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tv   Today  NBC  December 22, 2015 7:00am-9:59am EST

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sunshine at that point and then back to the 50s over the week end be. maybe a few showers around saturday and sunday as well. but when you are talking christmas eve low 70s, wow. >> okay. >> warmer temperatures. >> ornament. >> chris, thanks so much. the "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." >> more. good morning. getting personal. donald trump mocks hillary clinton's bathroom break during the last democratic break. >> i know where she went. disgusting. >> and used a vulgar term to describe her loss to barack obama in 2008. >> she got [ bleep ]. she -- i mean, she lost. >> the clinton/trump feud escalating is this a preview of the general election? within big step. a successful launch and landing
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a stark contrast to the last mission that ended in an explosion. this time the booster returning safely to earth, an event spaerx founder elon musk is calling revolutionary. mis-taken universe. more fallout for the miss universe pageant and the blund their crowned the wrong winner. does this video show it wasn't all steve harvey's fault. and whiteout christmas. much of the west pummeled with snow making driving treacherous but skiers very happy, while here in the east it's a very efferent story, today, tuesday, december 22nd, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>. so, welcome, everybody, to today on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer in with hoda kotb while savannah enjoys some vacation time.
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>> look outside to the crowd. some people don't have jackets on. i say break out the thong in new york city. >> i was afraid you were going to say that. >> anyway, we'll talk more about snow out west. we'll talk about that as well. let us get to our top story on this tuesday morning. presidential can idates donald trump and hillary clinton bypass their immediate competition entering what seems like a general election grudge match. last night at a real trump spewed venom towards clinton who refused to back down from her claim that he has become isis' best recruiteder. nbc's katy tur is in grand rapids, michigan. katy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the rhetoric on this campaign trail, particularly with this candidate, has never been mild, but donald trump took it to another level last night when describing hillary clinton, begging the question what if anything is surprising when it comes to donald trump anymore. the stage may have looked festive, donald trump and his
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were anything but merry and bright, at least when it came to pr esters. >> really are a loser. >> reporter: press. >> by the way, i hate some of these people but i'd never kill them. i hate them. no, these people, honestly. i'll be honest. i'll be ho st. i would never kill them. i would never do that. ah, let's see. no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: and above all, hillary clinton. >> she's terrible. >> reporter: with supporters cheering h r onedhe billionaire lasered in on the former secretary of state for claiming that his rheto c is being used as a recruiting tool for iies. >> and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. >> reporter: intelligence experts say isis hasn't sed donald trump videos to recruited, but the clinton camp isn't backing down saying hell no to trump's demand for an apology. >> the person that needs to apologize in this matter is donald trump for his hateful bigot the rhetoric towards muslim-americans.
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clinton for using the bathroom during a break in saturday's debate. >> sory. >> what happened to her. i'm watching the debate, and she disappeared. i know where she went. disgusting. >> reporter: and recalling clinton's 2008 primary loss with a vulgar term used to describe the male's anatomy. >> she was going to win and she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ], she lost. >> reporter: five weeksed to th iowa caucus and it's already starting to feel like the general electron. a general election, as matt said, in the sense that both of the front-runners are focusing in on each other and ignoring their immediate competition. add another twist to this rivalry. as you know, ivanka is pregnant with her third child and now chelsea clinton is pregnant as well, announcing her second pregnancy on twitter, and she's due sometime next summer. back to you. >> the katy tur, thank you very much. mark halperin is managing editor of bloomberg politics. >> good morning, matt. >> you've been covering politics a long time.
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this, a candidate, these are slips of the tongue who goes out of his way to be outrageous, demeaning, degr ing, sexist, juvenile and continues to gain support? >> never seen anything like it. in the trump campaign they say let trump be trump. that's trump being trump and as we've seen that's worked for him. as we get down towar p voting in a nomination fight, as we head towards the general election if he's the nominee, this version of donald trump i don't think has as good a chance of winning as some other versions we've seen. >> i he is today to say this because i've asked the same question to you and others so many times but was there a misstep? he scored some points on this show yesterday demanding an apology on hillary cninton for his remarks about him bork an isis recruiteder? after that rant last night, i don't hear anyone talking about that potential apology anymore. >> i think both of them, you know, katy mentioned they are both about to have new grandchildren. neither of them want to look
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have their grandchildren hear about how they ran and have the last 48 hours of it. this country needs a high-minded debate. will this hurt him, every trump supporter even when he says crude things, we'll take that. >> you talk about a high-minded debate. this is anything but. when you talk to the people behind the scenes of the clinton campaign, do they think she can benefit from this short of dialogue? >> in the short term they want to show she will stand up to him and make him the face of the repu ican party so that the images he's leaving behind will carry over to the general election. that's a short-term benefit. you hear some people saying this may be a little out of control. this is not the kind of thing we want to deal with day in and day out from a guy, donald trump, who will say what it -- what he thinks it takes to win. >> you also have contacts in the republican party, so when you talk to the people behind the scenes in the republican party,
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debate or rhetoric is going to impact their party in the long term? >> well, this is a nightmare for the republican party between now and iowa and new hampshire and iowa because this shows more clearly than ever trump can dominate every day between now and the end -- the beginning of the voting, and he's got a lead so a guy with a lead who is dominating, hard to break -- long term, this is not the image the republican party wants to, have but it's not the image the democratic party wants to have or anyone serious in public life or national tents to have being discussed. >> trump has a lead. he has a lead in the national polls. he's behind ted cruz in the polling coming out of iowa. i talked to him on the show yesterday. i said why does it appear that you're using kid gloves when referring to ted cruz and you're bashing all. other candidates and he said, you know what. thereto will come a time when the peace has to end and he'll have to go after ted cruz. how will they do that? >> trump versus cruz will be an interesting fight because we've seen very little of it.
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we saw trump talking about -- when he went after cruz for a little bit, talked about him as a maniac and how he couldn't get along with people. trump will put himself forward, if the two of them do end up as finalists as the guy people like and say they don't like ted cruz. there will be issue fights but trump and cruz are happy now with the status quo, happy facing off against each other as finalists rather than worrying about anything else and if you look at national polls, most of the state polls, those two guys are head and shoulders above the rest of the field. >> mark halperin, always good to see you. >> happy holidays. >> you, too, thanks. all right. now to space history. it was made overnight as the private company spacex managed to launch and resupply a missioned to the space station and land the rocket back to earth. nbc's tom costello covers space. good morning, tom. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the pictures were dramatic and exciting, but what spacex managed to pull off is truly extraordinary, and it now opens the door to an entirely new way
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spacex making history overnight with the falcon 9 rocket la nching 11 satellites and then return safely to earth. >> that is the first stage coming back down to land. >> reporter: it's the first time an unmanned rocket has returned to earth successfully using a vertical landing, and it was spot on! the gigantic 23-story rocket lifted off from cape canaveral air bores face at 8:29 p.m. a live webcast from the company's california headquarters captured it all. its main mission, to supply the space station but also create reusable rockets to save on launch costs and make space more widely accessible. spacexed is the brainchild of elon musk, the 44-year-old billionaire mogul also behind tesla. this successful landing comes six months after a failed attempt in june with a mtssive explosion. shortly after launch, the rocket
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to the space station disintegrated. last night redemption and triumph with elon musk tweeting, welcome back, baby. nasa weighed in, too, tweeting congratulations spacex on your successful vertical landing of the first stage back to earth. you know, as you know, several companies are competing for a piece of the pie to resupply the space station and eventually carry astronauts to the station. competitor jeff bezos, the ceo of achieved a similar success, and couldn't help but gloat when he tweeted congrats on ln'd g ing sub orbital booster. welcome to the club, a little ribbing there. >> their reaction in the control room. >> oh, wow. >> the pressure on those people to have that happened successfully was enormous. >> euphoria. >> absolutely. let's talk about new developments in the sandra land case, the chicago woman found dead in a texas jail cell three
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routine traffic stop that went dramatically wrong. five months after the incident dr mew national protests the grand jury on monday declined to indict yone, including the jailer in connection with her death. grand jurors will reconvene in january to consider remaining issues. bland's family says they have no confidence in the grand jury investigation. >> and there are new details today about the deadly hit-and-run crash on the las vegas city. tate lakeisha holloway will be in court for a bail hearing. she's the 24-year-old woman who is accused of plowing i o pedestrian with her 3-year-old in the back seat. one person was killed and 35 others were hurt. holloway faces murder and attempted murder charges. investigators say she did not appear distressed when she was arrested. she had afoarently been in las vegas for about a week living her car and running are out of
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>> today sergeant bowe bergdahl will be arraigned facing a court-martial on c rges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he's accused of leaving his post back in afghanistan in 2009 befoel being captured by the taliban. 259-year-old from idaho was held for five here's and then freed in a very controversial prisoner swap for five prisoners held at guantanamo bay. he faces a maximum of life in prison convict the. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on u.s. troops in afghanistan. six troops were killed and one hurt on monday when a suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle loaded with explosives into a foot patrol. it happened near bagram air field, the largest base in the country. amongag victims, a new york city police detective on reserve duty, a 15-year member of the nypd is survived by his wife and two children. and federal health o icials
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of e. coli chases linked to chipotle restaurants to see if they are part of a larger outbreak that started back in october. the cdc says five people in kansas, north dakota and oklahoma got sick about a week after eating at chipotle outlets late last month. chipotle believes the cases are related to the earlier outbreak that sickened 50 p ple in nine states but the cdc says early evidence shows a different strain of the bacteria may be involved. chipotle's stock hit a 52-week low on monday. a police ofnucer in michigan got a surprise after the driver of a car he had stopped for erratic driving on saturday night made a getaway. the incident was captured by the cruisers's dashcam but the driver didn't very far, losing control of the car and careening into the oncoming traffic. that's when the driver, a 13-year-old boy and his passenger, his 6-year-old
7:14 am
no one was more surprised than the pursuing officer. it turns out they took their dad's girlfriend car out for a joyride. look at kid running. >> i think the sister was 8, still, 13 and 8. >> wow. >> ridiculous. >> yeah. >> all righty then. >> let's get a check of the weather with dylan dreyer who is in while al is taking a vacation. >> it's officially winter. >> not out there. >> if you forget what snow looks like, take a look. lots of? out in the high elevations of california, out neither sierra and up across oregon and into washington statement lots of folks enjoying the snow out there. this is much-needed snow pack that they need this time of year to get through the later months. it did cause some delays on the road. travel was very treacherous. the roadways were very slippery, besides the slopes were obviously slippery, too, always a good thing. also a lot of rain along the coast of oregon. winds so strong it knocked over
7:15 am
they were gusting up near 65 miles per hour, downing trees and power lines and there are some power outages, one of many storms that has been making its way into the pacific northwest so we've got this -- we've got this moisture streaming in off the pacific, and you can see some of the heavier rain still falling across central california right now. we've got the mountain snow this. will continue to accumulate as we go through the next couple of days. great news for the ski resorts and higher elevations. out east we've got the ridge in the jet stream. we're looking at record high temperatures possible across 30 states over the next three days. we're looking at temperatures to run about 15 to 30, even 40 degrees above average. take a look as we go through the day today. temperatures will continue to warm into the 509s, 60s, even some 70s up and down the east coast. it's not going to be nice and sunny. does come with a lot of rain
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storms in southeastern texas. getting closer and closer. it's mainly light shower activity to the west of us. there's heavier stuff further south that could come on in late they are morning and in the afternoon hours. take the umbrella. you need it from time to time. just a gray day. we're starting out at 55. 58 at noon. a high of 60 degrees today. tomorrow, same thing. more rain expected in the afternoon. 62. warm on thursday. christmas eve. 72. 62 christmas day with sunshine and back to showers by the
7:17 am
and that's your latest forecast. dylan, thanks so much. turning now to the privileged 18-year-old convicted drunk driver who is now on the run. ethan couch dodged jail time in this case after his attorneys argued that he was too wealthy to understand the consequences of his action. this morning investigators say that controversial affluenza defense is now driving tips. nbc's kerry sanders is in texas with the late on this story. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: well, good morning, hoda. this morning the fugitive task force is checking flight manifests at the airport to see if ethan couch may have come here, hopped a plane and fled. with what they know right now they say it's just as likel he took off behind the wheel of a car or a pickup truck. >> this morning deputies are searching for a harley-davidson edition ford f-150 like this that ethan couch's moter tonya drives. she's not a suspect, but because she went missing the same day as her son, authorities believe she may be helping him.
7:18 am
family. if you're wealthy in this country, can you continually elude law enforcement. >> i don't know about this country but not in tarrant county. >> reporter: in 2013 ethan couch driving drunk killed four people and injured nine in a horrendous accident. s defense, that he didn't know right from wrong because he grew up affluent. that led to probation instead of prison time and outrage. investigators believe this video apparently of couch as a beer popping party is why he's on fhe run. others told the d.a. couch was there and even though he's not seen drinking alcohol it could be a violation of his probation. tarrt county sheriff anderson finally says what was wrong, couch's probation, can now be made a right. >> i would really like for him to see up close and personal the inside w kings of the adult skrl justice system and maybe,
7:19 am
his life, learn something. >> reporter: the family members of those who died in the accident have chosen in the to talk, but the sheriff says when ethan couch is captured, if he's sent to prison, those family members, those victims' family members may finally see some justice. hoda? >> all right. thanks. so much. more fallout for steve harvey as miss universe crown confusion raines supreme online. and yadda, yadda, yadda. president obama teaming up with jerry seinfeld as he dabbles in
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good morning everyone. 7:26. 55 degrees looking at the tappan zee bridge. i'm darlene rodriguez. the nypd is mourning the loss of a veteran detective killed while serving in afghanistan. katherine creag has more from the section of the bronx. kat? >> reporter: he was well-respected and beloved by the police force and his family and friends. detective joseph lemm worked the streets in the bronx as a member of the warrant squad. it was overseas in afghanistan, a suicide bomber took the life of the well-respected detective. he was one of six american soldiers killed monday. in happier times he had a joyous reunion with his wife and two children when he returned home from war. westchester county, that was in 20 is 13, darlene. so many people honoring and remembering him this morning. back to you. >> kat, thank you. lits look at the morning commute with lauren scala. >> still have delays on uptown a and c trains.
7:28 am
lines for path commuters, but nj transit is cross honoring ckets. on the roads, 95 still jammed up because of an accident southbound. two lanes still closed in connecticut. still an accident on 78 eastbound in new jersey out by exit 17. back to you, darlene. >> lauren, thanks. we're going to take a break and be right back with the forecast. it's mild but a bit of rain headed our way today. take the umbrellas. showers from time to time throughout the afternoon. a high of 60. dries out for a bit tonight.
7:29 am
tomorrow, 62. so still warm. steady rain late afternoon and evening. 72 record setting high for thursday. christmas eve and christmas day looks warm too with a high of 62. darlene? >> chris, thank you. coming up on the "today" show, the airline controversy surrounding one mom trying to bring breast milk on to a plane. we'll have another local update in a half hour. see you then. welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, 22nd day of december, 2015. got to put a little more water in that tree because it's a warm one here in new york city. going to go up to 16. >> but it is going to rain. >> oh, so good. we don't have to water tree. >> don't have to go over there with watering cans which is good. another warm day here in the east. we'll have dylan's forecast coming up in just a litt e while. >> here are some of the stories making news. sparks fly as friction builds between presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. trump gets personal with some
7:31 am
democratic rival as she refuses to apologize for her claim he's become isis' best recruiter. monday's taliban attack in afghanistan that killed six u.s. soldiers marks the deadliest assault on international forces since august. the bomber rammed a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint nato afghan patrol. among victims, a 15-year veteran of the new york city police department. and a grand jury decides no felony crime was committed by the sheriff's office or jailers in the treatment of sandra bland, the black woman who died in a texas jail last summer. grand jury will return in january to decide whether the trooper who arrested the 28-year-old woman should face charges. and coming up, christmas with a bang as gun sales soar this holiday season. we'll take a look at why firearms are topping wish lists across the country. let us start this half hour with more fallout from the miss universe pageant and the mistake that caused the wrong winner to be crowned. willie is here with more on
7:32 am
hey, willie. hey, willie. >> reporter: good morning, guys. steve harvey took the blame saying he failed to read the ballot card correctly but this morning a new snapchat video showing an offstage conversation raising new questions about harvey's teleprompter. >> i have to apologize. >> reporter: this morning the fall out over the miss universe debacle is growing. host steve harvey saying he misread the ballot card, accidentally awarding miss clomiat top prize, but a snapchat video recorded moments after the flub may tell a different story. the audio is difficult to hear, but the caption on the snapchat reads teleprompttrer said miss universe, colombia, a claim gaining some traction online with even miss america contestant meg mcguffin describing the video on twitter. in its official statement, the miss universe pageant said human ror came into play with harvey maintaining it was his mistake. >> it was my mis. >> reporter: facing mounting
7:33 am
and talk show show of the finding support from celebrities urging critics to ease up. magic johnson tweeting steve harvey made a mistake tonight. we've allllade mistakes and comedian mindy kaling said you couldn't have paid me to care about miss universe competition before this. i love steve harvey, and both contestants too, now actually. miss colombia's reign as miss universe lasted an agonizing four minutes. >> thank you. >> the bizarre sequence of events began when harvey declared her the winner. >> colombia. >> reporter: for a full two minutes she was on stage alone, basking in the glory of her apparent ictory until harvey meturned to the stage. >> i have to apologize. >> reporter: four and a half minutes after being announced as winner miss colombia's crown was awkwardly removed and placed on the head of a miss philippines. >> despite the mistake viewers in the philippines were thrilled
7:34 am
into a strange but thrilling moment for viewers around the world. >> even our own al roker tweeted his support for steve harvey writing, quote, live tv is tough and mistak does happen. steve harvey took responsibility and nobody better. harvey responded to thanks man, al. always appreciate your support. we said it yesterday he made a mistake, owned the mistake immediately. obviously a big deal on a big stage but he knows he's squeezed up. >> have a solution if anyone watched "mean girls" and no one can remember there but there's a scene when lindsay lohan takes her crown and snaps is into a piece d gives it half to this persul and half to that person. >> that's the donald trump solution. >> and we do think steve harvey should host next year, huge, huge. >> and every year after that. >> willie, thank you. carson is over in the original room with more on how the internet has reacted. must is been really quiet. >> yeah, it was, and you would expect them to ask swift and without mercy.
7:35 am
hosting "the voice" i know exactly what that feeling is like and a great guy and let's get back to the internet. a few memes being generated. steve h vey announcing the winner at westminster dog show. ryan writing in, you know, obviously "family feud" host so show me miss colombia. >> a little kanye joke, always appropriate taking the crown off of taylor and putting it on beyonce, no doubt. you got them all here, guys. right. justin bieber re-tweeted one. steve harvey should host the nfl drafts first round. should be doing the whole thing. justin bieber, too late now to say sorry? he re-tweeted this one. no disrespect but it was too funny to pass up s there you go. >> carson, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from dylan in for al. talking about the warmup so much for christmastime but it does come with a lot of rain, and we're already seeing some of the heavier rain down across the southeast.
7:36 am
heavy rain, heaviest through carolina and stretching into the panhandle of florida where we do have thunderstorms, too, lots of lightning right in through here though a lot of activity is right out over the gulf. we do have a chance of stronger storms later on tonight. the largest hail possible across northeastern texas and southeastern oklahoma and western louisiana. this does include dallas though any tornadoes would be few and far between. tomorrow we have a better risk of larger tornadoes, especially across western and central tennessee. norrthern mississippi and northwestern alabama. this is the area we need focus on tomorrow afternoon because some of these storms could be strong. keep in mind we've got warm air streaming in from the gulf of mexico and it feels more like springtime than winter. that's why we're looking at a chance of stronger storms and a possibility of as much as five to six inches of rain. could see basketweave flooding and a lot of rain in a short period of time and also snow out in the northwest and rain and wind up and down the east coast
7:37 am
dylan, thanks very much. we're in the mid-50s. a mild start in the city. 55 degrees. 40s north and west. a little bit of light rain breaking out. only need the umbrellas off and on. best chance, i think, mid afternoon hours. hef jest time tomorrow is into tomorrow evening. record setting warmth possible in time for the holidays. near 60 today. low 60s tomorrow, steadiest rain later in the day and evening. high of 72, christmas day back to sun but 62. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. coming up, the pros and cons of giving cash as a holiday gift. we'll tell you about that. all right. a look at what's triggering a boost in gun sales this holiday season all coming up after these messages. my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste... p
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you' re quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee.d. well look who' s up. i' m really glad you' re here mom. me too. look who' s here! back now at 7:41. december is usually the biggest month for gun sales but this year shops have been seeing an even greater surge.
7:42 am
holiday wish lists amid fears of terrorism and also the perceived threat of changing gun laws. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in smyrna, georgia, with more on this. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the manager here at adventure outdoors says business has nearly doubled since this time last year. the holidays are typically busy, but gun shops haven't seen a surge this big since president obama's re-election. at this gun range outside atlanta, business is booming. >> i'm here to promote safety for my grandchildren. >> reporter: just in time for christmas. >> actually a semiautomatic. >> ever since the paris attacks a lot of customers have been coming in buying first guns, buying guns to protect their homes, their families and themselves. >> reporter: louis cole is on the hunt for the perfect gift for his wife. >> this is her. like any good husband, ask for the list of christmas items that you would like to have, and one of the items was a firearm. >> reporter: last month the fbi
7:43 am
firearm background checks for potential buyers, 24% more than the previous november. generally gifting guns within your own state is allowed under federal law and in many states the person receiving the gift is not required to get a background check. >> what kind of ammo would you like? >> a lot of people just don't understand firearms and, you know, if you don't understand something, it's easy to be afraid of it. it's a large piece of american culture, especially growing up in the south. i don't even think twice about guns. >> reporter: it's not just weapons sales that are soaring, but accessories this. arizona company, well-armed woman, is aiming for a different demographic this holiday season. >> it is a significant gift of love to arm the people that you love with the tools and the training to protect themselves. >> this morning the space under ashley's christmas tree is crowded, a new rifle for her husband. >> i just pulled the trigger on
7:44 am
>> reporter: a gift she hopes is right on target. so much for the christmas surprise, if he's watching this morning, and by the way, when it comes to gifting guns, so-called straw purchases, of course, are illegal, meani the exchange must be a gift, and the recipient can't pay you back. matt, a simpler option might be a gift card. >> gabe gutierrez down in georgia for this with this story. gabe, thank you. coming up next, the tables have turned. sarah palin spoofs tina fey. >> pretty good there. >> and carson in there with the not so jolly encounters with santa. all of that and more coming ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need
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7:48 am
fibromyalgia may have changed things. but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica. so in the past comedian jerry seinfel has gotten pretty big-named web siries "comedians in car getting coffee" and the latest gift might be the biggest get yet. >> president obama and jerry seinfeld take a spin in a 1963 corvette before they sit down with a c did conversation about life in the white house. the episode isn't out yet but
7:49 am
appearances for the commander in chief. >> white house. >> yes, may i speak with the president, please. >> speaking. >> the president doesn't take just anyone's calls. that voice on the other end of the line belongs to jerry seinfeld, the president afreeing take part in the legendary comics's "comedians and cars getting coffee," a popular web series that shows seinfeld sitting down for a cup of joe with hollywood heavyweights and now president obama has come along with the ride. the conversation focuses on the lighter side of the presidency providing an opportunity to pull back the curtain. this took place on a day after the president delivered an address on terrorism leaving some to question the optics. last year he sat down with zak glove knackias on "between two ferns" to talk about the
7:50 am
>> do you go to dotcoms or doe net and do you use dot gov. >> reporter: his use of the "known" word during the interview sparking some controversy and just last week he trekked through the alaskan wilderers in with bear grylls on nbc's "running wild" voicing his concerns about climate change. >> it's so important for us to pay attention to climate change and understand that there's something that we can actually do about it. >> reporter: president obama's upcoming each sed on the web series doesn't appear to have any political agenda but as many americans concerns over tear ,terrorism grow. you've seen the video recently, going viral. 40-yard chip shot, lines left
7:51 am
>> look at that. >> watch the club, drops the club. that's like dropping the mike. >> nice to be caught on camera. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> all right, guys. >> carson, thank you. coming up, how to avoid holiday travel fails as you make the trip to grandma's house this year. >> hotel rooms half price but it will mean sleeping next to a (vo) some call it giving back. others call it paying it
7:52 am
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good morning everyone. 7:56. 55 degrees out.
7:56 am
it's december 22nd. i'm darlene rodriguez. police are looking for the gunman who opened fire inside a supermarket in the bronx. surveillance video shows two men running into a c town supermarket in mont haven yesterday afternoon. they're followed by the gunman who fires several shots. a 21-year-old man was hit in the back and leg. he's? stable condition in the hospital. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that killed a 93-year-old woman in brooklyn. it was in bay ridge this morning. firefighters were able to pull the woman from the second floor of the building, but she died at the hospital. let's take a look at the morning commute with lauren scala. >> thanks, darlene. delays on uptown a and c trains and path. especially the journal square to 33rd. new jersey transit continues to cross honor the path tickets. you have some options. on the roads, they're not so bad right now. several disabled vehicles on 287 northbound by exit 3 in new jersey. back to you. lauren, thanks.
7:57 am
mild showers on and off. 60 degrees. some fog. tomorrow, steady rain starting in the late afternoon. high of 62. thursday looking at more rain with a chance for a record-setting 72 degrees. friday mild and dry for christmas day. 62. coming up on the "today" show, a delicious twist on an italian classic. short rib lasagna. yum.
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, show me the money. we'll tell you why giving out cold hard cash for christmas never goes out of style. plus, turning the tables. >> this is my space. >> look who is taking on tina fey in a brand new spoof of her hit show "30 rock" and the one and only giada de laurentiis is cooking up a feast for a hungry holiday crowd with a little bit of an italian twist, today,
7:59 am
rocking around the christmas tree at christmas party hop >> merry christmas from south carolina! >> happy holidays from or hattiesburg, mississippi. >> here from new mexico. >> merry christmas from california. hi, mom! we're back now, 8:00, on a tuesday morning. it's the 22nd day of december, 2015. and we've got another enormous holiday crowd out on the plaza. hopefully not dodging too much raindrops on a beautifully warm day here in new york city. real they weather is crazy. hoda is over there taking selfies with people. everybody is in a festive mood. it feels like spring break weather-wise, and the crowd is sort of -- feels like that as well.
8:00 am
good to have you here. >> matt, where's your picture, of the one back of you -- oh, we've got it the. >> those were the days. >> is he here. oh, that's him right there. >> hi, how are you. it's nice to see you. great to see you again. wow, that's all i've got to say. >> we were in las vegas when that happened apparently well, remember what they say, it should stay in vegas. welcome back, everyone. the new year quickly approaching. awards season is going to follow. around here we're looking forward already to the golden globes. >> and that's because this year, get this, we want to take one lucky viewer with us to the party. so we're launching a special contest, and it's called "today's" golden ticket. all have you to do is go to and post a picture that shows you are a huge golden globes fan and tell us the reasons why we should pick you to c e with. >> and wait until you hear this. >> what?
8:01 am
guns security sieve discover los angeles. we'll be flying you and a friend to the entertainment of the capital entertainment of the world, beverly hills. this is so fancy i'm not sure but you'll get your hair did and makeup did and spa there and $500 shopping spree at the amazing beverly center. >> but there's more. the hollywood foreign press association is also going to have you have your turn at red carpet so nbc entertainment will have your exclusive tickets to the golden globes viewing parliament i mean, that's a great ticket, right? >> it should be a great weekend for one of our ewers. >> golden ticket, wasn't that willy wonka'u whole thing? are we stealing that. >> don't miss your chance to join us in historic los angeles, sunshine and fun. go to to enter. all right.
8:02 am
from tamron hall. donald trump's attacks on democratic front-runner hillary clinton are getting very personal. he mocked her for taking a bathroom break calling it, quote, disgusting and used at term for the male anatomy describing her 2008 primary loss. >> she was going to beat and she was going to win and she got [ bleep ]. she lost. >> trump has been demanding an apology from the clinton campaign claiming his fiery rhetoric is being used by isis but a clinton spokesman s s there will be no apology. today sargeant bowe bergdahl will be arraigned facing a court-martial on charges of behavior before the enemy. bergdahl is accused of leaving his post in the afghanistan in 2009 before being captured by the taliban. he was held for five years and freed in a controversial prisoner swap for five detainees
8:03 am
bergdahl faces a maximum life in prison if he isaconvicted. and now to the latest in the sandra bland case. she is the chicago woman found dead in a texas jail cell three days after being arrested in a routine traffic stop that went dr matic rly wrong. five months after the incident drew national protests, a grand jury has declined to indict anyone, including the jailer in connection with her death. grand jurors will reconvene in january to reconsider remaining issues. bland's family says they have no confidence in the investigation. and police say the driver who intentionally ran down dozens of p estrians. on the las vegas strip sunday did not have any alcohol in her system. 24-year-old headache somewhat holloway faces a bail hearing today accused of killing a 32-year-old arizona woman, jessica schranz swaila and linjuring five other people by driving on to the sidewalk.
8:04 am
was in the car with her. prosecutors say they were homeless and living in that car. history has been made again at cape canaveral. spacex launched a falcon 9 spacecraft carrying small satellites last night and then the 15-story booster returned for a vertical touchdown on landing. that, by the way, a first, the success triggered a lot of hearing as you hear and see there at mission control. a store security camera was rolling as a customer and a clerk teamed up to tackle a man who threatened to shoot anyone who didn't hand over their money. this happened this weekend near the university of miami campus in coral gables, florida. the suspect, 47-year-old javon reddick, was pinned to the ground until police arrived.r tried to tell them he was joking, but officers say he did have a gun in his pocket. it's a scary scene out there. the people jumped into action. don't know what would have happened if they had not. >> the thanks, tamron. with the numbers of travelers expected to top 100
8:05 am
record this holiday season, a lot of people will be taking to the skies, and they will encounter some rums that may cramp their christmas style. >> "today's" erica shill here with a story of a mother who found herself at center of a co ntroversy for trying to bring breast milk on a plane. hey, erica. >> hey, guys, good morning. always a little bit of hectic as we head to the airport and first disclosure i did once cry at security when i was told i couldn't bring my milk with me. one text as mom's recent battle which she posted on social media and that got us to thinking about all the hinges we need to know before heading to the airport no matter your age or stage in life. >> vanessa did everything by the book before heading to the airport with two weeks worth of breast milk. >> i tried to make sure, that, you know, i did my due diligence and checked with delta. >> reporter: she says the customer service agent told her to pack the milk in a cooler
8:06 am
it with her baggage. when she arrived at the airport the message was much difference. >> ought of three agent no one could tell me what to do and basically said you can't take this cooler on the plane. >> after plenty of confusion and frustration, vanessa threw out the dryize and carried the frozen breast milk with her on the plane. next time she will have the advice from delta in writing. >> if someone isn't educated were the a these desk agents, if they don't know their own company's protocol, then at least you can show them what the correct procedure is. >> reporter: for have necessaria the issue wasn't the milk but the dry ice. travel expert and mom samantha brown says a hard copy could have helped. >> she did everything right. a lot of times it' just a miscommunication between customer service and the clerk who you are having face time with. >> reporter: per the tsa breast milk, formula and baby food, like medicines, do not fall under the 311 guidelines.
8:07 am
amount isn't limited to three ounces or less with. some 5.8 million americans expected to travel this holiday seaser, there's no shortage of stress at the airport. bringing gifts, wrapped present are not encourage the in the cabin and even in a checked bag experts recommend you wait to wrap until you arrive. brown also suggests doing a security line run-through with the entire family, especially if you don't travel often. >> my top three tips for families traveling during the holidays is, one, arrive in plenty of time. two, bring food so you don't get hungry, and, three, smile, breathe. everybody is in the same boat. or plane. >> reporter: as some airports across the country united airlines has created an oath oasis of happiness, therapy dogs ready with a cuddle to help with the holiday stress. as for vanessa, delta contacted her to apologize and offered to
8:08 am
preparing her breast milk for travel. in a statement to nbc news, the airline says it's," working directly with miss oranga. >> i just hope that they use this as a lesson. >> the tsa website is the a great resource, lays out regulations for carry-on lugage. doesn't hurt to check with the airlines and print the recommendations if there's any question. >> the what happened when that happened at the engagement? >> when kate and wills got engaged, i said can i bring my breast milk back, no problem but the rules were different at heathrow, i didn't print anything out and the gate agent said you can't bring it and you have to check it and i didn't have any dry ice so i cried. >> erica, understandable. >> up next, ladies, listen up, is breaking up harder to do if
8:09 am
has a great severance humor? >> plus, our friend meredith vieira asks kids which stars have been naughty and nice. >> that should be good. >> and spiritual leader, find out how they find peace in these troubled times, but, first, it's that night of the year you come here. looking for gifts so there won't be tears. eleventh hour shopper...that's you. it's ok because they know you. then're loaded up with gear. an xbox for the children.
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8:12 am
all right. it's now 8:14 and time to do a little trending. >> oh, good. a couple days left until christmas so you've got a gift you still need to buy for a very picky person. anybody fit into that category? >> i'm not picky, but i know people like that, yeah. >> if you run out of ideas, would you give that person cash? >> no. >> i would -- >> yes. >> i would probably give a gift
8:13 am
which seems classier than cash. >> my nieces live on the other side of the country, i'don't know what they are into. just cash. >> who would want 20 bucks. i don't know to get you, here's 20 bucks, get yourselfing is you really sglant would you do thats to an adult or just kids? >> i would. >> that's the sglifrpt cash is king. >> i give me niece and nephew, they are 19 and 16 cash but i wouldn't give a 30-year-old friend of mine cash. >> i give cash to people that you would tip but not to people who are friends. >> that's a good rule of thumb. some people it's tacky to give cash. in a new article published on yahoo! here's what "consumer reports" says. cash is always a good gift. the magazine argues money is a safer bet, especially for picky people and one etiquette expert says cash is a gift that's rarely returned and one size fits all. >> if someone handed me $40 and that's what i was going to spend, i earmarked this for your
8:14 am
alcohol choice, go get what you want. i'd say thank you very much. >> and you would say, by the way, it's pabsh blue ribbon. >> get a lot of that. >> asked you on twitter, is cash a tacky gift? 81% said no, it isn't. 19% said yes, it is. >> now we know. >> next christmas cash. >> speaking of cash, new startup is giving you a chance to book a hotel room at half the price. it sound perfect, right? >> what's the caeerch? >> well, yeah you know there's a catch. you have to share the room with a complete and total servic the service is called the winston club, invitation only and members can get screened and set to lauren next year. hotel rooms will be available in various cities and this is how it works. you book a room and the club pairs with you a stranger, you approve or reject and if you approve you slit the cost >> the that's a great idea until
8:15 am
something goes wrong with that room. >> could anybody sleep in a hotel room with a perfect stranger, even if they seem nice. >> yes. >> gender. >> is it a hookup site? >> it will be. >> not today. >> carson is going what was the website? >> exactly. >> i just changed my mind. >> cash is king. >> safe to say we've all been through break-ups at this table, right? >> yeah. >> but ladies, a new study says women have a harder time recovering from a break-up if her ex-has a certain quality and we now know what it is. >> a sense of humor. >> do you agree with that? >> absolutely. >> i agree. >> why, what is it about a humor? >> if a guy is mean or edgy it's easy toe think about good-bye and you think about the nice guy and funny moment. it's harder. >> what if the hilarious guy cheated on you? >> not so funny, huh? >> he made me laugh, but you
8:16 am
>> and carson's reality has checked in. >> oh, gosh. >> such a funny guy. >> you know what's funny, when they said that they took all the research out of the prompter, it's not even worth going into. >> here's a good one. sarah palin is gettig her revenge on tina fey, and which celebrities are on santa's naughty or nice list. carson. >> first to sarah palin turning the tables on tina fey on saturday. tina once again playing the former alaskan governor on "snl" and now in a new video sarah palin takes a whack as playing tina fey, a spot of a hit show "30 rock" a trailer for a fake show called "31 rock" and see what you think of palin's impression. >> when it begins this january, america will meet little melon. >> this is my safe space. >> a tv writer who left a small town for the big space. >> no snow flakes? >> will she be able to round up a cast and produce a hit show?
8:17 am
>> or will the writers ruin everything. >> nerds in the. >> and force her old friend -- >> even a cameo from her former running mate john mccain. >> spent some money on this. >> this is not a real show, by the way, won't be coming to tv, just a spoof from a conservative website. >> amazing how interchangeable they are, pretty crazy. our dear friend meredith vieira on her show monday talked to a panel kids and asked them which celebrities would make santa's naughty or nice list. nautd owe nice list. >> nice. >> naughty. >> noutdy, foughty. >> do you know who that is? >> no. >> why are you saying fought? >> bus she just looks like it. >> how about this person. >> i don't know. he's -- >> naughty, naughty, naughty. >> he looks weird!
8:18 am
>> oh, my gosh. he doesn't look. >> i feel bad for you. >> i got over it, honey. it took a lot of therapy. >> a double whammy for matt. >> not only do the kids not know who he was, they thought he was creepy based on looks alone you. >> see, and i'm not having trouble breaking up with her because of that sense of humor. doesn't bother me one bit. love you, my dear. >> that was awesome. >> really good. >> carson, thank you. dylan, how about a check of the weather. >> big travel day on wednesday. it's not going to be so great around the country. we've got a chance of heavier rain up and down the east coast, and we are also looking at some severe storms down across the gulf coast and that could create some delays at airport and also out west we're looking at a lot of mountain snow and that lasts into temperatures mid machine 50s in the city. shower activities closer and
8:19 am
it is generally light in here. heavier showers offshore. take along the umbrella. you need it from time to time. high temperature near 60. tonight, lower 60s. steady period of rain afternoon and evening. christmas day, partly sunny and warm, 62. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan. thank you very much. time now for our series do you believe. this morning an interfaith discussion about peace. hoda has more of that. the stories of terrorism and intolerance almost everywhere you turn these days. some of the problems brought about in the name of religion, so with that in mind we talked to some influential faith and community leader for their thoughts on whether peace is possible. first of all, i'd like to start off by saying girl power. our panel boasts three amazing women, the reverend dr. jackie lewis of new york city's middle
8:20 am
israel booddahl of central synagogue and peace activist sahar el salani. do you believe there can be peace? >> absolutely. we see it in the mike comp of people finding peace through themselves personally and i think that it just keeps spreading out. we have the notion of peace and aspire to that. >> i find myself taking a deep breath in saying, okay, i am the beginning of peace. i think we're all called to be peace-makers, and the source of the peace is a kind of self love that acknowledges that we're beautiful and wonderful. i think violence comes through self-hatred and peace comes from love. >> islam means peace and all of our scriptures which are very much intertwined are road maps to justice and peace and finding salvation in this world. >> but what do you think the barriers are for working on a global scale because we've seen often it doesn't? >> it's one of the beauties that
8:21 am
me, that i own god. god is not christian, god is not christian, god is not jewish. god is love. >> can you believe exactly what you believe as strongly as you believe it and yet acknowledge that people on either side of you believe with equal conviction in their faith, and i think if more people could nod their head and say, yeah, can i do that, it would work. >> i think there's a sense that god wants justice and love in the world and each of our religions have a different way of saying it, but we recognize that really at base is the same and we can work together, that's also one of the ways that we make that kind of peace. >> when you see what's been going on, you know, in san bernardino and what's been happening and people say we want to bar muslims from coming into the country and all that sort of stuff, what do you people of your faith and when do you share with them? how do you explain what's going on? >> i remind our youth that we
8:22 am
for harmony and nonviolence, and a core principle of islam is nonviolence and is interfaith cooperation. >> it seems like the biggest barrier to peace is ignorance. it's like you don't know somebody, right? >> so true. >> you don't know what they are about. >> so many people think they don't know muslims and i'm saying, yes, you do, yes, you do. that's your teacher. that's the pta president. that's the shopkeeper. of course, we do. sglrnlt what >> what would your message be of peace during this season? >> peace in our tradition is not just not having war. you cannot have wholeness and perfection unless it includes all of humanity. we are all one whole and we seek out that peace. >> up of my favorite verses from the koran god does not change the condition of the people unless they change the condition within their hearts. take time and remember that there are many ways that you can worship and love your lord. one of the best ways to love god is to serve of others. >> i elieve that there's more
8:23 am
i celebrate all these paths, but i'm a christian, i choose this path because i'm captivated by this story. i'm captivated by the story that god comes all the way down to earth. each of us embodies love in our best day and then just go out and do love. >> wow. >> i think, you know, i'm a believer that peace can work, d if you've ever lived in new york city or been here and you watch people of all different faiths or no faith living in such close quarters and it works, like if you think that new york city can work, if you're an optimist you believe the world can work, because we work when we're all intertwined like this on top of each other and somehow the city, you know, makes it happen. >> we should run that piece every day at end of the show, the same piece over and over again to just get this into people's minds. it doesn't seem like it should be as difficult. >> those three ladies make it very simple. should be just hike that. >> but you also point out learning about others. not everybody lives in new york city where you come in contact
8:24 am
with the internet and social media it can be a positive place firm to interact with people not like us. >> thanks. coming up, giada is in the kitchen and is showing us how to cook for a crowd in holiday season with a bit of italian flair. a bit of italian. >> can i just say we're making short ribs lasagna. >> get ready.
8:25 am
good morning, everyone. 8:26. 56 degrees on a tuesday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. a fire tore through a mansion in new jersey. it broke out before 2:30. firefighters from several nearby communities had to come in. it took two hours to get that fire out. the family was planning to move in in a few weeks. we have delays on hoboken. new jersey tran it is cross-honoring tickets, so you have another option. 78 east bound, two accidents. one by exit 24, oldwick road. and one at exit 2, rattlesnake
8:26 am
let's check the weather. mild showers on and off. 60, the high. tonight, fog, 52 degrees. high of 62. thursday, more rain likely with a high, chance for a record-setting high of 72 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, dylan sits down with quintin entin
8:27 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's december 22nd, 2015, and that dylan dreyer knows how to predict the weather. sh said we're about to get some
8:28 am
the rain is here. >> right on cue. >> that's right. look who else is here. that's brian darcy james. he is our elf this morning for our toy drive which is just about to come to an end. >> i can't believe it's winding down now but he's going around collecting gifts from all the gifts. weed've had such a successful toy drive. it's our sec d biggest year ever with more than $37.5 million raised. the total since we began the tradition if you add i all up, $430 million, and we're betting millions of smiles, too, for all the kids across the country so we want to thank everybody, and we'll talk to our elf brian darcy james in just a bit. >> by the way, hats off to the people at show who work so hard on organizing that do i drive every year. >> absolutely. >> also ahead, the mini layers of giada delaurinaitis who is here with a short rib lasagna. it's going to be a crowd pleaser here and then you can perhaps make it at home. >> yeah. >> exactly.
8:29 am
>> every day here, this morning illusionists taking things to a whole new level in just a minute. >> that guy's name is jeff hobson, very, very funny. meanwhile, you saw him earlier as santa's helper and when brian darcy james isn't on the plaza collecting toys he's a big man on the great white way and on the big screen. good morning. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> stars in an amazing movie called "spot light" all about the "boston globe's" investigation into the catholic church. great ensemble cast. you happy with the reaction? >> an incredible reaction and incredible film and the people i'm lucky enough to be in, mike keaton, mark ruffalo, the list goes on and on. powerful movie and i'm pinching myself that i'm in it. >> you play a journalist who sort of exposes the whole scandal of the catholic church. did you get to meet and knowet him? >> i was lucky enough to meet matt carol who i play in the film who is a wonderful reporter and works for the "boston globe" and all these report, the spotlight team at the "boston
8:30 am
they do extraordinary long lead investigative journalists at work and matt and i -- i took a crash course in matt carol and he showed me everything that he knew about his job. >> have any holiday traditions. >> yeah, thanks. it's red. >> if i'm working i take a few minutes off to kind of have fun with my family and i'll have christmas eve off and that will be good. whatever is happening in any particular here is what i do. >> and your broadway run. >> it's a little bit of a break for me. i have a show on christmas night so i'm lucky to be working on the holidays. >> happy holidays. >> thank you, thank you. >> merry christmas. >> you can catch him now on the big screen in "spotlight" and broadway in "something wrote rotten." >>ho dylan, a check of the weather. >> starting to rain here.
8:31 am
of snow, santa, the big man, needing a lot of sante and we sent bob riddell up to the north pole to find out what's going on up there. bob, how santa holding up this year? >> reporter: well, merry christmas to all of you. think about it. there's only three days to christmas eve and time is running out here in the north pole. santa is taking a nap and resting up before the big night with the big slay while the elves are scrambling to put the toys together. we come up here each year and we try to get inside santa's toy shop it's such a top secret operation and he doesn't want to reveal much. hold on, guys. sorry. we've got leaked security cam footage from inside santa's toy shop operation, a top secret thing we were just talking about this. this is so -- this has never been seen before, guys, looking at the elves, obviously one of the "star wars" light sabers,
8:32 am
elves have been putting together and they actually test each and every individual toy before sending it out to make sure they work, and i'm -- i'm not sure that that guy should be testing those toys right there. i counted -- i counted three osha violations just now. >> well, they have got three days to kind figure out how that thing works. >> reporter: i'm getting some word inside here, we assurance, that that was just an isolated incident. that those toys will be fine and ready for the sleigh on thursday night. >> that is a relief. bob, thanks so much for getting the latest scoop for us, and as we wait. just three thanks v ery much, dylan. won't feel like christmas around here. temperatures on the mild side. even warmer christmas eve and christmas day. 60 today. on and off showers. areas of fog developing overnight.
8:33 am
mild at 52. tomorrow, steady appeared of rain. 72. still a shower on thursday. t riday, christmas day, 62 with sun. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. the red carpet will soon roll out for awards season. already there's some talk that eddie redmayne will double his oscar count with his role in his new film "danish girl." >> transgender rights have been front and second. the fight has been happening for hundreds of year. iosat down with the cast and director of "the danish girl" to the talk about that fight and in this movie the pressures it put on a marriage. >> the first time we met she proposition the me. she seemed so sure. >> i was sure.
8:34 am
story. >> is there something you would like to tell me. i'm your wife, i know everything snoop a marriage of two artists that changes as husband played by eddie redma e discovers the person he truly is. >> what was it like in this movie, guys, because it's a beautiful, beautiful movie. >> clearly carefully craft the. what were the challenges? >> i think everyone who has seen the film realizes that it's a very emotional r ide of those two women go on. >> we sieuld go out tonight and give them something different. >> lily. you're exquisite. >> married people, you'll be shocked it is. >> reporter: you have, for example, a fun and a really important piece of the puzzle. >> you know, i was lucky in this case because we play characters
8:35 am
they are, just people. >> he's a friend. >> reporter: an art dealer and longtime friend of the couple made by matthias schneider. >> i think being an art dealer always looking for beauty. >> reporter: was reading caitlyn jenner in the "vanity fair" article says when shellas bruce jenner she was lying all the time. you don't quite get that the sense from lily or is that what happened? >> it looks like lily is always there because it is the same person in the end. >> the fact is i believe that i'm a woman. >> and i believe it, too. >> surgery has never been attempted before. >> reporter: lily was one of the first people to attempt sex reassignment surgery. through it all her wife stands by her, supports and loss of her. >> this could kill you. >> it's my only hope.
8:36 am
extraordinary exploration of and love. >> and that love itself is not defined by bodies and genders, it's about souls. >> raises questions about how we articulate and define love. >> and one of the ways is i defy to you watch that and not have tears rolling down your cheeks. >> i love you, because you're the only person who has ever made sense of me. and made me possible. >> reporter: lots of folks back home will have seen this movie already. matt, i think you've already seen it. if you like eddie redmayne there's a scene in it that might be a reason to go see it, matt. i'm guessing you would have watched this scene with your hand over your eyes like that. i don't know how else to describe this. >> no, i think i know what you're referring to and you've left me nowhere to go, but i will say, yes, i will say, yes, there are some amazing scenes in
8:37 am
people see it because it's an extraordinary film. keir, thank you. >> what was he talking about? >> i know what he's talking movie. up next, we have some tricks up our sleeves and a live performance from the welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman.
8:38 am
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8:39 am
going to be asking how on earth did they do that which is exactly what i was wondering when i caught a show called "the illusionist" on broadway with my family. >> we've invited the magical troupe here to show us what they can do. jeff hobson is the host of the show and joined by adam trickster and add am trent as the futurist. >> why do i need to stand by the trickster. so much fun. do you play cards. >> oh, good. >> few jokers, don't need it. >> queen. >> you'll figure it out. >> pick a card, quick, quick, quick.
8:40 am
don't mind, hoda. right across, so we can identify. >> houda. >> matthew broderick, got everybody here. >> oh, look. >> look, look, look, look, you're card right in the middle of the pack, take a looky, there it is. see it, see it, see it, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, go, go, go. >> take a look. >> you make those dealers in the casino pop their ynts, that's right, don't ever do that again, that was awful. i'll place the pack of cards inside my mouth and locate the card with my signature three times. watch. >> is this your card. >> no. >> is this your card. >> is this your card. >> no.
8:41 am
>> no, that is not the card. >> oh, no. >> you feeling okay. >> no, no. how long has that been in there? >> i got it. one card, one fol shded once. >> why are you wiping my slobber on me? >> take a look. it's going to be -- >> yeah. >> that's amazing. >> right there, right there. >> yeah, thank you so much. >> very nice. >> i appreciate it the. >> that's awesome. >> let's move over. >> come on over here, guys. >> this is great. >> hoda, let's have you over here. very, very important. you are on bag duty. okay. nothing enters or leaves the bag. >> carson right here you're on knife. you said adam, i've got one and matt i need to borrow your phone. >> this is great. >> need titborrow your phone. >> out of the case.
8:42 am
out of case. >> a lot of famous people in there. >> we take matt's iphone and place it inside one of these envelopes like this, very important that we know this has your iphone because i have three more envelopes that don't have your iphone, a little piece of aluminum plastic, same size and weight as your phone. a little bit of a marking like that so we know that one iedeed has your phone in it and the ones that don't have it we place an "x" on it so we know you don't have t.hold that one finger like that. touch an envelope, that right there. here's the way the game works, matt. you chose that based on intuition. you did not choose. oh, wow. this is good. >> i have an industrial strength blender here. >> don't screwhis up. >> you'll have my phone in my mouth like he did, this is made
8:43 am
made my microsoft. >> here we go. >> i can't even look. >> there is metal in there. >> that's metal, matt. >> wow. >> please be my phone. >> this is good. >> matt, take that envelope out, rip it out and show to to the audience. >> this round of applause is all for matt. >> oh, no. >> not his phone. >> you better have a good explanation. >> you m want -- >> commercial break time. >> hoda, the bag, the bag, this is good. pass it over here. >> his phone was nowhere near that bag. >> this is a special moment, matt, something very rare and hard to find here, in a honey dew, hard to find and i take the knife. you have the knife. >> you missed that part, i cut into the honey dew, you'll see and smell the juices.
8:44 am
>> i'm going to cut it all the way open. >> no way. >> there's something inside the melon. it's a phone, but it could be any phone. is that indeed your iphone >> the greatest trick i've ever sgleen yes, it is. >> that's mine. >> that's unbelievable. >> that's a miracle. >> how did you do that? >> this is a real melon. >> you're the one who saw the show. >> didn't do this at the show. >> that's amazing. >> that's a little something, something. >> can i say, and i don't do this often. it's fantastic, g see the show on broadway, limited time only. get soon. nd>> wow, that was awesome. thanks, guys, terrific. up next, giada delaurinaitis is in the kitchen with crowd pleaser. nothing is going to be better
8:45 am
we're back now with "today food." chef and "today" contributor giada delaurinaitis has an italian favorite with a little bit of a twist. happy holidays. welcome back >> i love lasagna. >> don't i know it. >> love lasagna but you're beefing it up a little bit. >> beefing it up and adding a little bit of kale as well. ground some short ribs and season them with a little salt and pep remember? before we get to the browning. >> not that many, in the that complicated. >> okay. >> you know the thing about lasagna, it's intimidating because there's several steps. the great thing about lasagna you can make one to two days in advance. >> it's better as leftovers. >> absolutely. >> took your short ribs and brown them in a pop. >> season them salt and pepper, brown them in a pot each side, don't worry about cooking them through. take them out and then you add theonsions, chop onions in a little bit of oil. then we add rosemarie and garlic first. >> healthy amount of garlic, too.
8:46 am
no, it's great. >> look, we didn't chop the garlic, just smashed it, always take it out if you want to and it's not as potent because we didn't chop it. the do you smell the rosemarie. that's why you want to add it had before the liquid. it's more potent. add the wine, pinot noir. use beef broth. >> how long is this going to cook down for? >> this is going to cook down for about two and a half hours, and then we'll take the meat and put it right pack in and make sure that there's enough liquid to cook the meat and you're going to took it for two and a half hours and it will reduce down and once the smaet cooked, then lid on, really important to put the lid on. >> okay. >> then you've got the short ribs and let them cool. >> this is going to basically fall right off the bone you. >> want to do it. >> no, do you it. >> you do it. >> no, come on, matt.
8:47 am
>> go, go, go. >> take some of the fat off. >> taste, it it's cooked, i'm promised. >> no one did anything to it. >> your hands are clean, that is. >> that's good. >> mm-hmm. >> then you move over here. we'll put the short ribs over here and we're makingled easiest cream sauce ever so milk and cream, okay. then we add mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, parmesan cheese, chopped kale, basil, garlic, go. you don't have to make a roux or add anything tolls this. melt the cheese and wilt the kale. use baby kale or this kind of kale. >> magic of tv. >> and you've got your sauce like this. >> and now it's a layering job so go, grab. >> flat noodles. >> what was on the bottom. >> tomato sauce first. noodles, a little bit of the cream sauce with kale. shredded short ribs. >> how many layers would you make in this? >> probably three. >> after you've done the
8:48 am
>> tom it with tomato sauce, 400 degrees, 20 minutes. >> may i taste. >> threat cool though before you cut it. >> threat cool for 15 to 20 minutes. >> want it to solidify, otherwise it's liquidy everywhere. you want it to be like that it is guys downstairs. >> what do you think? >> it's delicious. >> carson, with the kale this is actually healthy, right, giada? probably losing weight. >> it's a meal all in one. >> it's delicious. >> delicious, guide a. thank you so much. a little lasagna short ribs. what could go wrong? check out this recipe at coming up, our season of kindness goes out with a bang.
8:49 am
season of kindness on "today" is sponsored by am zorn smile. you shop and amazon gives. today is our last day of the season of kindness campaign. 40 days we've celebrated good deed, both big and small and so many of you got in the act. over 15,000 uses of share kindness hashtag yags on twitter and 11,000 people got involved on twitter. our responsor amazon smile helped us spread kindness and sent gifts to people who tweeted
8:50 am
people on the plaza usingled usingled #sharekindness. they have support over 100,000 different organizations so far. we'll keep that going. guys, back to you. >> my favorite one of the month, when you surprise that had woman on the cruise ship. >> she was -- i won't forget her. she's a sweet woman and did a little ambush in her woman. it was her birthday. and julie the cruise director surprised her. anyway, she was a lot of fun so it's been fun celebrating. >> yeah. kindness is in short supply it seems in the world these days and so we could use more but especially during the holiday season. >> mm-hmm. >> all right. we're going to take a look back at some of the ways we spread cheer across america.
8:51 am
good morning. it is 8:57 on december 22nd. a veteran d etective was killed in afghanistan. he was one of six soldiers killed by a you suici bomber. he worked out of the 50th precinct precinct. he was on his third tour of duty video from two years ago shows him surprising his family after
8:52 am
60 the high. tonight, fog, 62. thursday, more rain likely. chance of 72 degrees. the "today" show is coming right bat ck. tamron reveals her favorite
8:53 am
this morning on "today's take" we've got quentin tarantino, kurt russell, the all-star cast of "the hateful eight." ho, ho, ho, three days to go and the ultimate sabtd ark challenge and deck the halls with kids' homemade gifts. all that hand more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from
8:54 am
welcome to "today" on a drizzly tuesday morning it's december 22nd, 2015. by the way, the official first day of winter. >> winter at 11:49. >> hear this song. >> many people don't know it. >> yes. >> this is my favorite christmas song. it's billy squier "christmas is the time to say i love you". >> i will listen to this song all year long but more accessible during christmas time. >> good choice. >> did you keep the christmas music going, i have it 24/7 now? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> think new year's eve. >> hours, just had the music playing in the background. >> i love that. can't stop my ring tone. i have "star wars." >> we're balancing. >> but i need to get a holiday ring tone. >> we have you here as a meteorologist what is going on out there is. >> happiness. >> it's 60-something.
8:55 am
>> 72 degrees. washington, d.c. will be close to 80 degrees on christmas eve. isn't that wild? >> that's the record for new york? >> the record for new york i believe is -- >> we're pushing it. >> we're going to crush the record >> the record i believe is 72. i think we're going to get to 75. it's going to be -- >> this week it's going to be 75. >> going to be crazy, but it's an el nino year but seen still it tends to be warmer during the beginning of winter during el nino but this year it's breaking -- it's never been this warm for this long around this time of year. >> when natalie was here last week she said it was difficult for her to get into the holiday spirit because -- i'm quite the opposite. i grew up in west texas so this is winter in many respects and when you look out on the psaza no, coats. there are rain jackets. >> it's raining. >> a few rain jackets, umbrellas, but like no coats. >> kind of bumming me up. i like the snow, fire in the fireplace. >> you can have a fire. >> just sweat. >> doesn't feel right.
8:56 am
>> get a snow globe and look at snow globe. >> i say enjoy it now because -- >> yeah. >> winter is coming, end of january, february, i think is when we're going to get -- we'll make up for it. >> winter is coming and not just "the game of thrones." >> very good. >> something else that we're watching. >> comedians and cars getting coffee for my money is the best, i thinky that the best show, web series and jerry seinfeld if you don't know about it picks up one of his celebrity buddies in a vintage car, a big car guy and knows everybody in the world, anybody you would want to sit down with in the world comedy and picks them up in the car and if out and have coffee for 20 minute, 30 minutes, get cool car and great guests. well, he's taking it up a notch. this season we've go the our first look at the new promo and among many guests, will ferrell, a lot of big names, the president of the united states is going to be on "comedians in cars
8:57 am
corvette stingray and split window coupe and the conversation focuses on the lighter side of the presidency, i would think so and an opportunity to pull back the curtain. it's on crackle available december the 30th and you can catch it anywhere. such a good show. the episodes with people like david letterman and howard stern who don't do a lot of talking in long form interviews. >> it's amazing. >> i wonder if the president will loosen up a little. i know he has his little jabs and has these funny moments but very deadpan. i wonder how the whole conversation. >> ever seen the whours correspondents dinner, his little riff there, he knows how to let it down. is it wrong that i'm only obsessed with the car? >> did you see the car. >> hilarious and i love jerry seinfeld. i wanted to google like what does that set you back? >> got to have time to have money. >> do they make a match box version of that? >> there is a great pic shture in
8:58 am
light blue corvette parked in front of the white house, polls up and picks up the president for a cup of coffee, very cool. >> 1963 stingray with a split window coup. >> jerry's got the best car. >> did you bury me. >> he and leno are competing for the best cars. >> we talked about this yesterday, and i don't like calling it the fallout, but the conversation continues over steve harvey's mistake on sunday night's miss universe pageant where he named miss colombia the winner and later crowned miss philippines and i actually saw this the night that it happened but i didn't know if it was real. there's a snapchat video that's been floating around, and it shows steve harvey talking with some of the stage crew people there. the audio is d uficult to hear, but the caption on the snapchat video reads, quote, teleprompter said miss universe colombia, so
8:59 am
even though steve got on stage and add mirabelli said, you know, this is my fault, i got it wrong. there are people who are pointing to this video that you can't hear the audio. on the counter side you have some who said i it was in the teleprom er it means the contestants would see it so it's unlikely they would have had in the teleprompter. >> i know what the text said but how do we know what he said? >> i saw it that night and how do we know what he said? >> even if that's what he's saying and not knowing and saying it was a teleprompter issue and he went up there and owned. it didn't throw anybody under the bus. >> not like what we do when the prompter is wrong. why is the prompter not running, team, really, what's going on? that's what we do. we go low brow. not half the people that steve harvey is. justo and tell them the cards are wrong >> i understand why people are interested. it was an amazing piece of television, shockingly, but steve harvey a villain, no, no.
9:00 am
made a mistake and owns it. >> yesterday, of course, stunning. never seen anything like it. day two, i'm like, okay. ta exactly. >> but he is getting a lot of love. al roker re-tweeted al's tweet and talked about steve saying he's the best guy. live tv is tough and mistakes happen. took responsibility. nobody got hurt. nobody better and steve said thanks, man. magic johnson the night it happened within seconds, magic johnson sent this out. people are having fun with t.justin bieber actually said, like no disrespect, man, but he did a meme of steve harvey's face on his body and said too late to say sorry. >> yeah. >> i've known steve harvey for many years, used to have comedy club. one of the best comedians where he made his living in so many years kind of poking at things like this. insaddition to that, he's an incredible philanthropist he and his wife. >> let's not forget, this is live tv. we've all had mistakes on live
9:01 am
>> willie. >> so glad you were able to find them. >> did you know you left quite an impression on amanda siegfried. >> i always say it wrong? great actor. >> what did he do? >> i don't know. take a look. >> amanda from her roles as a little bit ditzy teen -- >> a little bit itsy. >> are you channeling ted? >> willie geist. >> she was very ditzy in hat movie, as i said early. >> well, i think you have to. >> you don't have -- i won't explain how that happens and these things happen. >> dylan, funny you bring up that moment with me. >> yes, dylan. >> ten years ago watching wjar in providence, our nbc station up there, which i love and it's a great station and were you doing the weather, and it was great. ultio. >> i love this one. >> and, again, we do lose an
9:02 am
[ bleep ] ahead one hour before you go to bed. gusts up to 25 knots. one to two feet except five feet at bay entrance. >> i can't regain my composure. >> turn it ahead. >> jimmy kimmel when he bleeps out the news. >> huh. >> one of those moment that didn't exist anywhere on -- on youtube or anything, but our amazing producer team seem to find it. >> they find it all. >> thanks wjr. >> anything ever happen to you? >> not one thing. >> roll the tape. >> you think that's their priority or what we're looking at at that the screen. may whole chair just broke on set. >> just the thought, tamron. >> that is -- we have a new set and clearly couldn't afford -- >> that happened. >> the whole chair, msnbc. >> that's a credit to you. >> budget. >> there you go.
9:03 am
conversation on politics and this chair just goes under. >> you stayed with it. you're a were. >> that wasn't good enough so let's try another one. >> what? >> the biggest located entirely in the united states. >> what's -- the biggest located entirely in the united states. >> great lakes. >> oh. >> they all touch canada, mississippi. >> the mississippi lake. >> the mississippi lake. >> and you're shocked you don't have a point. >> the mississippi lake. >> i think -- i think you guys dubbed that in the trickery on this show. well, yeah, so we figured we'd show you those moments -- the highlights of our career. our parents are all proud right now. na>> go over there, no flubs. >> i don't want to fall. >> don't fall. >> it's not daylight savings time. >> it is winter though. yes, 11:49 last night we officially turned the corner. it does not feel like it and won't at all through the christmas holiday. eastern half. country.
9:04 am
had heavier of pockets of rain down alone panning handle of florida. this continues to be an issue through the day today, and also have a chance of stronger storms from texas, oklahoma into arkansas and northwestern clouds thickening up. showers across the area. increasing in coverage in the afternoon. high temperature 60 degrees. some areas of fog will roll in overnight. low of 52. tomorrow we go from the 60s to the 70s. a couple of showers possible christmas eve. record high 72. christmas day, sunshine, 62. back to the 50s with showers for the weekend. >> tamron says it's 99 degrees, your official weather report. >> the i got a tweet are you wearing white in the winter? >> yeah. >> you can wear white in the winter, especially -- what is
9:05 am
>> it's 75 out there. >> all right. coming up next, kurt russell, jenniferasason leigh and quentin tarantino team up for "the hateful eight" and dylan sat down with the cast oi [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was. epic! [ bark ] ow! so you think santa will like these...
9:06 am
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9:08 am
interview mr. tarantino and seven of the named stars and you can see how much this crew liked working together. >> one of them is not what he says he is. >> "the hateful eight" is not only quentin tarantino's eighth movie but it also focuses on eight characters forced together by a terrible blizzard. >> no way i'm spending a couple of night under a rof with somebody i don't know who they are. >>et? post-civil war wyoming, tarantino's latest labor are love tries to keep the viewers guessing who is working with whom. >> it throws these brutal characters together and tests their loyalty and their principles but it's all set in this fun, funny, snowy western. how do you describe this movie? >> it is definitely a western. there is a omedic aspect to it and definitely a mystery. first time writing a misery >> no, no, no, no. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
9:09 am
takes his mistress to justice. >> your characters were attached the entire movie and how does that change the dynamic on set? >> took a while to get accustomed and it was weird to be unattached. honeymooners couple. they are pretty out of it, but they are kind of fun to watch at times. >> and for most of you this isn't your first rodeo in a quintin film and damien and jennifer, your first time. do you feel now that you're graduates of the university of tarantino? >> never heard it put like that before. >> you do feel like you've been on to this set and into this film experience that is have sort of privileged to be a part of. >> he gives you a chance to get bert, and that's the most exciting thing for me. i think we all never knew that we were in school, burks honey, we were in school, trust me.
9:10 am
telluride, and the whole movie takes place in a blizzard. i would assume working in those harsh conditions it would be nice to get back in the studio? not so much. >> the studio was -- was refrigerated basically. >> what? >> we could keep the temperature exactly what we wanted so we got breath every day all day. we're hear the hot tea call. hat tea, guys. hot tea. let's go. >> to capture the sprawling scenery as well as the intimate enes inside the hab dashry the film was shot using historic 70-millimeter lenses from 1959. >> thought it the would give it a real big look, but they can be quite intimate the. there's always two plays going on in this movie once you're in the haberdashery. there's the foreground play of what's happening with the actors and then there 's the background play so you always know where everybody is and hopefully that's kind stretching the rubberband of suspense. >> now we're talking. >> and as all tarantino's
9:11 am
always one more take. >> there was a famous thing you said, every time you want to do one last take. w>> oh, yeah, everybody, we got it. we got it, but we're going to do one more. why? >> because we love making movies! >> a great cast to sit down and take to. "the hateful eight" opens in select theaters christmas day and nationwide christmas eve. up next, time to don the red suit and find out which of these people know how to be santa the best. the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart... and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart has everything you'll need for a christmas meal they'll
9:12 am
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fact you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmiey counter.
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powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. finally got miss universe sorted out and the next question is who will be crowned america's best santa. the big question santa's in the barn will answer that this week. >> that kid is so cute.
9:15 am
tom galbraith and tammy hall, no relation. >> ho, ho, ho, to you all. >> incredibly excited about this. >> so are we. so are we. early for santas to be up. usually work at night, but i think we'll be able to do it. >> how does the show work for people who haven't steen? >> that's a great question. i hosted it and i'm almost 100% positive how it works. we had ten santas competing for the title of america's best santa claus and a $100,000 grand prize, and they compete in various santa activity that demonstrate, you know, jolliness or kindness or kid-approvedness and kind ran out of nesses there. >> how does an elf qualify? >> i do all the work. >> we make the toys, make the list. we pretty much do it all. santa can't do it without the elf. >> an elf with attitude. >> what are the special skills you guys would say you have? >> well, i'm a mom so i know all about the kids, and i'm a
9:16 am
all around the world quite a few times? >> and i'm a music santa. i know every christmas carol written. >> you guys have agreed to break off into teams with us and we'll compete on some of the things santa needs to know and do. >> we'll do like a combination of a bunch of different challenges from the show. we'll do a little relay race. the first station will be eating cookies and chugging milk. >> that got my name on it. >> tommy. >> chugging milk. my old frat boy came out for a minute. >> oh, wait, wait. >> don't start yet. >> we have to follow strict game shaw laws. >> the next challenge is stuffing presents into bags, and that's dylan. >> oh, yes, yes. >> and then you're -- >> am i going now. >> i guess so. >> i don't think this is the way it works. >> i'm going now. >> okay. >> and willie, you untangle the lights. >> okay. >> we're all working together or
9:17 am
>> i feel like we just left you. >> i'll just stand over here off camera. >> but i think we're supposed to start and then we tap and go, relay. >> you can high five me. >> let's start the clock. ready, go. >> i'll start us off. we'll go on ho if that makes sense. >> the last hoo are or first one. >> there will be one ho. >> hey, it's a morning show. all right, guys. your teammate, ready, set, ho. >> go, go, go. >> why are you eating -- >> take bigger bites. >> this is cold of tamron to offer to do this on television. >> why aren't you taking bigger bites. >> nibbling like a mouse. >> is that how you eat cookies. >> good cooky. >> tamron, is how you. >> like a little mouse. >> this is going to take forever. >> i don't know if you watch the show or not but this is the
9:18 am
without talking, a true delight. >> i don't think we have enough time for tamron. >> all right. >> just go for it, guys. >> okay. get them in there. there we go. lauren is a little slow but that's what we love about him. >> dylan, go. >> that's not in the bag. >> there you go. >> untangle the lights and wrap them around. >> who packed these, these are horribly tangled up. >> ewillie, willie. that's how you untangle. >> willie has a distankt advantage and being tall and long arms to get t coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand.
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the power to feel better
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a joint effort by the police department and the tsa. there has been no threat. it is just to ensure everyone's safety. mild showers.
9:21 am
we just keep on getting warmer. 62 tomorrow and rainy. # 2 on christmas eve. friday, we cool down to 62. still very warm. what a time of the year. coming up on the "today" show, susan lucci talks about her
9:22 am
taking a look at headlines, federal health officials are looking into new e. coli outbreaks linked to chipotle restaurant. the centers for disease control and prevention says five people in kansas, north dakota and oklahoma all got sick after a week -- a week after eating at chipotle outlets. chipotle believes the cases are related to the earlier outbreak that sickened dozens of people in nine states but the cdc says early evidence shows a different strain of the bacteria may be skrfd. a new study finds heart attacks may not be so sudden.
9:23 am
arrest in portland, oregon, for over a decade found half of patient experience warning signs in the month before suffering their abrupt heart failure. the signs seem obvious, too, including chest pain and shortness of breath. heart attacks claim the lives of about 350,000 americans every-year. amazon's upstart rival promptsed a better way to order when it took flight last summer, but now that mpany has hit some delivery turbulence. in a statement posted on its website is alerting customers if they ordered gift with the exception -- with the expectation that they would be delivered on time for christmas, that it won't half. has tried to lure customers by undercutting online discounters like amazon and walmart. and the u.s. post office predicts it will deliver more than 15 billion letters and packages this season but not a lot are actually holiday cards. the greeting card industry says sales are falling fast, down $400 million. that's this year alone.
9:24 am
expensive, especially when you add 49 sent postage for each one. people find it easier and cheaper to e-mail their holiday hellos. sky high scare at orlando's seaworld theme park b.50 people chwere stranded high in the air after the park's sky power ride malfunction the. passengers appeared in good spirits waving at maintenance workers were hoisted up in a basket to fix the problem. the double-deck cabin stopped a quarter of the way up the 400-foot pole. three hours later, can you believe, that everyone was on ground safe and sound but i'm sure that three hours, dylan, felt like an eternity. check of the forecast for us. >> certainly did. yes, a messy travel day on wednesday across the country and shower activity, 60 degrees.
9:25 am
a chance for areas of fog, though. lope clouds and fog tomorrow morning will lead to steadier rain. mild, 62. warm on thursday. christmas eve. record-setting 72. sun and clouds, high of 62. >> and that's your latest forecast. now it's time for christmas confidential where we're helping you make it through your holiday gift-giving list. >> abby larson is the founder and editor of the site style me pretty and style me pretty living and has great homemade ideas for kids. freight to see you. >> you, too. have tons of projects starting with finger painting. nico is helping us paint some ceramic tile coasters. get at square coaster, tiles at the home depot hardware store. nico is going to use non-toxic paint. the finger to good finger painting is for grown-ups to
9:26 am
you choose the colors and let him go to town >> i love it. >> show it how to dress them up a little bit. >> once you have your dried coaster here we'll kind of make it a little bit more giftworthy with some gold leaf so you'll take your adhesive pain, draw a shape, triangle, dots, squares and take your gold leaf and lay it right on top and press it down and when you peel the back off it will look just like that. >> that's cool. >> gold leaf, any craft store. >> and then you'll add some mogge podge like a sealant over it and then some pads on the bag. >> nice job. >> this is fingerpaint. this is so easy. black construction paper. the paint really pops on top and then moms or older siblings can actually trace letters with stens yils. we added gold to it because we add gold to everything. stick it in a frame, adorable.
9:27 am
kids to get started and you finish it up. >> this is for your little east guys. dab your little baby's thumb in the green paint and work your way around the wreath and the pinky for the berries. we have a template on style me pretty so you can get started on that one. >> cool. >> a little more varns than just finger painting. >> one of my favorites. these are illustrated candles so what you're going to do is have your child doodle on some tracing paper, doodle on the paper and actually will late paperer right on to the candle itself. after do you that, you'll wrap in wax paper here and you'll below dry on a really high setting and when you pulled wax paper off the design has appeared on to the camera. >> cool pillowcases. >> easiest gift ever. >> literally drawing on a
9:28 am
>> lila is doing her own masterpiece. >> if you want to do a phrase, start with some dots and have your child connect the dots. my 4-year-old did this one and that's part of happy accidents that you get. my 7-year-old did this. sleey head. isn't that awesome. >> bar none my favorite gift ever. a photo book mark. how cute the. so you'll -- you're going to take a picture of your child holding kind of a preteebd bureaucrat of balloons, print it on photo paper and cut it out very close and have lam nate, print shop or buy a laminator online for super inexpensive. cut it out and poke a hole at top, add asles, string, ribbon, whatever you want. >> i love it. >> dominoes. >> now the real message here is you can dress up any neutral project to be totally something special. basic box. megan is adding pink painted.
9:29 am
pattern and then you have something sparkly and pretty. >> all doing so good. >> i realize why you love the gold so much. >> go commodores. >> little inside vanderbilt thing. >> coming up next, tamron's favorite tuesday trend. her beauty products make perfect dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil sever the nighttime, sniffling,
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walgreens has great gifts like toys, beauty gift sets, and photo gifts, and it' s all just a hop, skip, and a bark away. right now, save 50% on the gift of the week. well, it's just a few more days until christmas. you feeling the pressure? don't worry. your girlfriend is here to help alleviate the gift-giving stresses. "today's" tuesday trend is all about my favorite beauty products used all year long. weeded out the bad stuff i think and picked out the ones i really like. now, i'm sure you're wondering how does that alleviate your shopping stress at home. let me tell you, the holiday tradition i have with nye girlfriends. what we do we give each other our favorite beauty product and that way we help share what we've discovered.
9:34 am
with me, willie, you might know him and dylan, my other girlfriend to share them them. this started some years ago, because, you know, you find a mascara, for example and say to your girlfriend, you have to try this mascara. >> i know. >> right. >> and so that's what we d.okay. i've got my list here. >> this is my -- so i'm going to put it on the table and you decide if it fits someone your life. this is what i gave all of the women that are on our show rk this as a gift, the people who put this show together and make it magic called pretty passion, a skin tightening body lotion. the reason, my legs, all of you who send the tweets about my legs being shiny, it gives you a nice shimmer, but if tightens, and you can use it all over your body. >> gets rid of cellulite in the. >> no. >> the i have it on right now. it is amazing.
9:35 am
i swear to you this will last you an eternity. a drop will go a very long way. >> my legs are so tight i don't need that. >> it's all on you. >> i'm going to take the family size. >> you get to the winter and may get a little more pale and have a tinted version of it. i swear by this. >> they have a tint in this. >> will this match me? >> dylan, i've got you. >> the this is what you do to people giving gifts. >> i ask a lot of questions. >> a lot of women will want that. i gave that out. >> my other favorite from this season, i do my own makeup every day. i'm obsessed with their mascara. this one is called the fat brush mascara, find it at nordstroms right now. gift it your girlfriend. that's all you give to them. >> can i take this. >> thanks. >> number three, every morning, every single morning of my life, take a shower -- not every, and i use this bodiy scrub. how i scrub my body because i think to get moist skin you've got to the do an exfoliation first >> every day. >> i do it every morning, and it
9:36 am
this is amazing, exhausting but it byes off. bamford, boom. phenomenal, smells good, it's 58 bucks and it's pricey and i promise you this jar will last you at least six month. i bought all of these things, not like a poyola kind of thing >> is that in addition to the soap. >> in addition. >> that's a long shower. >> this is what i wash my face with every morning. it's a white marble, ear laszlo. $:45. i've had my same bar almost all of this year and keeps my skin clear, i love it. it's a face soap, a cleanser, and you can travel with it because you don't have to worry about -- >> it removes makeup too. > two more on the list. >> running me out of time. >> have all the time you need. >> real quick. >> sorry. >> i'm obsessed over this. this is a bodiy wash. >> by kai.
9:37 am
>> pays off, trust me, your husband will like you or me for the ideas. this is the most amazing body wash in the world, $46. >> okay. got to the get this and last but not least because i ride my bike every day, can i show this, got this at the billboard music word, an infinity scarf, amazing, made out of bamboo fleece, live for this and give this td christina. >> we'll put them online. hop to it. the meek of christmas.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
feeding the hungry. once a year the community of sunset hills in greensboro, north carolina, gets together to create something very cool. >> they are balls -- they are made with chicken wire and then you put them up in a ball and we put lights on it. >> we made a star? really feels leicht spirit of christmas and gets you in the mood for it. >> the tradition started 19 years ago with jonathan smith and his children ally and justin. >> allison came home his sophomore year and i saw these lights, here they areiand i have to make them. >> making chicken wire balls and throwing them in the front trees. >> neighbored were intrigued. >> we thought that they were doing a little interesting decorating, and they did that for a couple years, and then another family started doing it, and it just started growing down our whole street, and it game this magical event. >> an event where hundreds of
9:43 am
and hoisted high in the tree. >> they are trick toe make but it's worth it in the end because they are beautiful. >> but the lights of greensboro have become more than just ornaments. they now also help feed those who are hungry in the community. >> one out of six in the metropolitan area are food insecure meaning they don't know where the food coming with. >> so the town set up a food collection trailer asking those who toured the lights to bring food. >> the vult magical. it's become an annual holiday destination that lights up the sky, illuminating more than 20 block and 30 hundred homes. >> what's amazing is that car after car after car the is stopping and saying i've got some canned goods. >> to help raise money they added a nighttime 5k called running of the ball. in eight years the combined
9:44 am
meals to local food banks. >> i never would have dreamed that making a light ball would have the impact it had on this city and on cities around the country. >> other towns have embraced tradition, too, including port huron, michigan and morgantown, west virginia. >> our hope is that wherever they are, that folks are making it about more than just these pretty lights. shining a light on hunger, loneliness and community. >> a holiday event making streets and spirits bright across the country. >> i mean, you take beauty, getting together and doing something for a common good and i think that's what mankind's heart is made for. >> beautiful story and those are beautiful. learn to make those at we're back in a molt.
9:45 am
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final day of our toy drive, and melissa brunson is the senior vice president, education and meeting services at the direct selling association. she is here with ethan, jack brunson, charlotte and lila cox, i got it right. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having us today. >> this has been incredible. >> let me swrustd just say the direct selling association represents more than 170 companies who sell their product pace to face so at a home or in a party with friend. we've been doing this for more than a decade with the "today" show. >> tell us about your donation this year. >> we've had about 17 member companies a have contributed over $15 million this year alone. >> wow. >> yes, and we have several of our companies we're just displaying today we haven't highlighted on the show because i know they have been highlighted throughout holiday season which is awesome.
9:48 am
>> we're almost out of eown. we just want to say thank you.
9:49 am
it is 9:57 on this tuesday morning. we have breaking news from brooklyn to get to. emergency crews at the scene of
9:50 am
sheepshead bay. it happened at 1517 vorhees avenue. a pile driving machine there may have fallen over. they are doing foundation work. no indication anybody was hurt in this. we are making calls to figure out what kind of work was happening at the site. we have a crew headed there now. more information at noon 4 at noon. mild showers on and off, 60 the high. tonight, foggy, 52. 62 tomorrow. more rain and 72 on thursday very mild for this time of the year. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, a slow cooker recipe that will feed the entire family over the holidays. back in 30 minutes.
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