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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 29, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EST

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aggressive form of cancer he found out about two days ago. he was 70 years old. >> the harlem globetrotters dedicating the rest of their season to meadowlark lemon. he died sunday at the age of 83. haynes passed away in may after 40 years with the globetrotters. it's 5:00 a.m. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. tracking a messy mix. could be a problem for some drivers this morning. we have team coverage. plus, this morning, a new look at the men wanted for a vicious beating on a city sidewalk. also new this morning, the so-called affluenza teen captured. we'll tell you where police finally tracked him down. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody.
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december 29th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barrett in for darlene. good to be with you. >>nghat's right. for the irst time we have team coverage of this winter weather. chris cimino. people seeing different things depending where they are. >> an introduction to the winter weather. dealing with mixed precipitation north of the city. city saw a little bit of sleet. that's pretty much gone. out across long island and south of that point. no hwest new jersey still some sleet, still some snow. even a pocket or two of freezing rain. the advisory in effect. in most cases between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. it will expire. further north it lingers a li,ttle longer. the storm is making progress. the back edge of the rain approaching washington, d.c., moving north and east. that's prettygood. warmer air is starting to push in and working into the lower levels of the atmosphere. notice the area of green which means rain. the area of pink is where your frozen precipitation is. the green is making progress
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about to krosz the 287 line here. the further north you go especially up towards 84 may never transition over to rain of any great significance. this is 84, olster, duchess, sullivan county. i think a more proel longed period of frozen precitation. a slippery go for the northwestern suburbs. slippery but wet roads. it dries out by noontime. low 50s for parts of the area by the end of the day as things continue to dry out. 067892. not dry on the roads this morning that's for sure. how's it looking, lauren? >> that is for sure. nch of accidents. many cleared. in new jersey one of them a closure in the new jersey turnpike. truck lane shut down at route 18, exit 9 . car lanes still paage. then another one over on 80 westbound by exit 56 which is the woodland park exit. neither causing a bunch of
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bunch of fender benders. as lauren just said, we've had multiple reports of crashes that we have been checking on. this particular one happened in holbrook. an suv on its side. police are investigating if the weather, if the slick roads may have played a factor. from that same time, coming down in farmingville was enough to accumulate on top of cars. u ma have to get out the ice scraper or brush before you head out this morning. not just long island we want to point out. the roads can be all over. er>> there was accumulation in north county. katherine creag in nyack. how was the drive? >> reporter: not great. thanks for asking. 25 miles an hour on the palisades parkway. i don't remember a time when i ever went 25 miles an hour on the palisades parkway. no traffic but we were going 25 miles per hour because there was heavy fog a it was raining. the snow right now might be nice
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drivers that we talked with admit that it is something that they really weren't prepared for. it's been slushy. itis's been a little bit icy where they've been traveling around nyack around the palisades parkway. we were going 25 miles an hour around the gloucester area because there was fog, raining. visibility was terrible. a lot of the towns in our area had the salt spreaded treat local streets and highways beginning yesterday afternoon and last night to help drivers as the precipitation came down too help with the morning commute. we talked with a south nyack resident who's headed to queens to pick up a friend at the airport. >> raining, very slippery. i have to go very, very slow. at's it. >> reporter: we want to show you at the parking lot at the gas station what the workers set up. windshield lusd by the pumps, more windshield fluid, salt and
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ce melt that you ould have when it's winter because it's back, baby, this weather. re's some winter melt for below 15 degree weather. an feee l like i haven't seen this in a long time, kerry and michael. we've been treated with such great weather. alhil of these winter products pre back because they need it this morning. back to you. >> party's over, huh? >> that's it. >> kat, thanks so much. with the first snowfl in thite area, new york city issuing the first snow alert. plows getting ready. it was mostly sleet that pelted pedestrians. thyoese are folks walking around mid town last night. they had the umbrellas out. >> better safe than sorry, i suppose. at this point i don't want to say it's petering out, but it's turning mostly to rain. >> cold rain. sanitation department can put
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being, salt spreaders. not needed. getting up to the 50s. what to expect this morning, the main problem is north and west of the city as we've been seeing. slippery travel will persist into mid morning. mix ends as rain even in most of the northwestern suburbs. plain rain in the city and along the coast now. it will taper off that way as a couple of showers drying on out i think for the most part in most areas by, let's say, between noon and 3:00. making quick progress, this system is pulling on out of here. u cen see there's still a bit of rain to get through. the heaviest pocket is over southwest new jersey, southeast. it will pick up in the next one to two hours. the area of ice is eroding further to the north as well. i had chinese food last night. looking at temperatures in the upper 30s. it's damp generally in the city. suburbs north and west.
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everybody warms up and we do dry out later this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. it was a little chicken with some nice an brocli. >> yummy. stop it. i prefer rice over ice any day, too. it's okay. if you're headed out in connecticut, we have a couple of problems here, a spinout on the merit parkway. not blocking any lanes. proof of the road conditions. we have an accident there you can see on the connecticut turnpike. 95 southbound out by exit 6, harvard avenue. over on the shoulder so it's not causing a problem. very shiny roads this morning. leave yourself plenty of extra time to git to where you need to go. 50, q 110, q 112. ny transit, 119, alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. 5:07. breaking news overnight out of europe. police in belgium have arrested
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an attack on new year's eve. police say they had military style uniforms, they had isis propaganda. no weapons or explosives. these arrests came after a series of raids in brtsgels. 5:08. the texas teen who used the affluenza defense to avoid jail tioree, he's been found in mexico. ethan couch and his mother were taken into custody yesterday in purt tow vallarta. they've been searching for them. they believe he ran because a video showed him at an alcohol party. some peaceful protests even in our area following a grand jury's decision not to indict two officers who killed a boy, this was in cleveland. demonstrators gathering last night in washington square park. they marched to city hall and in cleveland others were protesting at the police station. they are upset about the decision in the tamir rice case.
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last year two officers fired ordn that 12-year-old who was holfong a toy gun. two personal bankers accused of stealing lots of money from seniors seniors, and some of them as well money from the dead. dion allyson was arraigned in brooklyn criminal court. they say chase johnson francis is still on the run. ey stote $400,000 mostly with fake atm cards. new this morning, the nypd releasing some new video of two ses spekts wanted in the brutal beating of a man in brooklyn. police say that they walked up from behind their victim on avenue n in midwood and began punching him in the head. once he was on the ground they beat this 60-year-old man, took his wallet, but he was able to make it home where his wife called 911. >> they could have killed hi
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breathing, happy that this is over for him. absolutely he's in shock. >> the victim received about 80 stitches before he was released from the hospital. there is a $5500 reward for the suspects. today mourners will pause at the coffin of an nypd officer. joseph lemm's flag draped coffin arrived at the air force base. tou day a wake in west harrison. tomorrow will be a here o hero's funeral at saint patrick's cathedral. today new rules for hoverboards. here in new york these scooters, i guess you could call the that, are con dered vehicles. riding one could cost you a $200 fine.
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peralta, activists will be on the steps of city hall pushing to legalize and regulate those devices. >> pro-hoverboard -- >> pro-hoverboard. nice. 5:11. now ahead this morning, one drone user's big mistake. why he had to end up explaining himself to the secret service. >> that's never good. plus, making changes. what the tsa will do te start to improve airport security. it will be a big mess out there. weather and traffic on the 4ed
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welcome back. 5:14 on a tuesday morning. a little stormy and slippery in parts of the area. we've got our first little taste of winter especially north and west of the city going on right now. northwest new jersey, hudson lley, interior of connecticut. rain elsewhere will taper off by midday. things improve by the afternoon. quiet as it appears for new year's eve. once we get past that, not too much action going on in the weather department other than a gradual cooling trend by the weekend. nter weather rise advisories.
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duchess, the advisory is still in effect. high tide between 9:00 and noon today in brooklyn and queens. south facing shorelines. minor coastal flooding. as we look at the temperatures, problem up to the north 27 in rhinebeck. they have long way to go to get above the freezing mark. whatever is precipitate ing is freezing. white plains will be transitioning shortly. city up to 38, long branch at 48. warm air coming up the new jersey coast line and long branch. trying to seep into the inland spots. gradually that will happen. wind gusts between 25 and 30 miles an hour across long island. it's making the temperatures feel colder. wind chills across the hudson valley in the teens. 'tis winter. we've got rain mainly. that's the area of rain. the area of pink is where e have the mixed precipitation of
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primariy accumulating snow. ski country getting snow. as we zoom in closer, the rain/ice line continues to make slow progress up to the north. not tremendous. right along 287. we'll continue to drift northward. be careful if you're traveling pecially 287 north and northwest of that and then it will be 84 is the cutoff by mid to m late morning where things will still be frozen. future tracker, you can seeny heavy slug of rain will come through in the next hour or two. by 1:00, most of the showers have ended. most of the area has gone over to rain. notice maybe up towards albany. that's where there's still some ice left. ng island, showers may take longer to exit, then partial clearing. still a lot of clouds around. even during the day today, fair amount of clouds. some sun mid to late afternoon before the clouds thicken up. push of rain will brush across the area.eythen it's dry from that point forward. iter does get progressively
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new year's over looks to be okay. in the 40s. 49 the expected high in the city. 50s out across long island. 50s down the jersey shore. climbing into the 40s north and west of the city. again, anything that's frozen up there will melt. things will get better. it will take a while. here's the seven day forecast, 51 tomorrow. late shower possible especia y south and east of the city. thursday itself, dry day. 49 for the high. about 40ish at midnight. dropping to the 30s. first day of the year, 44, partly cloudy. chilly trend with clouds saturday, sunday, monday. let's head over to lauren scala. get the latest on the commute on a tuesday morning. >> good morning, new persey. you have all the trouble spots right now. start with rouw 35. out by sunset avenue in the northbound lanes. there's an accident out there. that's in the right lane. something to take note of. then heading over to the turnpike, two problems now. all lanes closed in the truck lane southbound by route 18 which is interchange 9. then further south of there somewhat in between interchange
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accident in the car lane. that one causing lays. everyone would be taking the car lanes to avoid that. things backing up here, keep that in mind. 80, two accidents. first one westbound by exit 82. lincoln fairfield. another one exit 56 which is the woodland park patterson exit. neither one causing major problems. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much 56789:18. the tsa is making changes to improve airport security.isnot focusing so much on passengers but on airport employees. nbc's edward lawrence is in washington with these changes. very interesting, edward. >> reporter: it's very interesting, michael. we know the weather is causing delays at jfk and laguardia. now employees will see delays in security.
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random searches for airline employees and airport employees. this comes after two years of incidents involving smuggled weapons and guns and laundered money into a mports. in fact, in one case last year five employees at logan airport were arrested for bringing $400,000 in cash into that airport through restricted entrances. now in a memo from the american airlines head of security, he told employees that they after their shift must leave the airport and come back through security if they're going to board a flight through leisure. there was news that there was reportedly an airport employee that brought down a russian jet. that was outside the united states. still, the tsa does not want to take any chances here inside the united states. that extra random searches of airline and airport employees has already begun. reporting live in washington,
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back to you, michael. 5:19 now. president obama remaining on vacation in awaii where a drone causedn scare by flying a litettle too close to his motorcade. it happened in honolulu last night. the incident, of course, putting the secret service on alert. we have videos of officers talking to the drone's operator right there. he said he didn't know the president was passing by. no charges filed. in the cnbc report, tesla ramping up with 1600 job openings worldwide. the ceo put out a call on twitter for, quote, hard core software engineers. needles to say they got a lot of resumes. they're expanding their model lineup. they're introducing an suv. they are working on self-driving cars. matter of fact, they have a self-steering thing that they're working on as well. that may be the first step towards the self-driving. >> very cool. >> there we go. 5:20.
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why one u.s. city had a big problem with justin bieber. plus, it's a whole lot of money. we're going to tell you how much whole foods agreed to pay for overcharging customers here in new york city. you're watching "today in new
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38 degrees out theregifts morning. coming down in most places th across the region. traffic and weather momentarily. first though, whole foods will be cutting a very big check to the city of new york. the company is agreeing to pay half a million to the city to settle allegations the city overcharged for their free packaged foods. the money will go into the city's budget. >>r> justin bieber's album is getting the wrong kind of attention. they've written all over the city in spray paint, net chalk. they're demanding the city's publisher reveal who did it. nobody in bieber's camp is taking responsibility for this. >> look what somebod al did. look at that. >> new thing now. you see them all over the place. street art. everybody is spray painting. protect your heart. a bunch of different ones.
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justin bieber. >> right. >> the other ones are art. >> spray painting, right? >> agreed. >> that's unheard of. people who grew up in the '70s might like to know we've seen enough of that. >> all right. >> how about spray painting winter, go back where you were. we liked when it was under a rock. little bit of ice north and west of the city. in the city and on south most of new jersey, central and southern new jersey is rain. into the cities resuming. talking about ice probably a few more hours north and west of wn. be aware of that. slippery spots early. leftover rain and showers. it should taper down by early afternoon. upper 40s some areas. south of the city could get into the 50s before the day is through. tonight partly cloudy, 42 the low in the city with some 30s in the suburbs. pretty quiet finish to the old year. pretty quiet start to the new year. talk about that coming up in the next half hour. mo hey, lauren. good morning. talking about accidents all over
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we have our reported second spinout of the morning on the merritt. route 123 new cane than avenue. earlier we had one by black rock turnpike. that is cleared. have one out there on the co ecticut turnpike. southbound by exit six, harvard avenue. in the right lane. police on the scene trying to get that cleared out. not causing a delay. with the glistening roads, be careful. pop on the new jersey turnpike. >> people be careful this morning. a central new york woman, she's on a mission to unite her adopted brothers with her birth family. christina wilcox from rome, new york. she posted this picture online. she's searching for triplet brothers. her parents gave them up for adoption in dodge city, that's kansas, in 1972. this photo has been shared more than 5,000 times. her brothers were adopted from catholic charities.
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>> share it, absolutely. 5:26. just ahead, donald trump's new target, chris christie. plus, crime of opportunity caught on camera. a robber targets a cab that had juusst been stopped by the side of the road. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag live in nyack where it's starting up again, the rain. before this there was snow, there was sleet. prepared for this. you'll hear from them coming up. the door, take us with you. york." download the news 4 app on your mobile device right now.
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right now first case of winter creating a mess on the roads. we have team coverage this morning. plus, an easy target. the hunt this morning for a robber who targeted a cabbie and a passenger. and donald trump's got a new target this morning. what he said about chris christie. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. 5:30 a.m. on this tuesday, december 29th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> first case of winter. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene this morning. >> we're waking up to it this morning. the start of the season, you might say. let's start with storm team 4 chris cimino. >> if you're north of the city, you're feeling it. cold rain out there.
5:28 am
north of town still a concern. seeing freezing rain, seeing sleet. way to the north, still a little bit of snow left over. slippery travel up there. not a lot in terms of accumulation. but, again, those roads not treated, overpasses, secondary back roads will be slippery. wet roads in the city. plain rain city and coast winding down to a few showers by midday. dries out by this afternoon. radar shows this system is making progress. the back edge of it getting closer and closer across maryland. we have a few hours to go to get through this. mainly rain city on south. the rain has approached southern sections of rockland, west chester county. that will be a trend. where it's icy it should turn wet as we get deeper and deeper into the morning. 38 in the city. mid to upper 40s by noon. close to 50 before the day is through as things dry out later on this afternoon. let's find out the latest from lauren.
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all the rails are in good shape. we recommend those today. this just came in, accident on the southern state parkway westbound by corona avenue near exit 15. heading over to new jersey where we have a couple of trouble spots. the worst of them on the turnpike. interchange 9 by route 18. after that in the car lane southbound on the turnpike after, again, route 18, you do have an accident blocking a lane and that's causing some delays. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. storm team 4 does continue. >> "today in new york's" katherine creag traveling north in nyack. how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing great. i don't know about other drivers. they could be out there driving in this, it's another thing. it is raining again, the cold rain that chris is talking about just a little while ago. before that there was snow, there was sleet. you can see how it's accumulated. how it's become slushy and this parking lot where we are and also out on the streets of nyack.
5:30 am
parkway earlier we were going only 20, 25 miles an hour around the closter area because there was fog and rain. this was about 3:30 this morning or so. visibility was terrible. a lot of towns in our area had salt spreaders treat local streets and highways beginning yesterday afternoon and night to help drivers as the precipitation came down. hemmed with the morning commute. we are talking with numerous drivers to tell us for one thing they weren't really prepared for this. also, it doesn't seem like a lot of these roads have been treated. take a listen. >> i can see when i walk down, i see my car with the snow on it, ice. i said, wow. i've got to go all the way up there? i already have the commitment. i have to do it. >> reporter: that gentleman, he's from south nyack making a trip to queens, to kennedy airport to pick up a friend. we just talked with a delivery man, kerry and michael, he told us the roads are terrible.
5:31 am
garden state parkway awful. not good. basically the bottom line is take it slow. back to you. >> if you can hold off, hold off until things warm up. kat, thank you. as lauren has been telling us, slick roads creating problems all across the area. reports of crashes that we've been checking on throughout the night. this one happening in holbrook, an suv ending up on its side. police are investigating if slick roads played a role. around the same time, snow coming down in farmingville. look at these scenes. it was enough to accumulate on top of cars. you may have to get the ice scraper out or the brush out, yes, before you head out this morning. may have to find them first because a lot of people put them away. >> yes, they're all covered in dust. we haven't needed them, chris, the party is here. >> just the beginning, anyway, of a little hint of winter
5:32 am
right now dealing with mixed precipitation. because of that a winter weather advisory in the north of new jersey, hudson valley to connecticut. this morning the further north you go, it expires later. from west chester county until further to the north. you can see the temperatures, 27 pretty popular number from kings stop down to hoboken junction. white plains, freezing now. there. 38 in the city. 40s long island. upper 40s down to the jersey shore. northwest new jersey and on north and west live radar shot. here's 287 again. notice, it almost clearly marks out where it goes from plain rain south and east to the icy mix north and west. that will be the trend through the morning. event actually the rain shield and warmer air will win out and push further and further north as we go through the morning. watching the northern suburbs,
5:33 am
northern morris county, beware, a tricky commute. it does dry out, later on this afternoon, we should top off closer to the 50 degree mark. let's find out from lauren scala. how are you handling it? new problems popping up one after the next. two of them on 84. in the brucester caramel area, 84 westbound you have an accident and then a truck that slid off the embankment by exit 20 and exit 19. en careful. an accident on the fdr drive out by 106th street. that's in the right lane. pretty early yet. that one is not causing delays. today is a good day to get on the trains. you do need to move your car today. alternate side of the parking rules are in effect. lauren, thank you very much. please stay ahead of the
5:34 am
you can see the latest forecast, interactive radar and set the weather page as your home screen. you can download the nbc 4 app from the apple store. 5:36. moving now to the very latest on the deadly storms moving away from the country. missouri's governor declaring a state of emergency after several there. ten people have died in that state. meanwhile, oklahoma, northern texas and new mexico, all of them digging out from the blizzard. four counties hit by at least nine tornadoes in texas have been declared disaster areas. a brooklyn man is charged in the murder of a woman in queens. he's accused of robbing and killing 28-year-old ching ching kimdae. investigators say she had slash wounds on her arms and stomachs. police say a thief in the bronx robbed a cab driver and
5:35 am
enger passenger. he showed a gun and took the cabbie's cash and cell phone. and he stole the female person's cash. police in bridgeport are remembering a young person killed in gun violence. louis cologne was caught in the cross fire of a shootout. the man accused of killing him is 23-year-old michael majors. he's being held on $1 million bail. meanwhile, bridgeport's new mayor is calling for the city's new police department to create a violence reduction task force. the goal is to combat the 50% increase in homicides this year. increasing police patrols with a focus on high crime areas. the mayor wants to hire 50 new police officers and do that as soon as possible. today we should learn what the nypd is doing to protect all of the new year's eve revelers.
5:36 am
packing into times square. normally uniformed and plain clothes officers lock that area down. today the mayor and the local fbi chief will give us a security update. also this morning, the nypd getting 1200 new officers. they're graduating from the academy. homeland security secretary jeh johnson will welcome them. they're hitting the streets amid heightened security alerts. bill clinton will make two stops in the first primary state of new hampshire. he's stumping, of course, for his wife, hillary clinton. he joins the campaign and it comes just as truck is criticizing him. bill clinton's, quote, terrible record of women abuse.
5:37 am
governor is running a strong second to trump in new hampshire. yesterday trump claimed christie's home state of new jersey had high taxes and is dead last economically. trump blasted a new york new hampshire calling it, quote, a pile of garbage. trump on the "today" show. he addressed his recent comments about bill clinton. tune in at 7:00 a.m. right after today in new york. 5:40 right now. straight ahead, why the yankees are coming under fire from some women's groups. local first responders, it was a tricky rescue and they had to do it for the second time this week. i hate to be the bearers of your commute, but it is likely to be tricky. wintry mix. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new
5:38 am
all right. 5:44 on a tuesday morning. time for weather and traffic together. it's been a little nasty especially northern suburbs where it's icy. not so great in the city. you can see the roads are wet. not moving around all that much. the tree got a little bit of watering. in fact, last night in the city we had a few ice pellets in the city. north of town there are still slippery spots. the tree holding up nicely. again, we have a little more rain to get through before the morning is through. upper 30s. 38 and any other angle we have, kevin, of the tree? no, huh? i thought you were going to call in chopper 4. let's look at the weather headlines. slippery start north of the city. especially north of 287 and then north of 84. those are the two areas i try to use to show you where the icing
5:39 am
rain tapering off just about everywhere. quiet for new year's eve and new year's day. hudson valley and connecticut will last later in the morning hours. we're already seeing temperatures climbing above freezing in places like white plains. at times high tide from 9:00 to noon we're taking about potential of minor flooding. not a big deal. areas are prone to that. normal high temperature, 39 degrees. i think we've seemed to have forgotten that. 49 is where we're going to be today. we'll probably still feel chilly during the course of the afternoon. 37 mid town, 41 floral park. sheep's head bay. you've been 40 or better all morning long. 37. connecticut, tricky, stamford, these areas are dealing with a
5:40 am
precipitation. 50 at point pleasant, 48 at toms river. plain old rain central new jersey. parsippany, below the freezing mark. hunter, lagrangeville. sleet, freezing rain. wet snow mixed in. that's the area of pink. the area of green is plain old rain. going to compress quickly to the north and east. extreme northern new jersey still in the icy mix. much of the hudson valley. notice a good portion of west chester county has gone over to plain old rain. fairfield county, the same thing. give it time. extra time on the commute. the rain will end this afternoon and the mix will end as well. mostly cloudy. for tomorrow, not a bad day. sunshine giving way to clouds. the better chance south and east of the city tomorrow night. not a big deal. no ice to worry about.
5:41 am
seven day forecast as we get towards new year's eve, we're okay. sun and clouds. when the ball drops, close to 40. dropping into the 30s tonight. 44 first day of the new year. chillier trend saturday, sunday, monday. no storms to worry about. i'm sure there's some issues to worry about. lauren's got the latest. >> certainly are. thanks, chris. d train commuters, a little bit of a problem. a suspension. one stop but it affects brooklyn commuters. no service in both directions between bay parkway and stillwell avenue. hitting the roads, most of them on the putnam/chest west chester border. two overturned vehicles. heading over to the at that taconic.
5:42 am
traveling on the taconic, you have to be careful on a nice day. chris says it will turn over to rain. heading to new jersey, the worst of the problems here, still have the truck lanes closed southbound out by exit 9. this accident in the car lane southbound just after that. that just blocks the lane. delays are easing out here. take a live look at the lincoln tunnel if you are headed here. people taking it easy as they come around the helix. no delays at the tolls in any of the hudson. do move your car. alternate side of the street parking in effect. a new jersey manmade it almost too easy for police to arrest him for impersonate ing a police officer. richard goldrick used flashing lights to pull over a car on the garden state parkway. the driver of that car that he tried to pull over was an off duty woodbridge police sergeant. he tracked him down and reportedly found him with a handgun and a phony badge. this morning the toddler struck by a stray bullet is at
5:43 am
18 month old nina boucher was released from the hospital to take out shards of glass and from the face. the family says nina will make a full recovery. >> a lot of pain. still in pain. we hope he will be good. >> police say the family was not the shooter's intended target and so far no arrests made in the case. three hikers are safe after they were rescued from a rock land county cliff. this is the second rescue in a week. they were stranded on a plateau 250 feet up. all three were issued tickets for going off of the established trail. in sports the yanks have the man many consider to be the best closer in baseball on their roster, but he's coming to the team with some controversy. aroldis chapman coming to the
5:44 am
for four minor leaguers. he struck out 116 batters over 66 innings, however, though, he's under investigation for an alleged domestic incident and may even be facing suspension. >> going to wait to see how all of this stuff shakes out, too. there's a lot of ground to cover between now and opening day with a lot of subject matter that's still unresolved. that's all for another day. according to reports chapman allegedly choked his girlfriend and shoved her into a wall and fired a gun eight times. there were at least two other teams interested in get being him but they backed away after news of that incident surfaced. it is 5:50. the rock world has lost a legend and a true heavy metal pioneer. that's lemmy from the band motorhead. he fronted the band since he created it back in the mid '70s.
5:45 am
home from an aggressive form of cancer he found out about two lemy was 70. the harlem globetrotters dedicating their season to meadowlark lemon and marques marques haynes. growing up meadowlark lemon and curly neil was my era of the globetrotters. he was the man. >> fantastic. star player. still to come, calm under pressure. hear the 911 call from a boy scout who witnessed a bear attack. yeah, a little bit later at 6:00 this morning, a big change for some of new york's most iconic hotels. the pledge they're making today.
5:46 am
back now on this tuesday morning. visitors to the well-known windmill restaurant on long branch, new jersey, will notice something missing this morning. the building's windmill fell off just after 9:00 last night. now the restaurant was open at the time. nobody was hurt. it's unclear though whether last night's strong winds caused that damage. certainly going to look into it. all righty. it is time for weather and traffic on the 4s. before we get to that, though, we should mention -- i can't speak today.
5:47 am
>> let me try it. >> the two hour delay, that's the first now. >> first of the year. >> congratulations. >> yeah! >> good job. smart thing to do. roads are icy and slippery. give the road crews time to treat the roads. the frozen precipitation with temperatures like this in new jersey, not a problem, woodridge, 43. it's just plain old rain as it is in the city and across long island. city now up to 39 degrees. still at the freezing mark, morristown, sussex, newburgh, danbury, poughkeepsie. there's radar showing again the area in pink where there's still a mixed bag of sleet, freezing rain. south of that, all green. that's all rain. heavy rain moving over the city right now. that will be the case for the next hour or so. there's that line basically right along 287 north of 80. that's where the icy stuff is.
5:48 am
morning things will improve in terms of temperatures being above freezing. all dries out to midday. a couple of showers at 47. breezy, milder afternoon upper 40s to low 50s for most of us. it starts out nasty and raw ends up okay. not too bad. >> thank you. we have to get through that morning commute. >> yeah. >> we have a lot of minor problems on the roads. we see more problems in certain areas. i want to start with a subway issue. d train no service in both directions between bay parkway and stillwell avenue which is just one stop. in the meantime you can use b 82 or b 82 limited bus instead. rails otherwise look great. live look outside at the connecticut turnpike where we had a few accidents out there. on the merritt is wet. all those accidents have cleared out. take it easy. drive slowly. hopefully things will be good to go. that's the connecticut turnpike, not the cross bronx. we have a bunch of problems on
5:49 am
we're hearing the very calm call for help by a new jersey scout after he surprised a sleeping bare. >> is he in there? >>. >> he can't get out because of where the bear is or at the too injured to get out? >> no, i think the bear is on top of him. >> amazing how calm they are very calmly talking to the 911 officer. their scout master stumbled on a hibernating bear in morris county. rescuers arrived shortly afterwards to help out. >> where are you bleeding, your leg, arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck, and head. i'm getting cold pretty quick. >> he was air lifted to morristown medical center and he is expected to make a full recovery. >> all right. coming up on 6:00, security concerns for the presidential motorcade. this happened in hawaii. we'll tell you what got a little too close to president obama's
5:50 am
and also at 6:00, new overnight developments in a case that has captured international headlines. this as police finally capture the texas teen known for his affluenza defense. if you're headed to work, take us to work on your mobile
5:51 am
we're getting a look at the thieves wante for a violent attack on a 60-year-old man. a scare for the presidential motorcade when a drone gets too close. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 6:00 a.m. tuesday, december 29th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez. 39 degrees.
5:52 am
we've had so far. overnight snow falling in some areas. it was enough to accumulate on top of cars. this is in farmingville on long island. >> chris cimino kicking off the team coverage. chris, interesting how things have changed in the past if youkifew hours. >> become mainly rain certainly. that happened overnight. eamerly on the first push of precipitation, we saw snow and sleet. the roads were warm enough nort and west of the city. that's where the concern is. north and west of 287. slippery travel. roads haven't been treated. overpasses, back roads, secondary roads. things of that nature. be careful. mix will end as rain north and west by midday today. plain rain in the city and coast. something to look forward to there. the system is fairly progressive. still a pretty heavy area of rain working its way through. that's the area of yellow over middlesex county towards staten island.
5:53 am
toncern for slippery cond ions. we'll track it through the rest of the morning, let you know when that changeover can be expected expected. lots of changes on the commute. > more and more problems popping up now orange county, putnam, west chester. orange, two separate accidents on the new york state throughway. one northbound and one southbound fter ulster. both causing delays. a couple of problems on the taconic. one southbound before the west chester/putnam line and one approaching route 100. delays. take it easy out there. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. lauren, thank you very much. commuters north of the city, as lauren said, they're seeing the worst of this winter storm. "today in new york's" katherine creag has been in nyack. kat, where do w e stand? >> reporter: it is raining on us in nyack.
5:54 am
anyone walking round parking lots. this parking lot where we are and maybe the train stations as well. when we get to the throughway, you'll see the slush go up and slushy in the parking lot because it was snowing and raining earlier in the nyack rockland county area. on the palisades parkway 3:30 this morning as we were making our way up here to nyack, we were going 20, 25 miles an hour. no traffic but the visibility was terrible. in the closter area, fog, raining. a lot of the towns in our area had their salt spreaders treat local streets and highways beginning yesterday and in through the early morning hours to help drivers as the precipitation came down to help with the morning commute. we talked to the delivery man who made a trek from new jersey to nyack. he didn't think the loctl roads or highways were treated because
5:55 am
take a listen. >> very slippery. you've got to go slow. the van almost got away from me. >> that's the worst feeling. >> but i was going slow enough. yes. if you go slow, you'll be safe. it's a matter of taking your time. >> that fella, anthony, was saying on the garden state parkway he was going 20 to 30 miles an hour becauseint was so slippery. sa.e with the throughway. it looks like drivers are going a little bit fast. it's still raini b around rockland county. drivers ever telling us to take it slow because it's slick. >> thanks very much. for the first time this year, t, appreciate it. wet, wintry mess could also bee rouble for pedestrians. the sleet and rain creates slick conditions on sidewalks as well. you have to be careful everywhere you go.
5:56 am
bordonaro continuing. >> reporter: people wearing boots, they have rain coats on bundled up carrying umbrellas. they're telling us, hey, it is about time. it's really just sleeting right now. starting to let up a little bit. take a look. you can see coming down. it is letting up a bit. we drove here from long island where we aw snow here. lot of snow in farmingville. we also saw a fatal accident on the meadowbrook parkway. state police telling us weather may have played a role. roads very slick. things coming down at a steady pace. luckily, guys, it is still warm out here. at this point we're not dealing with any ice, we're just sort of easing our way, michael, kerry, back into winter. back to you. >> yeah. it's that time, lori. time to check weather and traffic on the 4s. we've seen kat and lori out in the elements experiencing what
5:57 am
>> for the most part it's a cold rain. further north, freezing rain, sleet and snow. putnam, duchess, ulster county and extreme northwest new jersey, too, where we're clinging to temperatures in the low 40z. temperatures still upper 20s. kingston, rhinebeck, and these areas will become slippery and freezing. it's above freezing in white plains and bridgeport. into the 40s in long island. above freezing in morristown. that's a good sign, too. foer the most part the warmer air is going to win out as we go into the morning hours. where it's icy and frozen precipitation, it will change over. few showers by midday. 47 at noon.w still breez but mild with temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50. little after 6:06. >> let's start with mass transit.
5:58 am
you to take to avoid the roadways. we have n service on the d train between bay parkway and stilesell avenue. it's one stop all because of signal problems. use the b 82 or b 82 limited bus. if you're getting on the roads, not so much. we have an accident on truck route 1 and 9 n jersey city by duncan avenue. that blocks the lane in both directions. both sides of the roadway affected. the new jersey turnpike southbound, the truck lanes are still closed at interchange 9. no tw we have flooding in the car lanes. that takes out the left lane. an accident in the car lane just a little further south of here. that has been moved off of the main roadway. alternate side of the roadway is in effect here. stay ahead of the storm with the nbc 4 app. you can use our interactive radar. you can see the newest traffic aln frts that come out. the nbc 4 app available on the app store and on google play.
5:59 am
breaking news out of belgium this morning where two suspected terrorists are under arrest for a possible new year's eve plot. pr sosecutors say that is where this pair were planning to attack year end celebrations. we're told police searches turned up isis propaganda and some military styled uniforms but no weapons. >> we're seeing a pair of suspects wanted in the brutal beating of an nypd man. they walked up from behind their victim on avenue m in midwood and began punching him in the head. they took his wallet. he was able to get home and that's where his wife called 911. >> they could have killed him! thank god he is alive, breathing. absolutely he's in shock. >> the victim had to get nearly 80 stitches before he was released from the hospital.
6:00 am
for the suspects. polic madeban arrrat in the october killing of a queens woman. he's accused of robbing and killing 28-year-old ching ching kennedy. her body was found in the park on october 11th. she had slash wounds on her neck and stomach. police say that she and sobers were acquaintances. also, police looking for the azen robber who held up the cab driver and his passenger in the bronx. it was caught on camera sunday ghth you can see the suspect opening the driver's door. police s he showed a gun. grabbed the cabbie's cash and cell phone and they say he also stole thespassenger's purse. it had about $1,000 cash in it. new this morning, a texas teen who avoided jral time by clndaiming he was too privileged to know any better, he's been found in mexico. ethan couch and his mom were taken into custody yesterday. authorities had been searching for them for the past few weeks.
6:01 am
a video that showed this 18-year-old at a party where alcohol was served. that's a possible violation of his probation. no threat to president obama but a lot of secret service agents were scrambling when a as dron e flewttear his motorcade. it happened last night in hawaii. we have video of the officers talking to the drone's owner. it was quickly brought down for a landing. police say it was an innocent mistake. no charges filed. 6:10 right now. coming up, some of the city's biggest hotels, they're about to go green and we're going to at the you what you're change joog plus, weather and traffic on the 4s.
6:02 am
here are 4 things to know this morning. it's a wet and cold morning for
6:03 am
we've had multiple reports of crashes caused by sleet and snow. chris and lauren going to have all the details. today is the wake for joseph lemm who died in afghanistan. whole foods will pay half a million to the city to settle a lawsuit over the overcharging of prepackaged food. city officials getting ready for the celebration. thre af.ual confetti test will be held at 11:00 this morning in times square. 6:14. me for weather and traff pic together. should be windy. how much rain is left over, that's going to be the tricky part. i'll show you that in a second. headlines, the main story, first taste of winter north of th city where it is still lingering. still a slippery go. from tey city on south and nearby suburbs it's mainly wet roads. those are slick, certainly. it's just rain.
6:04 am
look ahead new year's eve. looking to be quiet. still winter weather advisory id effect until 8:00 a.m. northern new jersey, rockland, west chester baunty, fairfield. putnam will linger until later in the morning, early after yon depending upon how much precipitation left. coastal flood advisory, high tide between 9:00 a.m. for brooklyn, queens, nassau county. the areas are prone to flood at times of high tide. again, maybe a minor issue. that's about it. 40 in farmingville. snow last night for a time. everything is wet. 41 in selden. city closing in on 40. above freezing. white plains, bridgeport, morristown south and east. it's wet. points north and west, could be slippery and icy. wind gusts picking up a bit. farming dale, 42 miles an hour.
6:05 am
with that damp, raw, kwoeld feeling making it feel colder strong winds out of the east. rain continues to press in our direction. the back edge with the dryer air is getting a little bit closer. that should get in here by mik dday. late morning to early afternoon from southwest to north east. what's also happening is the rain line is pushing into the ice line, the ice being the pink, the green is the rain. you can see it's making progress into the hudson valley and parts of fairfield county. slow progress. little bit of ice in the northwest sections of new jersey. the line 287 seems to be marking south of this means wet and north of there could be icy through the morning. future tracker shows that. we get rid of this mess by 2:00 in the afternoon. maybe a couple of leftover rain showers. still plenty of clouds though. the clouds may thin out little bit at times but not much. tomorrow clouds early. break the sun in the middle of the day west of the city in particular. tomorrow night we're going to watch the system come up from the south. a blasting shot of some showers we think and then out of here by thursday morning.
6:06 am
that means into new year's eve when they drop the ball should be pretty quiet and dry. upper 40s, close to 50 today the rain will taper off. ice tapers off t tho rain. 50ish on thursday into the 40s. first day of the new year with sun and clouds. lder trend saturday and sunday into the start of next week. colder, seasonable for a change. 6:17. let's see how seasonable and reasonable this commute is for folks. >> we saw a lotnof the same problems out there. we'll head over to northbound on the ulster. southbound before 84, another accident. both causing delays. two reports of overturned vehicles in 84 in the brucester/caramel area. not far from each other. neither of these is on the main roadways. one went off the embankment and
6:07 am
on the taconic, we're seeing several accidents. one right after the west chester/putnam line. you can see a slow right here. truck roults 1 and 9 shut down. that's all because of an accident that was blocking the left lane in both directions but now it's temporarily closed. i'erll eep you updated. all of the major lines are looking good. we'lhave more weather and affic hed ad on the 4s. lauren, thank you very much. 6:18. protesters expressing outrage over a grand jury decision not to charge officers with the murder of a boy in cleveland. in our area demonstrators gathered in washingto square park. they marched on city hall. in cleveland self, dozens of people protested peacefullyn they are upset about the decision in the tamir rice case. last year two officers fired on the 12-year-old. it turned out he as holding a toy gun.
6:08 am
mayor of bridgeport talking about a new police task force. the mayor says he wants to hire 50 new police officers as soon as possible. >> there's been an increased level in shootings in the city. unfortunately in homicides for almost the past year. >>r) city leaders say the police department should have at least 450 officers in its ranks but it only has 360. hang today a queens state senator and hoverboard activist ll push o legalize and regulate the popularnoevices in new york city. it comes after the -- she said it burst into flameshile it was charging on sunday. fortunately nobody was hurt. we've seen stories like this throughout the past couple of weeks. >> got to be careful. 6:19.
6:09 am
a controversial new move. the new pla r facing serious allegations. hikers stranded on a cliff side. see how they were finally rescued.
6:10 am
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channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. live look at times square. 6:23 right now. happening today more than a dozen of new york city's best known hotels, they are pledging to go greener.
6:13 am
have agreed to cut greenhouse gases from their buildings by mo than 30% or more over the next decade. part of mayor de blasio's nyc carbon challenge program. >>yo fantastic, right? coming up on 6:24. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. you've been kind of busy this >> been a little nasty this suburbs. most of the viewing area getting plain old rain. north and west of town dealing with sleet, freezing rain and a little bit of snow way to the north. for the most part it will change over to plain old rain and taper. showers should end for the af rnoon. upper 40s to around 50. into the 50s at the jersey shore and across long island before the tai is through day is through. 42 in the city with a few 30s in the suburbs. careful for the next few hours north of the city especially north of 287. >> 84, those areas where more
6:14 am
>> good to know. we've seen the impact on the roads, lauren. >> certainly we're seeing more overturned v,hicles and spinouts. i think the fact that a lot of people don't have school this morning or took this week off is making the roads better. we're going to start with a subway problem we're having, the d train. all due to signal problems. no service between bay parkway and stillwell avenue. that's one stop. on a day like today you don't want to see that. take the b 82 or b 82 limited bus. the belt parkway where we have congestion there, it is a slow ride on the be alt. this is one of the heaviest delays i'm seeing. make your way past it, it's certainly a slow ride. no accidents getting in your way out there. thank you, lauren. it is 6:25. up next, a look at how this wintry mix, beyond what they've discussed, is impacting our area. >> reporter: i'm cath rinl creag live in nyack where drivers
6:15 am
for this. slippery roadways. slushy streets. you'll hear from them coming up. >> reporter: i'm lori board narrow live in new jersey where drivers are dealing with a messy commute. li ve with condntions here coming up. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching toyed in new york. download the "today in new york"
6:16 am
winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of the area as the first real taste of weather. >> new york city detective killed in afghanistan. >> also ahead, seniors ripped off. how these men stole big bucks from elderly bank customers. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. it is 6:30 a.m. on this tuesday, december 29th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez. this morning we've warmed up a couple of degrees since we first joined you at 4:30 this morning. we have weather to contend with. the worst of the storm is north and west of the city. overnight snow was coming down in manhattan. this is video from union square. new york city issuing the first
6:17 am
>> let's check in with storm team 4 chris cimino. what's happening now? >> yeah, the snow was probably a little overstated in the city last night. a little sleet, went over to rain quickly overnight. that's what it's doing now, raining in the city. main concern in the northwest suburbs. starting to see the transition, morris county, bergen county, rockland, westchester county, snow and rain. we're dealing with ice. that's where the area of pink is. the bulk of the city's precipitation is probably out of here by late morning in most cases and things should gradually improve. what to expect? slippery go. icy travel north and west through the morning commute. the mix will end up as a f'w rain showers. plain rain in the city and the coast. dries out by the afternoon. temperatures back close to 50 degrees. the seven day forecast coming up in a bit. le s find out about the commute. we have a bunch of problems
6:18 am
most of them minor, that's the good news. we have a closure on truck route 1 and 9 by duncan avenue. all lanes shut down in both directions. if you need to head to the holland tunnel, the turnpike extensio is set to go. things are free and clear if you need to make your way to the holland tunnel. heading over to the turnpike, we have the troubling lanes shut down by interchange 9. flatting in the car lane southbound in the same area. that shuts down a lane. take note of it. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. if you have to drive today, as lauren was saying, take it slow. >> reporter: they've not had the greatest morning. earlier it the snowing. was sleeting.
6:19 am
parking lot is. we're by the highway. we were on the parkway earlier this morning. 3:30 this morning, palisades parkway. we were going only 20, 25 miles ane: hour around the closter area. was raining, visibility was bad. a lot of the crews in our area, they made preparations. last night into the overnight hours, drivers as the sleet came down to help the morning commute, each and every driver we talked with told us that they're on the highways and the local streets and they're driving slowly about half the speed limit. >> that's good. >> going slowly on the roads. >> oh, yeah, we were going like half the speed limit. >> half of the speed limit. >> yououave to because it's really slippery. >> reporter: we want to show you what has been set up in this parking lot. there's about 25 pounds of ice
6:20 am
it's really hard to believe that last weekend they had ice cream trucks and now we're seeing bags of ice melt, extra windshield watcher jer washer fluid. they set it up here in nyack. those are the winter supplies we would need in our cars. ice scrapers as zblelg kat, no ma" tter what happens, i'll bet in the next half hour that row of bags will be gone. >> reporter: we know. we'll keep our eye on it. get a bags for ourselves. 6:33. peedestrians navigating slick seahawks. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro continuing our coverage. >> reporter: they certainly are. they're jumping over puddles. very sloppy morning for nduters getting on new jersey transit. we'll show you what it looks like. train coming in.
6:21 am
all of the sleet here is pretty much turned to rain. you can see it is still coming down very hard. one thing people are saying is they are glad it is ot snow out here. we did see snow earlier this morning on our way here. we were in farmingville and snow was coming down there, but it was very short lived. pretty much what we've seen this morning, commute from staten island, new jersey, sleet. we did sh a fatal accident in holbrook. the driver killed and a pass sen gerp injured after veering off of the med droe brook parkway. the road conditions were very ippery. onkee is telling us how unpredict anl the weather has been. >> we need the snow. >> and, again, as we've been saying all morning, if you are heading out this morning, the
6:22 am
give yourself a lot of extra time. if you are opting ford t he trains or the bus, no problems on new jersey transit. kerry and michael, back to you. lori, thank you. dusting off the winter driving skills. thd.e weather. >> 6:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, they say we need the sleet. >> no. >> i haven't heard that in quite some time. >> that's one opinion. the other way may be true. the first time out is always tricky. i worked in rochester, new yorkh where they get tons of snow. the very first snow of the season people had r ctions like, what? takes time to get used to. the good news is temperatures ever continuing to rise. noset dealing with snow cover. even where it's icy it's getting better. temperature above free hazing. bah ck on to 34. wallpack 31. northwestern sussex county, wanaen county still dealing with
6:23 am
huhedson valley, basically it's north of rockland, west chester county. long branch already up to 50 degrees. some of th milder air should work its way on in. the area of rain and ice where we're dealing with freezing rain, sleet, that, again, is getting pushed further and further nosdh by the warmer air and by the rain. the back edge of the rain is getting i have a feeling this rain is going to be out of here a lot sooner. probably by mid to late morning for most of us in new jersey. a little bit longer out in the city and across long island. north and west. mixed precipitation. it will end with a few showers. 40s. upper 40s by noon. let's get over to lauren scala. >> improvement. start with that. earlier we did have a suspension on the d train. that is cleared. now we have delays on uptown d train. commuter lines, everything
6:24 am
the rest of the subway doing well. day like today, mass transit is the way to go. avoid the roads ways. a few buses are delayed. you do need to move your car. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. 6:37. stay ahead of the storm with the nbc 4 new york app. use our interactive radar. see the newest traffic alerts. it's available now on the app store and google plus. 6:37. today nypd officers are paying their final respects of one of their own. joseph lemm's flag draped coffin arrived at he airbase. his grieving family was at the airporouincluding his two young children. today a wake is taking place in west chester county. that is ahead of a hero's funeral tomorrow at saint
6:25 am
in brooklyn, two personal bankers are accused of raiding the accounts of seen yosh sit -- senior citizens, even deds customers. >> they're looking for these two men. the two stole $400,000 from big accounts, accounts that showed no activity. fake atm cards were given to two cohorts who made withdrawals. >> a new jersey man posing as a police officer got cau ght when he tried to pull over the wrong person. richard goldrick used flashing lights to pull over a car on the garden state parkway last week but the driver of that car was an off duty sergeant. he tracked him down and found hihem with a handgun and phony badge. a toddler struck by stray bullets is home now. he underwent surgery to take out
6:26 am
bullet from his face. he was shot saturday while sitting in his parents car in jersey city. the family said he was a little bit anxious but he is crrecoverico. >> he's nervous. >> authorities say the family was not the shooter's intended target. so far police have made no arrests. 6:39. the yankees adding fire power to the bullpen but the new pitcher coming in comes in embroiled in controversy. the reds traded aroldis chapman to the yankees in exchange for four minor leaguers. last year the four-time al star struck out 114 people. he may be facing a suspension for alleged domestic issue. >> there's a lot of ground to coeaver with a lot of subject matter that's still unresolved. that's all for another day.
6:27 am
allegedly choked his girlfriend and shoved her into a wall and then fired a gun eight times. at least two other teams were interested in hiring him but they backed away after news of that incident surf ed. for the second time in a ek rescuers back on rock land county mountain. three hikers got stuck on a plateau 250 feet up. this was yesterday. one of the hikers made it back down without any help. firefighters had to rescue the other two. all three were issued tickets for going off the established trail. 6:40. dramatic moments following a bear attack o a scout leader. you'll hear the 911 call. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s.
6:28 am
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6:29 am
george washington bridge at 6:43 right now. thyoere's something missing this morning from the original wimill iestaurant in long branch, new jersey. it's the windmill.ieit fell off the building just after 9:00 last night. fortunately nobody was hurt. unclear right now whether the wind we had last night are to blame. hopefully they'll get the windmill back up. 6:44. hope they do, too. i've gone past there. hopefully that's a summertime thing. meapantime, we're thinking wintertime around here. unfortunately, we're just beginning to get back into a winter pattern. slippery start north of the city. slick in other spots due to rain. nothing icy nearby. well to the north to find that. rain tapers off by midday. looks quiet for new year's eve and new year's day.
6:30 am
bethrgen county has been taken out of it. portions of passaic county taken out of it. orange county north and west, the northern half of westchester county and southwest fairfield county is out of it. temperatures above freezing. plain old rain. that will be the case as we go through the morning. it will be eroding. high tide between 9:00 and noon today. south facing shorelines, you will see minor coastal flooding. 40 in astoria, 40 in secaucus. that's a good thing to see. they are above freezing. the warmer air, just enough of it is winning out. plain old rain. have to go to sussex, newburgh, danbury and poughkeepsie. that is a little bit of reezing rain. with the wind kicking up, it
6:31 am
wind chill at brooklyn is 24. yonkers yonkers, 28. cold out there no matter what. across long island, wind chills in the low 30s. there's the package of the rain about to hop out of pennsylvania in new jersey. this thing is moving along at a prwoetty good clip. that's good news. we'll see things dry out late morning. hosuwever, still dealing with the area of pink means ice up to the north and west. north of 287, north of 87 and 84 as well. that's where the problem is going to linger longer through the bulk of the morning commute. by 11:00 things should improve. the rain moves out. upper 40s to 50s down the jersey shore and across long island. tomorrow we'll see a mixed sky. could see rain late at night. tomorrow high temperature 51. new year's eve, when they drop the ball 41 degrees. partly cloudy sky. brhaeezy new year's day, 44 de aigrees. th. at will be the trend at least for a few days getting into a
6:32 am
weekend. saturday, sunday, monday. lows in the 20s and 30s. a lot of minor problems on the road. for the hundredth time, take it easy today. not an easy commute. coming off route 7 southbound there's an accident on the ramp for our connecticut commuters. ore wise, most of the accidents in connecticut have cleared. the taconic southbound there's still one out there before route 10'r0 and 133. on the bronx river parkway, there's an accidentusfter route 100 out there in the plains. out near claremont road there's one with icing. truck route 9 is shut down by duncan avenue. holland tunnel, the turnpike ex ytension is your friend. the delays are growing pretty quickly out there. as far as new jersey goes, we still have another problem out there, route 35 by unset
6:33 am
accident investigation. rails good, just delays o uptown d train. alternate side parking in effect today. 6:47 now. connecticut governor considering an historic move in criminal justice. he may ask state lawmakers to place older defendants in juvenile courts. he wants to raise the age at which defendants are considered to be adults to 21. right now the minimum age is 18. they will prosecute 16-year-olds as adults. new jersey scouts helping to rescue their scout master. they were very calm when they called for help. >> m scout master went into a cave and a bear is with him. >> is he like he can't get out because of where the bear is or is he too injured to get out? >> no, i think the bear is on top of him. >> the scout master stumbled upon a hibernating bear.
6:34 am
he also spoke with the rescuers over the phone. >> where are you bleeding, your leg, arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck, and head. i'm getting cold pretty quick. >> he was air lifted to morristown medical center. he's expected to make a full recovery. lucky man. >> absolutely. 6:49. coming up, we'll have an update on the overcharging investigation involving whole foods. you're watching "today in
6:35 am
welcome back. in this morning's cnbc money
6:36 am
settle allegations over overcharging. the company agreeing to pay half a million to the city of new york over the pricing of their prepackaged food. they found 80 items were all mislabeled. the organic and.natural foods chain willaalso conduct quarterly audits. the "today" show is up and we want to check in with savannah and carson. what's up? >> hey. nice to see you both. coming up on the show this morning, al is tracking this nasty storm that's now targeting us after hammering much of the country. we'll have the latest. plus, donald trump joins us live. we'll talk to the republican front-runner on his newest attacks on the clintons, republican rivals and his plans to expand his campaign in 2016. the reporter behind the bombshell story that accuses nfl star peyton manning of doping speaks out live to us in studio a on a drizzly, sleety, overall kind of gross morning. >> like it changed by the minute, right? >> yeah, it did.
6:37 am
all right, guys. hopefully it will all be dry. thanks so much. >> see you in a bit. up next we're going to check in with chris and lauren to see how this wintry mix is going to be impacting your day.
6:38 am
6:56 now. right now a mix of sleet and rain creating dangerous conditions for our morning commute. >> "today in new york's" katherine creag beginning our coverage from nyack. >> reporter: kerry and michael, xes raining on us in nyack. it has for the last couple of hours. earlier there was snow, there was sleet. you can see this parking lot, it is slushy. drivers tell us that they've had kind of a rough morning because the roads are so slippery, not just the local streets but highways as well. when we went up on the palis -es parkway, we were going about 25 miles an hour because visibility was terrible. it was rainy and foggy as well. then around here, the towns like nyack, a lot of the towns were getting prepared with snow plows, putting salt spreaders out there. kerry and michael, drivers tell us even though the roads seem like they were treated it didn't seem to matter because it was so slippery. also "today in new york's"
6:39 am
team coverage from elizabeth. lori? >> reporter: kerry, the rain coming down at a very steady pace. you can see commuters showing up at the train station. they have their umbrellas, their galoshes. they are dealing with pretty much rain this morning. earlier there was a lot of sleet that has since changed over. the roads are very slin ppery. we've seen cars driving slow. a good idea to take it slow. we did ee see an accident on long island. mass transit, no major problems here on nj transit. >> lori, thank you very much. major commuter lines are doing just fine this morning. we do have one delays on the subways, the d train. delays on uptown d trains. earlier it was a suspension. that's an improvement. getting on the roads, a disabled vehicle on the grand central parkway by jewel avenue in the left lane.
6:40 am
truck route 1 and 9 shut down in both directions on duncan avenue with an accident investigation. if you need to head to holland tunnel, the turnpike extension is the way to go. over on the turnpike, we still have the truck lanes closed southbound by route 18. car lanes shut down and that shuts down the left lane. we've had an accident further south of there. you see the delays and that's been moved over to the shoulders. those are the major problems. take it easy this morning, especially north and west of the city. the good news, seeing the trend though. places like bergen county, portion of passaic county, they've been taken out of the winter weather advisory. morris county. the warmer air is coming out. mid and upper hudson valley and the coast with a winter weather advisory lingers. 11:00 a.m. live radar, green has taken over. green, not money, just rain. up to the north -- yeah, would be nice. everybody running outside with buckets.
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