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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  December 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for raising those drug prices while the fbi today said in the years before that, this man was allegedly stealing millions from a company and investors and then lying about it. wearing a hoodie, pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli was led away by fbi agents this morning. the optics this day, a far cry from his boasting earlier this year about why he felt it was perfectly okay to jack up the price of a drug for sick aids patients, the price of a single bill going from $13 to $750 in just one day. >> we're certainly not the first company to raise drug prices. >> that is bad actors. >> reporter: at the time presidential candidate hillary clinton and donald trump both blasted him. >> he look like a spoiled brat to me. you want to know the truth, he looks like a spoiled brat. >> reporter: but prosecutors say shkreli's crime started earlier, the fbi says he stole millions
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live the high life and then stole millions more to back investors. >> he exceptionally led his companies like a ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off tee defrauded investors. >> reporter: and the fbi says he lied about how his hedge fund had millions in assets when he actually had almost no money at all. >> wire fraud try if he can taf lies, deceit and greed. >> reporter: and the fed said he had help in the coverup from an attorney, arrested at his home. after appearing in court, he left surrounded by a crush of cameras in the rain without comment. both men here today pleaded not guilty and were resed on bail. the fbi says their investigation is continuing. they believe more crimes may
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jonathan deents, news 4 new york. now to weather and it has been a soaker out there all day long. drenching rain coming down at a pretty good clip. the good news, it is moving out, but it is going to be an slow ride home. as you can see from the sky cam of the bqe, bright red lights as far as the eye can see. and look at the shot of the belt parkway in queens, traffic also moving very slowly. it's also slow going at the airports. you're looking at a live picture of la fard i can't where they have delays of about an hour. kenity and newark liberty are also seeing similar backups. janice huff is tracking it all for us. >> well, all due to the rain, fog and low clouds. delays remain across the major airports from newark to laguardia and jfk. in most cases delays are over an hour despite the fact that the rain is tapering off, we still have low clouds and fog in many areas. the heaviest rain is east of the city across parts of long
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and fairfield county starting to dry out, but you still have low clouds around and the heaviest rain moving away from you, as well. visibilities up and down, down to a mile and a half now in white plains, two miles morristown, three quarters of a mile in belmar. and this is carrying from minute to minute. futurecast temperatures and radar show the heavy rain moving out, we'll slowly dry out later tonight. there could be a few sprinkles left at the coast in the morning. but the other thing we're tracking are the temperatures. tomorrow afternoon's high will likely happen around midday and then we start to drop off. and by saturday morning, 20s and 30s with maybe even a few flurries over the higher elevations. but will this last? i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast as well as what to expect christmas week coming up in just a few minutes. temperatures are going to change yet again, so we'll be going back and forth in terms of how we will use our wardrobe, whether we'll need heavy coats or light coat. we're not done with all the mild weather just yet. there is more on the way and we'll talk more about that
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here is a look at what is happening rainfall totals across the area. we have seen almost an inch and a half in bridgeport. now back to you. and you can track the forecast on the go anytime anywhere, download the news 4 new york app on your phone or tablet. a member of the nypd has been arrest order child sex abuse charges. 33-year-old jab okay sava is accused of sexually abusing a child younger than 11 on at least two occasions. he was arrested yesterday in broog lynn brooklyn after an investigation by internal affairs. he is suspended without pay. >> a pair of thieves robbed a woman in new jersey last night. the 25-year-old victim told investigators that at least one of the robbers was armed. she says they stuffed a sock in her mouth possibly sewing oaked with gasoline and then forced her into the bathroom and they ransacked her home.
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and on long island, there are damaged statues at a church. they struck tuesday morning at st. jude catholic church. a $5,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest. also on long eye what happened, a man is under arrest accused in a rental scam. police say he conned three people out of money after they responded to an ad online to rent a home. he everyone n gave them a key. but he can't own the property and now police want to know if there are more victims out there. greg cercol has the story. >> reporter: tonight investigators are still trying to determine exactly how many people rented this house from a man police say wasn't the owner. dawn and douglas say the home has been a busy place since the original opener moved out. >> there must have been eight families in that house. >> reporter: police say the home was being rented on craigslist
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the trouble is, the man arrested for renting it, joseph carretto, didn't own the hole. it belongs to a bank. it appears carretto broke into the vacant house, changed the locks, then posed as the open wner. >> i can't imagine somebody doing that. that's the bottom of the pits. >> reporter: especially for the victims and a there may have been many. police say a notebook confiscated from carretto shows addresses of other vacant homes where he might have been operating the very same scam. >> why just leave an empty building sit there. they're inviting something to happen. >> reporter: if you're renting without a realtor, police say protect yourself by asking to see the homeowner's i.d. or ownership documents. don't give a deposit right away. and insist that you see the inside of the home. neighbors say what alledgedly happened at this vacant home isn't unique. they claim others so-called zombie homes in this area are also being rented illegally.
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long island are still working to solve. in central islip being greg cercol, news 4 new york. and two women were pinned under an suv in an accident this afternoon in sheepshead bay. they were hit crossing the road and as i said, they were pipped under the mercedes-benz. witnesses say they were strapped until firefighters arrived, lifted the car and pulled them out. >> there was a front end loader here, there were jacks that they were using to help lift the car. and the fire department was trying to lift the car also with wood to, you know, just to lift the car while they get the people out from under. >> one victim is in serious condition. we don't have any word on the condition of the other victim. we'll update you on the story at 11:00. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, promotions day. one of the new york city police officers who shot and killed an
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ago moves up in rank. plus more controversy surrounding donald trump. what two lawmakers want to do to strip his name off a state park. and of course we continue to monitor the rain passing through our area.
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one of the officers involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man 16 years ago was promoted to sergeant today. kenneth boss is one of four
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diallo in the bronx in 1999. he was mistaken for a rape suspect. officers shot him thinking he was reaching for a gun when he was reaching for his wallet. the officers were all charged and acquitted. boss is the only remaining active nypd officer. state senator and assemblyman are pushing legislation to remove donald trump's name from 400 acres of undeveloped park land. the two democrats say his receipt tore rick shows he's not worthy of having a state park named after him. trump donated the land in 2006 after plans for a golf course fell through. some fear two bills could cripple atlantic city. they plan to ask voters to approve the opening of two casinos in northern new jersey. right now the state's constitution only allows casino gambling in atlantic city. part of the bills would give a
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the new casinos in northern new jersey to help boost the seaside gambling town that town has seen four resorts close over the last four two years. coming up, a battle between waste transfer station and residents. why the community wants the station thrown out with the trash. and we're tracking all of the rain moving through the area. janice is back with your complete forecast when we
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and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantee a watertight fit. when you change your tub, you change your bathroom. and that can change your life. i know because i did it. kate snow has a look at what is ahead. >> we have a lot of news tonight. all the latest on all the top stories also richard engel reporting on the mountain of money funding isis. experts estimating they're pulling in about $1.2 billion a year. and today the u.n. security council here in new york agreed to target the money in an effort to combat the terror group. >> that's a lot of money. >> a huge amount of money. >> any idea where it comes from?
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which they sell on the black market. and most actually comes from taxes that they impose on people living under their rule. and the plan is to find and punish those who profit and the hope is that this could be more effective than maybe air strikes so far. >> even isis has taxes. very interesting. and you now an iteam exclusive, an ugly turf battle brewing over garbage. not on the street, but in a transfer plant. >> activists have launched a campaign to get a family owned business tossed out and the owners are crawling foul. sara wallace investigated the truth about the trash. >> and who is right? you run a business for years in an area zoned for industrial use. and suddenly newcomers arrive and say we don't want you here. it's a clash of cultures on a collision course in one brooklyn neighborhood. symbolic of what is going on in many places.
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and defamed. >> reporter: anthony says he's tired of having his family-owned business, brooklyn transfer, trashed by opponents who don't want a gar panlg transfer plant in this changing neighborhood. us. none of the municipal waste stays in the facility. as fast as it comes in is as fast as it goes out. >> reporter: the firm took over the plant in 2010, one of its biggest contracts is with new york city's sanitation department and the area is zoned for manufacturing. >> there are residents that have now moved into a manufacturing building across the street. that's like me moving to john f. kennedy airport and complaining about the airplanes every day. >> reporter: it's not just the residents of that a one building. others are rallying around what they call clean up northbrook lynn, issuing flyers, claiming broog lynn transfer is operating an illegal dangerous plant. >> i feel we're being bully and harassed.
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cleaning it up. >> so a daily basis they're breaking the law. >> reporter: ben produced what he says is a documentary showing improper work conditions and the use of toxic sprays. >> the spray that they use is toxic. >> how do you know that? >> well, we have investigated and we know some of the chemicals that are in the phrase are cancer causing. >> reporter: she says the activist was doctored and the spray is 100% organic. >> we don't use toxic chemicals. we're monitored by multiple agencies that come here every day and we run a clean operation. they think they have the right to talk bad about a family owned and operated business who is doing nothing wrong. >> reporter: brooklyn transfer has received typhoon summons five summons since the beginning of 2013. >> all businesses in the city get violations. that's a cost of doing business. if you don't get a violation in new york city, you're not in business in new york city.
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because people like thbs nbc news have arrived, but the truth is that they operate however they want. >> reporter: the activists have gotten support from council member antonio renoso who criticized the plant at a recent community meeting. when a spokesman for brooklyn transfer tried to ask questions, the representative was shouted down and then thrown out. >> there is no open dilt log alogue. everyone was just shouting things and being on the one side. >> it is toxic,s dangerous. and it has very shoddy performance and work that we've seen. >> reporter: the iteam found no workplace complaints about brooklyn transfer filed with osha, but the council member still believes the city should for the enter into anymore contracts with the firm. >> he's refused to meet with us. everything changes. the city is changing. we understand that. and we're a water of that. that doesn't make us a bad business. >> interesting debate.
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contracts currently gives the company an excellent rating. >> good report. time now for the weather and janice is be looking at the rain departing. >> so it's getting better in some areas. not so much in other areas. we'll take a closer look in a second. right now we'll take a look outside. the view on the tree at rockefeller plaza. skaters are taking a bit of a break because most of the rain has ended in midtown. a little bit of drizzle left over. maybe patchy fog. but it's still raining to the east of the city. it's 59 degrees right now under cloudy skies. rainfall totals, we're well over an ichlg in a t nch in a lot of spots including central park. still raining across eastern long island right now. so some of the totals may continue to go up. but temperatures sure went up today. almost 60 in central park. and that was only a couple of degrees from tying the record
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rain is coming to an end, though, from the city westward. coming in next, gusty winds and cold temperatures. we've been waiting for the chilly weather. it is coming. right now the readings are very mild across long island from middle village all the way out to mastic beach. it's in the 50s in the hampton, too. upper 40s in monticello. the fog is in and out across the area, so visibilities vary from place to place. in some areas it's less than a couple miles like white plains, month sell low and trenrenton. and the fog will be an issue on and off. right now we're seeing the heavier rain move off the east he said. end. this is the front and once that passes, the atmosphere will clear. so this evening a few showers or sprinkles. not a lot of rain left over. temperatures will stay in the 50s.
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very strong gusty winds coming in out of the northwest. highs around 50, but the cold air continues to settle in. and over the weekend, the 40s will feel like the 30s as the winds continue to gust around the area. it's clear and for once we will see temperatures near average. but we go into christmas week, and guess what, the temperatures come back up. we get a little rain, too, and of course we need more and more rain. the warm air continues to rule and the pattern stays unsettled, so rain on on and off through christmas eve. still no snow. no snow in sight at all and very mild temperatures. tonight low temperatures are in the 40s. so not that cold. white plains, newark 48. 34 in monticello. most of showers coming to an end. "7-day forecast" shows a nice sunny weekend, blustery and chilly. and then we're back to the 50s next week and 60s both wednesday and christmas eve. and dare i say i believe christmas day we'll see temperatures right around 60. but it should be dry next
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>> that's some comfort. thank you. even though the temperatures have been unseasonably warm, winter coat donations are still needed here. the charity new york care says don't forget about them, they have received only 30,000 coats, but the need is for 100,000 coats. that's how many requests they have received. its annual coat drive ends in about three weeks. you can donate used coats at areas across the city like police station houses. the coats foe s go to homeless, low income families and others in need. and keeping a sharp eye on the giants. >> the undefeated panthers invade metlife stadium on sunday. can the giants pull off the major upset? coming up in sports, i don't think big blue will have a chance unlet odell beckham jr. has another big game. we'll hear from the superstar wide receiver. and an old friend returns to big blue in time for the crucial stretch run. it's all just ahead on news 4
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giants have beaten undefeated teams in the past. >> exactly. so they're ready for the challenge challenge, correct? account the giants knock off the undefeated panthers this weekend? that is the hot topic in the nfl. carolina enters sunday's game with a perfect record of 13-0. and as usual, all eyes will be at odell beckham jr. the giants electric wide receiver has a tough match-up this week facing all world corner back josh norman of the panthers. norman has shut down some of the best wideouts in the nfl this season. today beckham down played the individual match-up. he's just ready to take on the panthers.
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attacking the ball, making it difficult. and it should be a very interesting game, very interesting match-up. we have a lot to. >> you're playing against best. you better bring your best. that's the attitude we've always had. the important thing is to realize that we have a lot at stake as well. so that is part of the motivation obviously. >> meanwhile the giants welcome back an old friend today, defensive tackle barry cofield. he traded in his old number 96 for 98. he played with the giants from 2006 until 2010. and he was part of the super bowl xlii championship time. he hasn't played this season and he's thrilled to be back on a football field once again. >> i feel great. everybody wants to hit and i took a year off.
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so i feel like it was the fountain of youth. you get to work and you feel good about that, too. familiar faces in the staff. i feel like a rookie out there. >> he was always a great interview. welcome back, barry. he's always been an outstanding guy. the jets visit the cowboys saturday night in big d. on the ice tonight, all three hockey locals are in action includings rangers who visit minute. and finally, the giants usually play music during warm-ups at practice. and today the team threw on a little frank sinatra and look how excited head coach tom coughlin was. my way, a fitting song for a man who has always operated on coughlin time. that means five minutes early. belt it out, tom. 69 years young. and while he may be on the hot seat, you'd never know it by looking at him or talking to him.
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sinking sinatra.
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