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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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live" and right now we now at 11:00, a major fire in westchester county that threatened to destroy a neighborhood's library and pool. >> threatening graffiti scrawled on the wall of a shopping center bathroom sends shoppers scrambling. >> also new tonight, police now have a picture of the woman they believe tried to abduct a baby. good evening. i'm rob schmidt. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. i want to begin tonight with a fire that one community feared would destroy its main recreational center. fire crews tackled the heavy flames at a recreation center in briar cliff manner in westchester county. the fire started shortly before 9:00 tonight. you can see just how intense those flames were. some cell phone video here. so intense. the building houses a pool, a library, tennis courts and a small skating rink. but the flames did not spread to those areas as previously thought.
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out around 45 minutes later, but that building, as you can imagine, completely torched. the good thing here, no one was hurt. an arson team is on the scene as we speak, investigating how it all started. >> to the weather now. hopefully you spent some time outside today. you certainly didn't need a winter coat. we are seeing record-high temperatures this weekend. and take a look at this. the average high for today, december 12th, over the last 30 years, has been 44 degrees. well, today the high in parts of our area was 66. that is 22 degrees above average. we have two reports tonight on this weather and of course, the mood of the city enjoying this warmth. we begin with news 4's michael george, who is on tupper west side. i imagine a lot of people are happy there, mike. >> absolutely, rob. like you said, no need for a coat at all. and a lot of people are outside taking advantage of this. but is this warm weather a good thing? well, that depends on who you ask. who would have guessed? it's shorts weather in the middle of december.
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christmas spirit when it's this warm out, but not going to complain about it. >> reporter: from hoboken to long island city, people stepped out to enjoy the warm weather. we saw some unusual sights for the middle of winter. a store selling sweaters and scarves didn't have a single customer. meanwhile, kids lined up to buy ice cream. >> can you believe this you're buying ice cream in the middle of december? >> it's incredible. >> reporter: at starbucks, hot chocolate and coffee were no longer the big sellers. and while most enjoyed the bizarre december heat wave, some are hoping christmas starts looking a little bit more like christmas. >> i like the fact that winter is being pushed off, but it's also too warm for christmas. >> reporter: and walking around here, you see a lot of people who are dressed for the weather. a lot of people are dressing for how it should be in december. a lot colder clothes than they really need at this point. that said, most people we talk to very happy what we got today and what it's looking like for tomorrow. live on the upper west side,
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>> and i think we're in that december mode, that's why everybody's grabbing their coats. let's turn to storm team 4's erica grow with the headlines of exactly what's happening with these temps. >> the temps are still in the 60s in part of the tristate. we have a warm front moving through. lots of clouds in place. that keeps our temperatures from falling. the clouds act almost like a blanket. you can see a couple little sprinkles here. that warm front continues to push to the north, pushing out that chance for a sprinkle or a shower, but we can't rule out a chance for a sprinkle tomorrow morning. 66 in central park. that did not reach a record, but all the other record highs here at jfk, bridgeport, and islip, shattering their old record, which was only 60 degrees. now their record high is 68 degrees. as i mentioned before, still in the 60s in central park, but it's 48 in morristown. 52 in poughkeepsie. 52 in islip, as well. off to the west, plenty more warm air. it's still 65 in louisville. it's 63 in cleveland. talk about a shock to the
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and the lakes, this should be much, much colder than that. your football forecast for tomorrow, kickoff temperature, 66 degrees. we have more record highs in the seven-day forecast. i'll tell you when it all comes to an end, coming up. back to you. >> that football weather, unbelievable. erica, thanks. you can always download the news 4 app to track your temperatures on the go. it's so handy, search wnbc in our app store. an historic climate agreement covering the entire planet was adopted today. for the first time, ever country in the world is being asked to limit greenhouse gas emissions. >> the paris agreement is adopted. >> it's a big thing. the agreement is voluntary, but it does three things. it limits global temperature rise to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit or less. the money, as well, $100 billion will go to developing nations to help them deal with climate change and a far-reaching and very ambitious goal here, zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2100, not that far off. the president and other
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those involved. >> the people of nearly 200 nations, large and small, developed and developing, for working together to confront a threat to the people of all nations. together we've shown what's possible when the world stands as one. >> new york governor andrew cuomo said the agreement creates a framework for addressing storms like superstorm sandy. he said by the year 2030, new york state will get half of its power from renewable sources. new tonight at 11:00, we are getting a look at the woman police say tried to kidnap a baby inside a kohl's store on long island. let's give you a look here at this picture, as we zoom in. detectives say a suspect approached a mother who was changing her 1-year-old in the restroom. at first, she complimented the child. but then police said, she grabbed his arm and said, give me the baby. the mother left and called security. the suspect was last seen leaving the kohl's in that black livery vehicle.
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hit-and-run that killed a teenager in queens. this man was spotted getting out of the passenger side of the vehicle in question shortly after the accident and detectives want to talk to him. the accident happened tuesday at northern and junction boulevards in jackson heights. 17-year-old ovidio was struck and killed as he walked home from a funeral. things are getting back to normal tonight at a new jersey mall hours after a bomb threat forced holiday shoppers to evacuate the place. hundreds of people spilled into the parking lot of the riverside square mall in hackensack just this afternoon. you can see police there flashing lights. officials weren't taking any chances after a security guard found a threat written in graffiti in a bathroom. a mall employee told us there was no panic during that evacuation. >> it was older. there was no one running. there was no one scared. everybody took their time. >> the policewoman told us it
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>> could be nerve-racking. bomb-sniffing dogs searched inside and outside of the mall while police guarded the entrance. they gave the all clear about three hours later. a parish in disbelief as a bronx catholic church is accused of stealing donation plate collections and breaking his vow of celibacy by using the money to pay for a male prostitute. tonight, cardinal dolan is talking about this scandal. the lawsuit filed on behalf of parishioners accuses father peter mcquelly of st. francis december chantelle church for stealing moneys for his romantic rand views. there's a $14,000 check that the priest allegedly wrote to himself. they claim he used that money to buy drugs and a house in brick, new jersey, where he would meet with the escort. the archbishop of new york is taking the allegations seriously.
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pope said the church conducted several audits. >> had found some sloppiness in bookkeeping, but no evidence at all of embezzlement. >> reporter: cardinal dolan says the church is working with the bronx district attorney. he apologized to churchgoers who said they're angry and concerned. >> my granddaughter just made confirmation. he's in the picture with her. if this is real, then they need to deal with it, because you're going to lose people. >> according to the lawsuit, parishers in had long complained about his commitment to the church and his poor money management skills. those involved in the case say the archdiocese knew about mckweli's behavior, but did not intervene. the local muslim community gathered in times square to speak out against terrorism. >> islam means peace. when do we want it? >> now! >> organizers of today's rally for peace say that staying quiet is not an option anymore. they're defending their
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terrorism do not define muslims and do not define americans. a new jersey man is behind bars tonight, accused of killing two people in their home. on friday afternoon, officers responded to the scene there at 46th first avenue inerer don and found the bodies. they arrested this man after they spotted him sleeping in a truck outside of an apartment complex in north brunswick. now he faces murder charges. his bail has been set at $2 million. >> some breaking news tonight. crews on the scene of a fire inside the u.s. postal barrage. we are told two postal trucks are burning inside that facility on 1 1th avenue in chelsea. maybe you're near that area. maybe you see the smoke or the flames. if so, take pictures and send them to us. so far, no word of any injuries. we're working to get some video of this. we'll get them to you as soon as we can. >> still ahead, big legal bills for new jersey. did santacon organizers get the sober festivities they wanted
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the festive pub crawl of 2015 is nearly a memory. plus, this warm december made for some merry first graders. we have all the photos to prove it. (man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir. (vo) a new york gentleman spends $28,000 a week on wine to sit in. (man) i'm so sorry you had to see this. (vo) you'd make a way better
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(man) i'll be in the pool. (vo) lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game.
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santacon is wrapping up tonight with hundreds of stragglers probably hanging out. we gathered some pics from social media. we used the banjo app here, collecting pictures from all over manhattan. let's take a look at this first one we found here of these gals, really getting into the spirit. they've got their pose on here with their santa hats included. these guys, i believe the caption said, santa claus is coming to town. what do you think? they've got the full gear on, on their bikes. pretty cool, riding through. the grinch who stole christmas, complete with the hat and all, holding his candy cane in the middle of the huge crowds we saw all day. and one last shot here, you can see it's a video of this gal right here, she's dancing and hanging out, singing her christmas carols. just a really, really fun, fun day for everybody involved. thousands of those santas, though, they did start to sober up. hopefully they stayed out of trouble. after years of complaints about binge drinking and bad behavior, the nypd has enforced a very strict no-tolerance policy. and for the third year in a row, event organizers released their route to police in advance.
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assemble at brooklyn's mckaren park. they even agreed to send tweets out to the police department as a way to keep people in line, rob. well, rabbits rescued from deplorable conditions in january hopped home with new families today. the acpca held two events, one in central park, the other at union square. 48 bunnies were adopted. last january, nearly 180 rabbits were rescued from a brooklyn home. many were suffering with injuries and illnesses. they received veterinary care and were neutered as well. there are still some of these rabbits available. find out how to adopt one on our website, nbc 4 new up next on news 4 at 11:00, sinatra fans go all-out to mark the very day that the chairman of the board was born. take a look at that. 100 years of memories when we return. and hard to believe that winter is just a few days away. so how much longer is this warm
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reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new jersey taxpayers are now on the hook for $8 million over the george washington bridge scandal. today the state has been billed by a law firm defending the christie administration. governor christie hasn't been charged in in 2013 lane closure scandal, but his former deputy chief of staff and a top port authority appointee do face criminal charges. well, did you do something to celebrate all the warm weather? maybe take a walk? let's show you these children at west mere elementary school outside of albany. they got together to celebrate. they took a walk and then tossed their coats in the air. isn't that an adorable shot right there? here's a look at the pictures. on thursday, tracy martoni's first grade class did the big toss and then the entire first grade took them off and tossed them off.
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during recess, right? >> definitely pumped up. >> it's an interesting thing. it's like you're happy it's warm, kind of bumped we're probably not going to get that white christmas unless things change here really fast. >> the long range is definitely not showing a white christmas for us. but we are looking at a cooldown eventually. it's not really in the near future, though. taking a live look outside at the plaza, at least it's nice and comfortable to check out this gorgeous tree at rockefeller center. the current temperature, 63 degrees. it's just unbelievably warm out there, at 11:00 tonight, to still have a temperature of 63. and tomorrow will be another very mild day. so temperatures barely cool down tonight. we will see some areas of fog develop. mostly dry on sunday, though there is a few little chances for sprinkles and showers and i'm going to show them to you in just a moment. we're down to 49, but most of us are still in the 50s. 52 in sleepy hallow.
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52 in poughkeepsie, and we have some reduced visibilities starting to show up. monticello at a half mile. on long island, we'll watch for that fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, four-mile visibility right now in islip. on live radar, you can see just a couple of those little sprinkles. the best potential for a quick-hitting shower will be up in the catskills and points down into the lower hudson valley, but most of us will stay dry tomorrow. that warm front continuing to lift out. and the cold front on the approach. you can see it here moving into the southern and central plains. that is what is going to be bring us our next chance for rain. so on future tracker, we have the clouds in place, but no sprinkles or showers really showing up here. not until we get to monday. monday, starting out dry for the most part, just a couple of very small showers. by lunchtime, we have a better chance for a shower. and then for the evening commute, a much better potential. and i think that heavy rain is possible as we head monday night into early tuesday morning. here comes the cold front. it's not going to cool us down very much, though.
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with the fog developing overnight. and then tomorrow, back up to 64 degrees. that early morning fog is going to break. we'll see some peeks of sunshine and another really beautiful day, though it's really not feeling like december. it's feeling more like spring. north and west, we have that patchy fog hanging on longer, but we'll rebound to temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. so another day with record-high temperatures for some of the area. rain and showers move in on monday, with a high still of 62 degrees, and even that 58-degree high on tuesday might be a little bit too low. we could end up with a stretch of 60-degree days here, five days long, potentially, before it's all said and done. >> wow. >> quite a warm stretch for this time in december, that's for sure. >> we'll take it. erica, thanks. all right. "my way," "fly me to the moon," "that's life," and also this one -- >> the best is yet to come and baby won't that be fun >> there's a voice. that's pretty good, actually.
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out to celebrate the golden voice on what would have been his 100th birthday. tonight he was remembered during a concert at steven's institute of technology in hoboken. that's where he was born in 1915. the chairman of the board was celebrated at patsy's in manhattan as well, where fans went all out to remember old blue eyes. sinatra left us in 1988. he passed away in california after quite a wonderful life. gone, but not forgotten. >> music definitely lives on. >> perfect for the holidays. >> thank you, john. >> classic sinatra. close vote today we've got to talk about. another close call for the islanders as well. that's going to be the theme here in sports. close. the knicks trying to keep it close in portland. this city's been a house of horrors for this team in recent years. it's going pretty well for them tonight. we'll update it, next in sports
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the knicks have dropped four straight. eric coach fisher called out his team for getting a little too comfortable after a solid start. so tonight in portland, the knicks have won just twice there in 14 trips, alan, no, damian, yes.
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up 11, but the knicks pull within 10 at the half. nets in santa barbara gave l.a. a fight tonight. they trailed by 18 in the fourth, did brooklyn, but they cut the lead to two on this tough shot from joe johnson. he had 15. all five nets starters in double digits scoring. in the final 90 seconds, chris paul hits the floater here, pushing the lead back to four. paul had 14 points, finding blake griffin. that'll do it. clippers up six. they hold on by five, dropping the nets 105-100. well, last night the warriors needed double overtime to beat the celtics and move their record to a perfect 24-0. tonight, right back at it. taking on the bucs in milwaukee. and look, they weren't going to go 82-0. gregg medicine onroe scored. 108-95. 24 straight wins. that's the second longest win streak in nba history. steph curry can't believe it. heisman trophy had three deserving candidates tonight, though i think a fourth should
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navy was prepared to chop in quarterback keenan reynolds into manhattan tonight. dress blues, deserving of at least a seat. really feels like a missed opportunity, doesn't it? hard to argue with the final vote here. derek henry, the heisman trophy winner. all he did was account for 42% of bama's techdowns this evening. reynolds finished fifth highest for a service academy player in 52 years. meanwhile, keenan reynolds led navy against army in philly. he passed adrian peterson with 85, scored twice with his legs and once with his arm, finding tillman. it's a touchdown. navy jumps ahead 21-17. just over two minutes to play. army gets fancy, with a wide receiver, deandre bell here, heaving one over the middle. but it's intercepted by dekwan thomasson, and with four seconds left, a last gasp for army. kelvin white spins three somehow
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it's week 14 of the nfl. jets hosting the titans tomorrow afternoon at met life. giants visit the dolphins monday night. college hoops. rutgers blown out by george washington, 83-49. on the ice, rangers and oilers combine for 12 goals last night. tonight in calvary, blue shirts strike first. beautiful passing here, and it leads to j.t. miller's fifth of the year. so far, that's the only goal on the board. 1-0 in the second. rangers in fradt. and in columbus, ohio, islanders and blue jackets in a good one. tied at two in overtime. here come the isles. you take it, so there's your game winner. islanders outshot by 20, but earn a point in their eighth straight game. great stuff, but a 3-2 win. and that's sports. >> john, thanks so much. going to get back to that breaking news here real quick. updating our breaking news from the top of the show.
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in chelsea, it's at 25th and 11th, we now know that three postal trucks are on fire. the flames started on the third floor of this facility. trucks burning inside of it. no injuries at this point that we know of. our crews are almost to the scene. look for more coming up on the morning show tomorrow. >> i just checked the fdny's twitter, they're keeping people posted on twitter. be sure to check our website, for all the latest as well as well as the news in the morning. that's it for news 4. "saturday night live" is coming up next. >> girls will love this one. the guest host is chris hemsworth. the musical guest is chance the rapper.
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