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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> i want to apologize to secretary clinton and my supporters. >> the apology and the showdown. the democratic candidates face off with a controversy. they access voter files. >> first a robbery gone wrong. a clothing storeowner shot dead. a search for his killer. good evening. >> there moro questions than answers right now in the murder of a shop owner. >> the gunshot rang out in an apparent robbery in jersey city. any leads so far with a suspect in. >> reporter: if police have a suspect, they are notal ting us about it. hours after the initial call, this is an active crime scene.
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the photographer can zoom in. police are sorting out of motive, but there may have been a struggle that led up to the shooting shooting. investigators examined the tiny store for clues. around 5:00 am p, the storeowner was shot and killed after an apparent robbery. >> my friends said they wanted a pair of jeans or something and shot him. >> freddie works across the street and did not see the shooting himself. many came to his score describing what they heard and saw. >> when you hear that someone got shot and killed -- >> so bad. i didn't have any idea. >> those who work near this store say he is a man of asian decent and owned this business for sometime. most describe him as a good guy. >> they don't know what's
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it's a shame to happen in broad daylight. >> about 15 minutes before, we saw a police sergeant canvassing the area looking for possible security video that might lead them to the shooter. no one is under arrest and this is the 24th murder this year. this is above last year's total. news 4, new york. >> a few days before winter officially starts, it's finally cold outside. you finally got to wear the heavy winter coat, but you won't need it for too much longer. erica is here with more on that. >> it wasn't just the cold, but the winds that made it feel chilly when you step outside. the wind gusts were around 30 and near 40 at newark and jfk. 36 miles per hour was the peak
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current gusts are more. 23 miles per hour in white plains. we are seeing the winds diminish and they will continue to get lighter as we head into the overnight hours. tomorrow will be chilly, but not as cold. if you are heading to the giants and panthers game, a good forecast. 46 degrees with lots of sunshine. it will be comfortable to be outside into the afternoon. the winds not an issue. it heads back into the 60s in the seven-day forecast. we will talk more about that coming up. back to you. >> love the el nino. you can track the forecast any time with the news 4 new york app. tap the logo and select the weather tab. >> they met face-to-face. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. sanders tried to put the controvercy tow reach over a breech of clinton voter information. they moved to national security
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took aim at donald trump. we have reports now. >> a day after a data breech controversy led to a war of words in the hillary clinton campaigns. both moved quickly to stifle the bad blood. sanders apologized admitting a member of the staff accessed the private voter data file after a software glitch gave his team unauthorized access. >> i apologize. this is not the type of campaign that we run and if i find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired. >> just as sanders dismissed concerns of a private e-mail server in the first debate, clinton chose not to hammer sanders over this week's breech. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested this this. i think they are more interested in what we have to say about all the big issues. >> what issues?
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and paris attacks, terrorism, gun control and national security dominated much of the discussion. the democrats taking aim at republicans as much as each other. >> we must work more closely with muslim american communities and work with them and not demonize them as the republicans have been doing. >> trailing both clinton and sanders in a wide margin, maryland governor martin o'malley went on the offensive, slamming both trying to land punches that might give his campaign new life. >> senator sanders voted to give immunity to gun dealers and research dollars to look into this issue. secretary clinton changes her position every election year. >> clinton's nomination to lose, but with sanders leading in new hampshire, there is a lot to be decided between now and november. news 4, new york. >> we have a programming note for you. bernie sanders will join chuck todd on "meet the press" and
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guests. starting at 10:30 on nbc 4. >> new tonight, surveillance video shows a sexual assault suspect in brooklyn. it's an update to a story we told you about earlier this week. this video is from the new kirk avenue subway station, a clear video picture there. this man assaulted a woman in a stair well of an east flat bush apartment. she accused of robbing her as well. if you recognize the man, call the nypd. the gunman who allegedly held up a gas station in duchess county is behind bars. they say he is the person seen this this surveillance video from tuesday night, storming a citgo gas station with a shotgun. they are surprised the owner chased him out of the store. his gun went off and nobody was hurt. he is facing several charges including attempted robbery.
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one deadly in brooklyn. a blind 64-year-old woman who lived alone died when a fire broke out in her house on east 52nd street. a neighbor tried to help, but the smoke was too heavy and couldn't get inside. no word on how that fire started. now in queens, flame and smoke filled the skies of long island city. you can see in the video, the flame are going. crews responded to the scene on jackson avenue around 2:00 p.m. a private contracting crew with a drilling rig hit a conedison line and that caused the fire. one worker was treated for minor injuries. now to jersey city where dozens of firefighters battled flame that ripped through the brick building that houses a hair salon and apartments. crews did get everyone out safely, but two dozen people didn't have a place to stay. falling debris hit and injured one firefighter on the scene. all the fires have been put out. >> tomorrow marks one year since
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detectives were executed in cold blood. ramos and his partner liu were sitting in their patrol car when a gunman opened fire. to honor their memory, the mayor will attend a plaque dedication that will be followed by a vigil and a wreath laying ceremony. >> still ahead, a teen is hailed a hero. how he spared his to save his friends from gunfire. >> deck the malls. the shoppers come out on the final weekend before christmas. has this warm december hurt retail sales?
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>> a community grieving after a high school football player died shielding his friends from gunfire. a group of men started shooting randomly in knoxville, tennessee and 15-year-old dobbs jumped on top of girls trying to protect him. he was hit and died at the scene. his football coach said he had a bright future ahead of him. >> he was a fine, fine young man
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i want to try to continue to celebrate the that he had and the impact he made on his peers. >> the shooting is gang-related, but he was not a target. one suspect was found shot to death not far from the scene. no arrests have been made. >> embattled pharmaceutical executive is defending himself on twitter. he calls the criminal charges baseless and without merit and predicts he will prevail. they arrested him on thursday and he ran something similar to a ponzi scheme. he later took over as ceo where he became infamous for jacking up the price of a life-saving hiv drug by 5,000%. he resigned after his arrest. a new york street was renamed in memory of a prominent
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>> one, two, three. >> the sign at the corner of wickliffe, he was the leader of the christian love baptist church in new jersey. his battle against drug addiction served as an inspiration. he passed away in october at the age of 51. >> coming up next here on news 4 at 11:00, it is december and a cold snap finally grips the area. >> this is definitely going to make you smile. a cheerful twist on the elf on a shelf. see these photos of a father and baby going viral when we come
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[ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was. epic!
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>> the holiday shopping season reaches the final stretch. how is it coming? shoppers hit the malls in huge numbers. they were bumper and bumper with all of these shopping bags. the warm weather has taken a toll on sales. one retailer cut the price of hats, gloves and sweaters that were sitting too long, but shopping on this super saturday could push sales up for the season. last year the saturday before christmas brought in a record $23 billion. >> you have to cover. just trying to get mom, dad, girlfriend and sister.
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>> if you were out there shopping, you were not alone there. a market research analyst group said as of last weekend, 57% of consumers had not started shopping or were less than halfway done. >> the unseasonably warm weather pushed this back on the calendar calendar. buffalo's first snowfall. 1/10 is considered just a dusting, but measurable. on a normal winter they would have gotten about 22 inches. they could use an easy winter. some people saw flurries this morning. take a look. it was just a dusting. it will not be sticking around for very long. it was even still there at this point. not much impressive snow. zone what kind of a ski season it will be.
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this is a long pattern. el nino is supposed to be wet. >> it will get more active. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. we are taking a live look and cloudy at 39 degrees. at least the winds are lighter and we will clear out the clouds overnight. in the headlines, we are going to be dealing with that wind chill. the wind is settling down, but a bit milder as we head into the workweek. we are down to 34 degrees and 34 in beacon. we are still above freezing. 37 in moors town. 36 right now in long branch. a wight view shows you the high pressure. the flurries we had was from the lake effect. not from any storm system that is approaching.
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like temperature. 24 in south brunswick when you factor in the winds along with that temperature. by the time we get into the afternoon hours, it will be milder up to about the freezing mark. that's the worst day. things start to get warmer. by monday it will feel like it's above freezing. this is what you can expect. the winds settled down and we will drop to the freezing mark. it has been a while since we have gotten down there. milder on sunday. 44 degrees is right around where we should be. as we head into the middle of the workweek, showers return, but here's the good news if you don't like the cold. temperatures return to the 60s. tonight as i mentioned, we are dipping down to the freezing. breeze we the west winds at about 10 to 15.
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it will not warm us up too much. 44 degrees for the afternoon high in mid-town. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. on monday. already well above the seasonal average by monday. this is a short cold snap. the rain starts to return on tuesday. look at the temperatures back into the 60s. a record high on thursday. more details on that. >> so bizarre. >> keep us posted. there is a little cutie in paradise, utah. look at this little guy. he is a real life elf on a shelf. rockwell lawrence is the baby in the red elf suit. his dad is a photographer. he got the idea of posing rockwell and posing the pictures on the internet. he has around 50,000 followers
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his hash tag is rock the elf. i will be searching that. so cute. >> john is here now. >> the shower. that's great. we are going streaking tonight in sports. two teams around here on three-game win streaks. the jets in dallas, it's closed. as they streak past chicago,
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for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. the jets playoff hopes may not rest, but they take a hit with a loss. they are facing a cowboys team that entered in the hunt to win the nfc east or land the top pick in the draft. it's that kind of a year. this is a winnable game that rolled in three straight victories. they took the lead on a ryan fitzpatrick touchdown to decker. moments ago dan bailey hit the field goal to tie this thing up. the jets have the ball with less than a minute to play. the jets win and that eliminates the cowboys from the picture
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to worry about washington and philly. that may seem unrealistic and tom knows his team needs to win the last three games. one game at a time and you have to rely on yourself. the only way to do that is to play your best. >> the knicks might have looked their best who lost this game after four overtimes against detroit. late in the second time, they fire away. a bad idea. he drains the jumper.
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cycle. mellow took advantage. late in the third, just kidding. he scoops and scores. they are 10-2. they did so for the fourth straight game. they are back to 500. something to mile about. a crazy day on the hard wood around here. ohio set upsets kentucky and knocks off duke at the garden and seton hall carried an 8-2 market with the test with wichita state. the shockers is mostly healthy again. tied at 67. isaiah whitehead pulls up and rattles the rim and this one needs overtime. in overtime, seton hall pulls away. check out the hook shot to put him up three. pirates would hit the free-throws to seal an 80-76 victory. that's a win so far for seton hall.
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and devils hosting the ducks. he had his hometown this off season for draft picks. they are playing again and might want a do-over on that one. up 1-0 on the devils and 20 seconds ft in the first. gets careless trying to carry the zone. shoots and scores. corralling the puck. anaheim goes up 2-0 and hand the devils a 2-1 loss. islanders are in arizona in progress. scoreless with two minutes to skate in the first. they strike first. all alone in the slot. one timer beats them and the isles late in the third. jets got to eek out this win. they need this win. see if they can do it. >> get over there and check it out. >> to erica one more time. it's cold, but not terrible. >> below freezing tonight, but temperatures getting better.
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are back into the 50s on monday. this short cold snap and then it's over. showers come back into the forecast. we will keep a close eye on the christmas forecast. we could have a record igh temperature on christmas eve. unbelievable stretch. >> you have an update? >> jets just look the lead. >> we like it. that's what we want to hear. "saturday night live" is next.
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