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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 31, 2015 10:58pm-11:30pm EST

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ready to ring in the new year. with high hopes and new beginnings. >> all the lights and the people, it is amazing. >> right now, hundreds of thousands of people are crammed into times square. anxiously awaiting america's iconic ball drop. team coverage agains now. good evening. >> it is that time once again. we close another year wrapping up the past and welcoming the future. >> and this new year holds a special meaning for so many people for so many reasons. a live look from above times square. just about an hour until 2016. >> from the party goers to security, we have the huge celebration covered. with start in times square with jonathan dienst. >> reporter: good evening.
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no major threats according to police. 6,000 officers in and around times square providing layers of security for the huge crowd gathered here tonight. an army of police keeping watch rean i reassuring who are concerned about terror. luanne who almost canceled the trip. >> i knew it was well organized and put at ease and wasn't concerned at ul. >> you need a pass. >> reporter: people arriving needed tickets to get close as counter terror teams kept watch block after block. heavily armed officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, police choppers in the sky. for new yorkers here, it's part of the big city routine. >> i know that people know what to do in crisis and i feel safe. >> reporter: fbi agents and other agencies on hand in support as command centers up and running, keeping track of resources and any threat
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and patrols stepped up not only here but across the city at mass transit and landmarks as a precaution. the police commissioner in times square earlier. >> on the terrorism front, nothing that we're aware of focused on new york which is a good thing. >> reporter: earlier, people were screened coming into times square through two sometimes three layers of checkpoints. any backpacks or tripods kept out. most revelers understand the measures. >> i don't have any concerns, honestly. they searched us twice coming into the pen. i felt really safe. >> reporter: again, no major incidents. no security concerns tonight. but the security concerns ongoing for police and fbi agents ongoing. live in times square, jonathan dienst, news 4 new york. >> thank you. the new year's celebration in rochester, though, on hold tonight after cops busted a suspected terror plot with links to isis.
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emanuel luchman saying the 25-year-old ex-conrad callized. the feds claim he carried to carry out knife attacks tonight. rochester's mayor says there's no other threat but canceled the fireworks display to free up local police. >> a threat in germany led to the shut down of munich's main train station before germans rang in the new year. two stations were evacuated. fearing suicide bombers. police went on twitter and facebook to warn of an immediate threat. messages asked people to stay away from crowds. no arrests have been made. crowds started to gather in times square before dawn and now people are, of course, hunker er ering in place. >> we are getting close. lauren ska la continues the steam coverage time from times square. lauren? >> reporter: well, times square is jumping, natalie and rob.
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people enjoying the musical performances right now. in fact, a couple just get married on stage here a few minutes ago. and despite the fact this people have been out here for 12-plus hours, i would have no idea. everywhere i turn all i see are really excited people. >> happy new year! >> reporter: the celebration is well under way in times square with revelers in place for hours now getting ready to ring in 2016. including morgan jameson from virginia back to experience it for a fourth time. >> we're here with a million and a half new best friends and it's warmer than years past so that's always nice. >> reporter: in fact, there are quite a few people in the crowd returning to times square for its biggest night. >> we did this like three years and it was an amazing experience and decided to come back. >> reporter: plenty of first timers, as well from sacramento, california. >> i'm spending new year's in new york. this is like a bucket list.
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came here. i just finished by bachelor's and that was my gift for me. >> reporter: and anna from charlotte. >> everybody's super nice and super friendly and awesome experience getting to meet people and just kind of hang out and do your own thing. >> reporter: people traveled to new york from near and far. >> argentina. >> texas. >> reporter: ho? >> new york. >> reporter: get out. we found one. >> native new yorker. >> three times here. >> i'm here twice. >> times square in new york, what else is there? >> the misconceptions. he had to experience it once in your life. >> reporter: once in your life? i have to agree with her. this is a first time i've been out here. in times square on new year's eve and it is truly an incredible experience. it is a happy, joyful place. people are excited to say good-bye to 2015 and hello to 2016.
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drop, that countdown, is coming before we know it. back the you. >> you were saying earlier how many new yorkers you really find in the crowd. >> and, lauren, first time in all your 22 years. >> reporter: that's right. 22. >> there you go. >> reporter: happy new year, guys. >> thank you, lauren. most of the world celebrated the new year. big ben, a display of colors lit up the sky in london. >> moscow, another display of fireworks. crowds cheered with that impressive pyrotechnic show and marked the start of 2016. >> in hong kong, a spectacular fireworks show sparkled over victoria harbor. a beautiful array of colors illuminating the skyline. you don't have to be in times square for all the fun. you can ring in the new year on nbc 4. new year's eve with carson daly at 11:30 p.m. right after this newscast. a developing story overseas
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flames engulfed a high-rise hotel in dubai. it didn't derail the extravaganza and the smoke pouring from the building blocks away. nbc's keir simmons has some of the pictures out of dubai. >> reporter: the cities around the world prepared to celebrate with more spectacular displays of fireworks, dubai put on an unexpected display. and one that many people were lucky to escape alive. >> whoa. >> reporter: flames, 20 feets floor. engulfed the luxury building. chunks of debris falling still on fire. >> it was six or seven minutes the entire side of the building was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: more than two hours, the sky lynn lit up and not by the scheduled fireworks display. emergency responders racing to help. >> we saw quite a bit of firefighters making their way running top speed through the
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>> reporter: inside, there was pandemonium one survivor said. at least 14 people were injured. outside, others fled. >> there was debris raining down from as high as 20 floors up at least in that building and now you can see what they're trying to do is get -- get everybody out of the mall area. >> reporter: yet at midnight, dubai's world famous fireworks went ahead to the disbelief of many. >> it is really surreal and bizarre. >> reporter: celebrations through the still thick smoke dominating the skyline. authorities say of the more than 140 people injured, some suffering from smoke inhalation and others injured simply trying to escape that building. back to you. and back here at home, two teenagers are under arrest tonight accused of robbing a man in brooklyn. police say this security video here shows the two mugging the
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the teens punched and kicked him to the ground. they allegedly attacked him on monday in midwood leaving the subway and walked along avenue m. both face robbery charges. hundreds of newly released e-mails of hillary clinton's server deemed classified today. they questioned clinton for using the private server for the public work. the former secretary of state said she didn't use the account for classified information at the time. in all, more than 5,000 clinton e-mails released today in the final document dump of 2015. well, a second wake held tomorrow for a long island soldier killed in afghanistan. 31-year-old louis bonacasa's body carried in today. a community in mourning over his death. he was one of six neighal guards men killed by a taliban suicide bomber last week and leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old
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he did everything for his family, country, all of us. it's just not fair. ize his viewing held a day of the sergeant lemm's funeral. the detective was killed in that same attack. bonnacasa's funeral is saturday. the service begins at 11:00 a.m. coming up here on news 4 new over and rob them. what they got away with and what the real cops want you to look out for tonight. and then a special new year's eve for this couple. celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. so what is the secret to their success? here's another live look high above times square where in less than an hour the ball is set to drop to ring in the new
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the mississippi river reached 15 feet above flood level near st. louis today. the second worst on record. but the floodwaters are finally starting to recede in some communities tonight. hundreds of homes damaged and hundreds more remain evacuated after three days of relentless rain in missouri and illinois. 20 deaths are blamed on the flooding. and searches for two men in missouri and two teenagers in illinois continue. a gentleman's club in queens at the center of two serious crimes in as many days and police trying to figure out why. two suspects through molotov cocktails inside the strip club this morning. the devices broke windows and burned parts of the club and the inside there. the attack happened a day after knicks player cleanthony early shot and robbed while leaving the club.
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incidents are related. to the bronx and looks like an undercover police stop but officials say when's actually happening here in that video on east 182nd street is a carjacking. surveillance video shows four men getting out of a black sedan with badges around their necks. police say think ordered the men in the van in front of them to get out and that's when one of the phony cops got in and just drove off. the search continues tonight for the suspects. if you are everer in er in nervous who's pulling you over, you have questions, experts say call 911 and slowly stop with 911 on the line. yet another warning tonight on the popular hoverboards so popular this christmas. the new jersey consumer affairs department put out a warning to consumers about the potential to catch fire. we have reported that dozens of those self-balancing scooters ex exploded or burst into flames.
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at least two fooft fires in new jersey. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is investigating. well, your chance to become a powerball millionaire in 2015 come and gone but no worries. 2016 could be your year. nobody won in yesterday's drawing and the jackpot has increased now to $334 million. that's the 12th largest purse in the game's history. the next drawing is saturday. perfect timing here with the new year. >> nice to retire in january. going to go to erika with a choke of the forecast. we have a lot colder new year's eve than this, right? >> just the past two have been colder than right now. no real windchill to speak of and looking at comfortable temperatures and changing heading into the holiday weekend. a live look right now at the top of the rock cam. i love the display with the multicolored lights. 42 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. some of the clouds are going to clear out as we head through the
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in the weather headlines, we turn breezy overnight and as good as it gets outside for the next few days. friday is going to be a cooler and blustery day. on saturday, a few snowflakes? of course not in town but i'll show you an area where some snowflakes could be visible on saturday. right now, in high point, 36. 38 in franklin. delaware water gap at 40. it's 43 in farmingdale and islip and as we pan out a little bit further to the west, we are seeing the cold air on the way right now only 23 in chicago. 19 in minneapolis. of course, those places tend to be a little bit colder than we are in the tri-state and that's the air mass heading our way and bringing the colder temperatures. meantime, this is the same area of low pressure that brought the showers yesterday. last night. and it continues to remain off the coast.
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and become a stronger area of low pressure offshore. that's what's going to drive in the winds as we head into the weekend. but for tomorrow, as we're heading out the door early, 38 degrees. so not too terribly chilly and breezy by noon be a temperature of 42. and by 5:00, just clear and chilly with a temperature of 40. your high temperature tomorrow will be 45 degrees. looking ahead to saturday, that's when it gets even breezier and that lake effect snow shower could produce a few flurries in the northern and western suburbs of basically the five boroughs and other counties surrounding staying dry. sunday, 44 degrees. we are going to calm the winds down and temperatures are going to slide as we head back to work and sending the kids back school for the first time in the new year. 38 degrees on monday. tuesday's high temperature, 36 degrees. we haven't had any highs in the 30s yet.
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so it might be a little bit of a shock to the system heading out. all right? shock to the system. >> not too bad. we are ready. >> good. >> thanks. we'll be back with a story about a couple that's really set
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a couple in southern california is celebrating quite a milestone on this new year's eve. >> i was trying to spit the story out earlier.
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his wife helen is 100. tonight is their 80th wedding anderson. the couple eloped in philadelphia back in 1935 after she, yes, she, popped the question. >> i told him how i felt. and what i thought we should do. >> there's not a great surprise because if she hadn't done it, i was prepared to do it. >> aw. >> okay. that is so sweet. i told you this would touch your heart. when's the big secret? helen says the secret to the long lasting marriage and lives is keeping a sense of humor and going with the flow. i think those are good resolution >> cute? >> adorable. i was read denver it. >> she asked. i love that.
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dominated leading after that. he takes it to the house. for a 35 yard score and route was on. in the fourth, the second touchdown of the night. put it out of reach. the tigers rolling 37-17. sweeney's team headed to the national title game. none of us wait for that. who will they face on january 11th? right now, in the cotton bowl, alabama cruising over michigan state, 38-0. in the fourth quarter. don't think sparty can come back from that. 2016 can be a good year for the hockey fans in the city. all playoff spots. the isles in buffalo up 1-0 in the third. boychuk trailing and missing. okposo, nope. he says, here. kulemin, you take it. third straight game with a goal. 42 shots and the islanders get a 2-1 win. will tom cough lynn coach
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job status is elephant in new jersey right now. sunday against the eagles could be the last one leading the giants and to no one's surprise, he is focused on next game and not next year. >> do i want to come back? what i want to do is win a game on sunday. that's the bottom line for this group right now. i always have the competitive spirit. you know? sometimes a day or two to figure it all out when it's over and right now i stick with the game and let's go win a football game. >> and for the last time in 2015, that's sports.
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there is a place where the cold melts away the hustle and bustle
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and the only thing left is what's truly important. the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy.
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another beautiful live look over times square tonight. we just checked in with news 4's chief investigative reporter, jonathan dienst. nypd saying there's no incidents and everything is going smoothly. great news to hear. >> yeah.
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