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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  December 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now, news 4 new york, he wouldn't charge a hover board in his home. the commissioner giving a warning about the popular holiday gift after another fire. a lot to get to. first let's get you caught up on the story. >> bill cosby free don't on a million dollars bond after he was arraigned on a felony sex crime charge. cosby made no comment as he left a pennsylvania courthouse earlier this afternoon not guilty to a single count of aggravated indecent assault. a former employee of temple university claimed cosby drugged and violated her back in 2004. cosby resigned back in december and for decades been the public face of that university where he
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until now, he had never been charged to any crime for more than three dozen women. >> today an attorney representing 29 of them a win for his clients. >> seeing them criminally charged and having to face a trial is the best christmas present they've ever received. >> cosby and his lawyers have denied all allegations. they issued a statement saying they expect mr. cosby will be exonerated. >> of course, please count on news 4 for all the updates on this investigation on air and online. tonight at 6:00 news 4 has more on the push to expand statutes of limitations in cases like this. >> now to the latest hover board fire. >> this is the fourth time that a hover board has burst into flames in the tri-state area and now the f.d.n.y. is about to get involved. news 4 is in crown heights with
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news 4. >> pat, a family living in this apartment bought their kids a hover board for christmas. four days later out of nowhere, it bursts into flames. this is the second time we've had a case like this. it's time for parents to be concerned. >> it's happened again. a hover board bursts into flames. news 4 obtained cell phone video of firefighters on the scene. >> very scary. >> it was scary. it was unexpected. neighbors in this crown heights apartment told me a family brought the hover board as a christmas gift for the kids. after two hours of charges it exploded. the sound was like a gunshot. >> i closed my door for safety. >> foor which you natalie, no one was hurt. this was the second hover board fire this week in new york city. >> the hover board was on fire. >> and one of nearly two dozen
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new york's fire commissioner today said these devices are so popular and so dangerous he's worried we'll see more hover board fires. >> i would not plug one in my home. >> just yesterday lawmakers announced a plan to make hover boards illegal to ride in new york city. >> i wouldn't do anything to encourage people to have these right now. >> after witnessing the latest fire, neighbor dominique keys said he's thinking twice about getting a hover board of his own. >> i've been thinking about getting one but i'm not getting one no more. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the fire department officials tell me they're looking at the lithium batteries which have a tendency to overheat quickly. they're advising anyone who owns a hover board to never leave it charging unsupervised. >> michael, thank you. a long island man charged with murdering his father during an
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freeport police were called to a home on lorette lane for a disturbance and found 55-year-old russell johnson stabbed multiple times. at this point they don't know how the fight started. >> new tonight we learned that a bronx man found dead in his apartment had been strangled before the blaze broke out. that from the city's medical examiner. 50-year-old keith alexander was found inside the apartment on week's avenue in the mount hope section. still not clear how the fire started. one other person was inside the hospital. the condition of that person not known. >> scary moment for passengers morning. the plane slid off the runway right past their gate. the flight coming from seattle was initially scheduled to land around 5:00 a.m. none of the 164 passengers on
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>> new information on the nearly $1 billion debt held by puerto rico. common wealth officials say they're going to default on a small portion of that debt. puerto rico unable to make up two out of 13 total payments due monday to bond holders. that that adds up to over $37 million. the remaining bonds will be paid. >> the pace of one local town to keep drivers from ending up on railroad tracks. >> and cops call her a suspected drunk driver. just wait until you hear what he did to help deputies track him down while he was still behind the wheel. >> erika in for dave tonight. >> that's right. it's a chilly day out there. milder just in time for new year's eve. i'm also tracking some showers.
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most of us post things on facebook we regret.
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because it landed him in jail. a tip administer posted this video on the facebook page and it shows this young man recording himself behind the wheel apparently drunk and taking swigs of liquor as he's driving down the road. it turns out that man posted it to his facebook page while he was driving. the sheriff was able to track him down before he got out of his car. >> social media is one of those things that can hurt you and help you. it's a two edged sword. >> 20-year-old dustin ritgers was arrested. he's also charged with distracted driving for using his phone. >> a rockland county town trying to save lives at a dangerous intersection. they've installed four l.e.d. lights in congress. they hope the high powered lights will help drivers make a tricky turn. several accidents occurred when drivers trying to turn right
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rockland avenue instead have been turning on to the railroad tracks. >> time is running out to cash in on a $150 million settlement with two of the largest cell phone companies. >> how is getting a break on your student loan programs sound? the new program to forgive some college debt. we'll tell you how it works. >> case coming up on nightly news, bill cosby walking into a courthouse in pennsylvania arraign add on criminal charges. we also have flooding continuing. his or the rancic flooding in missouri. we'll bring you up to speed on that. we're talking about new year's eve. the preparations underway and also the security in europe today.
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coming up, news 4 says the 911 system is so understaffed it can't handle the emergency calls coming in. >> police commissioner bill bratten's last comments about the predecessor claiming they're cooking the books to make the statistics look better than they are. >> thank you very much. new video coming in from parts of the flood rab ajed midwest. the situation is only getting worse with more than 18 million americans in the path of what could be historic flooding. >> at least 20 people already dead and as nbc has explained missouri's governor has called in the national guard for help. >> a state of emergency in missouri.
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residents fleeing these potentially historic flood waters. >> we made the decision yesterday just to load everything up and get out of here. >> with 16 counties under flood warnings, the area where the missouri and mississippi flood rivers meet is a particular concern. in many cases sandbags are not enough to hold back water that is 20-30 feet above flood stage in some cases. >> we got to r.v. going and loading it with sodas and drinks and may be staying in that. ? families may not be able to use a major artery to evacuate. the levels may be able to merge interstate 44 in both directions in st. louis. >> we have countless roads in standard water for several days. >> in high ridge the flooding contaminated the water supply. not welcomed news since rivers aren't expected to crest since thursday.
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we're here after it falls. we're here until this place is back to where it was before. sometime that takes a while. >> hoping mother nature will let go of her grip on the midwest before more lives and homes are lost. wendy, nbc news chicago. >> vacationers along the coastline of alabama got a striking wake up call quiet literally. heavy clouds unleashed some pretty dramatic lightning strikes. at orange and romar beaches, some posted the videos on social media. they told us it was scary and nobody got hurt. . >> around erika is keeping eye on fog and rain headed our way. >> that's right. we're not going to see any lightning out of the system headed our way. by the way, that's a little bit maddening to see that. when thunder roors, head indoors.
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this is until 6:00 a.m. thursday morning. of course, that's new year's eve morning. does that mean we have abunch of rain heading our way? just a little bit. you'll need the umbrella tonight. the moisture we'll have is the reason for the fog. new year's eve itself is a dry day. right now it's chilly. it's 38 and hope we will junction at 36 degrees. close to the freezing mark in monticello. it was last night we had that concern. it looks like temperatures close to freezing in the far north western suburbs but not all the way there. on live storm tracker, satellite and radar we are still dry at the moment. we see them here as we widen the view. light showers mostly effecting us. the heavier rain remains offshore. long island you have the best potential to see some of that heavier rain.
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you might stay drier. we'll dip to 42 degrees midtown and 30s in the suburb. keep in mind our average high temperatures in the upper 30s. a high around 50 degrees. it's pretty mild for this time of year. on new year's day we'll start to turn more blustering. high temperatures in the mid-40s and going to feel like it's in the 30s. overnight only dropping down the 49 degrees downtown. 42 in scarsdel. 46 in union. mostly cloudy skies, showers early and some clearing late. the fog develops in places like liberty and melbrook. we'll rebound to that high of 50 degrees as i mentioned before tomorrow. only in the 40s north and west, 44 degrees as well, 48 degrees for your high temperature. as we head through the day we're
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sliding a little bit for that new year's eve forecast. 40 degrees and clear. feeling like 32 degrees, the weekend planner will still be chilly as we head into saturday and sunday. chilly ier than tomorrow. that's for sure. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. it's going to turn colder. by the time you're heading back to work monday it's only going to be in the 30s. back to you. >> thank you. good news here. new college grads can get some help paying off their loans. they start the get on your feet program offers up to two years of federal student loan debt relief for new york state residents making less than $50,000 a year to have graduated from both a high school and college within new york state. >> a consumer alert now for current and former verizon or sprint customers.
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claim refunds from a $158 million settlement over cramming. those are the unauthorized charges placed on some wireless bills for services customers never asked for. to file a claim customers need to file the accompany's restock sites by tomorrow. >> it's time for this week's child. she's smart, funny and loves art. what she needs is a forever family. >> so come on in tamika. we're going to have a seat over here. >> she first drew a simple circle with a blue chalk pastel. >> excellent. >> she then added in a couple of lines. >> almost like a big cross or big t.
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you're doing such a great job. she was done with her masterpiece. she's a natural born artist and enjoys learning about different forms of regret. >> she was drawing and painting and like other stuff. >> tamika is very sociable and friendly. gets along with most of her peers. she is very helpful to staff. >> besides her artistic dreams, tamika has another wish. >> just to have one family. >> a forever family that will enjoy painting, drawing and even sculpting with her. >> i would like to see tamika with more of a mom. a mom more so in the household and probably with siblings. >> you did an amazing, amazing job. >> news 4 new york. >> if you're interested in adopting tamika please contact
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at 212-676-wish. >> coming up. a mortgage mix up caused big problems for a local man trying to sell his house. better get baquero so it doesn't happen to you. >> the sea of blue on 5th avenue today as new york's finest paid their respects to detective first grade joseph lab killed while serving in afghanistan. this photo shared by news 4's social media editor. >> if you have an interesting picture you would like to share, please use the hashtag nbc 4 ny on twitter or instagram and it may be selected as our social
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imagine paying off your mortgage and then being told you can't sell the house because the bank forgot to file a form. >> this is the dilemma facing a man in northern west chester so he said better get baquero and linda got to work to solve the problem. >> for 22 years this is the place allen has called home. a property he owned with his wife until they divorced in 2007. >> i offered to buy the house which she accepted and in 2007 i refinanced and bought the home and transferred it to myself.
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>> this year allen decided it was time for some renovations including work in the kitchen and on the siding outside. that's why he applied for a home equity loan. two weeks after applying he found out there's a problem. >> there's a lean on your home from hsbc. there's no satisfaction of mortgage mortgage document filed with the county indicating the mortgage is paid off. >> he was shocked. >> right now, i can't sell my home. i can't take a home equity loan out. there's a lean on my house with the county because they never filed the paperwork. i spoke to various people and they said this could take three months to a year to clear up. >> when he heart that, allen immediately reached out to news 4. >> really, you're my best hope and i can't thank you enough for being here. i would like to get my satisfaction of mortgage document filed by hsbc with a
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could proceed with my equity loan application or if i want to sell my home. >> we asked hsbc to investigate and allen didn't have to wait three months or a year. just a few days later, problem solved solved. a banks spokes person said it's important for customers to dot their i's and cross their t's in case documents gets lost in the mail. he has proof of satisfaction of mortgage and continue with getting the remember no vags work done. in the news room, linda baquero, news 4 new york. >> love to see that check. problem solved. if you need to get in touch with your team, please send an e-mail to better get baquero at >> nice working with you. >> a pleasure. stay with us now as the news continues at 6:00.
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rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. >> now at 6:00, 911 callers being put on hold. news 4 investigate claims they're too under staffed to handle emergencies. >> plus bill cosby criminally charged in a sexual assault case. we have the latest reaction tonight. >> an n.y.p.d. commissioner bill bratten comes out swinging today with former commissioner bill kelly. good evening everyone. >> chuck has the night off. we're going to begin with the problems in nassau county's 911 system. >> they investigate claims people are being put on hold during emergency calls because the system is understaffed. greg has the latest. greg. >> reporter: sheba and david, as you know when you call 911 you expect to get an operator who can help immediately.
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