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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york.
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>> now at 11:00 -- >> out of the corner of my eye, i saw two bodies laying on the street. >> a cement truck runs down a mother and her two children. the front tissue push this followed. he was wearing a surgical mask and gloves. tonight video of a man police say slashed a teenager with a box cutter as she walked to school. and the call for calm. the trial of a baltimore cop charged in the death of freddie gray ends with no verdict. right now police are bracing for possible unrest. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm shiba russell in for sibila. we begin with that horrible accident, heartbreaking sight. witnesses may have a tough time erasing from their minds. >> it happened at junction boulevard and 55th avenue in elmhurst, brooklyn. checkey beckford is live at the scene with the chaotic moments that followed. checkey? >> reporter: and chuck, you can just imagine this scene. the street was packed with kids leaving nearby ps-13. in the middle of the road, a mother, her leg nearly severed, and her two small children
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sprawled there. amazingly, they all survived. but safety advocates say this was one accident too many. >> it's like it's the holidays. very sad. >> reporter: an unthinkable accident. >> be advised at 55 and junction, we have two children and one adult hit by a cement truck. >> reporter: a mother and her two children lay in the middle of the street. some of the images from the scene are two graphic to show you. this woman, who only speaks spanish, rushed to help. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: police say the 36-year-old mom, 3-year-old son, and 5-year-old daughter had the right of way as they crossed junction boulevard when the rrm transit mix concrete truck turning right on 55th avenue slammed into them. >> it is a very busy intersection, and as you can see, pretty blind. >> reporter: amazingly, the children had only minor injuries. their mother suffered a severe leg injury.
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allen petri saw a distraught loved one racing to the grisly scene. >> he actually was cuddling the child prior to the child being taken in the ambulance. >> reporter: the emergency happened just a block away from ps-13 as kids walked home from school. the accident drawing renewed calls for safety from state senator jose peralta, saying, quote, this collision is jet another in a string of incidents illustrating why we met with the department of transportation this morning to advocate for the installation of additional safety cameras and other measures aimed to improve the safe flow of traffic. just last week, 17-year-old ovidio jaramillo was hit by a hit-and-run driver not far away. the driver in today's accident stayed at the scene and is being questioned by police. and police say that driver has not been given a summons or charged in this case. the owner of the trucking company declined to comment when we contacted them earlier today. in elmhurst, checkey beckford, news 4, new york. >> thank you. also in queens tonight, a shocking crime that has a
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neighborhood rattled. a random attack by a stranger who slashed the face of a teenager just walking to school. and now police are hoping this surveillance video will help track him down. news 4's john chandler has a closer look from whitestone. john? >> reporter: the victim in this case a foreign exchange student from china. she remains hospitalized at this hour in stable condition with slash wounds across her face, her cheek, and her neck. and her quiet queens community is on edge tonight, rattled by an attack that is so ruthless and random. the attack was bold. in broad daylight, happening just after 8:00 this morning. surveillance video shows the 16-year-old walking to school and trailing just behind her a man in a hooded sweat shirt wearing a surgical mask and gloves. he chases and then strikes. >> she is slashed in her face twice. once from ear to her throat, to the middle of her throat and another part of the face as well.
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takes place out of view of security cameras on the sidewalk. the victim, bleeding able to find help. the teen's attacker seen running down 13th avenue. moments later the victim runs in the same direction, headed home for help. >> i saw someone being taken out of the house with bandages all over her face. >> reporter: news of the attack has gripped this community, not knowing if the suspect is still roaming the streets. >> it makes me nervous. i walk my dog around here. neighborhood. it makes me nervous to think that somebody could be out there that wants to hurt people for no reason. >> reporter: and here in this neighborhood along 147th and 13th avenue, police tell us they have not yet increased patrols or seen a reason to do so here in this area. as for the who and the why, that continues to baffle them. they are asking for your help. if you recognize that man wearing that gray hooded sweatshirt with a black hood in that video, you're asked to call crimestoppers with any information at all.
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chandler, news 4, new york. well, turning now to the weather, right now light rain is falling across the tri-state. we're tracking even heavier bands that will arrive tomorrow. here is janice huff. janice? >> most of the heavy rain is moving through the southeastern states tonight and the tennessee valley. it will be riding up along a cold front that shedded in our direction from the west. it's going to take about eight to ten hours before most of this heavy rain gets in here. right now we're seeing some light showers across the area. if you've been out this evening, you may have noticed a few sprinkles and damp streets across the area. it doesn't heavy until tomorrow. so we'll have maybe some fog in spots. low clouds, and some sprinkles for the next several hours. we'll track it into tomorrow morning's commute. and you can see very spotty light rain showers. but by midday, the heavier rain is approaching new jersey and moving over the city. and that will continue for a few hours into the afternoon. so umbrellas up for tomorrow. temperatures will be up again. we were in the low 50s today. we'll be in the mid- to upper
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50s tomorrow. but there will be some cooler weather coming up this weekend before winter officially begins next week. i'll have the details on that in your storm team 4 forecast coming up. pretty soon. back to you. >> janice, thank you. in other news tonight, the mayor of baltimore is calling for peace and unity after a mistrial in the death of freddie gray. a jury failed to reach a verdict. so the first police officer charged in gray's death walked out of court. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: downtown baltimore is for the most part calm and quiet now. just hours after -- >> justice for freddie gray! >> reporter: dozens of protesters spilled into the streets as news spread of a mistrial in the william porter case. >> this is just a temporary bump on the road to justice. >> reporter: porter is the first of six baltimore police officers to face trial after freddie gray died last april from a severe spinal injury that occurred while he was in custody in the back of a police transport van.
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process continues. >> we ask the public to remain calm, patient. because we are confident that there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm. you should be calm too. >> reporter: police say there were a few minor skirmishes. at least two people were arrested as officials and several protesters echoed the family's request that this city on edge stay calm. >> i'm mad, angry, want to tear stuff up. i understand. but that's not the right way to go. >> reporter: most here anticipate there will be a retrial. prosecutors and williams' defense team are scheduled to meet with the judge in the case tomorrow morning. jay gray, news 4, new york. and new tonight, authorities in the bronx are offering a $2500 reward for tips leading to a dog killer. last month police found the dead yorkshire terrier hanging on a leash on the rooftop of a park chester building. they just released these images
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words harley-davidson on it. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call police. for the first time, we are getting a closer look at the damage done from a fiery metro north crash that killed six people earlier this year. the images released after an ntsb investigation are chilling. twisted metal, seats torn in half, and a train car gutted by flames. this happened back in february when the train struck an suv stuck on the tracks in valhalla. the impact caused 12 sections of the third rail to fly through the front cars. five passengers died. and now we know the suv driver who also died had no drugs or alcohol in her system. ellen brody's husband says she was unfamiliar with train crossings and the road. this crossing can be confusing even for locals. >> these crossings can be confusing to people who come here all the time. for people who aren't familiar with this area, it can even be
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deadly. >> the ntsb documents confirm the train was under the speed limit of 60 miles per hour. and the engineer, following all safety protocols did his best to stop it. a probable cause of the accident will be expected, will be released later on. chuck? the obama administration added a new feature to the nation's terror alert system today. it's a category called bulletin. and homeland secretary jeh johnson announced it today. the current bulletin on the department's website asked everybody to be on the lookout for people who might be, quote, self-radicalized. however, johnson says there is no new credible specific threat against the united states. meanwhile, the director of the fbi was in new york today talking about the growing effort by isis to recruit online and successfully hide their plans. james comey told reporters at 1 police plaza that the terrorists' use of encryption tools is makingette even more difficult for the fbi to get advanced notice about potential
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>> when we intercept that mobile messaging app that is encrypted, that is gobblely ly ly ly ly gook. we cannot read. they disappear when they're on the cusp of the most dangerous manifestation of their radicalization. >> comey wants companies to find ways to give access in ways that is currently inaccessible. new tonight, the united states and cuba are said to be on the verge to restore regularly scheduled flights between the two countries that would be the next major step in normalizing relations. right now flights are restricted and the only flights from here to havana are charters that operate under strict regulations. a number of u.s. carriers have expressed interest in flying to cuba including american, united, delta, southwest and jetblue. coming up on "news 4 new york at 11:00," exploding soda bottles? a popular grocery store issuing a recall. a gas station robbery
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doesn't go as planned when the attendant turns the tables on the robber. areas of the joy for three men who spent more than 30 years behind bars. what cleared their names. and a bicyclist's close call with a high speed train. the video you have to see to believe. (man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir.
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a gunman who tried to rob a gas station had no idea what he was in for. the clerk decided to fight back. the robber burst into the mini-mart, pointed a shotgun and demanded cash. the clerk immediately filled a plastic bag with money, but he had second thoughts about letting the robber get away, as you can see. the clerk ran after the robber, tried to grab his arm. the struggle followed and the
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robber got away. but he got away empty handed we're told. a judge has cleared the names of three men convicted of setting a deadly fire more than three decades ago. their names william vazquez, omari villalobos and raymond mora. they were all found guilty of arson and murder in the 1980 deaths of a brooklyn woman and her five children. today a judge threw out their convictions. a review of the case found no evidence that the fire was intentionally set. raymond mora did not get to see his day of freedom, however. he died of a heart attack in jail. but villalobos and vazquez fought to prove their innocence. >> today i feel that if i died this afternoon, i would be able to go to my tomb and rest in peace because my name had finally been cleared and justice has been dead. >> god is there. and i know god is on my side. >> brooklyn da ken thompson says the case was botched from the very beginning, relying on a single eyewitness and unsophisticated fire science which has dramatically improved.
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two students accused of spraying mace into the hallways sickening dozens of classmates will face disciplinary action. yesterday people started having trouble breathing. hospital. officials say the incident is isolated and posed no threat to the students' health. victory for thousands of 9/11 first responders and the future of their medical care. congress is expected to pass a new budget deal this week that will extend the zadroga act. the fund willing pay for the medical bills of all those sickened at ground zero through 2090. the new spending bill will also add an extra $4.6 billion into a compensation fund for 9/11 victims and extend it for five years. kind of unusual warning tonight for trader joe's shoppers. certain bottles of its soda could explode. the grocery chain is recalling its triple ginger brew after unopened glass bottles burst on store shelves. the company says it's no longer selling it. if you have any at home you should carefully get rid of it,
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carefully, in an outside container. and you can contact the store for a refund. so far the triple ginger brew exploding bottles have not caused any injuries. big news about the economy that affects everything from your mortgage to your 401(k). for the first time in nearly a decade, the federal reserve raised interest rates a quarter point. to put this into perspective, a family looking to take out a $300000 mortgage, today's quarter percent rate hike could be paying an additional $530 a year. the fed is expected to continue raising rates gradually, a sign the economy is improving. and the weather, that improving, janice? >> well, it's all how you look at it. >> does that mean no? >> rain is good for us now. it's been so incredibly dry. we could use as much rain as possible. tonight probably not the best thing to have the drizzle. it will get heavier tomorrow across the area. let's take a look outside. it doesn't look so bad. our lens has a few raindrop there's from the top of the rock camera. it's not a downpour by any
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stretch of the imagination. not yet. that is on the way. here is a look at temperatures. it's 50 degrees right now with clouds and a bit of drizzle that is falling over midtown at this hour. temperatures remain above average tonight, and they will through tomorrow too. but a wet thursday on the way, especially from midday into the afternoon when we'll see some heavier rain showers. quite blustery on friday. the winds are going to pick up. the temperatures will be dropping this weekend. we'll be back to december readings for at least a couple of days. right now 40s in arm mack, larch month. it's 50 in sheepshead bay. in the 40s in westhampton. poughkeepsie at 44. pretty uniform temperatures across the area due to the cloud cover. and the visibility is not so bad, except in white plains, down to a mile because of drizzle and fog. then you'll see that patchy fog and low visibility in spots tonight. we've seen some light rain showers over midtown. less than a tenth of an inch of rain over parts of long island too. that's just the light stuff. here comes the heavier bands. they're down across the southern
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states tonight. coming in from the gulf of mexico, down towards alabama, mississippi, and up towards atlanta. eventually that moisture rides along the front that is coming in from the west. you can see anywhere from a quarter of an inch to over an inch of rain by thursday night. most of the rain will be moving out late thursday evening. and it will clear out. strong gusty winds friday brings in colder air. yes, there may be some snow flurries upstate new york. but not so much around here. it's windy. it's cold over the weekend, and temperatures in the 40s. but that's where it should be in december. the jet stream, though, is going lift back to the north on christmas week. and that means the mild weather comes back. we could even see more 60s on christmas week by the middle of the week. we'll definitely get some rain. not so much snow. maybe around the great lakes they'll get some. buffalo, places like that may see a white christmas. but here we might get a warm christmas. temperatures tonight down to the 40s in ryebrook. spotty drizzle and fog in spots
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across the area. tomorrow up again in the temperature department. 57 tomorrow. starting to get cooler friday, 51. it dries out. nice dry weekend coming up. 42 on saturday. 46 on sunday. back to the 50s monday. winter begins officially. here come the 60s again. >> oh, my. >> by wednesday. >> up and down, up and down. that's your weather. >> thanks. what's coming up in sports? >> there is no place like home. that's the battle cry the knicks were singing tonight. coming up in sports, porzingis has a block party, while 'melo puts on an all-around show. we have highlights against the t-wolves. and cam can in a big way, but will he put on a show this sunday? the giants and their fans hope not. we've got the big blue story in a moment. >> wipeout! and here is what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you chuck and shiba and
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everyone in new york. will ferrell. plus 21 pilots. it's a great show. do not change the channel,
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heart stopping video out of poland shows the reckless actions of a cyclist that almost cost him his life.
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knocked off his bike after a high speed train hits him. but another camera angle shows him ignoring the lowered barrier at the railway crossing moments before he is thrown off his bike. this man, he survived the accident, and in the end, was fined by police. well, you can't help but smile when you get a look at this next little guy. the national zoo in washington, d.c. let the media in to see its newest panned cub baibai. the public will get the meet the little guy next month. look here. they began life three months ago at 3 ounces and he is already this size. amazing. >> he loves all the picture taking.
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the verizon fios sports desk. . >> he did fine. so did the knicks. following a disappointing road trip and three days off, the knicks were back at msg tonight to take on the timberwolves. and rookie christoph porzingis
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who has hit the first rough patch of his rookie campaign was a one-man wrecking crew on the defensive end, blocking seven shots, six in the first half. speaking of the first half, the knicks closed it on a 29-6 run. aaron afflalo at 7 of his 29 before the break. porzingis once again struggled with his shot. but off his own miss, he flies down the lane and takes it from robin lopez for the emphatic flush. carmelo anthony was a beast, finishing just one assist shy of a triple double. 'melo had 20 points, 15 rebounds, and nine assists in the 107-102 victory. the nets hosted the heat. and it was the dwyane wade show in the fourth quarter. first, he hits the pull-up jumper. then he blocks brook lopez, which leads to the fast break and an eight-point miami lead. and then wade ices it with the teardrop. he had a game-high 28 as the nets drop their third in a row,
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in the nfl, the giants host the 13-0 panthers on sunday. cam newton and carolina have been unstoppable this season. newton is arguably the league's mvp. has accounted for 35 touchdowns and leads the nfl's highest scoring offense. yes, the giants have their work cut out for them. >> it's an exciting time for us. we are in the hunt here in the nfc east. this is a very, very good football team. an undefeated football team. and we are excited to host them this weekend. >> change your preparation. a lot of times you don't look at the record. look at the scheme. so we're look at their scheme, their players, their personnel, what they like to do in certain situations, and the best way for us to attack it. >> panthers are good. the giants sign defensive tackle barry cofield, who played
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with big blue from 2006 to 2010. and tonight in the big easy, it was the final national team appearance for abby wambach. her 184 career goals is a record. men's or women's for international play. wambach rides into the sunset as a two-time olympic gold medalist and a world cup champion. the fact china spoiled the party with a 1-nil victory was strictly an after thought. by the way, it was the first home loss for the u.s. since 2004. get excited, mets fans. ba rtolo colon is coming back. the ageless right-hander signed a one-year, $7.25 million deal with the amazins. cologne went 14 games last year, but this play in miami was the highlight of the season. first he pounces off the mound and then he makes a nonchalant flip behind the back for the out at first base. yes, he had him the whole time. the 42-year-old colon has won 218 career games. and he is a brilliant 47-32 in
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his last three years. 18 years in the big leagues, and still going strong. >> cool as ca cucumber. >> he is so calm. he doesn't walk anybody. he could come off in jeans and go to the mound and he wouldn't walk anybody.
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