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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  December 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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as 70 and as low as 61. i do think we're going to get above 63 degrees so i feel good about saying that it looks likely that we'll break the record on sunday. look at this. since december 1st, average degrees. that would shatter the record as the warmest december ever. and what's most interesting about this is if you look at the top three, they're all set in the last 31 years. we'll have the full forecast for you in a little while. we're take a look at when the temperatures do begin to drop down and when we can see a return to winter like temperatures and conditions. travel troubles across much of the country. we'll check that out too as you head back on the road yourself. >> track the forecast anytime anywhere with the news4 new york app. you can see interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video.
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presents from santa, people got out of the house. one at the hot spots is right here at the rockefeller tree. >> reporter: merry christmas. a little while ago we had some rain in the area and that had people going away from the tree. now you can see the tree is lit and rockefeller center is packed with people. at one point today we saw an ice cream truck. a pop. that. but really, that is the only thing we heard from complaints as far as this weather is concerned. dashing through this -- not quite. the closest thing we could find to snow today was ice in bryant park. >> merry christmas. >> i really love ice skating. >> especially when you don't have to be all bundled up. a comfortable temperatures may be why the line to get on the
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through the park. people spending their christmas afternoon here, even though it felt far from christmas weather. you're in short sleeves. >> i know. who would have thunk it, right? new york christmas. >> we met a lot of floridians looking for a white christmas but finding more warm weather. >> we brought it with us. >> we'd like to thank you. >> i'm very sad about it. >> it's colder than it is in florida. that's for sure. >> around the rink shoppers shuffled in and out of holiday stores, well most of them plenty of hats and scarves to go around because the christmas gift to shorts, short sleeves and how does it feel? >> fantastic. great to be able to take a run in the morning and not have a jacket on, just be free for the day. >> reporter: free to be out, free to enjoy the christmas warm weather.
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around the city doing very different traditions, including visiting the carriages out at bryant park. we'll have more of that coming up live at 6:00. for you, i'm brynn gingras. >> thanks. in the annual christmas message from the vatican, pope francis strongly denounced terrorism and violence and prayed for peace throughout the world. francis specifically mentioned last month's attacks in paris as well as the conflicts in syria, libya, iraq, yemen and ukraine. and in reference to the israeli palestinian ko conflict saying where peace is born, there is no longer room for hatred.
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christ, thousands celebrated at bethlehem's church of the nativity. but observers say the gathering was smaller than usual due to the violence that the pope spoke of. cardinal dolan invited two refugee families to celebrate midnight mass at st. patrick's cathedral. one of the family es fled from violence in el salvador. the other is actually muslim. but the catholic charities helped to resettle both families here in our area. >> as we celebrate this night when jesus was born away from home into a family that would soon flee as refugees from safety into an oppressive king
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welcoming the families. now mayor de blasio served meals with al sharpton to families in harlem. the mayor told the crude that despite the homeless crisis. city is moving in the right direction. andrew siff joins us with more coming up on news4 new york at 6:00. some breaks news now from new jersey where firefighters are working on a house fire. this is brand-new video from the scene on murthel avenue. here is what we know right now. everybody did escape the fire. extra crews had to be called in to help with the flames. new information is still coming in. we're going to bring you new details that we get as we get them. new here at 5:00, to the bronx and a horrible story to report. a man accuse of shooting his wife while their kids were with upzars upstairs in the house. he is on the loose and she is in
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more. >> reporter: police say they're on a manhunt after a man shot his wife here inside the home. relatives tell me the reason is because she asked for a divorce. now as this mother of two recovers in the hospital, the search is on for her husband, on this christmas morning, two young children woke up to the sound of gun fire and soon after discovered that their mother had been shot downstairs. father. it happened inside their home. >> last night was a celebration, everybody leave at like 2:00, everybody leaving. so i sleeping, nothing problem. >> the victim's brother tells us that he seemed quiet last night during a family celebration. that brother didn't want to show his face. they tell us his sister had asked for a divorce a couple of weeks ago. he believes this is why he shot her. this is a family picture of the
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>> i feel bad too, because it's my sister. yeah, it's my sister. >> reporter: that brother tells okay. he was on his way to check her at the hospital. ps. you know anything about the suspect, give the nypd a call. we're live in the williamsburg section of the bronx this christmas night. news4 new york. thank you. another family in the bronx ripped apart by gun violence tonight. instead of celebrating christmas, they're planning a funeral for a 16-year-old boy. justin morris was shot and killed last night. the gunman is still on the loose. katherine creag spoke with that boy's family. >> 16-year-old justin morris knew every corner of this neighborhood in the bronx, relatives tell us, he grew up here. tragically it's where he died. >> i know i'm not taking it well. >> rashad white, a cousin says
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police say the shooting happened along 183rd street between jerome and walton avenues shortly before 11:00 last night. justin was shot several times in the back. police say the group he was with and another group began fighting. someone fired a gun according to police, justin collapse on the sidewalk. >> i saw what happened and i got a call knowing that he was dead. >> a 19-year-old friend of the victim was shot a number of times in the back. he survived and remains in the hospital. friends who saw justin hours before his death describe him as a friendly teenager who enjoyed basketball and spending time with his childhood friends. >> i'm his friend. everybody is his friend. i don't understand why anybody would want to hurt him. >> not far from where the shooting happened there is an nypd camera on the corner. >> reporter: police tell us they're looking at surveillance
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pinpoint who committed the shooting. in the bronx, katherine creag news4 new york. a 14-year-old boy is accused of a sexual assault in east flat bush. he's waiting to face a judge. surveillance video shows the teen after the attack on december 16th pretty clear. the investigators say the teen grabbed a 33-year-old woman inside her apartment building, sexually assaulted her and stole her cell phone and money. he is now being charged as an adult. still ahead her on news4 new york at 5:00, a horrible traffic accident. what went wrong? >> a mother and her two young daughters hit in this intersection. we veal the latest on their conditions coming up. also tonight we're getting a look at the devastation left behind after deadly tornadoes in mississippi. plus, you may love the new
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on the list of most hackable
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tonight a mother and her two younger daughters are in the hospital fighting for their life after being run down by an out of the control car. >> investigators think that a mechanical problem may be to blame. this happened in hicksville. news4's checkey beckford has the story. >> reporter: that mother and at least one of her daughters now fighting for their lives. police say they were hit here at the intersection of new bridge and old country road. >> i was sad, you know. people go for enjoyment and something happens like this. it as not good. >> the christmas eve tragedy happened around 10:00 p.m. last night.
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were left in the road after the paramedics rushed to mother and her two daughter to the hospital. the 11-year-old daughter is in serious condition. >> we saw them when they come out with the lights with, the police were there. the blinking lights. the whole area was blocked. >> the dented honda accord sat off to the side. police say the car was traveling the intersection. the driver stayed at the scene and police say he is not accident. police also say the car was being tested for possible equipment failure. >> reporter: the mother and daughters are being treated at nassau university medical center. people here in the community say they're praying for a christmas miracle. checkey beckford, news4 new york. tonight we're getting a look at the man behind a deadly wrong way crash on long island earlier this week. christopher o'brien pleaded not
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intoxicated today. his vehicle slam into the car on wednesday morning killing a 67-year-old. o'brien suffered a broken rib in that accident. the death toll rising to 14 after tornadoes and severe storms slammed parts of the south and midwest on christmas eve. among the dead, a 7-year-old boy. this drone video shows the unbelievable damage in holly springs, mississippi, as far as the eye can see, homes are smashed to pieces. today families are take in the damages and starting the difficult task of cleaning up and starting over. crews are out scouring the debris for anyone missing or trapped. as you can see the red cross donation center is filling up with food, toiletries and chris
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>> i'm flat amazed. >> forecasters say more violent weather may hit parts of alabama, georgia, tennessee. the flash flood warnings are in effect and there's the threat of more tornadoes. well back here at home, no white christmas for us, but in california many have a winter wonder land. light snow blanketed much of the sierra mountains. snow on the roads meant slower speeds and drivers stopped to add chains to the tires. for many of their four-legged friends, the fresh powder was too tempting to resist. that looks like fun. we're so spoiled by the warm weather but today you kind of miss the snow. >> we're going to get our snow. it will be later in the season. right now we're bask in the holiday warmth. that's certainly the case not only with family and friends out and about. the temperature outside is
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you can tell outside already things are beginning to change. we have lower cloud cover, more moisture in the air when' ger toing see some rain, a lot of it on and off during the week. back to work, back to winter. we're going to see the temperatures drop. we're around 64, 66 degrees depending on where you were in the city, 59 in poughkeepsie, monticello normally to the north and west we're cooler, 57 degrees there, 65 in trenton and 66 at belmar. the storm tracker, this is the moisture beginning to approach the area. as a precursor, what we get is the lower cloud deck and we see visibility begin to drop and we see humid conditions and maybe a thunderstorms. 58 in white plains. and as you can see by looking at
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our highs from today. 60 in bridge water. certainly confusing. this is why we're seeing the lower visibility right now. winds are calm. they'll pick up a little later, after about 1:00 this morning. calm through most of the area. five miles per hour at newark. let's go to newark international airport. you can see even though we record 7 miles of visibility there right now, we have calm winds at newark, and that's creating a little bit of fog. please fake good care if you're traveling. let's talk about visibility in the broader sense of the region. plenty of visibility in poughkeepsie, bridgeport, beginning to close in a little bit in new york, at kennedy and central park, farmingdale now at 5. and as the clouds move in, fog is going to be an issue until, again, after about the midnight hour. storm tracker brings the rain in and it's going to start with a chance of showers.
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increase as the evening goes on before this begin to push out of the way. what can we expect temperature wise? tomorrow we wake up to 49 degrees, 40 in monticello, up to 53 at noontime, 51 in hamptons bay. and as we get up to 51 in asbury park, it will be dinnertime. let's check out your seven-day forecast. again we talked about the fog tonight. watch it into tomorrow. cooler temperatures. 64 on sunday, i think we're in for another record setter. and look at the seven-day forecast, in and out of showers but much cooler temperatures. but the thing to note, typically we sbhould at 39, 40, 41 degrees at this time of the year. while it is winter here, sort of, christmas means summertime in australia.
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famous beach for sunshine. it's so bizarre to see the santa hats. this is what they do. beech goers posing in front of a christmas tree and an inflatable reindeer. swimmers hit the water in germany. there you go. members of the berlin seals winter association walked into the frigid water there. the group has been meeting up for cold weather swims since the early 1980s. the water temperature was around 42 degrees. >> those germans are tough. so much more ahead on news4 new york at 5:00. get on your feet. the musical taking broadway by storm. we go behind the scene and sit down with two stars from "get on
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coming up at 6:00. families in need get a special present from special guests, the mayor and reverend al sharpton. i'm andrew siff.
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get on your feet >> well the aptly named broadway hit is doing just that, inspiring packed house to get up and do some dancing. it features a predominantly hispanic cast. here's ray villeda. >> it's the story of gloria and emilio estefan.
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of the leads who tell me that is about the first crossover artists who conquered latin america and the entire world. >> i didn't know i was waiting my entire life to do this show. >> the music coming out of the theater stage will get you on your feet. the story of gloria and emilio aims for the heart. it's the first time on broadway for the role of gloria es testify fan. he's from miami with parents from cuba and el salvador. >> it just felt like something i needed to say. it was words i needed to put in my mouth, a story i needed to put into my body. >> the timing of the play's opening is not lost on both actors. it comes at a time when the united states and cuba are restoring diplomatic ties. >> for my mother and my grandparents who were here on
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embodying gloria who is, you know, reigns supreme as the cuban american goddess that she is and for me to be on a broadway stage, we're all kind of standing up for those traditions and elevating our culture. that's huge. >> for the actor, the show which we weaves spanish and english into the dialogue, it's about something more universal. >> we're representing what the american dream looks like right now in this country. >> all i can do is do my best to be up there telling the same story that anna just said we get to tell. >> ray villeda news4 new york. >> that looks like a fun show. >> yeah, it is. those two are definitely fixtures to have communities. coming up at 5:30, a look at the best films of the year. plus how santa's helpers are
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at a time. we go along were the ride. and a family's bunding of joy enters the world in a retail store parking lot. now that business is giving them
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we are back now with new information on breaking news we're following with the fire crews are working to douse the house fire. there's some cell phone video from the scene. you see the flames there, the smoke. the city's mayor says everyone escaped. fire.
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to help with the flames.
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