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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  January 3, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," witnesses recall the frantic rush to escape an apartment building fire that killed one man. plus, details on the tragic end to the search for a pennsylvania boy with autism who went missing new year's eve. and a state of emergency. communities in the midwest just swamped by those rising rivers
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good morning and welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. glad you could join us. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm gus rosendale. big change in the weather. we're going to see teens in the forecast. storm team 4's raphael miranda in the storm team 4 weather center. >> we haven't gone below freezing in central park this season so far, but we are going to be seeing teens in central rk as we head throughout the next couple days. that's a major pattern shift. you can see in your weather headlines, chilly and dry today. similar to yesterday. the first deep freeze is around the corner over the next couple days. it doesn't last long. that is the good news. if you don't like the cold at all, it's going to be painful but gone rather quickly. forecast. tracker. city. clouds filtering that sun now in the hudson valley. sunny across long island and also down the jersey shore. looking good in toms river. as you're planning the rest of your day, chilly outside right now. 39 degrees. brunch time. breezy throughout the day today. going for a high temperature of 45. yeah, it's a touch milder than
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but it's still breezy and cool. you still need the jackets. then you'll need the hats, gloves, and scarves as well. as we take a look at the seven-day forecast, we'll look at the cold snap coming our way in a few. pat and gus, over to you. >> raphael, thank you. one man is dead, several families out of their homes this morning after an apartment fire in the bronx. >> "today in new york's" katherine creag joins us from the wakefield section with what we've learned this morning. >> reporter: pat abd gus, i just talked with an nypd detective who said the investigators are still in the process of contacting the relatives of the man who died here at ts apartment building. he was only 36 years old. we don't yet know him name. when firefighters arrived here, on that man's floor, the third familiar, there was so much smoke. this is east 230th street near white plains road. this all took place before 3:00 a.m. ed e second and third floors of this apartment building were burning, and it was smokey. a resident was trapped and tragically that 36-year-old man died. residents also told us there was
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used the fire escapes to get to safety. we also talked with a family, a couple and a young child, who at this very moment are still in their car. it is too smokey in their apartment, and they're wondering when they can go back inside to their home. >> from 3e, where the incident took place, i'm 2e below. all the other apartments seem to be okay. >> but you don't want to go in? >> no, the smell of smoke and everything. >> reporter: that family, th fully expected to be in their car for hours. it is just too smokey in their apartment. the red cross, though, is helping them out if they need it and some other displaced residents. at this point, the fdny says this fire looks like it was accidental, not suspicious. perhaps it was an electrical fire. rerting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> katherine, thank you. right now, crews on the scene of a water main break in jersey city. an eight-inch break on neptune
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and romar avenue. nearly 50 residents impacted by the break. air rea in the last three days. and happening now, state of emergency in missouri as residents try to clean up after massive flooding there. while the flood emergency is now easy in some parts of that state, many are just trying to throw out that debris and clear the water out of their homes. other areas bracing for even bigger problems as the elevated mississippi river continues to rage downstream. those pictures are just incredible. 11 levees have failed, and an artery of waterways now headed toward other cities. residents being warned to move to higher ground. >> if i see any kind of possible way my house is, i'm just going to evacuate. >> it's just amazing that it's this high. i've never seen it this high before. >> that flood a result of more than 10 inches of rain over a
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last weekend. it's being blamed for two dozen deaths in illinois and missouri. a group of militia members have taken over a federal building in a wildlife refuge in oregon. the small group says it's showing support for two ranchers facing prison time for arson on federal land. one of the occupiers is the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy, who was involved in a standoff with the government in 2014. funeral services will be held today f two people killed in a new year's day attack at a bar in tel aviv. police still looking for the suspected gunman. they do have a picturet.f him. surveillance video shows these people just running and ducking for cover when that shooting began. relatives describe the gunman as a troubled man who was traumatized after a cousin of his was killed by police back in 2006. the reason, the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. and protesters stormed the saudi embassy in tehran.
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fires and threw papers from the rooftops. demonstrators are protesting the death of the cleric who once rallied against the saudi government. he was one of 47 prisoners that saudi arabia executed on terrorism charges this weekend. shiite leaders are now warning of a sectarian backlash. and today, the first family will return to washington after their annual vacation in hawaii. the president greeted well wishers before he boarded air force one overnight. the family spent two weeks in the aloha state. the president says he's fired up for his final year in office and says the top of his priority list executive action to help curb gun violence. security is ramped up at newark city hall this morning after the mayor reports receiving threatening letters. a spokeswoman said he found two letters at his mother's home yesterday. we're told the letters were dated in october and threatened th mayor and city hall facilities. officials say increased holiday
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city sitn while police investigate. turning to politics now, "meet the press" coming up at 10:30. chuck tauds odd joins us from washington with a preview. less than a month until the iowa caucuses. what's the final push by the candidates? >> well, it's less about messages and more about their geographical statements. about a third of the republican field views iowa as do or die. they're spending all their time in iowa. ted cruz sort of the lead over that pack. in new hampshire, it's about two-thirds of the republican field that view themselves as a do or do. the messages aren't changes, gus, but it's the focuses. i think the big question that we're try to be figure out and everybody is, is number one, do donald trump supporters show up? while many of these campaigns assume they're not, that's been a mistake in the past six months to assume that. the second is, what is this republican establishment going to do? do they really exist? and will they consolidate behind a candidate?
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cruz and trump are one and two in the polls in iowa. if the establishment is split like they are in new hampshire, cruz and trump are going to be one, two in new hampshire as well. then guess what? this is trump and cruz and the establishment is out of the game. >> trump has attacked hillary clinton on a multitude of issues. this weekend it got personal. he went after bill clinton and some of his infidelities and called him an abuser. what's the strategy for trump here? >> well, look, in some ways it's similar to how he's gone after other candidates. he's very acute at finding a candidate's soft spot. in this case, with hillary clinton, on one hand in the past when people have tried to use bill clinton's personal problems as a way to go of after hillary clinton, not only has it not worked, but it's backfired. but he's right in the respect that it's a soft spot for her. she hates dealing with the issue.
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so there's a discomfort. one thing about trump, he sustains his attacks until the person he's attacking sort of snaps. we've seen jeb bush snap. will hillary clinton snap? i think that's going to be the test to see how effective this strategy is. >> getting a lot of attention is this al shabaab recruiting video that features trump. hillary clinton said that this would happen. though, just about 45 minutes ago, trump tweeted out that he's the front runner and this is going to happen anyway. who benefits in this video? is it a clinton or trump win in that way? >> well, i think it depends on do voters believe what he's saying? it did sort of somehow make them less safe. i'm going to be curious to see if other republican candidates try to use this video as a way to say, hey, his words are dangerous, he's knot going not going to be electable. so i don't know if whether hillary or trump come out on top on this back and forth. i want to see how the other
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>> all right, chuck. see you in a couple miiutes. stick around for "meet the press" with chuck todd at 10:30. investigators are hoping that tomorrow will bring some answers about the death of a pennsylvania. the body of the 5-year-old was discovered in a canal not far from the home where he disappeared on thursday night. his family says he wan ored away during a new year's eve party. th,e allentown police chief is calling this a tragic accident. the coroner says tomorrow's autopsy will help determine when he went into that water. and the nypd now releasing these security camera pictures of a suspect in the string of manhattan. police say he slipped into guest rooms and steals everything from wallets to computers. he's been spotted in the st. regis, the palace hotel, and broadway at times square. if he looks familiar to you, police would like to hear from you. coming up on "today in new
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holiday decorations. what you nee to know about when and where to recycle your christmas tree. and later, the i-team investigates a controversial traffic stop. what you need to know if you're pulled over by an unmarked car. and it's a little cool outside right now. we have temperatures approaching the low 40s in some spots, but windchills in the single digits are on the way. we'll tell you exactly when and
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oh, there she is. for just a few more days, our rockefeller center christmas tree on display. then those five miles of lights, 45,000 to be exact, that's 9,000 per mile, gus. >> that goes into the storage unit downstairs in the basement, right? >> i think they're bringing them to your place. >> i got a lot of room over there. anyway, it is the time of year when everybody is taking their trees down. the new york city sanitation department getting set to kick
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>> you can leave your tree at the curb tomorrow through friday, the sanitation department will pick it up. the trees are chipped and mixed in with come post for gardens. so take off the lights and the ornaments. and don't leave it in the stand. they may just leave it there for you. our tree goes to the boy scouts. >> habitat for humanity. >> they recycle our tree as well. >> i don't know who's taking the lights off. we'll all be down. >> who's home watching right now? get started. >> we need some help. wear gloves if you're doing that, right? it's chilly. >> we're back into the 40s today. it's going to be a lot like yesterday but a smidge warmer throughout the afternoon. look at that beautiful blue sky. what can we complain about when it looks like that? gorgeous start to your sunday. temperatures could be a lot worse. it is january after all. 39 degrees and we have mostly
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we're tracking temperatures in the low 40s already just around new york city. in fact, we're up to 42 now in jersey city. 40 degrees, staten island. 43 in city island. as you're heading around the five boroughs, temperatures are relatively mild but still a little more chilly as you head north and west of town. 30 in monticello. 38 degrees in danbury. this is what it feels like outside, and this is what you need to dress for. 31 in central park. windchills in the 20s north and west. this is nothing compared to what it's going to feel like over the next few days. we'll look at storm tracker right now. high pressure again staying with us today. that means sunshine and no rain or snow. maybe a few flurries deep into the hudson valley. that's really just about it. obotherwise, fantastic weather for football. 45 degrees for the eagles taking on the giants at home. seasonably mild and breezy. bring the shades with you as those temperatures are in the 40s. lots of sunshine. this is what it feels like today. comfortable, mid-30s around the region. heading into tonight, that's
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look at this. by tomorrow morning, monday, 6:00 a.m., heading out the door, we have windchills in the single digits north and west of town. places like the hudson valley. you're going to be feeling it the worst. not so great around the city. feels like 21 in central park. feels like 14 degrees in danbury. gets even colder through the day monday into mondays evening. you can see for your evening commute, expect windchill values in the low teens, single digits. even approaching zero and below zero deep into the hudson novalley. that'll stay with us monday night into tuesday morning. this is a frigid start to your tuesday. feels like 4 in central park as you're trying to make your way to the train. all those layers that have been on stand by over the past few weeks and months, time to break them out. feels like 2 in, a nanuet. slowly warming things up through the day on tuesday. really, wednesday is when we climb out of the deep freeze. for today, we're not in it yet. 45, relatively mild, breezy,
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miles per hour. tonight, temperatures heading below freezing for the first time this season in central park. that wind has a little bite to it. seven-day forecast shows 32, your high tomorrow. we are just around freezing all day long. windy and frigid monday night. down to 16 for your low. still breezy on tuesday with a high temperature of 30 degrees. and on wednesday, climbing back out of the deep freeze. 42 on wednesday. mid-40s by the end of the week. pat and gus, over to you. >> raph, thanks. of course, stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. the 'sws 4 new york app for iphone available in the app store right now. and now to an i-team exclusive.ha bronx doctor outraged over a traffic stop involved an nypd lieutenant. >> the stop raises questions about your rights if an officer in plain clothes stopped you in
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here's sarah wallace. >> reporter: this doctor often works late with patients in his busy office in the morris park section of the bronx. he was driving home in this commercial, dark, and desolate area one evening in october. says he spotted a car driving very slowly in front of him on stillwell avenue. >> i do a little bump, a beep, and ask him what's going on. he pulls a little on the side. i keep driving. >> reporter: e says the next thing he sees are flashing lights. >> what's ing through your mind? >> i was a little terrified. >> reporter: he thought the car wanted to pass him, but it didn't. he finally stopped on pelham parkway. a man approached. the doctor captured this quick glimpse with his cell phone camera. >> he was somewhat menacing, large body build, and he was dressed in jeans, shirt, and a yankee hat. >> any sign of a shield or badg ble? >> no signs of shield or badge. >> reporter: that man was later
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lieutenant with the nearby 4tth precinct. >> i asked him, i said, did i do anything wrong, and are you a police officer? he completely ignores me. at that point, i said, well, i think i need to know those two things. he said ut your car, right now, shut i . at that point, i'm shaking. i'm almost in a state of panic. >> reporter: he says he showed the officer his police sergeant placard given to him by the new york state troopers' pba and his i.d. he says he kept asking the lieutenant for his i.d. >> i haven't even seen your i.d., sir. >> he completely ignored me. he was looking the other way. >> reporter: finally, a female officer appeared and showed her badge. >> i said, oh, so you guys are police officers? i gave them what they were asking for, my license and registration. all i really wanted was an identification to tell me what i was pulled over for. >> reporter: so what are your rights if you're stopped by a law enforcement person in an unmarked vehicle?
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the i-team discovered there is no law in the tri-state area requiring officers to identify themselves, but individual departments do have policies, including the nypd. that came about in 2003 after a huge increase in the number of complaints to the civilian complaint review board between 1999 and 2002. attorney david schwartz. >> we do have that guide, which basically says that the name, the shield number, and the rank have to be identified. >> reporter: the nypd says the lieutenant did identify himself, that his shield was on his waistband, and that the doctor refused to follow instructions. after calling for backup, the lieutenant left the scene. >> he never identified himself. i asked him repeatedly, well, are you going to tell me who you are? he said, it'll be on your summons.>> reporter: arriving officers gave the doctor, our summons that could add up to ten points
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failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and failure to comply with police. all signed on behalf of the lieutenant. he says there's a much bigger point here. >> there are situations we hear every day where a cop can get shot or the opposite, where a civilian gets shot because there's no identification. and this could have ended really badly. >> reporter: he's adamant he's in the driver's seat when it comes to being right. he's pursuing a claim with the civilians.omplaint review board and is preparing to take his case to traffic court early next year. from the morris park section of the bronx, sarah wallace, news 4 new york. up next on this sunday morning, the touching memorial for a long island soldier who lost his life in afghanistan.
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mourners filled a long island church to pay their respects to an air national guard member killed in afghanistan. 31-year-old staff sergeant louis bonacasa was one of six national guardsmen killed by a taliban suicide bomber last week. he leaves behind a wife, who he met in boot camp, and a 5-year-old daughter. >> did what he had to do, straight-up guy. that's the kind of guy he was. so hopefully he's in a better place right now. >> bonacasa told loved ones this was his final t r of duty, and he was expected home for good in april. his funeral was just days after sergeant joseph lemm, an nypd officer and fellow guardsman, was laid to rest. lemm was killed in that same suicide attack. soldiers being deployed or returning from overseas are going to miss this friendly welcome from a texas woman they called the hug lady. for more than a decade,
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greet troops as they entered and left ft. hood. she was born into a military family and served in the air force herself back in the 1950s. she passed away on christmas eve after a ten-year battle with breast cancer. >> you know, seeing what this woman was doing for us as soldiers and, you know, knowing what we were going into, it g,really meant a lot to us. >> little things that mean so much. and since 2003, the hug lady had embraced more than a half million of our nation's heroes. she was 83 years old. >> tough men and women there with that little bit of humanity made all the difference. quite a legacy. we're back in a moment with a final check of the forecast. >> you're watching "today in new
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a final check now of our changing forecast. raphael miranda. >> this is the last warm day, guys. temperatures in the 40s. you're going to be saying it was warm come tuesday. look at seven-day forecast.
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we get down to 29 degrees for your low temperature. that'll be the first time we're below freezing in central park since last march. seems like it hasn't been cold because it hasn't been cold at all. but tonight into tomorrow, that's when the cold really sinks in. 32 your high temperature tomorrow. it's windy, windchills in the teens throughout the day. and monday night, 16 your low. tuesday we're stuck below freezing all day long. sunshine and breezy. those windchills are going to hut.rt. get the layers ready. then look at the warmup by the end of the week. thursday. by friday and saturday, warming up with rain, not snow, in the forecast. temperatures above avera a again. so winter trying to take hold but just doesn't last this time. two days of winter. that's it. >> okay. that's good enough. people hit the slopes. thank you, raphael. and thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. our next newscast coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> "meet the press" is next. thank you for having us in for
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