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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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more information this morning about a gruesome crime scene in brooklyn. plus, an occupation in the northwest. why armed protesters have now taken over a federal building out there. and there's some bone-chilling cold air that's arriving just at the same time as a mandate goes out to get the homeless off the streets. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this monday, january 4th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm pat battle. happy first monday of the new year, right? >> spending it with you, t. >> yes, hey, michael. good to see you. darlene is taking offatoday, stretching that vacation, that holiday time out. wouldn't we all love to do that? >> now or the first time in 2016, we want to check in with stort m team 4'sthhris cimino. >> how underwthlming. good to see you. this is the coldest air mass of the season oo far. nippy stuff that's just ginning to move in. these temperae'res in the upper
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20s. by this time tomorrow morning, you'll be begging for that. we're talking about single-digit actual air temperatures by thisin time tomorrow and windchills low zero. 34 in the city right now. down t e shore, long branch at 30. windchills right now not too bad. feels lik the 20s. feels like 5 in monticello. that's a hint of what is to come. the wind will con nue to increase, and the temperatures will continue to drop. the daylanner will show you can't rule out a brief passing snow flurry. dropping into the 20s by the evening hours. let's welcome back lauren scala back from times square. >> hey, thanks, chris. good morning, everyone. weatave some weekend taack work out therwie. no service on the 4 train between bowling green and new lots avenue. no service on the a between euclid and lefferts boulevard. we ao have weekend track work on the 3, 6, e, f, kr and n trains.
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expect delays and service changes. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. right now, police are questioning a teenage girl after a disturbing viscovery in brooklyn. two peopleusound murdered inside an apartment on the sheeithead bay houses on batchelder street. this morning, police are releases new details about this crime. tracie strahan is at the scene with more. >> reporter: we know that 15-year-old girl has been here at the 61st precinct, being questioned for hours. police also tell me that the bo fodies of both victims had likely been decomposing for days before that discovery was made. crime scene investigators and officers from the precinct swarmed the sheepshead bay houses last night after officers responded to a wellness check, a call around 3u6 6:30 last night. when that a ey arrived, they found
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the suspect's mother with multiple gunshot wounds and her boyfriend with stab wounds. authorities expect to charge that o5-year-old girl with homicide in this case. inas we bring you back live to the 61st precinct, a motive sotfar, not clear. police are still trying to collect all the details and exactly how all of this happened. back to you. >> okay, tracie. thghk you. and this moraing,e man accused of touching a little girl inappropriatboy ao a long island library is going to face a dge. at 8-year-old girl was standing with her mother at the counter of the huntington library on main street yesterday. suffolk county police say this man, christopher elgood, picked up the little girl, took her behind a column, and inapprop 5atply fondled her. the littlerel screamed. the man ran off. he was arrested some 20 minutes later. futures are down this morning. it follows a rough start to the trading day in china. ina's stock market falling nearly 7% this morning. it brings the shanghai stock
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index to its lowest level in nearly three months. trading was halted for the remainder o the day. and now to a commuter alert. the new year means new headaches for drivers in queens. for the next 12 eneks, the queens-bound tube of the midtown tunnel is going to be closed ringhe weeknight, overnight urs. the mta says all traffic will be reduced to one lane, a single lane each way in the manhattan-bound tube. workers are going to be making repairs still from superstorm sandy. meanwhile, some brooklyn commuters may run into mayor de blasio, senator chuck schumer, and other elected officials on their way to work today. they're going to be passing out yers at the barclays subway station. they want to remind everyone that the new commuter benefits law is in effect. that allows people to use pre-tax dollars to pay for their commute. >> there you go. they're also passing out flyers for a pet walking service and a
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they're just trying to get itwo all out. and pizza. one deal. it's a package deal. unfortunately, our nice warm weather trend is about to come to an end. it's in the process of doing so right now. some folks like the winter weather. you're going to feel it. the wind heads up but the temperheures heads down today. could be a passing snow flurry north and west of the city. with all this cold heading our way, the chances for snow pretty much nil. temperatures near freezing during the afternoon. windchills will drop into the days through the day today. they'll keep dropping tonight. for the most part, with a northerly flow like this, it's hard to get the flstres in here. there will be some clouds around mixing with our sunshine. e main feature, the wind increasing and those temperatures at 34 will drop to 30 by 8:00 a.m. and not 'ake much of a recovery. probably stay near or just below freezing through the afternoon. how low does it go tonight? we'll talk about that in a little bit. let's get an update on the commute. >> as far as the roads go, everything looks great.
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we'll take a live look at the cross bronx expressway by the bronx river parkway, where you can see it's smooth sailing out re. on the other side, hopping over the hudson river, there's the inbound side of the george washington bridge. lower level is open. just keep in mind you need your easy pass until 6:00 a.m. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thanks, lauren. the coldest day of the season is aheads. . it comes at the same time that the governor requiring homeless ople to get inside when the temperatures drop. katherine creag is live with the details. >> reporter: on this cold morning, on this bitter chilly morning, some of the people most vulnerable in this type of weather, governor cuomo sys he wants to help them. exactly how he wants to do it is garnering criticism. he signed that executive order yesterday requiring local governments to move homeless people to shelters when the temperatures fall to 32 degrees
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orecolder. the governor has said his order is not voluntary. it would remove homeless people by force if necessary. governor c mo says it's about compassion and helping people stay alye. but a homeless man who's been out in the streets argues the shelters are unsafe, there'e no security, he'd rather panhandle to get money for our hotel room. >> it's dangerous. it's more dangerous in a shelter than it is in a county jail. i mean, there's no security, there's no nothing. you don't know who these people are.llthey're crazy. they're running around screaming the streets. >> reporter: and mayor de blasio released a statement in part sayi he would support the intent of the executive order, but to forcibly remove all homeless individuals as the governor has required will require him to pass a state law. we'll talk with mayor de blasio here in brooklyn later this morning. coming up- n jthe next haf hour, you'll hear from governor cuom
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>> kat, thank you so much. > a bronx man accused of shooeing his wife on christmas morning is set to be extradited to new york today to face charges. raphael herrera was arrested in prince georges county, maryland. police say he shot his wife in their williamsbridge home while their two young children were sleeping upstai.s. she did survive and ss recovering from injuries to her arm and neck. charges against her husband are pending. 4:38 now. today workers are going to re urn to the scene of the san bern neino, california, shooting spree for the first time. the inland regional center will reopen a month after 14 people were murdered there in a terror attack. those returning workers are expected to attend counseling sessions, but the actual scene of the massacre, that conference center, that's going to remain off limits. also today, president obama will meet with attorney general loh,retta lynch put the final touches on his expected move on gun control. reports say he's going to announce his executive action tomorrow.
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background checks on gun buyers. publican presidential candidates are denouncing the move. donald trump saying he's going to undo any of the president's executive action i he's elected to h succeed him. and happening now, michael, activists an shd authorities trying to reach a peaceful resolution at that standoff in oregon we've been telling you about this weekend. it all started saturday when officials say armed militia took over a building at the national wildlife refuge in oregon. militia leaders say they're protesting the impenting imprisonment of two local ranchers who were convictedf arson and what they're calling e tyranny of the federal government. the activists also calling for the deregulation of public land use. >> it has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite and making a hard stand against this overreach, this taonking of people's land and sources. >> so far, no sns of any confrontation. the u.s. is urging calm as tensions boil over between saudi
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ar babia and iran. iranian mob50s attacked the saudi eminbassy in tehran this weekend. now the saudis are cutting their diplomatic ties with iran. they're giving iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave saudi arabia. all of this sparked when saudi arabia executed a well-known shiite cleric on saturday. and rescuels meams hard at twork in india this morning looking for people who were trapped by a powerful earthquake that hit there. the magnitude-6.7 tremor rocked people outside of their beds, collapsing hxpes and businesses. so far nine eople have been found dead, dozens more are hurt. that disaster struck a highly earthquake-prone region of northeastern india near thet border of myanmar. 4: right now. still ahead, he shouldn't have been behind the wheel. the scuial offender now off the road and in jail. plus, a confrontation with the congregation. why police had to be called to a
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and storm team 4 tracking seriously cold air as we look there at the hamilton bridge. weather and affic on the 4s coming up.
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four things to know this morning. right now nnin brooklyn, police areuestioiing a teenage girl in con ction with a double murder. a man and woman found dead in a sheepshead bay apartment there. we have an update from police coming up in 15 minutes. and we told youglas week about the new student loan forgiveness program in new york state. well, in just a few days, some 2500 people have already signed sup. >>r,> prepare for powerball malia. the jackpot climbed after nobody
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.ched all the numbers this weekend. so $400 million now on the line in wednesday's drawing. and you can startttragging your tree to the curb in new yorkppity today, but please take all the stufof, it first. the sanitation department wil start collecting them and composting them today. all right. almost 4:44 on this monday morning. a lot of folks back to work, back to school, back to routine.m're ba to catd weather, something we haven't seen much of this season. we'll be flirting with the freezing mark all day. that's it for a high temperature this afternoon. the windchills tonight could dip to near zero. that frigid air sticks around through at least tomorrow. but we start to see a moderating trend already by the middlet of the week. it's a quick shot. it's not going to last all that long. looking at some of these future feels-like temperatures, we're talking about feeling like in the mid-20s early on this morning, but watch that number po drwe to the upper teens by 8:00 m. then as we go through time todiday, notr ad at noon, but then wh br the wind rtlly begins to pick up and the temperatures drop by 6:00, we're looking at a wi
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city, near zero in monticello, 4 in danbury. that drops to single digits by tomorrow morning. it'll feel like zero in wton, bee low zero in monticello. this is cold we haven't seen in a while. if we do get to that low of 16 degrees forecast for tonight, that's the coldest temperature we've seen since march 6th of last year. actual air temperatures right now, low to mid-30, middle 30s across long island. upper 20s north and west. the leading edge of the really cold arctic air sits right about here. what's going to happen on that northerly wind, the temperatures will continue to drop through morning hours. not much going on in terms of y precipitation. a few snow showers to the west. there could be a snow flurry or two hhe air at times, especiallycoorth and west of the city into the afhe coon. for the most part, it's just about a changeable sky, the increasing winds, and those mphrur i staying quite,
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quite chilly. future cast shows that by noontime. the flurry activity primarily to the north of us. that's where it stays. into tonight, i stays windy and cold. morrow, lots of sunshine. we move into sunshine, lots of clear sky again. whatmsou don't see is cold. you feel the cold. for today, 32, that's the afternoon high. looking at 31 in thrchmont. out 26 in hamburg. look at these lows tonight in the city. 16 in the city. 11 in rye brook. these are not windchills. these are actual air temperatures. 8 in newton. 3 in rock hill. some pretty cold stuff coming up for tonight into tomorrow. look at the seven-day outlook. wednesday, we're back to 41. the cold certainly eases. 43 on thursday. when the next precipitation comes in, it's warm enough to be rain. looks like rain later friday, early saturday, and maybe late sunday with temperatures back into the mid and upper 40s. back to laure scala we go. >> rolling along nicely this mo gnday morning.
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we'll start with a l a look at th connecticut turnpike in stamford, where there'satery few cars on the road. heading to the beltparkway, things looking good out there past lefferts boulevard. eastbound, westbound no issues. on the grand central parkway by laguardia airport, similar story there again. no slowdowns, no construction getting in your way. you're in for a nice ride as you head out the door. don't forget to move your car today. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thanks. 4:47 now. theft allegations against a pastor led to a showdown at a church on the upper east de. >> get your hands off me! >> that was the scene, chaotic as it was. rock church pastor daniel iampaglia was arrested and charged with stealing from church funds. the board members say iampaglia refuses to resign. yesterday a security team tried to keep the board members froma attending a crucial meeting. police had tbe called to try
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an calm the situation. >> we're not going to have wolves in sheep's clothing running the show and abusing the sheep. >> you're not even a member. please sit down. >> you should leave. >> now, the pastor's attorney says iampaglia denies the allegations against him. well, new this morning, details about a traffic stop thndat led to a weapons arrest in harlem. the nypd confiscated these weapons during a traffic stop on 145th street on saturday. police say the driver, daniel figueroa, admitted to having the guns as he was being arrested for driving with a suspended license. officersmpound four guns, th ammunieloneid four switchblades in thhis car. figueroa now facing several weapons charges. and police have finally caug p with a driver whose new york license has been suspended nearly 90 times. suffolk county police say eric dunbar was speeding when they pulled him over on the long
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island expressway in medford w yesterday. he hanced over a pennsylvania driver's license and a check revealed his new york state license had been suspended 88 tiatmes oor ignoring traffic tickets. dunbar was held is ovrnreht. he's set to be arraigned today. 4:48 now. a long iand teenager arrested for a fiery crash at a gas station is due in court today. 18-year-old malik ward set to appear on assault and weapons charges. police say he intentionally hit a person with an suv at the gas station and crashed i o a gas pump. that sparked a hug3 fire. he was picked up saturday night after officers on patrol spottedtrsomeone possibly smoking marijuana in a parked car. they allegedly found ward inside with a 9 millimeter handgun. and the former sco-host of opie and anthony's radio show is due in court today. he was arrested on assault and strangulation charges following an alleged fight with a 26-year-old woman in his home. camia has pleaded not guilty.
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> a connecticut community is mourning a toddler killed n an early morning house fire. thelames broke out in the kitchen of a bridgeport condominium early sunday morning and spread to the second floor. e condo's owner was able to rescue her infant daughter and o other children but couldn't find 3-year-old sincere pettaway. 4:50 now. the the chick-f l-a is in harold square was inspected on christmas eve. they found evidence of flies, unprotected food, and dirty wiping cloths. the restaurant was given a grade pending. the location closed voluntarily in order to do the cleanup. well, in this ill, ohe giants ended their season at 6-10, and the future of the head coach is up in the air.
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fourth quarter. watch what happens here. eli manning is going to get hit as he throws. walter thurman is going to run it back for a touchdown. giants lose that one 35-30. afterwards, coach tom coughlin would not speak aboutotis future with the team. >> everybody's -- you got your estions prepared for what direction i'm going in. i'm not going to answer anything about that. the season just ended. there will be time for that. >> o . well, some experts believe coughlin is going to have to resign to avoid being fired. others think he's going to try and stay with the team. everyone agrees thel of fame is in his future. he's got two super bowls with the giants. oh, the jets. i'm so sorry, jets fans. you know they had a chance to go to the playoffs. they blew it in buffalo. down by five with two minutes to go, quarterback ryan fitzpatrick takes a big hit as he throws the ball, goes down, and the ball is picked off by manny lawson.
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tal back, but fitzpatrick threw another interception. rex ryan gets reveng on his old te.m. the jets lost that one 22-17. >> weren't able to pull it off, and my heart hurts so bad right now for all those guys in the locker room. but it was a tough one. >> it was indeed. the jets finished 10-6 on the season, had a good run, but because the pittsburgh steelers won, they take the last wild card spot into the playoffs. it was a tough game to watch. the jets-3 had them at one point. the bills had a four and six situation. they got the first down. >> it was done. i could hear the screaming in my den from the third floor. >> wow. okay. 4:52 now. still to come, move over rats and roaches. which animal is being spotted more and more in new york city. plus, the price of a
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breakfast staple on the rise. whgaat driving up the cost of milk? a forget about losing whht.t waitntil you hear what mark zuckerberg's new year's resolution is.
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now. ther andf traffic on the 4s. >> h py n2 year. >> whatever gym you're at right now. >> the one and only day of this year. >> the line outside the gym. >> got to get started somewhere. a lot of folks going to want to move abounl today and tomorrow morning just to stay warm. we have some of the coldest weather we've seen so far in a long time. i have to go back to last march to get to tonight's low temperature. 32 is the high today. maybe a brief flurry north and west. the wind on top of the cold is the other story. the windchills will drop from the 20s to the teens to the single numbers by tonight. the low in the city of 16. last time we had numbers like
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that, we have to go back to march 6th when it was 12. 's been a long t e since we've experienced cold like this. take it easy, dress in layers. >> can't take much more of it. >>: it's only just begun. >> what else is new? >> lauren, what's happening? >> have you recovered from your new year's eve celebration? >> i have. it was so much fun. happy new year to all of you. and a happy new year on the roads so far. in for a nice ride. here's a live look at the and goes -- queensboro bridge. heading to the tappan zee bridge, smooth sailing out there. overall, roads are in fantastic shape. ovhternight track work is wrapping up on the subways. >> yee-haw. all right. thank you, lauren. those lower gas prices we've been seeing at the pump may be sticking around. the national average for gas will be between $2.25 and $2.45 a gallon in the new year. right now it's at $1.99 a gallon.
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see the lowest prices in our area, averaging $1.83. in connecticut, it's $2.14 a gallon. new yorkers, well, of course, pay the most at the pump, $2.22 for a gallon of regular. it's 4:56 now. getting our first look at that sunken cargo hip that went down in october during hurricane joaquin. the ntsb released this under water video of the el faro. thr e ship is 15,000 feet below the surface near the bahamas. there's no sign of the 33 lost crew members. also, the ship's data recorder was not found, and they may launch another probe specifically to recover that. and happening today, we're expected to learn more about newark's newly formed department of public safety. the mayor is going to be talking about that at city hall today. his office is calling it a, quote, bold restructuring toli strengthen the relationship be ftween the police and the public. newark city council expected to approve the new public safety department later this week.
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and take a look at this. a school bus destroyed by fire. this is also in newark. it was loaded with 32 track and field athletes and their coaches from shabazz high school when it started filling with smoke. everybody got out safely, fortunately. while some students were shaken up, they still went on to compete in that track meet in jersey city. take a look at this video. cameras catching a burglar in action on staten island. he's going to smash his way right inside a subway restaurant in bulls head sunday morning. before he breaks in, he scopes out the shop. he gives the cameras a good look at his face. police say he's wanted for at least three restaurant burglaries all in the -- he's jumping up so they can see him. well, today hillary clinton unleashes what she calls her not-so-secret weapon, her husband. bill clinton will start campaigning for her today. yesterday she was heckled about him.
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not going to ever call on you. [ cheers and applause ] >> turns out that heckler was a republican state representative in new hampshire, where clinton was. she said she wanted answers about bill clinton's record with women. another candidate, governor chris christie is once again defending new jersey's annual bear hunt. he's going it now on the campaign trail. christie says the hunt is a safety move for neighborhoods overrun by the animals. a woman in new hampshire asked christie about the hunt. she said she was concerned about his environmental views. christie said he will not change his policy on those hunts. well, there are new concerns about a different kind of wildlife here in new york city, raccoon sightings are apparently becoming more common. "the new york times" reports there were more than 1500 calls to 311 about raccoons last year. less than 1,000 the year before. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has set a high-tech goal for himself in the new year. for 2016, zuckerberg wants to
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