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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the off-duty officer who is being called a hero this morning. also, heading home, this morning a reality tv star will be released from federal prison just in time for the holidays. new this morning, mystery solved. what caused this light show over las vegas. it's parole not what you think. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, it's wednesday morning, december 23rd i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm rob smith. it's another warm morning, starting off in the 50s but with more fog out there. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for ost of the area. staten island is in it. we're seeing some visibility issues 0 it there. some numbers down to zero. quarter of a mile in farmingdale, danbury, poughkeepsie.
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early on it's the fog and the clouds and then later on especially by midday it will be the rainmaking its return. 55 now. temperatures climbing to the uppe her 50s to near 60. abonhe umbrella one more time. he's get a first cheek on the commute to see if fog is causing any problems. >> no fog issues just yet but we have a vehicle fire out there on the roads. coming off of the george washington bridge southbound without by 8095 there's a vehicle fire. deyolays are minor. we have delays into the george washington bridge. there's some roadwork out there. and today is a gridlock alert day. one of my favorite days, not n yours. take mass transit into the to city. right now everything is doing justefine. right now the person in cullstody for the shooting inside a long island mall is expected to face a judge today. one f the people who will bring him down, an off-duty nypd officer.
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what we kn's. reporter: good morning. it really was a dramati scene. the suspect is being held here inside this police building in lohackup and we expect to see hem later this morning when he's brought out here and ent over .to the courthouse for >>raignment testimony his identity has not been released but whot h did really sent off a panic inside roosevelt mall. one single bullet was fired during an attempted robbery at the re know store, a jewelry store. people panicked thinking thier was an activee shooter situation. workers hid in the storeroom closet z set cl et. >> we went back into the safe house in the back. >> reporter: and there was an injured mallmworker, a 67-year-old man who was shot by a stray bullet in the shoulder. he's in the hospital right now
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we're told that he will be okay. else was hurt. there was faan nypd officer who happened to be around that area who took down the suspect and again the suspect here at the police station. he'll be in court later. back to you. >> thank you so much. well this morning we're learning new information about a second local airman killed in afghanistan, staff sergeant lewis bonn casa froa long island died on monday alongside joseph lemm who was on duty with theg air national guard unit. four other troops were also killed. bonn casa's family says he always wanted to serve his country rnls he wanted to oerve, take care of his country. he died doing his job. die ed doing what he loved. >> bonn casa joined the military two days after graduating high school. he served four tours of duty
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a local charity is reaching out to the family of the other airman killed, joseph lemm. they provide scholarships for people of firearm and police officers killed in the line of duty. the foundation has decided to prulovides funds her his two children. >>d > the human rights group reviewed videos of this one, they interviewed witnesses, saying 200 civilians werg killed over a three-month period. ssia insisted they only targeted isis and other terror groups. new information over a bright light in california of. here you can see the light over las vegas. the video has been shared across social media. overnight u.s. strategic command confirmed that the light is russian spr.e debris. a russian rocket that reentered
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there you have it. >> n an alien. >> not, not this time. >> let's go over to chris. >> i thought it was your private space lab that you take back and forth to vegas between shows. >> that's on friday. >> you have the days m swixed up, chris. >> it's easy for me to get anything mixed up. temperatures into the midwest 50s this morning. it is 40 in west hampton, 40s for the hudson valley and new jersey. more easterly wind will keep the temperatures in the 50 ds and tonight the temperatures will go up. another round of rain. we're in the clouds and the fog right now. through the morning, not a problem in terms of rain. but by late morning and early afternoon, the showers will make their move back in our direction. you may not need to umbrella early this morning but will later on. rain returns later on for the afternoon.
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and then rising temperatures into tonight, rising to the point of 70s tomorrow. i hea a little wow whispered there. >> i'm sure i'm not the only one. we have a lot of overnight track work. 11 different lines affected. the lirr, new jersey transit. this just came in. an accident on the newng york state thruway just after the palisades parkway. two lanes shut down. alternate side street parking rules are in effect. today a reality tv star turned federal prisoner will be set free. teresa goo git say is set to return me. lori bod nair ro is waiti reng her return. >> reporter: right now police are keeping the media trucks pretty far away from her house.
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this morning where she'll be reunited with her husband and four daughters. her attorney saying she's anxious to get home for the holidays. the 43-year-old was convicted on multiple counts of fraud during her time in prison. she's had daily check-in calls with her family as well as regular visits. her lawyer sayinguct 's looking forward to spending time wit her daughters and most of all sleeping in her own bed. as far as her futur on screen, it is not clear what she has le planned. shy is on home confinement. and also her husband joe is getting set to begin his 41-month prison sentence in march. happening right now, police looking for a man wanted for assaulting a subway rider in queens. the man says the suspect reportedly bumped into him.
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he realized he had been stabbed four times. police say the suspect is 25 years old and had a cast on his ght hand. and police are trying to track down a thief who flashed a knife and robbed an upper east siigde convenience store. this is the man the police are looking for. he left the store with $350 and a pack of cigarettes last week. this is what he looks like without his hoodie on. police are also looking for a woman who helped him. in new jersey an vest fation is under way after a police cruiser and a truck collided head on. this happened around 8:00 p.m. st night. theyed that a tough time getting the officers out of the patrol car because the vehicle was so verely damaged. thankly the officers were not seriously hurt. today a grand jury should reveal whether the truck driver in tracy more kban's crash will be indicted.
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courtroom yesterday. his lawyer was trying to get thectvehicle homicide and assault by auto charges dropped. morgan was badly hurt in last year's crash. one of his friends was killed. and an alleged hacker is behind bars after police say she tried to sell celebrities' private tems and sex tapes. prosecutors say he stole the social security numbers of celebrities and professional att'hletesvby accessing their e-mail accounts. investigators say they found out about the alleged hacking of noles tried to sell stolen maenterial to undercover agents. he obtained some of the information after victims mistakenly gave him their passwords. >> he would essentially tell them that their e pail account was hacked and he would convince them to send him their passwords. >> the judge ordered noles to be kept behind bars of prosecutors
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a moment ofrae at the massive landslide in china. a 19-year-old man was found alive. he was stuck in a destroyed building for more than 60 hours before he was discovered and pulled from the mud. this yappened a day after the first body was recovered. more than 70 people are still missing from sunday's disaster. >> time check now, 4:40. ahead how the newest w member of the new york jet used social media to help get a spot with the team. where uber is hoping to find some drivers. and storm team4 tracking our chance to break some december records. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:42. right now police on a man in custody for a shooting at roosevelt mall. they haven't released the suspect's name but he's expected to face a judge today. >> teresa ga due say is respected to be released from federal prison today. > ford is announcing a recall ofd more than 300,000 vehicle. the models are the crown victoria and the grand mar ky. what poll taye is making changes to the way they prepare focuod. they'll be marinating chicken differently and dipping onions in boiling water to kill the germs. doatzens became tick after the e.
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we're dealing ith areas of dense fog this morning. the rain will return, especially for this afternoon. and t t holiday record warmth we're still on track for it tcertainly tomorrow and maybe evh en christmas days with tying or breaking a record high. right now 50 in middle village, same thing for jfk wrk , central park 55. these are mild temperatures. but the wind has shifted off of the water so things are a little cooler. this covers most of the viewing area, exception being in and around the five boroughs. we're now down to see do visibility in morristown and belmar. half mile in farmingdale and islip. leave a pettle extra spras between you and the car in fro w
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ooking for tomotrrow. the record high is 63. we're forecasting a high of 72. that's crushing a record by almost 10 degrees. christmas day record high 64 set . we may get there as well. you see ne rain creeping in but there's a little space between us and the next shower activity. we'll have a few hours this morning where it's just cloudy and foggy and then the rain will move in for the afternoon hours. nothing particularly heavy early but then t showers pick up. this is where we see the heavier rain. could be a rumble of turned in one or two spots tonight. this time of year in december it can happen. tomorro a lot of clouds, some breaks. we'll watch the showers pass to the south of us during the day tomorrow. but with enough sunshine we ould crack 70 and i think we're going to get into the sun.
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clouds thicken up later at night, watching a few more showers chris as day. i nthink we'll get some sunshine in here, temperatures in the 60s. the shower threat comes in christmas night into saturday. that's the next round of showers. today 60 this afternoon. watch for the showers redeveloping and watch for the fog early this morning. most of the areas in the 50s. temperatures will hold steady in the evening and then rooid rise in the morning toward 60. rising to 72 tomorrow. a few showers mainly south. same thing for christmas day, 64, showers saturday and showers onop sunday and then cooler early next week. 4:46, lauren is standing by. >>g > good morning. a couple of problems out there on the roads. we'll head over to the new york state thruway where with have an accident. two lanes closed he
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then over to the tappan zee brceidge, there's an 45-mile-per-hour speed restriction out there. and then we have the vehicle fire out there in the hall lanes coming off of the george washington bridge, heading southbound. that brelocks the right lane. we're going to take a look at i the brooklyn bridge. we have roadwork out there. be careful with the fog. and a reminder that today is a gridlock alert day. ma shss transit is the thing to use and right now it's on or close to schedule. it is 4:47. right now the city firefighters now have a union contract that guarantees certain staffing levels. members of the fdny narrowly ratified the deal vesterday. it gives them an 11.5% raise over seven years. some of it is retroactive. it also requires that five firefighters be assigned to ever ladder company. police say these two men
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man didn't get the holiday tip you left. they're accused of stealing money a intended for the sanitation workers. uber i hoping to find new drivers in some of new jersey's struggling neighborhoods. the app based car service is teliaming up with the naacp. they'll hire 3,000 new d vers next year from areas with higher unemployment rates, especially among minorities. uber launched similar programs in houston. robert durst will finally be extradited to las vegas to face murder charges. he's being heldiln louisiana after he was arrested after appearing on the hbo documentary "the jinx." yesterday his lawyer struck a deal. durs yt will go to l.a. to answer arges. the families or more than a
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schoolushootings will split a $1.5 million settlement. this was reached after the families filed a is suit against the gunman's estate. kentucky is changing the way it prepares its marriage licenses. republican governor matt bevan issued an order that will no nger require the names of the county clerks on licenses. it will protect the religious beliefs of the clerks who oppose the marriages. this drew attention when kim davis refused to issue licenses and spent five days in jail. problem rove has officially acquired 100% of the team and their home, the barkley center. combined the two are worth $1.7 billion. until now poke rove owned 80% of
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the developer had owned the rest. t a broad review of concussions in football is expected to take center stage on capitol hill. three committees are conducting tstudy. the nfl is under increasing scrutiny from current and retired players who insist the league has not done enough to protect the players from the long term head injuries. o'dell beckham jr. is going appeal his so pension today. at one -- kickoff is 8:30 p.m i the jets are a few player who will do whatever it takes to make success. he's best known for standing
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earlier this year hoping to land yea job. he held a cardboard sign saying not homeless but starving for success. will run routes for food. sylvester stallone is auctioning off major pieces of movie history. costumes, props and personal items from his movies for sold to three public actions to beverly hills. items include rocky's leather jackets and tr nks they ranked in more than $3 million. >> that is cool. this might make you rethink your career. this morning we're getting a look at forbes list of overpaid actors. topping the list, johnny depp. he earned $1.20 for every dollar was paid. in second place, denzel
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return for every dollar pay, in third, will ferrell and then liam neeson and then will smith in fifth. run off the road. what did this to one man's truck ma ? and we don't need them yet. but we may eventually. why new york's new snow plows pack a little extra power. you're watching "today in new york." have a tip for new york's biggest i-team, call 866-news-24
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welcome back. 4:54. there's the slender hrmilton abidge. it's still in the 50s.
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the visibility was just a few feet on some of the roads today. >> down n ar zero in morristown and belmar. it will burn off around 10:00 lthis morning. temperat myuresinhis afternoon get to 60 by the end of the day. watch for the showers to pick up in intensity later on in the afternoon. in the evening the rain pushes back in. how about 72 for form tore christmas eve, not bad, just a stray showers possible. and christmas day, another record high of 64 with a mix of clnnouds and sunshine. these numbers are ridiculous. >> they're insane. >> it feels normal that this should be happening the way we've b tieen talking about it. check of the roads? >> low visibility out there and you'll see it at the crossings. we don't have too many problems. we'll start with the george washington bridge. you can barely see the span there in the distance. be careful this morning.
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cr mossings, no delays. here is the guan nus express way, everything moving along liesly. overall, at least not too many accidents getting in your way. while we with getting spring weather, people in the west are up to their knees in snow. in the nevada mountains, two and a half feet of snow fell in a 24-hour period. >> > well new york state is rolling out new plow designed to speed up the removal. the department of transportation says more than 50 tow plows will be applied this year. attaching to the dump trucks at are typically fitted with a plow in front. the tow plow can be a usted to swing out to the side of the
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at the same time. >> 4 investigates uncovers a setback in a rebuilding project on the jersey shore. there's been a massive rebuilding effort in the three years since superstorm sandy. many much of the sand has washed utaway. they're watching the eroding hot spots. >> cousin it stay where they put ito,? ab osolutely not. history hasn't proven that it's stayed where they put it. >> you can't have two ends and not fill in the middle or the project doesn't'perform like it's design. >> it will take money fro 0 congress to keep the projects going. but in the past members of congress and presidents from both parties have suggested big cuts to the beach budget. more new york city worker wills soon be eligible for pand parental leave. mayor de bl io is offering six weeks of leave.
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take effect on january 1st. the stay nlans to pay for it by scaling back a raise that was planned for 2017 and having workers give back two vacation days. a salvation worker made a surprising discoverea officials say a woman dropped off some clothe a the a salvation army in middleton last week. police and the charity are not saying how much was found. they're searching for the owner. well there were plenty of dunks and truck shots on the trading floor of the new york stock exchange. you don't see that on the floor all the time. the harlem globe trotters ringing the opening ball yesterday. spinning balls on their fingers and busting out dance moves. the globe trotters are celebrating their 90th year of entertaining fans. this morning a walk on
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florida is the talk of college basketball. zack hodgkin's scored his first basket last night. he was born without the lower half of his left arm. there you see it. it's not the first time he's played, not the first game he's played but it was the first points of his career. good for him. congratulations. >> a great move, too. it's an early christmas miracle for one driver in california. >> he claim within inches of being killed by a giant boulder there was a rockslide near lake tahoe. his truck got slammed and the driver escaped with just a broken toe. >> kind of strange for a minute and i kind of like, like what the hell is going on here and then the rock hits me. >> state police say if this
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