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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 10, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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they start screaming and getting ) . it was a good atmosphere for him. >> enthusiasm if the head coach. >> good form. >> yeah. >> thanks. coming up next on nbc "nightly news," the results of a poll show what americans think of donald trump's attempt to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> see you at 11:00. breaking news -- fb]i divers enter a lake near the season of a san bernardino terror attack and a family connection is revealed between the killers and the man who bought their gun. trump shock waves. the republican front-runner stands to lose big business over his plan to te farily ban muslims from the u.s. and he's forced to back out of a trip to israel. what americans really think of the plan in our brand-new poll. breaking his silence for the very first time. fo grmer american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl reveals why he abandoned his post and ended up in
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a runaway train. passengers on a boston bway are horrified to find no operator onboard as the train speeds through station "nightly news" begins good evening. for much of the afternoon, our eyes have been closely trained o a lake near the scene of the san bernardino terror massacre where fbi divers have been engaged in a new evidence, one authorities say could go on for days. in addition to tracking the physical and digital trail of this husband and wife team of killers, we've learned investigators are also now taking a harder look at the couple's family tree, after discovering some relationships that raise nude questions about them and those close to them. here's nbc miguel almaguer with late details. >> reporter: today the fbi sent divers to
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miles from where the ooting took place. authorities say it wasinrelated to their investigation, but declined to say how. >> we are seeking evidence of any sting that had to do with this particular crime. >> rmeomter: investigators continue enrique marquez. officials say he is speaking freely to the fbi afteroing on a drinking binge following the massacre danow feels remorse. police say he bought the two assault rifles that ended up used in the shooting. herr has been arrest ordinary charnld. he told investigators farooq discussed staging ate tack in 2012 at a university or big public gathering, but got cold feet when four southern california men were arrested and charged with plotting to kill u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. authorities are looking at whether farooq knew one of those men. marquez and farook once lived next door to each other in this neighborhood and were
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officials say farook'ssbrother named syed. neighbors say they had no idea marquez had a wife. >> i didn't know he was marri.d. mean, i've k ev him, i've seen him. he's here. he lives here. i've never s cn a woman there. >> re'orter: marquez' mother told nbc news she didn't know her son was married either. she says all she wants to say as a mother is, quote, he was a great kid. tonight in san bernardino, friends and family gathered on a hill for the funeral of five yet velasco, one of the 14 killed in gahe shooting rampage. nearby, a rolling tribute. a remembrance wall to honor the 14 victims of this terror atmack. their faces and their lives. the victims gone but not forgotten. at a briefing a short
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they are following leads that the gunman spent time at this lake. they are clearly looking for evidence. what remains unclear is they were at this lake before or after the shooting. federal agents will be canvassing local neighborhoods looking for evidence there, as well. >> miguel almaguer, thanks. the terror attack inw california has given away to one o the most emotional debates of this presidential campaign season. donald trump's proposal to put a pause on entry by muslims into the you'd. a brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll tells us what americans think thattidea. 57% of aconsults oppose the trump plan. only 20% say they support it. the trump camp may find validation in our new poll numbers. katy tur reports. >> reporter: just as the plans were coming into focus, donald trump abruptly backed out of his trip to israel today, tweeting he'll rescheduled with benjamin netanyahu "after i b ecome
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>> i didn't want to pu mit him under pressure. i'm in the midst of a very powerful campaign. >> reporter: the trip is from strong pushback in israel as 37 members of the yuzy parliament demanded the prime minister cancel the meeting. >> donald trump's decision to cancel or indefinitely postpone his trip to israel is being greeted here with a sigh of relief. his visit would have placed us in a difficult position. we are surroun d by muslim countries. >> reporter: the contentious candidate is polling strong. ahead double digits nationally. in a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, 42% of gop voters say they support his muslim ban, but he is facing increased competition from ted cruz. especially in iowa where the texas senator locked up a key endorsement today, trump. >> ultimately, the decision is who has experience and judgment to serve as
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>> reporter: from cruz to this bald eagle in a "time" magazine ph kroto shoot, trumpbis under attack from all sides. even in the middle east where his wallet could take a hit as his business ties are facing increased scrutiny. wh e realizls he has investments in muslim countries. >> reporter: trump is unfazed and mulling hiths options. would you vote for him as an independent? >> yes, i would. >> reporter: why? >>is i like his ideas. it's the same ideas as edi have. >> reporter: it's a big concern for the rnc. how far can you push trump before y thou j cumps ship? make no mistake, he wants to win. his best chance of winning is on the republican ticket. is as homs expected to pick up a new endorsement here in new hampshire tonight. be thank you. let me turn to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." that was a fascinating number, 42% of republicans support this muslim immigration plan he's put forward.
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his republican challengers who have been condemning him on this? >> it is a divided electorate. i would say there is some question. i wouldn't ignore t fact that there wasag fairly large undecided number on this. larger than you normally would expect on something that got this much coverage. it's over 15%, between 15% and 20%. this was a live poll. there may be more people that support trump's position but don'tu necessariey want to tell somebody over the phone when we do these polls that they're for him. there is one other thing in this poll i ithink is good news for donald trump. 77% of republicans say that they appreciate or like the way he tells it like it is, even at some points if he does it inelegantly. a lot of people in this party like donald trump is bringing up issues. >>h. chuck todd, thank you. >> st> the shock waves of last month's terror attacks continue to be felt in europe. officials raise the alert level today in ne'a, switzerland
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across the city. police search for four ypects allegedly linked d to isis and believed to be plotting a specific senior u.s. counterterrorism officials tell nbc news that swiss authorities were acting on a tip from the cia. for more than six years now, it has remained a troubling misery. where did sergeant au bergdahl leave his post in afghanistan and end up as he longest-held p.o.w. since the vietnam war? we got an answer from the podcast sensation serial which made a rprise return today featuring bergdahl himself. we get more from nbc news national correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: s geant bowe bergdahl breaking his silence. for years he was america's only prisoner of war after walking out of his post in afghanistan in the middle of the night. >> suddenly, it really
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really did something bad. >> reporter: his first rson account is in the new season of the podcast "serial." he wanted to warn commanders about leadership problems before concocting a new plan he might track taliban insurgents, casting mself as a super ldier. >> i was trying to prove to the world that i am, i don't know, jason bourne. >> reporter: critics arsigu bergdahl was a traitor lcter swa maed for five guantanamo detainees. "serial" offering maximum exposure. >> the more information people have about sergeant bergdahl, his motivation thei better. >> reporter: 19 months after bergdahl's release in the weite house ceremony with his parents, today house republicans gued the obama adcamini sstraioon blind-sided law makers nh the prisoner swap. >> the administration suintentionally violated
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congress and misleading congress about these negotiations. >> reporter: to this day, bergdahl is haunted by his years captivity. >> t re was times i would wake up and it was so dark. i ineduld not remember what i was. reporter: awaiting a decision about his fuleture, srgt bergdahl isu' an active duty soldier in san antonio. if court-martialed, he could face life in prison. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. a scary scene in boston this morning. a commuter train suddenly took off without a driver. tonight that driver has been put on administrative leave after the train barrel tlud several stations with dozens of te ified passengers trapped on board. nbc's ron mott has late details. >> reporter: tense moments in boston today when a runaway train with passengers moved down the tracks early this morning. transportation officials are investigating why the six-car train left the braintree station without its operator onboard.
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through the station if we kept going at that rate of speed, we would have either derailed or went over the bridge. >> reporter: rail workers noticed within minutes and cut power to the train to make it stop. momentum carried it through several stations before finally coming to rest. everything was stopped, and we were trying o open the doors and we couldn't. we were trying to press the buttons to the emergency room and nobody heard. the people that was on the first car was trying to knock on the door of the conductor and that's when we discovered there was nobody there. >> reporter: the train moved to the next station where rattled passengers were finally able to get off. governor charlie bakers questions what really anppened. >> manipulated, tampered with, there was -- it's clear that it was set inorward motion, which is why it moved in the first place when the signal was manipulated. >> reporter: none of the 50 or so passengers was injured, but officials say one mta worker was slightly injured st aevfter being struck by this slow-moving runaway
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late tonight, he's been identifie as the train's operator, david felix vasquez, a 28-year veteran of the mbta. inve igating whether human error was the cause, as the probe continues to the hair-raising morning commute. ron mott, nbc news, boston. there is more to tell you about. coming up, airport ghost town. some days are there no flights there. why is this airport still in operation and costing taxpayers sh millions? as a new outbreak for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer with... opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo is the first and only immunotherapy fda approved based on a clinical trial demonstrating longer life... ...for these patients.
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it is home to one of the country's busiest airports, chicago's o'hare. illinois is also home to an airport that barely has any flights at all, deep in the american heartland. it has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and falls deeper into debt every day why. do officials keep pouring money into it taxpayers cry foul? national investigative correspondent jeff rosen paid a visit. >> reporter: welcome to mid america airport. only one airline, allegeant operates out of here. some days there are no flights at all. when i catch one of the rare flights in, we soar over the cornfields of illinois on final approach. and here's what i see from my wiodow. empty runway empty gates.
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let me show you around. it's a wee day afternoon. we are talking about the peak travel time. escalators aren't running because there are no passengers here. suffice it to say, there are no lines at the ticket counter. there is not even a ticket agent. come down this way. this is baggage claim. you know how annoying it usually is? no one there we are all alone. judge, the state can't afford it and all they want to do is tax us. >> reporter: local taxpayers call it the money pit. >> this is everybody's tax money. >> reporter: the airport costs nearly $300 million to build. another $22 million for improvements. and today, it's nearly $82 million in debt. nbc news first investigated this airport back in 1998. back then, officials promised things would get better, but the airport has only fallen deeper into debt.
6:47 pm
board keep funding it? we went to the chairman. is it acceptable this airport is in the red every single year by millions and taxpayers are paying for it? >> no, it's not. that's why we continue to bring in other flights and commerce. >> reporter: another reason to keep mid america open, it shares runways with scott air force base. >> scott air force base woo not be here. >> reporter: the air force says mid america is not a factor keeping scott open, but yet as mid america ts empty, kern stands behind it. >> we continue to try to break even a] mid america airport. >> reporter: that's the goal after 18 years in the red? >> the goal of any airport to break even. >> reporter: which you have not been able to do ever. >> it's moving 2 in that direction. >> shut it down and lonaok at other options. >> reporter: this affects all of us. any time you buy an airplane ticket yzu know those taxes and fees, sfme of that money goes toward airport improveme
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>> zshgs a first in this country, connecticut's governor says he will ban people on the federal no-fly list from buying guns in his state by issuing an executiverder. governor daniel malloy says the gun will deny permits. last year the u.s. senate stopped a bill. chipotle, the outbreak of a norovirus stomach bug linked to one of its boston location is up to 141 cases. in the fallout and an earlier one involving e. coli, the ceo appeared on "today" to apologize. nbc's tom costello has more on what the company is doing to
6:52 pm
it's a chipotle pledge, food with integrity. but that pledge is now under the microscope with chipotle in crisis, the ceo today talked to matt lauer on "today." >> first, i have to say i'm sorry for the people who got sick. they're having a tough time. >> reporter: chipotle's trouble began two months ago, an e. coli outbreak sickened 52 people. 43 restaurants closed. now boston college. the number of students sickened with the norovirus today jumped to 141. the restaurant involved cited for three held code violations is closed for cleaning. >> after so many people got sick, i'm not sure i'm going to come back. >> reporter: norovirus is a common gastro intestal intestal virus that can spread rapidly. >> when you touch surfaces and have the virus on your hands, it can be transmitted in different restaurants. >> reporter: e. coli
6:53 pm
vegetables come in contact with contaminated water. now the company is promising new food handling procedures om farm to restaurant, including e-preparing and sanitizing some ingredients like diced tomatoes then shipping them nationwide. >> kr procedures are so above industry norms we are going to be the safest place to eat. >> reporter: those comments helped lift e depressed stuck, but with customers staying away, chipotle must reassure them, too. rita wilson, actress, producer and wife of tom hanks announced today she is cancer-free. she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. after undergoing a doo uble mastectomy she says she is 100% healthy. wilson reminded americans of the importance of getting a second opinion which she credits for helping her catch her cancer early on. when we come back here tonight, the heart warming surprise aw aaiting an iraq war veteran and his family
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finally tonight, as every homeowner knows, it's always something, something to repair, spruce up, to spend money on. it can be hard to keep up, especially if you get sick or have to be away from home for long periods of time. serving in the mi ghry, for exampl tonight we meet some , great nei bors who have taken it upon themselves to help by iputting their hearts into it. nbc's janet shamlian has our season of kindness report. >> reporter: the noise of construction in a salt lake city neighborhood is the sound of kindness. landscaping, painting, woodwork, an extreme makeover for an iraq war veteran and his family who have no idea it's happening. >> when they talk in it should be a complete surprise to them. >> reporter: greg adamson runs heart to home, helping families who need house renovations due to disbils or other life changing events with volunteers like trevor.
6:58 pm
in sick to work. but they shouldn't be too mad, it's for a good cause. >> reporter: from his time in iraq, he is traumatized by loud noises. >> we were considering moving. >> we were. >> to get away from it. >> to go somewhere quieter. >> reporter: he wanted only sound proofing for his bedroom. heart to home said yes, but secretly had bigger plans. >> we try to think of it as the old barn raising days when a community would come together after a fire or something happens. >> reporter: after a call for volunteers, building material and appliances, an overwhelming response. >> do you know how to paint? >> no. i never painted fore, o i don't know how well it's going to turn out. >> reporter: from high school sports teams to entire offices, hundreds helped around the clock while the family stayed in a hote unaware. finally, it's time for them to return. to their dream house they never could have dreamed of. >> this is pretty amazing.
6:59 pm
i didn't expect this. >> reporter: part miracle, all inspiration as a community turns out for neighbors in need. janet shamlian, nbc news, salt lake city. that will do it for us on a thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good


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