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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  December 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> reporter: officials say they are acting out of an abundance of caution, and nbc news learned this started when a threat was e-mailed to a member of the school board. the electronic threat was received this morning, and that's when officials decided to close all schools in the vast los angeles unified school district. we're talking about more than 1,000 schools, 640,000 students. an aerial view of a bus depot shows all buses lined up and not going anywhere because of the school shut down, but as we understand it, the threat did not mention buses specifically. lapd and fbi are now analyzing this threat. in the meantime schools will be shut down so authorities can sweep the buildings. this will likely take all day. school officials just briefed the media at a news conference, take a listen. >> until it is deemed safe by law enforcement and concurred with our district officials which we believe we'll be able to occur by the end of this day,
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>> reporter: again, school officials closing out of an abundance of caution getting what just occurred in neighboring san bernardino where a mass shooting left 14 dead and wounded 22. the superintendent of schools in los angeles ramone also former nyc school's chancellor under mayor giuliani said he's not going to take a chance with the life of a student, david. >> thank you. as we've said, the nypd has handled this vague threat in a completely different way. in fact, commissioner bratton, who used to runt lapd and put in place many of its counterterrorism measures says, his former city overreacted. let's go now to michael george who's live in flushing, michael. >> reporter: yeah david, a very different reaction to this threat here in new york, just minutes ago, commissioner bratton and the mayor confirmed the same e-mail threat was made to schools here in new york, but they are being very, very confident in seeing that schools are safe, in fact the mayor saying kids should absolutely be
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we know about that threat, it was a generic threat made by e-mail. now the police department is investigating this as a hoax. we asked the police commissioner how they know it's a hoax, he didn't go into too many details about what was in the threat, but he said, there were things, for example, that a lot was not capitalized. he said other things he couldn't go into, but they are treating this as a hoax, and for the time being, they are telling parents, send your kids to school. here's what the mayor and police commissioner said a short time ag mo. >> we are investigating it as a hoax. we believe it originated overseas. the language in the e-mail would lead us to believe that this is not a jihadist initiative. for example, that ayala was not spelled with a capital a. that was incredible to think that any jihadist would not spell that with a capital a. >> our school system remains
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course continue to monitor the situation carefully, but based on the information we have we have a very generic piece of writing sent to a number of different places simultaneously and also written in a fashion that suggests that is not plausible. >> and the mayor says it's important not to overreact or live in fear, though they say they are being vigilant. now asked bluntly if l.a. overreacted by shutting down the schools, police commissioner bratton said yes, he says that's exactly what the people making this threat want, that won't happen here. live in college point, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thanks for all that new information. literally just coming in, more breaking news right now. police are looking for an armed man after an armored car heist in the section of the bronx. gus rosendale just arrived at scene in the past five minutes. scene of the heist, what are you seeing right now?
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wild shootout here not too long ago. federal investigators with the fbi just showed up blocking the sidewalks here. step out so you can see what's going on right now. the fbi and the nypd on-scene here along westchester avenue in the bronx. what happened earlier we're told is that a man in a suit approached an armored vehicle. asked the guards for money, when they said no, he opened fire. as they ducked for cover, bullets ricocheted across this neighborhood, very busy commercial area. a supermarket, pizza shop, they presumably full, at this point, nobody was injured. the man who opened fire fled with a bag of money, we're told, ran about a block. got into a red honda and is still at large. and so to recap the breaking news here, an armored vehicle heist not too long ago. gunfire filling the streets of this bronx neighborhood. a suspect still on the run, and police trying to figure out who he is and where he might have gone.
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situation here we'll keep you updated live in the bronx, gus rosendale, news 4 new york. in brooklyn, homicide detectives stepped into the case of an 82-year-old woman found dead in her home last month. at the time, doctors determined it was due to natural causes. then funeral workers preparing the body spotted something. news 4's lori bored their voe in the brownsdale section with the disturbing discovery, lori. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the victim's doctor who initially concluded shed died of health problems. he did not want to comment, now that new evidence points to murder. the sixth floor brownsville apartment now padlocked, police investigating it as a murder scene. more than a month after 82-year-old myrtle mckinney was found dead in her kitchen. >> the home attendant was highly upset, very upset. and she said that something is wrong because she always would open her door. >> reporter: police say mckinney's dc octor concluded she died from complications of
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then as the funeral homeowner was preparing the body, a stab wound on her neck and broken ribs. >> and that's sad. i mean, this is a senior citizen building. why you picking on people that can't help themselves. >> so sad. so sad. it really is. she was a nice lady. used to see her in the summer time always, you know, talking and she was always speak to us. >> the neighbor tells us she lived alone and spent most of her time with her home attendant. like many of her elderly neighbors here at the carter woodson houses, now worried about their safety. >> you never know who is barging through the door. >> reporter: and because the death was not initially deemed suspicious, the medical examiner's office did not examine her body until sunday after the funeral home noticed the stab wounds. we're live in brownsville, lori bordonaro, news 4, new york. >> thank you. we report on this all too often. people struck by cars, the driver taking off. now the new york city council wants to stiffen the consequences for those responsible. news 4's katherine creag is in
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what they just decided, kat. >> reporter: indeed. just minutes ago, that vote happened, and transportation committee members saying that they will not tolerate these tragedies that take so many lives. part of the legts that they just voted on, unanimously strengthens the penalties against drivers who are involved in hit-and-run cases. this video just in, the vote happening. a unanimous vote. part of the yes to imposing fines as much as $5,000 for someone leaving the scene of a crime, when a victim has died, up to $20,000 for a repeat offender, along with any criminal charges. according to to the city council, 4,000 people have become victims in hit-and-runs so far this year. and there have been numerous hit-and-run deaths in recent days. in fact, a father of three was killed by a driver in the bronx just last week. 47-year-old thomas kirby walked out of his home when he was struck down on brukner boulevard
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from a funeral in queens lost his life after being hit bay driver. the teenager, had been in a crosswalk, the driver sped away. these tragedies can be prevented and they hope the legislation will help. >> first of all we have a runaway epidemic of car crashes where people are hitting people killing people in numbers that if people didn't know before, now they're going to know. those crashes, those murders, really, are happening at epidemic levels. >> reporter: and council members say the new legislation establishes the highest penalties new york city has ever had in these types of cases. part of it also includes mandating the nypd to keep track of hit-and-run incidents to make public who the offenders are and also how the nypd is responding. that's the very latest from lower manhattan, i'm katherine creag, news 4 new york.
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coming up at noon, the next republican presidential debate is tonight. what donald trump has for his opponents and who many think may give him a run for his money. dave price has the warm weather check. >> another day, another record high. when it happened, what we can expect for the rest of the workweek. and we'll take a look into the
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the fifth republican presidential debate is tonight in las vegas and it could make things interesting. >> donald trump 12 still number one and gaining ground, but ted cruz is surge, mane think
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new challenger. tracy potts has a preview. >> reporter: new video this morning of black lives matter protesters removed from donald trump's late night rally in las vegas. trump's supporters, unusually rowdy. one even gave a nazi salute. the front runner superconfident before tonight's debate. >> many of them don't have a chance. what are you doing? just go home and relax. go home and relax. >> reporter: he's number one in the new university poll, pulling a whooping 41% nationally, but ted cruz leads in iowa, among e van jell calls and among the most conservative voters. >> the essence of america. >> reporter: marco rubio's running a new ad in iowa and new conservatives. >> millions with traditional haters. >> reporter: he's targeting hillary clinton. >> we have nine people on the stage and another three or four earlier, not a single one is being investigated by the fbi.
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tonight, it's trump center stage flanked by ben carson and cruz with chris christie back on the main stage. and rand paul, barely making it in. and many voters -- >> there's not anybody that i like 100%. >> reporter: still undecided. >> i just to want see how this all plays out. >> reporter: and with this crowded and contentious field of republicans, there hasn't been as much attention on the democrats. they've got a debate coming up too, it's this weekend, saturday in new hampshire. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. in today's money report, a big win for uber drivers, that could mean you'll be paying more for a ride. bill griffith, hey. >> hey guys, we have a rally on wall street right now, but the federal reserve has begun its two days of the meetings and traditionally the market does rally before the fed makes an announcement of some kind, which is expected tomorrow at 2:00. what would be more interesting is how the market trades after
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presuming that it does rate rates for the first time in nine years tomorrow. but in the meantime, dow's up 193 points is just off the highs for the session. here's an important reason the fed is likely to raise rates. consumer prices are going up. morning's report, known as the consumer price index rose an annual rate of 2%. that is precisely the inflation rate that the fed has been waiting to see it started raising rates. just green lights that ian further. higher prices for cars, medical care, and airline tickets had the greatest influence. more than offsetting the lower prices that we've been enjoying for gasoline lately. so tomorrow is the day when we expect the fed to start raising rates. now, if you are a driver for either uber or lyft, you'll billion interested to know that the seattle city council has voted to allow contract drivers in that city to form a union. now that would allow the drivers to negotiate higher fees and
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which have both opposed this unionization, drivers and other cities are watching this very carefully, and clearly, if you are a customer of either service, prices will most certainly go up if other city councils pass a similar measure. it's not a done deal by any means, there will no doubt be legal challenges in seattle, maybe elsewhere, california's watching this very carefully. and it is not clear that it would be legal for them to form a union for various reasons, but we'll wait to see. guaranteed, lots of cities are watching this development right now. >> and everyone watches closely. >> thanks bill. >> see cow tomorrow. temperatures may not have you thinking about new year's eve just yet, but perhaps this will. the famous seven foot tall numbers that will help ring in the new year, rolled into manhattan this morning. we ian got a little preview of what to expect when the clock strikes midnight. there you go. the giant 1 and 6 will complete their journey. had to look at that closely.
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you see. >> yeah. >> see, i'm observant, they call me sherlock holmes over here. one and six, there you go. >> that's all they have to change. >> excited. the weather's not making us -- >> to be honest with you -- >> nothing. >> i thought they were rolling in the temperature, you reverse that, you're at 1i6, and it's where we are right now. you know what, another record last night, 2:00 a.m., it's unofficial because the someday not over. 68 degrees it was. and right now, it is 60. 60 degrees outside, a beautiful picture of the tree at rockefeller la plaza, i hope you don't get tired of it because i don't. pz gorgeous. 12:16, another day, another record. that's what we just talked about on the walk over here. new round of rain ahead. we need the rain, we'll take it when we can get it. and believe it or not, a real december weekend. it's going to feel like december this weekend, but, it's going to be back to spring next week. all right, 60 degrees in the city, we talked about that, 57
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you're at the half century mark and 58 in trenton, 59 in long branch. all right. we are tracking the records for you. we talked about the record we set at 2:00 a.m. where it's 60 right now. we're going to stay in the low 60s through the afternoon. today's low is currently at 59 degrees, that's what it's forecast as, we'll see where we go. 67, 2008, and six degrees in 1874. sunrise this morning at 7:13, sunset today rolls in at 4:29. right now we have clear skies, nice conditions, couple of high clouds throughout, not bothering anybody. if you want to look at the next weather maker, it sits over the rockies right now. this low pressure system is going to work in our direction. it's also going to make that journey by thursday, giving us a rainy day. combine with the gulf moisture and that's going to bring us rain over the next, let's see, by thursday let's say. 62 degrees today. a nice afternoon, enjoy it, it's
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after a sloppy night like last night, we deserve it. tonight, down to 43, partly cloudy, nice in the city, by nippy as you head to the north and west where we'll be in the 20s. wouldn't be surprised by the way if you saw a couple of flurries in that direction. light winds, everyone, tonight. weekend planner, this is what we're talking about, right? at least it'll make it fun to shop for the holiday. a distinct chill in the air as we head to saturday, 41 degrees is the high, 30s and 20s as lows. seasonably cool on sunday. this is where it should be. and then as we head into the next seven days, look at that. all the way right back to the 50s, and believe it or not, if we take a sneak peek ahead, beyond tuesday, we could be, again, in the mid to upper 60s. wow. >> that is amazing. >> all we can say. >> remarkable. enjoy winter while we have it this weekend. >> slither of it. >> saturday, sunday. >> thanks. we will be able to see the new "star wars" movie until friday, but the debut was in
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>> all the stars walked the red carpet for the world premier in hollywood. the streets outside, the theater were packed as you can see in the video. couldn't walk down without going through a metal detector. all the best-known stars attended the event, carrie fisher, harrison ford, and mark hammel. >> everything was bigger now, of course the technology's completely advanced. and beyond anything we could is imagined. i mean, these are louder and bigger and busier. >> if you haven't already purchased your tickets for friday or saturday, you're probably out of luck. many shows already sold out. "new york live" is next here at 12:30. >> standing by, hello. >> hi. >> have y'all seen a picture of louisiana peta's dress? >> goog that will. >> coming up right here, it's 12:30, adele delivers a power house performance at radio city music hall. we've got a highlights from last night's big show. and she's bringing her gift to some big celebrities on a new
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theresa caputo is stopping by, plus actor bruce dern is here at 12:30. >> trying to google it. >> trying to find the dress here. >> lupita picture for you. >> yeah. >> commercial break, thank you, ladies. still ahead here on news 4, crash that was no accident.
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any minute now, the soyuz space capsule expected to dock in the international space station. it went a off at 6:00 this morning. it is carrying three astronauts for the european space agency. they're goingen to joining two
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kelly who are already on-board. just wait until this video, texas man is facing felony charges after a wild stunt caught on camera. here go. security camera video shows the man in just a couple seconds here, crashing his pickup truck, there he goes right into the lobby of an oklahoma hotel. the truck barrels through the front doob, just missing the two women at the front desk. police say that driver had just checked out of the hotel and was angry over his bill and demanded a refund. so, wow. there it goes. >> he's going to get much more than that now. >> more than a refund.
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thanks to the mayor of this city, bill de blasio, renaming rockefeller plaza on this particular block this morning -- >> yeah. >> willard scott way. >> so fantastic. what a great retirement gift for a great man. this morning, "today" say good-bye to willard scott. >> he has been a part of the nbc family for 65 years, starting as an nbc page before working his way up the ranks. 30 years as the member of the "today" show team, often of the show. for him. tonight, on news 4 new york at 5:00, we're going to have an update on the threat that closed los angeles schools. tonight we'll find out what's being done here in new york. and you're seeing that live look there from los angeles. >> yeah, we have no control over that chopper, but again, we'll
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plus protecting our seniors. we are teaming up for a warning about a scam targeting the superstitious. remember for breaking news and weather updates any time, anywhere, go to nbc or download our mobile app. >> new york live is next, have a great day. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too.
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