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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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collision course. broken glass, twisted metal. a van through the front of a building. then, minimum wage surcharge? the hidden fee some restaurants are adding to bills. a? fee that may have already cost you. first, bitter cold, biting wind. the conditions down right dangerous. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. it's bone-chilling cold outside. >> you're going to get a more brutal wake-up call in the morning. temperatures going sub zero. frg factoring in the windchill. >> you have to layer up. it can be dangerous for prolonged exposure. you could have frost byte or hypothermia if you're not layered up. sussex county under a windchill
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it may feel as cold as minus 15. those are the temperatures you have to dress for. a lot of you have to wait outside for buses and trains in the morning. feels like 1 above in central park. is holip, farmingdale to newburgh. minus 15 feels like in monticello. it will feel like minus 2 in asbury park. it gets a little better towards midday, around noon. feels like he teens. later in the day with less wind it feels like the teens and 20s at 6:00 , the evening, though. we have to go through tomorrow mo werning and into tomorrow afternoon to feel a little bit better. and the temperatures are going toy rise but not for another 24 hours where they'll feel more comfortable. details on that in a few minutes. ba ck to you. a shock to the system is an understatement for eople caught out in the cold tonight. embrace it. it could be a sign of what's to come. we continue our team coverage
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sibila, you can't miss it. if you're out here for even a few seconds it's bone-chilling cold. look behind me. it's 17 degrees out here. when the wind blows, it's even th anat much colder after 70- gree temperatures a few weeks ago, new yorkers are plunged into the coldest weather they've seen this season. bundled up and hunkered down under layer after layer people around new york are struggling to stay warm. >> c it's a bit of a shock being here. >> reporter: the blistering cold temperatures nothing like the 90-degree weather ben left behind in australia. gusty winds making the cold temps that much more unbearable. people waiting for the bus in midtown shuffling back and forth to keep warm. >> temperatures are plummeting all of a hadden. it was 50 last week. i feel it when i pull my phone out to text and my hands get numb. >> reporter: getting numb happens quickly in weather like this.
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warning to get those in need of shelter off the streets. lisa visitins with her son from arizona didn't have a coat. >> i have florida sweaters and stuff. we're from arizona. we shouldn't be here! >> reporter: but the icy cold didn't stop people from taking to the ice at the park. >> frosty the snowman. >> reporter: while linda doesn't mind the weather, her daughter, not so much. >> we said let's go skating and the coldest day of the year happened. >> reporter: is it still fun? >> yes. >> reporter: you had to think about that. >> trying to get there. >> my hands are cold. >> reporter: despite the thermal gloves my fingers are numb right now after standing out here for just a few minutes. this, as you i said, is just the beginning of it. still plenty more to come. live in columbus circle, cckey bedford. >> governor cuomo blasted the city's shelter sys
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>> it's not right to have a shelter system that is so dirty and unsafe that people have to stay on the str tccorner. his focu to the condition of the shelters, away from ye.sterday's order going into effect at midnight requiring mmunories from across the state to bring the homeless inside when the temperature dips below 32 degrees. that prompted a backlash from homeless people and their advocates. they say shelter conditions are so bad they'd rather sleep in the subway or outside. mayor de blasio said the conditions get people off the streets. >> if someone is in danger we'll take them off the streets. >> in addition to the governor's order, seemed t imply the homeless ould be forcibly taken off the streets. they've back pedalled from that. you can track our weather anytime on the app.
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see see the weather. you can setibhe weather page as your home screen. the nbc 4 new york app is available in the app store and google play. breaking news in the bronx now. right now crews are cleaning up the mess left behind after a van ashed through the front of a building. the accident happening just after 9:00 near the corner of bruckner boulevard and brown place. that's where news 4' rbrynn gingras is joining us li, ve. >> reporter: the scene unfolding at the intersection behind me. as we zoom in, you can see the broken glass on the sidewalk. a short time ago a tow truck dislodged the van from the storage unit and towed it out of here. look at this video shot just after the van plowed through the glass doors of this business after 9:00 tonight. but before it finally rested the ere, authorities tell us it ammed into two other vehicles something some serious damage to those cars. a total of nine people were
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f the victimn sitting in that van were the one who were injured. we're told their injuries, the good news here, are minor. they're in stable condition at the hospital. as to what caused hat vans.o spin out of control onto the sidewalk into the building, that's still under investigation. live in the bronx. brynn gingras. news 4 new york. another accident caused a scene. police say the driver l ntrol and crashed into affolding which usllapsed on the vehicle. it happened near the hospital's emergency room. there were no passengers when it crashed. the driver was treated for minor injuries. a homeless man is on the rt un tonight, wanted for a deadly stabbing in the bronx. this happened around 4:30 this morning outside of mcdonald's in the queens bridge section. lelice say the restaurant's managedy 28-year-old adam garcia asked the man to leave after loitering for eight hours inside. officials say the suspect was
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parking lot, stabbing him several times in the neck and chest. garciaied short time later. a 15-year-old brooklyn girl being charged as an adult in the murders of her mother and her mother's boyfriend. destiny garcia was arrested after the decomposing bodies of her mother and her boyfriend were found last night. destiny initially told them nunez sexually assaulted her and then changed the story to say her mother physically abused her. investigators say there was no evidence the shootings were in self defense. president obama plans to use a series o executive steps to initiate gun checks. he wants to require all gun sellers to register as dealers, even those who sell at gun shows and online. he wants to invest $500 million to improve mental health care. the president is expected to talk about the details of his
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if your stomach is having a dip with the stock market today there is a bit of a reason to rest easier. the shanghai and tokyo markets are up. they drove the dow jones industrial average down before a late rally finished wit it up a bit. the naz sdaq and s&p were down as well. but the asian markets are looking better tonight. sports news every unis one is talking about. tom coughlin stepped down today ending his 12-year run witto the nfl franchise. >> what hes 's next for the team and for tom coughlin. >> the tom coughlin era is over in ngeew york. he'll address the media tomorrow. what a run with big blue. 12 seasons. 102 victories, two super bowl titles.
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playoffs spelled his doom. coughlin did what heet out to when he took the reins of the franchise in 2004h restore giants' pride.buweyill remwmbea the highlights. a stunning upset victory over th bue patriots in super bowl 42. followed by another championship in super bowl 46. after three straight losing seasons 69-year-old coughlin knew it was te to resign. quote, obviously the past three years have not been what any of us expect, and as head coach, i accept the responsibility for those seasons. this morning, before the news broke, quarterback eli manning was emotional, after spending some time with the only nfl head coach he's ever known. >> the meeting today, you know, just -- thinking it could be -- could be the last one with coach coughlin up there, it was tough. he has been a great coach to play under.
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a great trust. we've had a good run. could have been better, obviously. but i appttciate everything he's done for me. >> general manager jerry reece is safe for now though many blame him for putting together a sub-par roster. thtte coaching rumors have started to swirl. offensive coordinator ben m mcadoo, bill cowher. tom coughlin is leaving mighty big shoes to fill. >> you got along well with him, didn't you? >> he was a dear friend and a great colleague and i certainly wish him well. >> bruce, thank you very much. as we continue from dealershipnco demolition derby. a new surcharge on your restaurant bill called "the minimum wage surcharge." wee ask't if gt was legal. i am ida siegal. at story coming up. a sinking
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five crew members hanging on for dear
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for a third straight day a ,federal wildlife refugee in oregon is under the control of armed anti-government pr otesters. the protesters claim the federal government is abusing its power by unfairly prosecuting ranchers who refuse to sell their land and it's motivated by the case of two oregon ranchers convicted of lighting fires on federal land near their ranch. the group wants local control of the federal land and say they're prepared to stay there for
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police are trying to track down whoever at westbury jeep an bond street. nassau county police said somebody got inside the cars and began smashing the cars into other vehicles on the lot. the vandalism caused more than $120,000 worth of damage. classes resume tomorrow in a westchester county school district after an unexpected holiday extension. vandals smashed wind shields and slashed tires on more than two dozen buses. the district canceled classes because there weren't enough buses to get the students to cool. mechanics spent the day making repairs repairs, with the damage estimated at more than $20,000. no arrests have been made. governor cuomo announced plans to gradually raise the minimum wage for state university workers to $15. the move wil ofl impact some 28,000 employees when it's enacted by 2021. new york state boosted the
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cuomo was hoping to eventually raise the hourly minimum wage for all new yorkers to $15. on new year's eve the hourly minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers went up from $5 to $7.50 an hour. >> we're looking at that some restaurants might be trying to cover the added cost by padding your bill. ida siegal investigates the hidden fee in this news 4 exclusive. >> reporter: hillstone is a popular chain restaurant. a loyal customer noticed this on the bill after the new year. she sent us the receipt. it's a 2% surcharge listed as a new york state minimum wage mandate. that customer did not want to speak on camera, but other restaurant goers agree they're confused. >> it's not a bill. it's not a tax. it's what? an additional bill for what? i just want to know what we are paying for. >> reporter: 4 investigates learned the restaurant added the surcharge to help pay the employees. in this case just 66 cents. but the department of consumer
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ciedty that's illegal. >> that violates the city law. you are at risk of a $$500 per plate fine. >> reporter: caroline moist ied richmond explained it's an attempt to offs, raising costs now that e minimum wage has gone up and employees are required to get hi stone. she says other restaurants are adding surcharges too. wh ile the surcharge might be illegal in new york city, experts say it's actually legal almost everywhere else in the country and is used all the time in places like l.a., san francisco, and miami. mark murphy owns the landmark stau nts. he has not put a surcharge on the menu but says restaurant owners are having a tough time adjusting to the new laws. he says you have to get creative or risk losing the business. >> you have to turn every stone over and see where you can save. >> reporter: a hillstone
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surcharge is clearly explained on the menu and receipt and they believe it's legal. the city says customers can file a complaint with consumer affairs. in midtown, ida siegal. volkswagen is being sued over cheating on software. it's designed to fool testing systems to pass emissions tests. the emissions were up to 40 times greater than environmental standards. the company admitted the cheating software was installed on diesel engines back to the 2009 model year. a fever is about to sweep our area. powerball fever. the jackpot has reached $400 million. the sixth highest total in powerball history. the next drawing is this wednesday night. don't get too excited.
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>> if you're that one you get a ticket out of here to a warmer climate if you wish. >> to someplace warm. it's only sticking around for a couple days, the intense cold, then temperatures will modete. right now as we take a check outside it's brutally cold. we haven't seen this since last winter. we have all been spoiled by the warm weather we have had over the past several months. here is winter! temperatures right now are in thmee single digits and teens and the windchills are even worse. let's look at what the actual temperatures are around the area. in around the city, mainly in the teens, midtown at 15. 16 sheepshead bay. 14 in harrison. jersey ci , staten island and long island too. south hampton it's around 20. 8 in danbury. all without the winds, mind you. 17 in point pleasant, seaside park. 8 in washington, east brunswick at 13. only 3 above in high point.
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12 degrees in sleepy hollow. the winds coming out of the north. arctic air mass courtesy f the jet stream this time south of us instead of to the north. winds steady at 20 miles an hour and the gusts are still up to 30 miles an hour even at this hour. long island towards white plains, makes it feel like minus 7 there. lots of sub-zero windchills through the hudson valley, new jersey and the jersey shore by tomorrow morning. high pressure is in control of the weather. there's no snow. there's no rain. if you talk about it. it's pretty dry. the cold is the big story of co urse with windc ll values below zero tonight and tomorrow morning. a little bit better once the wind relaxns tomorrow afternoon. then we get into wednesday. start to see a little bit of a warmup. winds coming out of the west. we'll be back up about 40 wednesday into thursday. it stays dry. into the weekend, there will be some showers and milder temperatures. we are going to see 50 again.
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but we'll see rain in the forecast as well coming up by that time. here is o seven-day. you'll see the warmup is on the way. it's slow and steady. we have one more really cold day. that's tomorrow. tomorrow night is chilly too. back up into the 40s wednesday, thursday and the rest of the week, just touching 50 on sunday. we'll need umbrellas over the weekend. no snow boots, yet.onot yet. bruce has more on t big story in sports. >>di sibila, the longest tenured coach in new york professional sports is out. the giants parting ways with tom coughlin. coming up in sports, latest on esdivorce between a coaching legend and a legendary franchise. and the jets were oh so close to a playoff spot before laying an egg in buffalo. coach todd bowles talks about the end of gangrene season. here is what jimmy fallon
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>> sylvester stallone is my guest. we're back with all-new shows.
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five fishermen are lucky to be alive after being plucked from a sinking ship off the
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these images captured by the norwegian coast guard. the boat already halfway under water on on its side. two men were thrown into the dangerous waves. the others left clinging to the side of the boat. all five were safely rescued. the captain suspects the ship got a net caught in one of the propellers. times square going to the dogs in a few minutes. singer laurie anderson will perform a free concert for canines. she plans to play music at dog friendly frequencies. humans can listen through special headphones. she made a feature film called "heart of a dog." it will be shown at tonight's performance. >> it will be a howling good time. >> a howling cold time.
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bruce, tom coughlin stepping down. was this a huge surprise? >> no. iri think we kind of all expected it over the last couple of days. it was one of the greatest eras in giants history, and now it's over. tom coughlin resigned today
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like his former boss, bill parcells, he leaves with two super bowl titles under his watch. coughlin was hired in 2004 to bring discipline and leadership to the franchise. he did that and much more. he won 102 games. thn e second most in giants history. his teams outduelled the patriots in super bowls 42 and 46. he served as coach, mentor and father figure to many of his players and softened his approach throughout the years. his guy yrations on the sidelines were legendary as is his coaching resume including 170 wins. 11th best in nfl history. he was supposed to be fired so many times it's comical. but this time the clock finally ran out on the 69-year-old future hall of famer.
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class, allowing coughlin the dignity to call it quits. quote, i think it has been evident these last 12 years here how much pride i take in representing this franchise. i am gratified and proud that we were able to deliver two more lombardi trophies. tomorrow co-owners john mara and steve tisch and jerry reece will join coughlin as he bids farewell at a formal press conference. meanwhile, it's the day after for the jets. the day after coming up short against rex ryan and the bills, the day after they saw theih playoff dreams go up in smoke. >> we lost. we owned it. we made some stri s. we didn't make enough strides. om where e came from, we got better. we've got a long way to go. it should sting. itfr should h p us propel into next year understanding what we've got to do and work harder. >> free agent quarterback ryan
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back with gangrene. todd bowles said he wants fitz back and he'll be the starter. the nets hosting the celtics. ston dominating from the get-go. capped off by the ensayings sensational move in the fourth quarter. what a play. brooklyn drops their seventh straight game at home. 103-94 the final. at the rock in newark, the red wings jumpedicn the devils in the first period when dylan larkin gets out of the breakaway and beatsory schneider with a gorgeous back-hander. the devils say good-bye to their three-game winning streak as they're shut out 1-0. from one part of jersey to another, the big story tomorrow will be in eth ast rutherford.. we'll have a changing of the guard with the football giants. ll be there at noon as tom coughlin says good-bye to big blue.
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talking football for a few more days here. >> yep. >> see you at noon tomorrow. we'll be right back. no way. sarevor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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