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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  December 20, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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right now on "today in new york," how two nypd officers are being remembered one year after their murder shocked the city. plus, passengers questioned after a suspected bomb diverts a paris-bound plane. and who came in on top in 2015. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, welcome. it's 10:00. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm lynda baquero in for pat battle. day of winter.
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today, but it's going to return to fall-like weather. raphael miranda is here with the storm 4 team forecast. >> that's right. you can see in your weather headlines, another chilly start. it's less windy than it was yesterday. that means it's going to be a nicer afternoon. not as blustery. the 60s do make a comeback over the next few days. in fact, record high temperatures are possible. we'll see that in the seven-day forecast. here's a live look at storm tracker. sanother high-pressure day. no umbrellas needed for today. keeping it nice and dry. it's still cold, still chilly. temperatures. feels like 29 in central park. so this is what you need to bundle up for as you're heading out the door. even though it's less windy, it still feels like 29 in oakland. yonkers. right now, grab the jacket as you're heading out the door. as we plan the rest of your day, afternoon. today's high temperature, right degrees. lots of sunshine to enjoy as and it's more comfortable because of those winds, which will be lighter.
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ake a look at record warm weather in a few. >> raphael, thank you. one year ago today, two nypd officers were gunned down in their patrol car. >> this afternoon, they'll be remembered in a solemn ceremony. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro joins us live from brooklyn with the details. >> reporter: lynda and gus, the officers' families will be joined by the mayor and the police commissioner a little later here this morning. right here at the spot where those two officers were gunned down one year ago today. rafael ramos and wenjian liu were executed while in their patrol car. the days were some of the darkest for the nypd. the murders happened at a tense time for police officers. the gunman allegedly fired in retaliation for the deaths of staten island father eric garner and missouri teen michael brown. the shooter later killed himself. tens of thousands of people from all over the country came out to pay their respects.
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lynda and gus, plaques will be dedicated in their honor at the 84th precinct where they worked. so many people expected to come out here today for a vigil and to pay their respects. back to you. >> yes, thank you very much, lori. the search is on this morning for a gunman who shot at a clothing store owner in jersey city. this happened at around 5:00 p.m. yesterday inside the top plus store on bergen avenue. witnesses say the suspect grabbed a pair of jeans and then opened fire on the store owner, killing him. police who work nearby say the victim was a good man. >> you know, what it is and what's going on is happening all over. it's a shame. for something like this to happen in broad daylight. >> detectives have been going from store to store along bergen avenue looking for any security video that may lead them to the shooter. and police need your help to identify a man they believe attacked a woman in brooklyn. it's an update on a story we first told you about earlier this week. this video is from the new kirk avenue subway station. police say the man you see there assaulted a woman wednesday night in a stairwell of an east
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he's also accused of robbing her. if you recognize the man, please call police. and now to decision 2016. the democratic presidential candidates who squared off in the final debate of the year. >> there were clashes over isis and gun control. also, strong words for republican front runner donald trump. just one day after a data breach controversy set off a feud between the hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigns, the two sides moved quickly to squelch the issue. >> yes, i apologize. this is not the type of campaign that we run. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested in this. >> analysts say both sanders and governor martin o'malley delivered strong debate performances. clinton maintains a commanding lead in the polls. passengers are being questioned this morning in connection with a suspected bomb that diverted an air france flight. the flight was en route from
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passenger notic the device in the bathroom. that passenger is one of the six being questioned right now. the plane did touchdown safely in kenya. sources in kenya tell nbc the suspected bomb did have some kind of a timing device, although police are not saying whether any explosive component has been located so far. of the 500 passengers evacuated, six are now being interrogated. >> the investigation is continuing. a few passengers of concern are febeatg interrogated to find out exactly what caused this. >> kenya's interior minister also says the device has been removed from the plane and is still under analysis. in recent weeks, international terrorism fears have dominated the presidential campaign here in this country. this week, something else, a debate over data. chuck todd joins us from washington with a preview of "meet the press." chuck, this was -- you got to admit, this was a little inside
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bernie sanders to pay apologize last night. is this a defining moment or just a blip? >> it's a total blip. frankly, bernie sanders was smart to open that debate with an apology, almost sort of wiping the slate clean so that the debate didn't get dominated by that topic. although, and i'll give a little away, i do tape "meet the press" in the morning here. bernie sanders almost backs off the apology a little bit, you'll hear on the show. i have him on. i think this spat is not going away between sanders and clinton, for what it's worth. but i think it is a blip, not a >> donald trump still strong in the polls. i know he's on the program. do poll numbers turn to votes? into votes? >> well, history, gus, says no. the national poll leader -- i'll give you a quick history lesson. at this point in time, december
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december of '03, howard dean up double digits. john kerry the nominee. you see the pattern there. donald trump up double digits. does it mean someone else will be the nominee? that's what history says. but trump is trying to rewrite this playbook in a way we've never seen before. i am skeptical if he can pull this off in iowa and new hampshire because of what history says is needed on the ground. he is doing a whistle stop style type of campaigning. sort of airplane hangar to airplane hangar. >> ted cruz and marco rubio sparring over immigration. >> ted cruz wants it to be about -- if it's about immigration, if your setup is correct and it's an immigration story, ted cruz is going to win this battle with republican primary voters because he's closer to them on the issue than marco rubio. but marco rubio wants to turn this into an authenticity issue, saying ted cruz is trying to have it both ways. he was for it before, against it now. trying to say ted cruz is
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the question really is, this is what campaigns are about. rubio wants to make the contrast about character. cruz wants to make it about issue. i'd rather be cruz here because i think immigration is that potent of an i ue in a republican primary, but i see what rubio is trying to do. let's see if he can execute the plan. >> all right. a lot on your plate this morning, chuck. see you in a couple minutes. >> you got it. don't want to miss it. >> stick around for "meet the press" with chuck todd at 10:30. in iraq this morning, a u.s. air strike may have accidently killed a number of iraqi soldiers soldiers. defense secretary ash rter says the air strike near the iraqi city of fallujah seems to be a mistake on both sides. a u.s. military statement says that strike came in response to requests and information provided by iraqi security forces on the ground. carter says he's called the iraqi prime minister to express his condolences. >> i explained to him our
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he and i agreed that this was an event that we both regretted. >> carter is not giving any details about the air strike other than that, but he did say the u.s. is investigating. this morning, one person is dead and at least nine others injured after an avalanche slammed into several homes in norway. this happened yesterday morning. the avalanche tumbled down early yesterday morning from a mountain that overlooks the homes. the snow killed one local resident. the nine people injured were rushed to the hospital. four of them are children. three people remain in serious condition. a new miss world has been crowned in china. miss spain captured the title. the pageant has been marred by controversy after canada's contestant was barred from the country. china denied a visa to anastasia lynn, who had been complaining about human rights abuses in china, where she was born. >> the real reason is that the chinese government is afraid of what my message represents. it represents hope.
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lives in china still, has been threatened since she spoke out. coming up on "today in new york," as terror concerns grow around the globe, an inside look at how new york's joint terrorism task force handl threats now 35 years after the group was first created. and we're still feeling that december chill on this sunday morning, but temperatures in the 60s and maybe even 70s not out of the question as we head later on this week. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and show you the
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beautiful view of the skyline. hardly a cloud in the sky on this sunday. a lot of people going to be out doing their holiday shopping, maybe getting started on their holiday shopping. >> who's that? no one i know. >> we exposed you earlier this morning. sorry about that. >> i'll get to it eventually. >> you have the whole day ahead of you. >> and a nice week. >> and a nice week. we have some rain coming our way, which we need, but also warmer temperatures. you'll see that in the seven-day llforecast.
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temperatures are in the 30s. we have that beautiful sunny sky to enjoy. it's looking good out there. much better than yesterday because the winds are lighter than they were yesterday. 36 degrees and sunny on the gwb. let's look at those temperatures in westchester county. also a chilly start for you. 37 in armonk. 37, sleepy hollow. as we take a wider view, still have some 20s lingering in the hudson valley. 28 in monticello. the big difference, lack of winds. yesterday, winds were blustery, gusting over 30 miles per hour. today it's a lighter wind, gusting up to 20 at times. winds will diminish into the afternoon. when you factor together the wind and the temperature, you get what it feels like, or the windchill. feels like 29 in central park. you still need the jackets. i think you can do without the hats, gloves, and scarves for the rest of today. here's a live look at storm tracker. another high-pressure day here. blue skies from fairfield county down the jersey shore. a few passing clouds in the
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looking ahead now, this is 1:00 today. time for lunch or brunch, maybe chilly for lunch outside today, but still it's going to be a nice picture. feels nice with those lighter winds. set this into motion again, heading into the evening. also quiet. if you have dinner plans, no rain to worry about there. definitely no snow with temperatures in the 40s. future tracker shows by tomorrow morning as we head back to work, the clouds start to roll in ahead of a frontal system. tomorrow probably will be mostly cloudy. not expecting a lot of sunshine here. showers off to the north and west. those will be rolling in late monday night into tuesday. that's your next chance of rain. then it stays a little unsettled over the next few days. no rain today though. great football forecast for you for the panthers taking on the giants at 1:00. 44 degrees, still chilly, but lots of sun. 43 for your high for today in central park. not as chilly, doesn't feel as chilly as yesterday because of the lack of wind. 37 overnight tonight, mostly clear. another chilly night but not too bad. some 20s north and west of town.
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tomorrow we're back up to the low 50s. 58 on tuesday. well above average. and it doesn't stop there. rain on wednesday with 60s. 67 degrees for your christmas eve. that will be the warmest christmas eve we've ever seen in new york city. then a little bit of a cooldown but still well above average for christmas day. drying out as well. stay up to date with the possible record warm temperatures with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down, and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and set the weather page as your home screen. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. >> thank you, raphael. this week, the obama administration added a new feature to the nation's terror alert system. it's a category called bulletin. homeland security secretary jeh johnson announced it wednesday. the current bulletin on the department's website asks everyone to be on the lookout for people who might be, quote, self-radicalized. well, with growing security concerns, the fbi'sijoint terrorism task force here in new york is working around the clock
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>> and this year is the 35th year of the group's existence. the threat ever evolving and so is the task force. jonathan deinst sat down with the leaders. >> i don't see this threat going away. i don't see any of our threats going away. >> reporter: the fbi's carlos fernandez is the man charged with helping to track the latest terror threats. he met us with inside the joint terrorism task force offices, where a new museum is up, serving as a daily reminder of efforts lost and won. home grown, overseas, domestic groups. with the jttf growing in size to try to meet the growing threats. >> we have subject matter experts covering that threat and ensuring we're keeping the city as safe as possible. >> would all original members please rise. [ applause ] >> reporter: this month, the jttf took a moment to recognize the fbi, nypd, and other agencies doing work often done
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>> the threats are more diverse and challenging. >> reporter: the mayor and police commissioner on hand. but for fernandez, this celebration was a short one. ongoing concerns include that terror suspects could be using encryption to try to avoid detection. >> that's one thing that keeps me up at night, our inability to be able to see lawfully what some of these bad guys are communicating and doing. >> reporter: the threat ever changing, and we went to this pub to meet with two original jttf members and a former supervisor to learn about the jttf, how the fbi and nypd first came together. >> terrorists who set off two bombs in new york city buildings yesterday -- >> talk about then and now. take us back to then. >> new york city and its citizens were experiencing terrorism virtually every week. the main problemedack then was domestic terrorism. you had the croatian terrorist group. you had omega 7. >> the challenges at that time, so many different groups. eight to ten different groups we were dealing with at the same
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>> the bomb went off at 1:30 this afternoon. >> the ugly infamous act in '75 where people that were killed that day, all they were doing was having business lunches. look at the mobile oil building, where an individual was killed when the assailant put a bomb in the lobby there. >> the f.l.a.n., a puerto rican independence group, claiming responsibility. >> there was a lot of damage and mayhem and killed and injured innocent people. >> two police officers in rockland county. sent another message. law enforcement came together and battled the enemy like we had never battled them before. >> the turning point in terms of the evolu on from tbuse types of threats to the threat we're now facing, was it pan-am 103, was it 1993? >> certainly i think world trade one was an eye opener for
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>> clearly the first world trade center bombings, when you saw the pendulum swing toward the international side. i remember the case with the blind blind. surveillance became the best in the country. they learned from following the faln. this intensive surveillance, physical surveillance really led to the prevention of mayhem here in the city. >> as al qaeda became more prolific, more dangerous, leading to the embassy bombings, the uss cole, and ultimately 9/11, the law enforcement and intelligence community realized that we needed all hands on deck. the threat then that our enemy was plotting against us from
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difficult challenge. that threat may be in brooklyn or queens. they're inspired by isis. it's a new enemy they face. based on the way this threat is gr heowing, especially as more and more young people are becoming radicalized and sympathetic to isis and maybe wanting to go as far as joining or conducting a criminal act, it takes bodies to address that threat. >> in this business, you have to bat 1,000 every day. >> you cannot have any distraction to what you're doing here. >> there could be a smoking crater down the street from me unless i do my job and everybody else around me is doing their job. it was really stressful. didn't sleep a lot of nights. all that said, it was an extreme privilege, and i would do it again in a minute. >> reporter: jonathan deinst, news 4 new york. >> a little bit of history. forget some of the attacks in new york in the '70s and '80s. up next, on a much lightere
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"snl" alums tina fey and amy poehler return for a
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it was a very happy homecoming for two "snl" alums who returned 30 rock to co-host this year's holiday special. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> i'm so happy to be back home hosting "saturday night live." >> sorry -- >> we've been together -- >> for the past two months -- >> nonstop. >> we're at the point where -- >> we're finishing -- >> each other's sentences. >> they've each hosted separately but never as a duo. as expected, the two reprised a few fan favorites. >> i'll be fine. just tell me.
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>> hillary. >> i am warning you, hillary. >> just tell me. >> donald trump. >> oh! >> i told you. >> oh, my god. we're going to be president! >> so great. also, bruce springsteen and the e street band performed as the musical guest. what a show. and there were cameos that included maya rudolph, amy schume and even sir paul mccartney. >> tina fey brought back miss palin. the smoke machine going strong there. >> really nice. great, great show. "snl" returns live, by the way, january 16th. a little holiday break. the star that night will be adam driver. you see bruce, the boss, right there. >> what a night. sir paul there. >> closed it out. >> kate mckinney. i just see her now as hillary. cracked me up. >> she's so funny. >> they're doing great. back live in about a month. all right. we're coming back with a final check of your forecast.
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christians in the west bank are starting christmas celebrations already today with a mass at bethlehem's nativity church. >> the church is built at the site where faithful believe jesus was born. the city is known for its picturesque and festive holiday celebrations. one last check of the weather before we go. seasonal today. crisp air and all that. we got a swing of something tremendous here in the coming days. >> think of last week, what happened. those record-high temperatures, that's coming back again just in time for christmas. we're going to have to act extra hard to get in the holiday spirit over the next few days.
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lynda seems thrilled with this. 70 on christmas eve is what we're looking for in some spots. today is your shopping day. great weather for that. sunshine, less windy than yesterday, and a high in yothe 40s. tomorrow, the warming starts. 52 for your high on monday. lots of clouds as well but it's dry. showers tuesday, wednesday, aenz nd thursday. not a lot of heavy rain. near 60 on tuesday. wednesday, 61. thursday, our record-setting day, the warmest christmas eve we've e visver seen in new york city. 67 for your high temperature. then we're coming down a little bit on christmas day. down to the upper 50s. >> freezing. >> yeah, freezing on christmas day. it's unbelievable. >> thank you, raphael. >> thank you. >> and that does it for this sunday morning. we thank you for spending your day with us. our next newscast is at 6:00 tonight. >> "meet the press" is next.
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