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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 15, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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another person is hit and killed in brooklyn. plus, murder mystery this morning. trying to find the person who killed an elderly woman in her home. >> hours before republicans debate. a bold statement not from donald trump but from the doctor. today in new york starts now. good morning, tuesday morning, december 15th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4 chris cimino. unbelievable morning. >> we already set a record. 68 degrees at about 2:00 a.m. yeah, record high for the day. temperatures will start to bottom out into the 50s for a while this morning. not that that's all that cold. get back to the low 60s this afternoon. better news about the heavy rain has moved out. live radar shows showers east of the city. one or two light sprinkles off to the west. temperatures in the low 60s to mid 60s. 64 in mid town, still the warm
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looking at 60 in poughkeepsie. temperatures will drop a few degrees. back to the mid and upper 50s. forecasting high, 62. we'll get back to the sun but we will have a gusty wind. let's find out from emily west how the wet roads are doing. >> there is construction. that's what you have to worry about aus travel. be cautious. the bronx river parkway, a couple of lanes blocked. a few stretches of construction. 144th to 155th. 106th to 116th. right now police are looking for a murderer in brooklyn. an elderly woman appears to have died of natural causes in her home. now weeks later investigators
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today lori bordonaro has the story. >> reporter: myrtle mckenny has been found lying on the kitchen floor. they said she died initially of natural causes. now more than a month later the medical examiner is saying she has been stabbed in the head and also she had blunt force trauma to her head and neck. now they are calling it a homicide. at this point, michael and door lean, no arrests or any possible word on what happened. happening today, a judge expected to make a new ruling on the man accused of killing etan patz patz. pedro hernandez is accused of strangling the 6-year-old in a basement 36 years ago. he's going back on trial in february. defense lawyers want the charges
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potential witnesses over the years. on long island, republican lawmakers expected to call for a federal monitor of the suffolk county police department. james burke was arrested on charges last week. they tell us that a federal monitor would be an over reaction in his view. this morning three people facing charges as they try to climb the rockefeller christmas tree. here's a live look at the tr . police say last night's tree climbers were protesting the shooting death of laquan mcdonald by chicago police. two others were arrested for trying to block police. their charge was disorderly conduct. the second new path in two weeks at indian point. the number three nuclear generator was shut down last night. the plant's operator, entergy, said it was an electrical problem.
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offline because there was an electrical short. governor cuomo fighting to close that plant. >> happening right now, the soyuz rocket is on the launch pads. it was rolled out sunday. this morning a three member crew will begin a mission to the international space station. nasa astronaut and a russian cosmonaut and a european space agency astronaut. they will spend six months at the i.s.s. the launch is set for of 6:03 a.m. we'll show that live. interesting. going out from kazakhstan to space. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. let's check in with chris cimino. you were saying it's warmer now than it will be later on? >> sort of peaked early, if you will. 68 degrees at 2:00 a.m. that broke the earlier record of 67 degrees.
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far halfway through the month of december. so that record was set earlier. temperatures slowly sliding back down. cold front came through. clouds break for some sunshine. afternoon highs back into the low 60s. gusty west wind. beware of that. that will be the main weather feature. leftover sprinkles here and there. temperatures dropping to the 50s by 8:00 a.m. forecast high of 62 degrees. we'll get to that in a bit. let's get over to emily west. >> we have subway delays due to signal problems. delays on downtown 1 train. overnight track work on these lines, that will be there until 5:00 this morning. you do want to allow a few extra moments as you travel out. no service on the 7th on the plaza or the g. nothing to worry about at all on the buses.
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401, 402, 412 you will find detours there. alternate side parking in effect. today new york city council will try to do something to stop the troubling spike of hit-and-run crimes in the city. "today in new york's" katherine creag is at city hall where there's new legislation being proposed, kat. >> reporter: they're saying enough is enough. the transportation committee of the city council will be meeting inside this office building a little bit later this morning. their goal is to strengthen the penalty of hit-and-run drivers. there have been several people killed or hospitalized in hit-and-runs, including a beloved father of three in the bronx. a man named thomas kirby struck down on bruckner boulevard on his way to work. he was adored by his family, his neighbors. then there's also a 17-year-old boy who lost his life. he was walking home from a
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the person who rit him never stopped. the person was in the crosswalk when witnesses say the driver of a toyota camry struck him and drove away. a speeding driver struck down a woman in queens as she crossed the boulevard on beach 19th street. according to the victim's family, this happened over the weekend. she had shattered bones and is hospitalized right now. her niece barely escaped. a 23-year-old man, the driver, according to the nypd was later arrested. in so many cases the suspected driver never arrested. they get away with it. those investigations go on. again, the city council meeting later today to try to strengthen the penalties for the people caught. >> maybe a second thought of trying to flee the scene. the nypd is trying to prevent holiday tragedies. officers will especially focus on the streets around senior
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and about. increased patrols will last through sunday. police are investigating a fatal accident involving an mta bus. 62-year-old eleanor shokena was run over by a bus in sheeps head bay. a bus making a left turn hit her as she crossed near avenue z. the accident happened just before 6:00 p.m. at the height of last night's rush hour. >> this is a tough route because there's a lot of buses. you have 49, you have the 36. >> so there's a lot of traffic especially after work. >> so far no charges have been filed against the driver. three pedestrians have been killed by mta buses. 4:38. more americans worry about terrorism and that is hurting president obama's public approval. 40% tell an nbc news wall street journal poll that terror and national security are the government's top priority.
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it comes in the paris and sen san bernardino attacks. yesterday president obama president obama spoke about the isis attacks. >> last month we dropped more bombs on any isil targets than any month. we're taking out leaders and commanders. >> right now he's down two points 467893 percent 3%. john kerry is in moscow. he's meeting with his russian counterpart. they talk about isis. he'll spend a couple of hours with russian president vladimir putin. they disagree on how to settle the civil war. there are also disagreements on who should lead the country in the future.
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freed by the taliban but now he could be sentenced to life in prison. in 2009 he walked away from his base in afghanistan. the taliban took him prisoner. six soldiers died because of his action. coming under fire in tonight's presidential debate in las vegas. he is leading in iowa and gaining ground nationally on front-runner donald trump. they're lashing out saying cruz does not have the right to be president. marco rubio, governor chris christie, they have been seen attacking cruz on national security issues. the main debate begins at 8:30 p.m. we're being told that donald trump would be the healthiest person ever elected president. that's the word from his doctor. he called his physical
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trump's doctor did a lot of work examining all 44 presidents. healthy as a horse. 4:40. still ahead. even the stars say it's unlike any movie premiere in history. the massive theme for the premiere of the new "star wars" movie. there is a lot of criticism in hoboken now. a controversial plan to deal with the problem that plagues the city. storm team 4 tracking the december warmup. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter,
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it's 4:43. here are 4 things to know this morning.
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presidential candidates face off in las vegas. all eyes will be on ted cruz who's rising in the polls. it is their final debate of the year. the nypd launching a new pedestrian safety initiative. all week long they'll be cracking down on drivers especially in senior centers. >> if you're expecting a drone, plan to register it with the faa. each drone owner would have to provide the registration number so they can be tracked down. the faa is creating a special registration. that goes live on december 21st. >> today the numbers that will shine above times square arrive. this was the scene last year. they delivered the wrong numbers this year. they'll be on display before lighting up on new year's eve. this year we're on an unusually warm note. it's almost getting ridiculous when you look at the numbers. so far halfway through the month of december an average temperature of 51.4 degrees.
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normal. at's way above normal. if you look at the next closest warmest december in 2001, 44.1 the average temperature. almost seven degrees plus above that. precipitation a little bit below normal. we'll add on to that. we have a few more showers that came on through. for the most part it's still all about the unusual warm temperatures. headlines, the rain will exit, the sun will make its return. partial sunshine with a gusty wind. more rain on thursday. fair amount of rain thursday afternoon and evening. then it looks like a quick shot of weekend chill finally starts to feel a little bit like winter around here, at least for a couple of days, saturday and sunday, that's about it. right now chelsea, 61. city island, 62. same number across long island. bridgeport, 58. all the way up to the north where it's 60 in poughkeepsie. long branch, 59 degrees. morristown, 61. cooler air trying to push in through north and west. it will eventually work its way
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temperatures in the mid 50s. temperature change in the last 24 hours, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and yesterday was warm enough. low pressure wrapping up in eastern canada. cold front came through. zoom in here and you can see the narrow band that came through. some folks got stuck in the squall but it's broken up and a couple of light sprinkles off to the west. we may have a couple of spritz or sprinkles in the next couple of hours. this is noontime. a few more clouds north and west. more sun from the city south and east. into tonight, patchy cloudiness. quiet. during the day tomorrow, pretty good shape. start to bring in clouds tomorrow night and maybe a little drizzle towards morning as the wind turns in off the water. watch what happens during the day thursday. heavier showers and thunderstorms embedded in that. unfortunately for the evening commute that will last the overnight hours thursday for friday. potential for heavy rain. 62 the return afternoon high temperature after slipping to the upper 50s for a while.
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north and west. west to northwest wind gusting to near 30 miles an hour. a little cooler. 43 is closer. that's the normal high temperature. north and west looking at temperatures in the low and mid 30s. seven day forecast, change comes by the weekend. 56 with the rain on thursday and 51 on friday. 41 on saturday. 45 sunday. early next week right back at it with 50 again by monday. emily west in for lauren this morning. hopefully no big issues so far. >> no big issues but there's a lot going on. in new jersey accidents approaching the ramp at the 142 on the garden state parkway. head to long island, overturned truck on the southern state eastbound on the ramp to the cross island. also dealing with construction, let's take a live look at the l.i.e. at the grand central parkway. both directions on the l.i.e. you will find road work. couple lanes blocked. tappan zee bridge, 45 mile per
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that is due to the weather. take it easy. back to the maps, bronx river parkway, a couple of lanes blocked. southbound 116th, you'll find delays on the 63rd. we have subway delays on the downtown 1 train due to signal problems. alter night side meter rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. in new jersey hoboken residents are fighting plans for flood walls. engineers drew up plans. it includes flood walls around the waterfront. in some cases it will be built on city streets. >> someone said they don't want it in their backyard. find another solution. >> mayor zimmer is on board with the flood walls. her concern is protecting
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the project is part of a $230 million federal grant. new jersey was awarded to help mitigate flooding. 4:48. three families unable to return to their homes. workers were excavating a backyard in williamsburg. the soil collapsed around them up to their waste. the fdny had to make a quick rescue of three families and a dog had to be evacuated. the ground is unstable. 4 investigates learns that the building's owner did not have a permit for the work. a long island man is under arrest for sex charges for the third time in 13 months 467894-year-old edward ramirez is accused of molesting two young sisters in queens. he's out on bail after he was arrested in june for allegedly secretly recording women from the bathroom where he works. last month he was accused of exposing himself while working at a super market.
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of sexually abusing 14 teenagers who were volunteering to feed the elderly. 43-year-old michael pritchard was accused of endangering the lives of children. he assaulted the 15 and 16-year-olds in wayne last saturday. a new york neighborhood is banning together after two daytime break-ins within 24 hours. friday someone broke into a home on kingston court and saturday someone cut the screen out of a window on nearby ross bins -- roslyn drive. the family's pit bull might have saved them. >> they're cutting the screens and sliding through. it's scary. >> the police have not said they feel the two break-ins are related. eli hits them stride.
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beckham takes it 84 yards for the score. it was beckham's second touchdown catch of the night. eli finished with four touchdowns and a career best completion percentage. the giants win it 31-24. >> it was going to be a big play or had a chance to be that open, but it worked out. i'm not complaining about it. >> later in the game there was a scary moment for coach tom coughlin. he was sit on the sideline by a play by dominique rogers cromartie. the hit helped out hit neck. hundreds camped out to see the new movie, "the force awakens." people couldn't even walk past the theater without going through a metal detector. all the best-known "star wars" stars were there including kerry
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solo himself, harrison ford. >> it's a first. it was a well done performance. >> drowned out. you couldn't really hear what he said. he said i'm his favorite news anchor. >> yes, he did. >> the first "star wars" film to be produced without its creator, george lucas. the nationwide release date is friday. >> he looks fantastic. nasa wants to know if you have the right stuff for a mission to mars. they're taking job applications for astronauts for the first time in four years. the applications will be taken from mid february. if you do apply, don't expect to get a call. to date own 339 -- 338 astronauts have been selected. for more on how to get an application head to our website,
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>> i'm going to give it a shot. >> there you go. darlene in kazakhstan. >> they might take issue with my s.a.t. scores. >> fantastic. still to come, the drugs that researchers are linking to autism. >> plus, it is years away but even that might be ambitious. the new findings about a major project that will change the commute. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 4:55. tuesday morning. look who showed up. >> i miss you, too. we were here and everything was fine but we missed you.
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i told him yesterday, i said, hello. >> then i hung up on him. >> it's a little weird besides this. the weather is weird. all of this is really nice. this is getting really strange. >> yeah. >> we're back. >> maybe, low 60s the afternoon high after we slip a few degrees. we're 64. we were at 68. we'll probably see the temperatures drop a little bit more. it will be a breezy to windy afternoon. a bit cooler. 43 the overnight low in the city. it will get a little chillier by the weekend. we'll talk about that in the 5:00 hour. >> emily, what's going on. i was gone yesterday. >> we need to update you. we do have a few things going on. first, there is an accident on the new york state through way. slow it down, tappan zee due to
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45 mile per hour speed restriction. we have some downtown subway delays on the 1 train due to signal problems. >> emily, thank you. the new long island railroad underground is facing new opposition. the goal of finishing the project by 2022 might not be achievable. he said the authority's assessment of the current state of the project is unrealistic. the $10 billion project has been in the works since the 1950s. in new jersey police are searching for a couple of thieves trying to spoil christmas for an ocean township family. surveillance video shows them stealing christmas decorations. they say some of the stolen lighting is family heirlooms. they say the suspects fleft a white or silver lexus suv. then on long island a similar story.
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stealing a large inflatable penguin. this happened at a home on boston avenue in massapequa. the two took other decorations. if you can identify them give police a call. this morning a teenager was charged with vandalizing an upper east side menorah. police say a 14-year-old has been charged with criminal mischief and a hate crime. a tip to crime stoppers led police to the suspect. >> this morning the department of education calls the principal's decision to ban all holiday displays a big misunderstanding. the typical signs of the holiday season were eliminated at ps 169 at sunset park. they tell the principal prohibited decorations from christmas and other holidays. she suggested that thanksgiving being referred to as the harvest festival. >> no.
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that's part of our history. >> right. >> all of a sudden at my board meeting this month i got the note that we are not allowed to have santa claus. >> the deal has been misinterpreted on the holiday displays. she was trying to make the school more inclusive. the d.o.e. said they are allowed. the new york city education commission wants to close three schools in bedford sty. peace academy, school for the urban environment and foundations academy high school. the schools struggle with low enrollment and poor academic performance. 217 students will be impacted. it must be approved by the panel for educational policy. a new study shows taking antidepressants during pregnancy could increase your child's risk
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