in order to play. they said, quote, i'll be ready to go sunday. finally, how do the players feel about giant's head coach jumping jack performance today. >> i seen the jumping jacks. they are impressive. very, very impressive. i have seen the jumping jacks a few times >>th we are going to get him to work on his vertical. overall, he did a good job. >> you ever seen that? >> he pull that is move out from tissme-to-ti. that's a way to get us going in the morning. 8:00 in the morning, that will
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they start screaming and getting ) .
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