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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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accident or arson? flames sweep through a building, killing a man, why investigators are calling this fire suspicious. then e-mails deleted. new questions involving messages sent by the nypd's former top cop. e-mails a judge ordered saved. a freak accident, a man crushed to death by an elevator. his heroic act just before losing his life. good evening. we want to begin with the fatal fire. the call came in as all hands on deck. when the smoke settled a man was dead. >> reporter: news 4's ida siegal is live in bed stuy with a closer look. >> reporter: the manager said it was odd and unusual but also fatal.
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tonight and investigators are focusing on trying to figure out how it started. firefighters did one last inspection of this empty and ashen brownstone to make sure the embers did not reignite. earlier in the afternoon, fire poured out of the windows and tore through three floors of the building. one man was person ched on the ledge outside the top floor apartment to escape the flames. >> i see a guy on the ledge, on the top floor tells everybody to get out the house, get out the house. >> reporter: fire officials say three people did get out, including the man on the ledge who was rescued via the fire truck ladder. neighbors describe a chaotic scene. >> smoke was coming, that's when i came down stairs and i heard the firemen tell the guy we got you man, we're coming, we got you. >> one resident was not so lucky. 56-year-old michael floyd was
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neighbors say floyd lived with his brother who tried to save him but couldn't get through the wall of flames. >> he said, michelle, i tried to get my brother out but i coldn't and it was getting too intense so he had to go. so his brother didn't make it. >> reporter: investigators say the fire started in the stairwell and was heavy. the fire marshal was called to investigate, as is standard procedure but in this case, officials say the circumstances are particularly suspicious. >> the fire was started on the second floor. it was very heavy fire on arrival which is odd for o'clock in the afternoon. and it was a very difficult fire. >> reporter: fire officials tell me the fact the fire started in the stairwell also races a red flag and is part of their investigation. four firefighters suffered minor injuries in this fire and we're told there are also four apartments in that building, some of the residents displaced have been put up by the red
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reporting live from bedford-stuyvesant, ida siegal, news 4, new york. also new tonight, police in the bronx need help to find two suspects in a series of robberies. police say the suspect you see in the white t-shirt there is checking a victim's metro card in this surveillance video. they say he was involved in robbing four women near elevators and buildings on webster avenue. the other man seen in the video is wanted for questioning with the hat on in a robbery on washington avenue. punched. these robberies took place between october 2 and december 22. in other news, he recently made headlines claiming nypd commissioner bill bratton fudged crime stat s s to make the city look safer. now questions are swirling around the nypd's former top cop. e-mails ray kelly sent while in office are missing,er er -mails a judge ordered saved. michael george is live with
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>> reporter: we're talking about e-mails that were part of a lawsuit against the nypd claiming they used quotas for summons under former commissioner kelly. the court said those e-mails had to be saved but somehow they got deleted and tonight former commissioner kelly is responding. e-mails deleted in violation of a court order. former police commissioner ray kelly says he had nothing to do with the messages being erased when he left office in 2013. in a statement to news 4 he says "i can unequivocally state i have never deleted nor ordered anyone to delete e-mails relevant to this litigation. further, i'm not aware of any such deletions. it's not clear how many e-mails were erased or how they got deleted. this comes in the same week former commissioner kelly was accuse ing current police commissioner bratton of manipulating shooting statistics down. >> you have to take a hard look at those numbers and i can tell you, people don't feel safer in
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commissioner bratton to angrily fire back. >> shame on him. let him back up that allegations. >> and that debate won't end there. as for the city, they're not responding because of that ongoing litigation. the nypd has denied fro from the beginning quotas were used. live outside city hall, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thanks for those developments. we want to go to the freak elevator accident. a man killed when the doors open and the elevator drops. his split-second decision saving a woman's life. there have been complaints about the elevators in that lower east side building. pays zi chang also spoke with the woman about what happened. >> reporter: aruda sanchez in shock at what she witnessed. through her son-in-law, sanchez described how the doors open. she tried to step in, the
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>> when she came inside the elevator they said "happy new year." so when they see something happen that's not normal, they pushed her out. >> reporter: emmanuel coronado said this man, identified police as steven hewitt brown pushed his mother-in-law to safety. brown got trapped in the process. the 25-year-old's body stuck between the third and second floors, suspended as he was gasping for air. >> crying out loud, "help me, help me." i tried to save his life, too, and i can't because so much weight in the elevator. >> reporter: brown's family declined to speak to news 4 saying they were privately grieving. according to his social media profiles, he was an aspire ing recording artist. 4 investigates dug up information on the building's history. in the past five years, the city has received 30, 311 complaints about the elevators. 28 complaints about them being
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complaints there was a dangerous condition. tenants are well aware of the elevator problems. like ten-year-old januarye yesha scott. >> i was on it and it dropped down to the 17th floor and i got scared. >> you complain, it don't work. >> reporter: meanwhile, as brown's family grieves his tragic death, another family is thankful he acted see heroically. he saved your mothers-in-law life. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you have to say to his family. >> i say i'm sorry because something happened like that. >> reporter: according to the building department's web site, there are three open elevator complaints for this building and the last time the elevators were inspected was in september of this year but no violations were issued. we did reach out to the building management but they did not return our calls for comment. reporting from the lower east side. pei sze cheng, news 4 new york.
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man who opened fire outside a bar in tel aviv killing two people. police have reportedly identified the gunman as an israeli arab. neighbors are urging him to turn himself in. surveillance video shows young people relaxing at a bar and then right there, diving for cover when the gunman begins shooting. in addition to the two dead, seven people were injured, two in critical condition tonight. >> i fell and i waited the 30 seconds but it was like -- >> it's happening all over the world. >> reporter: some are wondering if this could be the first isis-inspired attack in israel but investigators say the motive could be criminal. >> reporter: the father of a man accused of plotting to attack a rochester bar says his son is not a terrorist. omar lutchman says he had no idea his son has been radicalized and suspect he had been trapped. authorities say he went to
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machete, five, duct tape and latex gloves, allegedly telling an informant he was going to bomb merchant's grill and take hostages. >> we just believe that he was influenced. he had mental issues and he's been having mental issues for a long time. >> reporter: authorities say the plot was real and lutchman received directions from an overstate islamic state group. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. police are looking for at least one more suspect involved in the beating of a man in brooklyn. we told you about two teenagers arrested. 17-year-old eldon sebovic seen smiling in the back of a police cruiser and 19-year-old baskim husseinivic are charged with assault. the 55-year-old needed 77 stitches after being pummelled. neighbors say they're worried more suspects could be out there. >> the neighborhood is relatively very safe and a lot
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concerned with kids. >> police are still looking for others who vafb involved including the driver of a car who might have dropped the two suspects off. coming up on news 4 new york, a frantic allout search. a five-year-old boy with autism missing tonight after slipping out of a new year's eve party wearing no shoes, socks, or a coat. i'm team team meteorologist erica grow. after the warmest december on record by far, we're entering a colder and colder pattern as we send the kids back to school coming up in the seven-day forecast. saying good-bye to an american singer and songwriter.
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an historic church in northern new jersey is severely damaged after the fire ripped through the century's old building today. the flames ripped through the former st. mark's episcopal church in west orange for three hours before firefighters got under control. investigators don't know what sparked the fire. a church official told news 4 they were doing air conditioning and electrical work without a permit. luckily in all that no one was injured. that churmg was build back in 1827. last year it was sold toi a pentecostal church. police are trying to piece together what led to a car crash on long island. detectives trying to figure out what went on here. the gas station was damaged by fire when a car slammed into a gas pump. look at that. surveillance video shows that the car struck a person as well but that person and the people
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>> i think there was two, three guys, they were in an argument and started fighting. >> we didn't find any victims at the scene. it was just a vehicle engulfed at the time we arrived. >> police found five bullet casings across the street. they're trying to figure out if the shooting was part of the crash. sad news in the music world everyone is talking about. natalie coal le, the grammy winning singer who joined her father in the unforgettable collaboration has died. a tribute shines bright for the singer on the apollo theater marquee. look at it there. natalie cole was 65 years old. this will be >> in nearly four decades making hit, nine grammys in all, including that now iconic 1991 duet. unforgettable -- >> natalie cole made a name for herself but was always nat king cole's daughter. >> i feel like i've earned the
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not from front of him, not behind him. just next to him. >> reporter: her unique vocal stylings connected with music fans across generations and genres -- pop, r&b, jazz, crossover appeal many artists pursue though few attain. >> natalie cole had hits in the '70s, in the '80s and in the '90s and substantial hits, different kinds of hits. >> while her recording success was long lasting -- >> i had to really face myself. my consequences. >> -- so were her struggles with substance abuse and later health problems. chronic hepatitis-c leading to kidney failure. >> this is somebody who came back and who showed the world that you can come back. >> reporter: after gaining sobriety, cole published her life story and refocused on her music career, receiving a kidney transplant in 2009, the year she also won her final grammy.
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>> still unforgettable, whether with her father or on her own. never before has someone been more >> cole left behind one son. in a statement her family said she fought a fierce courageous battle dying how she lived, with dignity, strength and honor. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, a search is under way for a five-year-old boy with autism who went missing before midnight new year's eve. according to police, jalil batista ran away from his family's new year's eve party around 11:00. he was not wearing shoes, socks or a coat and police are growing more concerned as temperatures drop. police are urging residents to check their backyards, sheds and possible hiding places for that child. people living in summit, new jersey, got a special visitor. a black bear scaled a tree and spent the day peering down at curious residents.
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authority there is and that bear is still up in the tree. none of those who gathered to watch the bear appeared concerned for their safety. but the new jersey department of fish and wildlife told folks to stay away from that bear. he looks comfy but he's still up there tonight. is [ cheers and applause ] a quick countdown helped swimmers take the plunge at coney island today. about 2,000 people turned out for the event to raise money to send children with serious illnesses to camp sunshine in may. in maine, i should say. it was chilly, but the ocean was a bit warmer than the air, actually. some plungers wore their bikinis in this. others had on interesting hats and, yeah, it makes sense. the water would have been warmer. probably is this time of the year. what's the coldest the ocean gets do town?
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it gets any time of year. the olear bear plunge, god bless the people that do that but i'll find other ways to raise money for good causes. we are looking at that cold weather pattern setting up in the tri-state and by monday you'll feel that chill. taking a live look at the top of the rock cam. it's 35 degrees under mostly clear skies. just a windchill out there as well. in our wither headlines temperatures getting below freezing for the first time tonight at central park for the entire season it's been since march since that's happened. breezy and chilly and then an arctic blast arrives next week. if this isn't cold enough, it will get colder as we head into the work week. right now 30 in high point. mine hill at 29 degrees. we have some milder temperatures. that ocean influence, 34 in islip, 36 in farmingdale, 33 in trenton.
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lake-effect snow showers have wound down now that the sun has been set for several hours. as we get into tomorrow the winds will pick up and this will get lake-effect snow showers ramped up again. future wind gusts not bad early in the morning. right after sunrise. we'll see the winds pick up. early evening hours on saturday the winds will be gusting in the 25 mile per hour range on sunday they will remain on the strong side, at times gusting ing ing to around 30 miles per hour. this is your look ahead. we'll see lake-effect snow showers, flurries possibly impacting us north and west of town. flurries don't have too profound of an impact but you'll notice flakes flying in the air from time to time this weekend and heading into the work week. that blast continues to push in. so we'll get this initial push of cold air and a secondary one arrives for the work week. tonight dropping down 32.
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clear skies, a high temperature of 42 degrees as we head into the day saturday. a high of 44 sunday but it will be breezy and we have the potential for a quick snow shower or flurry north and west. on monday colder with highs in the 30s monday and tuesday so you'll really feel it as we head back to work and sending the kids back to school for the first time in a while. >> and we love seeing the sunshine in the graphic there, too, but we'll feel it. >> sunshine will be deceiving. >> thanks, erica. >> finally showed up. john's here with sports, talking basketball. >> the nicks wanted to play this game today after everything they've been through in the last two weeks. they were excited to get on the court? court in chicago. but when chicago starts hitting shots like this, what's the point? how deep was that three? plus, maybe you're like me and didn't go to stanford but this sophomore will make you pay attention to pac 12 football. don't miss what he did today
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twins are often alike in many ways starting with how they look. >> but a brother and sister in san diego couldn't be more different in one very significant way. >> these newborns were born in different years. jehlen was born at 11:59 new year's eve and luis came into the world three minutes later on new year's day. two siblings with so much in
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>> it's very unusual. very unusual and very special and i haven't seen in the my 34 years of nursing. >> the hospital says the twins are 18.5 inches long but luis weighs just a little bit more than jehlen. poor luis, older and fatter. [ laughter ] can't be easy. >> can't win, can he?
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get out of the past. get fios. the nicks open their new year in chicago tonight, rattled after one of their players was shot in a robbery in queens. so they sought relief on the court and caught two big breaks. chicago was without derrick rose and joachim noah. the nicks started flat, missing their first 10 shots and trailed 13-2 out of the gate. then they clawed back. third quarter look at porzingis goes to work on gibson with a base line hook shot. the nicks get their first lead, 67-65. bulls grab it back up 78-73 early in the fourth and somebody was supposed to cover nikolai mirotic.
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didn't think he was going to hit that from 31 feet. are you kidding? that's good enough to call the dagger, bulls outscored the nicks 31-8 in the fourth and chicago wins this 108-81 the final. with a playoff spot at stake, the jets may be without powell sunday in buffalo. the running back missed friday's practice with an ankle injury. he's played nearly irreplaceable football in the last five games for the jets but he's listed as questionable. as for the question everyone wants an answer to, will tom coughlin coach the giants beyond sunday's finale. rumors are swirling at this time. he was asked what he's learned in this trying season. his answer, win close games, the giant have blown six of them and coughlin may not get another chance to remedy that in 2016. it's new year's day which means you'll get to those new year's resolutions tomorrow. today there's too much college football to watch. last night clemson and alabama punched their tickets to the national championship game. ohio state billed a 28-14 lead
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touchdown runs. deshawn kiez desean keiser and then elliot says i got this. found a hole like the grand canyon running 47 yards for the touchdown and straight into the nfl draft. that will improve his stock today. four touchdowns rushing, 149 yards on the ground and he carried the 12-1 buckeyes to a 44-28 win. stanford and ayny iowa in the rouse bowl. christian mccaffrey caught a 75-yard touchdown in the game's first place and never looked back. gave stanford a 28-0 lead here. knifing his way through the hawkeyes on a 63-yard punt return. all he did today was all he's done all season. 368 all-purpose yards. a new rose bowl record. this guy is incredible. all stanford 45-16. is it too late to recount the heisman votes? i think he's your favorite next year.
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state again, rangers visit the panthers, devils host dallas and islanders are in pittsburgh but they'll be without johnny boychuk. he's on ir indefinitely. boychuk's bruins team hosting the rivals. the montreal canadiens to the winter classic sold out at gillette stadium. 67,000 plus and the habs took it to the b's 5-1 the final.
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