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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. live from studio 3 c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." >> falling bricks force rose residents from their homes. a woman leaps from a building and lands on a pedestrian below. >> and a final draft to combat
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the latest on the climate change conference in paris. good morning welcome to "today in new york." a lot of people thinking the weather that we're having has a loget to do with climate change, right? >> fuelling the discussion. >> for sure. 57 degrees, that's where we're starting today. >> it just goes on and on, guys. it's going to be even milder day by day. i think today temperatures peak in the mid 60s. a look at your weather headlines for today. it's like a spring break weekend. no jackets needed outside. record high temperatures are possible. we have some rain finally moving in on monday. but it stays mild. and we're not talking about any snow for the next few days.
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today, 57 degrees outside right now. that's about as cool as it's going to get in the city. look at that. by lunchtime we're back into the low 60s. today's high temperature 63 degrees. the record is 68 for today. that's out of reach. but other spots may break records today on this saturday. happening now, residents out of their homes this morning and businesses forced to shut down due to the danger of falling bricks from an upper east side high-rise. >> reporter: it's busy on first avenue. unusual that customers are here in the late evening because the restaurant usually shuts down at 5:00. they were forced to stay open to
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they're one of the few lucky enough to open since the falling blocks started on monday. authorities say they likely can't reopen until monday. >> it's the holiday season. so this is our busiest time. we're losing gift card sales and membership sales. >> reporter: he said police gave him just 40 minutes to cancel cld ient appointments. next door to them is this indian restaurant. you can see all the scaffolding at their front door. they too are losing money. traffic is bumper to bumper as cars detour around the road closures at first avenue around
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>> i think safety is first and then we can make sure we think about getting things open. i am sbrr very interested in getting to the bottom of what's happened here. >> reporter: authorities believe bricks have deteriorated, causing all those bricks to fall. also this morning a shocking scniene after a 56-year-old woman jumped from a three story apartment and landed on an eld elderly pedestrian below. the jumper later died at bellevue hospital. one man who saw what happened said it made him sick to his symptom stomach stomach.
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service but stable condition. police are investigatoring an officer involved shooting in brooklyn. one of the officers opened fire. we're told the suspect was wounded, hit in the shoulder. both victims are expected to recover. emotions running nigh this morning after a police officer videotaped attacking a driver is found not guilty of assault. a judge said the surveillance video showing the officer kicking and punching 20-year-old kyle howard during a traffic stop did not give a full picture of events and she believed the
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>> it is clear now that the u.s. atorny -- attorney's office needs to -- >> calling for a federal civil rights investigation. a federal judge has denied bail for suffolk county's former police chief. the judge called james burke a danger to the community and ordered him to remain in custody until his trial date. he's accused of assaulting christopher lobe and then orchestrating a massive coverup inside the police department. in northern california an officer caught on camera shooting a suspected drunk driver has been cleared of criminal charges. the video you're about to see may be disturbing to watch.
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california police car dash cam. when thomas pops out of the window there, the officer says his weapon accidentally fired. and thomas was left paralyzed. the d.a. calls the shooting negligent but not criminal the . police say they do have a suspect in custody. the mosque's im s -- no one was injured. at least six people confirmed dead in a tall ban attack near the spanish embassy in afghanistan. that attack took place in a heavily protected part of kabul
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new this morning a historic climate agreement could be announced today in paris. negotiators from more than 190 countries are striving to reach a deal. delegates extended the talks for an extra day. still to come this morning on saturday today in new york, businesses who depend on the winter season aren't to happy about this. and snow lovers definitely not happy with this forecast as well. temperatures in the 60s. how long will this mild weather last? is there any cold on the horizon? we'll take a look at the seven day forecast and explain coming
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today's weather is brought
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welcome back on a very warm saturday morning, 57 degrees. normally this time of year there could be ice out there on the river. but nope, nothing but lights, because it's so warm. this warm december might be good for some businesses. it's not good for all, especially those that rely on the cold weather like ski resorts in the northeast here. >> got to be six feet from the property line. >> reporter: on the phone with a perspective pool customer at his pool and ski shop. but the ski business? >> business has been real bad. mother nature predicts this business and hasn't been so good for him this year. >> reporter: part of the reason up in the slopes of the poconos there's only spotty patches of
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says it has a few trails open. for snowboarder eric hammond. >> it's like 60s all the way into next week. just kind of waiting and praying it will be cold soon. >> it has to be a little colder and some white stuff on the ground and that will get people motivated to stop in. >> reporter: even here, where heavy duty refrigeration can keep the ice skatable during a warm spell, -- can you keep it open? >> i can try. >> reporter: but from the looking of the surrounding park -- business has been booming at this middle sex sex county
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skate in warm weather. >> what you don't see there is brian himself is wearing skates. >> and shorts. >> 57 degrees? >> yeah, already. >> 6:00 in the morning. that's something else. >> coming off the warmest november we've ever seen in new york city, the pattern goes on and on for the time being. there will be a change coming when we look at the longer range forecast. right now we are dealing with this warm weekend ahead and temperatures already that don't require a jacket this morning. in any ni many spots you can leave the house in a t-shirt or light windbreaker. we have this mild weather in
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can't find any cold out there. 51 in stratford. lots of sunshine, a few clouds in the mix as well. and a mixed sky in the afternoon. partly sunny we're calling it. day. certainly mild. as we head into tomorrow, more sunday. the got a cold front kind of
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not a lot of sun for your sunday. you can see the cloud pretty much locked in here and spotty drizzle a possibility. the real rain doesn't arrive until monday and especially monday late in the day. for a high temperature, 63 degrees. fog returns tonight. it could be dense at times. 54 degrees your low temperature. the warm weather goes on right into next week. 62 on monday. that's when it turns breezy with more steady rain. still mild enough for plain old rain. temperatures stay in the 50s until friday. looks like friday into saturday and next weekend is when we could see a return to at least closer to normal temperatures.
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the ups and downs of news 4 new york, you can see the latest forecasts, use our sbrak interactive radar. the news 4 new york app available in the app store right now. for a century and half new jersey manufactured chemicals and household products. though many of those factories are long gone, an investigation found the state's industrial past is still very much a part of its present. >> reporter sarah gonzalez sat down to talk about the investigative series. >> you found some 90% of new jersey live within a mile of a contaminated site. >> within a mile. most of these sites are not posing any kind of danger to residents. contaminations means a pathway
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we looked at all the contaminated sites in new jersey, and most of these sites have hired someone to start addressing the contamination, to set up kind of a cleanup plan. but 14 hundred of 00 of the state's 14,000 sites don't have any plans to clean up the contamination. most of those sites are in low income areas. >> what's the concern? you said in many cases there's no immediate health risk but there could be in the future. >> right. so the department of environmental protection in new jersey says they are aware of what contaminates are at all of these placings eplaces. but one of the things they told me when i started this investigation is the 1400 or so sites that don't have anyone hired to clean up the
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very low risk sites or abandoned sites. but i went to these sites. i drove all around new jersey looking for these abandoned properties and i found schools and hospitals and police stations and fire stations and even state buildings like a state prison. and the department of environmental protection says they've tried to get these sites to comply. they've tried to get them to hire someone to clean up these contaminated sites, but a lot of these sites are also state agencies. >> the state is saying in essence don't worry about it too much. but you're finding out firsthand it may not bauls always be the case. >> right. there were two surprising things i found. one was that the owners of some of these contaminated sites like city officials or schools, they weren't even aware they were sit
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some kind of contamination. a lot of them were like old heating oil tanks. the tanks had been removed but the soil was still contaminated. but i found there were some schools in newark where they were supposed to hire someone to do that soil digging in 2012 and 2014 and they didn't until wnyc started asking them about it, like why haven't you guys hired someone? our data team created a map where you can enter your address and lit it will show you all the contaminated sites near you and if the contamination is in the soil or the water. and we have a form on there where residents can tell us what they know about the site. one of the things that i found about my reporting is that older residents in new jersey, they
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they said that was an old factory, my grandpa used to work there and now it's a restaurant or a gas station or a vacant lot. we have a form where residents in new jersey can tell us what they know about that site. >> thank you very much. your report is called dirty little secrets. you can head to the wnyc website and find out more. coming up after the break, the last straw. what led the giants to cut ties with a young player. more on first here's your fandango weekend ticket. >> hey everybody. there are two movies to tell you about this week, legend and in the heart of the sea. which movie is perfect for you? let's begin with legend.
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well, it was a fight over a pair of headphones that ended ed ed
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with the giants parting ways with a player. >> the giants team cling to playoff hopes, there should be room for a defensive end who's second on the team in sacks. the team moore reportedly violated team rules, fighting with a teammate over a pair of beats head phones in a locker room. it's the latest in a string of issues with maturity. rivas is expected to play sunday against the titans. he's listed as probably e but he still needs to get clearance from a doctor. the jets look to improve to 8-5, pushing towards the playoffs. and sure 3-9 tennessee is closer
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having rivas back will help contain rookie quarterback marcus mariota. schiano joins the buckeyes as associate coach and defensive coordinator. this means ash will have to work twice as hard now to pry the new jersey recruiting pipeline away from ohio state. that's going to be interesting to watch. in the neb the ba the warriors moved to a remarkable 24-0. knicks and nets had the night off, which gave brooklyn the time to surprise 50 kids with christmas presents. they received gifts, pictures with nets players. later tootd
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your 2015 heisman trophy winner will be announced later tonight right here in new york city. and up next at 6:30 on "today in new york" surveillance video of the man police say may be behind a string of robberies near central park. and our warm weather goes on and on as we head into the weekend. when will it stop and who could see records today?
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that's the first time i've seen the sing-along there. hope you're injoy i enjoying that. welcome back to "today in new york." >> you talk about the sing-along. sorry that i missed it.
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continues to be abnormally warm. should we be worried? >> no. let's enjoy it because it will be cold eventually. even by the end of the week we start to see a return to colder weather. but we are watching out for record high temperatures. on storm tracker live radar mostly cloudy now but no rain. the record high in central park is 68 degrees. that is probably out of reach. but other spots like la guardia, jfk and newark, the records are in the low 60s. up to the mid 60s in ridgewood. some clouds and sunshine as well. low 60s chappaqua and glenn . overnight tonight, another very mild night. these temperatures well above
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this time of year. watch out for some patchy fog. some of it could be dense especially in the suburbs north and west of town. happening today, the annual santacon bar crawl gets underway in just a few hours. >> the police commissioner has a warning for party icipant who is want to get naughty. >> edward and joseph sell christmas trees in the bowery every year and they can't stand santacon. the police commissioner expressed concerns but as the event grows in popularity, it's
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in 2012 there was one arrest and 64 summons. in 2013 that dropped dramatically, zero arrests and only ten summons. and last year no arrests, no summons summons. here's this year's santacon route. santa's meet in williamsburg. from there the bar crawl heads to the lower east side. the trains have banned alcohol this weekend. sal rosenburg runs a rooftop bar, one of many hosting santacon. >> in my experience personally santas have been very respectful sense they've gotten
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lot of heat. this morning another albany power player is headed to prison and so is his son. they have been convicted of federal extortion charges. prosecutors say the long island republican used political influence to find his son jobs from companies that sought the senator's help. he's the latest political lead tore er to fall because of corruption. >> unfortunately human nature being what it is, corruption is to a large degree inseparable from politics. there's only so much that can be done to stop it. >> governor cuomo issued a state saying there can be no tolerance for those who use and seek to use public service for private gain. the justice system worked today. however, more must be done.
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and are expected to be sentenced in march. this video is from the first robbery in central park five days ago at east 89th street. the group has struck four times. the latest incident on thursdays night along 73rd street and east drive. nassau county police are looking for a woman who tried to kidnap a boy from a store. a stranger walked in and told her she had a beautiful baby. according to the mother the woman started acting weird. >> the subject began to walk around the interior of the room, checked all the stalls and then confronted the victim, stated, give me the baby. >> the mother says the woman
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but she fought the woman and ran for help. dozens of people in the bronx have been forced out of their homes this morning because of a devastating fire that destroyed nearly a half block of apartment buildings. six firefighters and four people living nearby suffered minor injuries. so far the red cross has placed 40 victims in temporary housing. others say they're going to stay with relatives. firefighters are trying to determine what started that one. and in queens firefighters say they are dealing with a copy cat arsonist. police released this video of a man they say set fires to three garbage cans. authorities say a different serial arsonist is responsible
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buildings this week. government affairs reporter melissa russo with details. >> reporter: it's a pretty safe bet that these culinary students did not expect they'd be learning how to pick organic kale in a garden at the homeless shelter on ward island. it's part of a job training program and a far cry from the pavement where many of these shelter residents have spent their days in the past. of 121 men trained for jobs, 76 found jobs. >> they were offering a class here and being that i reside here i took the opportunity to take the class. >> these are folks who are down on their luck and we're trying
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opportunities to help them thrive. >> reporter: the de blasio administration plans to create more jobs. city officials say requiring shelter residents to take part in training will also keep them off the streets during the day. >> this is our expectation of them while they're in shelter. >> reporter: many suffer from mental, physical or substance abuse issues. >> we think the majority of the 12,000 people in the single adult shelter system can and should be employed. only about 15% of clients in the shelter system are on disability right now. so technically anyone not on disability can work and we want to seize opportunities for as
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>> the city says the job training will not be a requirement for everyone in shelters. but it's still not entirely clear how the city will choose who participates and what will happen to those who do not. and we enjoy this warm dry weather we're going to show you what part of the country is recovering from severe flooding. i just want the most wonderful holiday ever. you should get holiday scratch-offs from the new york lottery. you can talk? come on, brian. there's more chances to win than ever. with a sweepstakes to win $500 a week for life. (wife) who are you talking to? nobody! new holiday scratch-off games from the new york
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you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. would you look at that? crews in oregon and washington this morning are working to clear highways swept by mudslides. the forecast unfortunately calls for even more storms today. >> we're not the only ones experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. south dakota, usually covered in snow this time of year. but look at the golf course here in sioux falls.
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golfers may be able to enjoy a game today, but next week is a different story, because temperatures in that region expected to drop significantly in the coming days. >> it has a lot to do with el nino. i'm going to explain in just a few minutes. >> please do. >> i'll break it down for you. the pattern will change toward the end of the month. probably next weekend and as we head towards christmas weekend. cold weather is on the way for us and the rest of the country, just not right now. it's been very chilly for the southwest and stormy out there, typical el nino pattern. 57 degrees outside right now, well above average. let's take a look at the storm tracker 4 satellite and radar picture. why is it so warm? el nino does set the stage for that. abnormally warm temperatures all around the united states right
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we have a bermuda high that's pumping in a southwesterly flow. there's no way for that cold air to work on south right now. that leaves us with temperatures about ten to 20 degrees above average. and until this pattern changes next weekend we're not going to see any cold air or even cool air. probably want to plan some time outside today. 63 for your high. and the record high in central park 64 degrees. going to be close. maybe some drift by zzle by the end of the day. here's a live look at future tracker. some sunshine, some clouds and the clouds roll in by the afternoon but we're keeping it try. if you have plans tonight new york city umbrella
6:39 am
a cold front around 7:00 tomorrow morning. still dry in the city, but then the drizzle takes place late in the day. that's the cold front that's going to try to sag to the south. maybe the cloud cover will inhibit those temperatures a little bit from rising in some spots. but for today still well above average. 63 for your high. it's a mild mix of clouds and sunshine. we're watching out for some patchy fog. could be dense. watch out for that tomorrow morning. it could get in the way of your travel plans. 60s right through monday, then a cold front comes through. a little cool down on tuesday, but not much. another chance for rain with a stronger cold front by thursday. find out when it will eventually
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you can see the latest forecasts and learn how to submit your own weather video. coming up after the break where you can enjoy a holiday celebration with a lot of spirit in this week's visual iones. we'll introduce you to some adorable animals looking for a home today, including this little guy nancy is holding. you're watching "today in new
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. . 6:45 and we're going to get in the holiday spirit with a little latin flair. get into the holiday spirit this afternoon. let's find out right now from music historian and the leader of the band, always great to see you. >> happy holidays. >> i happy holidays to you.
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tina torres. tell us, aurora, a little bit about baranda. >> it's almost like a parade, a walking carnival. it comes from spain. it's in the tradition of the, the roubadors. people would give the gift of music. they'd go to each other's house. they'd knock on the door. people would get up as a surprise and make something to eat. they'd raid the refrigerator, they would drink. and then everybody would sing and they'd go to the next house and this would continue until the morning. >> kind of like christmas caroling. >> we have to do it during the
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>> it's a free concert. >> yes. >> tell us a little bit about what you'll be performing. >> i'll be performing a really nice latin version of white christmas, a song that everybody knows but just spicing it up a little bit. >> and aurora, there's also going to be a festival taking place. >> yes it's a festival and valerie is going to be there playing some hot jazz. and there's going to be an artisan fair. so people can get these unusual latin american gifts. it's all there. >> it's all free and there's hot chocolate as well. we love it. it sounds great. >> we're going to have a great time. >> people with join can join in, right? >> yes. they should bring their instruments. they can go to -- it's part of
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and they can go to the fulton houses. i think it's 431 west 17th avenue. >> it goes on until -- >> 4:00. >> get into the holidays. thank you so much. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> this is a public affairs
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ten before the hour. time for this morning's pet profile. we may not feel it right now but winter weather will soon be on the way. nancy is here with tips to keep your pets safe as the temperatures drop. what is the big thing, frostbite that sort of thing? >> first, your cat.
6:46 am
and if you have feral cats or cats that live outside, make sure to pound on your car hood before you drive because they love to go in and hide inside cars because they're warm. you plus, cats can freeze outside. you really want to keep your cat inside. secondly, the dogs. you want to watch the antifreeze that you use. dogs and cats love glycol. th it's a substance in the antifreeze. they lick it and eat it. it's toxic and poisonous. wh.en you buy your antifreeze, make sure it doesn't have glycol in it. >> and never shave your dog down to the skin in winter. that seems kind of obvious. >> absolutely. they need an inch or two of hair
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and the heat surprisingly. puppies and older dogs don't do well outside. you really want to make sure they have a little coat on. if your dog is very active outside in the cold feed them a little bit more because they burn more energy. >> who do you have here today? >> we have sisters. miniature pointer sisters. it's a miniature pointer. and they are six months old and they they were strays. they're available at biscuits and bath midtown east today. on the floor there that is lay layla. one is shy and one is an extrovert.
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miniature pinchers are all enter entertainment. >> thank you, gus. it is just about that time where we go across the street and domestic with erica and craig. >> hey. good morning. nice to see you pat. >> good morning. >> just ahead here on a saturday morning on today we're all enjoying this beautiful weather outside here on the east coast. boy, is there a lot of strange weather around the country. a severe storm threat in the plains and a powerful winter storm out west. >> also divers search for more clues in the san bernardino attack. we are live there this morning. >> and then it is the holiday season so we all know that can be full of rather sticky social situations. we're going to take the sticky out of these for you.
6:49 am
holiday gift giving this morning. >> have you ever dreamed of retiring young, really young? we're going to meet a couple planning to identity in their early 30s. the secret to their success. i'm about 20 years too late. >> not true. >> thank you, folks. we'll see you in a little bit. and we will be right back with a
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welcome back on a saturday morning. snoop dog is back too. he'll got some big collaborations on his new album. if you were at my actual house, i would have asked you to take the glasses off. >> never let them see your eyes. >> i feel like the spirit of bootsy is with us. >> my uncle. >> your actual uncle or your musical uncle. >> my musical uncle. >> who's your musical father?
6:51 am
stevie wonder, farrell and -- >> there's certain people i respect. i'm with dr. dre. same with farrell. i love to get direction. i auwant them to tell me what to say and do. >> do you think hip hop has a particular responsibility in popular culture? >> i think hip hop's main focus is music and to make people feel good and to unite people. hip hop enables me to have fans that didn't come from where i came from, didn't grew up like i grew up. wasn't the same color as me. i'm looking at these people. they don't look nothing like me. but my music is just like theirs. >> i keep it all together, no
6:52 am
i come up from an era of love peace, happiness and tranquility. only on the stoop, baby. . >> feel the love. >> you can watch talk stoop with cat greenleaf every sunday. a small collection of viking coins and jewelry could -- >> museum officials say it is a national find. the coins are around the time that anglo saxon kings bought back against viking expansion. that stuff is going to be very enlightening apparently.
6:53 am
are we still going to go up up and away, raf? >> temperatures in the 6 0s. this is the weekend if you're doing some holiday decorating, holiday shopping, the weather is definitely on your side. you can go outside without the heavy jackets. 63 your high in the city. i think we're going to break records not in central park. we have a record of 68 in central park. i get very excited about record high temperatures so we're going to see how that plays out. tomorrow there may be some drizzle by the end of the day and lots of cloudiness. rain moves in on monday, especially late in the day. tuesday a little bit of a cool down back to 59 which is still well above average. it's not until friday and
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temperatures finally back down
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