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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 31, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it's thursday, december 31st. coming up on "early today." once america's father figure now facing charges of sexual assault. safety on everyone's mind as some new year's celebrations overseas have been canceled over security concerns. the political fighting is about to get a whole lot more personal. plus, no rest for millions in the line of extreme weather. the affluenza mom leaves mexico for the u.s. and comedians in cars getting coffee. "early today" starts right
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good morning, i'm dara brown. bill cosby, a man who once persawnified family values now face charges of sexually assault for an incident that allegedly happened more than a decade ago. 55 women have made accusations against the entertainer. the theme of this morning's daily news cover. stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: the spectacle felt out of place at a small court house in pennsylvania. bill cosby, once known as america's favorite dad arrived to face multiple counts of sexual assault. the first time the 78-year-old has ever been criminally charged. the comedian walked gingerly using a cane and saying nothing. he posted a million dollar bond. cosby is accused of three felony counts of aggravated indecent
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incident in 2004. where former temple university andrea went to cosby's house to discuss her career. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: she filed a criminal complaint but the prosecutor at the time says there wasn't enough evidence to charge. a year later, she filed a civil suit alleging more victims. one of them spoke to nbc's kate snow. >> i cried when i found out there were twlaen 13 women. i didn't think there were two. i thought there was one, me. >> reporter: now more than 50 women say they were abused too.
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were given incapacitating drugs and then assaulted. and in a statement his lawyers said make no mistake, we plan to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge and we expect mr. cosby will be exonerated by the law. gloriaall read represents 29 other victims whose cases fall outside the statute of limitations. >> seeing him have to face a trial is the best christmas present they ever conceived. it's new year's eve, so let's take you to a live shot at time's square. most will enjoy the festivities outside. though some spent hundreds of dollars for a table at a view of the ball drop. and the increase terror threat
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increased security presence keeping everyone safe. and now live from time's square. >> reporter: you know, it's shaping up to be a relatively warm new year's eve in new york. a crowd of about a million people and 6,000 police officers will also be here to make sure it goes off without a hitch. the world's most famous crystal ball will welcome in 2016 at the stroke of midnight tonight. and their first trip to new york. >> it doesn't seem real. >> reporter: they say they're not worried about security and the nypd says they shouldn't be. >> people should feel safe this new year's eve because we're there. you're going have one of the safest venus in the entire world
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there. >> reporter: time's square will be protected by 6,000 officers. a counterterrorism team will guard entry points with long guns. a thousand security cameras will help keep an eye on it all. >> we know how to do big events. >> reporter: security fears didn't stop crowds from packing the cross roads of the world wednesday. >> i mean, something is going to happen. i'm pretty sure everybody feel safe every day. you can't live your life in fear. >> i love time's square. all the lights and stuff. it's just like you don't know where to look first and it's just like there's so much to do here. >> happy new year. >> reporter: a party atmosphere with thousands looking out for anyone who might want to ruin it. and despite terrorism threats abroad the nypd says
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credible threat for the event in time's square. meanwhile the terror threat appears to be more immediate overseas. with terror threats resulting in a number of arrests. nbc's bill neely has more. >> reporter: across europe, police are on high alert. in belgium two men have been arrested for planning suicide attacks in this historic square due to be filled with new year crowds. authorities canceling fireworks, siting a terrorist threat. in turkey, more arrests after a suicide vest and a backpack filled with explosives were found at an isis safe house in the capital. two men suspected of planning a new year massacre. and in paris, authorities are scaling down celebrations, canceling fireworks, fearing a
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in london too, security is tight. police in london have considered a terror attack highly likely for the past year. but based on new intelligence, they've now doubled the number of police officers on these streets. the threat is real. this british couple was jailed for life for planning suicide attacks in london. they tested explosives in their backyard. they were isis supporters. radicalized like the comin san bernardino who carried out their attack. europe is a continent on edge. bill neely, nbc news, london. at least 14 people are dead in missouri from historic flooding in a situation so bad officials say they don't know how many homes have been destroyed. 13 of those killed were in cars when rising flood waters swept them away. one kayaker figured a boat was the best way to travel and captured this footage of a flooded high school.
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uprights remain visible. and nearly nothing visible on the school 's score board. parts of the maur mack river are two feet higher than the so-called great flood in 1993. and in illinois, 13 confirmed dead. the muther of the affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil after being deported from mexico. she faces charges for helping her son, ethan flee the country. and it's expected that he would be deported. he remains in mexico after a judge blocked his immediate deportation after couch's attorney filed something to avoid extradition. it's expected to take weeks if not months to resolve. and tarrant county expected to take ethan couch into custody
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we'll be waiting. and an emergency landing in calgary. it was carrying 332 passengers and 19 crew members from shanghai to toronto when it hit the rough patch. 21 people taken to hospitals. some with possible neck and back injuries. >> suddenly the flight is going down and everything is really scary. >> i fly a lot for work. it was the most turbulence i've ebever felt. >> air canada is investigating the incident. tomorrow we officially enter an election year and it's starting off with a bang. strong new language from donald trump. and today, a crucial mile marker. and edward, it is the last day for fourth quarter fund raising and who's doing well? >> reporter: well, the political money seems to be jumping on
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ben carson band wagons. they raised more than any other republican presidential candidates. ted cruz toured the damage in texas. he's are r the first candidate to do so, even before president obama. >> we heard stories of people in their homes just standing in the one spot that didn't collapse. >> reporter: at the same time he raised a whopping $20 million far surpassing the previous quarters. and senator marco rubio brought in $6 million. this as donald trump amps up his attacks on the democratic frontrunner for president, hillary clinton. >> she wants accuse me of things and her husband is one of the great abusers of the world. give me a break. >> reporter: the other republican candidates duke it out.
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now, we're nowhere close to tough. >> reporter: jeb bush shipped his staff to early primary states to get his supporters out to vote. and this is do or die for a number of presidential candidates. we're one month out from the first caucus. and meteorologist bonny schneider is here with your new year's eve forecast. >> we are still watching that risk for flooding and it is across missouri and many other places, into arkansas, texas and oklahoma. we still have 400 river gauges nation wide above flood stage. there's also a threat in the southeast with heavy rain in the florida pan handle. and keep in mind today, the rain will be widely scattered. eventually the front will push away but along it, we will see the threat for heavy rain, eventually drying out as we work our way towards new year's day on friday. but if you're planning your new
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going to look at changes in the weather. temperatures are finally getting a little bit cooler. and most of the country still looking pretty good and in time's square, we'll see temperatures in the 40s. new year's day we're looking at fair conditions across much of the u.s. that's your national weather, now a closure look at the day ahead. well, we can expect definitely mild temperatures to ineast but really cold to west with numbers into the teens and 20s. how about florida? many days of record highs in the mid-80s. so, florida definitely is the warm spot but the rest of the country still dealing with the cold and it is going to get a lot colder in the first part of 2016. >> oh, i'm not ready for that yet. happy new year, bring on the cold. well, big changes ahead for the chicago police department.
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enrique marquez jr., has been indicted by a federal grand jury, including conspiring with farook to provide material support for terrorists and he's being charges with making false statements and on immigration paperwork. he's scheduled to be arraigned on january 6th. ul>>d chicago mayor has announced sweeping changes for the chicago police department which will focus on deescalation tactics and he wants every squad car to be equipped with a taser. >> we have about 700 tasers in the city. we're going to go to 1400 to make sure every vehicle during the night has a taser in that vehicle.
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seinfeld's "comedians in cars getting coffee" features president obama. >> i do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic. partly because my ears are big so i look a little like a cartoon character. and the top greatest athletes of all time but who is number one? and a twlil hriller in chicago. sports is up next. up next. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot,
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this morning on "today," an exclusive interview with white house photographer as he gives nbc an exclusive look at his year end gallery of photos. we didn't get a winner until early this morning. the badgers kick a field goal with just 2:27 left to go to take the lead. and wisconsin defeated the trojans 23-21. and the golden state warriors were anything but golden. the injured curry was resting a bad leg as they routed the best team a whopping 114-91. and the celtics gave kobe bryant a heart felt send off. kobe finished with 16 points as
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to chicago and over time. and chicago in bounds the ball to gasol and then a beautiful lob to jimmy butler to fr what would be the winning basket. and who are the best athletes of all time? number 10, wayne gretsky, tom brady, number 9 and tiger woods, and your top five, peyton manning, serena williams, and muhammad ali at number three and babe ruth number two, and his
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yesterday, it was an emotional tribute to an nypd detective who wuz a heroen the streets of new york and on the battle fields of afghanistan and for his family. and the story of one final salute. >> reporter: the streets of midtown manhattan came to a stand still for the funeral of new york police detective, and near st. patrick's cathedral, a sea of blue stood in silent tribute for what cops called "super man" he was in
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attacked by suicide bomber. he was a cop and a reservest. for whom duty meant everything. two years ago, local news cameras were there when he surprised his family at a restaurant coming home early after his second long deployment. he was a big country kid from nebraska who thrived as a cop in some of the roughest section oz of the bronx. his little boy, ryan idolized him and high on the shoulders of a police officer, the 4-year-old saluted his pop. during the funeral, police commissioner said this. >> today we say fair well to a hero of our time time . >> reporter: and that sure sounds like superman to us. harry smith, nbc news, new york.
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leading the news in the seattle times, family of 2-year-old amputee adopts kitten that lost a limb. she lost a limb when she was just 10 months old due to a rare form of cancer. when they heard on the news of a kitten that lost its leg, they knew it was meant to be. and sick of el nino, you ain't seen nothing yet, warns nasa. they say it's likely to worsen
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satellite images bare a striking resemblance to 1997, the worst el nino on record. and hawaii will be the first state to raise the legal age of smoking to 21. the new law goes into effect tomorrow. and if you look up at the sky tonight, you may be able to see the northern lights. the storm is causing it to happen more south than usual. areas along the northwest canadian border have the best chance of seeing it. and in italy, the lack of snow isn't stopping skiers. they're usually used in the summer but until the first snow falls, tourists will get by with this tank like contraption. and take a look at this. this seal at an aquatic park in russia is an artist. he grabs the paint brush and
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and can even put his signature in the corner which is really just his first initial. this was sold at a special auction. that's pretty cool to watch a seal paint. >> it's a perfect circle. >> well, we've seen elephant paint and now seals painting. who knows what animal will be next. >> anyone who can hold a paint brush can paint. now a time for a look ahead. the crystal ball and confetti are ready for the 11th annual new year's eve. urp and we want to wish a happy birthday to olympic gold medalist who turns 20. val killmer is 56 and sir anthony hopkins turns 78. now, keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early
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we hope you have a very happy and safe new year's eve. happy new year. right now, security is already tight, and in a few hours, a million people will pack times square. we'll tell you what's being done
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