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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plus, a sudden attack. a teen slashed on her way to school. what police are telling us this morning. and you can bring the force with you, but you got to leave some things at home. special rules in place for the most anticipated movie of the year. "today in new york" starts now. wonder what that could be. >> i have no idea. little indie flick, right? >> good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this thursday, december 17th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett. darlene is off today. >> chris, we're talking about downpours. typically we'd be talking about snow. >> yeah, no question this is liquid. we're back on the mild side of this storm system. you can see the moisture gathering over west virginia and southwest sections of virginia and north carolina. this will get in here later on today. this morning, we're just dealing with a little spotty drizzle across portions of connecticut and long island. most of it is east of the city. you might run into a little mist
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that would be it throughout the morning. once you get towards noontime intensity. the heaviest from about 2:00 to 6:00. temperatures climb into the upper 50s again as we continue our above-normal trend. it's an umbrella day ahead. emily west is here. first check on the commute. >> that early morning construction at the george washington bridge. you can see with the red shading hoe slow it is. let's take a look where that upper-level ib bound road work is in the clearing stages but is still pretty slow. outbound out of the apartments, two lanes blocked with road work. the taconic, a closure due to construction southbound. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. >> emily, thank you. new this morning, an nypd officer is facing charges for allegedly molesting a child. he was arrested yesterday. police have not released many details except to say he had been assigned to the 72nd precinct.
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attacked by a man with a hatch et is back now on the job. officer kenneth healey returned to his old station house this week. he's on desk duty. he was on patrol last year when he was struck in the head with that hatch et. 4:32. right now police are looking for a man who slashed an exchange student in queens. it happened while she was walking to school in whitestone. "today in new york's" jen maxfield is at the school. you just spoa with police, correct? >> reporter: yes, kerry. that's correct. we are here outside the whitestone academy in the whitestone section of queens. police say they still have not made an arrest in this case. the victim here is a 16-year-old foreign exchange student who came here from china just eight months ago. she was walking to school yesterday morning when just around 8:15 police say that she was slashed in the face from behind in a completely random
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police say that the attacker was wearing a surgical mask and surgical gloves. the young woman was slashed in the face in one case from her throat to her ear. so some serious injuries, though they're not considered to be life threatening. neighbors here in the whitestone section of queens say this random, unprovoked, and fightening attack is very scary. >> it's sickening. it's really -- i'm sad, and i feel bad for her. something needs to be done. >> are you worried about the >> of course. i'm worried for all of our children here. >> reporter: and many parents wondering the same thing this morning as their children are waking up and getting ready to walk to school, like this young woman was yesterday morning. again, police have not made an arrest in this case. that's the latest from the whitestone section of queens. thank you. westchester town may shut down a metro north crossing that was the scene of a deadly crash.
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at closing the commerce street crossing. this comes as the ntsb released these new pictures and details of the crash. much of it is from testimony from the passengers that were on board the train when it happened. five people died when the train slammed into an suv last february. governor cuomo ordering an investigation into westchester's indian point energy center as it's seen a serious of recent problems. the latest was monday. that's when one of the reactors unexpectedly shut down. the governor wants the investigation completed by mid-february. a lot more on that to come. it is 4:34. that means it is time for weather and traffic on the 4s. another warm one but some rain on the way. >> yeah, looks like we need the umbrellas. dealing with just a little drizzle early on this morning. you need the umbrella really for the afternoon hours. temperatures starting out close to 50. suburbs to the north and west, not much colder this morning.
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48 in sussex. 46 poughkeepsie. again, rain will pick up in intensity through time today. just spotty morning drizzle. steadier rain for the afternoon. the rain will taper off late evening, probably after 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening, a little longer out east. another mild day ahead. temperatures once again into the mid and upper 50s. any early troubles with the commute this morning, emily? >> a few detours for new york city buses this morning. the m-9, m-103, q-32 detoured. commuter checklist starts off okay. bring that umbrella for the platform as you wait. overnight track work, still a few lines dealing with that this morning. and gridlock alert day. yesterday, today, and tomorrow, gridlock alert day in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> 4:35. an nypd officer acquitted in the killing of an unarmed bronx man nearly 17 years ago is
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according to the daily news, officer kenneth boss will become a sergeant later today. he was one of four officers acquitted in the shooting death of amadou diallo. there's a protest planned for outside police headquarters. today in baltimore, prosecutors and the defense team for the first police officer put on trial in the death of freddie gray will discuss a possible retrial. a mistrial was declared in the trial of william porter. demonstrations were mostly calm. later in the day, freddie gray's family called for peace. >> we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm, you should be calm too. >> gray died in the back of a police van after suffering a broken neck. prosecutors alleging william porter ignored gray's pleas for medical help. and the chicago police
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down a teenager now faces more charges. jason van dyke was indicted. the he's due back in court tomorrow. neighbors questioning the safety of the intersection where a mother and two kids were hit by a cement truck in queens. they're recovering from the crash this morning, but police say this mom and her kids had the right-of-way when they were hit on 55th avenue near ps-13. it happened yesterday. it all happened just as kids were walking home from school. >> actually, i have personally never seen a crossing goord here. i think there's one crossing goord for that entire school up there. when i got here, i didn't even look directly at the bodies. out of the corner of my eye, i saw two bodies laying on the street and that's all. >> the children have only minor injuries. the mother has a severe leg injury.
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police are now releasing photos of two men wanted in a shooting outside a club in the meat packing district. police say this man backed his minivan into another vehicle filled with people last week. everyone got out, started arguing. that's when police say the minivan driver pulled out a gun and shot one of the men. that gunman and another man ran off. the victim is expected to recover. on long island right now, three schools will close. this morning teachers and parents would like the school board to reconsider that decision. last night, the board voted to close tecumseh and gatelot elementary schools. final action will be taken after a public hearing on january 6th. 4:38 now. "star wars" fans have had today marked on their calendars for a very long time. "the force awakens" hits theaters. because of the times we live in,
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you're heading out to see it. "today in new york's" natalie pasquarella is in times square. that's where the movie premieres tonight. you have your official "star wars" jacket on, nats lee alie, which is fantastic. >> reporter: you gave me the official title. i like that. it's quiet right now, but inside there's a marathon going on. highly anticipated premiere. as all the excitement is building, there are some rules. when it comes to costumes, that's the big issue here. amc's policy says while guests are welcome to come dressed up, no masks or face faint and no blasters. movie goers are permitted to bring light sabers to the amc theaters, but they have to turn them off during the movie. costumes are also welcome at regal movies, but weapon-like props and masks are not permitted. they're getting serious about this. "the force awakens" premieres
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advanced ticket sales. expected to rake in between $150 million and $200 million in the u.s. by this monday. so again, michael, as i said, pretty quiet right now. as the excitement builds, as we get closer to tonight, we'll see so many fans outside here today. should get interesting as the morning moves on. for now, back to you. >> so now every other movie in america, the usher is saying please take your feet off the seat. here they're like, please turn off your light saber. >> in that voice. >> reporter: i like it. pretty good impression. >> all right, natalie. thank you very much. >> i saw your light saber at your desk. >> i did the light saber express thing. >> i saw that. quite interesting. it's 4:40 right now. straight ahead this morning, there's a new e-mail controversy. what's new brewing in washington. this time, though, it does not involve hillary clinton. plus, call it a little too much pop. the soda that's being recalled
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and the umbrella is definitely a must today. storm team 4 tracking some rain this morning. your weather and traffic on the
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4:43 right now. four things to know this morning. police are looking for the man who slashed a teenage girl in whitestone queens as she walked to school. overnight police tell us it doesn't appear to be connected to a similar crime that happened in brooklyn, but they're still investigating. also today, president obama visiting the national counterterrorism center in virginia. he'll be briefed by intelligence and security agencies on threat assessments. after the briefing, he's expected to speak. well, it wasn't fumes that made students and staff sick at
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it turned out it was mace. now two students are facing disciplinary action. you'll remember that school was evacuated. 34 people had to go to the hospital. and trader joe's recalling its triple ginger brew soda because some unopened bottles have apparently burst. they've been taken off the shelves, but if you have any at home, dispose of them carefully in an outside container and contact your store for a refund. 4:44, we're anticipating rain heading our way probably for the afternoon hours. this morning, mainly just a little spotty drizzle. another mild day. this month is just incredible when you look at the numbers. the average temperature so far since december 1st for this year, 51.8 degrees. that's over a dozen degrees above the normal. precipitation below normal. we'll put a dent in that today. more than likely after the warmest november, we're probably
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december on record. i'll explain why in the long range. 53 in central park. 51, city island. most folks low 50s in and around the city. we're seeing a few 40s to the north and west. these are all relatively mild temperatures for this hour of the morning. the rain is getting closer, but we have a piece of real estate between us and the leading edge of it here moving into central virginia. as we zoom in a little closer, we're socked in with clouds this morning. we're seeing a little bit of light rain and drizzle activity, especially east of the area. there could be spotty drizzle or a brief shower. i think it's from noon on where the rain starts to pick up in intensity. you can see on future tracker, a little bit of light rain early. by 1:00, we're in it. notice the areas of yellow indicating where the rain starts to get moderate. could get heavy at times in the areas where it's orange and red. that area pushes over the city between about 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 in the afternoon. then into the evening hours, it moves across long island.
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down to a few sprinkles. the sky should begin to clear towards tomorrow. we'll start out with clouds tomorrow, end up with sun in the afternoon. for today that, onshore breeze picks up. heavier rain for the afternoon into the early evening commute. dries out overnight tonight. we go to a west to northwest wind tomorrow. still not bad. temperatures will hold steady tomorrow, close to 50. looks like as we get toward the weekend, the chilly stuff will move in. in terms of the rainfall potential, we can get close to an inch if we get that heavier band. we do need the rain. shouldn't lead to any significant flooding issues. the rain ends overnight tonight. 51 tomorrow. clouds giving way to sun. cold day on saturday and 42. lots of sun, 46 sundays. look at the temperatures next week. winter officially arrives next week. 56 for tuesday. highs in the 60s. that's christmas eve, kids. santa's coming in on, i guess, water skis. sorry. let's get over to find out about
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>> we'll just have to adjust. the inbound george, the construction cleared. the outbound ride, that's still there. the alexander hamilton bridge, you can see the outbound commute is a little slow. it is in the clearing stages. also, a check in queens at the l.i.e. at the grand central parkway. you can see the construction is still there. right now traffic is moving along okay. as more people get on the roads, you start to see it get a little more heavy. back tothe maps where the goethals construction has a right lane blocked staten island bound. that's going to be there a few more moments. also u construction at the covered roadway. both ways between jersey avenue to tonnelle circle. an accident with a downed pole, route 82 westbound. alternate side, meter rules in
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up. >> thank you. it is 4:47 right now. five servicemen killed during a shooting at two navy facilities in chattanooga, tennessee, will now be awarded purple hearts. it's not clear exactly when they're getting these medals, but purple hearts are given to military members killed or injured in action. investigators say the gun michigan opened fire on the men. you may remember, this was back in july. he was shot and killed. another marine who survived is also getting a purple heart. meanwhile, workers are expected to return to the site of the deadly san bernardino terror attack next month. the inland regional center says it'll allow some employees back into two of its buildings on january 4th. 14 people were killed when a radicalized married couple opened fire inside a company holiday party back on december 2nd. president obama is expected to meet with victims' families tomorrow. a new controversy could be brewing over the use of personal e-mails in washington. a report in the "new york times" claims defense secretary ash
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account for some government business after taking office in february. now, the report says it's unclear when the secretary stopped using that account. a spokesman says the defense secretary realizes it was a mistake. and the former postal worker who landed a gyrocopter on capitol grounds in april is now planning to run for congress. 62-year-old douglas hughes asking the court for permission to travel in order to campaign. hughes pleaded guilty to flying that gyrocopter without a license. he said he did it to protest campaign finance laws. 4:49. in duchess county, a store clerk fought off an armed robber. look at that gun. he wore a mask, armed with that shotgun, demanded money. the clerk filled a plastic bag with cash, but instead of handing it over, he chased this guy out of the store. state police say the thief fired a shot before getting away, but nobody was hit.
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convictions of three men charged with setting a deadly fire in brooklyn. it happened more than three decades deck decks deck decades ago. they had all been found guilty of arson and murder in 1985. prosecutors say a new investigation found no evidence that the fire was intentionally set. >> my name has finally been cleared and justice has been done. >> they were both paroled back in 2012. a third man convicted died of a heart attack in prison in 1989. some of new york's finest rushing to rescue a man who fell on to the subway tracks at times square. this was just as a train was approaching. police say that officer richard ai fon today saw this last night. he immediately shined his flashlight toward the train, signaling the conductor to stop.
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ta fa know pulled that man to safety. a yonkers man who gave his life to save a little boy is being given a hero's honor. coleman drowned back in september of 2014 while saving a 5-year-old boy who was in the hudson river. the carnegie award was inspired during a coal mine disaster. tuition going up a the university of connecticut. the university's board of trustees voted to raise tuition by more than 30% over four years. in-state students will pay nearly $14,000 a year by 2019. currently, they're paying $10,500. tuition for the out-of-state students will go from $32,000 to $36,000 a year. >> so expensive. in news for your health this morning, a diagnosis of appendicitis doesn't always mean surgery. there's a small study that finds about 95% of kids can be treated for appendicitis with just
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the new study found that about one in four cases in young patients were mild enough to avoid surgery. in europe, a recent study found the same was true for adults, which means less recovery time and lower health costs. however, this particular treatment is usually reserved only for mild cases. >> in order to meet that criteria, you have to have your pain for less than two days, and the inflammation has been contained within the appendix, so there's no sign it's about to rupture. >> and in most of these cases, the appendicitis didn't come back. more than 70,000 kids are hospitalized with appendicitis each year just in the united states. 4:52 now. still to come, why consumers should be really happy about the new budget deal in washington. plus, airline fees, they are adding up. how much they raked in, in just a couple months.
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tough here, they're calling this is the sucker punch around the world. we'll tell you who was on the receiving end of this.
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time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, i hope the weather is not going to spoil the premiere of "the force awakens." people dressed as boba fett. >> chewbacca. >> it stinks. >> i don't want to sit next to chewbacca in the theater for a lot of reasons. if you're waiting for a movie later this afternoon or this evening, you probably will need the rain gear. through the early morning, not a probable.
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that goes over to periods of rain this afternoon. some could be heavy at times. another mild day. temperatures back into the upper 50s. tonight, the rain tapers off in the evening hours. just remains cloudy overnight. will get chillier by the weekend. that's of short duration. mild again by next week. >> it's crazy. all right. >> hey, emily. >> we have some overnight track work still going on. if you're traveling out, just keep that in mind. also, for your commuter checklist this morning, everything looks great. a pretty good go there. today is another gridlock alert day. mass transit is the way you want to go. >> all right, emily. today lawmakers will begin vote on a massive spending bill unveiled this week. the $1.1 trillion plan includes an extension of the zadroga act. that's the program that helps first responders sickened after september 11th. it also keeped the government funded through next september. but the bill will also benefit
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lets mass transit users set aside more pretax dollars from your paycheck to pay for the commute. for some commuters, it could save them hundreds of dollars more each year because you don't pay taxes on that money. the measure also prevents a proposed funding cut. a federal judge blasting a uh law firm hired by governor christie's administration to investigate that bridge scandal. detectives were seeking some of the interview notes taken by the firm. while the judge denied that request, it was revealed that the firm took notes electronically and attorneys went into that same file and overwrote the notes while working on their summary. the judge says that's the same as deleting them or even shredding documents. the u.s. and cuba are close to a deal to restore regularly scheduled commercial flights between the two countries. right now it's only charter flights from here to havana allowed under strict restrictions. a number of u.s. airlines expressing interest in resuming commercial flights. officials say it'll probably be
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u.s. carriers can begin to sell tickets to cuba. this is some crazy video this morning. if you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and take a look. spain's prime minister tweeted he's doing fine now after getting punched in the face during a campaign stop. we have some video of that attack. it shows a man in the crowd. look at that. approaching the prime minister before suddenly hitting him in the face with a left hook. i mean, a direct punch. police say the attacker was 17 years old, very quickly detained. the prime minister just a red mark on his face. doing all right this morning. it could be at the top of your child's christmas list, but this morning one hoverboard maker is facing a class-action lawsuit. westchester county man says his swagway hoverboard caught fire and damaged his home. he's suing the company for not providing a warning about the fire risk. federal investigators are looking into more than a dozen claims of hoverboard fires. it is 4:58.
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theater on broadway, but the location, no stranger to show biz. the ambassador theater group says it's reopening the historic hudson theater on west 44th street. that theater originally opened in 1903. it's changed hands many times, but most recently it was an event space for the millennium broadway hotel. >> always great to see. a classic theater. tonight president obama is going to run wild here on nbc. >> this is unprecedented. you can see the commander in chief on a track through the alaskan wilderness with survivalist bear grylls. have you seen this guy? have you seen what he can do? >> i hope he's not going to eat that fish. >> he'll eat it and do more with it, i assure you. during tonight's episode, they'll be avoiding bears. i guess the president will eat the bear's leftovers found by the river. >> going through the forest, up and down the river, making camp,
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munched by a bear.
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