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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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elaine, the attack in their neighborhood has them taking extra safety measures. >> well, i as a matter of habit always look behind me to make sure that nobody is close up near me. >> reporter: and now especially. >> now especially i'll be very careful. and i don't like to go under these covered areas because it's dark. >> reporter: the slasher described by police sources as possibly homeless was caught on camera first at 7th and 23rd. surveillance cameras spot him crossing on to the sidewalk before ambushing his victim. >> scary to come to work and see all the police tape up and not know exactly what happened, not be allowed into the office. >> reporter: as police analyze evidence, search for the slasher and keep an eye on the neighborhood, folks here in clel city are on alert. my colleague brynn gingras just met with the victim, the 24-year-old was released from the hospital. she did not want to be identified, but she did share
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she told us she felt something very bad was about to happen. >> i noticed a guy walking in front of me and he was walking, and his walking pace kind of changed and i noticed it. and my gut instinct told me that something was wrong, but i didn't position anything think anything would happen because you don't think these things would happen. so i just tried to walk by him and that's when he hit me and i thought that my nose was broken. felt like being hit in the pace with a baseball. >> reporter: nypd a very heavy presence here in n in clel city helsea. police sources say they believe the man may be a homeless person from the area. if you have any information, you're asked to call police immediately. a reward is being offered. i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. and within just the past hour, we learned police are questioning someone in the deadly stabbing at a bronx mcdonald's.
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sketch of the man they believe stabbed a dam gar see adam garcia. we're going to keep on top of this and bring you more on this story as it comes into our newsroom. murdering his wife and now a retired new york city police officer is headed to prison for 25 years. checkey beckford has the story for us. >> reporter: former nypd transit cop kevin canty killed his wife in one his two small children and then just 6 and 9 years old. inside the courtroom today, the judge admonished canty saying he was not worthy of being a police officer. meanwhile canty apologized for the terrible act that has ruined so many lives. >> i want to apologize to my mother, my father. >> reporter: kevin candy once honored for being a hero for saving a subway rider today
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25 years in prison for killing his wife in 2014. he shot jessica canty multiple times inside their ozone park home because he believed she was having an affair. his young children who witnessed the horror at the time ran to a nearby deli. the victim's family pleaded with the judge to take all of that into account during sentencing. jessica canty's sister spoke to us outside the courtroom. >> his. >> jules polonetsky: gi and i believe it was sincere because what he told the press in the beginning was a lie. and he had to come clean just like he did. and tell the word that he lied especially to his daughter. she needed to hear that. >> reporter: canty was retired from the nypd at the time of the murder. now jessica canty's city says she's quit her job and she would be taking care of her sister's now orphaned children. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. well, there is a lot of talk
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it set off and tested a hydrogen bomb. the idea of this weapon of mass destruction is causing alarm as you can expect. but experts around the world are disputing the claim. pat battle is following new information coming in. >> well, word that north korea set off that bomb underground about 10:00 this morning prompted a closed door meeting with the u.n. security council which called the testing a flagrant violation of united nations security council resolutions. the atmosphere still being annualized from traces of radiation and even though as you said there is no independent confirmation of a hydrogen bomb explosion, the threat is enough to get world's attention. the footage released showed natives of the asian nation cheering after the announcement. initial analysis indicates something large did in fact explode at the north korean test side, the magnitude of the seismic activity left many skeptical of the claim. a norway based group says the
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quite equivalent to 10,000 tons of tnt. an h-bomb would have been significantly stronger. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the north korean claim of the successful hydrogen bomb test. >> reporter: this government file footage back in 1952 show as blast far more powerful and far more taunk dangerous than the ordinary figures oig atomic bombs that north korea has already detonated. but experts say kim jong-un who ordered today's tests has been clear that he's developing an h-bomb if he hasn't already. he calls the u.s., quote, nuclear criminals citing the devastation wrought on nagasaki and hiroshima. he says his country needs nuclear weapons as a deterrent to what he calls washington's harsh and hostile policy. and the fear is the unpredictability and potential danger that that claim represents. >> even if this were not a
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their intention. >> world leaders say china is critical to ensuring that any sanctions imposed on its neighbor north korea are effective and that china has condemned the tests. and in a rare show of unanimity, russia and other leaders are speaking with the same voice. and new at 5:00, an american sit vip is indicted on new charges stemming from his alleged participation in an attack on the u.s. military base in afghanistan in 2009. alpha rec is charged with conspiring to murder u.s. nationals, use weapons of mass destruction and bomb a government facility. he was already accused of helping a terror cell. this could be the end of penn station as we know it including the name. >> today governor cuomo unveiled a plan to ease congestion while making it more appealing to the eye.
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accomplished? andrew siff is at penn station with the story for us. >> reporter: not only that, the governor says it can be done within three years. and some of it will look like this. the gleaming entrance to farley post office will still be the entrance to the new moynihan station for amtrak. and over here the old and dingy penn station will be part of a new name empire station. governor cuomo unveiling all of this today while talking about the old penn station currently it accommodates 650,000 people. nearly all of them complain about it calling it dingy, dirty, you've heard the words before. governor cuomo even joked that it's a good thing that vice president biden went to laguardia airport that day when he called it a third world airport instead of coming here to penn station. >> it is a terrible impression of new york. imagine being a first time visitor to new york and getting off in penn station?
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flew and didn't take a train. >> reporter: now, this is one of the renderings under consideration that would transform essentially both entrances. the post office across the street and the rounded entrance to madison square garden on this side, just one of the possible designs. they're recruiting designs over the next 90 days. they're really trying to fast track this. the big question of course is how to pay for it. the price tag. $3 billion. 4 investigates put questions for the governor's office not only about this, but the laundry list of infrastructure projects that cost billions and billions of dollars. we'll take a look at that coming up at 6:00. live at penn station, andrew siff, news 4 new york. and new at 5:00, just a day after president obama announced executive actions to curb gun violence, nbc connecticut sat down for a one-on-one interview with vice president joe biden. biden talked about his time in
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massacre at sandy hook elementary. >> we share a lousy thing in common. i've lost a couple children. and when all -- i spent most of my time in meetings in connecticut and here and on the telephone with family members. talking through how you get through this. >> president obama's actions include comprehensive background check, regulating those that sell guns, hiring more people to process paperwork and developing new technologies to make guns safer. critic of the president's plan say that he is overreaching his authority. the chief of the newtown police department is retiring after 37 years. michael kehoe has been planning to quit for several years. he was the first to enter sandy hook elementary school after the murders. and bill cosby will not face criminal charges over an alleged sexual assault in los angeles.
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drugging and sexually assaulting her at a party in 2008. the district attorney cited a lack of evidence in her decision not to press charges. the d.a. also declined to charge cosby in another case dating back to 1965. cosby is out bail while he awaits trial on a sex assault charge in pennsylvania. and crew repairing a gas leak in connecticut came in the today. some homes were briefly evacuated just as a those people have since been allowed back in. but gas service is shut off while the ruptured line is being fixed. and u.s. oil prices hit new 7 year lows today. and that and concerns about north korea helped bring out the bears on wall street. dow jones industrial average dropped another 252 points today
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and the nasdaq and s&p fell, as well. analysts say agoing worries about china's economy were a factor, as well. still ahead, a close family member now in the hands of the police of a dead bronx woman. and chipotle is now under federal investigation after a neurovirus outbreak that sickened customers. janice is also here. feeling a little better out there today. still on the chilly side and still wearing the layers. but the temperatures right around 40 this afternoon. details in the forecast coming
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an alleged con man accused of posing as a wounded warrior pulls scams around the world. >> today he faced a judge. jonathan dienst has the latest. >> reporter: jeremy wilson is an international con man whose latest scam was posing as a wounded warrior to twri to rip people off. the feds say he scammed his way into getting a two bedroom luxury apartment here in hanover square using stolen money. inside homeland security investigations agents and police seized fake uniforms, bogus medals like the purple heart and
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and stolen ideas and passports. >> the worst thing, not only the fact that there are real victims, but the fact that he was portraying himself as a war hero. and was utilizing that story to be able to continue to victimize other citizens. >> reporter: he was being arraigned in new york on state larceny counts. but he's also want this had boston and has been convicted in the past of pulling off other scams. he was inspired to rip people off by the con artist in the film catch me if you can. >> he's a came reer criminal and career con artist. >> reporter: real vets say wilson has been on the radar for years. >> we find in every case of stolen valor that we research, there is apelement of financial fraud. everything from a free cup of coffee all the way through veterans benefits and in some cases millions of dollars. >> reporter: police say he's left behind a trail of victims
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like one woman who blocked in 2009 how she was conned by him when she lived in indianapolis. >> he had gotten a lease on an apartment and took my card and bought furniture a few days before he left town with my credit card. >> reporter: and a lot more victims expected to step forward with the trove of documents that were found during the raid of his apartment. investigators say he was also collecting veterans affairs benefits which they say is a federal crime and federal charges are expected to be adding on to the state champs filed here. jonathan dienst, news 4 new york. it's time for the weather now and it's a happier day. >> much happier day today. we're out of the deep freeze, so it feels a lot better out there. temperatures it make to 40 and above in most locations this afternoon. central park at 41, 42 at
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so we're on the move to warmer temperatures. even more so by the weekend. then we have to deal with a little bit of rain that is coming into the area. at least we'll need fewer layers because the temperatures will be climbing across the area. but you will need your umbrellas by the weekend for sure. 30s across long island and all these locations from north port to massic beach are all above freezing. the only spot right now below freezing or a couple, danbury at 29, month sell icello right around 30. winds are pretty light, but notice they're out of the southwest to south. so that is part of the reason why we're warming up today. and it's not that cold across the region. so storm tracker showing mainly clear skies for the northeast. we still have the high pressure system in place. it's just that the air is moderating now and starting to warm up. several systems bringing rain, one over florida, one over texas and the plains. a little snow over iowa. and rain on the west coast again. another big storm in california. so nothing for us yet here in terms of rain.
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skies for tonight. and sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures into the mid-40s by tomorrow afternoon. so we're a little above average this time around. we go into friday, and we start to see some moisture moving in. it's mainly going to be drizzle and light rain. temperatures are still a little bit warmer in to the mid-40s. friday night into early saturday morning, could be a bit slippery in spots. the valleys north aptd west with cold air trapped in, you may see freezing drizzle, maybe a little bit of glaze on roads and sidewalks. but as the temperatures warm up, it all changes over to rain and sunday we could see more than an inch in some spots. for tonight's low, cold but not as cold. teens and 20s on the map under clear skies. winds out of the south. and then into tomorrow, we're in the low to mid-40s from islip to white plains. 44 in the city. and 42 in poughkeepsie. so a much nicer day for us and temperatures continue to creep up.
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a few showers early saturday and then more rain on sunday, up to 54. it will be a little bit on the breezy side. behind that will be more cold air. we'll start to feel most of that monday night when the 20s. freeze with us. forecast wednesday. it's still early, but it looks like on the light side for now. back to you. still some people are tired of our weather here, but consider california. it is a mess out there. flooding, downpours, high surf. even landslides. the reason? the latest storm blamed on nooern coming in from the pacific. the third in less than a week. we're told that this one is bringing even heavier rain, stronger winds apcolder temperatures than the previous two. experts say the danger of mudslides is especially high in areas hit by wild fires last year. chipotle is answering to the feds in a criminal investigation tied to the neurovirus yoit break. the company was served by a federal grand jury subpoena
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documents connected to one of simi valley. it comes as the fast food and casual restaurant reels from an e. coli outbreak followed by another neurovirus outbreak in boston. a spokesman says chipotle plans to investigate philly. the usda has recalled more than 1,000 pounds of chicken products. the recall includes three varieties of marinated chicken brteast cut lets as well as three pound chicken roasters. usda says that the products were never inspected. wegmans is offering refunds for all the affected products. go to and search recall. students at new jersey's cain university will not be able to use the hover boards. the college is banning the devices from its union and ocean
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fire and safety concerns. bans of the self balancing boards have been spreading. major airlines have barreded them from commercial flights. still ahead, got your ticket? >> the powerball jackpot is the up to half a billion dollars. yes, with a b. next why not winning all that cash might actually still work out in your favor. we'll explain. and coming up, more on the major overhaul 6 penn station. one of governor cuomo's massive construction plans. now news 4 investigates the price tag on all the proposed projects and where the money is
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this could be your lucky cnight. the powerball is up for $500 million. >> and as much as we don't want to admit that you might not win, there is a chance that that could happen and as john chandler explains, that's not exactly a total loss. check it out. >> reporter: the power ball jackpot oig is up to half a billion dollars. >> a lot of money. >> i wish to win. >> reporter: odds are you won't. >> i feel confident that a majority of the people that are listening right now are not going to be that person. >> reporter: he's a professor of economics at fordham. >> you have a one in about 300 million chance of winning. and that's on one side against you. but on the other side is the all you need is $2 and a dream. >> reporter: that $500 million dream is fueling powerball players. new york lottery officials say sales in the state topped $1 million an hour. that may not help your odds, but
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4 investigates followed the money trail. in new york, lot theory sales last fiscal year topped $7 billion. 116 million covered other operating expenses. $434 million went to retailer commissions. and over $2 billion helped aid stated indication. that left $4.3 billion in prize money. new york is king of lottery sales nationwide, but in new jersey, power ball sales were down 29% from a year ago. the hope is that the sixth largest jackpot pushed sales at shops like this. >> start making the line. trying to win the big jackpot. >> reporter: this place has good car ma khar khar, came karma. >> it's life changing money. >> reporter: for the winner and the state. john chandler, news 4 new york. >> we have an office pool going here.
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>> exactly. my name means female prophet. i think this is the one, david. this is the winning ticket right here. >> so if we win, folks at home, if you see a test pattern at 11:00, you'll know. >> empty chairs spinning, exactly. all right. thanks, guys. coming up tonight at 5:30, we'll show you how neighbors are helping neighbors after a building fire left more than a 1 00 100 homeless. plus -- >> the body of a pregnant woman has been found. i'm michael george. coming up, new details just in about an arrest in the case. and a former top cop in westchester county just found out how long he will spend in prison on child pornography charges.
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