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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EST

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lots of sunshine on sunday. about 46. we're back into the 50s monday and tuesday. believe it or not, maybe 60s by wednesday and christmas eve. >> wow, chris. >> the "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening today in new york. good morning. doubling down. jeb bush and donald trump go at it on the las vegas strip. >> you're never going to be president of the united states. >> you're real tough, jeb. >> insulting your way to the presidency. >> you're at 3 and i'm at 42. >> doesn't matter. >> i'm doing better. you started off over here, you're moving further and further. pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> how trump want to shut off the internet. flight of fear. a southwest airlines plane
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after landing in nashville. 100 passengers evacuated and at least eight of them taken to the hospital. the terrifying moments as we head into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. peaking interest. all eyes on the federal reserve today. the historic meeting likely to generate an interest rate hike, the first in nearly a decade. what does that mean for you. and eyewitness news. a local news reporter covering a bank robbery gets the surprise of a lifetime when the alleged suspect strikes again. >> tyler, just 24 hours ago this bank -- what? oh, that's the robber. this is live tv, folks. that's the robber just went by. i got to go here and call 911. i'll talk to you later. >> the alleged robber now behind bars. that reporter adding new meaninged to the phrase live on the scene today wednesday, december 16th, 2015.
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this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. so you're a television reporter on live tv describing a bank robbery, probably about to say and here's a description of the robber. he looks a lot like the guy back over there. >> just ran by. isn't that a fun job sometimes? >> really is. we're going to show you more about that. we'll show you how that story unfolded coming up. let's start with our top story this morning, fifth and final republican presidential debate this year. the issues of national security and isis dominated the showdown. it took place in las vegas, and while everyone expected the new rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz to take center stage, they spent most of the night clashing with other candidates. we have it all covered and we'll talk to the head of the rnc in a moment, but let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter? >> reporter: hey, matt, good
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significantly this was the first republican debate since both paris and san bernardino with all the republican contenders trying to show strength. jeb bush finally found his voice against donald trump, but was it too little too late, and for the first real time we saw marco rubio and ted cruz battle back and forth. fight night in vegas. jeb bush flailing in the polls taking the gloves off against donald trump. >> so, donald, you know is great at the one-liners, but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. >> he has failed in this campaign. it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: trump's reactions alone priceless. bush argued trump isn't a serious candidate. >> i won't get my information from the shows. i don't know if that's saturday morning or sunday morning. i don't know which one. this is a tough business. >> oh, i know. you're a tough guy, jeb, i know. >> and we need to have a leader. >> you're tough.
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president of the united states. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 1 and so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> you started off over here jeb, you're moving over further and further and pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> reporter: trump earned points reaffirming he won't run as an independent. >> i'm totally committed to the republican party. i feel very honored to be the front-runner, and i think i'll do very well. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio, a pair of ambitious freshmen senators, exchanged blows on a series of hot button issues from defense spending. >> you can't carpet bomb isis if you don't have planes and bombs to attack them with. >> reporter: to immation. >> he was fighting to grant amnesty and not to secure the border. i was fighting to secure the border >> reporter: anticipated fireworks between trump and his chief challenger, ted cruz, never materialized. >> gotten to know him over the last three or four days. he has a wonderful temperament the. he's just fine. don't worry about him. >> we will build a wall that
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to pay for it. >> reporter: rand paul jabbed chris christie over the bridgegate scandal. >> i mean, when we think about the judgment of someone who might want world war iii, we might think about someone who might shut down a bridge because they don't like the friends. >> christie directed his sharpest attacks at president obama's foreign policy. >> and yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots if in fact they were think that this president was the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the nval office is right now. >> reporter: and ben carson battling to resurrect his struggling campaign wouldn't even answer when asked to pick sides in a spatd between paul and rubio over sfants. >> i think -- over surveillance. >> i think you have to ask them about that. i don't want to get in between them. let them fight. >> reporter: bottom line, analysts agree nothing happened last night shifting the status quo meaning the temperature in
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the race, the field will remain frozen with trump at one and ted cruz at two and two more republican debates in january before the iowa caucuses. >> thank you. >> reince priebus chairman of the republican national committee is also out in las vegas. good morning. thanks for getting up early. appreciate it. >> hey, good morning, savannah. >> let's do some housekeeping. donald trump seemed to be flirting again with the idea this week of mounting an independent run. last night he seemed again to closed door on that and say he'll run as a republican, no matter what. can you now sleep at night? ed is the issue closed in your mind? >> savannah, it's been closed for month for me. i was never losing any sleep about it to begin with. i think that the media enjoys this little narrative about independent runs, but the truth is that there isn't going to be any independent in the white house. they are either going to be a republican or a democrat. i was never concerned about it. donald trump signed the pledge
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ago, and he's never indicated to me any reason why he wouldn't honor the pledge, and i never doubted it. i've been concerned about. issue. there's open discussion among some republicans of a notion of a brokered convention, that if trump were to be the nominee, that republicans would get together at the convention and come up with an alternative and have a floor fight. let me ask you directly. will you rule out this notion of a brokered convention? >> well, savannah, i don't know where that narrative comes from other than a fictional narrative that's spun up last week that never happened. >> will you rule it out? can you rule it out? >> first of all, well no one can rule it out. if a candidate doesn't get to a majority of delegates by the time you get to the convention, then you could have a contested convention, but my belief is that we'll have a presumptive nominee by the end of march or
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i've said that for over a year. i still believe that. the odds of a contested convention are almost nothing, but, you know, look, is it possible? it's possible, but it's possible the democrats would have a contested convention. is it likely? of course not and it's something that -- go ahead. >> sorry to interrupt. the discussion comes up because there's this feeling that if donald trump emerges as the nominee that some republicans will not be happy with that and they fear that it will essentially hand election to hillary clinton. a lot of the candidates, if you ask them, say they will ultimately support whoever the republican nominee is, but they can not bring themselves to say i will support donald trump. where are you on that? will you support donald trump if he is the republican nominee? >> of course. i mean, the point is the republican national committee is being built and is built for whoever the nominee, is so it doesn't matter whether it's him or someone else. one of the other 13 candidates who are on the stage last night.
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committee is built to be plugged into whoever the nominee is, and so we're going to support whoever the nominee is, and that -- that means that whatever nominee can get a majority of delegates is the nominee of our party and that's where we're going to be. >> trump is getting a lot of attention and certainly setting the agenda in terms of this ban on muslims that he has proposed. you've been critical of it. you said that it would come at the expense of our values. other candidates have criticized it in varying degrees, and yet republicans support that idea. the poll i saw was 59 to 61% approve of that idea and trump is getting a bump out of it and there's 41%. where's the disconnect? is he more accurately reflecting where the republican voters are right now? >> well, you know, look. i think the reality is that we all have the same goal, right, and so you have 13 people on the stage that have different ways of getting to that goal of keeping america more safe. do i think that people are afraid.
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i'm afraid. i'm sure that you're all concerned about where we're at in the this country in fighting isis and terrorism and what happened a couple weeks ago in california frightens everybody. look -- >> but you said it comes at the expense of our values and yet you'll also support donald trump and i'm just trying to put those two concepts together. >> well, look, here's the thing. the concept is that everyone has or at least many. candidates have a different pathway of getting to the same goal, savannah, and the reality is that this president and hillary clinton haven't done a good job, and the american people don't believe that barack obama and hillary clinton have done a good job in fighting terrorism. now, look, when you have 13 candidates running, many cases you're going to have 13 different ways of tackling the problem. at least at the very least, republicans are offering solutions to the problems that i know that americans don't believe are being tackled properly, and so for that i'm excited about the fact that
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people solutions to these problems. and we may not agree with each other on everything the goal is still the same and that's the point i'm trying to make. >> all right. republican national committee chairman, reince priebus, good to talk to us. appreciate it so much. thank you. with the first votes just seven weeks away where does the race go to here, chuck todd is nbc political director and moderator of meets and nicolle wallace is former communications director for president george w. bush and analyst for msnbc. i wanted to say is reince priebus being forthcoming about the possible idea of a brokered convention and his support of donald trump? >> i think he is and a lot of people that believe he's whistling past the graveyard, the criticism has been he's got his head in the sand and he will argue. no, no, no, we've got a thing in place here to handle all this. everybody thinks it's going to be contested, it's not, but there's others that thing he wouldn't.
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>> i thought marco rubio took a stand for what is really a more traditional republican foreign policy, and i think it was very important to see that the party had someone in the field that could articulately could defend when under attack a world view that has us more aggressive on the intelligence front and more aggressive in the middle east, and i thought he did a good job defending that. >> never saw the cruz/trump argument really materializes. who wins in your book? >> i thought the cruz and rubio together in some ways because they really do represent some divides inside -- inside the party, sort of ted cruz, sort of want of taking a different direction on national security, as nicole just pointed out, rubio a more traditional post- 9/11 view of foreign policy and they are very good at articulating their own points of view. they are very good at going after each other. look, rubio i thought took some incoming on immigration, and i was reminded as much as i agree i thought he handled himself well, i was reminded why i think he'll have a hard time winning this nomination.
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with the republican party. >> if he's a little bit out of step with the republican base it's why a lot of republicans and democrats will argue that he's the best one to go against hillary clinton. >> touche. >> jeb bush never gets good reviews after debates. he's admitted. >> here or anywhere else. >> last night was different though. we saw a different side him. >> there's no debate that jeb bush had his best performance last night, that he did a great job, on the offense against donald trump. really seemed to get under his skin and annoy him. i think the unfortunate piece of it is that many wonder and suspect that it may be too late but we'll see. >> but he found his role. >> his role is to go after trump, and i think if that's all he does now he thinks he's done a service to the party. you. >> thank you. a breaking story out of overnight. a southwest airlines plane skidded off the taxiway after landing at airport in nashville. nbc's tom costello is covering aviation for us and has the story. tom, what can you tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning, more than 100 passengers on board and
7:14 am
plane suddenly veered off the runway on landing and then running into a ditch. that triggered a full emergency response on the ground. this morning the faa investigating why this passenger plane rolled off a taxiway in tennessee tuesday night. southwest flight 31 originating in houston was taxying to the gate and then became stuck in a ditch after landing in nashville. >> everything is normal and we hear a big pop. >> reporter: photos posted on social media show one of the plane's emergency slides deployed. a spokesman for southwest tells nbc news the 133 passengers and 5 crew members were safely transport the into airport. the safety of our customers and employees remains our primary focus. eight passengers on board the 737 were transported to a local hospital after suffering minor injuries, mostly bumps and bruises, according to the nashville fire department. >> it was scary, real scary. we were on the ground so it could have been worse.
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coming days after another southwest flight made an emergency landing in san antonio that. aircraft landed safely after part of the wing appears to be what the airline calls at an irregular angle. all of this with christmas just a week away and the rush beginning, millions of americans expected to fly for the holidays. recovery crews arrived on the scene overnight and began moving the plane out of the ditch. the nashville airport says despite the emergency all runways remained opened and operational through the evening, no delays. both the faa and southwest looking into what happened. back to you. >> tom costello, thank you. now to the harsh criticism aimed at the school officials in the second largest school district in the country. hundreds of thousands of students returning to class after an unprecedented decision to the close many schools. many calling that a knee jerk reaction. let's go to nbc correspondent miguel almaguer in los angeles.
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>> reporter: good morning. this is one of hundreds of schools set to reopen acting out of an abundance of caution the superintendent says he was acting responsibly but this morning many are being critical of him. 700,000 students will be back in school today, just 24 hours after the unprecedented decision to shut down the nation's second largest school district just before classes were set to begin. >> we can now announce fbi has determined this is not a credible threat, something we couldn't have announced earlier in the day. >> reporter: abrupt decision came after an e-mail threat. someone claiming to be a high school senior said they were bullied and ready with an army to attack schools with guns and bombs. l.a. is just 65 miles from san bernardino where 14 were killed in a terror attack two weeks ago today. >> decision was made and information we have now was not able. >> while the police chief stood by the superintendent's
7:17 am
enforcement officials say they advised against the closure calling it a bad move. in new york where a similar e-mail was received, classes went on as scheduled. former lapd police chief bill bratton, now the police commissioner in new york, says l.a. overreacted. >> we do not see that as a credible terrorist threat, and we are investigating it as a hoax. >> reporter: after sweeping 1,500 los angeles schools for bombs the all clear came late tuesday, well after parents scrambled to pick up stranded students. >> i'm happy that they took precautions. i'm sad, you know, for the kids that they can't be in school today. >> reporter: this morning l.a. usd is back in business but only after heavy criticism. as students across this 710 square mile school district get set to return, a 17-year-old student was struck and killed by a truck yesterday as he was crossing the street.
7:18 am
or from school after the school closure. savannah and maid, back to you. >> all right, miguel almaguer, thank you. want to turn now to the historic meeting by the federal reserve that's being watched very closely from wall street to main street. a little later today the fed is expected to raise interest rates for the first time since 2006. it's a move that will impact everything from your mortgage to your savings. nbc's olivia sterns covers financial issues for us. olivia, good morning to us now. why now. >> reporter: this is a good news. consider this a vote of confidence in the american economy and the central bank saying we're back, don't need emergency measures anymore. they brought the zero rates in order to bring us back from the crisis to stoke borrow and lending in the economy and the good news it worked. the economy is growing at a pretty steady clip at 2.5% and unemployment is half of what it was during the crisis. it's 5% and, yes, some people are starting to get away so all
7:19 am
don't need the crutch anymore. >> good news for the economy but it can be tough for people on main street. it's going to impact our bottom line. how fast and how will it affect us? >> reporter: first rate hike is going to be miniscule, a quarter of 1%. the question is the pace at which the fed continues to raise rates over the next year or two that. said, if have you any kind of variable rate debts or credit card loans or student loans or an adjustable rate mortgage you'll see an increase in your monthly payment and if you're a saver you'll see a little bit more interest on any savings or cds, but, again, we're talking 18, 24 months. if you're thinking about making a big purchase, don't do anything rash but do start to get your finances in order now. >> olivia is a glass half full. i like it. >> never thought this day would come. >> it's good news for the economy that we don't need that crutch anymore. >> olivia, thank you so much. we'll get a check of the weather. mr. roker is over at the weather wall.
7:20 am
game we love to play, who's colder? >> yes. >> these are some of the temperature lows, los angeles or new york city, who is colder? >> los angeles. >> let's find out. los angeles 43 for a low and 48 in new york city. >> what do we win? >> nothing. >> boston or las vegas, who is colder? >> las vegas. >> let's see if you are right. johnny, ted them what they have done. 38 degrees in boston and 35 in las vegas, and our final, who is colder, phoenix or washington, d.c., ladies and gentlemen? >> phoenix. >> okay. let's see if you're right. boom, yes. 43 in d.c. and a low of 33 in phoenix. >> let the record show we were 3 for 3. >> we were amazing.
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look at me all together now all together now everything techie for everyone. kohl's. a together now . mid and upper 40s temperaturewise this morning. it's a little cooler but still mild for this time of year. 46 in the city. that's the low so far. few upper 30s well north and west. look for clouds to return after a sunny start to the day. 52 the expected high. tonight, 46 with a cloudy sky. spotty drizzle overnight. tomorrow the steadiest rain is late afternoon and evening. 57. clouds giving way to sun. colder on saturday. mid-40s on sunday. back to the 50s come monday and tuesday. >> and these your late weather. miss winter. games. that's really fun. a thank you so much. better than the old weather map.
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celebrity-endorsed hair care product making women lose their hair, a massive class action lawsuit. >> a dangerous concern of
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good morning everyone. 7:26. it's wednesday morning, 46 degrees out. we have breaking news from queens. an investigation into a fatal accident backing up traffic on the van wick. kai simonsen has the latest from chopper 4. >> confirmed that one person is dead following this accident involving a truck and a car. happened at 5:00 this morning. the southbound side of the van wick expressway by jewel avenue or 9 in queens. we have intermittent southbound closures, full closures through this area. once in a while they open up the left lane. an accidents investigation continues out here. delays in the southbound direction go to the white stone. stick with the grand central parkway instead. i'm kai simonsen. 'em lip, what's the rest looking like? >> in addition to that, there's an accident southbound at linden place taking up two lanes.
7:26 am
jersey a debris spill. causing problems. crash at exit 150 on the garden state parkway. route 1 and 9 southbound. south wood avenue two lanes blocked with a crash. we'll be right back with chris' foreclosure. forecast . pretty quiet morning. cooler than recent mornings but bearable. 46 degrees isn't bad in the park. normal high is 43. upper 30s to the north and west. sunshine heading our way for today that will mix with clouds this afternoon and toward
7:27 am
high temperature of 52. seven-day forecast. drizzle tonight and tomorrow. the steadiest late afternoon early evening. 57. developing sun on friday. colder but dry by the weekend. darlene sniemts thanks so much, chris. coming up on the "today" show, a look back at the biggest headlines. welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't
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or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman. sfx: owl there's a happy crowd. 7:30. it's wednesday morning, december 16, 2015. another pretty day here in manhattan. festive holiday crowd out on the plaza and no complaints about the weather. almost a headline in itself. >> none whatsoever. students are returning to classes in los angeles today following a threat that shut down all 900 schools in the nation's second largest school system. that threat turned out to be a hoax, but the superintendent chances.
7:29 am
is in iraq meeting with u.s. commanders and iraqi leaders. the goal of the trip, to find new ways to fight isis and speed up its eventual destruction in the region. and the reporter covering a day-old bankry in minnesota got a big surprise during his live report. >> what? >> oh, thaetsd t's the robber. this is live tv the, folk. that's the robber, just went by. >> apparently a bank employee ran by that reporter that the bandit had just struck again. the suspect was captured about an hour later. not what you expect when you're covering a day-old bank robbery. >> no. >> we'll have more on that in a little while. meanwhile, the biggest talker of the morning, the fireworks on display in las vegas last night during the final republican presidential debate of the year, especially fireworks between donald trump and jeb bush who declared the front-runner to be a chaos candidate. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander was there. peter, good morning, again.
7:30 am
the night's biggest headline very likely was the fact that donald trump again reaffirmed his pledge not to run as a third-party candidate, as an independent, the commander in chief debate with national security now a top priority for americans. no one was able to knock out donald trump, jeb bush tried and marco rubio didn't. rubio and ted cruz exchanging most of the blows. trump at center stage appeared more comfortable and in control than in some past debates, and he turned some heads with his comments about how to combat isis' online propaganda machine. >> isis is recruiting through the internet. isis is using the internet better than we are using the internet. i would certainly be open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody. i sure as hell don't want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our internet.
7:31 am
were interested in his choice of words, our internet. as to what happened last night as to what didn't. no fight between donald trump and the number two man ted cruz. a lot of analysts believe that this race is locked in place through the holidays. two more debates in january before those iowa caucuses february 1st. matt? >> peter alexander, thanks so much. shifting gears. popular line of hair care products endorsed by some celebrities has now been hit with a massive lawsuit. a growing number of women claiming a cleansing shampoo has actually caused their hair to fall out. natalie is following this one for us. >> right this. lawsuit, guys, more than 200 women in 40 states say they used wen products and ended up with rashes, scalp irritation, hair breakage, discoloration and even in some cases baldness. now some of the women are speaking out. hair care products are an enormous $83 billion industry in the united states. >> if you're having a bad hair day, it's a bad day. >> reporter: something that can make that day even worse, losing your hair.
7:32 am
media say it happened to them after using wen hair care products. >> the hair started coming out. >> reporter: in florida amy freedman said she used wen products for two weeks. >> absolutely outrageous that a product that you would put on your hair causes hair to fall out. >> reporter: nbc news cannot independently verify amy's claim. she filed a lawsuit against wen and now 200 women have joined a class action lawsuit against the company it. aalleges one or more wen products contain an ingredient or combination of ingredients that cause significant hair loss, damage and other injuries upon proper application. >> hi. i'm chaz dean, creator of wen hair care and body care. >> reporter: and named in the lawsuit celebrity hairstylist chaz dean and gatty ranger which mass markets using celebrity
7:33 am
milano, brooke shields. >> reporter: with enand gatty rheinecker said there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support any claim that our hair care products caused anyone to lose their hair. there are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair, all unrelated to wen hair care products. and they promised to vigorously contest allegations made against our products. but even allegations can be devastating for the company. >> there is the court of law and there's the court of public opinion, and when hundreds of people are claiming that your hair product is causing scalp damage and making their hair fall out, they have already lost in the court of public opinion. >> both sides say they are working towards a setment in the lawsuit but it's a company that's been very popular, two years that they have been in business, grossed over $100 million in their product sales. >> tough headlines for them, for sure.
7:34 am
a pretty vigorous snow storm coming out of rockies and making its way into the upper midwest. you did see in denver yesterday a lot of snow there. some places picking up up to 8 inches of snow. kids enjoying, of course, a good old game of touch -- well, maybe that's tackle football. boom! i guess it's tackle. the storm system going now. well, we're watching it make its way its way knew the upper midwest, another 5 to 8 inches of snow in minnesota. also watching another significant storm coming into the pacific northwest wednesday through friday over the next several days. some area, 4 to 8 inches of rain and 2 to 4 inches as you get this. snowfall amounts anywhere from one to 2 feet. winter storm washes from parts of wash
7:35 am
sunshine out there right now. we'll have clouds mix back into the picture. changeable sky for today. cooler than recent days. above normal at 52. could be spotty drizzle later on tonight. midtown near 40 north and west. the heaviest of the rain is late afternoon and evening tomorrow for the commute. still mild, a high of 57 degrees. 51 on friday. clouds give way to sun. a cold shot of air over the weekend. 46 sunday. we're back to the 50s by next week. >> the get your latest weather when you need it, online and the weather channel. >> and stories name impacted our world in 2015. >> but up next. >> the christmas season danger in your home right now. we'll show you the one item that caused this massive fire in just
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7:41 am
jeff? >> reporter: really is. supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but did you know most house fires happen right now, during the holidays. one of the biggest causes, yes, your christmas tree. turns out many people are making a simple mistake that could mean the difference between life and death. just days ago a christmas tree catching fire in missouri, erupting in flames, setting this whole house on fire. the family barely made it out alive. in california, this house up in flames, too. again, all starting with their christmas tree. >> everything happened right away, so quickly, so i was just trying to hurry everybody up and get everybody out. >> reporter: turns out it's common, and if you're caught inside deadly. >> christmastime, these happen all over the country. they are tragedies, not only one or two kids, can be entire family. >> reporter: because when these trees burn they explode in flames in seconds. why?
7:42 am
getting enough water. we are testing it out with a sacramento fire department. this is the kind of christmas tree you probably have in your home right now. as you can see, it's decorated, full of ornaments and it's not been watered in days. the way these fires normally start, a small little spark somewhere in your house, and we're going to do is set a spark here and set this tree on fire and see how fast it burns. we'll get out so we're safe. >> fire in the hole. >> reporter: within seconds it's an inferno. the tree, fully engulfed. whoa, that smoke. within seconds. look how that just overpowers you. >> definitely. what happens in your home when you don't water your tree. literally every minute it will double in sides like having a huge piece of kindling. >> reporter: and watch, it's already spreading to the table and chair. the entire room is on fire. >> if i'm in my house, should i get a fire extinger? >> that's the biggest mistake people make, try to stay in the
7:43 am
get out of home immediately and call 911. we've cleared all the smoke out of the room and have a new christmas tree here and this one has been watered. let's spark the flare and spark. it look, the firefighter can't even get to light up and he's trying t.finely gets going. burning a lot slower with the dry tree. with the wet tree takes tries as long to ignite. >> dry tree on the left and wet tree on the right. huge difference. >> reporter: what are the tips here? >> water your tree every day or every other day and keep it away from any heating element, portable space heater, radiator and check your christmas tree lights, any frayed or damaged light keep that off your christmas tree because every year that can be the emission source. >> every year people use the same lights, put it in the attic and bring it back. check for this before you put it back up. >> reporter: simple advice to keep your family safe. savannah, one of the people that
7:44 am
year. >> i do, and it's cheap. >> reporter: fine to do that and make sure they are not frayed and there's other things at home that could spark this time of the year. never leave candles unattended and if you're cooking on a stovetop keep a pan nearby in case that catch eds fire and make an escape fire case something like that happens. >> what do we have tomorrow? learned a lot. >> reporter: tomorrow in our series "saved my life." what to do when you get trapped in your car in a snow storm. it's happened with drivers getting stuck on major freeways. how to survive until help survives 24 to 48 hours later tomorrow on "today." >> jeffry, thank you very much. coming up, the biggest stories of 2015 and how we covered them on "today, grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you' re quite the expert at waking people up in the morning.
7:45 am
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good morning everyone. 7:56. looking at the alexander hamilton bridge on a wednesday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. one person was killed earlier
7:55 am
van wyck expressway. several lanes still shut down. emily west has the details. >> that's between exit 11, jewel avenue to the union turnpike ramps. we have live video from chopper 4 above of the scene of this. intermittent closures with that. the backup, that stretches all the way to northern boulevard this morning. you definitely want to go with the grand central parkway instead. it is going to be a mess for quite a while this morning. also the bqe eastbound at mcginnis boulevard, an accident that takes up a lane there. emily, thanks so much. a long island high school where dozens of students were sickened by fumes is reopened. classes were canceled around 12:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when teachers and students rornted feeling dizzy and a burning in their throats. investigators have not determined the source of the fumes but they say air quality in the school is now safe. let's check the weather today. sun, clouds, high of 52. tonight, cloudy, chance for a spotty drizzle.
7:56 am
light rain on and off in the morning. steady in the afternoon. 57 is the high. friday, clouds giving way to sun. high of 51. coming up on the "today" show, actress alicia stops by to talk about her role in the new film the danish girl.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, from the pope's historic visit to the race for the white house. >> every poll said i'm the best leader by far. >> to moments of terror and kindness. a look back at the year that was. the events, people and stories that shaped our world. then paying it forward. >> i'm a city of foster kid. >> i live in foster care. >> i grew up in foster care. >> a shining the light on foster care and finding children a forever home. >> plus, double the star power.
7:59 am
nominations, hollywood's new it girl, alyssa vikander and honey, he's good. pop star sings his latest hit today, wednesday, december 16, 2015. >> merry christmas, from cali to new york! >> good morning. >> go clemson tigers. >> celebrating 40 years of marriage. >> and 60 years old, yay! >> here in new york to celebrate my birthday here on the "today" show. >> 8:00 on a wednesday morning, 16th day of december, 2015. >> there's a noticeable change
8:00 am
we've got the same huge holiday crowd and winds blowing, temperatures have dropped and a more seasonal feel right now. >> i forgot how to dress for winter. >> it will warm up again this weekend. >> okay. >> let's head inside and check the top stories of the morning. hey, nat. >> guys, good morning. republicans traded stinging personal insults during their final debate of the year tuesday night. nbc national correspondent peter alexander was in las vegas for us. peter, good morning. >> natalie, good morning to you. this was in effect a commander in chief debate all the republicans trying to convince voters that they are best qualified to keep americans safe. there was no outright winner last night except perhaps the republican party demonstrating, that well, donald trump is going to stay in the tent. he said he would not monday a third-party bid. some real infighting between donald trump and jeb bush. bush taking aim at trump, insisting that he is the chaos
8:01 am
attacking bush for his poor poll numbers and marco rubio announced real divisions such as domestic surveillance and immigration. chris christie was strong as well but most analysts agree this race is locked in place during the holidays with donald trump a strong number one and ted cruz in second. natalie. >> peter alexander in las vegas, thanks. we have breaking news from europe. officials in austria say they have arrested two men with possible connections to the attacks in paris last month. meantime, hillary clinton is providing new details about her plan to prevent future attacks here in the u.s. she wants silicon valley to help block isis recruitment online. she also called on american muslim communities to intervene and help stop radicals, calling them our best defense. two people were killed overnight when a medical helicopter crashed in the mountains about 55 miles east of phoenix.
8:02 am
member alive. >> just be advise that had we have dps on the ground. they have possibly located the crash side. last update was someone was waving a light at them. >> that survivor was flown to a nearby hospital, the chopper carried a doctor, a nurse and paramedics. no crew on board. the man a woman who revolutionized the mail order, lillian vernon went small and offered unique gifts and home goods that could be monogrammed for free. lillian vernon was 88 years old. for the first time a woman has been chosen toer is as commandant of cadets at west point. brigadier general diana holland graduated from the academy in 1990. she served in both iraq and afghanistan. general holland will be in charge of training west point's more than 4,000 cadets. congratulations to her. a homeowner in south georgia
8:03 am
heard a loud crash and take a look. it was that. a small plane that landed right on his rooftop. the two people on board were able to climb out with just a few cuts and bruises. the pilot had reported engine trouble and was trying to reach an airport about half a mile away. good thing he is okay. let's get a check of the weather right now. mr. roker. today's weather is brought to you by kay jewellers, the number one jewelner america. every kiss begins with kay. >> around the country today, sunshine, a little cooler along the east coast and more wet weather making its way from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast. snow across the northern plains and another big storm moving into the pass nick . . . al, thanks very much. temperatures are generally in the mid-40s but holding steady in the last hour. 46 in the park. 30s north and west of town. a chilly start, yes but, again, these temperatures are still
8:04 am
a mixed sky, steady rain late tomorrow. a chilly, dry weekend. here is your seven-day forecast. putting it all together, 52 today, 57 with the rain tomorrow. 51 with a clearing sky. only 42 on saturday, mid-40s with sunshine sunday and we warm it back to the 50s by next week. >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, what will you remember the most. we look back at the most talked about news stories of 2015. >> plus, natalie pays it forward to a selfless woman she's known for years but has never met. >> and honey, he's good. andy grammer performs his [makes siren noise] i'm watching that. eew. every christmas is memorable. but a gift from kay jewelers... makes it unforgettable. because it's more than a gift. it's a memory she'll wear forever. save 25% on any citizen watch. powered by light - any light.
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v (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, p and we'll donate $250 to those in need. pbringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. p and bringing love where it's needed most. plove. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. from the crowded raced to the white house and the pope's visit and terror here at home and abroad, 2015 has been filled with triumph and tragedy. >> here is a look back at moments that shaped your world as we reported them here on "today". ."
8:08 am
masked men opened fire at offices of a controversial newspaper in paris. >> two armed men entered the building and began opening fire. >> there's been a hostage-taking at a kosher deli and meanwhile the two brothers suspected of the attack are holed up and cornered. >> terrorists who traumatize this region for three days are dead but not before leaving 17 innocent lives ended. >> the kayla mueller, an aide worker who died being held by isis. >> i really feel we had a chance to get her out. >> do you feel like our government did enough? >> the major new offensive launched by isis. >> the u.s.-led coalition is striking back. are we winning right now? >> we're still building the forces. i'm confident we will win. >> russian passenger plane with 224 people on board crashes in egypt. >> isis claimed it had brought down the plane. >> vladimir putin is vowing to take revenge.
8:09 am
train thwarted by three americans. >> seemed like he was ready to fighted to the end. so were we. over you and helping you. >> spencer, i would just like to life. >> today marksled promise of a new day for the united states and cuba. >> for the first time in 54 years an american flag will be raise the at the u.s. embassy in havana. >> devastating earthquake in nepal. >> this is the race against time. brick by brick the desperate dig to find survivors. >> growing crisis overseas. migrants trying to escape their war-torn homeland attempting to get to europe >> president obama is strongly defending that controversial deal to halt iran's nuclear program. >> it is a good deal. >> you guys have been bamboozled and the american people are going to pay for that. >> bamboozled, outmaneuvered, outnegotiate the. were you fleeced? >> there's a lot of politics going on, matt. >> breaking news.
8:10 am
where a germanwings passenger plane has crashed. >> disturbing new details. co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane into the mountains. >> the terror group isis claims responsibility for unprecedented attacks in paris, in six separate but coordinate bombings and shootings. >> the scene of the worst carnage at bataclan theser. >> witnesses say they saw these shooters arrive inside and beginning firing indiscriminately. >> an international manhunt is now under way. >> the suspected ringleader is in in fact dead. >> the soul of the city is intact. they have heavy hearts but they will not succumb to fear. >> seems another week, another tragic mass shooting. >> nine people killed in an unthinkable crime in charleston, south carolina. >> what does it say about us, that in 2015 somebody walks into a church and then shoots them one by one? >> he said should up, i'm going
8:11 am
he said i'm not going to shoot you. i'm going to leave you here to tell the story. >> in laugh yet, louisiana, a gunman opened fire inside a crowded movie theser. >> i'm not sure why this man chose this movie to end these two people's live. >> a reporter and another killed lived on television. it takes my breath away. >> a gunman opened fire carrying out the vicious attack. >> exchanging swhots him. he's in a classroom >> . >> >> why does this keep happening? >> we've become numb to this. >> a 57-year-old man behind bars after a deadly shootout at a planned parenthood clinic. >> breaking overnight, a young couple opening fire at a holiday party. what did she describe? >> bullets flying all over the place.
8:12 am
her allegiance on line to the leader of the islamic state. >> the this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> the u.s. has already seen more mass shootings than days in the year. >> get off me. >> it has been a night of chaos, violence, lawlessness in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. >> areas of the city that literally look like battle fields. >> this is the scene of a deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. >> just down the road behind me you can see the tangled mess of cars, tracks, power lines. >> there were people screaming and bleeding. >> the white house awash in a full rainbow in celebration of the supreme court's historic ruling on same-sex marriage. >> we've made our union a little more perfect. >> a defiant county clerk in kentucky is behind bars this morning after refusing to issue
8:13 am
>> i'm not. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> pope francis waking up for the first time in the u.s. this morning after being greeted by the president, the vice president and an adoring crowd. >> unique and historic moment. the first opportunity for so many americans to see this pope in pope francis. >> pray for me, don't forget. >> where are they in the desperate search to find and capture two inmates involved in a brazen prison break. >> this prison break right out of a hollywood script. >> new questions swirl around joyce mitchell and whether she helped them hatch their plan. >> i knew i was in way over my head. >> there have been reports that your wife fell in love with one of these inmates. >> she didn't know if i loved her anymore, she said. >> the nightmare is finally
8:14 am
>> i'm not the monster that everybody thinks i am. >> the notorious mexican drug lord el chapo. >> i saw that prison break in upstate new york was impressive. >> wow. >> el chapo had a mile-long tunnel. >> the death of cecil the lion has ignited controversy behind the world and the doctor behind it now in hiding. >> tens of millions of e-mail addresses belonging to ashley madison customers available for all to see now oint net. >> millions of marriages and reputations could be very much at stake this morning. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> the a prominent ncaa leader under fire accused by her own family of lying about being black. >> are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> new england patriots are at the center of a controversially. >> they are calling this deflategate. did the new england patriots dock tort footballs their team used in the big win over the colts here over the weekend?
8:15 am
>> i don't believe so. i mean, i feel like i've always played within the rules. >> he did it! >> american pharoah in that run into history, the first triple crown winner in 37 years. >> american pharoah is finally the one! >> i don't know that i've ever heard a roar that was louder than what i heard on saturday afternoon. >> believe. >> the u.s. women win the world cup. >> it was thrilling, it was stunning, it was amazing. >> usa! >> we're world cup champions! >> bruce jenner's transition to life as a would. the former olympian revealed a look and name on the cover of ""vanity fair." ". >> was there an adjustment? >> we all support him, was there an adjustment, yes. >> nothing better than to look in the meror and feel comfortable with yourself and who you are.
8:16 am
>> so the song what, is it about? >> i like to start reconnecting with everyone else and myself, you know. it's in general just hello, everyone. hello. >> hello. >> nice to meet you. >> gwen and blake, does it good to be out in the open now? >> i like your suit. >> thank you. >> i like your movie. >> oh, my god. thank you. >> so funny. >> stop. what was your favorite part in the. >> all of it. >> yes, yes, yes. >> i'll have what he had. >> on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being happy and 10 being over the mood. how happy are you not being to run willing for everything? >> not as happy as michelle. >> i just constantly think of how proud i am that he's able to carry the weight of the world but still, you know, find time to be my husband. >> and all of the spotlight gets to be on those ladies you love. >> there's just nothing like
8:17 am
anything else with your sisters and your mom. >> i knew during the surgery that he was on my side and this wasn't something that i felt less of a woman because my husband wasn't going to let that happen. >> you know there are a lot of rumors. >> sure. >> out there right now, and would you like to address them head on. >> i'm here to admit that i am in fact hiv-positive. it's a hard three let efforts to absorb. >> so are we talking about lawsuits filed against you, charlie? are we talking about shak owns? >> we're talking about shakedowns. >> are you still paying some of these people? >> not after today i'm not. >> the let me know we can't wait for you to come back. we can't wait for to you come back and i can't wait to make them laugh again. >> you know what would be a nice way to thank them, one day walking down those stairs again on "saturday night live."
8:18 am
it the feels so good to be here. >> glad you're with us. should be a good afc west -- >> yolky's blast sails over the left field fence and the yanks are off and running. >> we're grateful for it. >> we can't late criminal extort his own freedom. >> many in the hills say they need the crease fire. >> i never dreamed it could possibly have grown to where it is today.
8:19 am
stand by me, oh, stand by me >> live long and prosper. >> let the race begin. >> i am announcing. >> i am proud to announce. >> i am officially running. >> i'm a candidate. >> i announce my candidacy. >> for president. >> of the united states. >> the question being raised about why hillary clinton used a personal e-mail account only during her tenure as secretary of state? >> secretary clinton said she did this for convenience. >> i don't think convenience should trump national security.
8:20 am
go away. >> did you wipe the server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> do you get how bad it looks? >> it was allowed, and i've said it wasn't the best choice. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. >> front-runner hillary clinton does have one less thing to worry about. >> i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign. >> we've put together a benghazi special committee. >> you're scheduled to testify before that committee. >> that's right. >> do you think it should be disbanded? >> they have admitted it's a political partisan committee for the soul purpose of going after me. >> high stakes at benghazi hearing. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> nbc news has learned that house speaker john boehner will resign from congress. >> this isn't about me. it's about the people. it's about the institution. >> the speakership is a powerful job, and yet you don't have people following all over
8:21 am
>> the place is impossible to run right now. >> paul ryan era sunday way on capitol hill. >> now more than ever we must work together. >> donald trump is riding the wave to the lead of a crowded republican field. >> when mexico sends its people, they are bringing crime, they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> i don't mean to be fun bethis. you're losing in the polls to the host of "celebrity apprentice." >> target trump. the republican candidates for president take on the front-runner and pull no punches. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> look at that face, trump is quoted as saying. would anyone vote for that? >> i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> do you think you're setting the right example as someone who is running for the highest office in the land? >> every poll said that i'm the best leader by far.
8:22 am
we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> another day, another new poll with donald trump in the lead. >> seems so hard for anyone to get attention. how do you break out? >> it's a marathon. >> the donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> he's a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos president. >> you can't deny his impact on politics whether you like it or don't like t. >> so a little bit happened the last year. >> we're exhausted. >> quite a year. >> we should thank everyone who worked on that piece. takes a long time, producers katie buckley and yale federbush, mike sadowski and the
8:23 am
>> this show is' next of people that you don't see, people behind the scenes and you saw the proof that have. >> always amaze when we sit and watch that piece how much we forget that happened over the course of 12 months. >> and how much of that is going to extend into 2016, whether it's politics or the international fight against terrorism. these are ongoing stories. >> absolutely. all right. we look forward to what we get to cover in 2016. meanwhile meanwhile. >> we are back in just a moment with your local news and weather.
8:24 am
good morning. 8:26. 46 degrees out. i'm darlene rodriguez. the expressway has just opened on van wyck. kai simon son has more details. >> darlene, good morning to you. one person has been confirmed dead after an accident involving a car and a truck. it happened at 5:00 this morning right there. you can see where the sand is down on the roadway. it has been cleared. southbound van wyck by jewel avenue is where it happened. an accident investigation has now been wrapped up in all southbound lanes has been reopened. we still have heavy delays back to the whitestone expressway. keep it in mind. like? >> we have new problems on long turnpike. heavy delays back towards
8:25 am
the bqe eastbound. let's check the weather today. sun, clouds, high of 52. tonight, a chance for a spotty drizzle. tomorrow, light rain on and off in the morning. steady in the afternoon. 57 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, the stars of the wiz drop in to chat about their critics choice
8:26 am
kids don' t stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it' s never too early or too late to save for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you' ll look back and be glad you got started. ny' s 529 college savings program.
8:27 am
8:30 now. it's wednesday morning, 16th of december, 2015. christmas is getting closer every day. great crowd out on our plaza. a little chilly out here, but we won't complain. starting to feel like the holidays. andy grammer coming up. he's going to sing his new song and also out here collecting toys for us. >> also coming up, we've got a young lady here. she is a very talented young
8:28 am
globe nominations, alicia vikander and "vogue" magazine says this will be her here. >> we'll talk to her. >> al, a check of the weather. >> for today snow in the plains. going to be a windy day and really a little messy. look for wet weather from the u.p, of michigan all the way down to the gulf coast. sunny but a little cooler along the eastern seaboard and the sunshine through the southwest and on we've got sunshine out there now mixing with some clouds as we go through the day today. cooler day, above normal. high, 52. no more 60s for a while. back to the 40s tonight. a spotty drizzle could break out later on this evening through the overnight. along the coast and into tomorrow. steadier showers in the afternoon and oong. evening. later friday, 51. a cold day saturday, with sunshine.
8:29 am
holiday is the perfect time -- jumping through my shot. chuck schofield is with us from no kid hungry. good morning, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having she. >> tell me about your truck and your partnership with city. >> absolutely. i'm here with the no kid hungry campaign and no kid hungry is focuses on surrounding children in need who struggle with hunger with nutritious food where they live and learn and play. we have one in five kids in this country who struggle with hunger and that doesn't need tonight case. it's a solvable problem and that's why we have teamed up with childhood hungry. no kid hundred rig has been an incredible partner and we have been able to provide 10 million meals to children in need and
8:30 am
launched this new initiative with the food truck that's driving awareness and driving donations to no kid hungry throughout the city during this holiday season. >> that's tobin bride. chuck schofield, thanks for the work you do. >> appreciate it. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> now back inside to you guys. >> well, this morning on our series make your today it's natalie's turn to pay it forward. >> that's right. back in 2008 when i was pregnant i mentioned on air i craved cheeseburgers. a woman named sarah bartos e-mailed with the world cheeseburger to congratulate me on my pregnancy and we've kept in touch over the years and sarah is the lead council for children's rights, an organization that advocates for children in foster care, and i decided that that was the
8:31 am
face to face. >> i'm so excited. for this moment. sara. >> i feel like i've learned so much from you. you're that person on the front lines really in the courts litigating and trying to make sure that the states are taking care of those kids in the system. >> the government can do magical things for children and for families, but without accountability there's broken lives, kids who grow up in foster care and turn 18 without a home, without a mom, a dad and so we're in the courts trying to make sure that happens as infrequently as possible. >> my second home. i consider it kind of hell on earth. my foster mom started telling me things like you are ugly. you're worthless. no one could ever love you. your mother doesn't love you.
8:32 am
and then her husband soon began to abuse me as well. he had his way with me and i remember so clearly i'm 15. i have never kissed a boy. >> wow. >> god has been incredible in my life. >> you finally had a positive experience and found your family. >> i am very, very, very fortunate to have ended up in a family like this one that has so much love, so much kindness. >> what do you wanted people to take away from your life? >> while things can be difficult, almost pitch black, in the most despair, there is hope. >> my parents, they just weren't there. they couldn't take care of me. my older brothers -- sorry. >> i know, it's a hard thing to do to talk about what you went through. >> i moved in with my foster mother who would a year later
8:33 am
i ended up living with her from 5 to 13, and i suffered from physical abuse. >> so how many foster homes did you end up living in? >> i've lived in anywhere between 25 to 30 different fosters homes. you question where's my family? why don't i have a home? >> how did you go from that dark place to overcoming it and becoming who you are now? >> you know, they say it takes a village to raise a child. that is true, but it takes one person to change a child, and my social worker was that one person who changed my life. i'm currently in my second year at st. john's university. my goal is to really inspire my brothers and sisters in the foster care system. i never gave up, even though it is hard. i am who i am today because of everybody who invested in my future, and i can be the president, too. >> i'm voting for you some day. >> i had a really actually great
8:34 am
i was in my home, in my foster home for a couple months. i thrived in it at first. eventually i started to feel a little caged in and acted out in some of my old ways and i ran away when i was 16 actually. >> and then when you turned 19 you became pregnant. >> yeah. >> that changed everything in my life. >> i got my g.e.d. while i was pregnant with elijah and right after he was born i began college and i became a foster mom at 24 and if you look at a kid for their trauma, you're not looking at kid, you look at what's happened to them and my daughter has had a lot of trauma in her life but if you look at her and you see her, she's amazing. >> and the woman who inspired it all and inspired me and still inspires me, sara bartos who is so -- i'm so thrilled i finally got to meet you and we got to tell these stories. we have a little surprise for you though, beyond that, we created another video for you to
8:35 am
guys can use on your website. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. >> over 650,000 children spend time in the foster care system every year. >> nearly 108,000 of them are waiting to be adopted. >> just 58 of those who grow up in foster care graduate from the high school. >> and only around 3% graduate from the a four-year college. >> i used to be a foster kid. >> spent two years with the state as my parents. >> i spent 18 years in foster care. >> i lived in over 25 different foster homes. >> and now i have a forever family. >> i was supported in foster care and now i'm supporting others. >> i hope to inspire the world with my story. >> children's rights shines a spotlight on failing foster care systems. >> and used the law to protect tens of thousands of kids. >> hi, my name is victoria rowell. by working together we can reach the children who need our help most. >> and i'm natalie morales, and
8:36 am
thousands of kids in foster care the productive and the happy lives they deserve! so, what do you think, zahra? >> that's fantastic. what a thrill. what a holiday joy. what a blessing, thank you so much. >> we know the organization, you don't have a lot in a media budget so we figured creating that video will help raise awareness. do you think that will help to accomplish that? >> i sure hope so and if it makes a few families think about adopting. if they think bus and help us do our work, we're going to make these systems work for kid and there can be thousands upon thousands of new permanent families. >> you are -- >> your help is amazing. >> you are a super hero. >> you know why we keep talking over cheeseburgers. >> exactly. >> see more of that video on our wednesday i'd.
8:37 am
rising stars. double golden globes nominee alicia vikander but first this
8:38 am
>> there's more to be congratulating her about. great to have you here, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> eddie redmayne was here and this is an embarrassment of riches meaning the roles he's had in the last year or so and same thing for you. >> it's been quite a whirlwind this year. yeah, i've -- i've -- it's been just first of all been able to be working on some of the films that i've done. some of them that came out that i did almost two and a half
8:39 am
quite surreal getting to meet not only people but to work with some of them. >> you're nominated for best actress in "the danish girl" and also best supporting actress and what was it like on the morning announced? >> i was in berlin doing press for "danish girl" and we were going to head off straight after we finished this table junket that i had with journalists and i came out and my publicist just looked at me and screamed and said you got nominated and i jumped out and freaked out really and then she said and another thing -- >> wait, there's more. >> i just blanked out then and had a very hard time to get my head around. called my parent, the first thing. >> "the danish girl" will get a lot of attention because it deals with the issue of transgender which is in the news, but when eddie was here he made a very strong point and said let's remember that first and foremost this is a love
8:40 am
is that the way you see it? >> definitely. >> it is the heart of this in a way and think it's also why i think it's extremely relatable in that sense that it's a couple that you get a very tight insight into their relationship and how -- how you -- how you tackle and handle a big change and how the relationship can go through very different stages and i was kind of just touched and very moved by -- by the amount of love. >> i was moved by the whole movie. it's a wonderful f. you're on the cover of "vogue" magazine basically saying that this coming year is going to be your year. that's a compliment and can also be nerve-racking. >> well, there's been a lot of nerve-racking moment and i think it's been, but, i mean, it's such an honor. i was 13 when i was in sweden when i went to -- to the strain straight in gottenburg was the
8:41 am
international magazines, and i got to tell them how big -- it was a looking glass to another world so to be invited in and be part of that was pretty extraordinary. >> it's deserved. alici ya, great to meet you. congratulations on everything. >> thank you so much. >> and "danish girl" from our sister company focus features opens on christmas day. >> still ahead, a live performance from andy grammer downstairs, but, first, on a
8:42 am
we're back now with a rare condition that can develop in women pregnant with identical twins. >> two mothers are leading the charge to bring attention to it. here's "today's" erica hill. >> so this is the photo of them at the 20 weeks. they said you're fine. go home, like things are looking good, and then three days later
8:43 am
out that we lost our first baby. >> two weeks later, jamie delivered her twin daughters, ela and stella. neither survived. >> sometimes things look stone cold normal and within a very few days it can accelerate. >> it is tttf or twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a disease many expectant mothers of identical twins have never even heard of. during pregnancy most identical twins share a single placenta in the womb. sharing the placenta also means the twins share blood vessels. in at least 10% of cases where the twins share the placenta tttf develops and the blood flow between the babies about, unbalanceled putting both twins in jeopardy. >> so the smaller donor twin is losing blood volume and the baby is basically losing nutrients to the other twin. the other baby gets an excess amount of blood volume and
8:44 am
jeopardy but from polar opposite reasons. >> in some pregnancies, like jamie's, tttf developed so quickly the damage so severe nothing can be done to save the babies. but for those who can be saved, recognizing the early signs is key to a positive outcome. odeh snider was also pregnant with identical twins that shared one placenta. >> i didn't know anything could go wrong. >> she had never heard of tttf until she was diagnosed. after doctors noticed a sides discrepancy during her 16-week ultrasound. >> very interesting. >> within days she was in the office of a one of a few neo-natal surgeons in the country by treat tttf by operating arthroscopically to
8:45 am
blood vessel and restore normal flow. >> we quote a 90% chance or higher that at least one baby will survive and about a 70% chance or higher that both will survive. >> griffin and zachery beat the odds. >> i was very lucky, gave birth to amazing and healthy children. >> experts say women carrying twins with a shared placenta should have an ultsound every one to two weeks and watch for any physical warning signs like a rapid growth of the womb, abdominal tightness and cramping. >> i think all moms shouldn't be afraid to ask questions just to get more information for a sense of peace. >> for "today," erica hill, new york. >> i've never heard of that. important information. >> and that's the whole point, to raise awareness. put a lot more information on tttf including the questions that expectant mothers should be asking their doctors. it's on our website, we're back in a movement
8:46 am
welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers.
8:47 am
find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman. sfx: owl >> we're so happy to have andy grammer here to perform his latest single.
8:48 am
grammer. i've been grinding so long, been trying this for years and i got nothing to show, just climbing this rope right here and if there's a man upstairs, he kept bringing me rain but i've sending up prayers and something's changed i think i finally found my hallelujah i've been waiting for this moment all my life now all my dreams are coming true, yeah i've been waiting for this moment good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be
8:49 am
hallelujah, let that bass line move ya, say ya and it's good to be alive right "now" i was dead in the water, nobody wanted me i was old news, i went cold as cold could be but i kept throwing on coal trying to make that fire burn sometimes you got ace aa get scars to get what you deserve i kept moving on and now i'm moving up damn, i'm feeling blessed with all this love i think i finally found my hallelujah i've been waiting for this moment all my life now all my dreams are coming true, yeah i've been waiting for this moment feels good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be
8:50 am
hallelujah, let that bass line move ya, sayyaf and it's good to be alive right about now i almost can, cannot handle i could get you, could get used to this i almost can, cannot handle it i could get you, could get used to this i think i final found my hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now hallelujah, let that bass line move ya, sayyaf and it's good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be
8:51 am
good, good, good, good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now good, good, good, good to be alive right about now all right >> awesome. andy grammer and his band. thank you so much. we're back with much more of
8:52 am
first, a check your 46 degrees. december 16th. students are back in class this morning at a long island high school where mysterious fumes made dozens sick. it happened in west babylon in suffolk county. tests showed the air quality in the school is now safe. the van wyck expressway southbound lanes have reopened. they have been closed for most of the morning while police investigated an accident that killed one person. delays still stretch back to the l.i.e. we'll check the weather. sun, clouds, high of 52. tonight, cloudy, a chance for a
8:53 am
tomorrow, light rain on and off, steady in the afternoon, 75, high, friday, clouds give way to sun. high of 51. coming up on the "today" show, comedian, hike barren holt swings by to talk about his new role in the comedy "sisters." stay tuned.
8:54 am
the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
8:55 am
take" best of 2015. as the year comes to a close we'll take a look back at year that was. then find out what we think about the new "star wars" films. we promise, no spoilers. >> and wait until you see what beyonce did that's got everybody talking today. all that and more coming up next. >> from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome a "today" on this wednesday morning.
8:56 am
outside and the crowd on wednesday, december 16th. along with al, natalie and tamron. tell me about your morning jam. >> this is conrad zel. "hold me up." >> feels like old school. >> a little retro. >> a lot of young kids are doing old school '7 as and '880s kind of soul jams, i love it. >> speaking of retro, i thought you were going to speak -- as your theme this morning. >> i could have. >> that's old school. >> yeah. >> that's a classic. >> we all were lucky enough last night, we went to go see "star wars, the force awakens." >> had dinner and a movie. >> so fantastic. >> i cried leaving the theater. i couldn't sleep last night. watched the gop debate tries.
8:57 am
>> that was my palette cleanser. it was beyond. it was great. >> not giving anything away. >> no, we're not. >> i do have a slight confession. >> yes. >> here it comes. >> like i said we had dinner and a movie. had a lot to eat, some vino, and some of us got a little sleepy. >> some of us. >> how did you fall asleep? >> i don't know. >> i was seated next to lance bass and his husband michael and the whole time they saw me going like this. >> first of all, the sense of humor. >> it was good. the parts i was awake for it was great. >> and everyone knows that han is back and the lines, the writing. j.j. abrams, that cast. >> yeah. >> we bow at your altar. it was so good to me. >> i thought they did such a good job of bringing new characters and plots and keeping
8:58 am
>> didn't you love the reaction of everybody in the thesers. >> oh, yeah. >> the applause. >> yeah. >> when you saw han solo popping up first, harrison ford and carrie fisher. >> and don't say anything else. >> but immediately like everybody broke out in applause and cheers. >> the applause is so loud you woke up at one point. >> you woke up and found yourself. >> i wasn't asleep the whole time. >> i grabbed lance bass' hand. >> this is the first movie that -- i saw nick and leila, nick was like, yeah, yeah. >> i could hear him on the side. >> i can't wait for my kids to see it. >> that's the thing. it's a shared experience and i said to someone, it feels like, brace for it, 1978, you know, '77 and then suddenly, and it's just perfect. modernizes but keeps it true and then we woke up with bitmojis on my brain, myself and al. we have our bitmojis.
8:59 am
>> i have it. >> i did it as well. >> there you are. the force is strong it my family. >> someone helped me out. the young woman the star of the movie. >> daisy. >> daisy ridley. >> on her way. >> for sure. >> reporter: she is so good. >> fantastic. >> it will make $300 million. >> first weekend. >> first weekend. >> they have already sold $100 million in advanced tickets. >> this is -- this is the first movie i've said i want to see again, i want to, and i want to buy the dvd. i don't know the last time i actually bought a dvd. i've rented but i want to own it in my home. >> i'm going to get a laserdisc. >> yes, yes. >> getting a laserdisc. >> i'm getting a layers. i'm bringing lasers. >> half you are our audience is googling right now. >> there was a time. >> there was a time.
9:00 am
this table, and you -- you get two people to walk it in and put it in the stand and then you closed draw. keep the kids away in case they get closed in. >> can't scratch it. >> in keeping with the "star wars" theme. jimmy fallon and the roots did the an amazing a capella version with some of the stars from the film.
9:01 am
>> that was so good. >> everybody want a pb8. >> so cute. his little facial expressions, doesn't have a face but his eyes. his eyes with the expressions. >> we better stop. we've got to the stop. >> j.j. had a big job and he delivered. the cast is the awesome. >> daisy ridley. >> amazing. >> about to become a huge star. let's talk about the other thing, the thing it a tamron watched twice last night. many of us only watched it once. fifth and final republican debate, another one next month. last one this year. dominated by national security and terrorism. not a lot of talk about the economy and other things. they did talk a lot of policy which was nice to heart. former in governor jeb bush confronted donald trump inary sees of exchanges. >> donald, you know, is great at
9:02 am
candidate, and he'd b a chaos president. he would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. >> jeb doesn't really believe i'm unhingeled. he said that very simple police because he has failed in this campaign. it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. and i do have the strength. the simple fact is the if you think this is tough and you're not being treated fairly. >> this isn't tough. i wish it was always as easy us a, jeb. >> or dealing with islamic terrorism that exists. this is a tough business to run for president. >> you're a tough guy, jerks i know, and we need to have a leader. >> real tough. >> you'll never be president of the united states by insulting your way. >> let's see, i'm at 42 and you're at 3 and so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> so far i'm doing better. you started off over here, jeb. you're moving over further and further. pretty soon you're going to be off the end. >> oh, my gosh. >> there you have it. >> wow. >> you know what's interesting
9:03 am
the only one who really went after trump in a meaningful way. >> has to. >> the front-runner gets heat from all sides and especially ted cruz in second place, all but hugged donald trump. >> you know what we should get as an analyst, don rickles. >> i would love rickles to weigh in. >> what would rickles think? >> at end of the day nothing really changes because trump and cruz still are going to be leading. >> it's an interesting "morning joe," joe scarborough talked about this alliance with an alliance that's formed, "star wars" force, between donald trump and ted cruz and jeb bush, even though he's polling at 3% in some%, he may have found his lane to at least be discussed at the top of the newscast and the past it's been cruz, trump, of course or carson and now he's at least in the headline going into this holiday break. >> i think chris christie actually -- >> very good. >> was pretty strong.
9:04 am
>> was incredible. >> lindsey graham was very, very strong and many people are saying he needs to now be on that main stage, polls aside because he is willing to confront and bring some of the heat to donald trump to challenge whether or not, you know, he should be president. >> i love the facial expressions on the attacks the split screen, that is always like the trump faces and even linds e graham had a lot of great faces, too. >> can we talk about ted cruz not really going after donald trump but did go after his fellow senator marco rubio. the two had a number of exchanges, this one on immigration. >> he was fighting to grant am nest and not to secure the border. i was fighting to secure the border. >> does ted cruz ever rule out legalizeding people in this country illegally now? do you rule it out? >> i've never supported legalization and i do not intend to support legalization. >> do not intend to. gave himself a little wiggle room. >> that's an interesting dynamic.
9:05 am
>> two youngish senate, for the senate they are young, 44 years old. >> a month apart. >> so that's a nice dynamic. >> one to watch. >> al, how about a look at weather. i love our produce, adam miller. all right. where's go. >> where is he? >> in my ear. let's go, move it along. a fun little game here. everybody ready to play. who wants to play who's colder? >> we all do. >> here's a question, overnight low, who is colder, los angeles or new york city? >> los angeles. >> all right. going with l.a. let's see, 43, los angeles, 48 new york. you're correct. >> oh, wow. >> l.a. is colder. how about boston versus las vegas. >> las vegas. >> oh, you're catching on. vegas. >> 35 in vegas. >> yes. you? >> and how about difference between phoenix and d.c.? who is colder? >> phoenix is colder. >> oh, you didn't go for the bait. look at that. 33 in phoenix for a low. living.
9:06 am
>> that's right. johnny, tell them what they have won. temperatures in most of the air why on the cooler side. still, above normal for this time of year. sun will mix with more xlouds. high temperature of 52 degrees. it clouds thoefr wink as the wind turns in off the water. a little spotty drizzle could develop. low temperature, 46. tomorrow, lots of clouds. a little drizzle early. steadiest rain late tomorrow es tafternoon and evening. clouds giving way to sun, friday afternoon, 51. a cold are 42 on saturday with 40s on sunday. >> and that is your late weather. >> thank you very much, al. up next, got rave reviews as they eased on done the road with the nbc "wiz the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right. the presents have all been opened...
9:07 am
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last time they were here sh shanice williams and neo were ready to follow the yellow brick road and that drew great reviews. >> as donald trump would say huge. >> today they conquered oz and social media with both receiving the critics choice award nominates for their perform be a and in case you missed it there will be an encore airing of the musical this saturday night. >> good morning. congratulations. we were all over social media with everyone else. excitement. few things live up to the hype. this and "star wars" have lived up to the hype for me. i'll put them in the same category. >> how did it feel for you. >> just anays maidsing being the first thing i've ever done i couldn't have asked for a better experience. >> what does the live aspect, all of a sudden you're on live
9:11 am
>> it's definite pressure but it's the kind of pressure that pushes you forward, okay, back from commercial in five, four, three and then it's at that the point it's do or die. we were well prepared. it speaks to the importance of reparation, you know, two, two and a half months of rehearsal of what we got up there and i can't speak for anybody else but i wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be because we were so prepared, so 'n sync with each other. >> you can see the chemistry and the flow between all of you when you saw the reaction, and again, the encore saturday. when you saw the reaction, what did you think? >> the just so excited. like, whoa, we did that. >> i field like i shouldn't have even had the opportunity to watch you guys.
9:12 am
as you can do, can you sense you're doing it well. technically do you know that when it's going on? >> it's crazy. i was so into the role and like we were doing everything for the first time and it's so fresh and that's why i think it had such a good time. >> and that costume. >> oh, that costume. one of the things i do not miss putting on that costume, man t.definitely adds a whole other element to -- to just regular singing and dancing. very, very happy and not so much. not supposed to be able to move too freely and i feel like -- >> you were rocking it there. considering i did already. >> trying to keep that helmet up. one hand up. >> issue of the hat. >> yeah. got to ask you, neo, about the accent. i was talking to jay farrell who
9:13 am
to nail the neo accent. >> i'm originally from camden, arkansas, and all of my uncles talk like that. the character is from kansas which is not incredibly far from arkansas, and i just wanted it to feel authentic so i -- i, you know, went back to some of those old conversations and the way they speak and the twang and the way they incorporated it into the character. >> know a lot of great things are next and one of the tweets i red from jonathan capehart from "washington post" tweeted out he had not seen a rights star come to life other than you and jennifer hudson. watched a star being born. >> that's amazing. >> in fantastic company. >> thank you. >> "the wiz live" gather the entire family. neo will be watching for the first time with us at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc and up next, she's known for taking fashion risks, but this time beyonce
9:14 am
someone wrote it's one of the reasons beyonce is better than the rest of us. >> another reason. >> we will show you what beyonce wore right proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. at applebee's, when you give a gift card... you get a mystery bonus card up to $25 of your own. which is a nice surprise
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9:18 am
a coat with christmas tree ornament and the back featured stockings, perhaps this was the work of blue ivy she chose the look for her office holiday party in midtown manhattan and can't wait to see what she butts out for christmas or new year's eve. tom brady and his beautiful wife gisele. the patriots quarterback shared this photo of his wife topping off the tree with the caption now we are ready for christmas thanks to the love of of my life gisele, and it's been nearly 20 years sinned goldie hawn and bette midler teamed up for one of the movies "the first wives club" and looked like the reunion might be in line and the leading ladies are back for netflix film with "diva nation" about a once popular singing group who reunites after 30 years and let's hope we get another musical number like this one. i'm free and i love to be free to live my life the way i want
9:19 am
>> that movie is so good. no word on "diva nation" and when it will premiere and one direction maybe going on hiatus but last night the boys belt the out their song "one more time" with "late, late show" host in another car creaky including a choreographed routine to their hit "no control" and things got really interesting when james asked niles to play a game of sleep with me, merry croup. >> selena gomez. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to -- >> great fun. >> his choice to marry selena had fans buzzing this morning as rumors that the pair are dating and neither has confirmed that as a fact so there you have it. once again my fun nightclub is
9:20 am
i can never get anybody to ease on into the club. >> okay. >> are we the first ones here? >> where's the yellow brick road. >> we don't need the yellow brick road? come on, ease on down the road. coming up after ooooohhhhhhhh it's that night of the year you come here. looking for gifts so there won't be tears. eleventh hour shopper... that's you. see you next year, buddy! get low prices on all your last-minute gifts.
9:21 am
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beautiful view of hudson river. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. a commuter alert. a disabled amtrak train is in one of the hudson river tunnels disrupting service on several n.j. transit lines. all n.j. transit trains, subject to delays of up to 20 minutes. path cross honoring tickets the ahoboken and newark station and n.j. transit buses accepting
9:23 am
check the weather. n, clouds, high of 52, tonight, cloudy, spotty drizzle. 46 tomorrow. light rain on and off in the morning. steady rain in the late afternoon nd and evening. 51 and 42. coming up on the "today" show, andy grammar performs his new single, back home. we'll be back in another 30
9:24 am
taking a look at the headlines. people who borrow money and those who save it have a lot riding on the federal reserve today. the fed is wrapping up two days of meeting and is widely expected to raise interest rates for the first time since 2006. an increase would affect mortgage rates, car loans and credit card rates and the amount paid on cds. more than 200 women have joined a class action lawsuit against wen hair products and their creator and marketer. in the suit the women claimed the products are dangerous and unsafe, and in some cases made their hair fall out. the company says there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support any claims that our
9:25 am
to lose their hair, and it promises to vigorously contest the allegations made against their products. older adults who get shingles may also have a higher short-term risk for strokes and heart attacks. a new study from britain found that shingles patients over 65 have two and a half times the usual risk for stroke in the first week after their diagnosis. their risk for a heart attack was nearly doubled. some good news though. those elevated rates gradually decreased over the following six months. combining chemo with electromagnetic field therapy can extend the lives people with a fast growing type of brain tumor. researchers tested the dual treatment on patient who had already been going through chemo alone and those who received the combined therapy survived about three months longer than those who only got another round of chemo. and a new study finds that using anti-bitics alone to treat children with uncomplicate aid
9:26 am
alternate to surgery. researchers found that 3 out of 4 children with uncomplicated appendicitis could be successfully treated with antibiotics and were okay a year later. the study was led by researchers at nationwide children's hospital. well, the national zoo getting ready for its newest stars public debut. giant panda bebe is almost four months old and, boy, has he grown from five ounces to more than 17 pounds. today reporters had a photo shoot with him and earlier this week we even got a closer look. be be will have his public coming out party on january 16th. look at that face. just want to pinch those cheeks. let's get a check of the weather with al. i'll pinch al's cheeks. >> i'll leave that alone. >> anyway, a frontal system push you go down through the south and behind it may be will see 5 to 8 inches of snow in the northern u.p, of michigan and on into northern minnesota. this wet weather spread into the
9:27 am
tomorrow and then clears out by late in the day tomorrow. th a changeable sky heading our way. bright, sunny intervals as we go into mid and late afternoon hours. it is cooler than it has been. spotty drizzle, light rain. 46 in midtown. closer to 40 in our northwestern suburbs. tomorrow, the steadiest rain waits until late afternoon and evening. another mild day. high temperature, 57 degrees. clouds giving way to sunshine on friday, 51. a colder 42 saturday. mid-40s sunday. we are right back into the 50s next week. >> and that is your latest wetter. >> thank you very much, al. ike baronholtz is one of the funniest guys in comedy right now and has been as it since he was a bus boy at the improv theater when tina fey and amy poehler were big stars there. >> fast forward to today,
9:28 am
sisters" we'll talk to ike in a minute but first more about his rise to stardom. >> you know how it is to write and perform jokes. >> funny guy ike likes to make folks laugh. getting his act start on mad-tv he was part of the sketch comedy group for five years. he continued acting on the small screen, becoming the loafable goof ball nurse tucker on "the mindy project." >> at all the times i've been abandoned at a celebrity pet grave this is the most hurtful. >> where he also served as writer and producer and he landed a role in the movie "neighbors". >> you know what brings people to party more than anything, celebrities. >> the he even joins the star-studded cast in the upcoming film suicide squad, but first ike is teaming up with the queens of comedy, tina fay and amy poehler. he's amy's love interest in the
9:29 am
>> hi. >> hi. >> i'm maura. >> i'm james. >> i just wanted to say hi. so that's done. >> ike, good morning. >> good morning. another like hour and a half that i would like to keep rolling. that would be great. i need al to like narrate my life always. he's at mcdonald's right now, got a fillet of fish and eating it in the bam roam. >> that's fillet-o-fish. you've known amy and tina for years but the first time you get to work with them professionally. >> a bus boy and they made me cut me in the tips and i guess that's acceptable and here we are. >> it's worked out well. >> worked out well, yes, yes. >> you get to be a leading man, not just a leading man but hunky leaning man.
9:30 am
>> diet, extensive plastic surgery and then they did, this is all woven-in hair. >> they gave you a weave? >> this is cat hair, but this is mine right here, so it was just things. >> fantastic. >> you can't tell, willie. >> tell me about your character. amy and tina are the good girl and bad girl. >> good girl and bad girl. >> i'm kind of the -- of the boy next door, kind of a sweet guy, normally all my characters are desperate perverts. >> like a nice man. >> and broken out, on my back. >> on your back. >> yeah. >> i'm just kind of a guy whose job it is to show amy's character that she can have fun and be a good person, and i think the word around my house is i'm the glue of the film. >> oh. >> that's what everyone says. >> that's what tina said this week? >> that's what she said? >> no. >> congratulations at premier and asked me for a drink. >> you steal a scene.
9:31 am
i'll never look at one of those little ballerina jewelry boxes the same. >> neither will you, because i can't. >> you can actually see if. open my mouth wide enough you can hear beethoven. >> and now you'll in "neighbors 2." >> yes, yes. the first "neighbors" was full of stupid morons, just you wait. found a way to make them more dumber. >> i think we have a photo of you in a clown outfit. >> yeah, that's possible. where am i -- >> what were you doing in the clown outfit? >> right there. ere we go. >> yes. >> why the clown outfit? >> nice hair. >> that was right before i got to the set and then i got into makeup. >> that's my son zach ephron. >> that's your i woke up like this look. >> i woke up like this. >> sound like you're channeling heath legend. >> we've got seconds, "suicide squad,". >> the story of my best friend will smith.
9:32 am
meeting him for lunch later. i'm not. >> gave him a jewelry box. >> that was my rap gift to him. he's a wonderful person and it's very exciting. >> "sisters" from universal opens up friday. >> come back any time. >> starring ike. >> that's right, that's right. >> coming next, a little song, a little dance, a little snowball down your pass. we did it all this year. take a lack back at all the fun we've had this
9:33 am
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9:36 am
raise your hands if you guys had fun this year. >> all right. >> okay. so how about we take a trip down memory lane. >> oh, wait. is it going to be embarrassing? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> let's hope so. >> a look back at our year that was. >> you're driving! >> happy birthday. >> the trump wig. >> wow. >> hold on. >> we made it. look like we've made it >> it was a lot of fun. >> chaos. >> sweet, wonderful chaos. >> uncertainty was the buzzword. >> here we go. >> every day something epic happens. >> holy moly. >> i've got my two sisters, tamron, natalie hand my brother al. >> this year we really got our groove on. where do we even begin? >> tamron likes to think that she's a good dancer. >> we call this the choo-choo train. >> as does natalie. >> and willie and i know know
9:37 am
don't pretend to be. >> you love to dance. >> you have to be willing to laugh at yourself and make fun yourself. >> she's good at the salsa. >> and there's other kinds of dancing comes out and you're like what is going on there in. >> fudge brownies. >> this is wow me week with three cool experiments. >> i inhaled the cass. and my voice dropped down sub james earl jones as darth vader. >> that's unbelievable. >> yes. >> it was as though i were out of my own body, and if you watch the clip, i was genuinely scared of my level. >> when you hear the worth weather howl at moon. >> weather. >> i want you to imagine and believe that it's possible to take the dents out of the can. you'll tap on it. it's reseal the. it becomes -- >> oh, wait a minute. >> come on! >> what is crazy.
9:38 am
trick and clearly the viewer saw it that day. >> i swam with sharks, well, sort of, from behind a wall. they swam, i watched. >> the rokerthon this year was daunting, 50 states in a week's time. it was as exhausting as it was exhilarating. every place we went -- >> i got the goat! >> people are goats. >> goats magoats. it was like, really? >> got a little chill in the air. there's only one thing to do and that is have an ice dancing competition. >> how did that happen? whoa! >> baby. >> you're mean. >> there you go. >> the first time in my life. >> willie goes urban. >> tweeted a little audition for john cena. what it takes to be a wwe star. taking a look at headlines, you're all about to be in a
9:39 am
>> i was born to brawl, i've got the guts and the gal. >> the forecast for today, pain, i feel a cold front coming in from the east. >> i'll take tough piledriver to the canvas and get on the top rope and splash down to finish the job, brother. >> i can't get down. >> help me. >> i'm sorry you had to see this. >> spitting image. >> oh, my gosh. >> were you a little scary. >> wow. >> the feet. >> i love my life! >> the "today" show has evolve the. you can't do the same show that we do from 7:00 to 9:00, so at 9:00 it's a more conversational problem. >> put my weather to the test. good try. >> the what usually happens at end of an hour is that you get something delicious. and something that's hopefully fun. maybe you'll learn a little
9:40 am
>> majority of our job is to reported news, so if we can smile and laugh together it means a lot. >> egg crack challenge. >> i am waving our "today's take" flag. >> i think i learned our team dunk crew is that we were all that much better when we work together as a team. the take team. mwah! >> the wow, what a year. >> forgot all that happened this year. >> felt like that was three years ago. all happened in the last week. thanks to everyone for putting that piece together. >> really great job. >> tomorrow we'll check out some of the stars who come through studio 1a. >> they don't stay. >> pass on through. >> shovel on pass us. >> always come to play and we always have fun with them. >> up next, sick of being asked about being single at holiday parties, i know i am. >> i know i am. >> nobody asks me. >> i'm going to pay attention to
9:41 am
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tell your doctor if where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one biologic. it is mid-december which means, of course, holiday stress in full effect. last-minute travel, the office parties, dinner with the in-laws, all that have can take its toll as you know and we called in an expert for help. laurie levy is ought aror of "life in life." and she offered us a little
9:45 am
>> you're at a fever pitch of stress to begin with trying to get the card out, the decorating, the presents. it's crazy, and then on top of it a lot of things can go wrong. >> from "bridget jones diary." >> the why is it there are so many unmarried women their 30s these days, bridget? >> people dread being asked being asked dating questions. take a breath, stand solid who you and give them a smile. >> to the family stone. >> you have a lovely home. >> all to better to entertain you, my dear you. >> look street in their eyes and give them the best of you and know that you are enough. >> to rachel's recipe disaster in "friends." >> monica, i want you to have the first taste. >> really? >> well?
9:46 am
>> take a beat, breathe, know that whatever pressures you're putting on yourself you're losing sight of the holiday. your joy, your light was contagious to others. if you're feeling good, they are feeling good and that's what the holiday is real be. >> and in the blind side. >> hey. >> whoa. >> mom. >> technology is great around the holidays because certain loved ones can't be reached any other way but if your nose is buried deep into that cell ptone you may not look up and see that you're standing underneath the mistletoe and miss that kiss. >> so breathe, relax and enjoy the holidays. we're back in a moment.
9:47 am
good morning, ladies.
9:48 am
>> you know what we have coming up take a look at that guy. >> take a look in the kitchen. >> andy grammer is going to hang with us. >> he's here? what's going on? >> nothing is happening over here. >> can't have enough andy grammer. >> a give that actually gives back which is good and hoda is going to tell us what she thought about the new "star wars" movie because she went with you guys. >> i, of course, was watching the debate. >> whatever. >> you know what hoda said, gave me half of her twizzlers, i'll never forget that. >> unbelievable dinner and then -- and then i was throwing twizzlers at willie.
9:49 am
it's 9:57 on this morning, december 16th. police are trying to track down a driver wanted for a deadly hit and run crash.
9:50 am
looking for was driving a shellvy trailblazer reported stolen last week, crashed into a honda civic in north amedyville. the driver has been identified as 32-year-old reginald salithi. the driver ran from the scene. a stretch of route 17 in new jersey. they renamed today in honor of christopher goodel. he had been with the police department for some five years. checking the weather, sun, clouds, high of 52. tonight, cloudy, chance for spotty drizzle, 46. tomorrow, light rain on and off in the morning. steadier in the late afternoon nd aevening. 57, friday, 51 degrees. give back to veterans and those less fortunate.
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