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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 11, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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see you next time, folks. it's friday, december 11th. coming up on "early today," breaking overnight, four killed in a medical helicopter crash. new details ahead. we haoe the latest in the trump showe as the rnc prepared for a convention battle and the latest on where the donald stands. st searching for new clues in a san bernardino terror investigation. plus, janice joplin's psychodeltic porsche sells at auction. and a must see will ferrell in a oncy.
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the seemingly unshakeable rit of donald trump marchs on. his popularity is exploding surrounding the proposal of his proposed muslim ban. according to a new nbc news wall street journal poll, 57% oppose his ban. and support for the ban out numbers the opposition, 42 on 36 p. and last night, hillary clinton says she does not find donald trump funny. >> but now he has gone way over ther saying now is not only shameful and wrong, it's dangerous. >> even ben carson is getting in on the action. he wrote in the uk's the telegraph saying donald trump may be afraid of muslims but he
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and just hours ago after being indorsed by a key police union, an, very strict executive action. >> anybody killing a police officer, death penalty. it an's going to happen. okay. we can't let this go. >> but there could be trouble on thero horizon. early signs of a fracture in the unofficial ceasefire between cruz and trump. could that be over? >> reporter: it's kind of interesting. when cruz was asked about trump in recent days, including yesterday, he really tries not to take the bait but he was asked specifically about comments he made at a private fund p raiser. listen to what ted cruz had to say in response about that and whether or not he thinks donald trump can eventually get this
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notimination. >> what i will say is this. the course of ana i presidential election, the voters are going to mak ge a decision about every ndidate and ultimately, the decision is who has the right judgment? experience and judgment to serve as commander and chief and every of us who is running is being assessed by the voters und that metric and that's exactly why wexa have a democratic election to determine that. >> reporter: when it comes to donald trump, he's s unll on top in the numbers. and very controversial, his ban supported by a plurality of republicans. and independents aren't go for it. 57% opposing this bann but he is very popular among the
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77% of republicans say they like how out spoken re is, they like how he's bringing up issues p. ss and while theyike thee th issues he's bringing up, the electerate se tems split on how to deal with those issues. and as the gop comes to grips with donald trump's plan for muslims and refugees, a t military plane carrying syrian refugees arrived at canada's airport and after processing, they'll get a meal and winter clothing. true dough plans to resettle by february. thefe air strikes against isis have taken out the group's finance minister.
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most experienced members in the group's financial network. and another senior leader was also killed in recent weeks. this comes as a new poll shows americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than any time other than after 9/11. meanwhile, officials are continuing their investigation into the san bernardino shooters and now new leads have pointed vestigators to a lake only a few miles from where the mass shooting happened. the fbi has deployed dive teams to search t for possible new idence. here with theid latest. >> reporter: the fbi sent divers to search a lake three miles from where the sd oting took place. authorities say it i s related to their investigation but decline to say how.
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ything that had to do with theris particular crime. >> rorter: meantime, they continue to question syed farook's friend, marquez. after going on a drinking binge following the massacre and now feels remorse. he has not been arrested or charged. investigators say he told farook and him discussed staging an attack in 2012 but got cold feet when four southern california men wereor arrested for plotting to kill u.s. soldiers in afghan afghanistan afghanistan. marquez and farook once lived next door to each other in this neighborhood and were close friends and they say farook's brother is married to a ukrainian woman whose sister is
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they're looking at whether that marriage was a sham, a favor he did for farook. marquez's mother has told nbc news, she didn't know her son was married either. and all she wants to say is "he's a great kid." for more than six years, it's been a mystery, why did sergeant joe bergdahl leave his post in 2009 and wind up the longest held pow since thet second world war.wa d he made a surprise return featuring bergdahl himself. here's national correspondent, peter alexander. >> reporter: sergeant bo bo bergdahl breaking his silence. for years he was america's only prison of war after walking off his out post in afghanistan
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bergdahl's compelling first person account is featured in a new season of the wildly popular pod cast, cereal searal cereal serial. he cast himself as a super soldier. but critics argue bergdahl, held hostage for nearly five years, was a traitor, later swapped for five detainees from guantanamo bay. serial offering maximum exposure. >> the more informa ton people have about sergeant bergdahl, his motivation, the better. reporter: nine months after the white house ceremony with his parents, white house republicans argue the obama
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makers with the prisoner switch. >> they misle congress about these negotiations. >> reporter: to this day, burlg bergdahl's haunted about his years in captivity. awaiting a decision about his future, he's still an active duty soldier in san antonio. if court marshalled, he could face life in prison. now, first lady michelle obama is many things, she can axc rap to her resume.o check it out. south side chicago, we all know we had to devote time to make a tomorrow and kids iwin michigan, that could be you >> yep, that's the first lady ra fpping withsnl's jay ferrule who happens to do an amazing impression of her husband.
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million times in less than 24 hours. it's part of the first lady's reach higher initiative. d.j. floats in the white his ous. and a spectacular show. e severe thunderstorm lasted just a few minutes but not before pelting the city with hail stone bus and nbc's meteorologist bill karins is here with the friday forecast. >> there's some great and some not so good andllhose down under, it's their summer now. d another little piece of th storm m poing on shore in the northwest. today's forecast, we're looking very nice, unusually warm, texas, oklahoma, all the way through the midwest, into areas of the northeast, all the stormy weather rain is going to be heading to the rockies. by saturday, the storm will
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central plains p. we have very warm air and even snow likely in colorado. 73 i>>dallas. that's where we could see severe weather, maybe even isolated tornado or two. so, the area at greatest risk, wichita to oklahoma city, really i 35 to the dallas fort worth year area and back across to abilene abilene. i don't expect a tornado outbreak but a few are possible saturday afternoon and evening. and then a line o strong storm wickll move the to louisiana. and the middle of the country is the stormy spot. now a closer look at the day ahead. well, we have cooled off in the northern plains ea s plains. north dakota only in the 30s. probably right about where you should be this time of year. and great lakes into the northeast upper temperatures.
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for a lot of people. >> i'm planning on spending a loteof time outside. >> do it. >> thanks for the tip. and the way congress refuses to and it's the iconic psuiychodeltic porsche that just so
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some breaking news from california this morning. a medical helicopter crashed in a field while flying to a nearby hospital. there are no reported survives, with four confirmed dead. the search was started last night and they say the chopper wee nt down in dense fog. mayor maloy, people with a no fly list will be banned from
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he will be the first to sign an executive order of this kind. former oklahoma city police officer was found guilty by a jury yesterday. he was convicted on 18 counts of sexual assault, rapetend other offenses. the jury recommended a total of 263 years in prison served nsecutively. sentencing set for january 21st. brother of reality star, kristen cavalari was found dead in utah yesterday. search crews found a body believed to be michael's about five miles from his car. his sister stated quote you had such a good heart and will be forever missed. let's get down to business. suth bes has told a sychedelic porsche for a whopping $1.76
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it belonged to rocker janice joplin. anmed i'm sure it was a little piece of her heart, that porsche. an anonymous bidder just spent more than half a million dollars on a rare 1952 mickey mafuntle rookie card. it sold through dallas based heritage auction. this sets a new record for your ma intle baseball card. taking a break from changing course with her company, murisau mayor welcomes identical twin girls thursday morning and her company opted out of a planned spin off with site alibaba. and the cardinals could be headed to the nfl playoffs. >>
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. is morning on "today," a photo of a mountain of gifts pi thled up under theechristmas tree is going viral and it has people wdering how much is too much when it comes to the holiday. to thursday night football in phoenix. adrian peterson takes this hand
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and connecting with a wide open floyd who goes the distance to score on a 42-yard pass play. and bridgewater ties t game. and chandler nails a 47-yar r for the win. 23-20 arizona as becomes the second team to clinch a playoff spot. it was a battle in chicago. bulls-clippers. blake griffon goes for the block but he gets across the head. they called it a flagrant two ul. automatic ejection for griffon. it proved costly. and fourth ranked iowa state needed a huge rally to beat iowa. and the state remains unbeaten.ym just ahead, a case of
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plus, will ferrell and billy iekner roaming the streets of new york in their christmas
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a bit of confusion during the golden globe's no nations yesterday. the twitter account showed actress furarau twice. and it called her gina rodriguez.
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will ferrell joined billy eichner on billy on the street. >> who's the best in the movie "elf?" >> i would say the elf. >> what's his name? >> buddy. >> no, what's his real name? you've never seen "elf." >> i'm right here. >>uu> john stewart channelling donald trump "the late bishow." >> these 9/11 folks -- let me tell you something, hey, these 9/11 first responders are the most top notch dia mond incrusted heroes america can produce. if i'm elected and i will be elected, i will build a wall around pols ics and i will make
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tweet at your congressman with the hash tag p. ag p. . . g. g.
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leading the news in u.s.a. today, u.s.a.'s three biggest airlines now ban hoverboards. american, delta, amd united all announced they will no longer allow hoverboards on the plane and it's quote in the interest of safety for our customers and employees. and other websites will stop selling them due to safety concerns. christmas fullymoon rises for the first time this century. so, for anyone younger than 38, is will be your first chance to see the moon for yourself on the holiday.
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channel, the a last time a full moon was seen on christmasw as in 1977 and the next one will occur in 2044. it's much easier to see santa's slay go across. and they increased security across geneva, including outside the u.n. headquartersd police are searching for several suspects linked to isis and plotting a specific attack. swiss authorities were acting on a tip from fbi. and jared fogle has been sentenced to 27 years inprison. he's the former head of fogle's chpingitable foundation pled guilty. he admitted to using hidden
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children in sexually explicit acts and then shared it with fogle. > and reports of a bad smell led them to investigate 66 snakes. they were sick. some of them had to be euthanized. animal shelter is trying to nurse them back to health. a lot of mice, i guess. tough pictures. and we have a new zealand aircraft company literally jetting into the picture. spectators were awed at the first jet pack, it can fly up o 45 miles per hour for about 30 minutes, reaching up to 1500 meters. the cost about $155,000. now a look ahead. three astronauts returned to
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and the three-man crew is ending a nearly five month tour aboard the international space station. breaking news overnight. a bronx block up in flames. the raging fire that took hours
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plus, right now people
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