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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this morning. body of a woman found tucked away in a basement crawl space of a home there. >> police are telling news 4, it is a pregnant woman who was missing, and this confirms her family member's worst fears. michael george is in the section, he's worked up new details. >> reporter: friends just told me that today is the day that andrea would have found out whether she was having a boy or a girl. family members have been hoping and praying for good news, but this morning, hate it got the call that they'd been dreading. her body was found hidden in a basement crawl space of her home, that home behind me, and right now police sources are telling me they believe it's her. it's the worst possible outcome. police tell news 4 the body found in this home the 39-year-old mother to be andrea karue. this is andrea's cousin, he's trying to make sense of why anyone would take the life of andrea, a day care owner who was excited about being pregnant
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a sweet -- >> she was a loving person who hold no grudge against nobody. >> reporter: police found the body around 3:00 a.m. this morning in a basement crawl space of andrea's own home. the medical examiner took the body away for an autopsy. andrea vanished three days ago without warning. her live-in bvrd told friends she left without taking any possessions, but her car remains at her house. police tell us they're questioning a person of interest, but won't say who that person was interest is. do now is wait. >> we just waiting to hear whatst outcome of it. the family want to know who would do it. >> reporter: now andrea lived in this home with her boyfriend and her father we're told according to friends. now police have interviewed both of them, at this point, there have been no arrests. michael george, news 4 new york. >> michael, thank you for that update. police looking for suspects after a woman was slashed on a
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the victim ran into a diner at seventh avenue and 24th street after she was attacked, and that's where we find katherine creag, kat, what do they believe happened here? >> this was a random attack, pat, a very violent attack on a young woman, this side of the face, it happened just right here, you can see police tape still on the scene and clearly she has physical scars, emotional scores as well. she has seven stitches on the left side of her face. police surrounded a diner and other businesses on west 23rd street near seventh avenue and chelsea where a young woman was slashed in the face. it happened out on the sidewalk after 6:00 a.m. a worker said offcamera the get help. those who worked nearby stood outside waiting to get in their offices as police tape entrances. >> yes, it's scary to come to work and see all the police tape up and not know exactly what happened and not be allowed into the office. >> not here in this
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very safe here. >> reporter: paramedics transported her to bell view hospital as police kept the public away from the spot where the attack happened. those who visit a facility for the blind nearby had to get extra help from police officers and diner workers to get around the crime scene. the slashing left diner customers concerned about safety in the neighborhood. >> it's pretty safe, yeah, normally it's not a problem. early in the morning, i drive trucks, i never come across anything like that myself. >> reporter: and we want to show you video as well of a separate crime that happened before the street. police investigating reports that someone fired a gun from a rolls-royce, the person driving the rolls-royce fired from that on. we're waiting to find out if the two cases are connected. as far slashing that happened here on 23rd street near seventh avenue, police still looking for the suspect. no arrests yet have been made. rhode island, katherine creag,
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>> kat, thank you. brooklyn girl accused of murdering her mother and mother's boyfriend is facing a challenge. destiny garcia is taking into custody monday. she's accused of killing her mother and anderson nu nenz inside an apartment last week. police say garcia claimed she was being abused, but investigators are skeptical. there were no signs the killings were in self-defense. police released this video of a man they're looking for for an attack in a bronx valley. this started after the victim bumped into the man on the bo dprks ega. the man pummelled the 61-year-old victim, threw him to the ground, hit him with a cart. the man took off after the day tack. the victim was not seriously hurt. happening today, finally happening today after a whole lot of chatter for a number of years, there's going to be an announcement about an overhaul at penn station. governor cuomo scheduled to share that information about 2:00 this afternoon.
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reporting that the project will include upgrading the old post office next door, that'll be for amtrak and help ease congestion railroad. not clear though how much this plan's going to cost or how it's going to be paid for. >> about the same time mayor de of his own. perhaps you should share it. >> i will, indeed. the mayor planning to tell they're getting a raise. good news. that's why david wanted to be a part of it. later today the mayor expected to set $15 an hour is the minimum wage for all municipal employees by the end of the year 2018, crossing guards and building maintenance workers. >> all right pat. zwlmpblts there is a major story making international headlines. united states is investigating north korea's claim that it just tested it's first hydrogen bomb. kerry barrett has reaction from around the world, kerry. >> nobody knows for sure whether they did test the bomb as kim claims.
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condemnation worldwide and the threat of increased sanctions. japan sending military jets to clear air samples, the goal, to determine if north korea did, in fact, test a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. what would be a major and unanticipated advance in it's nuclear arsenal. >> if this is true, stz a major escalation. this is a much more powerful weapon. they had three previous tests, but lower yield plutonium devices, also a uranium program, but no idea they were this advanced if this is indeed a hydrogen blast. >> the u.n. agency says an unnatural earthquake registering a 5.1 in magnitude did hit the korean peninsula at about the same time north korea says the bomb was successfully set off, although an h-bomb should have registered larger. >> we stand with japan, they are partners and allies in solidarity solidarity.
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together with the u.n. in the coming days. >> reporter: the announcement described as a defense against the united states drew applause in the streets, but drew harsh criticism from world leaders. france, china, australia, and britain. and the threat of tougher sanctions. >> and wish all of our partners to ensure that they are applied as consistently and effectively as possible. >> reporter: south korea calling an emergency meeting, u.n. doing the same. >> the real danger is not so much that north korea has a nuclear weapon per se, but that it might sell such a technology or finished weapon to a rogue in the middle east or even to a terrorist group. >> it could take weeks, maybe even months before the true nature of this test is confirmed by outside experts if in fact, pate, they're able to do so at all. well, it is sentencing day for retired nypd officer who confessed to killing his wife.
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he shot his wife jessica multiple times while their two children watched in horror inside their oh zon park home in april of 2014. he pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter. also a man in a wheelchair accused of robbing two banks is in court. he is accused of going into a bank in sunnyside monday and demanding $20,000. he was also arrested back in july after allegedly rob another barng. at the time, he was ordered to undergoing mental health treatment for at least a year, but he was kicked out of that program last month. police on long island busted a priest buying drugs. officers watched robert labrano purchase marijuana from a man in a motel parking lot. those officers followed him inside the motel and arrested him. police say they also found traces of cocaine. the man who police sold him the pot was also arrested. he's a roman catholic priest,
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any church. >> > coming up next at noon, the powerball jackpot just keeps going up and up, we're going to tell you right now how much you could win tonight. >> tell me, tell me. plus chipotle served up with a subpoena. who's now going after the restaurant chain after that outbreak that made dozens sick around the country. and it's donald trump versus ted cruz. why trump says cruz can't legally be president of the united states. and we're going to tell you what cruz is saying in response. aej erika has the forecast. >> it is still dry out there, but getting milder. we have rain for the weekend that could result in icing in some locations. i'll tell you exactly where to
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get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. well senator ted cruz has taken the lead, he's leading in iowa, now donald trump is warning fellow republicans that cruz, if nominated, well that nomination could be precarious. trump pointing out that cruz was born in canada and possibly could be barred from the presidency. trump says that constitutional challenges could land cruz's nomination in court. >> it's a problem for him and it's a problem obviously for the republicans because if the democrat -- let's assume he got bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. how do you run? >> well, how do you answer that? with this if you're ted cruz. he answered by posting this
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fonzie jumps the shark. read into it what you will. >> uh-huh. all three democratic candidates will break bread tonight in las vegas. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley are expected to speak at a dinner that is being co-hosted by harry reid. will hold the nation's second caucus february 20th. well next week it's going to cost you less to buy a copy of the daily news. starting next monday, the weekday newsstand price of the tabloid's going to drop by 20% from 1.25 to $1. the first drop since it hiked its weekday price from 75 cents to a 1.25 back in 2014. got to talk powerball right now, tonight's drawing, now worth $500 million. this is the fourth largest jackpot in powerball history. one-time payout option will hand 306 billion.
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speaking of, in today's money report. money, money, money, everybody's hoping for a better day on wall street. >> let's find out what's happening with cnbc's bill griffith, hello, bill. >> another rough start today. this is a jittery stock market so far in 2016, monday they were more concerned about the problems between saudi arabia and iran. this morning, of course, the word that north korea was testing a hydrogen bomb. the dow was down almost 300 points on the open this morning, now. two high fliers to tell you that have fallen on hard times, first, chipotle mexican grill revealed this morning, they have received a grand jury subpoena as part of a federal criminal investigation into the outbreak of the norovirus at one of its last summer. of course, the company's been reeling from the breakout of e. coli in various states around months.
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chipotle did that sales in the fourth quarter fell by a whooping 14.6%. that was much more than feared. so we're waiting to see what results from this grand jury subpoena. the other high flier that's falling on hard times is apple. once the darling of wall street, that stock this morning briefly fell below $100 a share for the first time in almost two years. there is word that apple's going to have to cut production of it's most popular product, the iphone by as much as 30% this quarter. sales have just not met expectations, especially in asia and when you consider that sales of tablets have stalled the last couple of years, pc sales have fallen for several years. apple needs a hot new product, and they're putting their money in the apple watch, but is that the hot new product that is going to carry the day that definitely remains to be seen. right now. >> yeah. sounds like it, bill, thank you.
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erica grow in now, relative warm-up. feels a little brisk out there. >> not as warm as yesterday at this time. >> wasn't as much bite in the air this morning, that's for sure. and it's just going to be seasonably chilly as we head into the afternoon. right now, taking a live look outside at the plaza, can see all that sunshine reflecting off degrees and sunny. so we're above the freezing point. that's our first piece of good news for you. in our weather headlines, we are going to look for temperatures to be on the rise over the next couple of days. so some good news there. i accidentally picked up the traffic clicker, i'm going to get the weather clicker. >> so rising temperatures as we days. lots of sunshine, seasonable today, high temperatures back to the 40s tomorrow. and then weekend rain is going to be a factor for all of us in our forecast. right now, 38 degrees in city island, it's 36 in central park as wet said before, still at the freezing point in sussex. it's 37 degrees in morristown. all of us doing better than yesterday at this time.
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high pressure is in control. and that's going to lead to a high temperature today of 40 degrees with lots of sun. so even a little bit milder than our seasonal average. keep in mind, we should only get into the upper 30s this time of year. tonight, we'll see a few clouds late, not as cold with a loaf 28 address in -- low of 28 degrees in midtown and teens for the distant northwest suburbs. here's the set-up through the next rain-maker that we're looking at as it arrives. as we watch that storm system approach from the west, and midwest, it's going to run into some colder air to the north on friday night. so that will lead to a light shower in new york and points south, freezing drizzle or some light icing north and west. it's not going to be a huge deal for those suburbs, we're talking friday night, this is north of town in the lower hudson valley, also into the litchfield hills, places like that, that is for friday night into early saturday morning. and then, with temperatures getting into the upper 40s on saturday afternoon, it's not
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high of 48 degrees on saturday, rain. day. it's going to be breezy as well, but warm for this time of year with a high of 50 degrees. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. so there you can see day by day rise. tomorrow, high of 44. same deal on friday, the clouds thickening there. then we're going to look for that chance for a sprinkle or shower at night. also, the possibility of some light, freezing rain or freezing drizzle north of town. and that will clear out of here by the time we get to saturday morning and in the afternoon we'll get up to 48 degrees, so melting any ice that might have formed. 50 on sunday, but then another cooldown through next workweek, high temperatures return to the 30s. pat and david, back over to you. >> all right, thank you, erika. well, when they make the donuts, when it's time in this joint, they call a brinks truck. it's going to set you back.
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golden donut for 100 bucks a pop. yeah. the restaurant posted a photo of it, it's filled with a mouse. it's a phil pea know purple yam glazed with champagne and spiked gold. call head to place your order, and stop at the atm on your way. >> i'd stop, but nothing in there to cover that. look at the picture of that. >> pretty. new york live is next. here's the lovely sara and jaque. >> all right, coming up, from the funny tv spoofing, to planning a wedding with her new fiance, eva longoria. and looking for a warm oasis, we're cheque out a few cozy rooftops serving up great food and drinks all winter long. >> that and more right here at 12:30. >> we'll sue you then. still ahead at noon, do they
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a father outraged over this nearly two many of minute airport.
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a san diego man is angry. he says tsa agents went too far when they searched his ten-year-old daughter. agents gave the girl a patdown after finding a juice box in her carry on. he took nearly two minutes. her father says the screening was unnecessary and intrusive. >> she kept patting me down like pat down, like pat down, it was like over and over. >> maybe the tsa agents were bad apples. maybe they were undertrained, maybe they need retraining. maybe they did everything by the book. i don't really know, but it was, you know, an uncomfortable situation.
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it was by the book. the patdown followed approved procedures. hamilton, do we have to tell you, is the hottest ticket on broadway, so much so that an online lottery crashed on it's first day. 50,000 people tried to get their hands on thier $10 tickets for yesterday's show. so the 21 front row tickets went unsold, unsold. today, they're going to be doing the lottery again. no computers this time. in line, in front of the richard rogers theater and you don't have a chance. >> go figure. the old fashioned wade. >> we'll be right back. people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health
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i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016
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hey, want at little sneak peek into the future? head to vegas. now this won't help you at the craps tables, hundreds are out for the consumer electronic's show. more than 175,000 people expected to take in some two million square feet of exhibits at the show. which, i'm sorry is closed to the public. some of the highlights of this year virtual reality headsets. smart hone sensors and match is watches, glasses, and bands. >> looks fun.
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tonight starting at 5:00, when you make a reservation to rent a car, you expect it to be there. so when a local woman was left high and dry for a vacation, she said -- >> better get pacaro. i just wanted to hear you say it. >> we'll see you for breaking news and weather updates. see you back here at 5:00, new york live is next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture,
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