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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a local pastor accused of stealing money from the church box. so why is he still holding services? on high alert, times square set to go on lockdown as we get ready to ring in the new year. first, breaking news. two people slashed inside a mcdonald's on the upper east side, and their attacker son the run right now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm shiba russell, chuck and sibila have the night off. the slashing began with an argument, and then all mayhem broke loose. >> ray villeda is live to tell us more what happened. ray? >> reporter: david, shiba, more than two hours after a violent fight broke out inside this mcdonald's and police are still here. they're talking to witnesses and gathering surveillance video. take a look behind me. you'll see police are standing there at the front door. this happened when two customers started fighting inside. an employee tried to intervene. and that's when a suspect slashed both of them with some sort of weapon. it happened around quarter to 8:00 tonight. police say the two customers
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arguing about something. it got heated. and when an employee tried to intervene, the suspect slashed the employee in the leg, and the other customer in the torso and arm. both victims were not seriously hurt, not needing stitches. police had been here interviewing employees, working at the restaurant at the time. we've seen folks coming here throughout the night as well. surprised to learn about what happened inside. >> that's crazy, because my nephew comes from virginia. and that's his favorite mcdonald's. when he shops at bloomingdales, he comes over here to mcdonald's every time. i got to tell him he is in new york, he might be scared to come to this mcdonald's. >> reporter: do you think you're going to come here again? >> no. somebody got cut. >> reporter: as far as that suspect, he did run off. police have not made arrests. he is still on the run. so tonight they'll be looking at the surveillance cameras inside this restaurant as well as surveillance cameras from around this area to try to get an idea of where that suspect ran off to. we're live on the upper east side tonight.
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york. another big story we're following for you, the security preparations for new year's eve celebrations in new york city. thousands of officers will be on duty in times square and elsewhere in the big apple. the nypd says no specific threat, but officers will be extra vigilant in the wake of the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris. there will be multiple layers of security including 6,000 officers and a inially created terror task force. a thousand security camera, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs all part of that security overlay. and be forewarned. if you plan on driving anywhere near midtown, there will be many street closures. streets shaded in red will close as of one thank morning. streets shaded in green will shut down as at 4:00 a.m. and beginning at 5:00 p.m., 42nd street from 6th to 8th avenues will be closed to traffic. overseas, the threat appears to be more immediate. at least two terrorist attacks foiled in europe. and tonight brussels has canceled all new year's eve festivities.
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planning suicide attacks in brussels' grand place square, said to be filled with new year's eve crowds. in turkey, two more arrests after a suicide vest and backpack filled with explosives were found at an isis safe house. in paris, authorities are scaling down celebrations and cancelling fireworks, fearing a repeat of november's attacks. and in london, security is tighter than ever with more than double the normal amount of officers hitting the streets. >> now for those who do want to turn out for the celebration here, it does appear the weather will be in our favor as we count down to 2016. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. >> we don't have to worry about the showers out there right now. they're going to be gone by the time we goat ball drop. but because of the showers, the lingering moisture we do have a dense fog advisory. in effect, you can see it's for our county tots the north and west such as westchester, rockland and sussex county all included in that advisory. also, a freezing rain advisory in litchfield county.
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immediate tri-state at all. you'll see here on storm tracker that it's just too warm for a any freezing rain or sleet in our area. thank goodness, right? we got enough of that on monday night into tuesday morning. well don't need anymore. here is look at this ball drop forecast. by the time we get to thursday evening, it's actually going to be mostly clear. not too chilly either. a temperature of 40 degrees at midnight. and it will feel like 34. so a little bit of a breeze but not too much. the beezes pick up as we head into the new year. that windchill really becoming a factor. we'll talk more about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> erica, thank you. if you don't want to battle the crowds tomorrow night, we invite you to ring in the year with us on nbc 4. new year's eve with carson daly begins at 11:30 p.m. with special performances from gwen stefani. other news tonight, police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who shot a good samaritan for trying to keep their driver at the scene. this is surveillance video moments after shots rang out on crested avenue near fordham road in the bronx.
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driver smashed his suv into a parked car at about 4:30 this afternoon and tried to drive away. that is when the 31-year-old witness tried to stop the suv from leaving and was shot in the neck. he was taken to st. barnabas hospital and is expected to recover. he was portrayed as america's favorite dad. now bill cosby is facing serious prison time after being accused of wrongdoing by more than 50 women. the comedian has been charged with sexual assault. that incident allegedly taking place more than a decade ago. >> mr. cosby, how do you feel, sir? >> reporter: bill cosby arrived at a small pennsylvania courthouse today. the first time the 78-year-old has ever been criminally charged. the famed comedian walked gingerly, using a cane, and said nothing. he posted $1 million bail and was processed, mug shot and all at the local police station. cosby is accused of three felony on counts aggravated indecent assault dating back to an incident in 2004.
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former temple university employee andrea constant went to cosby's house to discuss her career. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: constant filed a criminal complaint. but the prosecutor at the time said there wasn't enough evidence to charge. a year later, she filed a civil suit which revealed 13 more alleged victims. one of them barbara bouman, spoke with nbc's kate crow. >> i cried when i found out there were 13 women. i didn't think there were two. i thought there was one, me. >> reporter: the civil suit was settled out of court. but since then, allegations piled up. now more than 50 women say they were abused too. many of their stories are similar, that they were given
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one alleged cosby victim voiced her support for constant. >> i was willing in 2005 to testify on behalf of andrea if it was helpful to her case. i remain willing to do that. >> reporter: cosby denies the allegations. his lawyers issued a statement read, quote, make no mistake, we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge, and we expect mr. cosby will be exonerated by a court of law." but the flood of new accusations, along with a federal judge's decision to unseal cosby's deposition in that 2006 civil case prompted authorities to reinvestigate constant's claims. gloria allred represents 29 other alleged victims whose cases fall outside the statute of limitations. >> seeing him criminally charged and having to face a trial is the best christmas present that they have ever received.
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tells nbc news her client is gratified by the response she is getting but is troubled it took this long for cosby to be charged. knicks forward anthony early is recovering from a gunshot wound after robbery outside a queens strip club. police say the 24-year-old and woman describe as his girlfriend were in an uber around 4:30 this morn when it was suddenly surrounded by six men. they robbed early of two gold chains before shooting him in the right kneecap. the driver and his girlfriend were not hurt. just a short time ago, early tweeted this message, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. i appreciate you all. shout out to you beautiful souls for caring. god works in mysterious ways. some scary moments aboard an air canada jet tonight. 21 passengers got hurt when turbulence started tossing the plane around, include league children. that plane was headed from shanghai to toronto when the pilot decided to land in calgary. there were 332 passengers and 19 crew monies board. several passengers were taken to nearby hospitals with nonlife threatening neck and back injuries.
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up a bit of controversy tonight. he was arrested, accused of stealing money from his church. money that the worshipers there offered during prayer services. >> so why is he still working? news 4's checkey beckford is live on the upper east side with the exclusive video of the alleged crime. checkey? >> reporter: and shiba, rock church's member says their bylaws clearly state that a pastor can be dismissed immediately for misusing money. but their hands are legally tied. we'll explain more about why in a minute. but they're hoping surveillance video they say shows the pastor in the act will be all the proof they need. >> we didn't think that one time would be enough. >> reporter: and it wasn't. again and again and again a hidden surveillance camera captures someone pocketing money from the envelope containing the rock church's offerings. >> he would go in repeatedly. i think there was one day where he went in three times. >> reporter: and he isn't just anyone. >> it was the pastor.
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member says this is the church's pastor, daniel impaglia. after weeks of money copping up short, board members at the upper eastside church decide to put in a camera to catch the culprit. but when they confronted the pastor one sunday after church in november -- >> the ironic thing is he called the police to have the board expelled from his church. >> reporter: but after seeing the videos, cops arrested the pastor instead for allegedly stealing $238. but get this. he still working at the church. >> in fact, right after he was arrested, the following sunday i thought he'd be too ashamed to come downstairs and preach. he preached. >> reporter: that's because the board can't fire him. they're currently embroiled in a civil lawsuit filed two years ago to have the pastor removed. they say he violated bylaws and misused funds. but a judge has prohibited them from firing him while the case is pending. we called pastor impaglia to get
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hi, daniel, my name is checkey beckford. i'm a report were channel 4. but he hung up. membersis a they believe in forgiveness, but want impaglia removed immediately. this is a church. we worship the lord. how can you have a thief as a pastor? >> reporter: and while the pastor didn't want to speak us to, his attorney released this statement saying, quote, pastor daniel iampaglia is a well respected pastor who has the support of his congregation. he adamantly deny nice allegations of wrongdoing and looks forward to his days in court. back out here live, the pastor is due in court for arraignment next week. live on the upper east side, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> thank you. a baby-sitter from staten island was arrested after police say she was caught on nanny cam abusing a 6-month-old girl. 36-year-old elena bass allegedly abused the girl twice while she was baby-sitting her at a home
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a nanny cam captured bass violently removing the girl from a crib and slamming her into an armchair. the child did not suffer any injuries. this is the scene in midtown. thousands gathered to pay respects and say goodbye to an american hero killed while serving his country overseas. [ bagpipes playing ] the funeral mass for nypd detective and air national guard sergeant joseph lemm were held at st. patrick's cathedral. he was killed last week in a suicide attack in afghanistan. a heartbreaking moment when lemm's 4-year-old son ryan saluted his dad's casket as it passed. lemm leaves behind a legacy of service and sacrifice. >> it's nice to see the city open their hearts to the servicemen and women. >> i know he is in a great place because he was a great man. that's the bottom line. and joe, i'll see you some day. i miss you. >> l maine mm was buried in hawthorne.
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posthumously promoted him to detective first grade. the wake for the long island man also killed in that attack will be held tomorrow and friday. 31-year-old louis bonacasa was with the air national guard. visitation will be at the branch funeral home in miller place. funeral services are saturday at the new beginnings christian center. it has happened again. a hoverboard bursts into flames, the second one this week this new york. we'll tell you what the fire commissioner is saying about it tonight. plus record breaking floods. houses washed away. people trapped. tonight the scramble to evacuate as more flooding is expected. then the so-called affluenza teen arrested with his mother in mexico. so why is she being extradited to the u.s. tonight while he
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tonight the floodwaters in missouri are rising as a number of dead and missing continue to climb. at least 20 people were killed after fast-moving currents from the swollen mississippi river swept away their cars. it is not clear how many homes have been claimed, but missouri governor jay nixon has pledged his administration's support for all of those forced to evacuate. s en ing ing threatens their homes. >> we're here before the water rises or after it falls. we're here until this place is back to where it was before. and sometimes that takes a while. >> forecasters say the worst of the flooding is still to come. the mississippi river is expected to crest at 43 feet tomorrow. some 13 feet above flood stage. the texas teenager who used the so-called affluenza defense in a drunk driving case will
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ethan couch and his mother tonya were arrested in puerto vallarta month monday. couch is suspected of violating his probation in that 2013 case in which he killed four people while driving drunk. his defense is that his parents' wealth made him irresponsible. tonia couch is headed back to the united states, but the family lawyer secured an order to temporarily delay ethan's return, possibly for as long as two months. an upstate woman used an interesting defense to get out of a drunk driving charge. her body is a brewery. you heard me right. it turns out the woman has a rare medical condition. you might have heard about this. it is called auto brewery syndrome, a condition caused by high levels of yeast in the gut. she didn't know about the condition until she was arrested for dui. police say her blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. but she claims she didn't drink at all. her charges were dismissed. the popular holiday gift called the hoverboard has been linked to yet another fire. news 4 got this video of that fire, the second one this week which happened, this one
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neighbors say the family was charging the hoverboard when they started to smell something burning. they took the board into the hallway, and it burst into flames. the fdny commissioner says he is worried we'll see more fires from these device. >> i would not plug one in my home. i wouldn't do anything to encourage people to have these right now. >> investigators tell news 4 the fire appears to have started or originated with the lithium batteries which can heat up very quickly. commissioner nigro says hoverboard owner should never charge the device without keeping an eye on it. someone, perhaps you could be ringing in 2016 with a lot more money after tonight's $300 million powerball drawing. so check your tickets. the winning numbers are 12, 61, 54, 38, 36, and the powerball number is 22. the game hasn't had a winner in the past eight week, sending the jackpot exploding into nine figures.
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drawing, the cash value of the prize would be worth $184 million. did you play? play. >> the odds -- >> got to be in it to win it. >> true. all right. winning forecast. >> i didn't either. >> you didn't either. winning forecast for new year's eve. >> that's right. yeah. we're going have great weather returning to the tri-state just in time for new year's eve. 10 let's get it started right now with a look outside. i think we're going have the top of the rock camera for you, if we can start off by taking a look outside. we're getting there, maybe? maybe -- there we go. all right. this is not the top of the rock cam. this is our times square camera. wet roadways out there. it is 46 degrees with light rain, fog and mist there is top of the rock. it is not looking good out there. but the showers are going to be leaving us behind pretty quickly. so the showers, though, are going to be replaced by fog, especially north and west of town. rain has gone by morning, though, and dry for new year's
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to make for a very nice, pleasant celebration if you're heading to times square or anywhere else. 42 degrees in millwood and in tompkins grove. terrytown at 42 degrees right now. you can see we have 30s to the north and west. but no temperatures below freezing, which of course is great news with this rain moving through. we don't have any icing concerns. and temperatures aren't really going to fall tonight. visibility is dropping. that's what is bad about this scenario. but with the visibility dropping, fog, it kind of locks in our temperatures, prevents them from falling any farther. right now we have 1 3/4 visibility in new york city. one mile in white plains. and only a half mile visibility in poughkeepsie. on storm tracker, you can see the showers pushing off to the east. we're almost done with them already. that's what we're expecting through the overnight hours. that fog developing, only drop do you think to be 42 degrees in midtown. 30s in the suburbs. we're already there. as we head into thursday, it
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with a high around 50 degrees. so pretty pleasant for those celebrations. but on friday, new year's day, a much chillier feel as temperatures will only be in the mid-40s. that's what we're dropping to tonight. 44 degrees with showers and fog. tomorrow will reach a high of 50 degrees. it's going to be milder. it should be pretty pleasant to be outside, especially for this time of year. but then the temperatures will start to drop as we head into new year's day. a high of 45 degrees. and it's going to be breezy to boot. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. tons of sunshine as we head into the weekend and next workweek. but temperatures continue to get colder. we'll only be in the mid 40s for the weekend. upper 30s as we head back to work. some of us heading back to school for the first time. and they'll need the winter coat. >> that's perfect perfect for tomorrow night, though, 50 degrees. >> can't beat it. >> bruce, what is coming up on sports? >> dave, on the road again. willie nelson's lyrics have not been embraced by the new york rangers. coming up in sports, the
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from home for the first time since november 21st. and despite the pressure, tom coughlin is talking football, not job security. we'll hear from the giants head coach in a moment on "news 4 new
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this time tomorrow, times square will be packed with people waiting and watching for the iconic ball to drop. >> i think some of them are waiting now. and today the final preparations
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>> three, two, one, happy new year! >> organizers of the new year's eve festivities tested the famous ball that will drop tomorrow at midnight. everything went smoothly. the near 12,000-pound crystal covered ball made a flawless ascent during its practice run. >> all right. ready to go.
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get out of the past. get fios. the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. >> the road has not been kind to the rangers this season. at tonight in tampa in a rematch of the eastern conference final, they tried to end their eight-game skid as they face the lightning. with the game tied at two, just 15 seconds into the third period, the lightning get the puck past hendrick lundquist, but marc staal makes an amazing play. remember the entire puck has to cross the goal line. and it did not. >> oh! >> exactly. three minutes later, the blue shirts make the most of the opportunity. dominic moore picks up the loose puck and makes a couple of terrific moves and beats ben bishop. the rangers win a road game for the first time in over a month. the devils wrapped up the
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border in ottawa. on the power play. new jersey rushes to fight. mike cavalierry has the option to shoot or pass. and he decides to keep it. good call as he beats andrew hammond. later in the period, he drops to a knee to snipe the puck past hammond. cory snyder stopped 36 shots in the 3-0 devils shut-out. the nets tried to close out 2015 with back-to-back road wins in florida. as they took on orlando in the magic kingdom. trailing by three early in the fourth, boyian bogdanowicz splits three defenders and throws down the flush. bogey had 20. the magic trail by one with under a minute to play when a cutting tobias harris puts orlando on top for good. brooklyn falls to 9-23. 100-93.
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against marquette. with the game tried at 34, kadeem carrington buries the three from the top of the three. he had 17 to go along with 10 boards. later isaiah whitehead sets up ishmael. whitehead 16 and 7 assists as the pirates improve to 11-2. 83-63. rutgers opened big ten play against indiana at the rack. and the hoosiers turned a one-point second half deficit into a double-digit lead with a lightning-quick 11-0 run. yogi farrell caps the burst with a transition three. indiana emerges with a 79-72 win. one day after chip kelly was fired by the eagles, the giants were back on the field with their own embattled head coach leading the charge. but tom coughlin would not discuss his own job security, talking instead about his players putting forth the supreme court effort in the regular season finale.
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but that's not where i want them focussed this week. basically, i said don't worry about me or my situation. let's prepare ourselves to play an outstanding football game and try to win a game against the philadelphia eagle team. >> got to love his professionalism. but they also could use a win to close things out. in a big way. >> got to stay positive going into 2016. >> yeah, it's a long time off. >> it's a little frank sinatra. >> only a day and a half. not that far away. thanks, bruce.
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