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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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famous for designing the trinity church in lower manhattan. ferocious flames overpowering all of the water that seven fire companies could pour into this historic beloved structure. >> we love the church. >> the church dates back to 1827. but a present coastal church bought it last year. air conditioning and electrical work was under way 4 investigates found without a permit. a church official admitted to me -- >> there was just the installation of the hvac system. >> but when i asked why -- do you know why the permits were not applied for? >> that information i don't have. >> and the historic preservation commission has been in a bought l over historic stain glass windows removed when the church was purchased last year. investigators say it's too early to determine if that work or something else started this fire. but we do know this.
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gathering last night with food that we are told was not cooked there. a smoke alamb went off in the basement around 5:00 a.m. as for the rapid advance of the fire -- >> a lot of timbers dry and old, a lot of draperies inside that added to the fire. >> the engineers have been trying to determine if the building can be saved. >> i'm ready to cry. >> reporter: and those permit violations, according to a source, could have included work on electrical junction boxes back in april and a little bit later into the spring before the stop work order was issued by the town of west orange. now that is all one reason why investigators do believe that it is possible that it could have been electrical in nature for this fire. live in west orange, i'm brian thompson, news4 new york. a brooklyn man is dead after a fire in his bedford sty
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firefighters responded to jefferson avenue around 2:30 this afternoon. the firefighters rescued two other adults trapped inside. the investigators call the fire suspicious. we're learning more about a rod chester man who the feds say were planning to go on an isis-inspired killing spree. 25-year-old emmanuel lutchman wanted to attack people at a bar using machete and knives. the owner tf bar says lutchman is an ayeszive panhandler that he's seen before and now lutchman's father says his son is mentally ill and may have been set up. michael george talked to his father. what else did he have to say? >> well he tells me his son is not the isis supporter and terrorist he's been made out to be. the family had no idea he had been radicalized and they suspect the fbi entrapped him
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who is emanuel lutchman, the man accused of plotting to kill americans on new year's eve. his father claims he's a mentally ill young man, convinced to plan the attack by a federal informant. >> we believe he was influenced, hads mental issues and had been for a long time. >> investigators think lutchman was serious about attacking this restaurant in rod chester. agents say he bought ski masks, a machete, knives and duct tape telling an informant he would bomb the bar on new year's eve, take hostageance behead them. >> i have no idea if he was serious or not. >> lutchman's father said the 25-year-old is a troubled e con. he attempted suicide just this summer. says his son should be in a psychiatric ward, not a prison. >> this could have been handled
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>> rod chester canceled its new year's fireworks display out of safety concern. lutchman faces 25 years behind bars. >> our family, the lutchman family does not support terrorism whatsoever. we apologize for this thing unfolding like this. >> and lutchman's father tells me emanuel is highly suggestible saying while he was in prison he joined the bloods and at another point joined the krips. law enforcement is aware of his mental issues but they do believe he actually intended to carry out this plot. michael george, news4 new york. i want to go now to the weather where we're expecting the first big chill of the season coming on the heels of an unprecedented warm december. the last month of 2015 shattered all records delivering an average temperature of 51 degrees. to put this into perspective, the normal temperature for december is around 37. storm team4's erica grow takes
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>> we're going to see the temperatures getting back where they should be for this time of year. it cannot be undersold out incredibly warm this december was. it was by such an extreme fashion, about 7 degrees warmer than the previous record highest temperature for the month of december. it was just so incredibly warm. and this mild stretch isn't really a fluke for the year 2015. we had a whole bunch of months that were above average and only a couple that were below, notably february being one of those. so we are also dealing with the longest time that we have gone without reaching the freezing point in central park. 277 days as it stands, we had five record highs and eight record warmest low temperatures in the month of december. it looks like we're going to break the stretch of not freezing temperatures. overnight tonight we'll be at 35
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out below freezing. back to you. you'll want to keep track of the weather over the weekend. find the latest conditions on the nbc new york app. a break start to the new year for more than 100 resident of a condo dock plex that caught fire in bridgeport early yesterday. justin checker revisited the scene to see how the residents are coping with the mess. >> as firefighters battled the blaze -- >> i owe them my life. >> they also rescued this man from his smoke filled apartment on the third floor. >> one of the gentleman from the fire department saw me and came up to the third floor with the ladder and lowered me down. >> the clothes he's wearing are all of the masters student from india has left after the fire. >> my school fees, my expenses,
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documents, they immigrant documents, my clothes, everything. >> a pillow, a mattress and a picture frame are just some of the items you can spot in this massive pile of debris. but now the community is stepping up to help the families who lost everything in this devastating fire. >> this community has stood together in crisis many times before. >> the new colony diner is where many resident went after they escaped the building. >> they had nowhere to go. they had no shoes. they were in my diner for three hours. >> today it became a collection point for clothes, food, toys and other donations. this is amazing. we've got a great response. >> the mayor's office tells me donations are coming in from across the state of connecticut. we know the fire started with
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in bridgeport, i'm justin checker, news4 new york. was some of raymond kelly's e-mail deleted despite a court aerder if? tonight city leaders are saying they were despite an order the police department should preserve them. the order was part of a class action lawsuit which alleges the police department used a quota system in issuing summons. city officials say nypd technicians inadvertently scrubbed so e-mails. a story we think you'll love. two thieves captured after they lock their keys inside the getaway car. plus, enjoy the gas prices while you can. why they might soon start to rise again. the president's move to control gun ownership without congress.
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the national average for a gallon of gas is under $2. fuel gauge says the national average is now $1.99. that's the lowest drivers have paid per gallon on a new year's day since 2009. aaa says we should expect it to go up a little bit hitting .45. in connecticut, $2.15. jersey is so cheep. new york always the highest, 2
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$2.23. two shoplifters were busted. the cops nand them when they tried to get in their car and run away. the problem was they had locked their keys in the car. the police were alerted to the pair by a store employee who said they were acting suspiciously. coming up here when news4 at 6:00, new laws that could affect your life. taking the plunge. it wouldn't be new year's
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kate snow has a look now at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news". >> happy new year. there is a manhunt under way in israel for a man who opened fire on a crowded sidewalk in tel-aviv killing two people. camille cosby being forced to testify, give a deposition next week in one of the civil suits against her husband. we'll look at why the accuser's lawyer is aipgs to hear from camille.
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politics of 2015 and ear also remembering natalie cole and her unforgettable news all coming up on "nightly news". with the new year comes new laws through the tri-state. in new york tougher penalties for human traffickers and more help for trafficking victims. better accommodating the needs of pregnant workers. another raises the state base rage to $9 an hour. people in new jersey will receive e-mail alerts when the governor orders flags flown at half-staff and new rules at the drugstore. pharmacists have five days to notify your doctor if they give you a generic brand instead of what's prescribed. a new law issues discounted fishing licenses for first timers and their friends. in connecticut, all a police officers will be required to wear body cameras by july 1st.
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know if they're insured before scheduling a nonemergency appointment 37 and connecticut is the first state to make military retirement pay exempt from state income tax. the president is still on va wags in hie awaii, but he's making waves here. news4 government affairs reporter melissa russo has more. >> natalie entering his final year, the president vowing to enact gun controls with or without congress. but even the president's supporters admit there's only so much a president can do on his own. >> happy new year, everybody. i am fired up for the year that stretches out before us. >> fired up but also frustrated by his inability to get congress to pass what he calls common sense gun reforms. president obama during an early new year's address to the nation indicated he'll act alone. >> on monday i'll meet with our attorney general, loretta lynch
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get too letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. >> so what can the president do about guns without congress? supporters say he can tighten regulations that would require more gun sellers to get dealers licenses which means they would have to conduct background checks even if they're selling online or at gun shows. >> i think they've found new things that they can do. for instance, if a gun shop has repeated, repeated, repeated numbers of crime guns that they've sold illegally, they can require some background checks of them. >> senator schumer admits that without congress, the president's potential the change gun policy is marginal. >> what the president will do will help a little bit around the edges but it's not close to as good as congress acts and no one should think it is. >> among the republicans responding is texas governor
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wants to impose more gun control. my response, come and take it. >> and it's likely any executive action on guns will be challenge as an overreach just as the president's executive actions on immigration were. the white house expects to have a plan ready in the next week or two, possibly by the state of the union. an ash tis from brooklyn will be leaving his park in mailboxes across the city. cam mack's work will be featured the monkey stamp. the ninth in a series of stamps celebrating the lunar new year. the stamp art depicts two flowers there symbolizing wealth and honor. they are freezing for a reason on the fist day of the new year.
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costumes and took the plunge at coney island this afternoon where the ocean temperature was a balmy 50-something degrees. some swimmers come back every year. some doing it for the first time. >> it was awesome. jackson, what do you think? >> it was fun. >> it was good? first time. >> great. first time. >> how did it feel? >> she's going back. >> they don't even look that cold. money raise the a the coney island polar dip helps the organization sends family to camp sunshine. the group hopes to raise $70,000 this year. not bad. they were hanging out in there. >> as soon as you get in, once you get out you're probably okay. but it's that going in part. >> and don't stay in there too long, right? 50-some degree water is a lot different than 50-some degree air. our air temperature is going to continue the drop even as we head back to work and send the kids back to school. you're going to feel the chill.
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beautiful view at the top of the rock cam. 39 degrees in midtown. just a few clouds lingering from that pretty heavy deck of cloud cover that we had in the afternoon. it was because of some lake effect winds, lake effect snow showers that did drift over to the north and west. a couple of folks got snowflakes and a couple of flurries. i saw some video from poughkeepsie. overnight, breezy and colder. we have a chilly weekend on tap. but next week an arctic blast. it is going to be a shock to the system compared to the warm december that we had. 37 degrees right now in princeton and hillsboro, 37 in jackson. 20s in monticello but everyone else in in the 30s. it's 33 in didn't bury and 33 degrees in bridgeport. on storm tracker satellite and radar, you can see the lake
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we will see a return of the lake effect snow showers as we head into the weekend. overnight tonight, dropping down to 32 degrees in midtown. bundle up for the windchills in the 20s with the west wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. and pretty much the same story tomorrow as what we had today. looking ahead to the weekend, we'll get the lake effect snow showers going. high temperatures in the 40s for the weekend. and heading into the workweek, a high temperature in the 30s. the arctic blast really settling in here and the winds are going to be strong on monday as well. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a high temperature of 36 degrees on monday, only 34 on tuesday. and then we'll start to get a little milder as we head into the middle of the workweek. a high of 40 degrees on wednesday. actually closer to 50 degrees by friday. i'm watching for the potential of rain or maybe even a little bit of a wintry stuff next weekend.
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i'll get a close eye on it for you. this week is joust dry and cold. >> and the holidays are over. >> now you just have to bundle up i guess. >> enjoy your holiday presents. we have john coming up, football football. >> lots of college football. the national championship game is set. we'll tell you who that match is and we'll go bowling next on
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scrolling on the twitter feed i'm seeing folks not too impressed with the games on right now. >> there have been some duds. to me it's new year's day, bowl season, i'm a college football fan, i'll watch anything. it's knew year's day which means you get the new year's resolutions going tomorrow. but today there's too much college football to watch. fist let's catch you up. clemson, alabama bunching their ticket to the national championship game. and the top ranked tigers passed their test in the orange bowl rolling by oklahoma 37-17. clemson put to bed any of those who have they played questions. alabama's defense smothered michigan state in a shootout.
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in glen dale, arizona, clemson against bama. today in the rose bowl, stanford hasn't looked back, up 35-0 against iowa in the second bowl. fiesta bowl, notre dame pulled within a score here on the fade to chris brown. then elliott says, i got this, finding a hole, more like the grand canyon to run through. 47 yards for the touchdown and running for the nfl draft in the process. remember, the only game ohio state loss was michigan state when elliott criticized the coach for not giving him the ball enough. michigan and florida in the citrus bowl. here it is first quarter, 7-0 michigan when florida answers,
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they run the reverse here. that's fancy. ties the game at 7. and that would do it. that was florida's only highlight of the day. wolverines ran away with this one. through three touchdowns and michigan 41-7 rolling florida. the jets may not have powell on sunday. the running back is questionable against the bills after missing practice again today with a sore aing. and the knicks will have cleanthony early on their mind tonight. they haven't won in the windy city since 2010. derek rose a game-time decision for this one tonight. on the ice all three locals have the night off and all three will have their hands full tomorrow. islanders are in pittsburgh. but without johnny boy chuck. the defensive is on ir inder natalie with a shoulder injury. the bruins teams hosting their
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