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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 18, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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san bernardino shooters now under arrest. the plot he's accused of hatching years ago. and new this morning, big news from the vatican. mother theresa to become a saint. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's friday morning, december 18th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. i had the window open in the car once again this morning. >> still relatively mild. back in the 50s this morning. quite a bit of rain. i hope you had the window closed last night when you were driving. the front is slow to move east, so the clouds are clinging to the area. i think we'll see the clouds linger through probably the first half of the day today. we'll start to get breaks from west to east. temperatures instead of going up today will be sliding down. we're peaking early. generally in the 50s now. dropping to the upper 40s by noon. the wind starts to increase. we'll talk more about a chill
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let's get the first check on a friday morning commute from emily west. >> 78 eastbound by exit 7, that is 173, we have an overturned truck and a debris spill. also an accident on truck route 1-9. a few lanes blocked both ways. two lanes northbound. southbound, left lane blocked with emergency vehicles. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you. 4:31. breaking news overnight in the search for a shoplifting suspect who escaped police ed d ed d police custody. katherine creag is in tribeca with what we know. >> reporter: good morning. that young man made a run for it after escaping from the back of a squad car just like this one. but he was captured, as you said, hours later. his escape happened here right where we are at the first precinct police station house in tribeca. we want to show you what this looked like when investigators were taking a look at that squad
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he was in the backseat of that nypd squad car, but somehow the door was open. he had on handcuffs but managed to make his way to the nearby franklin street subway station. he had been arrested earlier in the night for shoplifting jeans a the a gap store. the suspect was found in what police are describing as a group home for troubled youth in sunset park, brooklyn. before his arrest, subway service was shut down. >> we went into the subway, and they said they're searching for an escaped prisoner. >> down on the tracks, and they're shutting down the electricity. >> they didn't tell me anything. just, there are no trains running. >> reporter: and since june, six times suspects have managed to escape nypd custody. this is video, iman ges of some of those suspects. commissioner bratton has been angered by it, saying it won't be tolerated.
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local resident has to say about this. >> katherine, thank you. happening today, president obama expected to meet with the families of the san bernardino terror attack victims. meanwhile, a friend and former neighbor of the attackers was in court. he illegally purchased two assault rifles used in those deadly shootings. president obama says there's currently no known threats. >> we cannot give into fear or change how we live our lives because that's what terrorists want. that's the only leverage that they have. >> investigators say marquez told the fbi he and san bernardino gunman syed farook talked about mounting an attack back in 2012 but then later called it off. a teenager in pennsylvania now facing charges for his alleged terror ties.
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jaleel aziz helped hundreds of people who wanted to fight for the islamic state. mayor de blasio's launching a new program to help the growing number of homeless people in new york city. the plan is called nyc home stat. it will send teams throughout the city to find people living on the street and identify ways to help them. the mayor says every homeless person found will be assigned a dedicated ome caseworker. >> there will be a person in our city whose responsibility it is to manage that case until the person is off the street and rebuilding their lives. >> the mayor is also promising that the program's outreach program will respond to 311 calls within one our. new this morning, the vatican now confirming an italian media report that pope francis is clearing the way for mother theresa to be named a saint.
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approved the late mother teresa's second miracle, the curing of a brazilian man of a deadly brain disease. pope john paul ii credited her with performing her first miracle. two are needed for canonization. looks like it's going to happen. >> so many people called her a living saint when she walked the earth. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. hey, chris cimino. >> good morning. we're talking about temperatures heading in the opposite direction today. rather than climbing from the 50s to 60s, we're going from 50s to 40s. still pretty mild in the city. sussex, you're at 46. for the middle of december, that's not cold. 30s now showing up at the catskills and poconos. it's a chillier trend, not exactly a big blast of cold air.
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a lot of clouds around the first half of the day. maybe breaks of sun later today as temperatures settle into the upper 40s. let's head to emily west, see if there are any issues. >> we have a little bit of early issues. it's all with construction. a lot of track work here on the subways. if you are taking these lines, you might find delays within the next few moments. commuter checklist looks great. same with the buses. all lines are moving along okay. that is great news because today is another gridlock alert day. mass transit is the way you want to go. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4 stz s. now to break news on long island. a violent home invasion in bay shore. this happened on woodbine avenue. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro just got new information from police. lori? >> reporter: and michael, i just got off the phone with suffolk county police who confirmed this was a very violent home invasion here on woodbine avenue. two people are now hospitalized. a 12-year-old boy was home at
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here's what we know so far. a 35-year-old woman was returning home to her house. as she came home at about 1:00 this morning, two armed men followed her into her home. they restrained her as well as three other people with zip ties while they ransacked the home for three hours. they took cash from the woman's purse. she suffered some injuries to her face, as well as her boyfriend. they were both taken to the hospital. again, a 12-year-old, her son, was home at time, as well as a 20-year-old female. neither of them were hurt. again, the two men took off. suffolk county police now asking for anyone who may have any information about what happened. that's the very latest from here in bay shore. back to you. >> okay, lori. thank you. police are trying to figure out if a man wanted for slashing a teenage girl in queens may have victimized others. surveillance video we showed you
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before the attack of that 16-year-old girl in whitestone. assemblyman ron kim tells us his office has gotten calls from residents saying a similar looking man has been harassing women in that neighborhood. happening today, a man who admitted to a drop-kick assault on a woman and her baby in the bronx will be sentenced. this attack was caught on camera at east tremont avenue a little over a year ago. prosecutors say it shows alonzo brown kicking a woman to the ground to steal her cell phone. she was carrying her 3-month-old son. a long island man is under arrest for allegedly posting child pornography on twitter. the 26-year-old is charged with promoting and possessing the sexual performance of a child. a report for the national center for missing and exploited children led to an investigation. he's expected to be arraigned later today. 4:38 now. the pharmaceutical ceo dubbed the most hated man in america
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drug price now faces security fraud charges. he's 32-year-old martin shkreli. the man you see there in the gray hoodie. he's free right now on $5 million bail. in a tweet last night, he said, quote, glad to be home, thanks for the support. prosecutors say he ran an elaborate ponzi scheme. they allege he stole medicines from a publicly traded pharmaceutical company to pay off investors in a failing health fund he managed. >> as charged, martin shkreli targeted investors and retained their business by making misrepresentations and omissions about key facts of the funds he managed. the hedge fund, however, was essentially worthless. >> there's a second man who was the lawyer in the dealings. he was also charged with conspiracy. shkreli faces up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted. new this morning, the democratic national convention is blocking bernie sanders from
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his staffers viewed hillary clinton's personal data. they say it will stay that way until they get a full explanation. that low-level staffer was fired. later today, connecticut governor malloy heads to iowa. he will campaign for hillary clinton. malloy is the chairman of the democratic governor's association. he's already campaigned for the democratic front runner twice in new hampshire. and the republican front runner, donald trump, under fire now from two new york democrats. they want to remove trump's name from a vacant state park along the taconic. it's because of trump's recent comments about banning immigrants. that land was supposed to be a golf course. the deal fell through. it was turned into a park. as you see there, it was named for trump after he donated the land. 4:40 right now. just ahead, if you're still procrastinating on that holiday
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todaet also ahead, classes canceled at a virginia school. we're going to tell you about the assignment that outraged some parents. and storm team 4 tracking temperatures that will remind us all it's really december. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram.
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. breaking news overnight. the suspect who escaped police in tribeca is now in custody again. he's the sixth prisoner to escape nypd custody this year. an update on that incident at 5:00 a.m. the vatican now confirming
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pope francis is clearing the way for mother teresa to be declared a saint. the pope attributed a second miracle to mother teresa. that's a requirement for canonization. if you procrastinated until now to do your holiday shopping, well, it could pay off. today is free shipping day. love free shipping day. hundreds of retailers are participating. the list is on urgent need for coats. the charity new york cares says it's only gotten 30,000 coats, but they have 100,000 requests. the annual coat drive ends in three weeks. you can donate used coats at areas across the city. among them are police stations. at 4:44, the coats will be needed over the next few days, even though it's been an unusually warm start to the wi canter season. some colder air is heading in our direction. meantime, we have clouds clinging to the area today,
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the colder winds return tonight and saturday. again, another warmup by next week, leading towards christmas. looks like it's going to be unusually mild again. so far for the month, you can see 52 degrees our average temperature. that's 12.4 above normal. we're well on our way to being the warmest december on record. put a nice dent in the precipitation deficit for the month. now down just by 1.6 inches. a lot of areas saw three-quarters of an inch. temperatures in the 40s through new jersey. 56 in the park. that's the warm spot right now. mid-50s long island and down the jersey shore. there is chillier air trying to filter on in. this front is kind of hung up a little bit but just far enough offshore that the last wave of low pressure will miss ugh in terms of bringing in any rain. the clouds are going to sit over us for several hours. we're not going to see too much in the way of sunshine.
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tracker. therne are the clouds clinging. the rain goes just off to the south and east. from late afternoon, this drier air wins out. we start to clear the skies out. you also notice the movement of the clouds, a strong and increasing northwest wind later on tonight into tomorrow. even a couple snow flurries possible tomorrow across northwest new jersey, especially in the morning and afternoon hours. a mixed sky tomorrow. barely getting back in the low 40s in the city, which is just seasonably cold. compared to what we've been, it's unusual. it's dry sunday and into monday as well. 51 is what we're going to call the average temperature early on today. dropping into the upper 40s later this afternoon. mid to upper 40s north and west with clouds giving way to a little bit of sunshine later in the day. 33 the low tonight in town. north and west, some 20s. down to 24 in rock hill. look at that wind. 15 to 25 miles an hour. tomorrow, 42, that's the best we do. stays windy all day.
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back to the 50s monday and tuesday. looks like a wet day wednesday. maybe some leftover showers on thursday, christmas eve during the day. look at the temperature, 64 degrees. let's get to emily west. friday morning commute, how is it treating us? >> a few slow spots. first of all, delays on the van wyck expressway. that's due to construction. you can see it's going to be a slow go here. traffic is barely moving there. that is due to road work. also, you're going to find construction l.i.e., gcp both ways. the george washington bridge, the upper and lower, everything moving along fine. the lincoln and holland, really not going to find any problems. in new jersey, let's head back to the maps, 78 eastbound just by exit 7 was closed. now two lanes are blocked. overturned tractor trailer, debris spilled. truck route 1-9, accident here as well. northbound, two lanes blocked near 440. southbound, you get the left lane taken up.
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and new england throughway road work causing some delays. alternate side, meter rules in effect we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much, emily. 4:47 now. in brooklyn, a woman is recovering from being hit by an suv. firefighters had to make a dramatic rescue, lifting the vehicle off the woman. she was pinned underneath. it happened near east 16th street and graves neck road in sheepshead bay. rescuers were able to pull that woman to safety this morning. she's in serious but stable condition. police are investigating a crash that killed a new jersey state trooper who was responding to a domestic dispute. police say 30-year-old trooper eli mccarson hit an electric police car. hospital. a new bid to tighten gun control laws in new jersey has failed. the latest effort centered around a bill that's already
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christie. this would require gun buyers to notify police before having their mental health records cleared from a database used for background checks. the democratic controlled assembly tried to override the governor's veto. they fell three votes short. the mix-up at u.p.s. that sent a box of guns to the wrong address has a man facing charges. officials say it happened last month when connecticut gun maker ruger tried to send the guns to an employee at a trade show in vegas, but the box was damaged and u.p.s. put the wrong label on it. police say 33-year-old ken nagel got them and decided to keep them. investigators found the weapons in his garage. >> these guns in the wrong hands, as we all know with current media, could cause a serious problem. >> nagel was arrested and charged with theft and offenses related to unlawfully having those weapons. u.p.s. says the mix-up is
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visitors to the magic kingdom and other theme parks are getting a dose of reality. park goers must now pass through metal detectors at disney parks in orlando and california. the company also stopped selling toy guns and banned anyone over the age of 14 from wearing costumes. the threat of gun violence and terrorism has forced this change. >> they're considered soft targets because they're generally considered to be low security but high density of people. >> if it means a couple extra minutes for my child's safety, then so be it. >> universal studios, a division of nbc universal, has started using metal detacting wands at its theme parks. 4:50 now. a virginia school district is closed today after students were asked to copy a piece of arabic calligraphy. parents became angry when they learned it was an islamic
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the school insist it was used only for its artist complexity. an international beauty is facing some ugly allegations in israel. super model bar raphaelly is accused of evading taxes. her lawyers say the case is "sports illustrated" model should be considered a resident of israel for tax purposes. 4:51 right now. still to come a professional athlete who delivered his own baby in his locker room. plus, some startling findings about new parents and car seats. the number you need to ear this morning. and this was a scary collision at an nba game. who lebron james sent to the hospital. this was just an accident during the game when he flew into the crowd. i'll tell you that when we come back.
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welcome back. 4:54 just about. it's 56 degrees out. seems a little bit damp out there, right, chris? >> some leftover moisture from yesterday's rain. got a pretty good soaking rain, which we did need. again, temperatures still very mild. 56 at this hour. we're heading in the opposite direction, not back up into the 60s today. i think we'll slip into the 40s as we go through time. that 51 is kind of representative of where we're going to be midmorning. we'll drop into the 40s later this afternoon. breezy, cooler, a lot of clouds around. breaks of sun later in the day. the cold stuff really starts to sink in tonight. it's going to feel a little rude because we're not used to it. 33 is not terribly cold, but with the wind and windchills down to the 20s, it will feel pretty nippy out there. weekend, a cold gusty wind tomorrow with sun and clouds. sunday, more sunshine and less wind and temperatures in the 40s.
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the season at least for this weekend. >> okay. >> for this weekend, all right. >> long enough. emily, what's going on? >> not too bad of a ride if you're traveling to the airport. the grand central parkway by laguardia should be able to get you there okay. gridlock alert day in effect today. take mass transit because it is really packed on the roads. a lot of people enjoying the city, but again f you can take the subways or trains, buses, anything. >> whatever, right? >> it'll help out. >> thank you so much, emily. 4:55 right now. northern new jersey one step closer to getting casinos. state lawmakers considering two different proposals, one in the assembly and one in the senate. both advanced yesterday. while they have their differences, both proposals want voters to decide if the state's constitution should be changed to allow casinos outside of atlantic city. and new jersey lawmakers have approved a bill that will
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victims from losing their homes. according to, those homes will be protected from going into foreclosure for the next three years. this bill was passed yesterday. it now heads over to governor christie for his signature. a manhattan judge struck down a key public health initiative by former mayor michael bloomberg. the supreme court judge ruled flu vaccinations are no longer required for children under the age of 5 to attend city licensed day cares and preschools. it was supposed to take effect on new year's eve. the city does plan to appeal. now until cleveland, it was a scary moment for a woman sitting courtside at a cavaliers game. lebron james was trying to save a ball from going out of bounds. that's when he fell into her. she's ellie day, the wife of pro golfer jason day, who won the pga championship back in august. he says he spoke to her as she was being helped by paramedics.
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was just shaken. as a precaution, they did take her out, secured on a back board. lebron, big professional athlete, it's got to hurt. >> gigantic. >> just an accident. >> he's not a normal size human being. all right. 4:56. glad she's going to be okay. meanwhile, lebron's teammate iman shumpert welcomed a baby boy without the help of doctors. >> this photo is from his fiance's instagram account. it shows little iman taylor shumpert jr. he wasn't due until jr. iman sr. delivered him with his own two hands nd used a pair of headphones to steady the umbilical cord until help arrived. >> pretty incredible. all right. news for your health this morning. an important warning about car seats. a new survey of nearly 300 families leaving the hospital with a newborn shows 95% of them failed to use their car seat properly. many of the mistakes would have
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there would have been a crash. experts say new parents should meet with a certified car seat technician. here in new york, they're available through the city's department of transportation. all right. it doesn't take jedi mind powers to know that "star wars" fans are giving the latest film some glowing reviews. fans were out in force for opening night. some decked out in full character. others only brought their light sabers to celebrate the opening of the movie. it seems that everyone is walking away or flying away, as the case may be, satisfied. >> it was incredible. >> it's the best one yet. it really is. >> it's incredible. it brought all of the past to the present and then gave you a look into the future. >> there you go. we won't know how the movie did throughout the u.s. until later on today. disney says the film made $14 million in 12 international markets. there's harrison ford looking great. and set one-day records, darlene, in both norway and sweden. >> there you go. all right.
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police officer was seduced by the dark side of the force during a traffic stop. >> where y'all headed to? >> police just outside of houston posted this dash cam video online. you can see chewbacca and darth vader were in the car. the officer then jumps in the car with them. after they leave, another alien appears to make off with his police cruiser. just a prank. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door, take with us you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile twice. our next hour starts right now. breaking news overnight, a suspect captured again. the man got away from police first last night. we'll tell you where officers tracked him down. more breaking news on long island. a violent home invasion. armed men terrorize a family for hours, including a 12-year-old boy. we are live.
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