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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a missing pregnant woman found dead in a crawl space. and we've learned the woman's over father is being charged with murder. >> michael george has new information for us. >> reporter: this is foor s is information just coming in to us. andrea caruth was five months pregnant, excited to be a new mom and she's been missing for three days. and right now police are saying the person who killed her and
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crawl space was 61-year-old william caruth, her own father. a three day search for a missing pregnant woman ended this morning when police found the 39-year-old's body in the basement crawl space of her bay chester home. the news her best friend julia has been dreading. >> she was a loving person who would hold no grudge against nobody. she was a wonderful, wonderful person. >> reporter: andrea was five months pregnant and ran a daycare. she vanished sunday morning without any warning. her cousin spoke with news 4. >> i ain't sure, but it's just devastating. >> reporter: we saw crime scene investigators removing evidence from the home she shares with her boyfriend and father. late this afternoon, police said they made an arrest. >> we're just waiting to hear the outcome. >> reporter: she was excitedly waiting for today to find out the gender of her unborn baby. now her friends are waiting to find out who killed this young
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>> excited about being a mom. she was-46 -- we were planning to go baby shopping this weekend. >> reporter: william caruth lived in the basement of the home and friends tell me they had no indication -- we're live in the bay chester section, michael george, news 4 new york. a neighbor of san bernardino gunman syed farook appeared in court today. enrique marquez pleaded not guilty to a handful of charges including providing material support to terrorists. officials say marquez did not take part in last month eye mass shooting but says he bought two of the assault weapons used that day. he's facing up to 50 years in prison. in brooklyn, the case of a 15-year-old girl accused of murdering her mother and her mother's boyfriend is expected to go to a grand jury on friday. that's the word today from her
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destiny garcia was arrested on monday. the night before police found the bodies of 39-year-old rosie sanchez and 40-year-old anderson nunez inside their apartment. destiny has been charged as an adult and could get life. a former kes e. westchester police chief will go to prison for possession of child porn. last month his attorney asked for no prison time saying he was receiving intensive psycho sexual counseling. and it would disrupt his progress. but a judge disagreed sentencing him to 18 months in prison and five years of supervised police. he was chief of police in mount police and leasant when arrested. >> new year's eve we brought you the awful news of the massive condo fire in bridgeport. tonight the news is better for incidence dozens of families.
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dropped off for them today and as nbc connecticut explains, the mayor put out a call for help and the community responded. >> we lost everything we had. you know, everyone n the car. so to get anything at this point, it means everything to us. >> reporter: since the new year's eve fire that ripped through this complex -- >> it's been a crazy week to say the least. >> reporter: they have been staying with her parents in >> t hank god they have no idea. they're too young. they're 2 and 1, so they just think we're sleeping at grandma and grandpa's house. >> reporter: among the items she collected, most for her two toddlers. >> toy, blankets, clothes. just to keep the kids happy. >> reporter: so many donations are coming in. they're being stored at multiple locations. >> we know that this community is very generous.
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were busy sorting clothes, coats and toys at the mission. >> the city reached out to us on city and asked us if we could store and accept some of the surplus items that have been coming from the community. and we were happy to do so. >> reporter: and for now, she's overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. >> the city, i can't believe how much they came together to help all of us. and we can't thank anyone enough. it's been so much >> reporter: justin shecker, nbc connecticut.drivers will get a break from toll hikes. and i have the 202 hold plan and why the mayor says now is the time to spend the money. and lester holt has a look at what he's working on. >> ahead at 6:30rks the , the new
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and also the state of emergency in flint, michigan. water unfit to drink and what we've learned about the treatment that could have fixed the problem. and the hunt for the young one jewel thief who has recently hit six stores in five states. we'll show you security video of her in action when we see you here tonight.
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the republicans making good on their promise to do everything they can to get rid of obamacare.
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to's peel the affordable care act today. if successful, congress will send that bill to president obama, the president has already said he would veto it, but the bill would also defund planned parenthood. tens of thousands of noerks s f of new yorkers are going to start seeing bigger paychecks. today mayor de blasio announced they will be making a full $15 an hour by 2018. ida ida see iegal finds out how the city will pay for it. as a school crossing guard, maria makes $400 every into two weeks. >> you have to make tough choices. >> reporter: soon she will get a raise now that the mayor plans to hikt minimum wage for city employees up to $15 an hour. people like school crossing guards, pre-k workers and some city custodians. >> why should anyone in the richest city of the word ld with
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rent or the medicines they need? >> under the plan, workers will eventually make $15 an hour. it affects 50,000 employees who will see the increase in increments. the plan comes with a $202 million price tag. so how can the city afford it? >> it's a budget priority for us is the answer. we have including this in the preliminary budget that will come out later this month. >> and the mayor says either the's part of a push to make $15 an hour the mandate for private businesses as well. some small business owners fear they won't be able to make payroll. >> i think a phased in increase is something most businesses can handle unless they are on the verge much failing anyway. >> reporter: the governor has been vocal about raising the minimum wage for state workers. some have questioned if the sparring leaders are going tit for tat. the mayor said today this plan was in the works for a while. ida siegal, news 4 new york.
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new york city council speaker paying the price for breaking the conflict of interest rules. she will pay a $7,000 fine for accepting free political consulting services from a lobbying firm during her speaker bid. elected officials are barreded from accepting anything of value
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including free services. james burke will go trial in march. burke is accused of roughing up a suspect in a plea recinct interrogation room and then convincing other officers to lie about it. he pleaded not guilty. it your commute throughs the new york thruway oig, governor company moses there will be no toll hikes until 2020 at the earlest. always proposing tax credits for the people who use it the most. he wants to eliminate tolls completely for agricultural vehicles. if you were outside yesterday morning when it was 11 degree, you'll appreciate the nice stroll in the park tonight. dave price with a look at the forecast. feels tropical again, isn't it? good news for you. temperatures are on the rise. we have a very nice 48 hour stretch of weather and only hitch is is that the weekend looks like it will be a little soggy. but we do need that rain.
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38 degrees in the city. 5 at poughkeepsie, 38 in monday talk. 30 in monticello, just a little plea below the freezing mark. 40 is where we stopped it off in the city and white plains and danbury. 41 in belmar and islip. and we were at the 39 degrees as you head to success zugs and ssex and 42 in bridgewater. winds calmed down and now we've seen a shift in the wind direction now coming out of the west and south and that's ushered in all the warm air. in the meantime, look at that corridor, pretty much all of us on the eastern seaboard right down to the carolinas enjoying very nice sky conditions. and that will stay with us for the next 48 hours or so. that's what i was talking about in the headlines. so mild conditions. sun and clouds tomorrow and 44. we inch up temperature-wise once
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as we head into friday, we see clouds, drizzle winds upcoming in later in the day. and some of that drizzle could be freezing. especially up to the north through the hudson valley. so just keep that in mind. watch for slippery conditions and as we head through the weekend, a chance of showers continues and then sunday, looks like we could see more in the line of rain and breezy conditions, too. upwards of an inch of rain in spots. we'll continue to tweak these models. for tonight, though, 28 degrees. mostly clear, not as cold. to the far north and west, you'll be in the tens. tomorrow we'll see 44 and a couple clouds pop in. and here is your "7-day forecast." again, the clouds continue to thicken as we head in to friday night and saturday and sunday. but look at that, sunday's temperature approaching the mid-50s. not bad at all before we slide back into 40 and the 30s as we head into next week. >> and it will be raining.
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>> that's okay. we need it. >> if you say so. california father outraged tonight over what he calls an overaggressive pat down involving his 10-year-old daughter. kevin pace says the girl was taken aside and given a patdown at raleigh/durham after they found a juice box and third a cellphone alarm going off inside. pace says this was over the top. i don't like this. i want to run out the door. >> patdown seemed to be the go-to option for them and i think they could have done a better scrutiny of what they were looking for prior to putting their hands all over my 10-year-old daughter. >> in a statement the tsa said the procedures allow for patdown of a child in some circumstance and the patdown of this girl followed those approved
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when you go on vacation, the last thing you want is as hassle, but that's exactly what happened to a new jersey woman who made a reservation for a rintal car and it wasn't there. so she said better get baquero. >> so many of us rent cars on vacations and in this case mary alice was excited about her vacation to mark a milestone and because the itinerary included several stop, she reserved a large vehicle for herself, her family and all of their luggage. >> to celebrate her 50th berth irth kay day, she 134rur7b8g splurged on a trip to europe. when they landed in ireland, she head straight to budget where she had reserved a car for two days. she says she reserved a accept seven passenger vehicle. >> he said we don't carry these
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>> reporter: she says budget did immediately offer a five passenger vehicle p but-of- >> a stick shift. i can't drive a stick shift. >> reporter: and she showed her reservation e-mail from budget, the first symbol, a, is said to stand for automatic transmission. glt guy said well i don't have anything. so i said to him, okay, well, what am i supposed to do? i need something. he goes you're going to have to try another counter and see if you can find a car. so at this point i had to find a car because i needed transportation. >> reporter: mary alice says she pe ended up paying more than $700 with another company. when she returned home to new jersey, she contacted budget and they asked her to send the receipt from the other agency. but after several months, she received this notice from budget. >> what they were saying was we could provide you with a five passenger car, but you decided not to take that. but had i have taken it, then i would have ruined the car because i couldn't drive a stick shift. so it didn't make any sense.
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exacted news 4 asking for some compensation for an expense she felt she didn't have to occur. >> you didn't provide me for the e-mail to me. me something. >> so we spoke with budget rental car on mary alice's behalf and problem solved. budget tells us that they worked directly with mary alice and she was issued a credit for $170 and she is grateful for the compensation. >> and grateful to you as we always are. so the question i guess becomes if you rent a specific vehicle, are they obligated to give you that specific car? >> it's an encounter that many of us have had. and your reservation usually includes word or similar vehicle. many agencies will offer a complimentary upgrade to the next available car class if a reserved car isn't available.
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your chances of getting that specific car, you may want to sign up for the company's loyalty program. those customers are typically serviced as priority. also consider prepaying. and that sort of gives the company some incentive to hold that particular car for you. now, if there are no vehicles available at all, in some cases the company will pay the difference if you do choose to rent from a competitor. so there really is legally no obligation, but they do try to accommodate customers. >> especially long term customers. okay. thank you. to get in touch with our investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero@ at nbc@nbc oig. chuck is here now with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. the story of a long island priest arrested after he
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and when they searched that priest, they found crack cocaine. his explanation is as heartbreaking as it is shocking. plus flew criticism of the de blasio's administration handling of the homeless. those stories and much more all
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those men were back in court. and they're getting a lot of support. >> reporter: protesters demand justice outside the federal courthouse in camden. this for the ft. dix five, convicts found guilty eight years ago last month in this very courthouse for conspiring to kill american soldiers at fort did tiks. >> they would never hurt anybody. >> reporter: he's the father of three of the five men sentenced to life in federal prison. >> the government's own inform apt claimed that my brother did it. >> reporter: they claim the only plot was manufactured by the government that highly paid fbi informants entrapped and steered the men to purchase weapons and surveil ft. dix. chris christie has referred to the case as one of the biggest
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today a judge is listening to whether or not the original public defenders wrongfully guided their clients to avoid taking the stand. >> jury would have heard their side and they would have heard the truth. the attorneys told my brothers not testify, but they said they weren't prepared at the time. >> it does mean a lot. for me it's something like something fell from the sky. because during the trial i was here every day. what i saw then, i never believed. >> reporter: and one said the attorney told me he wasn't prepared to put you on the stand and the government will trip you up. that defense attorney said like in any case, ultimately it is up to the client to decide whether they testify or not. he did recommend that the he not take the stand because the jury would not look favorably the brother's religious views or how
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now this case is back in the judge's hands. i'm sidney long for news 4 new york. and that will do it for us. stay with us now as the news continues at the 6:00. a long island priest busted with crack. and plus governor cuomo adds another project to his long list of infrastructure improvements. but where will he find the billions he needs? and mayor de blasio responds to a blistering new report on violations of the city's homeless shelters. >> we begin tonight with a 63-year-old priest busted with drugs. >> police say the reverend lubrano was caught buying crack.
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greg cercol has the rest for us.
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