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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plus, new this morning, a tragedy in manhattan. a man killed in an elevator accident. what news 4 investigates is learning this morning. and everything off without a hitch in times square. after the celebration, things turned over to sanitation. a massive clean up under way right now. it's a bit of a mess out there this morning, but we're glad you're with us. it's friday, january 1st, 2016. happy new year. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene today. >> i'm gus rosendale. kind of a nice night for everybody outside checking out times square. >> the crowds bigger because of the weather, i heard. they're still lingering because it's not too cold out. still in the low 40s. could be a lot colder this time of year, of course. mostly cloudy skies. it will be dry for new year's day. temperatures in the low 40s throughout the afternoon. we're expecting a bright afternoon.
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a high temperature of only 43 degrees, which is still a little above average, but that's going to change. finally some cold weather to talk about. we'll take a look at the seven day in a few. right now, emily west is here with the first traffic of the year. >> and happy new year. in manhattan, we still have a few road closures. l.i.e., the lower level eastbound around maurice avenue, a couple lanes blocked with a crash. also on the southern state parkway on long island, an accident here in suffolk county. this is eastbound between route 110 and route 109. lot of people are taking sunrise highway. >> thank you. new this morning, a violent start to 2016 in new york city. crime scenes popping up just before and just after midnight. police responded to multiple shootings spanning three boroughs. one of them in queens, a man
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tracie strahan is in jamaica. >> reporter: it's been app busy night for nypd crime scene detectives, who are still here hours after that man was discovered shot in the head and left to die. they have just about a block of this street blocked off right now. hours after that man was discovered around 11:30 last night. according to police, he was observed unconscious and unresponsive on the sidewalk here. an evidence marker was placed right in the area where he was found. he was pronounced dead at the scene. they said he was shot in the head. so far, kerry, this is really a murder mystery. it is a homicide, but they haven't released his identity as of yet, and no one is in custody. no word yet on any suspects. we have seen officers at both ends of the street. we're seeing crime scene detectives right now going back into the area where that man was discovered. back to you.
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tracie strahan live in jamaica, thank you. president obama is expected violence as soon as next week without congressional approval. we're told he'll tighten federal controls over gun sales by executive order. that may include narrowing are the so-called gun show loophole. that means more buyers would undergo background checks. gun rights advocates promise to challenge the president in court. new york city ringing in the new year without a hitch. look at that. about a million people from all over the world ushering in the new year in times square. they got their midnight kiss. and mayor de blasio and his wife did their impression. then it's time for the cleanup. look at that. security was tight, but the nypd says there were no incidents. a whole different story in germany. that's where a terror alert warned people not to gather outdoors for new year's
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this was the scene in munich. two train stations shut down for hours. police say they were tipped off about a serious isis plot to carry out a massacre, as they put it. five to seven suicide bombers would attack, but thankfully that did not happen. meanwhile at 4:33, police in rochester are convinced they stopped a possible isis-inspired attack. this is emanuel lutchman. he has a history of mental problems, run-ins with the law. police say he pledged allegiance to isis and vowed to kill people at a local pub, but the fbi was watching him. >> he was going to carry out another act of violence. that's why they stopped him when they did. >> spoke over the internet with the terrorist organizations, planned an attack, went out, bought the material. >> rochester canceled last night's fireworks celebration
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he's behind bars and due back in court one week from today. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> we're settling into a new pattern, guys, on this new year. good start to the new year for you, i hope. off to a cool and dry start today. chilly throughout the weekend. finally temperatures are going to dip below freezing in central park. we haven't seen that happen in december at all. we're finally going to make it happen in january. you can see on storm tracker, nice and quiet picture. no rain and no snow to worry about on this friday morning. as you're heading throughout the day today, a high temperature of 43. still above average. we should only be in the upper 30s this time of year. and we are expecting more sunshine as the day goes on. lots of clouds out there right now. sunshine building in for the afternoon. it will be breezy and chilly. definitely need the jacket as you're heading out the door on this first day of 2016. let's take a look at hopefully quiet roads. emily west has a look at that. >> there are still a lot of people out and about. take it easy, be cautious.
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some uptown 2 trains are running express chambers street to 96. for your commuter rails, holiday schedule in effect. metro north, lirr, new jersey transit, and path train runs on a saturday schedule for today. alternate side is suspended. more weather and traffic coming up. new this morning, a tragedy on the lower east side. a man died just after midnight. it appears to be some sort of elevator accident. first responders rushed to that scene at 131 broome street. they could not save the man. katherine creag is there with what we're learning about the building and everything that happened. >> reporter: indeed. this apartment building has a history of elevator problems. elevators skipping floors, not working. now we've learned someone has died. a young man from an elevator that malfunctioned, according to police. midnight. a 25-year-old man was in an
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he was about to step off the elevator with them when the elevator malfunctioned. according to investigators, it began to descend. people outside of the elevator tried pulling the victim from the elevator, but he was trapped. 911 was called. firefighters and paramedics arrived and were able to free the victim, but he died at a hospital. the investigation goes on in the tragedy that happened here. minutes ago, some of the people leaving this building here told us that the elevators right now are working, and there's no sign that anything happened here. you'll hear from them coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> katherine creag live on the lower east side. thank you. 4:37 right now. today, family and friends are mourning a long island soldier killed in afghanistan. another wake will be held for 31-year-old louis bonacasa. his casket was draped in an american flag as it was carried
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bonacasa wle one of six national guardsmen killed by a taliban suicide bomber last week. he leaves behind a wife and a 5-year-old daughter. >> he was a good man. he did everything for his family, for his country, for all of us. it's just not fair. >> today, there will be another wake for bonacasa at the new beginnings christian center. he'll be laid to rest tomorrow. >> metro north commuters now paying a little more to ride the rails in connecticut. overnight, a 1% fare hike went into effect. the increase comes from legislation that required passengers to help contribute toward the cost of the new m-8 rail cars being put into service. tickets for travel within new york will not be affected. some minimum wage workers now getting paid more in both connecticut and new york. overnight, connecticut's minimum wage went up to $9.60 an hour. on thursday, new york state's base minimum wage rose to $9 an
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employees at fast food chain restaurants saw their minimum wage rise to $10.50 in new york city and $9.75 in the rest of the state. hawaii becomes the first in the country to rage the legal smoking age to 21. that law takes effect today. it bans the sale and possession of gets or electronic smoking devices for anyone under 21. officials will delay enforcement for three months so they can educate residents and retailers. moving to politics right now, dr. ben carson's faltering presidential campaign is the latest to undergo a major shake-up. his campaign director barry bennett resigned and so did his deputy and the communications director. we're told that infighting and falling poll numbers sparked those moves. carson is expected to name a new director monday. and more of hillary clinton's e-mails from her private server are now public. the state department releasing another 5,000 pages yesterday. a lot of them are personal.
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banter about her hair style. also, the state department increased the number of e-mails labeled as classified to 1200. more e-mails are promised next week. new tensions this morning between the u.s. and iran. that country's president is the ordering his military to build more missiles. that's after word that the white house is preparing new economic sanctions against iran. it's not known if the latest conflict will affect last month's nuclear deal. bill cosby's wife will have to give a deposition in a civil suit in massachusetts. because camille cosby played a dual role as his wife and business manager, it's plausible she's, quote, in possession of information relevant to any party's claim. seven women are suing bill cosby for defamation.
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you probably remember him as the original trapper john on tv's "m.a.s.h." wayne rogers has passed away. later on, he started his own successful investment firm. we're told he passed away from problems related to pneumonia. 4:41 right now. still ahead, a skyscraper goes up in flames just as crowds gathered for a new year's eve celebration. this morning, we're hearing what it was like inside that building when the fire broke out. plus, what happened right before police say a man flashed this on a new york city bridge. and of course your first day of 2016 forecast, weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. it's 42 degrees out there.
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coming up on 4:44. time for a check of your weather. it's a chilly start to the new year. temperatures in the 30s right now around much of the region. northwest new jersey, temperatures in the mid-30s. 36 in franklin. the winds are relatively light, but they will pick up throughout the day. it was a chilly new year's eve, but it could be a lot worse this time of year. we're going to see colder temperatures moving in over the next few days. here's a live look at storm tracker. no rain and no snow to worry about on this first day of 2016. as you're planning the rest of your weekend, this chill sticks around. temperatures stay in the low 40s. tomorrow we could even see flurries north and west. 41 is cool on its own, but it will be breezy as well. that's going to bring those windchills down a few notches for saturday. good news is we stay dry throughout the weekend, but still chilly on sunday. back to 43 degrees.
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going to feel like when you talk about windchills. throughout the day today, windchills generally in the mid-30s. definitely a wintry feel as we start out the new year. this is storm 7:00 a.m. waking up to windchills in the 20s in the city. teens north and west of town. feels like 17 in monticello. a jacket day all day long tomorrow. again. starting out sunday morning with windchills in the teens north and west, 20s around the city. that wintry feel stays with us for sunday during the day. you can see on future tracker around 11:00 today, we start to see more sunshine building in. the day may start out mostly cloudy. sunshine wins that battle by the afternoon. by 5:00, a few flurries are possible in the hudson valley. otherwise, we're quiet. saturday, looking very nice. lots of sunshine to start the weekend. we're keeping it dry and mostly sunny throughout the day. even sunday is looking pretty nice on future tracker. for today, high temperature of 43 degrees. still above average. we should only be in the 30s
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it will be breezy with winds out of the northwest around 10 to 15 miles per hour. finally some cold weather to talk about. we're going to get below freezing in central park. that's going to happen tonight. then look at monday and tuesday, guys. get ready. below average temperatures. a daytime high of only perhaps freezing on tuesday of that'll be a shock to the system for many. let's take a look at commute. emily west has that. >> we still have a lot of people on the roads. we had a crash on the l.i.e., lower level eastbound near maurice avenue. that's cleared. you can still see some delays. also on the southern state parkway, crash cleared right near route 109. that's out of the way. garden state parkway southbound by 280, still have the right lane blocked with an accident. let's take a live look at the george washington bridge, where both levels are moving along very nice. no delays at any of the hudsons. and a check of the l.i.e. right over the grand central parkway. that westbound right comes towards us.
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okay. we do have some subway delays. keep in mind 2 and 4, we're seeing delays there. some uptown 2 trains run express chambers to 96th. delays on the 1 train traveling uptown as well. alternate side and meter rules suspended. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you. >> 4:47 right now. new this morning, two people had to be air lifted when three cars collided southbound on the garden state parkway. it happened near hillside township in union county. this was the scene around 10:00 last night at mile marker 142.8. a third person involved in that crash was hurt. all three people were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. happening now, the flood waters are receding in st. louis, however the dangers are far from over. the mississippi river crested at nearly 15 feet above flood stage a few feet shy of the record set
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now the concern is shifting to the southern part of the stay, where rivers will soon be hitting their peak. >> i want to encourage everyone to please stay away from the flood water. today i was at 141 and highway 44 viewing the damage, and there was a person kayaking in the waters. that is not something that anyone should be doing. >> hundreds of homes have been damaged, hundreds more evacuated. there have been a total of 22 deaths related to the floods in the midwest, most caused by drivers venturing into high water and four people remain missing. it is 4:48 right now. in dubai, an inferno marring the new year's celebration. look at that video. a towering skyscraper going up in flames. this fire actually spread across dozens of floors. this morning, hours later, clouds of smoke still pouring out of the building. it happened at a 63-floor luxury hotel. it erupted not long before the city's new year's fireworks
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nbc's keir simmons has details of their frantic escape. >> reporter: as cities around the world prepared to celebrate the new year with ever more spectacular displays of fireworks, dubai put on an unexpected display and one that many people were lucky to escape alive. flames 20 floors high engulfed the luxury building. chunks of debris falling, still on fire. >> six or seven minutes, the entgrire side of the building was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: for more than two hours, dubai's skyline lit up, and not by its scheduled fireworks display. emergency responders racing to help. >> we saw quite a bit of firefighters making their way, running top speed through the mall to try to get to that location. >> reporter: inside, there was pandemonium. one survivor said at least 14 people were injured.
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>> there was debris raining down from as high up as 20 floors, at least, in that building. now you can see what they're trying to do, try to get everybody out of the mall area. >> reporter: yet at midnight, dubai's world famous fireworks went ahead to the disbelief of many. >> it's really surreal and bizarre. >> reporter: celebrations through the still thick smoke dominating dubai's skyline. and the dubai authorities say 14 people were injured, some suffering from smoke inhalation, others injured trying to escape. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting from london. the family of a toddler shot in the face by a stray bullet in jersey city is asking for the public's help to move out of their neighborhood. the father of mina beshay started a go fund me page. he hopes to raise $20,000 so his son can grow up in a safe place. the baby was shot in a safe place as he sat in the backseat of the family's car. the toddler is home recovering
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the nypd investigating two attacks in two days at a gentleman's club. police looking for two suspects who threw molotov cocktails on thursday morning. the devices burned parts of the building. a day earlier, knicks player cleanthony early was robbed and shot in the leg while he was leaving that club. he's recovering while investigators are working to figure out if these attacks are related. meanwhile, investigators also say road rage led to a man to flash a gun at a driver and passenger on the ed koch queensboro bridge. it happened wednesday. police say a 24-year-old louisiana resident sideswiped another car. then he allegedly pointed this gun at the men in the car that he hit before he took off. he was arrested a couple blocks later, but officers found two handguns in his car. in brooklyn, police say they've charged two teenagers
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investigators arrested the two men. police say they're the two seen kicking and punching a 55-year-old man. that attack happening monday in midwood after the man left the subway. he was just walking along when this happened. both teenagers face robbery and assault charges. >> that's a little tough to watch. 4:52 right now. still to come, she calls it humiliating. for the first time, the woman who was miss universe for just a few seconds is speaking out. and we've shown you the fires. this morning you can find out who's issuing an official warning about those popular hoverboards.
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welcome back. happening today, a new year's tradition. the coney island polar bear club ocean. afternoon. there's no fee, but a $20
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it's a retreat for kids that have life-threatening illnesses. it may be warmer this year than last, but the water is still cold. it's 45, 50 degrees. >> doesn't stop them. >> certainly doesn't. >> some years we've covered that and there was snow on ground. not the case today. relatively mild. >> it's almost cheating today. temperatures are above average in the water, near 50. still chilly. i just keep thinking about people in diapers in the water. i never noticed that. >> diapers? >> some people wearing diapers. >> get a little saturated. >> i didn't see that. >> i was paying attention to diapers. hopefully you were, too, at home. >> highly absorbent. >> of what though? >> storm tracker 4 live radar. good question, kerry. it is dry right now. that's good. no rain, no snow. nice and quiet throughout the day. 43 for your high. it will be breezy, so definitely bundle up. 44 for your high in westfield.
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like madison. overnight tonight, gets chilly. this could be the nice, our first night below freezing in central park. i've been very excited. 31 is the forecast low. we may do it. we've been forecasting below freezing before and didn't make it. >> you were wrong? >> we were wrong, i know. it's hard to believe. 20s north and west of town. breezy and cold tonight. and this chill stays around. we're finally transitioning to more appropriate weather. >> okay. very good. thank you. >> it is january. >> i know. it's time. >> emily is here. a little action on the l.i.e. this morning. >> there was, but that did clear. that was eastbound lower level. still a lot of people on the roads. we still have a closure here. this just happened, 17 northbound around highland cross to union avenue in new jersey. delays there. and with your commuter rails, holiday schedule, metro north, lirr, and new jersey transit. path is running on a saturday schedule today. >> all right. emily, thank you very much. the new jersey consumer affairs department is the latest to warn commuters about
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the agency says the popular christmas gift has the potential to catch fire. the problem is with the battery packs. at least two in new jersey have burst into flames. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is investigating. happening today in new jersey, governor chris christie expected to appoint a new bergen county prosecutor. our news partners at the record report he'll name a former federal prosecutor in both new jersey and new york. he's taking over for jaul mul ohn molinelli. it's been nearly two weeks since steve harvey mistakenly crowned the wrong winner during the miss universe pageant. now we're hearing from the contestant who had that title taken away. miss colombia tells her home country's w radio it was very humiliating for her. colombia and other latinos at the pageant. she said she thought steve harvey was joking when he
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that the crown would be removed. >> that was tough. if you want to test your luck early in 2016, maybe you want to pick up a powerball ticket. it's the 12th largest jackpot in the game's history. at the cotton bowl in texas, alabama skunked michigan state 38-0 to advance to the big game. head coach nick saban is looking for his fourth national title in nine seasons at alabama. and they'll be taking on the clemson tigers. clemson beat oklahoma 37-17 in the orange bowl. this will be the tigers' first appearance in the championship game since way back in 1981. that's when they beat the nebraska cornhuskers to take
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happening today, filmmaker and brooklyn native ken burns will lead the 127th parade of roses in pasadena. this year's theme is know your adventure. it was inspired by the 100th birthday of the national park service. that happened this year. meanwhile, some people are camping out to get the best view. >> you get the best seat in pasadena for the parade because you're right on the front row. >> homeland security says there will be an unprecedented volume of resources and technologies deployed. they include bomb-sniffing dogs and devices that are able to detect even a small amount of radiation. you can see the 127th rose parade here on nbc 4. our coverage begins at 11:00 this morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device.
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new this morning, a man
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