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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now an entire building has been evacuated on the upper east side. then a woman robbed, sexually assaulted. the warning about a man who may but casing a bus stop. it's got to stop. somebody has got to stand up. governor mallo takes aim at people on federal watch lists. goodee and want i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm kerry bar rhett. a couple of days ago we told you about a building facade crumbling. this was on the upper east side. now a develop t nt you heard first about on 4. >> news4's brynn gingras is near 64th street where people have been told to pack up and leave. >> reporter: kentucky and kerry, the million car question, when is this going to be fixed. the construction gone and the
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ened. well oem is telling me hopefully monday morning. it's caused me headache) for drghivers and some that live here here. for some they can't go home until then. people rolled suitcases up 64 street away from their home. away from what is now a nstruction zone. >> we saw a couple of bricks fall yesterday, two or three. but that got them thinking >> reporter: three days of hundreds of icks came raining down on t this eastside street, building officials discoffered that more bricks were in danger of falling. it's where this man is the super. >> everybody is out. 16 people. >> we saw the windows being boarded up and we saw a couple of people packing up to leave. >> reporter: the red cross is here to help those who had nowhere to go. so what work needs to be done? officials describe a big job and not an easy one.
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part that we think may have to collapse and then they'll do a hand demo of all of those bricks. sohat's a time-consuming labor intensive issue that we have to al with. >> reporter: in the meantime, street closures must remain. 1st remaining shut down a head ache for the drivers and residents >> we don't want to rush the process. we want to make sure that we understand it's an inconvenience for the community but at the same time we're trying to balance the safety of ev ody. reporter: you're looking at the construction workers. you may be able to hear how loud their work is. i'm fielding a lot of questions out here about why this is taking so long and why is it happening around this area. oem determined te debris field if the bricks should fall. that's why thigh have to shore up the sidewalks. then they can open up the sidewalks and open up the streets.
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ing it is going to take time. i'm live here on the east side, brynn gingras news4 new york. following breaking news where police have arrested four suspects a a robbery near central park. it happened around 7:30 tonight near east 73rd street on the upper east side. police say the suspet,s punc a man in the face and toll stole his iphone. the victim alled police who chased them. they're now in custody. police believe these are the same suspects who pulled off two previous robberies in the park as well. four to six suspects were involved. > in new jersey tonight, pe ople on te lookout for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman. the woman says the man followed her from a bus stop and shoved a gun in her face. checkey beckford is live. >> reporter: when shown the sketch, parents and business owners here at this dance studio
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said yes, that uy look familiar. now police are hoping to get him off the streets before he attacks someone else. followed and attacked. >> it wa very frightening. i mean, i'm just hearing about this. >> reporter: concern here is growing after the burr mone county police office released this sketch of a man they believed sexually assaulted and robbed a man at gunpoint. it happened last month after the victim got off the bus. police say the man followed her out a gun. he demandedich givemeim money and then sexually assaulted her. parents and instructors at the dance studio near where the attack happened told us they thought the man in the sketch looked familiar. so did local business owners. >> i'll be on the lookout finitely.
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hearing about the assault serves as a sad reminder of why he doesn't let his daughter walk alone. >> not even from school. if i have to go down o the school if they get out early. >> reporter: and police say the suspect ran off after the attack but not before the victim was able to get a good enough look at him to provide details for at sketch. they say he was also wearing a bubble vesgrand a long coat. checkey beckford, news4 new york. another day, another ew video showing a suspect in a string of arsons in queens. but this particular video shows m reaching for a gun. it was captured lastomonth. you can actually see him kneeling down behind a build and pulling the gun out of his pants. police say he set seven fires. all of the properties under construction oren vegas. today in california divers with the fbi team investigatings
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bernardino searched the lake for evidence. they got the lead on the attackers. the divers are looking for any type of evidence, not anything specific. the search is expected to take several days and of course gun control has been a heated issue, especially in the wake of some the recent shootings. now connecticut governor is trying to use an executive order to ban the sales of weapons to people on the federal no-fly lists. his proposal is getting mixed reaction. here's news4's ida segal. >> it's a move to keep the guns out of the hands of people who want to kill us, according to governor malloy. today he said he would sign an executive order making it illegal to sell guns to people on the terror watch list in connecticut. >> i'm frustrated that the nation is having the wrong debate. i would like the see us focus on the ri t one. >> connecticut state olnnice would be required to cross ference namok on gun permit applications with the watch list
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y get a pop, the permit is denied. even current permit holders could lose it if their name turns up. folks we spoke with in greenwich said they like the idea. >> co i think it's a positive step cause we don't want those people to get a gun. >> connecticut would be the first state to enact this kind of law. congress failed to pass similar legislation last week. gun n rights advocates at the connecticut citizen's defense league say while we're all concerned about terrorism, this approach is very un-american and shameful. i hope that people realize that this pattern of abuse is howt totalitarian governments operate. this law would not have prohibited the terror attack it san bernardino. >> california is the utopia of gun control and look w t happened. it did not deter these islamic terrorists. >> reporter: the governor plans on signing the executive order
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all he needs at this point is approval from the federal government. reporting from greenwich, ida segal news4 new york. a few dozen people gathered out the food market in astoria for a peace rally. police are investigating this weekend's' salt there as a hate crime. he was working when he noticed a man looking at the newspaper. the cover included a picture of the san bernardino killers. the store owner said th man shouted "i kill muslims" and started shouting at him in the life. >> i ask all my muslims, brothers and sisters not to be afraid. this is my country. >> the anti-defamation league said there's been an uptick in attacks regarding muslims. tonight we're lerning about what americans think about
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the muslims from entering the united states. 57% of voters oppose that plan, 25% show support. now on the flip side of that, 42% of republican voters support this controversial idea, 36% oppose it. and that contentious can date is still polling very strong. ahead double digits nationally but he's facing tough competition from texas senator ted cruz who just locked in an ap announcement in iowa from an influential christian conservative. >> who has the right judgment? experience and judgment to serve as commander in chief. >> trump just received an enstdorsement from the new england police benevolent association. and trump abruptly backeds t on an upcoming trip to israel saying he woufild reckschedu after he becomes president.
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on benjamin netanyahu who received calls to cancel the meeting he had with trump. trump also postponed the trip be use he's in the middl of a campaign. mayor de blasio is undergoing surgery for a hernia. a spokeswomu said he received the condition recently. plans to return to work on monday. seven workers injured when th r scaffold collapses sending them plunging four story to the gound. plus, a runaway train. a boston commuter train speeding down theracks. no one is at the controls. what officials think went down. and janice is here with the forecast. it's all about the mild temperatures. they continue around the try stat area and we won't see an d for a whil i'll tell you how long in the
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osha is investigating a serious construction accident in hag ckensack, new jersey. seven workers were injured when the staff folding they were standing on collapsed. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon. men fell has feet to the ground. >> o> the fbi joining the investigation into the discovery of ten sets of human remains along a long island beach highway. the decision to take the look comes in the midst of upheaval in the police department. the agency has been the lead agency in the case for years. the fbi is being asked to assist as part of an overall top to bottom assessment of unsolved cases in long island.
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particularly with homicide investigations, are ever changing and we want to ensure that we're doing everything we can to solve these murders. >> the remains ere discovered while police were combing the beach for shannon gilbert, a new jersey escort who disappeared back in 2010. no suspects has e r been identified in any of the killings. it was a horrifying realization for commuters near boston this morning. this wasn't anybody at the controls of the train. 50 people were on board the red a th when offigials say the operator got out to make a mechanical adjustment. he failed to secure the braking system. the train left without him reaching 25 miles an hour. rail workers noticed within minutes and they cut the power to the train toe makeact stop, much to the lee of the frightened passengers on i board. >> we were just flying through the station. if we kept going at that rate of
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went over the bridge. >> the governor of massachusetts said it appeared that the train had been tampered with but now they're focusing on operator error. there's little hope that congress will pass health care bigellor sick 9/11 worker ps ap renewal wiay b included in the key spending bill. the programs whichepays for health screenings and treatments for 9/11 first responders exknow.ed this year aad could run out of money by next summer. they now if you live in mat manhattan, is adding booze to its deliver. beer within wine and liquor deliveries will come, one hour deliver is $7.99 but it's free to amazon's $99 annual prime
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hollywood award season is underway. nomination frs the golden globes were announced this morning in beverly hills.ading the pack with five minations including best moetion picture drama is the 1950 mance "car.l." close behind are the big short, the biopic steve jobs and the frontier epic. here's a look at the nominees for best motion picture drama, carol, mad max furry rove. and in the best tv drama, it is empire, game of thrones, mr. robot. they're january 10th and right here on nbc. it's time for janice right now. we have an unusual weekend coming up. >> a very unusual weekend. even though a lot of us have to catch up on our movie watching, you don't want to be indoors
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temperatures will continue to climb each e day and we could be setting records in the city by sunday. today temperatures in the 50s to 60s. here's a view from the top of the rock. the empire state building is in ue for human rights watch and human rights day. weke h e beautiful pictures from rockefeller plaza of the tree and the rink. they're dressed up for spring skating i guess you could call it. it's 55 degrees, pleasant conditions out. this is ten degrees higher than an average daytime high. that's 45 where we would more see the temperatures during the day at this time of year. and the high today was 60. we're 15 degrees above average. like i said, there were some records set at jfk and islip today. so far since december 1st we're running 6 1/2 degrees above average, which beats the warmest
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degrees. yes, we still have a couple of week to go, a little more than that before we can figure out all of the numbers. of course it could cool down. we're expecting some cooler temperatures but not for almost a week and a half before we'll see them drop down to near average. rainfall is always needed around here. it's still dry. we'll see rain coming in monday and tuesday. but not a huge amount. it won't be significant in terms of combatting the dry conditions. but the warmth is what we'll definitely see for several more days. right now in thero0s north of there odty. poughkeepsie is at 40, 46 in white plains, 30s on the map in monticello, sussex. it's not that cold. and there's more warm air come in from the plains. back here at st. louis and chicago, they had temperatures around 70 today. we're going to see 60s this weekend and possibly a record in
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on sunday. it will still be in the 50s. over the western states through our area. tonight we're down in the 40s. the city, maybe in the 30s in rock hill, a few spots in the 30s right now across new jersey. but i's not too dreadfully cold. a few patchy clouds. tomorrow morning in midtown we start out at 49 then slowly climbing through the 50s to around 62 by noon and then we go to the weekend and it's another mild look for saturday. and this is t record setting y for theacity. i wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of areas sgo records tying it at 64 in the city on sunday. we may go above that. we'll be watching it for you and tracking all of the temperatures as we go throughtime. look beyond sund. nday's high is up to 60.
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and then when the temperatures drop it's still in the mid to upper 50s. beautiful days tuesday, wednesday, thursday chance of showers with temperatures in the mid 50s. if you're planning or hoping to get a winter coat for the hon endays, you're urobably not going to see one. >> they'll be on sale. >> there you go. i like the way you think. >> right? >> yes. plan ahead. >> goodness. all right. what he you got for us bruce? this bizarre football season, the giants are in it but they need a win badly. this week. coming up in sports, big blue gets ready to take on the fish in miami and they understand the task at hand. and the nets welcome the lowly sixers to brooklyn where it was anything but a one-sided agame. highligh f are just ahead. and here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you chuck and kerry and everyone in new york. chris hemsworth is here for a
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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welcome back pap little earlier this week we told you about a little girl's special christmas wish. >> the 8-year-old lost most of her immediate family including her parents a the an arson fire two years ago.
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and while most kids are asking for toys this time of year, this year she's trying to collect enough cards to cover a metal christmas tree that her aunt bought her at a thrift store. and thanks to the power of social media, her wish has come down. strangers have sent sapphire hundreds of cards. >> it's indescribable that there are so many people in the world that are coming together for her to give her wish. >> such a sweet little girl. these cards are being mailed from as far away as italy. you can still send her a card for christmas. visit our website nbc new we've got all of the information out there for you.
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the giants, man, they're in a heck of a rice right now. >> kerry, this is a crazy football season. the giants are 5-7. but they're in a three-way tie with philadelphia and washington for first place in the nfc east. coach tom coughlin led a
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big blue visits the 5-7 miami dolphins on monday night. despite losing three straiga the giants now they're fortunate to still be in the hunt and they know they must capitalize now. >> we t to finish the season strong, finish the game strong, finish practices strong. everything. right now in the mind-set of finishing better. >> yeah, man. i'm excid. 's late and we got an opportunity to play for something. 's not every year you're able to say that. >> have you guys lost any confidence in. >> not at all. 're sitting in a good passion right now. one game at a time. just play it one game at a time st arting with miami. >> one at a time. >>rp> meanwhile, darrelle revis of the jets was eliminated. he's hoping he can play on sunday. when talking to reporters, revis said quote i'll be ready to go on sunday.
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lonely 6ers who have won only one the season. jeremy grant makes the steal and finishes on the other end to give the 6ers a six-point lead late in the third quarter. it was tied early in the fourth and off the brook lopez miss. on the next philly possession, shane harkin deflects the pass and races the other way for the layup and one. he chipped in with 14 as the nets survive 191. one night after an 'em barr embarrassing blow out, the knicks are racing up the court but lance thomas get whistled for the offensive foul. right now it's a ten-point kings
11:27 pm
seton hall hosted troy at the rock and the pirates were never able to put it away. but this three-pointer from isaiah whitehead made the lead. he had a team high 20 as the pie what wluz tom coughlin's reaction on sunday night when llas beat washing n to give the giants hope. [ laughter ] >> jumpingjacks for every might like that. >> i've seen the jumping jacks. they're impressive, very impressive. i've seen them a few times. >> we're going to get him to work on his vertical a little bit. t overall he did a good job. >> jumping jacks mean one thing, there's still hope for the football team with four games to play even at 5-7.
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