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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EST

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in ulster, duchess county. west chester, putnam county, too. that's where the pink is. interior portions of connecticut. be careful for the next few hours. temperatures starting out around 40. heading to the upper 40s and 50s. after that, look at the seven day real quick. >> that's what they mean by decent rain, right? "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. winter's here. snow and ice slamming the northeast right now making a mess of the morning commute as the deadly storm that's hammered other parts of the country moves east and nearly 40 million americans wake up to their fst real taste of the season. breaking overnight, captured. the so-called affluenza teen missing for several weeks after breaking his probation detained in mexico along with his mother.
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both now facing possible time behind bars. this morning how investigators caught up it with them. not backing down. on the heels of the documentary accusing peyton mannusg of doping the reporter who made the allegations joins us live as the nf al says it's reviewing the controversial claim. and aloha oops. a man flies a drone too close to the presidential motorcasi in hawaii forcing the secret service to spring into action, today, tuesday, december 29th, 2015 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with mate lauer and savannah guthrie, live from udio 1a in rockefeller plaz good morning, everybody.lcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie along with carson daly in for matt. any scarier words than winter mix? >> winter is here. >> and with a vengeance. >> and anybody outside gets a taste of that.
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dangerous storm. it's brought snow, flooding and tornadoes to the midwest and south, and now we're about to get it. we'll get to al's forecast and the misery being caused at the airports in a morning. let's start with nbc's ron mott in the thick of it up in massachusetts. rongn, good morning, what's it like there. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. light snow falling at the moment. this i going to be t start of whle people think is going to be a big winter of snowfall here, so it's coming down, and it's going to be coming down all day. had much this morning the northeast a new england tting hit with snow and sleet while millions of americans elsewhere are digging out and drying out from the deadly mess left behind over the past several days. in iowa, whiteout conditions, wind and ice making for treacherous travel. in missouri, major flooding and record-breaking rainfall, claiming at least ten lives, the going tough to say the least. >> it has been a very difficu several da ys, and this threat is clearly not over.
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bus was swept away in floodwaters in illinois. emergency responders rescuing all the teenagers aboard. a state of emergency in oklahoma after freezing rain, ice and sleet left nearly 200,000 without power. >> we're doing okay. it could be worse. you know, at least we didn't get hi ct by the tornadoes like they did down in the dallas area, so, you know,elou have to count your blessings. >> reporter: and in texas a better look emerged at the devastation of at least nine tornadoes that killed 11 people n.garland, udora barnes is picking up the pieces after riding out saturday's tornado in her bathroom. >> all the damage is just unbelievable. it's heartbreaking, you know. you've been here so long, so to lose, i mean, practically everything, is just -- it's the stuff you see on tv. you don't think it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: elsewhere around the state record snow. lubbock saw blizzard conditions, stranding motorists, closing roads, the mayor declaring a state of emergency set to last
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mexico buried under two feet of snow. now, for folks in and around boston, the hope is that this is not the start of what we saw last season. set an all-time raecord for snowfall, more than 110 inches. guys, just to put this into perspective, the average snowfall in boston is just 43.5 inches. that was a lot of snow, so here we are. it's winter. back to you. >> wow, hopefully not a start that have kind of season again, n. thank you very much. >> and al's here with some good news hopefully. how long is this going to last? >> can we keep ron mott up for a sec. you can hear, hi, ron, you can hear that bo ncing. you're getting some sleet right noiw, right? >> reporter: yeah, it's a little wet mix, al. we're expecting it may be to turn over later in the morning so the morning commute is going to be a little slick here. just out getting the streets cleared off for the folks ading int downtown today. >> in fact, we're going to get some radar verification of that. thank you, ron, so much. stay safe. you can see the areas of pink. look at the temperatures, boston 34, and you can see the pink. that's the icy mix.
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the snow i moving to the north, and you're getting that icy mix coming in. that blue line is the freezing line. new york city at 40 and albany at 29 so we're looking at snow th there. right now 37 million people in the path of winter weather. scranton, albany, hartford, boston, burlington and portland all being affected by this. so for today that wintry mix will start to push to the north. staying snow up into central and northern new england so dangerous travel, low visibility, and look at the snowfall totals. upwards of a foot or more in parts of northern and central new england, but here's what we're really concerned about, the icing. look at this, from utica, new york, all the way into central maine. we're looking at upwards of a tenth of an inch. that's where you lose traction. a quarter of an inch though in parts of massachusetts and on into new hampshire so we're going to be looking at some big problems as far as the roads are concerned right on into this evening for parts of new england. it's going to be a real mess, and when we come back a little later, we're talking about major river flooding on the
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this time of the year. >> you mentioned the roads. there's always the skies, and we have sore the second straight morning flight cancellations and delays tied to these storms. they are mounting this morning. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at laguardia airport here in new york along with my mother who is awaiting takeoff this morning. kristen, good morning. give us some good news. >> reporter: good morning. i'll say hi to her, yeah. this is not how you want to start the morning for your mom or for anyone out here. already cancellations and delays. nationwide, we're already looking at 659 cancellations, 374 delays, and that's where we're starting. the most delayed flights in laguardia along with atlanta and detroit. the most cancelled flights so far this morning are at newark, chicago and dallas. think about it. it's like a domino effect so what happens in a place like dallas or chicago, definitely doesn't stay there. the weather has really thrown a wrench into the entire system. by last night after all of that
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saw almost 3,000 cancellations nationwide. all those people on cancelled flights still have to get where they are going so expect another very, very busy day as this storm moves east. savannah? >> all right, kristen, thank you very much. meantime, the manhunt for a texas teenager who used a controversial affluenza defense to avoid prison time for a deadly drunk driving crash is over. ethon couch was detained in mexico last night. nbc's gabe gutierrez has that story. what can you tell us. reporter: carson, good morning. the so-called affluenza teen and his mother had been on the run for several weeks. now the district attorney's office here confirming ovitnight that the pair is in mexican custody. this morning the search for fluenza teen ethan couch and his mother tonya is over. mexican officials say the pair was picked up by immigration authorities around 6:00 p.m. monday in the popular resort town of puerto vallarta. couch's hair apparently dyed black. two weeks ago the fbi and u.s. marshall service launched an
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reward after the 18-year-old failed to check in with his probation officer in fort worth, texas. >> it's our number one priority right now for our task force. >> reporter: couch's case drew worldwide attention after he killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. >> we need semblances. it's bad. we flipped and, oh, god. >> reporter: his blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit. during sentencing his attorney claimed the teen did not understand the consequences of his actions because of his affluent upbringing. a judge gave him ten years probation, sparking widespread anger. kevin mcconnell's then 12-year-old son lucas was seriously injured in the crash. >> i think he was never taught that actions have consequences other than the easiest way out. >> reporter: earlier this month cell phone video of this party surfaced on social media. a spokesperson for the tarrant county district attorney said investigators interviewed
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there. alcohol use would violate his probation though couch is not seen drinking in the video. >> i tlink that was the trigger of what forced him to run. i think they ran because that video was released and the fear that he would now finally be locked up. >> reporter: local sheriff here had previously said that couch faced up to ten years in prison for violating his probation. now he could be in even bigger trouble, and his mother could also face charges, and we've reached out to their attorneys. so far we've not heard back, and right now it's unclear when they might be extradited back here to the u.s. savannah? >> all right, gabe, thank you very much. we turn now to politics, the presidential race where donald trump is launching new attacks against fellow candidates and the largest newspaper in a key battleground state. we'll talk to mr. trump live in just a moment. first, let's go to nbc's hallie jackson on the trail this morning. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. so far this campaign donald trump has spent he least amount
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candidate, but that's about to change. trump now announcing he'll start spending big in january, taking no chances, he says, ahead. iowa calk yougses. it's just one of the highlights with trump back on the campaign trail for the first time in a week. in person after a long chrtmas break -- >> all i could do was treat. >> rporter: and in his element donald trump letting loose on chris christie. >> you know, the people in new jersey want to throw him out of office. they say why isn't he running new jersey. >> reporter: on hillary clinton. >> what she did with the e-mails is crimn.inal. >> reporter: and without mentioning clinton's husband at his rally overnight trump is hitting him hard on twitter after news the former president will campaign next week in new hampshire writing bill clinton was terrible, failed badly and was called a racist when he hit the trail for his wife in 2008. clinton's campaign insisting now she won't be bullied or distracted by attacks trump throws at her and former president clinton, promising she
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under fire for what clinton has called his penchant for sexism. this morning trump's daughter is defending her dad as one of the great advocates for women. on the cover the "town & "town & country" but it's the front of a different publication that has trump fired up after a new hampshire paper ripped him as crude blow hard comparing him to the bully biff from "back to the future." >> sit down! >> reporter: the paper, which endorsed christie, quickly called out by trump. >> because you have a very dishonest newspaper up here. >> reporter: along with the publisher. >> he's a low life, i'm telling you. >> reporter: and while republican rival jeb bush looks ready to mix it up. >> donald, i'll take you on one-on-one in a debate any time any place, you name it, and i'll do it. >> reporter: it's trump still leading in new hampshire, by double digits, now reminding supporters to vote but fumbling to remember when. >> it's so important that on february 8th, 9th, what you
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and on february 9th, you get in and vote. >> reporter: donald trump loves talking about his poll numbers, but there's one poll he hasn't mentioned yet. a new one from gallup showing him in second place for title of most admired man in the world, tied with pope francis. savannah, number one on that obama. >> hallie jackson, you just teed up mr. trump quite well. he's on the phone. mr. trump, good morning. good to talk to you as always. >> good morning. >> let me start with the latest tweet you have talking about bill clinton. you say he had failed baldelli in the 2008 gain when he acted as a surrogate for his wife, and you added he was called a racist i know you choose your words carefully. are you yourself calling him a racist? >> no, he was called that by the obama campaign. he was called it loud and clear. he was extremely insulted. >> why did you put it in your tweet if you don't believe it? >> they said it. i didn't say it. i didn't call him a racist. >> you circulate it had to 5.4 million followers so that would
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>> all i said is what they said, savannah. that's what they said, called him a racist. i don't believe he is a racist, if you want to know t tohe truth but they called him a racist. itol was a miserable campaign. they did very poorly, and they are bringing him out again. he's being wheeled out, and we're going to see what happens, but frankly he did very, very poorly. he was not good forler, and obviously she lost to obama, and that was the end of that, but they brought him how the before. >> you also said that he has -- this is a different tweet, quote, a terrible record of women abuse, and i wondered if you could g specifi about that. what do you mean and what are you referring to in particular? >> well, if you look at the different situations, of course, we can name many of them, i can get you a list and i'll have it sent to your office in two seconds. but there were certainly a lot of abuse of women, and you look at whether it's monica lewinsky or paula jones or many of them, and -- and that certainly will be fair game, certainly if they play the woman's card with respect to me. that will fair game. >> you mentioned monica
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are you saying an alleged extra marital affair, that, of course, he's now admitted, is that fair -- >> it's no alle d. i don't think that's alleged. >> he's admitted it. >> well, if he's admitted it you don't have to use the word alleged. >> right,ics actly. e you saying an extra marital affair by bill clinton is fair game and something that you think should be talking about in the campaign? >> what i'm saying is very simple. if she is going to play the woman card because i'll do more for women than hillary clinton is going to do for women, including the safety of our country which is good for everybody, but if she's going to play, which she started about a week ago, talking about oh, he mentioned and, you know, the whole thing, playing up the woman's card very, very strongly, and if she's going to play that game and if he's going to be out there campaigning, then he's certainly fair game, and i think just about everybody agrees with me on that. this is a person who, you know, he's going to be out, and i like the fact that he's campaigning for her. he failed in 2008. he failed really badly.
7:15 am
in campaigning, if you want to know the truth, and perhaps he'll do well or perhaps he'll do poorly, but go she's going to play the woman card it's all fair game. >> you mentioned the monica lewinsky issue. in 2008 on cnn you called the effort to impeach bill clinton for that nonsense and totally unimportant. do you still feel that way, or have you had a change of heart? >> well, you know, i they will this to everybody. i got along as a what they -- i'm dubbed as a world class sinessman, which frankly that's what i am, and i got along with everybody. i got along with the clintons. i got along with the republicans, the democrats, the liberals, the conservatives. that was my obligation. as a businessman i had to get along with everybody, and i'll be able to do that as president. i'll be able to bring people together, but i got along with the clintons and got along with everybody virtually because that was when i needed approvals, when i needed something from washington, i always got what i want the, and that's because i was able to get along with erybody, so -- >> you got along, but did
7:16 am
secretly not feel that way about them? >> let me just tell you. when i was a missman, i had an obeligatiin to myself, my family, my company to get along with erybody and i did that probably better than most. >> all right. mr. trump, i'm out of time. we'll have to leave it there. hope to talk to you again soon. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> in other news this morning, police arrested two people overnight sumted of planning terror attacks in belgium on new yeg ar's eve. the arrests came after a series of raids in brussels and other locatihes. searches turned up military-style training uniforms and isis propaganda material but no weapons or explosives. osecutors say the alleged targets wered.ymbolic locations in belgium and say the investigation was not tied to the paris terror attacks in november. now to the story we told you about at the top of the show, president barack obama's motorcade was stopped beliefly on monday after a drone was spotted flying above its route hawaii. the secret service says the operator was completely unaware that the presidential motorcade was in the area and immediately grounded that recreational craft
7:17 am
by the ents. you can see there's the man with the dr e. he sat on the bench next to him. there's the drone right there. no charges have been filed. the president was on his way back to his vacation home after a round of golf. >> all right. let's get back to the weather. mr. roker? >> that's right. still got a lot of stuff to talk about as we show you currently, again, we're watching this storm system making its way up into the northeast and new england. 've got w. weather along the southeastern atlantic coast, and we'll be looking at another system coming up. we'll detail that coming up in the next half hour. more rain and snow moving into the pacific northwest. windy and sunny down in southern california. that's what's going on around the country.
7:18 am
yo still raining in the city, but it will be getting lighter later this morning. still some icy spots well to the north, but even there it will change over to a light rain and gradually dissipate. this system's moving out quickly. watch for icy spots north and west of the city this morning. otherwise, rain tapers down and ends by midday and dries out by the afternoon. temperaturewise, we should be close to 50 before the day's through. low 50s tomorrow, maybe a couple showers tomorrow night. back to 50s thursday, cooler to colder weather by the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> all righ a al, thank you. coming up, the nfl launching a review of the stunning doping allegations against nfl star peyton manning. this morning the reporter behind that bombshell documentary speaks out live. and a pregnant news anc r
7:19 am
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7:26 on this tuesday, december 29th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. today's winter storm making a mess of the morning commute, especially north of the city. drivers in nyack driving through a mix of snow and sleet. many of the roads were treated but drivers say they still felt slippery. it's turned to mostly rain in rockland county to the south. some parts of our area still under a winter weather advisory. let's go to chris now for a complete look at our forecast. chris. >> thank you, michael. further north, things are a little icy, but the warmer air is winning out and the rain itself is moving out. see the back edge of it in western new jersey and pennsylvania. again, to the north still icy. putnam county on north seems to be the line and portions of sussex county still seeing a little ice, but elsewhere, mainly a little rain that will push through this morning. then cloudy this afternoon and milder temperatures, in the upper 40s. 50s down the morepoint is. and just a shower or two late wednesday. rest of the week is quiet but colder as we start the new year. michael? >> thanks very much. we'll be right back with a look
7:27 am
here's lauren with a look at the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. the weather certainly affecting the roads, but we also have an aissue on the rails. we have delays on uptown d" trains. otherwise, the rails look good, and that's the way to go, because you're going to run into a lot of problems on the roads, including an accident on the fdr drive, southbound by 63rd street, two lanes shut down with delays to the rfk triborough bridge. you can head to the west side
7:28 am
on truck route 1 and 9, an accident investigation shuts down both directions by duncan avenue. if you need to head to the holland tunnel, head to the turnpike extension. we have an accident southbound on the turnpike before exit 8a causing delays. coming up on the "today" show, hear from oprah winfrey as she shares her weightwatchers journey with the public. we'll have another local update
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. we are back now at 7:30. it's tuesday morning, the 29th of december, 2015. there's worcester, mass. a live look at the conditions there. they are starting to see a little bit of snow. what did you say, it was bouncing? >> sleet. >> sleet has a beat says al roker this. big storm system that hammered the middle of the country. guess what. no fi it's here targeting the northeast. folks on the plaza have their umbrellas out and their smiles on, and we'll tuck out to see them in a couple of minutes. >> and that weather tops our look at the headline. the death toll over the last week caused by tornadoes, floods
7:30 am
to at least 43 people in 7 states. on monday alone more than 6,600 flights were cancelled or delayed nationwide. the manhunt is over for the texas teenager who used the so-called affluenza defense to get probation for a deadly drunk driving accident. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother were detained in mexico last night more than two weeks after couch failed to show for a meeting with his probation officer. and two people have been arrested in belgium for allegedly planning terro attacks. one of the targets, the city's main square on new year's eve. and the growing controversy surrounding nfl star peyton manning and the shocking allegations that he received human growth hormone while recovering from a neck injury in 2011. we'll talk exclusively to the reporter behind the al jazeera documentary in just a moment but first let's turn to "today's" national correspondent craig melvin who has the latest and has been following this case. >> reporter: good morning to you.
7:31 am
took banned substances while at the guyer institute but overnight a new audio tape released by al jazeera is calling into questions one of the statements made by the clinic's founder. thts morning peyton manning is finding support from an unlikely ally, his on-field rival patriots quarterback tom brady. >> he's been one of the best players to ever play the game. nobody has more respect for peyton than i do. >> reporter: still, fighting back against allegations on al jazeera that he used hormone growth hormen in 2011 telling nbc sports he'll likely sue. >> it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage. >> reporter: monday manning retained former white house spokesman and current crisis manager ari fleisher to help co ntrol the growing controversy. fleisher says they are reviewing al jazeera's reporting, weighing a decision to take legal action after the network aired a documentary alleging the qu00arterback received shipments of hgh from the guyer insrttute in 20it. the hormones illegedly mailed to
7:32 am
>> nothing has ever been sent to her that my wife has used or i ever taken. i have my treatments that i do and she may hers and that's her business. >> reporter: the source of the allegations charlie sly is recanting the statements made in documentary, statements made by hidden camera. the institute's founder says charlie began working at the clinic in 2013 tco years after manning sought treatment for a neck injury, but overnight al thzeera released a phone call made to the institute last month apparently confirming sly started as an intern in 2011. >> the start date we have, where '11. for years peyton manning has been an icon, hosting "saturday night live." >> only directv -- >> reporter: and appearing in commercials for directv, gatorade and papa john's pizza. according to "forbes" manning earned $27 million last year. now one of the game's greatest
7:33 am
fense, trying to protect his name and legacy. this morning the nfl says it is now reviewing the matter. according to one report charlie sly sent a letter to al jazeera saying that his original statements were made while he was mourning the death of his fiancee. sly claims he was badgered into talking and was, quote in, no state of mind to be making any coherent statement. guys? >> thanks s much. let's turn to deborah davies, the reporter behind the exposy. good morning, good to see you. >> what an explosive documentary and the primary source has now recanted and the clinic founder denied this happened and peyton manning higself said this never happened. do you stand by your reporting? >> let's make clear what the allegation is. the allegation in the program is very simple. re en charlie sly worked in the guyer during part of his training, his rotation for pharmacy, the clinic was sending
7:34 am
repeated shdergnts of growth hormone to ashley manning in florida. that's it. that's the allegation. >> if he was an intern, how would an intern -- >> he wasn't an intern. he was doing his phd in pharmacy, and he was doing his rotation. >> only had been there a couple months. how could someone who had been there such a short amount of time have access to such sensitive information with high pro-file people. >> working in the pharmacy and is seeing shipments being sent out. when you say he's recanted, we spoke to him over something like 12 days, seven meetings and 27 hours of footage. he was consistent. he was calm. he was absolutely not badgered. in fact, he was actually quite wary bit by bit as the information came out. >> deborah, you say the suggestion that's in the documentary is simply that human growth hormone was sent to the wife of peyton manning. >> that's what charlie sly says in the program.
7:35 am
suggest something larger, that it was sent for the purpose of giving it to peyton manning, and isn't that something he has specifically denied? he says nothing that's ever been sent to her have i ever taken, absolutely not. >> he's not denying that growth hormone has been sent to her. i have not seen a denial. >> it's an allegation against her. she's not an athlete? >> if you look at the status of owth hormone, first of all, it's an incredibly banned substance in the nfl. no one has ever tested positive for it. one of the experts i smoke to it said you would actually have to be phenomenally stupid to test positive for the nfl is not talking about peyton manning. he's talking abo the nfle testing system, so on the one hand you have a banned drug being sent to the wife of one of the most famous football players in your country. on the other hand you have a drug that it is actually illegal to prescribe to a patient for anything other than one of three
7:36 am
if growth hormone is being sent to ashley manning over what period, in what quantities and for what purpose s s don't reveal your medical condition, that's very private, but confirm that you do not suffer from one of the things for which it's legal to prescribe it. >> that sounds like a documentary that's an indictment against ashley manning. >> no. >> it doesn't seem to put any cathse against peyton manning if that's all it is. >> this is an hour long documentary about doping in sport. within that documentary there is a very short section at the end. it's a section that everyone has picked up on, but what that we section polls a very long journey charting our investigation into banned substances, one of which is growth hormone. >> two quick things. let's assume that it was sent to mrs. manning. aside from the recanted statement of charlie, do you have specific evidence that pe syton manning himself has ever taken hgh? >> we have not said that in the
7:37 am
>> you're not even alleging peyton manning took these substances? >> the only allegation in the program from charlie sly is that growth hormone was sent repeatedly from the guyer to ashley manning in florida. >> so it sounds like your dock unltry doesn't have any evidence against peyton manning. >> we're not making the allegation against peyton manning. >> deborah davies, thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather now with al. >> all righty. thanks very much. we've been talking about this flooding, and we could be seeing record-setting flooding, especially in the midwest. we've got some in florida, in the southeast, going to get itself together in the northeast. 38 million people at risk, atlanta, asheville, chicago, st. louis, tulsa, little rock all under the gun. we'll start with the southeast, and we've got one area of rain, storms lingering in the panhandle and then a second system will be developing and bringing in another round of rain so a lot of flooding on top
7:38 am
here in the midwest, along the mississippi river, 445 river gauges above flood stage. look at this, possible record crest in illinois and cape girardeau on frida and look at this in mississippi, major flood stages on thursday, crest at 34.8 feet and close to the reyocord level ofu al, thanks very much. dealing with rain this morning, but still some icy spots, slippery travel well to the north and west, but even there, the rain-ice line is drifting further north, ending to rain further west and rain on the coast will also end this morning. seeing the back edge of it, so ending shortly with a few leftover showers into the midday today. that's about it. looking at 49 today, low 40s tonight. 59 tomorrow, anothereroundmef rain tomorrow night and back to
7:39 am
colder by the weekend. >> get your latest weather, check on the weather channel on cable and online. savannah. >> all right, al. co.ming up, on-air scare, the well wishes pouring in for a pregnant anchor who passed out on live television. we'll tell you how she's doing this morning. and coming up on trending, overjoy for a1. one kids's reaction to something he found in his christmas stocking on big news! the new sprint lte plus network is faster than verizon and at&t... based on data from the world's foremost authority on independent measurement. toro celebrate, we're gonna cut some prices in half. switch to sprint and save 50% on verizon, at&t or t-mobile rates. no gimmicks. no tricks. it's the biggest offer in u.s. wireless history! what about verizon? 50% off. at&t too? 50% off. even t-mobile? 50% off. plus, we'll even pay your switching fees, up to $650 per line.
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7:43 am
you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. and we're back now at 7:44. a frightening moment for a news anchor and her viewers that unfolded live on the air. >> dylan's got that story this morning. >> yeah, we all know anything. can happen on live tv, but for pregnant cnn anchor poppy harlow ten minutes of monday morning's broadcasts left concerned viewers wondering what they had just seen. >> absolutely, beck >> thank you very much. >> a frightening moment on live tv. back here on american soil, bad
7:44 am
>> poppy harlow heard slurring her words over an on-air grngaphic. >> quite a -- quite a turnaround -- >> followed by heavy breathing. and then a cut to black before commercials. immediately concern an speculation from viewers asking what just happened? one viewer sounded like harlow is having a stroke. halow took the anchor desk ten minutes later and for all of you on twitter who asked. i got a little hot and passed out for a moment. i am fine. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. >> the cnn anchor did not return to the air after the break but headed to see her doctor tweeting an update later from the hospital. our little girl due this spring is doing just fine. was a scare, but we're both okay. thank you all so much. now, of course, message of concern on social mheia quickly turned into relief.
7:45 am
updates, poppy. glad you're both doing fine and jodi tweets every woman who's ever been pregnant knows this is so frightening. pope, feel good. we're so happy to hear that her and her babe redoing okay. >> definitely. >> a lot of people are watching, scary. >> she's been working a lot. watching all weekend and seemed like she was all over the place. >> hope she's getting some rest. >> wish you well. >> we do. coming up, a very personal pitch from owe perhaps her inspirational new message to people who share her struggle to lose weight. jane didn' t like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. wo why settle on taste? jane thought. that' s why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit. learn more on specially marked packs. light & fit.
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coming up on "pop start," with so many choices how do you pick? see if you can guess the world's favorite beatles song. >> so many to choose from. and we're revealing buzzfeed's list of top beauty products of the year. we'll goat that after your local to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window?
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live look there getting on the belt parkway. you can see the roadway is slick, so be careful. 7:56 on this tuesday, december 29th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. it is the first winter storm of the season, making the morning
7:55 am
precipitation's already changed over to rain that's in and around the city, but still, to the north and west, winter weather advisory in effect for a little while longer. roads in nyack were overed with a mix of snow and sleet just a few hours ago. many drivers said even though the roads were treated overnight, they still felt a ttle slippery. you have to be careful. > investigators trying to determine if the slick roads played a role in at lea one overnight accident on long island. an suv ended up on its side near the entrance to sunrise highway in holbrook. polito have not said if anyone was hurt. right now we want to check in with lauren for a look at the roads. it's a slow ride with a couple things in your way. coming off the gwb, express lanes outbound, there is a disabled truck causing delays. in new jersey city, truck route 1 and 9 shut down both directions at duncan avenue with an accident investigation. and still an accident out on the turnpike heading southbound in the car lanes just before exit 8a. you can see it's one slow ride through there as well. back to you, michael.
7:56 am
thanks so muc..m a wintry mix to the north the coast. it clears up by the afternoon. we're going to get up to 49. tonight, partly cloudy, 42. tomorrow, though, some clouds, 51, though a chance for a late shower. coming up on the "today" show, how to host a new year's enjoy. other local updates coming up in aas half hour.
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, oprah gets candid. >> inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. >> the media mogul opens up in a revealing new campaign for weight watchers, but will her personal message about keeping off the weight pay off for the company? then you winterize your homes and c s but what about your body? tips on how to stay healthy as the weather gets colder.
7:58 am
meet the grateful young boy who is overjoyed by a delicious gift. >> and i'm not going to share this. >> to.ay, tuesday, december 29th, 2015. >> happy new year from louisville, kentucky. >> here from south carolina to celebrate the new year. >> i'm celebrating my 40th birthday on the "today" show. >> celebrating six years ago in new york. >> good morning, al. people think i'm your twin. >> al, make the rain go away! >> good morning, everybody. it's 8:00 on "today," december 29th. it's a tuesday morning.
7:59 am
someone my rain just flew off e plaza. coming up this morning, want better skin? who doesn't? want to erase those dark circumstance many under your eyes, sure. thismmorning zzfeed's list of best beauty products of 2015. >> i have been waiting for this list to come out. >> i brought my shopping bag. are you. >> what took ,o long. bring it. i have it inside and more on our "today food" last hurrah series. we're going to carb load up. wait until you see this recipe. stove top mac & cheese that your entire family will love. >> it smells delicious. first a check. morning's top story, good morning. >> almost 40 million americans are getting a big taste of winter this morning with warnings and advisories in effect from the midwest to new england. nbc's ron mott is in worcester, massachusetts. ron, good morning. >> hey, natalie, good morning. beautiful scene here in worcester this morning. usually the first snowfall. season is cause for celebration,
8:00 am
muted because of this deadly path the system carved out as it made its way across the country arriving here in the northeast overnight. we saw the devastating deadly tornadoes down in texas. ere were floods in missouri. upwards of 24 people killed over the weekend here in those two states alone, and as we get the morning commute off here iapthis region, it could be a bit of a white-knuckler, especially in places getting frozen rain which, of course, can lead to black ice and the dangerous driving conditions. now, fortunate lit ccumulations aren't expected to be all that great. we could see upwards of a foot further north into new england, up in northern maine especially, but this snow may be only around a day or two in the worcester area, expecting a little bit of warmup into tomorrow and thursday. natalie. >> stay warm in worcester, mass, thanks. the search for so the called affluenza teen is over this morning. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother were taken into custody monday in mexico.
8:01 am
almost three weeks after the teen failed to check in with his texas probation officer. couch got ten years probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident after his attorney claimed the teen didn't understand the consequences of his actions because of his affluent upbringing. a search is under way in central oklahoma for country singer craig strickland, the lead singer with the group ckyard anthem. he and a friend didn't return from a uck hunting trip. the friend's body has been found and the search effort has been hampered by bad weather. new developments in a story we first brought you last week about a boy squat leader mauled by a bear in front of a group of his scouts. now the harrowing 911 calls have been released revealing the actions of some surprising calm, cool and collected young boys. >> 911, where's the emergency? >> my scout master went into a cave and a bear is in the cave with him. >> reporter: an urgent 911 call from one of three young boy scouts after theirt. scout leader
8:02 am
a hike. >>nce is he like he can't get out because of where the bear, is or is he too injured to get out? >> i think the bear's on top of him. >> from inside the cave the 52-year-old suggested them to get food to get the bear away. >> they were hiking off a trail in slitrock, new jersey and to help the rescuers find them, they said do you want us to make a signal fire. >> yes, start a fire. >>, hey called for help. >> 911, where's the emergency? >> slitrock reservoir. blue trail. i was mauld by a beer. where are you bleeding. >> let arm, left leg, neck and head. >> authorities assured the boys that searchers were in the area. >> guys, on three, everyone's going to yell hello, th can you hear us. >> can you hear us? >> i see the helicopter.
8:03 am
>> he sees the helicopter. >> we'll make it out of this alive. i love you guys. >> the scout master was airlifted to an area hospital and his injuries none life-threatening. because the scout leader was unaware of a bear into the cave intruded into the bear state and the department of environmental otection has spared the bear's life but great thinking by those young boys. some anxious moments above the ground in alberta, canada, when a chair lift ckarrying skiers and snowboarders broke down at sunshine village ski resort so one by one more than 100 people had to rappel down to the ground from 30 feet up in the r. sohome were stanned for more than an hour. and it was batman to the rescue last night in san antonio when a bat got inside the at&t center just before the spurs/timberwolves game. the spurs mascot, a very wiley coyote wearing a batman shirt en flew into action, and as
8:04 am
>> wow. >> with nothing but net right there. you see how he got there, congratulations. >> eventually. >> all right, natalie, thanks. perfect. now to a new ad that has oprah fans feeling empowered. >> using her star power to make a pitch for weight watchers and when it comes to branding no one quite has the pull that oprah has. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with that. good morning. >> good morning. that's for sure. oprah says she's never been paid to endorse anything, but this is actually first. she told weight watchers she had to try out their famous points system first, and after losing 15 pounds she was in. >> nothing you've ever been through is wasted. >> call it the gospel of oprah win friday. inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be.
8:05 am
gul is now a spokesperson for weight watchers. >> hey, oprah. >> reporter: but this is no typical celebrity endorsement. this is oprah. >> i feel that way and i know millions of other people feel that way. are you ready? let's do this together. >> reporter: when oprah ke announced her 10% ownership stake in weight watchers last october, it sent the stock up 105%, more than doubling her $40 million investment in a single day. >> i have lost as of this morning, as of this morning, in pounds. >> reporter: winfrey's own roller coaster struggle with weight played how the publicly for years. >> i am one of those people who has dieted and gained and dieted and gained. >> reporter: now weight watchers is hoping that oprah brand will reinvigorate its flagging business. companies lucky enough to become one of oprah's favorite things saw their sales skyrocket. the oprah book club land unknown
8:06 am
but is the oprah effect as powerful as it once was? >> no one builds other brands better than oprah winfrey. she can help rebuild re-brand weight watchers in a way no other celebrity could. >> reporter: successful or not, for oprah this pitch is personal. >> every time i tried and failed, every time i tried again and every time i tried again has brought me to this most powerfule?moment. >> reporter: with oprah on board, weight watchers says it's going to expand its mission beyond just weight loss to include happier, healthier limping the d campaign has already launched in the uk. you can expect to see it here early 2016, guys. >> weight watchers believers. >> yeah. >> exactly. i think she will be quite a powerful spokespes- on. >> for su . >> stephanie, thankyou. >> ei> coming up, we'll do trending and we'nl t ell you the keys to the perfect selfie. plus, we'll introduce you to a guy who seems to have mastered that already.
8:07 am
herman cain the right ways to tune up your body for winter but
8:08 am
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8:10 am
mmmm, yoplait all right. back at 8:13. time for "trending. ing "trending." who besides carson when has to is going to stay up new year's eve. >> the k foids want to so i have to. >> thanks for watching. >> i'll record it and watch te next mirning. >> the hoda and kathie lee count down the new year. >> great program lined up for you folks. >> that's right, that's right. >> we'll watch, carson. >> i think hey lot of people who have little kids kind of wish that they didn't have to stay up until mid negotiate and netflix has come to their rescue releasing a number of countdown videos, five minutes long and the videos are meant as a way to trick the kids into going to bed early.
8:11 am
found 41% of parents would jump at chance to put their kids to bed before midnight on new year's eve. it tricks them that it's already midnight. >> i like having my kids trying to stay up to midnight. if i can get them to do it, it's fun. th mey ultimaxely don't. >> a little sparkling cider. >> i stay up ut by 12:01 i'm asleep. >> we're in l.a. for the rose parade and we count it at 9:00 p.m. >> that's even better. >> pretty wild. >> that's cheating. >> the short content netflix video idea though is a good idea in general for kids. >> yeah. wh was the other one? >> truncated version s s. >> let's move on. jeb bush was at campaign stop and the former governor took a moment to educate people on taking selfies. young people do it better
8:12 am
little training clr,s. it's cooler to do it diagonally rather than straight up, remember that? better to do it higher than lower because you look skinnier. >> i'm writing this down. >> higher hand lower. >> absolutely true. >> went on describing the selfie as the 11th amendment as the bill of rights ae that he takes great joy in the selfie. >> it's true. will it's the new autograph. >> out on the plaza. there's different age groups. i'm like it's crooked. >> so i learned last week from th ye youtg people i was hanging out with. >> the young people. >> the young people, now it's ol to just show half of your face, not your whole face. >> that makes ou look thinner, too. >> good point, counsellor. >>ea taking on the subject of of selfies, take a look at these. the man in the photo is alan dixon originally from ireland and travels all over the world and takes selfies with animals, which is fun and look how cute they are.
8:13 am
>> way to bring us down. look halt that. is that a kangaroo. >> that looks like a llama. >> these are great. thousands of likes. they did not just happen though. he sometimes spends hours with for a picture. >> oh, my gosh. >> excuse me. i've just been watching you watching me wondering if you want to take a selfie. >> lock at that. >> adorable. >> cute. while christmas is over the gift-unwrapping videos keep coming. this is a video of anthony. made a simple request from santa for christmas, and he got his wish. take a look. >> and my own a1 steak sauce. >> yeah. >> you really like a1. >> i'm not going to share this. >> that's yours. >> well, it's very special for me. >> that's great. >> i love him. >> sign him up for a commercial, a1. >> future bloody mary maker right there. >> key ingredient.
8:14 am
now to pirated tv and the beatles song everybody is streaming. carson, let's do "pop start." >> data compiled by public bit torn trackers, it's science, go with it. a list of the most pirated shows, at number three "the big bang they're," the show in its ninth season with an estimated 4.4 million downloads, pirateded. coming in at two, amc's "the walking dead" with 6.9 million downloads but not even those combined to beat this year's winner for the fourth year in a row. the show with the most illegal downloads is hbo's "game of thrones." the show has been number one since the second season, an estimated 14.4 million downloads of the season five finale this year. there you go. >> illegal. >> yes, illegal, al. up next, from millions of downloads to billions of dollars for fun, artificial intelligence researcher decided to analyze
8:15 am
which the actor's character needed rescue, quite a few of them, 1989 "saving private ryan request" a search party for a single soldier would have cost around $100,000 and from "the martian" to "interstellar" and "titan ae" those could all cost up to $500 billion. a total sum of all the movies put together it would have cost over $900 billion. >> did they count "goodwill hu nting?" because he needed emotional rescue. >> we'vl get into that in "pop start" tomorrow. finally last week we brought you the news the entire beatles library would be available to stream not only in the u.s. and the world can agree on what the favorite beatles song is and any guess? >> "let it be" maybe. >> it is "come together." playing right now.
8:16 am
let's go to our favorite beatles songs. al, starting with you. >> "with a little help from my friends," ringo starr on the lead will. >> that's a good one. >> carson. >> i went with "revolution." you say you want a revolution >> you like that. >> i went for -- not surprise, a little more slow and depressing, "something in the way she moves,". >>pl love that that's beautiful. >> kind of like singat/sonritery. >> how but, nat? >> i went with "hey, jude >> just love the message. very inspiring. >> you explained it to me earlier. >> well, i was wrong in how i explained it. i was told i guess paul wrote it for julian lennon, for john lennon's son. >> dylan, "lucy in the sky with diamonds." >> you know what that means, don't you? i just like the beat. >> like a 0s kid so i wanted to make sure you know the whole back story.
8:17 am
>> there's your "pop start." >> al, a check of the weather. >> a whole new generation getting into the beatles. e weather that we've been watching this system make its way up through new york and on into new england. we've got some freezing precipitation on up to the northern suburbs of new york city, snow into england hand 11 bangor and boston 36 degrees. providence 34, so there's still some frozen precip there. south of new york city it's all rain, so as far as the snowfall is concerned, upwards of a foot or more in maine and on into northern new england. the big concern is going to be ice. power lines could be coming down, especially northern massachusetts. central new hampshire and we're ghwat.hing this very closely. central new york state as al, thanks very much. slippery start north of the city. things starting to improve here. winter weather advisory through thwfe mid and upper valley until
8:18 am
we're watching the back edge of the steadiest rain closest to the city. a lull in the action. a few more showers to come on through. up to the north, it will will change over to a few rain showers. 51 tomorrow. a few showers at night. back to the upper 40s thursday. turning to colder weather over the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. carson. >>h all right, al, thank you very much. now to our special winter tune-up series. we took care of your home monday. today we're focusing on how to take care of your bodies as temperatures dr. dr. scott weiss s a here. we've got winter sports, what kind of injuries? >> everybody is hitting the slopes so be that as it may, skiing-based injuries and, snowboarding-based injuries and people are not taking the proper me to warm up. >> what should we do?
8:19 am
before, a little bit after and a ten-minute warmup does a good job and helps pre re the body for exercise. >> interwither weather, not great. especially here in the east. snow is coming. >> absolutely. >> you'll be removing a lot of snow. >> like me i grab my shovel hand go for it. a good technique to keep your body safe. >> besides sports injuries people do get injured a lot with shoveling, and shoveling -- >> where do you see it? >> and basically shoveling -- people get injured sometimes in the low back and spine. not shoveling properly some of these discs that you see here can actually bulge and touch some of the nerves. >> i fractured my t-12. >> had a little higher. >> in a snowmobiling accident and my back gets terrible. let me take the shovel. >> let me see. >> tell me how i should be. >> i would normally go up here but i feel like i should have a deeper bend. >> this is an ergonomic shovel show this takes 20% of the lean off your back.
8:20 am
>> the same price as any other shovel. you were doing it right, bend with the niece and lift wi your body and legs. you don't want to the flex and rotate at the same time. thyoat's h you jam the back up. as were you doing, it do that nice bend, lift with your legs and dump it out towards the side but very, very important with the right technique. >> what about just getting the snowblower, a little extra spending cash. >> nothing wrong with that, keep your body upright. >> what's the technique there? >> hold hot coffee and walk and push. >> exactly. >> let's move on. ex.ercise this time of the year, people, you kn, maybe they don't want to get in the car to go to the gym, it's cold out. what are some things we can do? >> there shouldn't be a barrier to exercise outside in the cold weather whatsoever. i so if you dress properly you can run outside. >> how many layers should we wear? >> what we like to see is making sure you cover the head. >> oh, wow, hello. >> got a model here. our model alex wears the hat which covers his head and ears.
8:21 am
when you look at his core, we have three layers. we have a wicking layer which is kind of the first layer to get rid of moisture and an insulation layer which is what i like, fleece and finally an outer shell and the shell is great because it's waterproof, wind resistant and protects you against the elements. as we work our way down, wearing leggings, wisking away sweat. the shoes are good. are they waterproof. >> they should be. >> you're not going to make a personal record in these shoes. they have a thicker grip and heel count and no doubt that will protect you from all the elements. >> it's okay to go outside and run in the wintry mix. >> should not be a barrier. the temperature should not be a barrier to exercise if with the proper gear. >> how do you feel? >> i've been wearing it all morning and it's warm. you want to run around a little bit. >> we can talk about that technique. >> might be a little knee injury there. >> must be busy this time of year from all the injuries. >> slip and falls, shoveling
8:22 am
active and with all that in mind we stay pretty busy. >> be active and get out and ski and warm up before you ski, shovel snow but get the right shovel, right technique. you can run but get the right gear. >> got in, it carson. >> thanks so much. dr. scott weiss, we appreciate it. over to savannah. >> thank you so much. coming up we'll have the top beauty products of 2015. we've got our guest from f-buzzfeed.
8:23 am
enough snow come down in farmington to pile on top of cars. the winter mix changed to rain over the city. a winter weather advisory remains in effect north and west until 11:00 a.m. a full look at the forecast coming up in a moment. here is lauren. >> well, mich l, we still have problems out there. this one has returned. no service on the d train between bay and stillwell. you need to use the b82 because of signal problems. route 202 shut down in both directions between 287 and pawnee.
8:24 am
overturned vehicle by exit 57. rain in the city and the coast. it will clear up this afternoon. 49av for the high. tonight, partly cloudy, 42. tomorrow, sun is, clouds. up to 51. chance for a late shower. coming up on the "today" show, e long island medium sits down wisnth natalie for one on one spiritual reading. another local update in a half hour. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like
8:25 am
sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
8:26 am
>> thank you. welcome back to "today," it is tease morning, december 29th. an 15. of of. >> dylan is greeting her fans. >> looks good.
8:27 am
technique right there, miss dylan. dylan dreyer, come on down. >> i didn'htt know w were back on. >> resolve to eat better in 2016, all this week we're getting in a few last hurrahs, a mouth watering recipe for mac & cheese. >> hand monkey bread. >> and savory monkey bread. >> dylan claims she's never had homemade mac & cheese. >> only had kraft in the box which i love. >>r you'll remember today for the rest of your life. >> i'm excited. >> get ready for a harry met sally mome nt. >> i'll have what she's having. >> and hand picked and tested. grab your shopping basket because we're revealing buzzfeed epicks for the best beauty productns of the year. >> but first a check of the weather. >> we found my twin, i'm told. here in the plaza. what's your name?t>> my name is mike. >> where are you from, california, rockland. >> do you get mistaken for me. >> quite a bit. >> you poor guy. >> you're much better looking.
8:28 am
>> you've got a bigger melon than do i. >> i do, i do. big head. >> all right. let's show you what we've got going on. ifyi go domp, mike. you're going to step right in. new year's eve day rain in the southeast and snow in western new york. otherwise looking pretty good. chilly in the plains and then for new year's eve night fairly decent weather throughout much of the country. a few scattered showers and snow showers around northern new england and then new year's day, again some wet weather in the nsoutheast. rest of the country looking pretty darn good. that's what's going o al, thanks very much. things slowly improving. stim have wet weather out there. most of the ice shifted north of 84. even there it will diminish shortly. ra in activity breaks down to a few more showers. lingering showers. then drying out later this afternoon. high temperature upper 40s to ns 50s along the coastal areas. tomorrow, low 50s again.
8:29 am
a couple showers south and east. upper 40s thursday. dry for new year's eve. >> hand that's your latest savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. so as we wrap up 2015 the folks over at buzzfeed have put together a list of the year's best beauty products. eauty editor joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you know i love these segments because i put everything in my pocket as we go. we're starting with lipstick. >> yes. >> and you have found the perfect red lipstick. >> i have. 2015 is all about matte lipsticks and the b hest ne we found is mac cosmetics. the thing to consider is to match your undertones and your skin. >> how do you know? >> put silver or gold jewelry up to your arm and depending on which looks best, if you look best with silver you're cool undertones and if you look best with gold you're warm undertones. >> is this the cool. >> this is you. >> this is ruby lu, a bluish tokane so best for cool
8:30 am
>> i'll put this on so you can put it on without me. >> i can do it without a mirrors. >> okay,perfect. >> and if you're a warm undertone, this one wouldn't necessarily be for you. there's chili with th undertones in the lipstick are more original. >> okay. wet and wild, a gloss or something. >> so this wet and wild is a balm stain so what i like to call my lips but better which is just a little touch of something for you. so it looks like a stain but it feels like a balm on so 's nice -- >> try it on your arm. >> it's nice. >> and a good price. >> just over $2. >> i love that. >> i skipped one. we should do lip contouring. >> this is by make. this is a matte lip pencil so if yoatu want to get that matte pstick finish actually put this over whatever lipstick you're wearing and it will make it matte. >> really? >> go ahead. in. >> let me test it out. >> perfect.
8:31 am
it. >> then it makes the thing all red which i hate. >> just get a tissue and wipe that off. >> okay, great. >> i'll take two of those. >> mascaras. >> moving on to mascara, this dior mascara, super fancy, it's actually purple. >> whoa. >> i know. that's not a crazy purple though so if the light catches it you'll be able to tell it's purple and you'll get tons of compliments from people, amazing. >> if you do purple mascara, do you do the rest of your makeup kind of neutral? >> i would say go with the browns and taupes if you're going to do a purple mascara so it's not too much but it's a really nice subtletlook. >> okay. >> and then there's another mass cara, i like your thinking, this is good. so this trish mcavoy is jet black and it's high volume so it's perfect if you have, you know, thinner or shorter lashes and you want to really amp up theye size. >> okay. >> tiny little wand so you can really get into the little crevices and into the corner. >> i like that.
8:32 am
not waterproof so if you're outside and walking around n winter and the wind is coming the at your face and tearing up, it won't smudge horrun down your face. >> you can tear up but not sob. >> exactly. >> like a light crying scenario. >> okay. >> a light cry. okay. i'm going too slow here so now i have to speed it up. now about brows. >>ni glossier boy brow just calm out and it's a palm aid and brush up on your natural eyebrows wherever your natural hit is and fills out your isrows and the other thing you can use is this anastasia beverly hills pencil so one side is a pencil so you can do shaping, if you want to do a higher arch or need to fill in, something you've tweezed a little too much and then there's a brush on the other side. >> kind of brush it out to make it look good. >> makes it look super natural. and let's do the lightning ro sd. >> okay. >> this concealing elixir, put
8:33 am
light and no dark circles and over time works on fine line and wrinkles. this ultra fac l moisturizer with spf 50 in it and it melts into your skin. >> not real greasy. >> no grimey or slimy on your in, amazing. >> i like that. >> this hour glass palate called dim lighter, dim is not that exciting but if you put it anywhere on your face where the light naturally hits it acts as a highlighter and gives you an instagram filter in real life. >> take the big brush and put it all over. >> even use your finger if you want and put it anywhere where the light would naturally hit, e top of your cheek bones, the center of your nose, center of your forehead and it's like instant stroke. >> i know. take one of those, too. >> seems like a good spot. >> and the last one is the bare minerals gel cream like a ligp, bb cream. put it on with your fingers and run out the door and it doesn't look like you're wearing makeup. >> one of my favorite segments. >> perfect.
8:34 am
bill the "today" show. coming up, what is oscar nominee alan alda teaching the art of improv to budding scientists?
8:35 am
kids don' t stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it' s never too early or too late icsave for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you' ll look back and be glad you got started. ny''s 529 college savings program.
8:36 am
all right. we're back now at 8:40 with famed actor alan alda lending a helping hand to science. >> and sheinelle jones is here to explain that. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the topics scientists can work on can be so technical and some find it too technical and a bit boring and now students are turning to acting and improvisation classes to help them become better communicators. think science and it probably sounds like this. >> we see a fashion anyification of the dna in this band. >> reporter: when it comes down
8:37 am
even the scientists admit most can't figure out what they are doing. >> i talk about mechanical properties. >> the perception of sciences is people who are really, really smart and isolated in their own world. >> reporter: and actor alan alda is trying to change that. >> it's not so easy if you haven't spent your life studying science to understand what quantum physics is about, and the tendency of the geopleywho have been studying it all their lives is speaking the terms that they understand. >> reporter: in 2009 he helped launch sony brook university alan alda's center for communicating science. >> ergonomics, always worried about back pain. >> reporter: there students r enroll in acting and improvisstign classes, an unusual approach with the clear goal, help current and future scientists explain the importance of their work in a way that everyday people can understand it. >> all right.
8:38 am
>> biologists, chemists, even engineers. trying to teach scientists to get across the beauty of science to talk the big picture. >> reporter: close to 600 students have completed the program and faculty and students at cornell and do tmouth and cornell and boston university have also signed up. >> the biggest thing i learned from improv class was the idea that communicating something with somebody requires you to understand where they are coming from. >> it's like a broadctot. if you're tuned into a certain station and that's the only station you're going to get information on, i bert get into your channel and communicate with you on that channel and that's what we train people to do. >> we should also note supporters of the program stress that if scientists can develop the communication skill it can help them for raising money with research. the thought people are more likely to give if they understand where their money is going. i think this program is fantastic. my husband is a computer guy, and there are times when he talk to me about his projects
8:39 am
>> no, no, no, i hear what you saying, i have no idea so it kind of works on the other side of the brain, so i think that's brilliant. >> really cool, sheinelle, thank you. all right. coming up next, want to make your new year's eve a family affair? some kid friendly ways to ring
8:40 am
and we are back at 8:45 this morning on "today's" "hassle-free holiday, turning new year's eve into a child's playground, if you will and if you've got kids why not avoid the cost of a babysitter and host a party fun for all ages. showing us how is editor at large for "southern living" and author of the new book "monograms for the home." great to have you here. hello, kids, great to have you here as well.
8:41 am
kimberly, because you have new year's eve broken down into the hours. >> yes. >> and within each hour is some sort of a craft and some sort of a food. >> we want to keep it moving and keep the kids a little bit out of trouble and entertained just like the grown-ups, so you can get the grown-up and kid guests involved every hour giving them something fun. accent of play. >> compartmentalize it for kids and make it simple. let's wal? people at home through it. it's 8:00 p.m. >> it's 8:00. we've set up play doe for the ds and they can add glitter to it. >> hello. to give it a little bit of y kle to newyears. need to add tons of glitter. >> it will get a little messy. >> messy and glittering are two different things. it's sparkling everywhere. you can make homemade play doe. add in, just keep kneading it in there and it will be so beautiful by the time show's done kneading it together. >> great. >> at the same time give them something a little bit s - avory to myack on.
8:42 am
>> popcorn bar. >> popcorn bars. so we have emade a popcorn barn d used leftover wrapping paper to make the cones and add whatever topping. what's your name, young lady in. >> elizabeth. >> what would you like in the popcorn? >> m & ms. >> and for fames we have dill and rock salt. >> put dill on your popcorn. >> so good on popcorn. >> skittles in there, too. >> raisins, apricots. >> some like salty and sweet. we've got pretze . never heard of a popcorn bar. >> use the leftover wrapping paper to mak the serving cones. >> got the popcorn bar, the glitter dough. what's the 9:00 hour? we'll prepare them north big ce lebrats n and now they will be sec berating mutter hats so we've got basic party hats. >> that's fun. >> instead of using lots of glue
8:43 am
>> some bling here that you canr put on them. >> look at what a beautiful design. >> doing a great job. >> love that. that's fantastic, a fun way to show their personality. make it crazy and wild and make a beautiful design. whatever they want to do. >> that's great. >> glitt pen, lots of thing set out and put them out in a cute way it makes it feel more festive. >> this is fun. i've got three kids at home. we grew up with our parents just bailing on us and maybe make a beats yeah, watch mtv and this but to have this much thought into it is awesome. >> simple little things. >> not expifns or crazy. >> and putting thought into it beforehand makes the night move on much more smoothly. >> cookies going. >> made a little clock here with the cookies, and it's 9:00 now and he's added all the numbers here and is helping me make the cookies which i really appreciate. >> what's your name, young man? >> argin. >> you pre-made the cookies.
8:44 am
>> and you can get the kicks making the numbers and make their own little clock. just don't let them eat all of them. keep them up a little bit and not go too wild. >> 10:00. >> we want to calm them down, find them a seat. >> looks like homework. >> it does but it's a little bit more fun. think about making the memories from 2015, the best parts and making some resolutions and goals. >> what did you wri for 2015. >> skateboard. you learned to skateboard at cap,mp, is that right? >> very cool. going to harry potter. >> i like it. >> and wants to be better at math. >> and the trick is to guide them by asking some questions, so giving them a blank piece of paper and write down resolutions is hard for children so ask them some questions. >> have simple answers. >> making pizza bars. >> we've got black eyed peas mi.xed in with the pesto. >> - for good look. >> we're going to fast forward. >> manned now down to it, 11:00. >> that's right. >> we're getting there. hi, guys.
8:45 am
them busy making stir sticks so they know when theyg ake their mocktail which drink is theirs as they set it down. each child can make their own stir stick flags using tape and molding it over and she's muddling berries here which is so much fun. >> quite the mixologist there. >> instead of handing them a drin let them get involved in what's inside of the drink and have a good time with it. >> natural sugar at end to hold them out. >> is everybody going to stay up until midnight on new year's eve? >>d yes. >> going to try, with the help of cookies and great meal and great arts and crafts. this is you a sglom do a countdown any time. count down to 11 or to 10:00, whatever time you need to feel you need to do it. >> really goo idea. >> kimberly, we appreciate it and for more on these and ther kid-friendly new year's eve ideas go to coming up next, a delicious twist on mac & cheese to serve of at your party, but, first,
8:46 am
>> we're back. 's 8:52, hello, "today food." so excited. been smelling this all day. look at you right behind me. >> i can't wait for this. >> i can't either. this week we're indulging in savory dishes before our n year's resolutions and diets kick in. alejandro ramos is here with
8:47 am
to try. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to say the mystery science theater bunch is downstairs tasting. >> yes. >> there they are. >> hi, guys. >> we'll check in with you. >> it's cheese-alicious. >> mac and cheese. >> boxed pasta, milk, cayenne mustard powder, two kinds of cheese and fun topping, too, bakion and onions. >> what's in? >> butternut squash. >> okay. >> interesting, put that in the mac & chose. >> carson knows what he's doing. >> start by making the pasta. using elbow noodles. use any kind of small pasta, penne, whatever. get some salt in there, too. really important to make that nice and salty, so, you know, follow instructions on the box. this is the easy part. >> okay. >> and then we're going to start our cheese sauce. so we're making a basic white sauce as our base.
8:48 am
and then i'm going to add some flour. >> regular flour. >> why the flour? >> this is going to thicken the sauce this. makes a roux. don't want to get fancy. >> oh, okay. >> that will make that real creamy, cheesy, delicious. >> you can't just throw cheese on pasta it will be gross so you make this sauce and it's milk thickened with flour and butter. >> this is not a diet recipe. >> no, no. >> this is the last hurrah. >> exactly, yeah. >> got to indulge. get that going and that will start to thicken up. kind of like a pudding texture. >> okay. >> and then we can spice it up with the cayenne adds a little heat, dry mustard powder which adds a little bit of tang but if you don't have that use regular yellow mustard and smoked spanish paprika. >> i like that. >> this is the fancy pot right here. this is the roux with the spices. >> exactly. >> this is your base and then once this all thickens up we get
8:49 am
i'm using the cheddar because it's a classic and gives that creamy meltiness. >> and the kids like that, too, more times than not. >> and the parmesan makes it a little bit -- >> you can kind of use any cheese you wanted really. >> if there's no kids get the fancy cheeses and make it gourmet. >> like the guyier. >> i think of fancy cheese i think guyere. >> one it's all incorporated we get our pasta in there. >> you add the pasta to this sauce. >> should we do a little check-in with the gang downstairs. >> dylan never had homemade mac-and-cheese. >> i have been non-stop eating the mac & cheese. >> are these topping in front of us for the mac & cheese. >> good segue. . just getting to, that al.
8:50 am
beautiful mac & cheese, stove top so you can eat it right away. and diy the topping. >> the monkey bread. >> we're not going to run out of time. >> apparently we are. >> we've got some olive oil. >> donu. listen to him, keep going. >> do you know we're on the air, carson? >> egg, all this stuff. >> eggs and o yv oil, lots of herbs, really simple. kind of mixing up our sort of base for the monkey bread, and you really just whip up the egg. >> don't freak out but we have like ten seconds. believable. >> recipes on
8:51 am
thanks so much. a check of the weather. wintry mix north and west. all clears up by afternoon. up to 49. tonight, 42. tomorrow, we're going to have the sun back. clouds.
8:52 am
chance for late shower, though. friday, some sun for new year's day. we will start with a high of 44. just ahead on the "today" show, live in the studio, cute baby
8:53 am
this morning on "today's take," natalie gets an emotional reading from the long island medium, and selfie center. which famous trio took the most important selfie of the year and back for more. golden savory wrestling suitperstar john cena co-hosts again. all that and more coming up right now. >>us announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from
8:54 am
>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, december 29th, 2015. al along with natalie, dylan and tamron is off and our friend john cena back and he picked this. >> new year's ca around the corner and ray charles is timeless. >> "mess around." >>the big bold and savory was from yesterday's cooking segment. we were make ing a casserole, birks bold and savory and sounds like john cena, big, bold and savory. >> from now on you have a new nickname. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> could be called a lot worse. >> i know iave been. >> hey, okay. i love this story. last week this scout leader attacked by a black bear while he and his three scouts were
8:55 am
well, scout leader entered a cave where the bear was likely hirdbernating and the scouts called 911, and these kids are so impressive. >> unbelievable. >> take a listen to this. >> 911. where's the emergency? >> my scout master went into a cave and a bear is in the cave with him. >> is he like he can't get out because of where the bear, is or is he too injured to get out? >> i think the bear is on top of him. my scout master just suggested that we get food to put the bear out. do you want us to make a signal fire? >> if you guys can start a fire. >> 911, where's the emergency? >> splitrock reservoir, blue trail. i was mauled by a bear. >> where are you bleeding, your leg, arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. >> guys, on three, everyone's gonna yell hello, can you hear us. >> can you hear us? i see the helicopter. i see the helicopter. >> all right. he sees the helicopter. >> we'll make it out of this alive. you love you guys. >> wow. >> that's so unbelievable. >> they deserve a badge of honor. >> totally.
8:56 am
calm and collected and calling 91nt1. >> and i think that right there is what saved his life because there was no panic. they just knew what needed to be doas and execute it had. >> true scouts through and through. >> scouts through and through, like academies like west point, they often look for qualities like an eagle scout because of that ability to stay calm and collected. >> were you everda scout? >> didn't make it all the way to eg. it was extremely difficult. i kind of fell off with the knot-tying stuff. quite early. >> can you make a fire with a stick? >> i can make a fire. it involves gasoline. >> i think most us can do that with gasoline. >> yeah. >> a match. >> if you will. >> taking two stones together doesn't work. >> if you had gasoline. >> absolutely. >> speaking of under fire, pouring gasoline on the fire this, morning we had the reporter on from al jazeera who re.ported on this story, as you know.
8:57 am
have linked pain to using performance enhancing drugs, specifically human growth hormone and it was reported on al jazeera and there's timing that apparently reportedly goes back to 2011 when an unpaid intern charlie sly made claims that shipments were made to peyton's wife ashley manning. peyton manning has vehemently denied all of these. >> nothing has been said to her or hae i ever taken, absolutely not. she may have her personal busine . >> manning says that he's never taken any of these substances. he was treated at the guyer institute. he had a lot of surgery and recovery time so hebetays the
8:58 am
interesting though that the interview with carson this morning, the al jazeera reporter now says the documentary is never really pointing the finger at peyton, instead saying specifically the only person named was ashley manning, though the whole report is really about athletes using performance enhancing drugs. so i think it can be inferred by that reporting that that's what people are going to make the connection. >> but if you listen to the interview, it sounds like she's walking it back. >> backtracking a little bit. >> take a listen. >> two quick tnsngs. let's assume that it was sent to mrs. manning. aside from the recanted statement of charlie do you have specific evidence that peyton manning himself has ever taken hgh? >> we've not said that in the program. >> you're not even alleging peyton manning took the substances? >> the only allegation in the program from charlie lie is that growth hormone was sent repeatedly from the guyer to ashley manning in florida. >> so it sounds like your documentary doesn't have any evidence against peyton manning.
8:59 am
allegation against peyton manning. >> well, meantime, the intern charlie sly has also recanted and according to one report sly claims that he was badgered into talking, these videos that were de of him talking and was in no state of mind to be making any coherent statements at the time of the video recordings. i was asking you before we came on the air with the wwe policy is on performance enhancing drugs. >> yeah, we have a p.e.d. policy instituted in 2005 and '06, randomly tested all year. all upstars undergo the tests. we love our sports and want to keep our sports pier and whenever we here someone is trying to gain advantage which is why they are performance enhancing drugs it becomes a wildfire and in this documentary you basically have a giant door of speculation that has been opened. >> right. >> you have nothing proof positive. they say this was sent re. that's what we know
9:00 am
want and you can come to all these specudotiti conclusions if you want. >> right. >> but it is just that. >> but it's very damaging though. >> absolutely, sure. >> when you make those kinds of allegations. >> here's the thing about that, once those allegations are made you can't take them back and the athlete has to spend the rest of eir days either answering questions about something like that or trying to prove their innocence in many cases. >> a lot of times it puts that doubt in people's minds, whether it's proven or not, and it seems unfair. >> and you heard him get most choked up -- when peyton was asked the question, what about kids who look up to you? it's unfair for his name to get associated with this if it is just an allegation and now kids are questioning and putting together his name with hgh, and it's just not fair for a role model. >> the peyton manning question is a little bit more spectacular because it's now a wide-range media story but all the time i'll walk into a room. the first thing everyone says is, wow, he's big, he must be
9:01 am
>> there's -- it's just a very, very difficult thing because as you said we have a lot of families and kids and you want to be that role model and i worked hard. started lifting weights when i was 12 years old. haven't stopped since, 38 and 39 in april. one of the things that the best can you do is, know you're going to keep your record clean, take every drug test, pass every drug test and do the best you can do to spread the good word of those people who follow you and peyton manning's performance certainly speaks for itself. his candor on and off the field certainly speaks for itself and see where this thing goes. right now i don't think it's anything more than speculation. >> great perspective. okay. >> speaking of that, let's go to a selfie perspective. >> okay there you go. buzzfeed. >> okay. >> that took a turn. >> thank you, guys, like i said, the check has been cashed, posted the 20 most important selfies of 2015 and we'll take a look at a few of them. trio of kim, kanye and hillary clinton. attended a fund-raiser for
9:02 am
>> we're supposed to guess. >> that made it a little easier. >> because i -- i did so bad on the pop culture stuff yesterday i had to gain my points back right now. i saw through all that and read the answer off the prompter. >> that's all right. >> okay. there was a selfie post of sorority girls at a diamondbacks game, seemed to be paying much more attention to themselves. >> no idea what's going on the field. >> love the face she's making. >> that's okay. >> selfies in proses. >> never ate the chili dog. it was just for the picture. >> we have a selfie of two canadian guys who rescued a bald eagle and for their reward they were granted the ultimate lfie. not too many selfies with a bald eagle. >> that's a selfie you take in two seconds and let go. >> selfie you may want to take in two seconds and get out of dodge. my wife is giving birth right nohiw selfie. yes. >> i don't know how i feel about
9:03 am
>> his wife was in labor with their daughter eva. >> if i was the wi e, i think that's a little perturbed. >> the guy is smiling and the lady not so much. >>k i hope that was worth is it. >> we've got a spaceiltation selfie. >> the great thing is you can say that's anybody. >> didn't you do something like that once. >> i did do the photos when you did the charlie chaplin. >> great selfie and great view as well. >> al, youegave us a sel onfie as well. >> that's right. my family, my son nick went to slope away camp for the first time this summer. >> that's a great family photo. >> a great moment. >> king of selfie. >> and so nice to see you chose the one with your family. >> al is always very good. learned to take more self which is my family. >> otherwise you're in the pictures. >> i'm always the one. >> my favorite, of course, earlier this year, i had the
9:04 am
on top of the st. louis arch. >> wow, that's crazy. >> you don't see quite the perspective but that down there, yeah, that's the mississippi river. >> ifou kept sliding would you slide right back down to the ground. >> if i didn't have a harness on, i could havr gone over the edge, yes. myselfy was actually savannah took the selfie. we were so excited that adele was here, she's in the background, you can see her all the way back there, too nervous to go up to her and say hi. >> iouidn't even scee her. >> right in front of the mississippi river. >> as far away as you can get. >> there,isn't a selfie of me but a selfie nicole took. his name is winston, he's 8 weeks old, so cute and i love the lady in the picture and i hopefully will get to know wfat soon is to be man's best friend. >> so cute. >> so cute. >> and little airport will ensue. >> yeah. >> verywhere and doing stuff
9:05 am
>> it's instant bonding, i'm telling you. >> just like yesterday, today is my chance to get to just -- >> this is becoming ridiculous. >> the wwe smack-down. >> big can of soup, bold and savo i can of soup. >> smack-down moving to usa? >> yes, it is. >> and it's had a home on usa fo thr a long time and now usa is giving us a chance to air smack-downs. >> starts february 2nd.p >> big and exciting for all the wwe fans. i'll be there and everybody can check it out. >> oh, that looks big, bold and savory. >> look at the hair. >> that's crazy. >> oh, my gosh. >> and there's more. >> there is more. >> you were also on the cover of january's "muscle & fitness" magazine. >> i was the second choice. >> they came to me instead of al roker.
9:06 am
what is the secret? ne because you say ever since you were 12. >> check this out. >> how much do you eat? >> here is the secret. just make good decisions with nutrition and do stuff. like i -- i hate -- we can overthink this all you want. make good decisions with nutrition and do stuff. that's pretty much about it. >> and you'll get ripped and have six pack abs. >> you'll be surprised at the results you get. make good choices and do stuff. >> my dad asked me yesterday, are his hands huge, ike do you just sit there and lift weights with your hands. >> very, very large. >> hugely embarrassing thing. >> go ahead. >> crush me. >> excuse me. >> you know what they say about big hands. >> speaking of seven minutes in heaven, you also did this,. >> that was a great transition. >> you also did that. >> you remember that when you were little. >> what was that? >> "snl's" mike o'brien, a web series.
9:07 am
>> is that what happened in the seven minutes in heaven, that's that game. >> he went for broke right there and had to apologize because he might have stepped over his boundaries a little bit. >> you're not that irto that? >> you know, i think the atmosphere was wrong, you know. we were in a closet. >> the lights were on. >> that you canning about hats and then he figured that w bas the right time to make his move. he was wrong. >> the lights were on. usual lit game is played with the lights off. >> never heard of the game. >> really. >> classic high school game. >> yeah. >> i think -- i don't think i ever really played in. >> i never played. >> remember spin the bottle. >> got to pick who you got to go into the closet with. >> that was my first time, it was memorable. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> tell us more during the weather forecast. >> check it out. >> we'll let al go do the weather and you'll keep talking. >> you never know what you're going to find out. i like t.all righty. we've been watching this system
9:08 am
this blue line, that's where the freezing line is. 43 in new york city, but you go to hartford, it's 34 and 31 in albany and bangor 11 so it's going to stay snow there. rest of this though, the pink to purple, that's freezing precipitation, and then as we make our way, you can see 37 million people in the path of this winter weather. scranton, albany, hartford, boston, burlington and portland. this will be pushing up into the north. we're basically in new england looking at about 6 to 12 inches of snow or more, but even more important underneath that we're going to be looking at some ice. we're looking at maybe anywhere from a tenth to an inch to quarter of an inch to half han inch of ice and that's a big problem as far as the trees, power lines and road travel. messy weather this morning especially north and west of the city. slippery traffic possible.
9:09 am
clouds will will linger. getting close to 50. tonight, low 40s. 40 when they drop the ball at times square. >> that's your latest weather. still ahead,nality mo gets a chance to sit down with the long island medium for a private reading.
9:10 am
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9:12 am
teresa caputo has been communicating with what she calls spirit for here's. >>th i had the opportunity to sit down with computo for a private roding that lasted almost two hours, and as you can see it got very emotional. >> did she pass from an illness? >> since she was 4 years old theresa caputo has been connecting people with their loved ones who have died. >> what do you have in your car that you carry in memory of your dad? >> oh, my god. >> over the years she has stopped by our studio to read our crew. >> did theresa have that right? >> absolutely does. >> and our producers, too. >> did you just get the chills or like the goose about. . know that that was your father's soul. and this year on tlc's "long island medium" she's sitting down with celebrities like jim parsons and susan louchy. >> had me lift up the piano seat and i see all the sheet music. >>s. oh, my goodness.
9:13 am
a bit of skepticism it's my turn for a private r ding with theresa in my office. >> what i do is able to give the people the peace in knowing that there's more to life than just here in the physical world and more importantly your loved ones are you. >> who passed from the chest, heart, luna or breast? >> my grandmother, yes. >> she labored my breathing which means she passed from the heart, lungs or breast but then she showed m the watching of the breasts,heo do you recall thnat? >> i wasn't there, no, i don't knowhat happened because she was in brazil. >> that's fine. >> so i -- i don't know what -- who had the miscarriage or the termination? >> i've had had a miscarriage. >> that's fine. >> know that souls that dids't even get the opportunity to walk here in the physical world because they told me you have three children. >> you have two boys. >> so the soul that was lost is considered a child and that the
9:14 am
>> i'm sorry. >> did you know what the child was? >> no, no. >> did you think that you knew what the child was? did you think it was a girl? >> just very early and i struggled with pregnancy so. >> then it was my mother-in-law who see memed to be coming through. >> i was just ejected from a car. >> my mother-in-law was ejected from a car. >> okay. >> so know that your mother-in-law is acknowledging that she passed instantly. usually when spirit acknowledges that, but i -- i don't know what happened. it's a thing of where she didn't suffer. >> she didn't die in the car accident. she lived many years. >> she -- she didn't pass away -- i mean, she lived until
9:15 am
shane lived a good long life. >> that's fine. >> but she had early onset alzheimer's for the last 17 years. >> my father-in-law believes that the accident could have added to the head trauma. >> she also wants to talk about her teeth. >> mm-hmm. >> i don't know if she had beautiful teeth. she just is smiling and i see this beautiful, beautiful smile, so i don't know if there was an issue with her teeth in the end. juonst acknowledging that she has a beautiful smile. >> i tt nk she always said that she has a beautiful smile. >> perfect. >> and she says please tell my son that i know how he would sit and hold my hand and how i remember that last day that i saw him when he kissed me good-bye and said i'll see you later and he said he loved me. she says please tell my son i love him more. >> that's a tough one, as you saw. jane didn' t like restrictions.
9:16 am
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9:19 am
good morning. a live look at the belt parkway. 44 degrees at u 27 on this tuesday, december 29th. i'm kerry barrett. the first winter storm of the city left a light coat of snow. enough fell to leave its mark on homes and cars. in nye act, driverspeound themselves in a slippery mix of slow and sleet. it turned over to mostly rain in that section of rock land county and the south. approximate but there is a winter weather advisory that
9:20 am
a quick check of the weather. today the wintry mix to the north and west. it all clear up by afternoon. tonight, partly cloudy, 42. tomorrow, sun and clouds, high of 51. a chance for a late shower partly cloudy, 49. coming up on the "today" show. al l the wacky trends from 2015. the season's dress to jeans. team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline
9:21 am
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9:22 am
taking a look at the headlines, flying is likely to be a challenge again today in much of the u.s. because of winter weather. already more than 1,600 f ghts have been cancelled or delayed with most of the problems in the mid west and the northeast. the ripple effect could have a ripple effect on passengers coast to coast. there's more concern over hoverboards. the consumer products safety commission is investigating at least 22 reports of, hoverboard fires in 17 states. the latest incident happened on monday when a hoverboard caught fire at a mall outside houston
9:23 am
several harls in the u.s. have banned hoverboards in checked luggage or carry-ones because of those fire concerns. netflix is offering parents some help on new year's eve. it has launched a new set of on-demand countdowt. so that parents can let their kids ring in the new year before their bed time. there are six different countdowns including ones with care bears and inspector gadget. heavy traffic is the norm in california's bay area, but it'a not often that the backup is being caused by this, a.huge elephant seal. apparently the seal was trying to cross a busy highway in sonoma county. highway patrol officers responded along with officials from u.s. fish and wildlife and the marine mammal center and eventually they wlre able to coax the seal back not water. let's get a check of the weather the cold rain will gradually wind down late morning and afternoon.
9:24 am
it tapers off there too. upper 40s to low 50s. a better finish to the day, that's for sure. 30s in the suburbs is. not all that cold. tomorrow, sun and clouds. more clouds later in the day. a couple showers tonight. 49 on thursday. about 40 when they drop the ball in times square. colder by weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. countdown for 2016 is on. if you're looking for simple and satisfying appetizers to keep your company munching we've got you covered. justin chapel is host of "food & wine"'s and is here with great tips. >> great to be here. >> we always love having you. cheese. >> cheese. >> always popular. >> we're make cheese crisps out of parmesana reggiano cheese so what we're going to do is i have a block, cut it into half inch squares, like this. if they fall apart like that it's even better because it's less work.
9:25 am
and pop these on a microwave safe plate hand this is genius. >> pop this in the microwave for about 30 seconds. >> okay. and while that goes we'll move on to the next thing and we'll come back to that. >> because this is gluten-free. >> fantastic. >> always a better upside right. >> saltine crackers. >> making diy herb crackers. so what we've done is taking melted butter and just spreading it on using everyday saltine crackers. i'll go ahead and do that. >> sprinkle some herbs on here. >> any herbs you want. >> i tend to like dried oregano, dried thyme, do crushed red pepper. want to get really crazy take the chicken bouillonerubes and sprinkle them on top. >> i hear the microwave. >> make sure it's not hot. >> and check that out. >> they get nice and flat like that, coop them up and put them on a drying rack and you get these awesome little crackers.
9:26 am
salami, other cheese. >> and we're still doing this. >> yeah. after you brush your butter and sprinkle the herbs pop them in the offense 350, ten minutes and you get these awesome lightly brown crackers. >> sprinkle a little sea salt on them maybe. >> even better. >> i love this. this fabulous shrimp plate. >> this, my friend, is the best way to serve of shrimp cocktail at a parliament check this out. i filled the pan with water and froze it till it's firm and take it out, just like that and put it right on a platter, and put your shrimp around it and cocktail sauce in the middle. >> genius. >> if you use a metal pan, that's fine. pop it in hot water and flip it out on to a plate. now, everybody loves pizza. >> sure. >> but this is mini pizza so what we've done is we have recall flour tortillas, cut them
9:27 am
with baking oil and bake them at 350 until they are nice and brown and nice little crisps and delicious as is and to make them better, top them with sauce. why don't you sprinkle some cheese and taken a little cutter like this. pepperonis. >> and bake them again until the cheese melts and check that out. >> is it good? >> you are a mad genius. unbelievable. justin, thank you so much. that's fantastic. >> thanks for having me. >> how do you top this, with baby animals? that's right. baby animals. if that's not enough to bring you back, i don't know what it is. >> come on. >> look at how cute. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante
9:28 am
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relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. so cute. this morning on call of the wild it's almost time to growl good-bye to 2015 and roar hello to 2016. >> here to ring in the new year a little early with adorable baby animals is wildlife expert and biologist corbi maxie. corbin, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm in love with this little guy already until you told me he's a rodent. >> so many people think it's a cross between a rabbit and deer. it's actually a rodent, from central and southern argentina. give her the bottle. only 3-weeks-old. >> do i have to burp, it too? >> 3 weeks old and mature rapidly. born with their eyes open.
9:33 am
>> it can get, the large ones 35 pounds, 18 to 35 pounds. >> so cute. >> hand this is cool, you guys. one of the -- this includes human, one of the only mammals that is mo yonogamous. >> they mate for life. >> form lifelong bonds. parents take great care of the babies. they will guard them. >> adorable. >> they are super, super neat. >> i love you even more. you have very cute. there you go. >> okay. what do we have next? >> what's next? >> okay. i've been waiting for this. these are baby southern stingray pups from adventure aquarium. >> look at their eyes. >> visitors can do this. >> dig in. >> no, no, no, no. i've done this. i have a thing with stingrayo went to th camden aquarium and got in a pool with the stingrays. >> i know they are agitated. might have been in an accident this morning but they are safe. >> john, get in there. >> i'm going to take the spectator's seat. >> let's go. >> all right. >>
9:34 am
>> feels so stingray darby. >> slimy. >> only 2 months old. they give birth to like miniature adults. come on, natalie. >> don't make me do it. >> agh. >> stingray. >> come out like miniature adults. they get very big. the female 16 feet and up to like 200 pounds so that's huge. >> wow. >> and also i want to point this out. their ven on mouse barbs have been removed. >> before you pointed this thing at me. >> only used as a last defense mechanism. >> just do the stingray shuffle. >> what is the stingray shuffle? >> shuffle your feet. found from new jersey all the way down to brazil. so beautiful, beautiful species. >> what else you got? >> come on over. >> more babes. >> oh, my goodness. >> he loves his animals. >> these are cute. i will hold one of these.
9:35 am
>> it's an angora rabbit. >> oh, my god. >> these are only a 5 weeks old. >> like little fur balls. >> right. so these guys actually just like the other will mature rapidly and a female doe rabbit will have seven or eight litters a year and could have like 100. >> you guys have kids, don't you? >> i have dogs, a dog and a dat so i'm good. they have been domesticated for a very long time, right? >> 400 years. >> actually why domesticated in turkey in the french royalty. look at that face. >> adorable. >> you can't even see the eyes there. need to be groomed on a regular basis. >> if you take them home make sure to get them groomed on a weekly basis. >> basically get the fur off, right? >> rabbits, rodent, what else you got? >> one more. >> got one more. >> look at this. >> hold on, hold hon. >> i'll trade you. >> john, you're going to freak out. put this --
9:36 am
put this in your hand, dude. >>l all righty. >> see how big his hand yi. look at that. make sure it doesn't fall. this is braveheart and braveheart is a leopard tortoise, one of the largest tortoise species in the world. >> there's the little body. >> this is his food. >> how big will he get in. >> they will life over 100 years and basically get like nearly three feet and weigh over 100 pounds. >> do they ever stop growing? >> they don't. >> don't go off the t le braveheart. hold, hold. >> and what are you doing? >> oh, my goodness. >> like what -- >> tortoise and the hare race. >> he's winning with, just liked the book. >>d oh, my goodnems. >> oh, my goodness >> really quickly. thbe sex of the offspring is determined by the temperature. females are produced at higher temperatures and males at lower temperatures. >> of the habitat that they are in. >> that's cool.
9:37 am
>> i can't harbor a pet for another 100 years. >> thank you. >> al, dylan, what do you have coming up? >> john cena, well played. >> that was good. >> up next, do you know which romantic classic oomedy features a major love -- i'm giving you more. gives you -- what am i saying? we're playing don't drop the ball. it's a new year's trivia game ming up right after this. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals
9:38 am
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and around the world thanks to you, we pioneer more cancer treatments than any other children's hospital in, the world. no family pays st. jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. in just fbur days the big crystal ball in times square will make its way down to ring in 2016, so this morning we're celebrating the best ofblears
9:42 am
call don't drop the ball! i was hoping you guys would chime in. >> let's try again. >> in a game we l goike to call -- >> don't drop the ball! >> yes. >> we're going to test john, natalie and bl on new year's eve trivia and john, ee if you can get redemption. yesterday didn't go so well. shouldn't get negative points like yesterday. all have to do with new year's eve. ready. first question, in this ultimate romantic comedy billy crystal -- >> "when harry met sally." >> wow. >> we don't even need the question. >> have to include that movie. >> okay. number two. how well do you know the words to the classic new year's song auld lang syne. can you finish the lyrics. listen. for a
9:43 am
>> john? >> i didn't nope this and i'm reading it. >> somebody -- >> we'll take a cup of kindness yet. we'll take a cup of kindness yet >> no one gets it. >> just one thing anyway. >> noby knows what the words are. >> slurring their words by then anyway. in real life this superstar couple got married on new year's eve in 1997. here's a clue. '90s sitcom royalty and she fell inhe love with "the nutty professor." >> jada pinkett smith and will smith. >> very good. >> two points for natalie. >> here we go. this romantic comedy based on a book starts on new year's day and ends on new year's eve. the third film comes out -- >> "the hobbit." >> hand that is incorrect. >> i'm sorry. >> the third film comes out -- >> "brianet jones diary." >> you got it, there you go. >> got t one.
9:44 am
the four main characters of this '80s film fought supernatural forces on new year's eve. >> "ghost busters." >> which one? >> two. >> that was just for you. >> we have a video clue. zooey deschanel and joseph rdon-levitt performed this song on youtube and it went viral in 2011. take a look. >> "what are you doing christmas eve?" >> i like that. >> al's on fire. >> how many points does al have like now. >> like three. but w is counting. >> question number seven,ythis distinguished actor celebrates his birthday on new year's. clue. he won an oscar for playing gandhi. >> ernest borgdine. >> ben kingsley. >> where do you come up with answers. >> come on, john. >> don't go in. let him do it. >> cool and the gang song every new year. finish the lyrics to this new
9:45 am
listen. it's time to come together it's up to you what's your easure >> go ahead, john. >> i'm letting you finish. we all want to do some stuff that's weird >> he played the entire lyrics. >> all right. >> do we have one more. tisome for one more. this classic film. >> "cannonball run." "oceans 11," the original. >> al, you did so well. >> al, you did really well. >> back in a minute. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:46 am
happy new year's guys. >> happy new year, everybody. >> that's fantastic. >> make noise.
9:47 am
>> john cena, thank you so much. kathie lee and hoda coming up and weather.
9:48 am
liteght mix changed to rain in and around the city a couple hours ago. north and west, a winter weather admevisory until 11:00 this morning. roads in nyack with snow and sleet. an suv ended up on its side at the ramp to sunrise highway. taking a quick check today, we'll dry out this afternoon. tonight, partly cloudy, 42. tomorrow, sun and clouds, high of 51. a chance for late shower. thursday, partly cloudy, 49. coming up with kathie lee and
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