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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  December 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he's a good, funny, humble guy. >> now t 6:00, a family in mourning. a young man one of two people killed when gunfire erupts at a party inside a warehouse. out of control. a car crashes into the front of a store, sending one foreign the hospital. it's all caught on cameras. tornados trip across the loan lone star state, now a blizzard is bearing down on other parts of texas and that intense system
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good evening, i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm natalie pasqual. >> cashif bellfield was enjoying a saturday night out when his brother said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the party was inside an abandoned warehouse on first avenue. police say warehouse parties have been a problem lately. >> reporter: by day, neighbors say these abandoned patterson warehouses are quiet. that's why ruth hillis was surprised to find a crowd here before dawn when she arrived for work at an area ambulance company. >> it looked like a movie theater getting out. i said who -- where did these people come from? >> reporter: paterson police say those people were here for an illegal party. about 30 were inside the warehouse when something went wrong. >> there were four shot, boom boom and boom boom. >> reporter: those shots left
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one was hassan bellfield's brother cashif a pre-school cook. >> he wanted to have fun and he got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: only assan's work obligation kept him from also attending the party. it's unclear why they were shot. >> it could be as easy as somebody spilling a drink. >> reporter: the police director says it doesn't appear as it was used as an afterhours club. those clubs have been popping up in vacant homes and businesses across paterson with police doing their best to shut them down request i can. >> i as soon as we identify it we send our narcotics people and the police shut it down. >> reporter: police can't say how many people fired shots inside the warehouse but whoever is responsible has yet to be apprehended. >> young people are dying on the street for what? >> it hurt, it really hurts. if whoever did this, please come forward, pay for the crime that you committed. >> reporter: news 4, new york.
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is recovering from a broken ankle he suffered when an out-of-control car plowed into a store where he was shopping and it was caught on camera. there it is right there. wow. that moment of impact. according to police, an 88-year-old woman drove into shoretown station area on pelham road in new rochelle around noon today. you see it very clearly there on surveillance. another man told us he nearly got hit as well. >> scared the hell out of me. i turned around, just go in stopping, there's the car. >> wow. police say the woman refused medical treatment. there is no word of any charges against her. >> reporter: in texas, at least 11 people were killed in a series of powerful tornados near dallas-fort worth. authorities are still counting the injured and it will be some time before the scope of the property damage is known. also, texas is facing another round of wild and potentially dangerous weather this evening. here's nbc's brian moore. >> it's a complete loss right there.
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a deadly north texas storm, this was a day to take stock. >> there's some more of the patio and then here's part of our roof and chimney stack. >> there's stuff flying in the air. >> reporter: a string of deadly tornados, one with winds topping 150 miles an hour roared through the suburbs of dallas claiming lives and wiping out not a terrifying flash. >> i never thought that i would live through something like this. it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: considering many of these homes were packed with families gathered for the holidays, some communities are counting their blessings in each neighbor's survival. >> we're extremely lucky and very fortunate that we didn't have any fatalities or any more serious injuries. >> reporter: but before these storm-stricken residents can think about rebuilding, they're facing another round of mother nature's wrath. more tornado warnings and drenching rains with flash flooding in some parts, the possibility of freezing in others.
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have increasing areas where rain-covered roads will turn to ice. >> reporter: to the north, blizzard warnings for the texas and oklahoma panhandles. areas looking more like frozen tundra than winter wonderland. the governor of texas says there are some estimates his state was slammed by more than a dozen tornados. brian moore, nbc news. that storm system is headed our way. we all want to know what we can expect, erica. >> we won't expect any of that kind of level of danger out of this system but we have a winter weather advisory in effect for these northern counties, that includes the hudson valley, the catskills and most of northern new jersey but not the five boroughs or the immediate suburban counties. just northern westchester county, not southern westchester county included in that.
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in tomorrow and with that wind out of the northeast it will lock in cold air at the surface. an approaching storm system, the same one that brought the severe weather to the lower plain states will move its way toward us. it will hit that cold air. we will get sleet and maybe a little bit of snow out of the system before the changeover to rain. i'll time out the changeover and what you can expect with future tracker in the seven-the day forecast. back to you. you can track this forecast any time on your phone or tablet. download the news 4 new york app to see the forecast and interactive radar. tonight an 18-month-old boy is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. mina bichet was sitting in his car seat when a stray bullet shattered the back windshield and hurt his cheek. we just spoke to the father. ray, what can you tell us?
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angry. he said his family moved here from egypt three years ago seeking a sense of safety, that sense of security shattered with yesterday's incident when the stray bullet hit his son. we're told the child won't be discharged from the hospital until tomorrow. he's running a fever and still in pain. meanwhile the shooter behind this police say is still on the loose. tonight one-year-old mina bichet is out of surgery but still in the hospital. the happy child was pierced by a stray bullet, hitting his mouth, shattered glass caused cuts under his eye. the youngster was sitting in the car with his father yesterday. they were on a trip to the post office when the sound of gunfire filled the air. >> the doctor did surgery to take the bullet out. now he's still crying all the time. you can imagine what the baby 18 months feel for this bullet inside. >> reporter: witnesses describe
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exclusive video shows the aftermath. you can see first responders rushing to the corner of burgin and harrison avenue. now as the family waits for the boy's discharge they're calling on the city to stopped the violence. >> it happened at 2:00 in the daytime. what if it happened in school dismissal time with 13 or 14 ki ? who what are you going to feel? >> reporter: we got a statement from the mayor of jersey city and it says in part "we continue to hire additional officers and deploy more officers on foot patrols but the challenge is daunting without larger changes to the overall system such as restricting access to guns by criminals. we also know witnesses on the scene of the situation were not cooperating making it that much harder to catch the gunman. if you know anything about this, give jersey city police a call. live in jersey city tonight, rye villeda, news 4, new york. >> ray, thank you. on long island, state police
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who threw a brick off of a bridge and blah that brick hit a blue bmw just before 8:00 on meadowbrook parkway in union dale. police say the driver, a 21-year-old island park man, got hit in the shoulder but wasn't seriously hurt. however a 22-year-old woman riding with him did suffer eye and mouth injuries. if you have any information about this incident, call the new york state police in farmingdale. >> scary. still ahead here on news 4 new york, a brand new manger scene is missing the main attraction. baby jesus gone. the heartless crime that has parishioners calling foul. that's coming up. plus strong words from quarterback peyton manning over a report that claims he took performance-enhancing drugs.
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a clothing store on the upper east side was robbed. this happened at the h&m store on east 86th street. police say the gun man forced several employees to the back of the store. we're told the suspect was last seen running down 86th street toward third avenue. >> whether it's a dumb prank or heartless crime, the theft of baby jesus from a church nativity scene in clifton, new jersey, is a sour note during the holiest week for one local perish. >> they stole baby jesus.
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>> we just got it! why would they do that? that's terrible. >> reporter: many arrived at st. clair catholic church in clifton, new jersey, to a real bummer of a surprise. baby jesus stolen from the church's brand new nativity scene just purchased and blessed last week, it cost a couple thousand dollars according to father peter glabik. >> as i looked at it i became very saddened because our people put so much money into building this. parish. >> reporter: he called police who reviewed surveillance video. he held services at 10:00 a.m. and noon and shared the story with his parish. >> we know it's just a statue. but we put a lot of effort in making this happen to show the world what the true meaning of christmas is about. >> reporter: he said there's a
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stolen today of all days. >> ironically today is the feast of the holy family of nazareth and here we are, joseph and mary and no jesus. whether it's a prank or not, it's a foolish prank i'm saddened that someone thinks this is funny. >> the father says he simply wants the statue back in the manger, a go fund me page has been set up by members of the church to buy a new statue if the stolen one isn't returned? >> hopefully someone 'fesses up. now that christmas is over it's the counterdown to new year's. we are so excited about this. times square ball is almost ready. >> and finally get ready for our first dose of winter weather. advisories are posted.
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>> great to see you. tonight on "nightly news," at least 11 people dead as tornados rip rough texas. six or seven dead in missouri due to flooding and it's not over tonight. 51 million people facing blizzard-like conditions, whacky weather across the central part of the country. chicago police under scrutiny yet again after an officer accidentally shoots and kills a mother of five and why you may want to give your new year's resolution list a second look. i know you already made your list and everything but exercise not only good for you but can help fight against the flu and cancer. >> so the gym will be even more packed in january. >> exactly. >> you've got to do it. >> kate, thanks. the countdown before the countdown coming up. >> that's right. just four days before the ball drops in times square to ring in the new year workers are putting the finishing touches on the waterford crystal ball. it has a new design. the try angle pieces have star bursts in the center
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there are 2,688 pieces in all weighing six tons. one million people are expected to pack times square thursday night. organizers say one billion people around the world will watch the ball drop. the times square wishing wall is filling up with hopes for a happy new year. love, happiness and health and a special wish for a good baseball season. i like that. go yankees. the thousands of handwritten wishes for the new year are piling up and posted at a kiosk in 44th street and seventh avenue. all this paper will be among the confetti to rain down on new year's. >> maybe new year's will feel more appropriate because christmas didn't. >> the record high streak is over. we're done with this warm weather and we'll see our first dose of wintery weather. so here's our weather headlines. it will be colder tonight once we get past midnight, it will clear out a bit and turn breezy
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the evening hours we'll watch this next storm system makes its arrival and it will bring us a wintery mix early tuesday. we'll pinpoint that in a second. we're looking at temperatures. 55 in water gap and mine hill. same temperature in parsippany. we're up to 61, n central park, 62 in farmingdale and 26 in long branch. here comes the cold front, you can see light showers on storm tracker and snow showing up in the katrina cat catskills, that won't be a factor for us tonight. just light rain showers and the colder air will descend in behind it. that will set up shop for what comes next. the next rain maker which is down in texas. future tracker shows light showers pushing through. so we'll probably be on later than that. on monday we have sunshine.
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ng the evening hours. overnight monday into early tuesday morning some sleep pallets falling, snow showers falling in the catskills and upper hudson valley not for us in the immediate metro area. they will see some snowflakes and then that rain changeover happens before sunrise in the five boroughs and the surrounding counties so we will be done from this first winter weather event quickly except in the lower hudson valley and also through the catskills where it will hang on longer just a light precipitation of sleet, nothing that will stick to the roadway bus it will be a travel concern tuesday morning. tonight early rain showers clearing out late and becoming breezy with a low of 40 and only rebounding to a high temperature of 44 on monday. lots of clouds in place but the precipitation doesn't arrive until the overnight hours on monday. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll start out with wintery
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into tuesday morning. it will change to rain by the time the sun rises on tuesday and then temperatures get slightly milder notice this in the seven-day forecast. we don't have six-days anymore as we turn the calendar to 2016. it will feel like a new scenario out there with temperatures cold next weekend, a high of 40 on saturday and s day. so, yeah -- >> about time. >> flurries as well. >> we're ready for it, erica, thanks. bruce joining us, what a game, we were cheering in the newsroom, the jets that was awesome. >> we have a football season in new york. the jets came up big against their hated rivals. it came down to the coin toss in overtime to help decide a tremendous football game. we'll explain what went wrong for bill belichick and the
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the jets began the day on the outside of the nbc playoff picture looking in and with the new england patriots in town, the road to the nfl's second season looked like a rocky one at best. leading by seven early in the third quarter, ryan fitzpatrick goes up top to brandon marshall who makes a dine mate play for a 33 yard touchdown. marshall becomes the first player in jets history with 100 catches in a season and the first receiver in league history with six seasons of at least 100 grabs. it was a seven-point jets lead with two minutes to play when tom brady does it again, hitting james white who walked into the end zone. game tied at 20. we go to overtime. that's where things got weird. the patriots won the coin toss and matthew slater inexplicably chose to kickoff before trying
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the jets began o.t. with the football and it took just two and a half minutes to drive down the field for the game-winning score. fitzpatrick hitting decker for the touchdown as gang green blew the roof off met life stadium. 26-20 the final. the jets now control their own destiny for the playoffs. >> we've been in survival mode the past couple weeks right now so just beating them because they're the king of the hill gives us one victory. still have to two go to buffalo next week but it feels good to win a tough gritty game against a good football team. >> we knew once we received the football we would take care of business and a lot of guys made big plays and a fun way to end the game. those are moments we cherish and this game was big to us to keep us in the playoff hunt so that way we finished, love this team. >> so it comes down the next
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buffalo. if the jets win, they're in. but standing in their way is rex ryan, you can't make this stuff up. now to some other big nfl news. peyton manning is being linked to performance-enhancing drugs. according to a documentary by al jazeera the broncos quarter back is among several pro athletes supplied agh by an indiana based anti-aging clinic. the report alleged in 2011 manning's wife ashley was mailed p.e d.s by the geyer institute in minneapolis. it also says they went for intravenous treatments. manning who was recovering from neck surgery in 2011 went on the offensive today, vehemently denying the claims in an interview with lisa salters of espn. >> disgusted is really how i feel, sickened by it. it's completely fabricated.
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there's more adjectives i'd like to use. it stings me to say i broke nfl rules to get healthy. it's a joke. it's a freaking joke. >> other football players include clay matthews, julius peppers and baseball players ryan howard and ryan zimmerman and mike tyson the boxer. falcons beat the panthers, ending carolina's hope of an undefeated season. the giants play the vikings tonight on nbc's "sunday night football" but big blue is out of the playoff picture. but gang green very much a live.
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>> the dark side. >> well, the force cannot be beaten. the seventh installment of the "star wars" series is now a billion dollar blockbuster.
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