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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  December 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now at 6:00, hit and run. tonight a woman run down in the street and the driver never stopped. a priest accused of stealing from his parish to pay for sex steps down from his position. records shattered. forget december. hello spring. everyone stake advantage of this
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winter sets in. thanks for joining us. >> you can't say the weather outside is frightful. just 12 days until christmas and there isn't much need for a heavy coat. >> the temperature set the records when it was 64 degrees. today as you see right there, the mercury climbed to 67 in central park. it even hit 70 in other parts of our area. we have team coverage for you tonight. we want to start with news 4 ida siegal who is outside in bryant park. >> reporter: now that the sun has set, you can just barely justify wearing a lightweight coat. just barely. though the temperatures may not match the season, it was
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it was really good business. today was that day and folks took full advantage. >> it's actually ironic because upstairs it was too hot. we chose to sit down here and as much as i love being in new york in the winter and cold, it's nice not having to lug a coat around. >> reporter: the heat lamps were on at the out door a bar and park though they weren't needed. they just moved here from l.a. and noted today it was deaf definitely better to be a new yorker. >> l.a. was colder. it was like 50 something this morning and 66 here. >> we're doing better than l.a. today? >> today, yes. >> reporter: christmas shoppers were out and about even in the
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>> we've had non-stop traffic. non-stop sales. it's been great. >> reporter: not quite as much luck in the hardware store where the snow shovels and bags of salt are gathering dust. >> we have down from last year. this time last year we turned over shovels twice. >> reporter: that said, he's not worried. it is new york. the weather will change. he also mentioned it's a pretty good time to buy snow removal supplies. they're all in stock and there are no lines. >> believe that. thanks so much. how much longer can we really expect this weather to last? it is mid-december. >> this time tomorrow we're really going to start to notice the change. we have another day of 60s in the forecast for tomorrow before the change really moves in. let's take a look at the record highs. as you already saw in central
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that surpassed the record high of 64. all the way up to 70 at jfk. wide view of storm tracker shows our approaching cold front. this is the one that will bring the cooler temperatures behind it. in the meantime it's very mild at 66 in louisville. 71 in nashville. in cleveland, it's 61. cooler air is hundreds and hundreds of miles away. it will take awhile before it arrives here. this evening you can enjoy the mild temperatures longer. increasing clouds for the overnight hours. the rain doesn't arrive until 24 hours from now. we'll time it out with future tracker in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thanks so much. track the temperatures on the go any time, anywhere. download the news 4 new york app on your phone or tablet. new at 6:00 tonight, police say the hit and run driver who seriously injured a woman in queens this afternoon has been caught.
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scene near seagart boulevard right after hitting the 21-year-old woman around 12:45 today. the driver was stopped by officers and taken into custody. at this point police are not naming the suspect or the victim. a bronx priest accused of stealing from his parish to pay for a male prostitute. we spoke with members of the parish. >> reporter: outside mass at st. francis arrange of emotions. >> devastating. >> some people are extremely angry, et cetera. some people are shocked. i'm in the shocked group. >> reporter: emotions after he resigned saturday. the lawsuit claims he stole
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and used it toward a male prostitute. he also bought a house in new jersey where he would meet the escort. >> if the statements are true, all right, he really hurt us badly. >> reporter: a letter read to mass said it's in best interest of the parish that this matter be resolved withoutpastor. right now no charges have been filed. he's asked for the documentation that shows sunshine of wrong doing. >> you say you have pictures and documentation and original e-mails, would you please come in and show them to us. three times we asked. did not come. i said you better hand them over to the d.a. because we are. >> reporter: a spokesperson tell us the father is still a priest. he's just not assigned to a specific church.
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investigation unravels. two of new york's top politicians say if the federal government won't act to keep guns out of hands of terrorists, then it should give the power to state. right now people on the watch list can legally purchase firearms or explosives and congressional republicans have blocked attempts to change this. >> it is sheer madness what we are doing now. you can be a suspected terrorists and it is not illegal to possess a firearm or explosives. it is a basic breach of national security. >> in connecticut, the governor said this week he would go even further. he wants to take guns away from people who have already bought
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suspected to be terrorists. they point out people shouldn't lose their constitutional rights without due process. tomorrow marks three years since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. 26 women and children were shot and killed by a 20-year-old gunman who stormed the school after killing his own mother. the killing served as a rallying cry for gun control advocate like those who attended walk to end gun violence held today in central park. >> i feel it's gotten out of control. a lot of innocent people are dying. if we had a bit of background checks, add some kind of system. >> this is the first time the somber anniversary falls on a school day. special remarks will be made over public address before a moment of silence. investigators are trying to determine what caused six postal trucks to just explode last night.
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of parking facility on 11th avenue in the chelsea neighborhood. no letters or packages was damaged. no one was injured. firefighters did keep the fire confined to the third floor. the race for the republican nomination heating up. more concerns about the safety of those hover boards. the major online retailer now pulling one of the popular brands.
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republican presidential candidates have one more debate left this year. donald trumpb will stay will stay. one is threatening to make it bumpier for trump. >> reporter: donald trump is center stage again this week as the gop presidential candidates gather for their final debate in this pre-election year. he has this message for his friends. >> they're kidding themselves. i'm going to win. >> reporter: he gained four points in the latest poll. ted cruz, he serves 12 points of second place is now in trump's cross hairs. >> i don't think he has the right temperament. i don't think he's got the right judgment.
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trump's judgment at a private fund-raiser. marco rubio questions the motives behind his statements on muslims. >> i think he made them to recapture the limelight after having lost it. >> reporter: ben carson is threatening to quit the gop. >> the last thing they would do is engage in back room dealing. the jury's out. we'll be keeping a close eye on thing rrps carson thing. >> reporter: carson's odds have gotten longer with supporters going to cruz. bryan moore, nbc news, washington. if you own car you probably know that new jersey almost alms has the cheapest gasoline in our area. how about $1.69 a gallon. that's what the sign said outside of the wawa.
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right now is about 2.02, down 58 cent from this time last year. the reason, experts say crude oil supplies are high and demand a apears to be weakening. amazon says it will not ship win brand of holiday toys. swagway has removed its hoverboards from the website pending a safety review. several fires have been linked to the device. the size and strength of the gadgets lithium ion battery could be causing the fires. >> scary. seeing a lot of those stories. still ahead, she's back. new jersey's favorite shark is resurfacing. find out where this time. we'll have the workweek forecast.
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shark has resurfaced near atlantic city. the 3400 pound great white was spotted about 40 miles offshore. she was outfitted with a tracking device three years ago. her last ping had her near north carolina on december 4th. she likes to travel. big shark. she was last in our area back in november. heading back on dry land in the big apple, some pets are getting their own guardian angels. dozens of animal lovers brought their animals for the annual blessing of the animals. police commissioner had some of the nypd horses and dogs on hand for the event. >> it's a fun and joyous event. everybody is happy. it's great this time of year. >> it was a beautiful activity.
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>> many years of blessings of the 7th year senior ministers offered the blessings to pets big and small. we have a lot of politics to talk about. we'll tell you about the candidate on top in iowa and is not named donald trump. also, who else is on the move in our latest presidential poll. extreme weather. i don't have to tell you. we have a december heat wave on the east coast. we have destructive tornadoes. we'll check in on all of that. the high school near here that's teaching the lesson this kindness. all that and more when we see you on nightly news. remember that whole thing that happened three years ago now. monday is the anniversary. it's a touching piece for this time of year. if you want to see an amazing show just look up to the
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the geminid meteor shower is built as the most flamboyant light show. it will light up to two seconds at a time. it will continue for two weeks. nasa says tonight is the best night for viewing. it gets harder to see the further along into the night we go. we could see some fog overnight as well. partly factor of springtime type weather in the middle of december when the water is already cold. that cold water surrounding us kind of adding a bit of moisture to the air. right now taking a live look at the plaza cam. we have another warm day ahead tomorrow.
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it's 56 right now. 56 also in sleepy hollow. 54 in white plains. it's still in the 60s. started out in the 40s this morning. rebounded all the way to 70 degrees in many locations in new jersey. future tracker shows the warm front. a couple little spring kles early this morning. we're going to keep it mostly dry until we get into the evening commute. a sprinkle or shower is possible before noon. as we head into the afternoon on monday more rain arriving. here we are looking at 6:00 p.m. on monday. maybe a rumble of thunder. can you believe it. the cold front moves through monday night into early tuesday morning. that also could trig l ger a rumble of thunder. here we are looking at the evening rush. 30 miles an hour winds in newton
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we're still going to have winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour. it's going to be a breezy pattern for us. showers moving in about noon. the immediate metro area we'll see the showers arriving later as we get closer to the evening rush. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. behind behind this front it doesn't really cool down. we have quite a mild stretch. finally in the 40s if you're looking forward to that kind of weather. that arrive next weekend. >> you get your cooler a little bit later. >> thanks. we're here with bruce. >> it's good stuff. the jets are soaring.
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entrenched in the afc playoff pictures. coming up, the jets offense with brandon marshal starring in a leading role takes flight early. did they keep it going.
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. it was game the jets needed to win and a game they expected to win. hosting the lowly titans at metlife stadium. there was no let down from todd bolstein.
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the opening drive. the jets poured it on. hitting pay dirt for the second straight week. on the next possession the jets catch the titans napping. brandon marshal catches the quick pass and takes off. somehow it stays inbound for a 69-yard touchdown. his 11th on the season. it was 27-0 at the half. the jets approve to 8-5 with a convincing victory over tennessee. >> i think we're playing better football than we played. we got a lot more confidence and learning how to win different games, different types of ball games. >> it's great feeling. it is. it definitely is. everybody played well today. i think everybody was locked in. you can see it. >> there's a lot of room for improvement. that's what's exciting about it. the last few weeks we really had
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i think we have done a good job the last three weeks as a team. >> they're on a role. the giants play tomorrow night in miami. in philadelphia, the bills trail the eagles 23-20 with less than two minutes to play. the eagles hold onto win it by three. in the nhl the islanders lead the devils 3-0 in the second period. st. johns welcomes syracuse from the acc now to the world's most
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flies down the lane to follow up with the emphatic flush. elsewhere seton hall entertained st. peters at rock. the pirates out to a 19-4 lead. 72-46 the final. coming up tonight, the heisman pro trophy is in the house and so is the winner of the award. who's the better team? >> right now the jets are the better team. >> you don't want to miss sports final tonight. >> rob's going to take a picture.
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