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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> it's monday, january 4th. coming up on'"earyy today" new area, new opportunities for the candidates to attack one tools sprint for the iowa caucuses begins with a flurry of front runners anti-activists height up. protesters have pledged to die for their cause rested,relaxeimeady to tackle gun control, using the power of the presidency through ex secutive privilege and his
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plus major rift in saudi arabia cuts all major ties of iraq who warns of vengeance. the power jackpot exploded over $14 million. the nfl playoffs are set. "early today" starts fi right now. good morning, i'm gigi stone-woods, it's officially 2016. so finally at long last, we can president. today hillary clinton gets a major jolt as her husband hits the campaign trail. dominican republic's attacks are getting sh per. >> reporter: donald trump increasingly looking beyond his gop rivals and taking aim at the democratic front runner. no holes barred. >> they've created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> reporter: hillary clint firingthack in new hampshire. >> you know, the republicans seem to have a particular
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obama and me for everything that happens in the world. >> reporter: trump is also tying:t to h husband's past ywxual infidelitys. >> it hasn't been a pretty picture for her or for bill, because i'm the only one willing to talk about his problems. what he did and what he has gone through i think is frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> r orrer::t now counting on the.former president to bster her campaign on monday in new hampshire. >> he iso excited about coming back to the granite state tha wait a minute. -- ro n a republican state law maker heckled clinton about her husband's alleged past sexual misconduct. >> you are very rude. and i will not ever call on you. >> reporter: trump is on defense after al shabab, the al qaeda affiliate used trump's muslim ban in a recruiting video. wa they use other people. what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say.
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>> reporter: fodder for clinton who slams trumps rhetoric. >> it is not shameful, i i d counterpouktive and shameless. >> reporter: they are giving the front runner. past. >> those jihadists do not consist because of donald trump por anybody else'sunmpaign. >> let's not get so concerned about how our enemies were. >> front retners have to keep winning. expectation force clinton are sky high. now expewhations for trump are sky high. >> that was kristen welker reporting. it's been an angry race, not just for theed cans. there is a new online poll by nbc news survey monkey in "esquire q. 49% of americans find themselves angrier now than current events than they were one year ago. if you break it down by race, whites are the angriest at 54%,
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african-americans at 33%. repu oicans arhee angrier than democrats and finally 53% of women are feeling angrier about current events compared to 44% of men back from vacation, president obama has gun laws in the crosshairs, apparently ready to bypass congress to tighten th rules. nbc's edwd lawrence is in ug what. the presidentor the attorney geakneral will meet in a few hours. what's their focus going to be? >> gigi, it's gun control tm president outlined gun control, ashe most important issue he nts toing that him this year remember he plans to bypass congress to do it. president obama fresh off his hawaiian vacation and taking aim at gun control. hentto lts with attorney general loretta lynch to talk about ways to increase backgrounds checks for people ho buy guns. the president during his weekly radio address defended his position. >> it's a policy that is supported by some 90% of the american people. it was supported by a majority
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of nra households. but the gun lobby mobilized against it and the senate ocked it. >> reporter: democratic front runner for president hillary clinton applauds the move to use executive orderers to increase background checks, republican candidates disagree. >>d now this president wants to act as if he's a king arc ctator. the fact is, if he wants to make changes to these law, go to congressytnd convince congress they're necessary. >> so he will sign another second order, ving to do with the second amendment, having to, with guns. i will ve to i will unsign that so fast. >> his first impulse is to take rights away from law abiding citizens. it's wrong. >> reporter: still it's at the top of the president's final agenda in his finalier in office. president obama is expected to take a three month review of otrer steps he can take to reduce gun violence. gigi. >> thanks. now to a r
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anti-government activists are holding a wild life office. they are po testing the prison sentence of the tyranny of the next. nbc's kristen dolgren has more. >> reporter: from the remote and frozen oregon wilderness, a call to arms. >> this has become a base place foppr patriots from all over th country to come and to be housed here and live here and we're planning on staying here for several years. >> reporter: the group of armed protesters taking over the wild life refugee led by the nevada ramencher known for his standoff awithofs.ederal authorities over zprazing rights. his brother ryan gave yiu us a tour. >> se we are here only to promote the constitutiu ,ethe supreme law of tes landysnd to help the people to establish their rights. >> reporter: this latest standoff started after weeks of tension and a peaugful protest on saturday.
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dwight and steve hammond, two oregon ranchers for facing jail time for lighting fire on land. >> i am going to jail, it seems like a bit of an overkill. >> reporter: the hammonds already servededime before a judge ruled it wasn't enough. >> we wanted to stand up for their rights. >> reporter: their attorney says they will report to federalo ison a and the bundys don't speak for them. but that hasn't stopped the standoff. one posting a good-bye video to his family. >> and i am 100% willing to lay my life down. >> the sheriff has warneve people to stay away from the refuge. so far, fetch, including the fbi have kept a low profile. >> we have to make some decision at some point that you can't let people just come in there at ll. >> reporter: protesters said they won't get violent unless the government does. some locals worry it won't end well. >> people are afraid. >> reporter: militant's promise
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they won't back down. kristen dolgren, nbc news. this morning, communities along the mississippi riyer continue the cleanup effort after historic flooding t. de th toll stands at 25 across illinois and missouri as officials remain watchful for more flooding. on sunday, illinois authorities recovered the body of an 18-year-old killed when his vehicle was skept swept up by thlfe flood waters t. rivers reached a crest in cape gilaraedeau. the army core of engineers is inpictureing levies in both states saudi arabia's foreign minister says the kingdom is separating ties with iran. it comes after violent protests and attacks on the saudi embassy in tehran t. saudis executed 47 people, including a shiite
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the presie nt rouhanigrous he condemns the val s and says the attack was by no means justified and iran's top leader said there woeruld be quote divine revenge. u.s. officials have called for diplomatic engagement asd affirmative steps to ease tessnsion in that region here in the s. ethan couch the so-called affluenza teen is mounting a high profile defense to mount his extradition from mexico to the u.s. his lawyer confirms to nbc news he >>s now representing couch. benitez he was he was unlawfully detained in puerto llarra and s not committed no crimes in mexico. the attorney says the legal process could drag on for months. coup's mother tawnya was deported to the u.s. last week and is awaiting extradition from los angeles to texas. that could happen early this week t. pair had been on the run since failing to czech in with his probation officer.
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ethan couch killed four people when he drove drunk in 2013 e m ld winter weather is about to come to an end. nbc meteorologist bill kierans ises herd with the forecast. ll, say it ain't so. >> it is, finally. i had to search for the fwlofs is morni him i haven't edhd them ye t. cold air finally moving in. with it lake effect snows. the only area that has lake effect snow warnings is this spot near cleveland and erie. one stream off the lakes here. they're right across interstate 90. that's really the only heavy snow we have out there on the map. the store is the cold. the cold air has now spilled in finitely through northern rtions of new england. >> that slice noose the south. with it will come some of the coldest wind chill values you have experienced the winter and head out this morning for work. saranac lake it feels like negative 9 buffalo9feels like 3. >> hat cold air is moving down to the mid-atlantic. so the high temperatures today
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low average in the atlantic t. ski areas art loving it. they're making as much snow as possible. they haven't had the man made the natural snow. tuesday a little milder. by wednesday, temperatures are back in the 30s and0s. so it's a really quick sought of cold air. that's your national weather. here's a closer look at your day ahead. so high temperature today, very cold and chilly, too, in the northern plains. temperatures highs in the 20s, wind chill values not too bad, though. not too breezy there. there are those lake eliect snow showers from indiana to ohio through michigan during y r rning hours today. >> okay him fine. i'll brake out the gloves and scarf. >> for two days. that's it. >> okay. fine. i can hand him that. thank you t something big is happening in china that will act your money today. we got the details. plus, it's getting huge, folks, powerball is $400 million bucks and it's growing. details are next. you are watching "early today."
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>> at least six people are reported dead, 43 injured in india after a earthquake hit be afo dawn at the myanmar border. u.s. geologists call the area one of the most seismically hazardous regions on the planet over 500 employees at san bernardino inland regional center are reopening today. they have been close since farook and his wife wounded many others a. memorial will be held today in h abor of the victims new ntsb under water footage t. freighter sank during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board are presumed dead t. ship's black box has not yet been found. another search may be launched to find the data recorder
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at 8n'6 miles an hour in new york after hills new york license had been spnts suspended wait for it 88 times. ic dunly was caught for having a second unexpired license from pennsylvania. he is expected to be arraigned today. >> that tikes gme real guts i guess you could say let's et down to business, gchina stocks plung monday leaving chine's markets trading for the day. they were down 42% last month. stocks in other countries also fell. this could have implication force the u.s. stockmar t. the powerball jackpot is now $400 million and grong t. odds of winning a $92.2 million escalating tensions between saudi arabia and iron has given oil prices a boost on the first day of trading of the year. ude prices increased s much
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despite gains today, oil prices do remain at multi-year lows ahead, they call it byack monday in the nfl, famed coaches fired already. plus, looking back, peyton manning, he comes in the game do dwn 6 with the division on the line. s there ever any doubt? sports is up next. medicare part d prescrip ons, walgreens says, carpe med diem. sethize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d.
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is morning on "today" a safety alert for you asd your pet a. few rotsen report on how to make sure your animals are safe when you take them for a ride first in football night in america. lambeau field, the minnesota vikings jump ahead with a burress from the adrian petersen, they never look back. a last minute effort fall itself short t. vik gs wine.nd face seattle in the wildcard t. pack travel to washington to battle the redskins. it was peyton manning to the rescue. he replaced brock osweiler in the authored superintenden n pair of scoringo as they clinch the afc west and top see beating the chargers 27-20 the houston te cxans had no trouble beat, jacksonville 30 ne an fighting their way into a wildcard spot. the other wild card matchup is pittsburgh who defeated cleveland 28-12 behind a big game from big ben.
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steelers face the bengals in cincinnati. speaking of cleveland, mike ttine is the third coach red. they limp into the playoffs log twngtoour of the final six games, including this 20-10 los to miami who finishes the year at six and ten. today the raiders, rams and chargers are all, pictured to file relocation papers with the nfl with that very purpose in mind. singer chris brown is in hot water again. plus, we have bad news for "game of thrones fans" all the details coming up next. you don't want to miss i. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor saidr joint pain from ra can be a sign of existingt joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to helabp relievplpain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ility to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal,
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incluning pepper's twins with jimmy sk dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. shine on. . >> now to entertainment news, "game of thrones" fans airs this spring will be very disappointed. george r. martin announced over the weekend the winds of winter will not be ready for the sixth season startsdon hbo april 8th. on his blog, martin wrote, no one could possibly be more disappointed than me. i am months away still. that's if the writing goes well. so times it does. sometimes it doesn't. if you run into martin, do not distract him. that man has work to do. now, "star wars" breaks the new year record at the box office "the force awakesens" it raked in over $80 million topping the
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it surpassed gross for both "jurassic world" and "titanic" in three weeks it's brought in $740 million trailing behind only "after tar" which remains in the lead. >> for another day maybe good point. wedding bells ring for annn camp and skierl ashton. they share big news over the week h the couple has been dating since 2013 and this is tough news, rapper chris brown may be in hot water again, police in las vegas investigating an first-hand after a woman accused brown of battery and stealing her phone. this is according toco statement by the las vegas police department saturday. it was indicated a physical altercation took place between brown and the female, who remains unidentified. that's after the woman tried to take a picture of brown with her cell phone. he has not been arrested. his publicists say these
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and downy to get it fresh and soft. you ar phfree to go. tiogde and downy together. >> leading the news on nbc a north carolina pastor zarms vet during new ynir's service. bishop larry wright was a sermon when wright a former parra trooper was able to subdue the man, a real hero, no one was injured. in the clarionledger, stokes
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to use, rock, bricks and bottles in jackson. kenneth war called law enforcement thugs with badges. afs ter hearing police officers were involved in a high speed chase in jackson. stokes believes race is a factor ft. increased number of police chases in the mostly plaque neighborhood on sunday the bodies of two men were ecovered fro om a wisconsin lake t. canoe was found overturned in the water. two other men are still missing. all four men are from illinois in their early 20s. earlier, the police chief incorrectly stated all four bodies had recovered. the search will resume early this morning. in southern california, a domino's delivery driver stabbed a t customer. according to police the pizza wauns one-d-a-half hours late. >> that is a long time. the 20-year-old customer was treated for middle eastern injury itself and domino's leased a statement saying they're shocked be i the allegation. they hope the customer is safe.
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i mean, when you are hungry. you get angry hundreds of people channelled their inner polar beitar this new year's day. they articipated in the pol bear challenge. temperatures were just 7 degrees. >> that's a real polar bear plunge. 7? ju hat's commitment. the eve a was hd for make a wish in idaho. >> there is a famous one that happens here in cony island with thousands of people. it was 51 degrees. it sounds like a badge of honor. 7 degrees? >> are you brave. you would do it. >> no way, like heart attack. >> not interested. now a look ahead, lawyers for fantasy sports site, draftkings and fanduel head to new york. they will ask a panel to continue to operate in the state while the lawsuit works its way through the court. the new york attorney general is claiming they are running an illegal gambling operation. we should mention fanduel
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investors include comcast and nbc sports we got a baep happy birthday to author and presidential historian and heaven can wait diane cannon is 79. don shula turns 86 him now keep it right here for more news weather and sports.
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