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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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combing for clues. police on the hunt right now for a hit-and-run driver who ran down a man and kept going. >> i felt a little shaking going on. did you feel? the earthquake that rattled towns in both new york and new jersey. plus --
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good-bye to a loving husband, father, and american hero killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. good evening, i'm rob schmyth. >> i'm gnat natalie pasquarella. we'll have more in a moment. the weather, some of the coldest air we've had all season has gripped the tri-state. it's going to get colder. >> that's right. a shock to the system after the warmest december we've ever felt. coats, scarves, gloves, and hats are finally out. here's storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow with more on the chill. >> finally is a good way to describe it because it is january, after all. was bound to happen eventually. our high today was 40 in central park. that is still just one degree above our seasonal average. 37 in sussex. we got up to 36 degrees in newburgh. these temperatures are going to be sliding down as we head through the next couple of days. the future feels-like will combine the air temperature with the wind so that you get an idea of what it's going to feel like
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it will feel like 28 in manuet, 30 in midtown. into the afternoon, not a lot of relief. the winds will get stronger. our windchill, the feels-like temperature, in the mid to upper 30s. monday, that's when the really big chill settles in. look at these feels-like temperatures, teens, even single digits in places like newton, montecello feeling like zero degrees as you step out heading back to work and school for a lot of kids on monday morning. coming up, i'll tell you how long the bitter chill is going to last. that will be in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. if you felt your house shake overnight, you were not alone. an earthquake rattled parts of our area in both new york and new jersey. this quake measured 2.1 magnitude. it was centered about two miles northwest of ringwood. you see on the map there. that is where news 4's brian thompson is live tonight with more information and some reaction there, brian. >> reporter: yeah, and most of the people we talked with say they woke up to a loud bang
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and based on what we saw on facebook, there were a lot of them. the rocky air isser to along the fault -- territory along the fight faultline is at the center of the zone. the only damage was a gutter that fell off this house. otherwise, people only heard or felt it from the hudson valley down here to ringwood. >> we felt a little tremor. nothing major. we went back to sleep. laid scary. >> it sounded like a big thunder. you could tell it wasn't in the sky. it was on the ground. it was intense. >> the earthquake was crazy. the house shook. >> reporter: the latest quake adds to the concerns of dozens of communities in this part of the state that are fighting plans for an oil pipeline coming down from new york. it would run along the mountain line overlooking the new york skyline and possibly through sensitive areas such as bear swamp pond.
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>> if there's movement in the earth, it could rupture a pipeline. and who wants to take that chance? >> reporter: earthquakes are fairly frequent up here but usually hashlless. >> sometimes you -- harmless. >> sometimes you wake up and hear them, and it sound like the ground is groaning. sometimes it's a snap. you get used to it up here. >> reporter: that being said, the new jersey dep says on its website that we are overdue for a big one. perhaps 5.5 on the richter scale. and the dep says that would cause plenty of damage and likely death. live in ringwood, i'm brian thompson, news 4, new york. >> scary warning. thank you. two teenagers are under arrest tonight accused of throwing brick and cinderblocks from a long island overpass. that sent a woman to the hospital. 17-year-old andrew denton and 19-year-old jacob pallent face charges including reckless endangerment and assault.
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police say they stood on an overpass above the meadowbrook state parkway. two cars were damaged by this. there's one. and the passenger of this bmw was rushed to the hospital after shards of glass flew into her eye. right now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who ran down a man in queens just last night. this happened near the corner of 93rd avenue and 168th street. news 4's michael george is live in jamaica with what might help investigators track that driver down, michael. >> reporter: well, natalie, that driver actually knocked the victim on to the sidewalk. he's now critical condition fighting for his life. and the driver never stopped to see how the victim was doing. whoever it was, they kept on going. it's a crime that has neighbors furious. >> shameless. shame on him. shame on him. >> reporter: police say a man in his 40s was crossing 93rd avenue and jamaica around 9:20 p.m. friday night. a rav 4 slammed into him, leaving him with critical
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neighbors told us this isn't the first time they've seen reckless drivers on this street. >> they speed down the block, like they race down the block. >> reporter: apparently in response to the hit and run, we saw officers camped on 93rd all day using radar guns, stopping every speeder that rolls by. [ siren ] >> reporter: the hit-and-run driver is still on the loose. police have surveillance video of the car. people nearby want the driver behind bars. >> he should be caught. he's very wrong. it could be anybody in his family, could happen to somebody in his family. >> reporter: police are looking for a black rav 4. and judging by the debris left at the scene, it's likely the car has some damage. anyone with information is asked to call detectives. live in jamaica, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you. a fire raged through a two-story private home in the cypress section of brooklyn.
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building on kresz ing on ing on crescent street. two sfiefrtd suffered minor injuries on -- firefighters suffered minor injuries on scene. the flames started in the rear basement of the home. no info. on the cause has been released yet. now new jersey where we have to tell you about another fire. this one deadly. an elderly woman died when flames swept through her home along higginsville road in reddington. it's not clear what sparked the fire. one firefighter there had to be treated for smoke inhalation. he was a lovin i g husband, fa er, and patriot. today hundreds packed the long island church to say good-bye to staff sergeant louis bonacasa. the 31-year-old was killed last week in office along with five members of the national guard. here's tracie strahan with more. >> reporter: signs of patriotism surrounded new beginnings christian center as louis bonacasa's flag-draped casket
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the airman who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> did he what had to do. straight-up guy, the kind of guy he was. hopefully he's in a better place right now. >> reporter: kevin calvert served with bonacasa in the air national guard. after four tours of duty, the 31-year-old staff sergeant was killed in afghanistan days before christmas. one of six americans targeted by a taliban suicide bomber. the wife that he met in boot camp and their 5-year-old daughter reflected on life without him. all of this comes days after sergeant joseph lamb, an air national guardsman killed in the same attack, was laid to rest with emotional images of his young son saluting his casket. today's service for bonacasa brought out bikers, police, and firemen, along with residents who didn't know either man but were well aware of their service. >> nothing that you could do than come and give support to somebody that gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: bonacasa told his
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his final tour of duty, and he was expected home for good in april. he's been laid to rest at calferton national cemetery. ahead, a sad development in the search for a missing boy with autism who wandered away from a new year's eve party. we'll tell you what the teams just found. then, hunting down a killer. what we're learning about the suspected gunman after a shooting rampage in teleavolunteer. and also what his father is saying tonight. have a few bucks handy? you still have time to buy the ticket. it's powerball fever as the
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breaking news out of pennsylvania. a tragic ending in the search for a missing boy with autism. the body of 5-year-old jahlil vega batista was discovered in a canal not far from the home where he disappeared. he went missing back on thursday night during a new year's eve party. he was last seen running toward a wooded area barefoot and without a coat. a news conference just wrapped up here in the past 5, 10 minutes. a searcher found a tablet computer similar to the one that police believe batista might have been carrying when he disappeared. >> recovered the body of 5-year-old jalil vague amp
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political nearly, this is being considered a tragic accident. >> officials have not confirmed a cause of death. the governors of illinois and missouri toured parts of the flood-ravaged midwest today as the record-high water levels begin to recede. areas around the meramac river and south of st. louis appear to be hardest hit. the meramec swelled more than 35 feet. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. thousands displaced. at least 15 people died in the st. louis area. a state of emergency has been declared in missouri. the governor says cleanup efforts could take months. israeli police are going door to door in tel aviv in search of a gunman who killed two people outside of a popular bar yesterday. the man has been identified as 31-year-old nasat melam, an arab israeli. people were shown relaxing at a bar, then diving for cover when he began shooting. the gunman's father spoke outside of his home. he said he was deeply sorry and shares in everyone's suffering. an attorney for the family says
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the suspect's brother arrested. a computer was also confiscated. here coming up on news 4 new york, what will you do if you won tonight's $334 million powerball jackpot? we'll tell you how some people would spend that cash. also, an update tonight on that new jersey bear in ran up into a tree and wouldn't come down. it appears that bear is now on
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the excitement is building how about you? one or more lucky powerball ticket holders could win the million. previous drawings have come up with no jackpot winner, so that pot just keeps on growing. players keep hoping this will be their ticket to retirement. >> take care of my family and my loved ones. >> that's a lot of money.
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>> what are you going to do after that? >> i'm going to give some to charity. >> i'd say he's got it pretty good there. i like that plan. the multistate lottery drawing is tonight at 10:59. by the way, powerball officials say the chances of winning are about one in 292 million. >> i still say it's a curse. i wouldn't want all that money. it's never a good story. >> a lot. erica hill with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." hey. >> hey, nice to see you both. ahead here, we'll have more on this intense manhunt for the gunman who opened fire in israel killing two people on friday. also, the hazards of distracted walking. we see it on the streets, people texting as they walk, putting themselves and others in harm's way. we're remembering a woman known as the hug lady. she greated hundreds of thousands -- greated hundreds of thousands of troops as they departed and returned home. we'll tell you more about her. back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks.
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about a bear hug? what do you think? an update on the black bear causing a bit of a commotion in summit, new jersey. remember him? there he is. all the way up there. well, we learned he's gone from that comfy spot. somehow he left the tree and was spotted wandering through oak ridge avenue and glenside. summit police are monitoring the bear's movements. last night the people gathering to watch the bear didn't appear too concerned for their safety. the new jersey department fish and wildlife of course is warning folks to stay away from the bear. especially if he's just wandering around there, right? go doesn't look like a threat sitting there. >> no. >> not up in the tree. yeah, you said -- >> should be hibernating. >> you said the other day, rob, when people leave him alone, he'll probably come down on his own. >> when everybody's not staring at him. >> exactly. the hibernating weather is definitely moving in. we're already starting to feel it now. temperatures are dipping into the 30s. we're taking a live look at the plaza. you can get out to the skating rink for a couple months. enjoy it while you can.
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in our weather headlines, we have those breezes really starting to make things feel cooler than just the air temperature. it's going to be seasonally cold tonight, though. nothing too bone-chilling. a blustery sunday ahead. you know what that means, the winds are going to be a factor once again. then on monday, it gets even worse, unfortunately. an arctic blast is on the way. right now in wading river, 36 degrees. east hampton at 37. 36 and 32 in eastport. 34 in morristown and sussex, as well. all these spots will dip below freezing tonight. we'll get close to the national park in midtown. we're going to clear out the clouds. you can see them dissipating here on storm tracker. as we head into sunday, the clouds will increase again ahead of this little area of lake-effect snow showers that's going to develop. it's going to be because of those stronger winds. the winds aren't going to be too terrible tomorrow. you'll notice it. highs in the 40s. a little above average. but then monday, that's when we're really going to dip into
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really, really pumping out of the north. high temperatures in the 30s. the low 30s at that. and then when we factor in the winds, it's going to feel even colder. overnight, dipping to 33 degrees under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, we'll see just a few dplouds time to time. high -- clouds from time to time. high 464. with the windchill, it will feel like the upper 20s to low 30s. for the season finale with the giants taking on the agency, metlife stadium, a few clouds. seasonal for this time of year at metlife. the seven-day forecast, man, monday is going to be a tough one with a high of 32 degrees. lots of clouds from that lake-effect area that i was talking about before. and then we'll clear out the clouds on tuesday. but it is going to be very cold. we won't even get above freezing. quite a shock, as you mentioned before, a shock to the system compared to that really warm december we had. >> look at that. 18 there --
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going to be tough for kids going back to school. they're going to say, ooh. >> early sunday -- late -- >> early monday morning. early tuesday morning. >> get ready for that. thanks. we have join joining with us a look at sports. >> reporter: hopefully on monday we're talking about a jets win and playoff berth. the wait is almost over for the jets and bills. kickoff less than 24 hours away. it? the nets and celtics just finished a wild one in boston. brooklyn, the last shot here today.
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low eight-point fourth quarter. they wasted an otherwise great comeback. derek fish her a cut-and-dried diagnosis afterwards. they quit. >> we had shots that didn't go in to start the fourth quarter. and i thought we got discouraged and the let our energy go the other way. it snowballed. we don't want to be the team that when it rains we give in. i felt we let the quarter get away from us after working hard to have a chance to start the fourth quarter. there are knights when that can happen, but we don't want that to be a habit. the nets are in boston where fans root just as hard for brooklyn loses as they do celtics wins. the cs own the first unprotected first-round pick in the draft. the mets may have the second-worst record in the east, but they put together a gem in boston. the difference was sizable. lopez dominated the post for brooklyn finishing with 30
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this dunk put the nets up 100-95 with 26 second left felt ball , right? celtics' last gasp. they move it up the floor on the net. wide open from the corner. he's usually automatic but not here. nets win by three. that's their 10th win this season. it's not all good for brooklyn. jared jack left in the third with a sprained right knee. me amy have to have an mri on that. tom coughlin's giant future stole some of the news cycle from week 17 from the jets who could clinch a playoff spot. the biggest jet game in four years, but we've already covered that. rex ryan's redemption, that's pretty well established, too. all that's left to talk about really is just play the game for these familiar folks. >> it's fun, you know, a divisional game. you know, we know each other. so it's like chess out there. you know, you get to look at film and -- and make changes.
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week for us. have to be the buffalo bills to -- to beat the buffalo bills to get into the playoffs. honestly, i don't think we could have it any other way. yesterday, it was all about college football. today, lots of college hoops. st. john's on the road, taking on 12th ranked providence. big test for the johnnies. down six with under ten to play. the flyers' all-american chris dunn took over. first, the three from the top of the key. all nylon there. providence goes up nine. then just watch this -- dunn driving through the entire red red storm defense. what a finish. dunn goes left, moves right, then does that. 26 points, nine boards for maybe the best player in college basketball. 83-65. they're 14-1 on the season. seton hall hosting but paul. three seconds left, billy garrett jr. fouled, heating up the three. eric gordon whistled for the contact. that was not what the coach had
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the 84% free-throw shooter but missed the first. seton hall escapes with the 78-74 win. big for the pirates. they face ranked opponents in four of the next five games. they improve to a very good 12-2. rutgers on the road taking on the always-tough wisconsin badgers. they trailed by four in the second when show walter makes the pretty drive, the lay-up and foul to go with it. wisconsin going to work. showalter, finishing with the career-high 21 points. also had a double-double for the barges. wisconsin pulls away in the second half. falling 79-57. a lot of good college basketball. good hockey on the ice tonight. all three local teams in action. >> feel bad for the kid with the three free throws. >> tough. >> shooting 84%, that's a big
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if you have resolve to find love in the new year. tomorrow is the day for you. >> yeah. dating website has declared sunday dating sunday.
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